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Identity is one of my biggest topics that I speak on. I am a believer that if you do not know who you are, you won't be able to do what you truly are meant to do. As someone who went through life so confused at one time, I understand how powerful the knowledge and understanding of my identity is. Not only that, but knowing and understanding the history that is in me.  Where I come from, where my ancestors come from and so forth. In this amazing issue, we are celebrating the History that is in us. We are embracing our identity and walking fully in it.  I pray that you enjoy this issue and are envouraged and blessed by it!  Feel free to reach out to me at 


Love The Heart You Are In


Author Spotlight: TWYLIA G. REID


A Love To Remember


Celebrating History in Me




Feature Spotlight: Cindy Reed 



LOVE THE HEART YOU ARE IN BY JANIS MELILLO  As I look back on January, 2018, I think I momentarily blinked my eyes and poof January was over.  In the Northeast, the days are getting just a little bit longer - the air is crisp and breezy - old man Winter does not want to let go just yet.  As we continue to hunker down, I am reminded to love the Heart I have and to celebrate the history in me!  History, I never thought I would say I love history! The month of February kind of does that to you - a time of pause and reflection, the holidays are over, the New Year's Resolutions are in full swing, it’s right before the Super Bowl and of course Valentine's Day ~ love is in the air; however crisp it may feel watch out Cupid! It obviously seems like February is a great time of year to do just that - pause and reflect.  We perhaps do not feel as we are pressured to get all of our things accomplished as we did during the holidays - the pressure is off.  As we glide into February, let us celebrate our history and promote all of the healthy things we can offer to one another.  What a great way to chat about American Heart Health Month which has been promoted by the American Heart Association for several years now.  In 1964, then President Lyndon B. Johnson declared the month of February dedicated to cardiovascular health.  (I love wellness with a little twist of a history lesson mixed in!)

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For men and women, cardiovascular disease does not discriminate and continues to be the number one killer. This is a frightening and staggering statistic.  While many people are genetically predisposed to cardiovascular issues, everyone can learn to love the Heart they’re in by following some basic healthy principles.  I want to stress that when contemplating any type of lifestyle change that affects your health in any way, shape or manner, check with your health care practitioner first. Some healthy, common tips: 1. Get plenty of rest - when you’re tired, rest.  This practice sounds simple enough to follow however most people do not get the recommended amount of sleep.  Our bodies need to rest to rejuvenate and function and operate at our optimal best.  Check out the website.  Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep.  Quality of sleep is just as important as the amount of sleep. 2. Stay away from processed foods.  The convenience of processed foods is a lure for many families.  It’s quick and easy.  Processed foods contain “CRAP” and in most cases enough sodium and sugar to sink a ship (yes figuratively speaking.). Sodium causes major inflammation in the body which leads to all sorts of diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.  Sugar, although “sweet” is a taxing on our bodies and stores as fat.  The fat in our bodies love sugar! Anything with an “ose” attached to the end of the word is sugar.  Anything you can not pronounce, don’t consume it!

3. Hydration - drink plenty of water - your body needs it! Many people are walking around dehydrated- especially in the Northeast.  The air is dry and not only is hydrating good for our skin, but it also keeps our internal organs operating efficiently and assists with removing toxins out of our body.  Rule of thumb on how many ounces of water you should drink:  take your weight and divide it by 2 - that is how many ounces you should be drinking per day.  If you weigh 150 lbs, you should be drinking a minimum of 75 ounces per day.  As with any rule, there is an exception.  If you weigh over 200 lbs, you should only be drinking 100 - 120 ounces per day.  Drinking too much water can cause harmful effects to your health and throw off your electrolyte balance.   4. Movement - you know that practice we call exercising?  Heart health also requires that our bodies move at an efficient rate in order to maintain our cardiovascular system.  In this day and age, as our bodies age, so does our need to maintain good heart health.  You don't have to run a marathon and if you are close in proximity to my age, the double nickels, chances are you have some type of bodily ailment such as a bad back, bad hips and knees.  Do not let these limitations derail your body of movement.  There is always something you can do, that’s the good news.  The bad news, stop making excuses on why you can’t exercise.

You can get in a great cardio workout by doing chair exercises. You don’t have to join a gym You Tube is a great and free resource right at the convenience in your own home.   As with starting any type of exercise regimen, seek the advice of your health care professional before beginning any type of program.  They will more than likely refer you to a certified personal trainer who can assist you with getting started the healthy and practical way.  Whether you call exercise movement or not, our bodies need to move. The more active you are, you are less likely to suffer from debilitating ailments. Love the Heart You’re In - to your heart health!  

