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Fun-packed holidays from the majestic mountain tops above to the heart of the valleys below!


Murtal holiday region Pure enjoyment from the majestic mountain tops above to the heart of the valleys below! Diversity and variety is our recipe for the perfect holiday! The only thing that guests in the Murtal holiday region really need is enough time for them to fully experience and enjoy everything that the wide array of historic villages, communities and towns has to offer.

“Diversity and variety, being at one with nature” – that’s what the Murtal holiday region is all about. The only thing that our guests need is plenty of time for them to fully experience and enjoy everything that the wide array and exciting range of perfect destinations, historic villages, communities and towns has to offer.

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During recent years, considerable investments have been made to improve the infrastructure of the Murtal holiday region and to create new attractions. The “Red Bull Ring” as well as top-notch international events, all of which attract numerous guests to the Murtal holiday region year after year, have laid the foundations for a successful future. One of the cultural highlights of a summer in Murtal is definitely the Regionale 12 – the contemporary art and culture festival which is held from 22th June to 22th July 2012 in the Murau region.

Urlaubsregion Murtal Burggasse 3 A-8750 Judenburg Tel: 0043 3572-44249 Fax: 0043 3572-44249-4 E-mail: Web: Legal notice: Published by Urlaubsregion Murtal. Any and all information given in the present document may be subject to errors, printer’s errors and misprints. Artwork & layout: Werbeagentur CreARTeam Judenburg Pictures: © Steiermark Tourismus (Harry Schiffer,, Schiffer/Symbol, Reinhard Lamm), Foto Mitteregger, Kaiserfotos, Georg Ott, Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park, Zirbenland 50plus, Aqualux spa, TV Gleinalm, photo archives of the tourism associations of the Murtal holiday region.

Please set aside some time to go on one of our interesting, exciting and pleasant excursions. We wish you a wonderful and adventurous stay in Murtal in the Green Heart of Austria.

Best wishes Karl Schmidhofer Chairman Urlaubsregion Murtal LH-Stv. Hermann Schützenhöfer Head of Styrian Tourism

The Murau region Dedicated to wood, the Murau region beckons with its Styrian Wood Route and interesting Wooden Objects, which are well worth a visit, and the “Wood World Ambassadors”. Cable cars provide visitors with the wonderful opportunity of enjoying adventurous hikes and mountain tours and exploring the mountains and forests, even in the summer. From the Turracher Höhe region with its attractions “Nocky’s AlmZeit” and the “Nocky Flitzer”, to Kreischberg mountain with its cable car and golf course, or the city of Murau, the capital of the region which is home to Obermurau Castle owned by the Schwarzenberg family – a wide range of destinations and experiences are on offer. Moreover, the Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park that has retained its naturalness, authenticity and culture awaits you, promising exciting attractions including the St. Lambrecht Benectine monastery and the Mariahof golf course. The Krakautal and Wölzertal valleys invite visitors to discover the beautiful mountains and visit wild yet romantic waterfalls and interesting historical sites. In Lachtal valley, the chairlift is waiting to take you up the mountains from where you can set off on wonderful hiking tours. Or why not opt for a ride on the Murtalbahn – the steam-driven narrow-gauge railway – a veritable adventure for the young and old alike which is also often used by cyclists along the River Mur Cycling Path. It goes without saying that there are rental shops for bicycles and e-bikes as well as e-bike recharging points along the way. Special highlights which you should not miss out on include the Wildbad Einöd health spa, our top destinations, museums, cable cars and summer toboggan runs. Murau is also a true “Bioregion” (a region renowned for its organic farming) where you can take your time to indulge in the many culinary delights available.





Am Golfplatz 1 Tel: 0043 3537-22221

Thanks to the Murtal GuestCard, all guests visiting the region – even those who are only spending one night with us – can enjoy an array of offers, including a variety of price reductions and discounts on trips to exciting excursion destinations. What’s more, every visitor to Murtal has the pick of attractive offers made available by regional traders and businesses.

