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out : architecture and urbanism tours

What we do:

We offer professional architecture and urbanism tours to groups with a professional interest in design.

We augment your study trip by providing informative tours through historical and modern architecture and urban design projects in the key cities and regions.

We connect your group to architecture and urban design firms, so you can have first-hand visits with international design professionals.

What you can expect: Your group will tour the key city or region of your choice with 1 or 2 of our architect guides. Walking, biking and public transportation will be your main methods of transportation. You will visit historical precedents and current design events. Our guides provide discussion and lecture about the visited projects, informing the group of the project’s history and process, including economic, environmental, and social factors. Your group will have the opportunity to visit a design firm, or public office in the key city or region, to learn more about the design culture of the area. The difference: Rather than a touristic tour of a city, your group will have a comprehensive experience of the city. The trip will not be an order of destination points, but will become a series of design experiences and discussions. Tailor your experience: The options for your study tour are open. You choose the length of the tour, and the specific subjects you would like to focus on. We take the information you provide, along with the specialties and interests of your group and tailor the tour to suit your interests. Through open communication about your interests and our recommendations, we will create a unique and educational experience. Enriching your experience: Each group member will receive a city guide package before you leave for the trip. This book will consist of maps of the key city or region, and background information on the city and the projects we will visit. Having this background knowledge will allow participants to be more perceptive and aware during the study trip. Our competencies: We are architects, with an MSc. Architecture in Sustainable Urban Design. Throughout our education we have been on urban study trips to cities and urban regions, in 5 of the continents. We have contacts in urban design, architecture, landscape architecture and art within the Öresund region.

out : architecture and urbanism tours


Key Cities: • Copenhagen City Experience the historical Copenhagen city, the new, high-profile Ørestad development, and the revolutionary Christiania district. Extra days, go further out of the city to the Danish coastline, and Louisiana Art Museum. • The Öresund Region Experience the cities which together with Copenhagen make up this dynamic and quickly growing Scandanavian region. Cities include Malmö, Landskroan, Helsingborg, Helsingør, and Copenhagen. • Amsterdam Experience the historical city of Amsterdam where there is a wealth of examples of dynamic urbanism, and modern infill projects. Experience the landscape surrounding the city to learn about the unique landscape conditions whicwh dictated the cities form and development.

out : architecture and urbanism tours


Mission Statement [aut] began from the belief that architectural and urban design education requires experience as a main source of inspiration and learning. Through experience, we form perspectives of our world and build a repertoire of understanding around the contexts, results and efficiencies of design. Through compiling complex sets of information around the politics, economies and ecologies of design, we broaden our understanding of the forces acting on the industry. [aut] believes that experience means using our senses to explore. By going to sites and landscapes, designers are remided that design is four dimensional. It is not only a visual experience, but is also informed by the sounds, tastes, smells, and sensations of the place. It is informed by our attitudes about how we reach a place, what we do when we are there and how other people act in the space. [aut] also believes in cultural sensitivity in design. Through experiencing the cultural context of architecture and urbanism we equip ourselves with a deeper understanding of the culture of a place. We respect design and culture by seeing it as a process, rather than as an image that is looked upon, or driven by. [aut] believes in providing high-quality educational tours. They believe in sharing as many perspectives as possible and leaving the information in the open, for students to gather and create their own judgements and opinions. [aut] keeps an open and honest dialogue, without judging projects as good or bad, worthy or useless, we examine the full story and always learn something from the experience.

[aut] brief  
[aut] brief  

a brief description of the architectural and urbanism tour collective, [aut]