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Author Spotlight AUTHOR TWYLIA G. REID 1. When did you first start writing?  

4. If there was one message that you would

I have always had a passion for writing. During

hope a reader takes away from your book(s),

high school I was a member of the school’s

what would it be, and why?

newspaper staff. I think it was then I realized I

My message is simple, “you can do all things

was actually good enough to write material that

through Christ, who gives you the strength to

others would actually read and enjoy.

do so” Philippians 4:13.

2. What motivated you to become an author?

I want readers to know that tragic events are

During 2001 I went through the most

not the end all. “Broken Wings” is the blue print

devastating thing a mother could ever go

to demonstrate perseverance and the true

through. The challenges and overwhelming

power of prayer. It demonstrates a family’s

events that occurred motivated me to write

ability to live through unforeseen events, as

about my journey in order to encourage others

well as show others what it takes to navigate

dealing with the destruction and desolation

untimely tragedies.  

that accompany tragic events. I want to share my son’s experience to raise awareness and

5. What audience do you think would be

advocate for others affected by traumatic brain

interested or would benefit in reading your

injury and other tragic events. Our story is one


of prayer and faith that I hope will inspire

Primarily survivors of tragic events as well as

readers around the world.

their caregivers; parents; or anyone who has suffered life changing tragedies

3. Tell us a little about your book. 6. Do you remember the first story you ever “Broken Wings” is a true story of a mother’s

wrote? If so, what was it and what was it

unwavering love and courage for her son in the


aftermath of a car accident. Main character,

It was an article for my high school newspaper.

Mylon, was in all respects a bright young man

I don’t quite remember its title but it was an

on track towards the future he imagined when

article highlighting our girls’ varsity track team

his life changed forever. It is about the power

which I was a member of. It was after our first

of prayer, faith, healing, and determination that

tack meet of the season where we walked away

is filled with life lessons of struggle, hope,

with state setting records. I will never forget it!

tragedy and triumph. Readers are walked though accounts of

7. What motivates you to continue writing?

emotional struggle and moments of despair

Knowing that my life experiences can actually

following the accident. I share the pain of my

help others who are going through things in life

son’s traumatic brain injury (TBI) diagnosis;

where they really want to just give up and quit

and my commitment to support him through

gives me life! Allowing the world to see how

recovery and learning to live anew. You will

my son’s and my story of hope and healing can

see passion unfold as I deal with the countless

give them the encouragement and motivation

challenges to keep an optimistic attitude while

they need to keep maintaining though the pain

dealing with people, systems, and facilities.

and pushing through the pressure motivates

Real-time strategies are provided to ideal with

me to keep going. Teaching them how to turn

well-being while promoting my number one

their tragedies into strategies so they can get

means of attack against this invisible enemy.

results out of life in spite of any health or wealth challenges they may face is my mission.

8. When you are not writing, how do you spend

9. What words of encouragement would you

10. Do you have any upcoming events that you

your time?

say to others who may want to become an

would like to share?

I am a singer…so I love worship music and


“Broken Wings” upcoming events:

listen to it every chance I get some down time.

I say to those wanting to become authors to

Broken Wings, Inc. (our non-profit) will host its

I am my son’s primary caregiver so that keeps

just trust God and do it. True authors know

first annual Brain Injury Awareness Walk in

me PRETTY busy! There is never a dull

when God has instructed them to write.


moment in our lives. He’s such a character and

Whatever events that occurred in their lives

Launch of “Affirmations for the Mind, Body and

he definitely keeps me busy and on my toes. I

that were life changing events they need to

Soul” and launch of “Private Pain” both in 2018

am also a licensed minister, wife and

realize that it was not for them…but it was for

Launch of Conquerors Café Radio Show in Feb

grandmother! So my life is always full of things

someone else. They need to understand that

of 2018

to occupy my time!

God brought them out in order for them to

“My Name is Victory Conference” – Tentative

share their testimonies so that others can see

set for May 2018

HIS glory, and be drawn to Him.