OPENING HOURS: May to October 2012 ADMISSION FEE: Attractive green fee prices for guests of our partner hotels

Introductory offer for our holiday guests: 1€ reduction

OBTAINING THE MURTAL GUESTCARD IS REALLY EASY Book, go on a very special holiday and enjoy – our hosts distribute the Murtal GuestCards to our guests right upon their arrival. The GuestCard is valid throughout the whole stay and guarantees a diverse range of discounts when visiting the many excursion destinations in the whole region. 04

excursion destinations

This 18-hole golf course of the MurauKreischberg golf club is located between the Kreischberg skiing region and Murau, the picturesque historical city. The beautiful scenery includes forests, groves and lakes. It goes without saying that the golf course also has distinctive features, such as rolling greens, water surfaces which are to be overcome head-on or from the side, and spectacular half-greens and insular greens.

Skiing and golf With skiing and golf, Kreischberg mountain offers unbeatable attractions and activities to its visitors all year round! Golf club members (including distance members and members holding their membership in addition to another one) benefit from extremely attractive package prices including admission to the golf course all year round and seasonal tickets for Kreischberg mountain.

excursion destinations


The Murau region


excursion destinations

The Murau region

excursion destinations


The Murau region

The Murau region


KREISCHBERG IN THE SUMMERTIME  St. Georgen ob Murau Kreischbergstraße 1 Tel: 0043 3537-300 OPENING HOURS: July and August, Wednesday and Sunday ADMISSION FEE: Adults 13€ Children 7€

July & August, every Wednesday and Sunday

1€ reduction on admission fee Kreischberg mountain is the venue of the 2015 Freestyle World Ski Championships and Snowboard World Championships and is an absolutely marvellous hiking destination for the whole family in the summer. It offers a huge advantage: You can sit back and enjoy the first metres or steep rises of your climb in the comfort of a cable car before finally setting out on your hiking tour at the forest line. Hikers encounter a wealth of opportunities here: A comfortable stroll in one of the plain mountain pastures or an enjoyable but not too challenging hiking tour to

SUMMER OPERATING TIMES I n f o : + 4 3 (0) 3 5 3 7 / 3 0 0 // w w w . k r e i s c h b e r g . a t


one of the nearby mountain tops. Why not set out on a hike along the rolling green mountain pastures to the top of Kreischberg mountain and to Rosenkranz Höhe at 2,118 metres above sea level where you can indulge in the stunning panoramic view of the Tauern and Nockberge mountains? Afterwards, the “Rieglerhütte” and “Grillboden” cabins invite you to treat yourself to culinary delights in a cosy atmosphere. Special tip for families: The “Dinowald” (dinosaur forest) offers various special adventures during the summer months.


Tee off on one of Austria’s most beautiful golf courses!

1st April - 31st October, 10am-4pm ADMISSION FEE: Adults 7,50€ Children 4€ Sen. citizens 7 - 19

Info: +43 (0) 3537 / 22 221,




excursion destinations

St. Ruprecht/Falkendorf Hans-Edler-Platz 1 Tel: 0043 3534-2202

Approx. 15% reduction on admission fee All about b woodd – this museum is one of its kind and a very special destination for the whole family. The museum boasts guided tours and special offers for the young and old alike: Workshops (July/August: Mon/Wed/Fri: 1pm-4pm and upon prior registration), an arboretum (tree garden), informative hikes and walks, a tree rallye, sportive activities, a large wood and water playground – to name but a few of the many attractions. Special exhibition in 2012: 20(0) years of wood construction in the Murau Wood World. Photo

exhibition – the charm and warmth with which wood has been used as a construction material for many, many years and has changed as such, sets it apart from many other, chemically processed materials. Regionale XII “Refining – upgrading” in cooperation with the REGIONALE 12, the Styrian festival of contemporary art. The following topics will be discussed: Recycling of wood, handicrafts, industry, the use and perception of refining processes. Opening hours: June – September 9am-5pm

excursion destinations

09 Naturparkzentrum A-8820 Neumarkt · Hauptplatz 4 Tel. +43 (0) 3584 2005

Thank you, dear pinecone!

