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6 day Retreat <> Rejuvenate - Bangkok 2011-2012

This document was a basic tour menu and post tour converted to a 30 page story book. The book serves as a souvenir for the tour guests Tour concept by: Exec Tours Bangkok Tour residence: Bangkok > Asoke Sukhumvit Soi 19 Inbound Assist: Bangkok A.P.A.C Personal Assist <> Concierge NB: if the “links" do not work, download a pdf version or email etbbkk@austhai.biz

Tour culture

Reward for Achievement Exec tours Bangkok are instructed to change the structure from last year‘s “busy schedule” to “FREEDOM”, apart from a minimal compliance events it’s D.I.Y.

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Flights: same “Thai Airways – flight time tables Accommodation: bigger and better Arrival Packs: not all inclusive, see options Inbound Personal Assist: not all inclusive, see options Itinerary: work summit and optional tours (some free and some fee)

Costs: Flights, Accommodation, Group events (sample costs) • Partners invited, costs apply, please discuss with group / sponsor. NEW stuff– • Digital schedule – view online, copy link to your mobile device • VIP entrance Bangkok airport – (small cost, book via travel agent) On the A.P.A.C. home page are 2 x 1 minute videos (sample below) - Wellness transformation


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Itinerary (daily photo collage)

04 - 23

How we did it; them/us “teamwork”


Orientation map Asoke


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Guest feedback

Group Dynamics Being away with some of the people last year gave us an opportunity for further strengthen our bond! In relation to new members they were much fun and saw a much relaxed side that we don’t see at work due to volumes of stress we all face. Flight: Thai Airways, “Hard to beat that Smile” Arrival: “Nice to have a friendly face to meet us at the airport with transport”

Charity: Slum kids Bangkok

MDF Mercy Centre • Confronting, sad yet rewarding to see the children so happy and the “care” factor. Makes me feel luck for what we have. The host guide was exceptional, the world needs people them. Foundation for Slum Child Care • So lovely to see the harmony and soft spirits of the workers and volunteers and the cute children. We saw the opportunity to raise some funds. Bangkok APAC (Personal Assist) • Great assistance, having the locals along with us means we get to know so much more quicker and of course share their smiles &/or confusion. Teambuilding Challenge: Madame Tussauds Bangkok • Fun, got right into it, had a blast, we all had a laugh and share funny moments. City culture • Such a big city, boasting a truly dynamic infusion of technology and old world history and charming people Food and dining • Arguably the most incredibly consistent aspect! Nightlife • So many choices, low – medium – high. Probably should have used my time better to prepare better, it was great but I think I could have done more! What positive experience can you use for your L.I.F.E. • Jump out of your comfort zone, sometimes “same same but different isn’t a bad thing”. • It’s about living; expectations, living and learning about the “rules for being human”

Did you / your group experience L.I.F.E. ? Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility, Efficiency):?

See: “Guest feedback stats - online” Photo album • collages events – Thumbnails <> slideshow •

collage individuals – Thumbnails <> slideshow

Inbound Assist with Bangkok A.P.A.C. “Get the most use a host” NB: Central has retained PA’s from 9am to 9pm If you require a P.A. outside of this timeline please book. Resources: The ratio of PA’s is different for each group according to group size / pre bookings Senior PA: Khun Arwee Most of you already know her from last year’s event. Arwee has hosted many visitors over the past few years, she has also visited Perth W.A. several times, on study visa as well as tourist. Skill sets: HIGH; language tourism and hospitality M: 08 599 00714 PA Advanced: Khun Ami she served to champion your tour last year and she’s back Skill sets: Medium; Language high: Hospitality; high Tourism: medium Best skills “stamina” (never stops) with 8 yrs local knowledge she is an excellent match for most entry point tourism options. M: 08 9235 6161 PA non skilled : Khun Fah Some of you met her last year. Whilst she is rated as “non skilled” (logistics and language) but rated highly for “entertainment value”. Skills: Language: low <> Hospitality: High <> Tourism: low Khun Fah is a charming lovely person and much fun Mob: 08 0059-4617 PA non skilled: Khun Ken 1st time as a PA Personal friend of Arwee, Ken is a university student studying law at the No 1 University in Bangkok, he has multi language skills. Ken offers a broad base knowledge in regard to language and culture. Mob: 08 3227-2723 <> 08 5374-8783

Lead time Shopping / Hospitality: with a range of some 800 products / services it is not possible to have up to date knowledge, we therefore reply on our web knowledge base. Please DO give advance notice of your wish list so we can fine tune before you arrive!

