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Since 1334

Wellness with a Vision.

There are an endless number of services for the body, mind and soul these days. Our quest is, however, to offer you more than just a momentary sense of well-being. Only then when individual treatments are personalised to


your requirements and your wishes can a lasting effect be achieved. That is how we understand Wellness with Vision. And it is here that you can literally experience this vision at “Horizont�, the name of our luxurious SPA. Enjoy a scenic view of the Flachgau area and the picturesque backdrop of Salzburg City while you swim a few laps in our Panorama Pool or just let your mind unwind.


– Solarium

Spread out over 1.500 m with an unri-

– Relaxation Pavillion


valled Mountain Panorama

– Private SPA for partner treatments

– Indoor pool with open fireplace

– Treatment rooms

– Finnish Herbal Sauna

– Juice and Tea Bar

– Brine Steam Bath

– Fitness room with strength and cardio

– Infrared-healing area – Ladies area with Bio-Sauna, Steam bath and lounge chairs

equipment – Heated outdoor pool with sunbathing area (May to September)

Since 1334

Exclusive: Wundervoll – the best from nature. These days, intuitive thinking and naturalness go hand in hand, and at GMACHL HORIZONT SPA you can experience this with all of your senses. For our massages, we only use the highest quality, certified, coldpressed, organic plant oils from Pieper Natural Cosmetics in Bergheim, Salzburg. Our fragrant GMACHL HORIZONT SPA Line “Wundervoll” also comes from Pieper Natural Cosmetics and is produced exclusively for us using age old recipes. Spoil yourself with the best from nature – they are also the perfect gift for your loved ones at home!

Piroche Cosmétiques: our natural cosmetics from the heart of South Tirol. To come as close as possible to the secrets of nature – has been the philosophy of the Piroche Line for over 20 years. The concept is based upon holistic, bio-energetic and natural products with precious ingredients from nature combined with unique treatment methods from traditional Chinese medicine. Natural beauty is an expression of vitality, health and inner balance. Only with a respect for nature is it possible to work with cosmetic healthcare. This includes the highest quality plant extracts, guaranteed natural essential oils, clay and algae. Piroche Cosmétiques’ unique method provides you with an individual treatment, tailored for your personal skin type. Piroche Cosmétiques is exclusively used in Authorised Institutes.

Ericson Laboratoire: our medical cosmetic line to help against the signs of aging. Professor Ericson was a Specialist in Biotechnology and Cell-Extraction. He was one of the first scientists in France to introduce Cell Therapy for treating skin problems. In the process, certain extracts, for example from phytology were used to stimulate aged skin. The Multi-Therapy from Ericson Laboratoire continues to apply this effective method and integrates the current findings of science to continually develop new and innovative products. Consequently, all skin problems can be treated effectively- from wrinkles and scars, redness and seborrhoea to erythrosis and hyperpigmentation. We offer the medical Ericson Laboratoire Line exclusively in our GMACHL HORIZONT SPA. Specially-trained Derma-Therapists customise all treatments to your personal requirements.

Phytomer Homme: our High-Tech Active Care for Men. The ocean is the life-source of our planet. Hippocrates already knew about the power of the ocean and used it for its healing and regenerative purposes. Ocean water contains all of the 104 micronutrients necessary for our life and well-being. Phytomer possesses over 30 years of experience in the research and development of cutting-edge beauty products, which has lead Phytomer to become Nr. 1 worldwide in the area of Thalassotherapy. Phytomer is also a pioneer in male cosmetics with Phytomer Homme. Highly-effective High Tech Care and potent marine agents are adjusted with the patented “Reflexothermal” method to care for the demanding male skin.