National Book Club Conference – Atlanta, GA /Aug 2018 Library of Congress National Book Festival – Washington, DC / Sep 2018

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It’s no secret that every relationship will face problems. When problems arise, we often become paralyzed and or get stuck on the problem instead of moving towards the solution. The truth is, problem solving has nothing to do with the problem itself. Challenges with solving problems are directly related to the way both parties perceive the problem. Below are five tips to help you overcome relationship problems. 1. Assess how you perceive the problems within your relationship. Your perception of the problem determines the outcome of your problem. Do you run when problems arise? Do you shut down when problems arise? Do you play the blame game when problem arise? Remember, you are not fighting each other, rather you are fighting the beliefs that you and your significant other bring into the relationship concerning the way problems should be solved when they arise. Assess your perception on relationship problems there you will find your answer. 2. Re-frame your problem. See it as an opportunity to draw closer to each other. When challenges arise within relationships, many individuals pull away from each other instead of drawing closer to each other. You can choose to see the situation as an opportunity to grow together or allow the problem to pull you apart.

3. Explore a solution that allows you to work together, not against each other. Remember, you are on the same team. You both have a common goal and that is the success of the relationship. When exploring solutions, make sure you are focused on how the solution will help the relationship, not focused on who is right or wrong. Many relationships are destroyed due to failure to take assess their perception of the problem and or working against each other. No relationship is exempt from problems, however, your willingness to find a solution through some of the toughest circumstances and willingness to work with your significant other instead of against them, will be the determining factor to whether your relationship will overcome problems.

Asia Schmidt is a licensed clinical addiction specialist associate, certified belief therapist and certified relationship coach. She is the author of, Cry, Exhale, Heal: A Journey into Inner Healing and is a featured speaker on topics ranging from relationships to inner healing. For more information visit

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Overriding Curses and Walking in Blessedness Over the years I have made choices that later led me to

Among those actions was my lifestyle of perversion that

 question how I could have I derived at such a poor

led me to committing adultery. Although other factors

decision. I failed to understand how someone so

played a part in the decision making process, I later

intelligent made particular errors not once, not twice but

discovered this behavior was part of my lineage. It was

on multiple occasions. Â How does one continue down

not until my thirties that I uncovered the truth about the

destructive paths when you completely understand that it

relationships of one of my grandmothers. After learning

will lead to chaos? It seems absolutely senseless that one

she had been married but separated since before my

would do so yet for many years that was my truth.

birth and was not married to the man I knew as

Although the question of why may be different for some,

grandfather, I started to examine the relationships of my

and even for myself at times, a great portion of my why

maternal grandmother as well as my mother.

lies within the history of my past generation.

Unfortunately they all went through marriages in which

I grew up in a single parent home with my mother yet as

infidelity was experienced and had developed new

years progressed I found that many of my actions

relationships before correctly dissolving the previous. I

emulated that of my father. Â Characteristics of my father

too was headed down that same path but made a

that challenged our relationship due to them often being

decision that I would be the one that would say no to the

accompanied by hurtful actions were those that I would

enemy's ploy to carry this and other curses into the next

find myself mimicking. For example, I would often be


made promises that were unfulfilled and lied to about them being kept in the future, amongst other things. I

The enemy is quite crafty, but often does not have a

hated being lied to yet effortlessly I perfected the

difficult task of determining what he can use in tempting

artistry of being a liar. Falsehood flowed out of my my

us to move out of GOD'S will. It is my belief that he

mouth with such ease which completely disgusted me

studies the actions of those in our bloodlines and

when I saw someone else operating in the same. I would

determines that if this previously was an area of

conveniently design my story to fit the occasion as well

conquest the same tactics can be used to bring the

as to ensure my life and its immoral actions were not

current generation out of GOD'S perfect plan for them.


Sadly, I have seen this manifested in my life and the lives of family members.

11 | Authentically You Magazine

But glory be unto GOD we have the ability to change our course. The Word of GOD teaches us that we are to transformed by the renewing of our minds and once we do so we realize that the bloodlines of our forefathers do not supersede the Blood CHRIST shed on Calvary to free us from sin which includes those formed within generational curses. Sometimes taking a look into your past can be challenging; however, it is necessary to do so to uproot weeds whose objective is to choke your divine destiny. My history includes destructive behavior carried out by my ancestors as well as myself yet the story does not end there. Once I accepted CHRIST and was reconciled back to the FATHER those sins were cast into the sea of forgetfulness so I am now disconnected from them. Since GOD has given us the gift of free will, I am constantly faced with making choices that make the FATHER proud. HIS Word states that if I love HIM I will keep HIS commandments so  because I do I chose not to repeat the errors of my past or of those who came before me.