Communicate skills are not purely language it’s also cultural! Politeness is overwhelming in Thailand, locals genuinely will avoid the slightest conflict, sounds wonderful but it can be a little frustrating when you are in a hurry and want answers – try not to be assertive. APAC members are inducted to be aware that visitors have a cultural difference! • This is a special opportunity for you to broaden your knowledge, • If you feel APAC staff are too submissive for your style please let us know. Local culture: Thai time is late start and late finish. Shops open from 10am to 10pm, but there is no “strict discipline” to time, the focus is “Jai yen yen” (have a cool heart), be polite and it will find its way. Skill sets: PA’s have different level of knowledge – advance booking is recommended.


updated: 2012-02

Timetable: GRP1 <> GRP2 <> GRP3: privacy conditions applied) •

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Start <> finish time, venue stars, dress code, cost

Colour coded “company events“ V’s “freetime”. Save the link to your smartphone or share with friends / family.

Wednesday night Arrival • Option: Fastrack VIP airport service (so cheap - see more) book via your flight agent or direct with Thai airways. •

APAC (inbound assist). Meet your group at the airport. After you pass customs clearance move into the main foyer, turn right and look for an APAC member. Your group captain will have the apac member phone number, call us from the baggage carousel so we you’re your close.

Arrival Packs / kits • Cash pak: Company sponsored for nominated persons to be handed to you on arrival at hotel. •

Mobile Phone/Internet sim card> Option (please book) o I urge you DO NOT HESITATE to book via A.P.A.C. nominal approx aud$30 massive savings, see more

eBooks tour Icons. hardcopy or softcopy. If you have a P.A. and a mobile phone you don’t

Tourist Discount shopping cards View online or visit the store (may need evidence that you’re a tourist).

Accommodation • The Westin Grande: 5 star Corner of Thanon Sukhumvit (main rd) and Soi 19 Complimented with Dept store, Supermarket, food hall and sky bridge access to BTS skytrain One room per person (twin share) – includes Amerc B.fast Hotel website – includes slide show Other Accommodation: • BTS Asoke zone – indicative prices and features Geography View “Tour residence Directory” Sukhumvit (main rd) Soi 19, it’s right beside the newest and shopping centre “Attraction” in Bangkok Terminal21

The next page is a one (1) hour “Orientation” tour of Asoke/Sukhumvit Soi 19 More… near the end of this program (after FAQ’s) you will find a map of Central Bangkok areas with a link to logistics on popular attractions and zones

Thursday -

Orientation - Optional

This is a one (1) hour extract of a three (3) hour orientation program. This fastrack version does not include engagement with activities Why orientation Cultural differences: foot paths not level, street lights not bright, space is not wasted – people Smile Thailand 66mil people Aus 20mil <> Landmass Aus is 4 x bigger than Thailand Bangkok 8mil pple <> Perth WA 800,000 1 10th CBD size: Bangkok about 2x larger From Corner of “Thanon Sukhumvit” (Main Rd) and Soi 19 we walk to the nearby Intersection on Sukhumvit is the new shopping centre / tourist attraction “Terminal21” complimented with a 5star hotel and direct access to BTS (skytrain) and MRT (subway). BTS (skytrain) station “Asok” and MRT (subway) station “Sukhumvit” (open 6am to 12mn) • Tip: buy smartcard & avoid peak hr queues, use skywalks to cross roads Tourism info booth: collect tourism discount vouchers (open: 9am to 5pm) @ the Intersection: Options to cross, apart from the pedestrian path use BTS or MRT (subway) View right (South) into Ratchadapisek Rd @ 500mtrs: Benjakiti Park and gardens, 2km walk/cycle path around lake (bike/paddle boat hire). Joins Queen Sirikit Convention centre and Restaurant and Royal Sala. Links with MRT station for return journey, best visited in evenings for city skyline photos across the lake. @ 600mtrs: The “Long Table” Restaurant 26th flr, rooftop view across Benjakiti Park & city skyline Opposite: Interchange building: MRT Subway shops and 2,000sqm indoor golf centre (Wilding golf) Turning left, walking down Asoke Rd / Soi 21 (Asoke is also spelt Asok) @ 20mtrs: Asoke markets (2star): a small Icon of the busy Chinatown markets @ 100mtrs: opposite: Soi Cowboy (2.5star) devilish nightlife Soi. Interesting history to the name. @ 250mtrs: MRT exit station: (take the wrong exit and it’s a long walk back – always check signs) @ 300mtrs: Kamthieng House (2.5star Chiang Mai village home). Icon of 5star Jim Thompson House Museum in Siam

