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This month we have come down with a nasty case of the mondaze.

Symptoms include: falling asleep in class, bad headaches, no motivation to do any homework, and a lot of eye rolling. We are exhausted between all the homework and lectures we can hardly find time to do a quick doodle, much less find time to chill. So we dedicated this issue to the mondaze in hope of better, brighter, and warmer mondays to come.

Be sure to check out the “you oughta know” artist We Are Twin! They

are definitely a part of the remedy to get out of blue modays and stay positive. Winter Break is almost here; trust us we’re counting. Also, check out the Boys, Boys, Boys photoshoot and I assure you ladies, you wont regret it. So sit sit back relax and read Authentic Teen, cause we know you need it.

Stay cool, Editor in Chief Nastasia Harden

Boys Boys Boys




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Thomas Brown


We Are Twin is a new super fine duo. Fine-tuned with amazing harmonies and banging melodies, and did I mention an amazing single that I have on repeat. We Are Twin is a group that we hope will be around for a long time, they are destined for greatness!

The band is made up of German-Sri Lankan producer Nicolas Balachandran,

and New Yorker, Gabi Christine. They met in 2009 at a songwriting session and next thing you know, BOOM! We Are Twin was born. We Are Twin’s first single “The Way We Touch” builds from a driving beat into an unshakable chorus. Gabi delivers each word with bluesy cadence echoing voices like Amy Winehouse and Grace Potter with infectious passion matched by a warm soundscape bristling with synths, keys, and strings.


Our cover star Morgan is not only

gorgeous, but smart, active, and a hard worker. But every now and then, even she can get a case of the modaze. It’s human nature for us, with the days getting shorter, the homework getting longer, and classmates getting even more annoying, we have to do something, anything, to just get through. Morgan Burns tells us what she does, plus her experiences and tthoughts about high school in general.

What do you do when you get a case of the modaze?

“Okay well for the case of the mondaze

I’m always tired like any teenager. But to try and make it better, I listen to music. I have play lists that have more upbeat music that always brings me up, and just surrounding myself with people who try to stay positive. No matter what I’m going to be tired on a Monday its just trying to make it.”

How do you feel about school in general?

“I think school overall is important

because it’s training you for your future. Its helping you decide what you want to do, and how your going to be successful with that. I know its not going to teach you everything

like how to deal with certain people in certain situations. You still get life lessons though like you learn how to deal with those people and work under certain conditions and works as a team. I guess High School is the time you’re allowed to mess up and its okay, because you can still learn from that from the future. High school is the time that you can think about the friends you have and had and look at all the choices you’ve made and learn from that stuff.”

What is your favorite thing about school?

“My favorite thing about school would be

all of the friends I have. And that probably sounds really lame, but I don’t have just one class that I absolutely love but I have classes that I have people I like in then and I create new friendships every year. People always lose friends, everyone’s had that best friend in ninth grade, and then by senior year you don’t talk anymore, but through those four years you’ve made new friends. So that’s my favorite thing about school are the friendships.”

After you graduate what you want people to remember about you?

“I want to be remembered as the girl who

was always smiling, I know what its like to feel down. In high school it can be really hard not to get depressed, and you feel more aware of the world so you just feel down. So I want people to remember me as the girl who always trying to be positive or even as the person who works hard no mater what. I’ve worked hard to get where I am and I’d like people to notice that. But as far what people will actually remember me as, I would have to ask them.”

What will you remember most about high school?

“ I will remember the experiences,

like Follies, Forensics, the friendships I’ve had. I remember things still from freshmen year, and I’ll remember everything I’ve done in band. That’s the point of yearbooks so that we can look back and remember, look at what your friends wrote in them and how they looked back then.”


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Posted in July 2013 the

Authentic Case of the Mondaze