Today I am a women of virtue and excellence who delights in honoring the FATHER. I no longer am swayed by generational curses but have overriden them so that I can walk in the blessings that are attached to being a joint heir with CHRIST. I have decided to leave a legacy of faith and righteousness! Be encouraged and know that GOD is no respector of person. You too can open your hands to release your past. Shift your focus to the grace extended to you that erases your past mistakes so that you may walk out your life of freedom and blessedness in CHRIST, not only for you but for your children and your children's children.

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A LOVE TO REMEMBER BY TELICIA VOLTER “Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.” -James Baldwin Let me tell you, the grow up is so real in my life! It didn’t happen in my twenties either, in fact, it’s still happening. The majority of people in the USA have grown up on a healthy serving of the standard American diet of chocolate dipped, candy-coated, cherry on top ideas of love. So sweet, these ideas! The way love should look and feel is so highly and falsely romanticized, it left NO room for the actual truth in my life. That puffed up version led me to believe that in love, there would be smooth sailing, void of any issues. I liked that! Yes, I’ll take that, please. All of that. I’ll have a double, no make that a triple! You know what they say about too much sugar, right? Cue face slaps into reality, and there I was left disappointed with the truth. Disappointed with that ‘love’, and If I am very transparent, I was angry too! I felt like the biggest fool in America, no, the biggest fool in the universe. Yes, that is more accurate. Ever felt that way? I know there are several who can cosign. Time invested. Money Invested. Heart invested. We were robbed. *Insert all the dramatics here. * Or were we? Was I? Here, right here in this moment, is where I will display a spirit of exactitude because there is nothing like walking in truth! No one can rob me of what I freely give away, and for the sake of manifesting that idea of love in my life, they hit the sweepstakes! Time. Money. Heart. Me.  Another harsh truth…love didn’t make a fool of me. What I chose to believe in did. Who I chose did. But love doesn’t do that. Those images, and ideas, that we sink our teeth into, tend to leave a bad taste. But we crave it, the idea of a beautiful, effortless, neatly packaged love. Going full throttle on that ingrained idea is easy to do. Falling in love with that idea of love happens to the masses. A-ha moment! Once the fog from that altered reality subsides, you can start to clearly define what love is and isn’t.  I started to take notice of what was going on in and around me. What true examples I had to follow as it pertained to love and relationship. There were people around me that had been together for decades. Things were far from perfect. There were disagreements, outside forces that sought to cause contention, division, confusion, distrust, and the list goes on. But, was there love?  Love had to be present, right?  The willingness to fight and push past these obstacles was definitely present. Don’t follow the fiction, refer back to the history! Well, what is love? What does love do? Biblically speaking, if we refer back to that 1Corinthian 13: 4-8 love, love is patient and kind. It protects. It always perseveres. Love sacrifices. Love doesn’t put down, it lifts up. Love doesn’t mangle the spirit, it ministers to the spirit. Love is why Jesus came, and why He died…FOR us!  Now, I am just crazy enough to believe that THIS LOVE is what I can put stock in. This love is the ultimate display that should be duplicated, imitated, and reciprocated throughout our life. Check your roots! You were born into this love. No matter what shows up on the screen, this is the truth! Celebrate it, walk in it, and live in love!!

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Your Secret Weapon to Growing Your Business by LaKisha Mosley

Starting a business is the easy part. But successfully growing your business can be a challenge. Let me give you a few facts about startups. ● 69% of U.S. businesses start at home. ● Each year about 9% of all businesses will close while only 8% are opened. ● About 500,000 businesses are started each month with 72% being operated by women. ● More than 50% of all businesses fail within their first year and ● 95% within five years. (Link for statistics -statistics-small-business.html)

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There is one secret weapon that you must master in order to successfully grow your business. Networking!!! Networking is not merely the exchanging of business cards or bragging about yourself. It is the building of relationships. Trust me when I say it’s the lifeline of your business. Networking is about making the right connections genuinely. It’s like maintaining a friendship and requires 100% commitment As business owners, networking is our responsibility and requires active behavior. It’s intentional in nature but fun, exciting and so rewarding. Networking goes hand and hand with running a successful business. It is both an art and science that is not optional. It is a highly strategic function of our businesses that must be planned with a clear goal in mind. You must have a purpose and a plan before setting out to network. Is it to grow your brand? Or maybe to connect with likeminded business professionals? Whatever your reason you must have an effective plan. .