@350mtrs: Grand Millenium Hotel, includes a 8th flr rooftop golf centre - Bunker and chipping range

@ 450mtrs (Corner) Cross walk (be warned), 7/11 (open 24/7), in the distance (700mtrs) Sean Saep Canal (Khlong) with fast ferry 15mins to Siam city or 35 mins to the “old city cultural zone”! Turning left to Soi 19 Choice of excellent restaurants; Shark fin soup specialist, Thai, Italian, lowest price foot massage in Bangkok, Japanese restaurant, boutique hotel, luxury car dealer, and quality spa centre “healthland” (more clinical than cultural) @ intersection, turning left into Soi 19, a 500mtr walk back to Sukhumvit (main rd) w/sale wine shop, two (2) excellent dentists (medical tourism), a Classic Thai Beergarden, quality low price hotels, Restaurants, foot massage shops, 2 x Spa Centres, a quality tailor, see all in the Soi 19 Directory @100 mtrs from the corner, rear access to Robinson dept store, access tops supermarket and food hall @ front of dept store; Money changer (another in Terminal21), McDonalds (open 24/7), taxi & tukuk stand Looking right toward Soi 15 @100 right Opposite side: several; 24/7 restaurants sharing an open courtyard, behind is access to Insomnia Nightclub or use Soi 12 which also leads to must visit “Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant”. Along Sukhumvit to Soi 5 are many street vendors. Day/evening it’s general items. After 10pm they convert to food / bars. Soi 11 is a premium 4-5 star nightlife zone. The street vendor theme after Soi 5 is tacky toward 2star Soi 4 “Nana Plaza” This vicinity is abundant with Thai restaurants, refer to the map live map starting at Terminal21 Shopping Centre type name of a business to see their location or try generic search words like “attractions”, “restaurant”, ”food”, “bar”, “transport”. See all map tricks/Video

NOTE: The map is busy to give everyone choice, view legend then focus on your targets Orientation start point: look for the “Pink smiling heart” in the map Longdo map position at BTS Asok (tip: view Soi 19 directory *see live map tips) This modified event does not allow time to engage with major transport (land and/or water), Shopping or Icons/Attractions, please make a list of your items of interest to discuss with your PA

To view Icons Sukhumvit visit zone Sukhumvit, select an ebook Family – Shopping – Nightlife – Popular. Each includes Photos, map tips and tour database logistics. All knowledge base @ www.thaibis.com: Bangkok APAC (Personal Assist <> Concierge) saves you time and money

Timetable: GRP1 <> GRP2 <> GRP3 : Start <> finish time, venue stars, dress code, costs Children’s charity – Private tour generally 1 to 2 hours HDF Mercy Center

View this photo with zoom option The HDF Mercy Centre, creates simple-but-progressive solutions that touch the lives of thousands of the poor every day. The cost to sponsor is nominal and does so much, see more HDF Mercy Center Our donation: 2nd hand clothes, Toys and an Employer sponsored financial donation Thanks “TG” (Thai Airways) for excess luggage allowance Guest comments: the private tour was very informative; very confronting to hear of the hardship but wonderful to see a center with much love and care.