Ericson Laboratoire Facial Treatments for Women and Men Skin Hormone Resource – Fresh kick for a luminous, peachy complexion Marine collagen, Allantoin and Aloe Vera hydrate dehydrated, stressed skin. Wrinkles and fine lines are visibly plumped out and softened. Treat yourself to a wonderful “Replenishing Facial” with immediate effects! The result: a more radiant, rosier complexion. ca. 120 minutes

€ 135,00

Bio Pure – an incomparable feeling of Purity and Freshness Sage, Iris, Burr and many more natural substances fight against redness, oil and bacteria. These ingredients absorb and eliminate impurities and heal the skin while normalizing sebaceous secretions. ca. 120 minutes

€ 125,00

Caviar Royal – an incomparable experience of Luxury and Exclusivity Fresh Caviar revitalises your stressed skin. A cocktail of amino-acids, peptides and proteins stimulate the collagen fibres and help activate cell rejuvenation. ca. 120 minutes

€ 175,00

Botu „VIP“ Anti-Wrinkle Treatment with Botox Effect Young, glowing and plump: the Anti-Wrinkle Treatment with Botox Effect! Youths the face and minimises fine lines. Botu VIP combats the signs of aging without paralysing the muscles. The natural facial expressions remain intact. The result: visibly firmer and more youthful skin! ca. 120 minutes

€ 145,00

DNA – Vital- revitalising Avantgarde Anti-Wrinkle Care Substances from primeval times help fight against wrinkles and fatigue! The power of Arctic Glacial Water provides for a glowing and revitalised complexion without the use of preservatives or silicone. Let yourself be surprised by the impressive results even after the first treatment. ca. 120 minutes

€ 165,00

Energy Lift – gentle Lifting without a Scalpel A remarkably effective restructuring and contouring of the face is achieved with the newest innovation in the cosmetic industry. Local fat-deposits in the neck and cheeks are reduced through the use of highly-active ingredients. Extracts from Cactus Fruit and Ginger revitalise and tighten the skin, while Hyaluron and Fucogel lift wrinkles and fine lines. Papaya, poppy seed and musk rose oil supply your skin with vitamins and hydration. ca. 120 minutes

€ 155,00

Piroche Facial Treatments for Women and Men

Facial Treatments – exclusively for the needs of male skin

Cleansing Treatment – for clear skin Including Aroma Herbal Steam Bath, peel, removal of skin impurities, brow correction, mask, and soothing hand massage.

Sea Masculin Detox Express

ca. 60 minutes

ca. 60 minutes

€ 65,00

Cleansing Treatment with Drainage – for a perfect complexion Including Aroma Herbal Steam Bath, peel, removal of skin impurities, brow correction, Lymphatic Drainage with slimming Algae gel, pack with Ampule and hand massage. ca. 120 minutes

€ 125,00

Vitamin Power Treatment – a real „Vitamin Cocktail“ for tired and stressed skin Including deblocking back massage, Aroma Herbal Steam Bath, peeling, energising Lymphatic Drainage, relaxing facial massage with vitamin ampule, ultrasound, nourishing vitamin mask with hand massage. ca. 120 minutes

€ 135,00

Super Lift Visage Intensive – skin-firming treatment with immediate effects Including deblocking back massage, Aroma Herbal Steam Bath, peeling, energising Lymphatic Drainage, firming facial massage with Lifting ampule, ultrasound with youthful elixir, anti-aging mask with instant results, eye treatment and hand massage. ca. 120 minutes

€ 165,00

Introductory treatment that leaves you wanting more € 75,00

Sea Masculin Detox Energie Dive in and experience the revitalising and refreshing power of the ocean with Phytomer Homme and spoil yourself with a unique and invigorating energy boost with relaxation guarantee ca. 120 minutes

€ 138,00

Sea Masculin Detox Relax Relaxing Anti-Stress treatment with an invigorating kick and immediate lifting effect for a healthy and strong exterior – gives tired skin a masculine and radiant appearance. ca. 150 minutes

€ 165,00

Massage Massage is one of the oldest healing remedies known to man.