.Some people mistake networking as just handing out cards and shaking hands. Networking involves research, getting to know people and following up. I know networking is not an easy task. It’s time consuming and involves actually exposing yourself and your brand to others. But the efforts it takes to build a solid network is worth it. I have a few tips that way help you with networking. 1. Join a few networking organizations not ten. You cannot effectively network if you are in more than 2 or 3 networking groups. It’s almost impossible to create meaningful and lasting relationships with others if you are all over the place. I suggest joining 2 or 3 groups. My recommendation is one in your profession such as event planning or engineering, one in your area such as your local Chamber of Commerce and maybe one based on a hobby or passion such as animal lovers or a women’s group.

People are more apt to do business with people whose company they enjoy.

2. Win people over with your enthusiasm. Share your passion. People are more apt to do business with people whose company they enjoy. Be fun, be witty but be professional and always be yourself. Leave a lasting impression with those you meet. Tell them a great story about why you were inspired to create your company. 3. Make real connections. Again, the goal of networking is not to get as many business cards as you can but more so about building relationships and making quality connections. Time is an important commodity for us so we have to maximize every opportunity we get to meet and possibly connect with others. Choose events that feed your business and mind.

4. Follow up. Your fortune is in your follow up. It is critical to growing and maintaining your network. The conversation should continue after meeting. Ask the person the best way to stay in touch and do so! Within 48 hours, send your new connection an email referencing your conversation with an invite to meet up or continue your discussion further. Always remember key facts about the person and to show further effort, send a handwritten note. One of the biggest mistakes we make as entrepreneurs is we stop networking. Continue to build and grow your network. And make sure your network remains current. Your network, once efficiently in place, becomes not only something you maintain on a regular basis like a chore, but it becomes a part of your lifestyle.

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Celebrating the History IN me. The

Through time it takes on different

History in my destiny. Although

forms or variations, but it is still

Destiny as we may think is what we

DESTINY. I have quoted this one

will become, truth is destiny is

scripture daily since 2015

what we have always been, and it

Philippians 1:6 “ Being confident of

just evolves, and grows as time

this very thing, that he which

changes. Our God was, is, and will

begun a good work in you will

be and with that we are no

perform it until the day of Jesus

different. Every facet of our history

Christ”. God did not create us a

was just a stage in our destiny.

bunch of different things, He

Destiny is what we were created

created us singular, with hundreds

for, the purpose, the power, the

if not thousands different working


parts. Like our human body.

We have one single body, with hands, feet, eyes, a mouth, hands, toes, fingers, a heart, lungs and such. So with our destiny. Our destiny is recorded in History in Genesis 1:26-28 where we are told that we were made in his image and likeness being given dominion over. Our Historical Destiny is Royalty, Power, and Governing abilities. Let me share this small bit if insight, a Butterfly begins its history as a caterpillar, but within the caterpillar lies the destiny of the butterfly. Both history and destiny within the same object. It is only through a process called “metamorphosis that we get to see the full version of the destiny of God’s intent. In the season of metamorphosis, the caterpillar weaves itself into a cocoon, to die, but not to die for long. For it knows that its death will yield it a more beautiful self in the time to come. The process for us is not different. God is the History IN me. His plan and purpose is the History that is playing out now in this day and hour. It is History that has proven that it is fortified, and unable to be destroyed. It is His-Story of conquering death, and the grave that ensures me victory over every situation that life throws at me. It is His Story of provision that comforts me in times of need in every area of my life. It is His Story that gives me strength to live out my DESTINY. So this month, I can celebrate the Glory of Royalty and ReBirth that was His-Story, but has been given to me now as mine. Prophet Tameeka Alexander Facebook/Tameeka T Alexander Facebook (group) The Rise of the Queen Email:

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Feature Spotlight: Cindy Reed Fast forward to my 40’s, I finally decided to stop running and tell the Lord, I’m ready. Ready to do His will, no matter what that looked like. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I knew that because it was of God, it was okay. I’ve shared this testimony many times because it tells of how I got to where I am on my spiritual journey.  I love how Facebook shows you what you posted on that day and year. It’s a great way to reflect on what you did in the past. Reflecting, I look back over my life as a young adult in my 20’s to where I am now in life, in my 50’s. I’ve grown, made mistakes, faced challenges, reinvented myself, matured, and I’ve consistently, stepped out on faith. My reflection is profound where faith is concerned. Much of my life decisions were based on my stepping out on faith and my love for the Lord. If everyone in my circle said “No” but my spirit said “Yes”, I’d listen to my spirit and go against what others felt was in my best interest and I’d always come out the victor. Why, because I believed, because I trusted the Father and what the Holy Spirit would place in my heart and soul and I’d be obedient. In my early twenties, I knew that God had a plan for my life. I knew that I was blessed with spiritual gifts. I believed that God had a purpose for me to do His will, but I never felt worthy enough and it was too big of a task for me to take on. I wasn’t ready to devote myself to the Lord and whatever He wanted of me, so I ran. I ran for years. At age 23, my first child was born. The Lord would pursue me, showing me that He was God and that He wanted me to submit to His will for my life. I continued to run. This went on for years as God continued to bless me with more. I was thankful but still not obedient to His will for my life.  I knew I couldn’t run from the Lord forever. God wasn’t making it easy for me either. The pressure to submit to His will started to become increasingly hard to ignore. When God wants your attention, He’s going to get it.