Timetable: GRP1 <> GRP2 <> GRP3 : Start <> finish time, venue stars, dress code, costs Children’s charity – The event is generally 2 hours to donate (items / money). Foundation Centre for Child care

View this photo with zoom option Through their Daycare Centres and by supporting privately run daycare homes, the Foundation provides care and education for children aged from four months to five years old. See more at Foundation Centre for Child care Our donation: A brief volunteer activity and a promise of a financial donation Guest comments: something special about these people, in spite of struggle there is a wholesome feeling.

Please donate!

The playground has no roof – we’re raising funds, read more Newsflash <> forum article

Thursday PM: Dinner – Korean BBQ house

About this restaurant; Indoor (Aircon) indoors, the staff cook the food at your table. It’s an up market version of last year’s experience with “Moo Gadaa (Thai BBQ) 2star”. There are trillions of venues just ask!

View this photo with zoom option

Quiet sub-soi 150 mtrs from the main Hotel (same Soi as recommended “Chivit Chiva” spa centre). Dress: Casual (casual/smart if you wish to enjoy nightlife however casual is ok) Guest feedback: casual and fun experience made easy with help from our PA team

Nightlife tour: Sukhumvit Soi 11, close to base.

Start <> finish time, venue stars, dress code, cost – see timetable

Last year we visited several Icons such as The Nest; rooftop bar and new venue Catalana wine tapas, (stunning!)

The plan is a brief stop at as many places as possible until 11pm, and then it’s up to you ..

View this photo with zoom option

Want to see more? - > Nightlife zone summary, select Sukhumvit Soi 11 Best tip – contact Bangkok APAC team for orientation tour

Friday - team building Timetable: GRP1 <> GRP2 <> GRP3 : Start <> finish time, venue stars, dress code, costs “Famous moments” with Madame Tussauds Bangkok

View this photo with zoom option 5star comfort, located in the Siam Square Each tour group captured about 200 photos for their memories Team Challenge: submit a “picture story”, the submission was processed to a collage, judged by a worthy panel (bribes welcome) and winners announced at dinner! Team entries are shown in the team challenge brochure; well done everyone!

Siam Square is full of shopping, Family Icons and “Popular tours�, view more in the ebooks Tourism Bangkok - eBooks "most popular icons and zones"

Optioned for D.I.Y. or appointment of a local host. Interacts with a tour logistics database (600+ venues) and Thailand's Longdo map. "Longdo" is Thai for "please try" @ www.thaibis.com/bangkok/tours/icon-ebooks Most POPULAR attractions

28 pages <> 18 attractions: logistics, maps & tips

Most popular FAMILY zones

20 pages <> 10 zones: logistics, maps & tips

All SHOPPING zones

Most popular NIGHTLIFE zones

20 pages <> 10 zones: logistics, maps & tips

20 pages 9 zones: logistics, maps & tips

Rejuvenate Chivit Chiva is in our tour residence Sukhumvit Soi 19 view Sukhumvit Soi 19 Directory Concessional prices for Bangkok A.P.A.C. clients

Friday > Nightlife

Start <> finish time, venue stars, dress code, costs, in timetable

Khao San rd; three (3) zones:Mellow – Medium – Madness

Option tour The cost for APAC staff is pre paid (until 9pm), does not include any food/drink. If you require additional time please book in advance to ensure availability. Getting there: Adventure or comfort “Adventure” By canal ferry, along the Saen Saep canal. You’ll see the backstage of the city – 30 mins arrive to in the family tour zone of Bang Lamphu which boasts many popular tourism Icons – see ebook – Bang Lamphu. (note the canal ferry closes 7.15pm weekday 6pm weekend) The ferry ride is about 35 mins “Comfort and steady” Your PA can take you via the BTS skytrain to National Stadium (20 mins) and then transfer by Taxi or Tuktuk, this can take 10 to 25 mins depending on traffic. Other: There are nine (9) nightlife zones within a 10km radius

Nightlife zone eBook www.thaibis.com/longdo-tourism-bangkok/visitors-welcome/nightlife-zones

What happen Friday Night? …… The groups brainstormed and engaged

View this photo with zoom option Group 1: Group Dinner in Khao San Rd, then street market tour Group 2: Group Dinner Sukhumvit, race across town to Minus 5 Bar, then back for a Big blast at “Q Bar” Group 3: Post dinner Group tour: Sukhumvit, a late dash to Minus 5 Silom, then more Sukhumvit! – chaos!