Circular hike in the Grebenzen area

A lot can be learned from nature ... Or did you know that without the pinecone we wouldn’t have any functional underwear? Who would have thought? The main focus in the Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park is on how to read and learn from nature. A lot of our activities help you to explore and discover nature – so just choose one of our programmes and find out all about nature’s secrets. And also discover what all the fuss is about the pinecone.

Available: May to October, every Friday at 10am Duration: 4 hours Standard fee: Adults 6€ / Children 3€ / Families 12€ For MurtalCard holders: Adults 5€ / Children aged six and over 2.50€ / Families 10€ Contact: Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park / Tel: 0043 3584-2005

Have fun and make sure you find out everything you need to know! Yours, Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park

Guided tours through the nature park Hiking along the Via Natura Nature as a source of inspiration in all areas of life! Available: July to August, every Monday at 10am Duration: 3-4 hours Standard fee: Adults 6€ / Children 3€ / Families 12€ For MurtalCard holders: Adults 5€ / Children aged six years and over 2.50€ / Families 10€ Contact: Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park / Tel: 0043 3584-2005

Hiking tour to Zirbitzkogel mountain An unforgettable experience is guaranteed with a hike to the highest peak of the Seetaler Alps – the Zirbitzkogel (2,396m). Available: May to October, every Wednesday at 9am Duration: 5 hours Standard fee: Adults 6€ / Children 3€ / Families 12€ For MurtalCard holders: Adults 5€ / Children aged six years and over 2.50€ / Families 10€ Contact: Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park / Tel: 0043 3584-2005

A sea of flowers in spring or a 360° panoramic view – anyone hiking in Grebenzen will be delighted.

Singing in the rain On rainy days you can explore and discover the area with our park guide Sepp. Available: May to October – rainy weather Standard fee: Adults 6€ / Children 3€ For MurtalCard holders: Adults 5€ / Children 2.50€ Contact: Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park / Tel: 0043 3584-2005

There’s a herbal remedy for every ache and pain Herbs and healing plants grow around the edge of the forest where you get the chance to become acquainted with them and to collect your own, while enjoying an interesting hike with Lisi, our herbal expert. Available: July to August Duration: 3 hours Standard fee: 8€ For MurtalCard holders: 7€ Contact: Lisi Reichel, 0043 3584-2231 Registration: By 4pm on the previous day

Hans in Luck Hike along the path of “Hans in Luck” and find out what Hans experienced. Available: May to October, anytime Duration: 2-3 hours, most parts of the path can be easily accessed with a pram Standard fee: 4€ per hiker For MurtalCard holders: 3€ per hiker Contact: Gössler inn, 0043 3586-2251, departure points are the Gössler and Hirschenwirt inns

On a hike with Lilly, Lena, Lisa and Max Join us on a hike in the mountain pastures with our donkeys Lilly, Lena, Lisa, and Max the pony. There we will grill sausages over the bonfire and the dwarf goats come along as well. Available: July to August Duration: 2 hours Standard fee: 6€ For MurtalCard holders: 5€ Registration: By 4pm on the previous day / maximum of 20 people

The Murau region Naturparkzentrum | A-8820 Neumarkt · Hauptplatz 4 Tel. +43 (0) 3584 2005 |



Wonderworld of the Honeybees

23rd June - 22nd September 2012 ADMISSION FEE: Adults 5€ Groups 4€ Red. entry 4€ School gr. 3€

Visit the honeybee nature trail and explore the world of bees and their products! At the end of the trail, a beehive is on display and Mr Hellenschneider, the organic beemaster, will explain everything