GMACHL Indulgent Massage – escape the everyday world Works miracles with stress, insomnia and migranes. 90 minutes

€ 110,00

GMACHL Ritual – luxurious massage for the senses Superb essential oil massage to spoil yourself from head to toe! Let yourself be taken away! 120 minutes

€ 150,00

Full Body Massage- the Classic Massage Massage and skin contact are our oldest healing therapies. They serve as prevention and treatment for pain and illnesses in the musculoskeletal system. With the use of special hand techniques, tension is relieved, muscles are loosened, blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated and the self-healing process is activated! 50 minutes

€ 55,00

Back and Neck Massage- ideal for loosening up and relaxing A back and neck massage is not only beneficial for tense back muscles. It also relaxes the whole body and brings it into harmony with the mind. 25 minutes

€ 32,00

Head and Neck Massage – balance for Over-Thinkers With this relaxing massage, tension in the head, neck and shoulders is cleared. Ideal for all kinds of stress-related head, neck or back pain, and migraines. 25 minutes

€ 32,00

Intensive Back Treatment with hot stones – replenish your strength and energy This unique massage is a fascinating combination of massage and the relaxing effect of hot stones. The warmth of the stones accelerates the blood circulation and provides the cells with an increased supply of oxygen. This special therapy also enhances the removal of waste from the bloodstream and aids in digestion and detoxification. The body and soul are topped up with new strength and energy! 50 minutes

€ 60,00

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage – leave the everyday world behind The Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage assists in regeneration and reduces stress with its rhythmic and slow movements. Warm, fragrant essential oils help you forget about the stresses and strains of everyday life. 75 minutes

€ 85,00

Dorn-Breuss Treatment – beneficial for your muscles

Acupunct Massage – stimulates the energy flow

This special therapy is helpful for spinal complaints and the discomforts which can arise, e.g. headaches, digestive problems, chest pains or other pain in the limbs. The Dorn-Breuss Method is highly effective in combating these problems. A realignment of the vertebrae can positively influence the inner organs, the muscles, the meridian and the Psyche!

Acupunct massage is a part of traditional Chinese medicine and has more than 3000 years of history. This holistic form of massage harmonises the energy flow and relieves nervousness and uneasiness. Acupunct massage helps enhance performance and supports fast regeneration after sport!

60 minutes

25 minutes 50 minutes

€ 78,00

Sport Vital Massage – Revitalise and Regenerate With this massage, the therapist focuses on the needs of the sportsperson and possible complaints that arise from doing sport. Active sportspeople are normally more robust and therefore require a stronger, more intense massage that prepares them for their upcoming, physical demands. A regenerative and loosening massage after sport! 50 minutes

€ 60,00

Individual Massage – personalised and one-of-a-kind A massage can have many different properties and effects. It can be relaxing, gentle and harmonising or it can be activating, intense and vigorous. Our Massage Specialists are happy to cater for your individual wishes. Just book your treatment and speak with your therapist about the desired focus of your massage. You will be thrilled! 60 minutes 90 minutes

€ 68,00 € 98,00

Foot Reflexology Massage – activates the self-healing process With help from Reflexology, blockages, irritations and complaints in muscles as well as in the organs are reflexively treated and controlled. The self-healing process is activated through the application of pressure on specific areas. 25 minutes 50 minutes

€ 35,00 € 60,00

Lymphatic Drainage - gentle cleansing Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a therapy with a variety of functions. Amongst others, it serves as an allergy and lymph drainage therapy for swollen regions of the body. Through a comforting, gentle massage technique, the body’s defence system is strengthened, detoxification is activated and the healing process (after injuries or operations) is accelerated. 25 minutes 50 minutes

€ 35,00 € 60,00

€ 38,00 € 58,00

Cupping – the effective weapon of natural medicine In cupping therapy, glass cups are placed under pressure to release toxins from the body through the skin. The goal of cupping is to strengthen or activate the self-healing processes of the organism. This method is a traditional healing method and is an effective weapon in combating many complaints and disorders. 25 minutes

€ 38,00

Seaweed Slimming Pack – metabolic kick with the best from the ocean The ocean is full of vital elements for health and beauty. Seaweed is a true all-rounder containing minerals, micronutrients, and vitamins. It provides the skin with moisture, stimulates the metabolism, and detoxifies and drains the body. Enjoy the composition of high-grade Algae and a selected mix of essential oils. Your body is purified while you rest. ca. 40 minutes

€ 45,00

Our Tip: Before your Pack, enjoy a revitalising Body Peel to optimally prepare your skin. The Peel makes your skin smooth and supple and ready to absorb the nutrients of the Pack.

