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Art & Culture

Art and Abilities Challenging: the Bregenz Festival is the largest, internationally most significant festival held in the region. Every summer since 1946, it has been staging major operas on the floating stage. Set against a unique natural backdrop which performs a play of its own every evening, from the superb romantic sunset through to the ominous dark clouds, anything is possible. The Viennese Symphony Orchestra has been the festival’s orchestra right from the beginning. The festival has grown gradually, carefully. Since its most recent renovations, the Festival and Congress House has been delighting visitors with its exciting architecture and modern elegance. An independent sound system – unique in Europe – was developed especially for the floating stage, which displays a new, spectacular stage set every two years. The program combines the performance on the lake with rare operas, with modern operettas, orchestral concerts, theater and the “Art of Our Times - KAZ” program. Varied: the range of art and culture events even amazes the locals! It is a rare evening that you don’t have several appealing events to choose from. Concerts of all genres, readings, cabaret, theater – three independent theaters host classic, humorous and modern performances, plus exhibitions in museums and art galleries. What makes it so pleasant? A lovely, informal atmosphere reigns, wherever you go. Impressive: if you think provincial lethargy is to be expected away from the classical cultural metropolises, it is time to think again! The exhibitions held in Kunsthaus Bregenz even earn the respect of international journals. The poolbar pop culture festival in Feldkirch arouses the enthusiasm of those well beyond the Austrian border. World-renowned artists perform at the Schubertiade in Hohenems. We are also proud to point out that two important literary figures are inspired by this region: Michael Köhlmeier and Arno Geiger, winner of the German Book Prize. If you enjoy reading, here are a few more local authors we can recommend: Robert Schneider, Monika Helfer, Ulrike Längle, Kurt Bracharz, Wolfgang Hermann – the region’s booksellers will gladly advise and assist you in your choice!

Kunsthaus Bregenz Photo Thomas Riehle