8850 Murau Grazerstraße 19 Tel: 0043 3532-2720

Open: May to October Standard fee: 1€ For MurtalCard holders: FREE ENTRY

Farmers’ mill in Mühlen At the edge of the village of Mühlen you can find its landmark, the “Alte Bauernmühle” (old farmers’ mill). Here, every visitor can turn into a miller and try their hand at grinding flour – a truly unique experience! Open: May to September at 2pm Duration: 1-1.5 hours Standard fee: Adults 3.50€ / Children 1.50€ For MurtalCard holders: Adults 3€ / Children 1€ Meeting point: Farmers’ mill in Mühlen Contact: Hartmut Komar: 0043 664-1667998

Farmers’ museum in Mühlen The “Bauernmusem” (farmers’ museum) in Mühlen offers adventures for visitors of all ages. Admission fee: Adults 4€ / Children 3€ For MurtalCard holders: -10% Meeting point: Farmers’ mill Contact: Mr Kogler: 0043 664-1627374

1€ reduction on admission fee W iinvite We i you on a JOURNEY THROUGH TIME to an unknown world. STORIES full of history … EVENTS, ART and CULTURE strongly influence this museum which informs visitors about HANDICRAFT and TRADE in the city and the region of Murau. The Exhibition 2012: “Kein schöner Land ..” (the title of a traditional folk song) is opened on 22nd June 2012. It tells the stories of people who were persecuted, expelled and murdered by the Nazi regime in the Murau


SUMMER TOBOGGAN RUN GREBENZEN After a comfortable ascent on the 4-person chairlift, a modern one-track summer toboggan run awaits visitors with racy, comfortable toboggans which are ready for take off. Enjoy a fantastic ride along 1,720 metres of downhill descent including many curves, numerous surprises, small tunnels and bridges.

Celtic Museum in Noreia Experience Noreia’s history and research activities and visit the King’s mansion which was rebuilt near the cult site. Open: July to September: Tues and Thurs / Groups upon prior registration Standard fee: Adults 6€ / Children 1.50€ For MurtalCard holders: Adults 5.50€, children younger than 10 go free Contact: Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park: 0043 3584-2005

1 + 1 for free (for one ride)

Standard price: 10€ for half a day, 15€ for a whole day For MurtalCard holders: 8€ for half a day, 13€ for a whole day

Tel: 0043 3585-2455,


SCHOOL OF SENSES NEUMARKT This exhibition is a great experience for the young and old alike. Learn how to write in old German Kurrent script in a historic classroom, marvel at Austria’s largest mug collection, relax using all your senses, recharge your batteries during your individual percussion session in the cellar or discover interesting things about the current BIONICS topic– all under one roof!

Beauty and health from nature Our ancestors knew how to use the healing power of nature. Lisi, our herbal expert, will guide you through the herbal garden and show you how to recognise and use different herbs. Available: 5th and 19th July / 2nd, 16th and 30th August Duration: 3 hours Standard fee: 8€ For MurtalCard holders: 7€ Contact: Lisi Reichel 0043 3584-2231 Registration: By 4pm on the previous day / maximum of 10 people

OPENING HOURS: July-August, Mon-Sun, 10am-5pm ADMISSION FEE: Adults 9€(one ride) Children 6€ (one ride)

 St. Lambrecht, Pabstin 4

E-bikes for rent Explore the nature park on one of our e-bikes! Bikes can be rented from our information office in Neumarkt, am Hauptplatz 4: Tel: 0043 3584-2005

region (Jews, Roma, Sinti, forced labourers and physically and/or mentally-impaired people) and describes their time in the “gypsy” forced labour camp in Triebendorf. The exhibition is supported by the “Europe for citizens” EU programme and by Regionale XII. Detailed opening hours: 23rd June – 22nd July: Daily 10am-7pm, 23rd July – 22nd September: Fri-Mon 2pm-6pm, Thurs-Sat: 4pm6pm, guided tours upon request (tour 7€).