At my age today – this was years in the making and for all who know me, know I wasn’t where I am today, five years ago. Facebook is a great story teller because I look back over posts that I made five years ago, and I wouldn’t re-share them today if you paid me. My spiritual growth has taken me to a level of acceptance and obedience. I am a new Cindy in the Spirit and I say that with pride. Looking back, I don’t understand how I could have run from the Lord all those years. Where would my life be today had I stopped running sooner than I did? Where would my journey have taken me? Why was I so scared to submit to the Father? He’d only been good to me, blessing me, providing for me so why wouldn’t I allow myself to be obedient? I can’t answer that, but I can say that I am blessed that the Lord never gave up on me. He’d chosen me to do His will – whatever that looks like and when God chooses you, you will eventually join His team. My Mother tells of how my Grandfather (her Father) who was a Preacher/Pastor in our family church, also ran from the Lord before accepting his calling. God has a unique way of applying the pressure for those He’s called for service. You can run but you can’t hide from the Father. I thank God for not giving up on me because my submission is the best thing that has happened to me spiritually.

Typically, with age comes wisdom. For many of us, we learn from our mistakes and we grow. When I look in the mirror, I’m pleased with the person I’ve become. I’m happy knowing that I’ve stepped out on faith and that my soul is anchored there. I don’t know what God has in store for my life, but I can say that so far, He’s done what He’s promised me He’d do. He’s blessed me beyond the depth of imagination. He lets it be known that He’s with me, I don’t have to guess. Because of my love and obedience to Him, he opens doors that no man can close. He allows others to see that my blessings are from Him and there’s no other way to interpret it. I don’t allow anyone to put anything negative or questionable in my head about the Father. Just like we’d defend our parents, I am very protective when it comes to my Heavenly Father because I know Him, and I trust Him. Today, I celebrate the history in me. I thank God for the steps taken to get to where I am in life. I thank Him for the promises He’s made to me, for all my past and present blessings and for those I know, are yet to come. If you don’t have a connection to the Father, feel free to connect with me and allow me to introduce you. You may reach me at and I’ll tell you all about the God I know. I live with no regrets. I walk in my purpose and I celebrate life. I am a humbled spirit and I encourage others to join me on my spiritual path by taking this journey with me. Join me and get to know others that celebrate the Father like I do. Let’s make history together. Let’s celebrate one another in brotherly love and give God the glory for getting us where we are today. Celebrate life, celebrate love, celebrate your sisters and brothers in Christ and pray for those that have yet to meet Him. My mission is to bring souls to the Father. Won’t you join me? It’s a rewarding feeling and God will anoint you to be another solider in His army. Let me introduce you, if you haven’t already met.

Cindy H. Reed Contributing Writer – Authentically You Magazine

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Lyric J. Evans Lyric J. Evans is the daughter of Nakia P. Evans. At 14, Lyric J is an Illustrator, Model, Artist, and Radio Host. She enjoys reading gaming, and spending time with family.

1. Tell us a little about yourself. I am 14 years old and I have my own Illustration business. I am also the founder of the nonprofit organization, Project Be Weird. I have a radio show called, Be Weird, Be True, Be You Radio. 2. When did you first start drawing? I started drawing when I was 6 years old. As I started to get older, I followed other artists and began to practice more and more. As I practiced, my art style developed into it's own.

3. What types of drawings do you do? I do cartoon based or non realistic drawings. My art style is becoming it's own type of style. I am currently working on realistic drawings as well.

4. What made you want to be an illustrator? I like to bring people’s visions to life through my drawings. I love helping others create their books. I never imagined things moving the way that they have, but I am glad to be able to work with amazing people who allow my gift to be used.