Be warned! Nightlife Thailand –“NO Drugs” The laws relating to drugs in Thailand are severe! The police conduct regular random road blocks in tourist areas. Your base is a well know tourism nightlife zone If you carry prescription drugs ensure you carry necessary documentation

About Bangkok Over the last few decades, Thailand 's capital city, Bangkok , has changed into a modern, exciting and sophisticated city. It offers to visitors not only the cosmopolitan amenities they would expect from other big cities, but also a unique treasure trove of cultural attractions. Thailand , in the heart of Southeast Asia , was never colonised and thus kept its unique culture and heritage intact. Bangkok offers visitors the opportunity to experience fascinating glimpse of Thailand's gentle culture amidst the bustle of a great and dynamic metropolis. This great city has had astounding success in combining the ancient and modern world. For tourists, Bangkok has a feast of attractions to offer. The city is dotted with 400 glittering Buddhist temples of great beauty and fascination, magnificent palaces, classical dance extravaganzas, numerous shopping centres and traditional ways of life, especially along the "Venice of the East" timeless canals and the Chao Phraya River of the "River of Kings" winding through the city. It is worth taking a trip along its waters before exploring further into different canals to take a glimpse of old Bangkok. The secret to getting around Bangkok comes down to two things: water and sky. Between the efficient (and incredibly cheap) ferry system that navigates the Chao Phraya, with colored flags designating express and local stops, and the equally efficient (and almost as cheap) Skytrain, you can get almost anywhere you want without once getting stuck in a cab. In fact, a good rule of thumb for visiting Bangkok might be this: If you can't there by boat or by train, don't go.

Bangkok made easy for tourists Tourism Bangkok “Novice to Advanced” •

Ebooks o Most popular tour Icons o Most popular zones for : Family Icons <> Shopping <> Nightlife • Tour leader database = 600 + venues, Photos, logistics and prices o Includes Best tourism Stations (Skytrain <> Subway <> ferry) and nearby venues o Web Directory: select a topic and view their website o What would I do: Practical tips for 1st timers and returns visitors

Media articles • • • •

2009:Long weekend to Bangkok by WA Newspapers 2010:30 reasons Bangkok has the best nightlife 2010:50 reasons why Bangkok is the best city 2011: 3 day trip to Bangkok – is it worth – oh Yeah

Frequent asked questions E.T.B. FAQ’s

See the D.I.Y. knowledge base Bangkok popular Icons & Zones

View live @ www.thaibis.com/bangkok/tours/icon-ebooks/tour-icon-logistics

Saturday Timetable: GRP1 <> GRP2 <> GRP3 :

Start/finish time, venue stars, dress code, costs Optional event: Cooking class – Two (2) venues promoted, both close the base location

Bangkok Cooking Academy (Soi 23) or Cooking with Poo (Khlong Toei slum area) • Community based Cost is approx 1250bt Your plans: tips and suggestions: what would I do

It’s about you – enjoy your reward! Bangkok boasts many quality Spa centres.

tour residence Chivit Chiva From the minute you step off the busy Soi and into Chivit Chiva Spa your breath will be taken away by the luxurious Oriental-style décor and relaxing ambience. The quality that greets you even from the reception area will give you reassurance that you are in very safe hands for your spa and relaxation therapies. This venue is accredited and recommended by Exec Tours and Bangkok APAC Concessional prices available for our tour guests View the Webpage Chivit Chiva for Photos, latest promotions and specials Book direct or contact Bangkok APAC

Saturday evening Timetable: GRP1 <> GRP2 <> GRP3

Start <> finish time, venue stars, dress code, costs

Option: Dinner Cruise on Chao Phraya River • 2hrs - between 6.45 to 8pm • Cost: 1200bt to 1500bt • Vessels: 3 to 5 star – theme based Picture left: Wan Fah Dinner Cruise Wan Fah dinner cruise 4.5star Cultural theme • Thai Costumes, Dance, Photos and more • This venue is accredited and recommended by Exec Tours and Bangkok APAC • web page Wan Fah