15% reduction on admission fee

 Neumarkt, Schulg. 2, Tel: 0043 3584-40582

OPENING HOURS: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm ADMISSION FEE: Adults 4,90€ Children aged six and over: Group reduction

excursion destinations


The Murau region

The Murau region


BENEDICTINE MONASTERY ST. LAMBRECHT  OPENING HOURS: 15th May – 15th October: Mon–Sat:10.45am, 2.30pm ADMISSION FEE: Adults: 8€/6€ Children: 5€/4€ St. Lambrecht Hauptstraße 1 Tel: 0043 3585-230529

Adults 7€ (5€) / Children 4.50€ (3.50€) Th BBenectine The i Monastery M Museum offers interesting gems of more than 900 years of monastic history which visitors can marvel at during guided tours. Both the Gothic St. Peter’s Church and the historical art collection are home to magnificent carved sculptures and panel painting objects dating back to between the 15th and 18th centuries. In addition, sculptures and paintings dating from diverse eras – from Baroque to Biedermeier – are on display in the monastery. The


guided tour takes visitors to the solemn prelate room and shows guests the folkloristic collection of Father Romuald Pramberger and scenes of a baroque nativity scene. A special attraction is the P. Blasius Hanf bird museum, where visitors can gain an insight into the diverse bird life around Furtnerteich lake with approx. 600 exhibits of 259 different bird types. The monumental Gothic abbey church and the Romanic charnel house are always open during the day.

FAIRYTALE AND RIDDLE FOREST ’’SEEBLICK’’  OPENING HOURS: 1st April to 4th November 2012 ADMISSION FEE: Ad. and child. aged four or over 2.50€ The sixth person in a group goes free Neumarkt Zeutschach 39 Tel: 0043 3584-3140

20 cents reduction on admission fee “MAXIMUM ENJOYMENT E FOR OUR YOUNGEST GUESTS“. Riddle fun for the whole family: The fairytale stations have been set up with love for detail and are taken from many different fairytales. But they are not in order, just take a closer look! The fairy tale stations contain many mistakes and it’s up to you to find them! When walking along the forest nature trail,


excursion destinations

you will get to know lots of different trees and bushes. At the end of the circuit, a great water playground awaits you before you can go for a game of Vikings Memory – fun and adventure are guaranteed! Moreover, there is a small petting zoo. Let us pamper you in our restaurant with hearty products where warm meals are served all day. Why not treat yourself to a cake, a sundae or a cold snack? We are looking forward to your visit!

excursion destinations


The Murau region

The Murau region


18-HOLE MINI GOLF COURSE MARIAHOF The lovely mountain scenery and various idyllic lakes of the Zirbitzkogel–Grebenzen Nature Park surround the “Knappenwirt”, our cosy and welcoming family-run guesthouse. Our guests can also take advantage of a shooting range, our 18-hole mini golf course and a children’s playground. 2 tennis courts are within walking distance (5 minutes). Adults 1.80 €, children 1€

 Mariahof, Hoferdorf 113 Tel.: 0043 3584-2542,


OPENING HOURS: 20th April – 4th November ADMISSION FEE: Adults 2.50€ Children 1.80€

PONY RANCH SCHRATTENBERG Holistic horse riding lessons for beginners and more advanced riders. At the Schrattenberg Pony Ranch, children aged two and over can take horse riding lessons. They have the chance of learning more about ponies and small horses, and can even feed and groom them. They are playfully shown how to handle these animals and learn everything about grooming and feeding horses and saddles and horse-gear. 2€ reduction

 Scheifling, St. Lorenzen 12 Tel: 0043 664-3817899,


OPENING HOURS: All year round, Monday-Saturday ADMISSION FEE: One lesson (40 minutes) costs 15€

HOHER STEG FOOTBRIDGE PREDLITZ Visitors are able to access an impressive natural monument now that the “Hoher Steg” has been re-erected. The huge gorge at the mouth of Turrachtal valley was created by snowmelt, which ate away at the stone. This natural monument is well worth a visit during a walkabout also taking in the “Hoher Steg”. Free entry