5. What are your future plans? I am entering high school next year. I plan on attending an art school in Georgia and to also grow my business more. I want to continue to learn different styles of art and really be able to assist more authors in their book projects.

6. How can we stay in contact with you? My website will be up soon: also you can follow me on Facebook, Lyric J. Evans or on Twitter and Instagram @lyricjevans. You can also check out my Non-Profit, Project Be Weird on Facebook.

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SOPHIA JOHNSON Sophia M. Johnson, “EnFenaTi”, is an Author and Entrepreneur born and raised in Alabama. She is truly a country girl who loves the outdoors. In fact, some of her first writings (poems) took place outdoors, sitting on the sidewalk. Writing has always been her passion and first love. From that love, her first baby was born and entitled, “Fallen: Too Deep Too Fast”, which is the first book of a three-part series. She graduated from Hillcrest High School in 2002, and recently finished her Bachelors in Business Administration from Faulkner University. In 2003 she joined a non-Greek organization Chancellorette Social Club at Stillman College.

25 | Authentically You Magazine

This organization has given her friendships and sisterhood that she cherishes. Today, she works in the medical field, meeting women from all walks of life learning from them as well as mentoring them. For years she felt worthless, like no one could ever love her, all of her for who she really was. Broken, beaten down. Years ago, she was given a word that she would help women, pray with them, love on them. Never in a million years did she think she would be the founder of an organization meant to empower women, yet here she stands. Website: Facebook: Contact:   334.641.0102

1. Tell us more about your business. What all do you do? I’m foremost an author who writes about real life events. My writing pulls the readers in allowing them to feel the pain or happiness of each character. Their story may be your story. I’m the founder of L.ove Y.ou F.irst a non-profit organization that empower women to love who they are from the inside out. To be successful in love we must first love the good, bad, and the ugly of who we are. Finally, I’m the owner of EnFenaTi Creative Creations, LLC we do personalized items from t-shirts, to book bags, wine glasses, invitations (any party items), programs, etc. I take the individuals idea and turn it into reality. 2. As an Entrepreneur and Author, what advice would you give to others about pursuing their dreams? I would say to them; this Journey isn’t about pleasing others but walking into your purpose/calling. Don’t allow others negative thoughts are behaviors to detour you from what you’ve been called to do. We all have gifts; are you willing to tap into yours. 3. Was there ever a time you felt masked or hidden? If so, how did you overcome that? Yes, there was a time I felt hidden which is why I started writing. When my mom passed away (I was 12) no one talked to me to ask me how I felt. So, I started writing poetry about how it made me feel and how without her I wanted to die. I say that how I overcame that was the help of God and my husband because it was years before I was able to tell my family how I felt. They thought I was acting out because I was bad, but it was because I kept all my feelings bottled up.  4. What inspires you to do all that you do? It’s knowing that I’m helping someone else who has/is going through what I went through. My husband and my kids support me in everything that I do. That allows me to be who I am. 5. What do you hope to accomplish through your business and books? Through my business I want to continue to put a smile on the customer faces. With my books I hope to inspire others to go for what they want out of life. Don’t be afraid to share your story. A quote I use is “Your Life is Your Inspiration.”-Sophia M. Johnson You never know who you can help through your transparency about your own life. 6. Do you have any upcoming events? Yes, I have several events coming up this year. I have an interview on Instagram March 29th, I’ll be a speaker at Survivors Soar in New York in April. This summer our non-profit organization will have a women’s empowerment event in July. I’m still adding to my calendar.

7. How can we stay in contact with you? You can always contact me through email:,, You can call/text me @ 334.641.0102

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Authors And Art with Tara HenryÂ

27 | Authentically You Magazine

1. Tell us more about you. Who is Tara Henry? Tara Henry is founder of Pedagogy Art LLC, the parent company of Authors And Art studio. Tara is a native of New Jersey and relocated to Raleigh NC in 2005. Tara Has established a wonderful life in the community with her husband and three children. 2. What inspired you to start your business? Why Authors and Art? Pedagogy Art is the recognized name Tara Henry assigned to identify her along this artistic journey in the creative community. The most connective part of the word pedagogy, other than 'the art and science of teaching', being '... the process of accompanying learners; caring for and about them; and bringing learning into life.' The addition of paint parties was originally intended as a means of spending quality time with friends at home. In hindsight, it was clear that God had assigned this to be a pivotal point along the journey. The business was growing through its owners denial. Collaboration with other businesses and talents being successfully held in a home based studio was evidence of the need to expand. the name for the first brick and mortar location was inspired based on such collaborations with local authors to host book signings. Authentically You Magazine | 28