Body Treatments Cryo Thermy – Cellulite treatment for a perfect Silhouette A highly-effective, intensive thermal treatment to activate fat-burning in problem areas. ca. 75 minutes

Wonderful pack baths in our heavenly floating cocoon Cleopatra Pack – let yourself be royaly treated Cleopatra owes her beauty to her daily baths in milk, honey and fragrant oils. Treat yourself to this luxurious bath with positive effects on muscles and the nervous system. Your whole skin will be silky soft and even, and protected against damaging anti-radicals. ca. 40 minutes

€ 45,00

Evening Primrose Oil Crème Pack – nourishing nectar for irritated skin Especially recommended for very dry, sensitive, allergy-prone skin. This superb crème bath fights against the aging process of the skin, is cell-activating and hydrating, and balances the skins lipid content. Your skin obtains a softness that you have never felt before! ca. 40 minutes

€ 45,00

Lavender and Rose Oil Pack – sumptuous care and inner harmony Lavender, the fragrant medicinal herb relieves fatigue, sleeping problems and nervousness, soothes stomach and intestinal problems and helps migraines with its calming properties. Fragrant, precious, pure Rose oil pampers your dry, damaged skin. This exquisite pack is especially recommended for fatigue, exhaustion and headaches. ca. 40 minutes

€ 45,00

€ 85,00

Insulinol – pure power for your figure A specially-developed warm mask of mineral elements in combination with Lipolyse Serum and a detoxifying massage stimulates local fat-burning and the metabolism. ca. 120 minutes

€ 138,00

Thalasso Therapy – an ocean of well-being A detoxifying, revitalising and neutralising whole-body treatment. Selected elixirs with mineral salts, oligo-elements, proteins and vitamins re-mineralise the body and stimulate the Lymph flow. Fat-splitting active ingredients from the ocean help slim, tighten and drain the body. Thalasso Therapies are not only cleansing and remineralising, they are also useful for people with fatigue or stress. You will feel reborn! ca. 90 minutes

€ 135,00

Soothing Leg and Vein Wrap – immediate relief for tired legs Essential oils from mint, thymian, rosemary, lemon, lavender and witch hazel invigorate, soothe and revitalise. Heavy and swollen legs are provided with immediate, long-lasting relief. ca. 45 minutes

€ 55,00

GMACHL Romantic Highlights – valuable time for two


GMACHL Romantic Package for Lovers in our SPA Suite

Pamper Package for expecting Mothers

Enjoy a superb spa experience in our SPA suite in a relaxing, candle-lit atmosphere with soft music, a glass of Champagne and delicacies from our Patisserie.

• Luxurious facial treatment with relaxing hand and foot massage • Gentle full-body peel • Nourishing vitamin care pack 3 hours

You will enjoy: • A relaxing head and neck massage • A Rose Oil Salt Peel to rejuvenate your skin • A relaxing partner spa bath with a glass of Champagne and delicious nibbles 90 minutes per person

€ 195,00

Teenager Special Treatment Gentle facial treatment for Teens with hand and foot massage 60 minutes

€ 65,00

€ 110,00

Chilldren’s Massage Relaxing partial-body massage for Kids aged 6 and up

Sensual time-out for two Treat yourself to a spa experience with nourishing ingredients in a magical setting. A glass of Champagne and delicious nibbles also await you. You will enjoy: • A regenerative Whey Herbal Bath in our partner bath • A soothing back and neck massage 60 minutes per person

€ 65,00

25 minutes

€ 25,00

Hand and Foot Treatments

Depilation – hair removal with warm wax


Whole leg

€ 60,00

With nurturing nail bath, nail-sculpting, removal of dry nail skin, nail polish, vitamin nail care and soothing hand massage with nourishing crème.