Option 2 Ruen Thep classic Thai Dance cabaret At Silom Village Offering a one (1) stop destination for tourism shopping, restaurant and Cabaret Price approx 1000 – 1500 inclusive of set menu and show webpage

Feedback: Basic entry point tourism – good presentation, we did not have much time to look around as we had a tight schedule

River City Pier and Silom village is close to Skybar (Lebua Hotel) which is Bangkok Premiere rooftop bar, at 64 floors up and with stunning views across the city skyline and Chao Phraya River it’s a “Must do” NB: rooftop bars: you must buy a drink (not cheap, but your paying for the view). Feedback rating: always 9 to 10 for visitors

Saturday .. what happened? Group 1: The Chilly Chicken Wing Challenge @ Jameson’s Irish Pub Silom, (few can survive this), same location is home to “Minus 5 Bar”. After the chill a short transfer to Silom Village Ruen Thep Classic Thai Dance Cabaret.

View this photo with zoom option

Guest feedback

Minus 5 bar is a must do treat, the Chicken wing Challenge a crazy dare! .

Happy memories are motivation Every time you need a break, visit this ebook: Rejuvenation, Adventure and Thai Smiles

And then….Group 2 and 3……. They accepted the challenge for more Adventure, the new “hot selling” Orientation tour infusing efficiency of modern technology and the charm of history and culture.

View this photo with zoom option

“City canal and old city night tour”; Taxi: (old or new), Skytrain or Subway, Canal ferry through the new city to the “old city”. Night tram tour of historical treasures and engage the mayhem of “Khao San Rd” night markets. Guest rating: 8.5 big dinner and so tasty, the tour Icons and hold special value.

Sunday Timetable: GRP1 <> GRP2 <> GRP3 : Start <> finish time, venue stars, dress code, costs

Optional tour: costs apply

Tour zone Dusit – Vimanmek Mansion, don’t be fooled by the image – this is ranked a “Popular Tour” when you visit the venue then you’ll know why. The zone includes Dusit Zoo, see more about the tour zone of Dusit, Bangkok Suggestions: what would I do

Sunday Farewell dinner. - Smart casual 4.5star restaurant. Co sponsored event (budgeted price)

Start <> finish time, venue stars, dress code, costs in timetable

Bid farewell to the Bangkok and the APAC team Venue options: There are so many places to consider:Photo Database –Bangkok Restaurants if the group does not nominate APAC will make a booking based by instructions from the organizing committee. Feedback rating: always 9 to 10

Post dinner Early depart flight, best to rest, try a massage and float to sleep. At your tour residence we use and recommend Friends massage Tour residence Sukhumvit Soi 19

Tour Residence – Sukhumvit Soi 19 Directory

link: www.thaibis.com/bkk/soi-19-sukhumvit

Sunday .. What happened? Group 1 ventured to Chatuchak (JJ) markets, experiencing BTS skytrain and/or fast Canal ferry

View this photo with zoom option

Afternoon Spa Centre and our evening was last minute street market shopping and casual dinner experiences Guest feedback: if you don’t pace yourself you can’t enjoy all the adventure, so much to do

Group 2 and 3 Tours / Shopping / Spa centre Group dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya River and then visit rooftop Bars Skybar and Redsky

View this photo with zoom option

Dinner cruise was a burst! Wan Fah dinner cruise 4.5star Cultural theme - web page Wan Fah Guest feedback: rating : 9 so much to offer, on board entertainment, or look out onto glorious Hotels and cultural Icons- excellent!