3. What motivates you to do all that you do? There are several people on personal, professional and spiritual levels that always seem to know exactly what needs to be said and done to recharge and motivate. God keeps placing the right people in front of me. They remind me that all of this is not about me. I'm placed here in this community for the community at-large. 4. As an Entrepreneur, what has been your biggest struggle and also biggest reward? The biggest struggle as an entrepreneur is making the community aware of my existence as a business and all the services Authors And Art provides. Authors And Art relies on the support of the community to remain a viable resource. 29 | Authentically You Magazine

The therapeutic nature of art, affordable access to a venue, exposure to local talents and businesses is a vital link in connecting people to people. The rewards are worth the daily struggles to maintain a successful business. New relationships are built. Businesses can introduce their brands in creative ways. Every time a person connects to their inner artist and discovers something new about themselves is a major win! It's all about quality time, connection in real time and creating positive experiences.

5. Was there ever a time you felt masked or living below your purpose? If so, how did you overcome that?

Website for Contact Form, Newsletter Subscription and Art Event listings:

I realized I was living below my purpose during the quiet moments. The conversations with myself actually turned into prayers. This became obvious when I started seeing God's unmistakable work in my life. Puzzle pieces that started fitting into place that apparently had been laying on the table for decades. My assignment was crystal clear and it isn't just about the art.

Social Media:

6. Where do you plan to take your business in 2018?

Email: Address: Authors And Art 3303 Rock Quarry Rd. Suite 103 Raleigh NC 27610 (984)200-7559

Authors And Art needs the community. The main goal of 2018 is to effectively communicate to the public that each person can benefit in some way from the Authors And Art studio. Interaction with the community at-large and fostering relationships is at the heart of every event and initiative. 7. Do you have any upcoming events? Authors And Art continues to bring various entertaining and creative experiences to Southeast Raleigh. Some sessions are off site as well so don't be concerned with the Open sign on the store front. The Owner and Artist can be reached via website, email and social media. Authentically You Magazine | 30

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Business Spotlight: Maria Hernandez 1. Tell us a little bit about your business/company. Avon Beauty Products have been around for over 130 years, The Avon Company for women is about supporting and inspiring women to work together and succeed as entrepreneurs. Avon has evolved through out the years enormously, today Avon is on Project Runway episodes, Marie Claire magazine, on tv commercials and has just launch its Health Wellness program Espira an all natural ingredients Boost system which includes Ideal Cleansing, Energy Boost, Metabolism Boost, Protein Shakes, Restore system ( hair, nails and skin)and a Glow sytem for calmness and restful sleep in additions to women's daily essential vitamins and men essential vitamins 2. What product are you wanting to promote? I would like to promote Beauty Products and the Boost system. 3. How can this product be purchased? 4. As an Entrepreneur, what has been your greatest enjoyment and also your biggest struggle? My greatest enjoyment as an entrepreneur is having time to spend with my grandbabies in addition to meeting and helping new people from diverse cultures with Avon Beauty and wellness products. My biggest struggles is there is not enough time in a day to do all I really want. 5. What words of encouragement would you give to fellow or aspiring Entrepreneurs? Be authentic, surround yourself with positive encouraging supportive people, it's not going to be easy in the beginning but everything falls into place if you are consistent have faith in all you do the light is awaiting for you at the end of the tunnel of success Please share how you can be contacted. or 321-3057373

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By. Nikki SpeerÂ

Redefined Courage was born because I promised my mom clothing she could wear for her "new body" that breast cancer so devastatingly gave her. I kept my promise and have asked the Lord to guide my every step. He has and now we offer 2 styles of a post op shirt and a chemotherapy shawl as well as a line for women that choose to go flat. Breast cancer tried to steal something from me but I fought back with my family and it has become our biggest teacher. We are choosing to bless others and use losing my mom and watching our family members struggle to helping others in a very practical way. I am a previvor myself so I understand the real needs of women going through a double mastectomy. We are continuing to learn and grow each new day and we look forward to the encouraging emails of how each post op shirt {HOPE}, shawl{GRACE} and other clothing {KINDNESS,FAITH, PEACE} have helped others in their recovery. Each shirt is named after the fruit of the spirit from Galatians 5 and also words that will lift up and point to our loving God. Our tag line is "where beauty is soul deep" and our Bible verse is 2 Peter3:4. 35 | Authentically You Magazine

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