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Medical, Dental and Spa Centre Save money and experience World Class Care!


Shopping and dining delights that are 2nd to none!


A unique culture with a diverse range of Tourism

Corporate Groups

Team Building > Together, Everyone Achieve, More Challenges and rewards for achievement and success

Business & Trade

The opportunities are real and substantial. "Success will never be until preparedness and opportunity meet",

Balance is the key to L.I.F.E. Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility, Efficiency, and without Flexibility is a L.I.E.


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Save time, get the best and rest from 1500bt half day / 3 pax Our Orientation programs combine practical knowledge and adventure!

Tourism Bangkok - eBooks "most popular icons and zones"

Optioned for D.I.Y. or appointment of a local host. Interacts with a tour logistics database (600+ venues) and Thailand's Longdo map. "Longdo" is Thai for "please try" @ www.thaibis.com/bangkok/tours/icon-ebooks Most POPULAR attractions

28 pages <> 18 attractions: logistics, maps & tips

Most popular FAMILY zones

20 pages <> 10 zones: logistics, maps & tips

All SHOPPING zones

Most popular NIGHTLIFE zones

20 pages <> 10 zones: logistics, maps & tips

20 pages 9 zones: logistics, maps & tips

FREE: @ Asoke eBooks, view online or download to your mobile tip: eBooks view includes ZOOM tool, but bookmarks disabled a hard copy is available @ quality travel agents, please note a print fee may apply (negotiable with the agency) based on client relationships. "Get the most use a host" Bangkok A.P.A.C (Personal Assist <> Concierge) The concept employs local people, enthusiastic to serve you ➨ Themed to suit your budget Gold <> Silver <> Bronze ➨ Orientate, translate and negotiate ➨ Save time and money with our local knowledge ➨ Orientation tours: Sukhumvit/Asoke <> transport <> shopping and more more @ www.thaibis.com/apac <> Bookings @ Soi 19 agents D.I.Y... google "Bangkok Novice to Advanced":➨ ebooks: Popular Icons & Zones <> Brochures <> Maps ➨ Multiple search engines <> Map tricks <> Photo database ➨ Tour leader database: 600+ entries on Hospitality & Tourism ➨ Bargain hunter tips <> Discount clubs <> Promotions @ www.thaibis.com bangkok topic