OPENING HOURS: All year round

 Predlitz-Turrach TA Tel.: 0043 3534-20349,



TURRACHER 3 LAKES PATH The Turrach 3 lakes path offers a unique opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the scenery of the Nockberge mountains. Nature lovers are spoilt for choice by the variety of options when taking their time to wander through nature. There are no fixed destinations or strict rules. A pleasant 2 to 3-hour walk (you can also shorten the route if you prefer) between Turracher See lake, Grünsee lake and Schwarzsee lake awaits ramblers. Free entry

OPENING HOURS: Spring, autumn and summer

 Turracher Höhe Tel: 0043 4275-83920,


excursion destinations


excursion destinations


Bezirk Murau

The Murau region

A unique experience on Turracher Höhe

Nocky Flitzer – the Alpine rollercoaster The Turracher Höhe region presents a unique and impressive toboggan experience thanks to Nocky Flitzer, its Alpine rollercoaster.

The Myth of the Gemstones

Special exhibition Amethyst “The Kings’ Jewel” The highlight of the Turracher Höhe region, open all year round, will bring a sparkle to your eye. Breathtaking gems, fossilized trees which are more than 250 million years old, giant crystals weighing up to 4 tonnes never fail to cast their magic spell on visitors. The fascinating special exhibition “Amethyst – The Kings’ Jewel” is displayed at the alpin+art+gallery Kranzelbinder on Turracher Höhe.

The Nocky Flitzer is a spectacular, cutting-edge summer toboggan run which also operates during the winter. It offers an adventurous 1.6km run down into the valley through the picturesque and diverse landscape (parts of the run lead through the Swiss stone pine forest) complete with fast bends, roundabouts and wave paths – not to forget the occasional jump. You start your run at 2,000m above sea level next to the panoramic cable car mountain station and descend to the valley station (1,763m) in a safe and comfortable two-seat high-class toboggan. Stateof-the art technology enables the toboggan run to operate in all seasons and all weathers. For details and videos go to:

Nocky’s “AlmZeit” pasture village – full of fun and adventure A unique world full of games and adventure awaits families with children at 2,000m above sea level next to the panoramic cable car mountain station.

Reduced entry with the MurtalCard: 2.50 € (instead of 4 €)) Don’t forget to visit us • in Pörtschach am Wörthersee (opposite the BKS Bank) and • in Bad Kleinkirchheim (opposite the Roman Bath). Open daily from 9am to 5pm – closed on Sundays!

Turracher Höhe 5, near the Hochschober Hotel (opposite the “NOCKY FLITZER” toboggan run) Tel. 04275 8233 •



“We’ve got all the time in the world to have fun!” - Nocky’s “AlmZeit” pasture village on Turracher Höhe is true to this motto. The unique world full of games and adventure is located 2,000m above sea level, next to the panoramic cable car mountain station and the start of Nocky Flitzer, the Alpine roll-er coaster. Nocky’s “AlmZeit” invites children and their parents to indulge in Alpine moments of bliss with Nocky, the mountain rabbit. Along the “AlmZeit” loop path, visitors can lose themselves in seven adventurous stations. For more information and to participate in the games, go to:

Opening hours: 7th June – 29th June 2012 30th June – 9th Sept 2012 10th Sept – 26th Oct 2012

daily 10am–4pm daily 10am–5pm Wed to Sun 10am–4pm

Bergbahnen Turracher Höhe, 8864 Turracher Höhe 178 Tel.: 0043 4275-8252 or 83 92,

excursion destinations


The Murau region

The Murau region Styrian Krakau

DESTINATIONS in Katschtal, St. Peter am Kammersberg and SchĂśder



Krakautal – a truly healthy valley is ‌ ‌ the highest BionX e-bike region of Europe together with the Lungau region in Salzburg. 200 e-bikes, 1,200km of cycling paths, 100 recharging points, 70 rental outlets. Rental outlets and recharging poins in Krakautal valley: Jagawirt inn Krakauschatten Tel.: 0043 3535 8260

