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the Cultural Town

the Creative Town

Bregenz, built right next to the water, nestled against the ridge of the Pfänder,

Textiles, design and creativity have always played a central part in Dornbirn.

the expansive sky as its roof. This town has its very own character, and is more

Once upon a time, it was the “textile barons” who were the driving force.

diverse than any other in the Bodensee-Vorarlberg region. In “Quantum of

These days, with around 45,500 inhabitants, Dornbirn is the largest town in

Solace”, James Bond graced the town hosting the largest floating stage in the

Vorarlberg. It is home to the Vorarlberg Institute of Architecture, a university

world with his presence. Over 75 million cinema-goers have already seen the

of applied sciences known for miles around, and is a trade fair town and events

latest 007 film, featuring the legendary Tosca eye.

location. In 2007, Dornbirn hosted the World Gymnaestrada, with over 20,000 participants from all over the world.

Bregenz is the capital of Vorarlberg, and the cultural capital of the region around Lake Constance. The internationally renowned Bregenz Festival, Kunst-

Dornbirn is the major shopping town in Vorarlberg. The town center and the

haus Bregenz, theaters, concerts, dance, and conventions – there are varied

Messepark shopping center have over 200 shops, plus many fine restaurants,

programs of events that are offered throughout the year. Art galleries in the

trendy bars and cafés. The juxtaposition of old and new is thrilling to observe:

middle of town invite you, literally, to a “cultour”. Many little boutiques and

numerous buildings in the modern Vorarlberg architectural style harmoniously

shops line the streets of the lively town center. The old town – also known as

blend in with the townscape shaped by gardens and parks. As soon as you

the Oberstadt or upper town – is magical! The town is surrounded by Mother

leave the town center, you are surrounded by natural beauty. A cable car takes

Nature. It has numerous hiking- and cycling paths, and a cable car floats up to

you up Dornbirn’s local mountain, the Karren. One of the most popular hikes

the Pfänder panoramic mountain. Boats depart from the harbour to take trips

takes you through the impressive Rappenloch gorge.

around Lake Constance.

In Short In Short

The most important sights in Dornbirn are:

The most important sights in Bregenz are: ■■ the market square with its classicist parish church and houses from ■■ the Kunsthaus Bregenz (KUB) house of contemporary art

three centuries

■■ the Festival House with its floating stage and the new James Bond showroom

■■ the interactive nature museum inatura with its Science Center

■■ the parish church of St. Gallus, a lovely example of Lake Constance baroque

■■ the Rolls-Royce Museum, the largest of its kind in the world

■■ the upper town with its Martinsturm

■■ the Rappenloch gorge

■■ the Pfänder panoramic mountain

■■ Karren, the town’s local mountain, with the panoramic restaurant