Half leg

€ 40,00

ca. 60 minutes

Bikini Zone

€ 35,00


€ 30,00

Upper Lip

€ 10,00


€ 15,00

Back or Chest (Men)

€ 55,00

€ 45,00

HORIZONT SPA Pedicure With revitalising foot bath, thorough removal of callouses and dry skin etc., nail care with polish, as well as a foot massage with active care agent! ca. 60 minutes

€ 50,00

Varnish on request

€ 8,00

French Manicure

€ 15,00

Single and Additional Treatments

€ 35,00

Eyelash Tinting

€ 15,00

Eyebrow Tinting

€ 10,00

Eyebrow Tinting with Correction

€ 15,00

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting with Correction

€ 28,00

Eyebrow Correction

€ 8,00 to 12,00

Facial Massage with Elixir

€ 38,00


€ 15,00

French Manicure with Sealing (feet)

Warming Vitamin Hand Pack with Peel and Massage Specially for dry, damaged hands ca. 40 minutes

€ 38,00

Nourishing Foot Pack wit Sea Salt Peel and Massage Especially recommended for dry, cracked feet 40 minutes

€ 38,00

Eye Lifting Treatment Active concentrate and lifting, firming eye mask

€ 48,00

Whole-body Salt Peel with your choice of ingredients Choose from Alpine herbs, Rose, Lavender or Olive

€ 45,00

Our Day SPA Offer

Our Day Arrangements for Women and Men

You are more than welcome to visit us as a Day Guest.

Enjoy the following arrangements during the course of your stay with us at Romantic Hotel GMACHL or at our Day Spa including the use of the spa and sauna facilities. Further individual packages can be tailor-made to your wishes and needs. We are happy to advise you without obligation at our SPA Reception.

Enjoy an incredible day of relaxation for all of the senses and treat yourself to a few very special hours: give yourself a break, leave the everyday world behind and dive into the magical world of GMACHL HORIZONT SPA. Relax in endless tranquillity and let yourself be pampered- you are in our good hands. For €60 we welcome you on a day of your choice. The SPA access includes a voucher for € 30, which can be used for relaxing massages, sensual spa baths or innovative beauty treatments. Look forward to an unforgettable spa and sauna area, plush bathing robes, professional treatments and first-class service. You also have the option of booking one of our superb treatments without SPA access. In this case, only the value of the treatment will be charged. Registration required.

Give away well-being. By the way: in case you are looking for a ‘feel-good’ gift idea- our treatment vouchers allow you to give a friend or loved one pure pleasure.

Beauty Package for Women • L  uxurious facial treatment “Skin Hormone Resource” with exclusive products from “Ericson Laboratoire” and soothing hand massage • Aromatherapy Full-Body Peel • Relaxation massage with precious rose petal oil 3,5 to 4 hours

€ 235,00

Decceleration Package for Men • S  tress-relieving facial treatment “Sea Masculin Relax” with exclusive products from “Phytomer Homme” and relaxing hand massage • “Detox” mud bath • Relaxation massage with selected essential oils 3,5 to 4 hours

€ 235,00

Wellness Package for her and him • Vitamin Power Treatment for the face with exclusive products from “Piroche” and nurturing hand massage • Intensive Back Massage with hot stones 3 hours

€ 185,00

Important Information



Top Floor

Our range of services is extensive. In order for you to decide which of our many services is best for you, we are more than happy to personally advise you. All treatments are adapted to your wishes and requirements. Please book your treatment as early as possible or inform us of your preferred appointment time. We kindly ask you to keep the appointed time. Just come in a bathrobe to your treatment, preferably 10 mins beforehand and enjoy a cup of tea while you wait.

Late Arrivals If you arrive late, it is not possible to extend treatment times over the arranged appointment. If you arrive later than planned, your treatment will be accordingly shortened.

Cancellation Policy In case you are unable to keep an appointment, we kindly ask you to cancel it at least 24 hours before your appointment time. Please understand that we have to charge for same-day cancellations.

SPA Etiquette In consideration of our other guests, we kindly ask you to turn off mobile phones during your stay at the SPA. The GMACHL HORIZONT SPA is non-smoking. Please talk quietly in all areas. The minimum age for the nude area is 14.

Health Please let us know if you have any existing health problems or constraints. We always have an open ear! Please inform us before your stay at the SPA of any current problems like high-blood pressure, heart conditions, metabolic diseases and allergies, a pregnancy or a recent operation.

Treatment Area Second Floor

With this current pricelist the older prices no longer apply. Prices are subject to change. Misprints and errors excepted.

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Wellness with a Vision. Since 1334 GMACHL HORIZONT SPA.