Hotel Stigenwirth Krakauebene Tel.: 0043 3535 8270

Reduction with the MurtalCard

Reduction with the MurtalCard

Price per day (8am-8pm): 25â‚Ź (photo ID required) 10% reduction with the MurtalCard The price includes: Cycle helmet, cycling map, recharging device and backpack Further recharging points:

Wooden Objects Sculptor’s studio – Hans Leitner in St. Peter 0043 3536-8466 Wood carver – Ferdinand Lercher in Baierdorf 0043 3536-8367 Brechlhßtte hut in Althofen 0043 664-322 14 47 KÜtzlmßhle mill with Kneipp facilities in Feistritz 0043 3536-761120 Greimhalle event centre in St. Peter 0043 664-4085056 Wood Route hiking tour – Maxriapl: 250-year-old group of farms in Nickelberg

Leisure activities Heated outdoor swimming pool in St. Peter Horse-drawn carriage rides & horse riding courses for kids & riding kindergarten Farm life – a thrilling adventure “Berglandexpress� – group reservations possible Divining rods and wild spice hikes Archery and fishing

Guniwirt inn/Krakaudorf, Heimathaus inn/Krakaudorf Schallerwirt inn/Krakaudorf, KarlhĂźtte cabin in Krakauebene/Etrachsee Schattensee lake in Krakauschatten Bathing lake in Krakaudorf: %DWKLQJÂżVKLQJÂżWQHVVWUDLO Etrachsee lake: Fishing, boating Schattensee lake: %DWKLQJÂżVKLQJDQG“WasserscheibenschieĂ&#x;enâ€? - a shooting FRPSHWLWLRQZKHUHWKHDLPLVQRWWRKLWWKHUHDOWDUJHWEXWLWVUHĂ€HFWLRQLQWKHZDWHU The bullet rebounds from the water surface at the correct angle and hits the target. GĂźnster Waterfall: Styria’s highest waterfall (fall height of 65m) Kalvarienberg - Way of the Cross: Wonderful lookout point providing stunning views of the Styrian Krakautal valley Gemstone Garden: For information please call 0043 3535-8239 Oswaldi Church with its panelled ceiling is not to be missed Ulrich’s Church with its gothic winged altar The “steirische Herrgottâ€? (Styrian Lord God) in Fortner Chapel Klausnerberg-Säge: Starting point for numerous hiking tours Local festival “Uriges und Geselligesâ€? (“Rustic and Sociableâ€?) every Tueday at 2pm from mid-July to the beginning of September with a small farmers’ market and a variety of activities (woodwork demonstration) next to Klausnerberg-Säge Oberetrach Nature Trail – the power of nature: Bergtrattl (movement of thoughts), MoorschlĂźssel (creative energy), Alpinum (freedom of thought), nature trail starting point DFWLYHSRZHURIWKH(DUWK 5LHGO:LHVH UHĂ€HFWLRQDQGUHWUHDW  Refuges: GrazerhĂźtte cabin at the foot of Preber mountain, Rudolf-Schober-HĂźtte cabin near Etrachsee lake, EbenhandlhĂźtte cabin in Rantental valley, MĂśslhĂźtte cabin in Prebertal valley.

For further information please visit or call 0043 3535-8606.

Sights St. Mary’s pilgrimage church in SchÜder & parish church in St. Peter/Kbg, Feistritz Castle: Once belonged to Zita von Habsburg, the last Empress of Austria. Today it is used as a college for household management.

SĂślkpaĂ&#x; Alpine crossover (1,790m) between the Murtal and Ennstal valleys Geological Route – geology and beautiful scenery along the ancient Säumerweg path, 24 stops along the path to the SĂślkpaĂ&#x; chapel Brochures are available from the St. Peter-SchĂśder information office.

Sources of life

accessible any time free of charge!

AugustinerbrĂźndl – legendary well that is said to cure eye diseases KretzenbrĂźndl – healing mineral spring Rottenmann natural pond – fishing is possible here GĂźnster Waterfall – Styria’s highest waterfall with a fall height of 65m Water games on SchