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Holiday region Pyhrn-Priel

Winter in Pyhrn-Priel

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On your skies – ready – go!

Winter in Pyhrn-Priel

Both skiers and snowboarders can enjoy over 50 km of best prepared slopes in the family ski regions Hinterstoder and Wurzeralm. The Sunny Kids Park caters for the little ones while the big ones glide original ski huts. The Hutterer Höss in Hinterstoder also features a challenging world cup ski track, the brand “Hannes Trinkl” track, whereas the Wurzeralm offers the sunny and popular Gammering track down into the valley. Swift access is granted with the world’s fastest cable car leading up the high plateau of the Wurzeralm. Ski schools in both areas will professionally assist you in perfecting that swing or introduce you to first time skiing or boarding.

Winter adventure in Pyhrn-Priel

through the snow or relax on the sunny terrace of one of our many

The Ski Area

Wurzeralm – my winter world


The world’s fastest cable care takes you up to 1400 m above sea level in only 7 minutes where

The holiday region Pyhrn-Priel features a ski bus system which takes you to the ski area of your

a ski paradise for beginners to intermediates, boarders, carvers and powder snow lovers awaits

choice free of charge. The ski shuttle runs between the areas of Hutterer Höss in Hinterstoder

you. The highest point, the Frauenkar, is situated on 1.870 m and offers stunning views to the

and Wurzeralm in Spital am Pyhrn several times a day. The ski busses stop at all official bus

surrounding mountain range, all over 2000 m high, as well as into the valley.

stops and can be used free of charge with a regional ski pass or a valid guest card. The ski busses may not be used by large travel groups. Full details and itinerary can be obtained at the

Approximately 20 km of slopes offer a lot of variety and ski fun. Seven lifts, red and blue runs,

bottom station of the cable cars or in the local tourist offices.

The ski area

two runs down into the valley (one of which features snow canons) as well as a Sunny Kids Park

to entertain the little ones make this are the perfect family destination.


The new Wurzeralm Arena including sport shop, ski rental and aprés ski bar round off the

Ski school Wurzeralm Peter & Stefan: +43(0)7562/6020;

experience. Hassle free access to the area is granted with a highway exit close by. Enjoy a

Winter Sport School Stodertal: +43(0)7564/20600;

variety of sport offers as well as typical Austrian hospitality in one of our numerous original mountain huts and restaurants.

4573 Hinterstoder 21 • T.: +43(0)7564/5275, F.: DW 130 •, Snow telephone +43(0)7564/5500


Hinterstoder – best for winter sports


The ski area Hutterer Höss offers 36 km of slopes, 13 lifts, the Sunny Kids Park und numerous

Spitaler Sportstadl: +43(0)7563/8012,

runs for all levels of expertise. A comfortable 6-man cabin cable car takes you up to the Hutterer

Intersport Rent - Bottom Station Wurzeralm: +43(0)7563/70240,

Böden Plateau (1400m), the Höss Express, a modern 6-man chair lift further up to the Höss (1860m) and the new Schafkogel Lifts will even lift you up to 2000m above sea level.

Intersport Pachleitner - Main Branch: +43(0)7564/5205;

The ski world cup track – named after ski downhill world cup champion Hannes Trinkl, has

Intersport Rent - Main Station Piste Finale: +43(0)7564/5205-21;

added tremendous value to the ski area and offers quite a challenge to the top athletes of inter-

Intersport Rent - At the Höss Express Middle Station: +43(0) 564/5580;

national ski sport and gives sport enthusiasts the opportunity to get a glimpse of that world cup

Sport 2000 Huber: +43(0)7564/5271;

feeling, with its length of 3500 m, a maximum drop of 60 percent and a width of up to 80 m.


The stunning winter landscape with its folksy huts and a feng-shui relaxation area invite you

Sport 2000 Werschitz: +43(0)7562/5323

to spend memorable moments.

Sportstadl Windischgarsten: +43(0)7562/7531;

The ski area


Enchanted winter!

WINTER in Pyhrn-Priel

Romantic winters have a name: the holiday region Pyhrn-Priel. Here you find ideal conditions to explore the winter landscape off the ski slopes. Winter and snow shoe hikes through the glimmering snow from everyday life in no time. Ski tour fans will enjoy conquering the mountain peaks of the mountain ranges Totes Gebirge and Sengsengebirge. Whether you walk on your own or with an experienced mountain tour guide, the backdrop of the Kalkalpen National Park is simply breathtaking. Cross country skiers have over 130 km of trails in four different altitudes at their disposal – a trail for every taste can be guaranteed – whether classical or scating. A ride in a horse sleigh through fairytale setting of forests and majestic mountain peaks is surely one of the most enchanting winter experiences. Fun and action is guaranteed on a ride down a toboggan track or a game of curling on solid ice.

Winter adventure in Pyhrn-Priel

and to closely experience the accompanying silence takes you away

Holiday region Pyhrn-Priel

Winter in Pyhrn-Priel








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