Monday • 05.30am Mini bus departs for the airport No PA required or booked, if guests are not ready the bus should leave on time, guests departing late can call a Taxi from the Hotel. Transfer time: approx 40mins based on traffic and your enthusiasm to tell driver “reo reo” (fast) •

6.15am airport check in

07.50am Direct flight to Bkk to Perth approx 6hr.45mins

How about “L.I.F.E.” • Leadership, • Integrity, • Flexibility, • Efficiency And L.I.F. E. without Flexibility • It’s a L.I.E. Following pages How to construct a tour People don’t plan to fail!.. they fail to plan To do list Individuals V’s group Tour profiling: Needs and Wants please report errors: •

E: tour2011-2012bkk@austhai.biz

General feedback

To do list

FOR A GROUP TOUR updated: 2011-11

T.E.A.M work . (Together Everyone Achieves More) – win/win

Company / tour group: liaison officer: Stash 1. Flight date (minimize disruption to client services)- flight time tables 2. Accommodation: room per person (twin share) unless otherwise arranged. 3. Inbound services: A.P.A.C. (Personal Assist <> Concierge) options to suit company <> individual 4. Itinerary : a. company program: “locked” b. tour options: Guests need to opt in/out – book events – see tips next page

Refer timetable for each group for variations • •

Timetable: GRP1 <> GRP2 <> GRP3

Start <> finish time, venue stars, dress code, cost

Company / Group events • volunteer to participate, otherwise declare you’re a loyal supporter, appreciate the effort of the volunteers “team synergy”and show your support. Individual events: • Freetime: study the options to avoid downtime • Use the “fastchat” option which has been sponsored • If PA’s are not required for optional events snap lock a freebie Group captains • We recommend you elect a team captain for each tour group, a go to person that links with the company liaison officer and the tour company. •

This becomes a team building exercise “planning and communication”

Resources / options 1. Pre travel tools: www.auswathai.com/Home/travel 2. Thailand travel information 3. Near the end of this ebook see about Bangkok & getting around. 4. For the basics visit “tourism Bangkok Novice to Advanced” Arrival packs • refer options in itinerary and 1 page logistics summary

Trivia: Places visited by CIB 2010 - if the link does not work, click again (cache issue) or report error

Individual tours The Group program has been structured,

refer timetable for each group for variations: GRP1 <> GRP2 <> GRP3

This is your reward Now that you’ve earned it spend it well !

NOW – let’s do it for you!!!

Apart from group events, your expected to be “selfish”!

If your not sure if you should Rest, “Splurge” or “Rock n roll”….. Visualize yourself back home contemplating “regret” and the time and cost to rectify that! Now get it clear and have no fear! Lock it in and achieve your results! Worry is the misuse of the imagination

Success will never be until Preparedness and Opportunity meet Your group (sponsor) has a structured a program S.M.A.R.T. GOALS Specific, Measurable, Action orientated, Realistic, Timelined View the content – take ownership and synergise with the program, understand the options – ask questions

Subject yourself to a “what’s best for me test”! tour profiler

If you don’t know where you’re going, You’ll never get there!

Avoid downtime

Before you arrive engage discovery 1. View the to do list and resources Must do: Arrival Packs: Mobile / communication Pak Personal tour options 2. Complete a tour profiler, then call us for a smart chat 3. Shopping items – see eBook Bangkok shopping – includes best buys • If it’s not in the list please let ask, email us the details (with photo) 4. Attractions - Bars – Hospitality –Tours:see “tourism Bangkok Novice to Advanced” Use this page to record your needs and wants / queries and concerns then call for a smart chat

Wish list / priorities for me

Provide an advanced list to Bangkok APAC so we can minimize downtime and give you time for you!

Reward Tours:

S.M.A.R.T. GOALS designed to suit your objectives


Medical, Dental and Spa Centre Save money and experience World Class Care!


Shopping and dining delights that are 2nd to none!


A unique culture with a diverse range of Tourism

Corporate Groups

Team Building > Together, Everyone Achieve, More Challenges and rewards for achievement and success

Business & Trade

The opportunities are real and substantial. "Success will never be until preparedness and opportunity meet",

Balance is the key to L.I.F.E. Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility, Efficiency, and without Flexibility is a L.I.E.


View tour group feedback stats and/or Photos & tour ebook

Smart Chat

Call for an obligation free chat, within 10 minutes you’ll know about the MAJOR savings, value ADDED benefits, an online D.I.Y. tour database and much more

More at www.thaibis.com/apac/aussie-exectours-bangkok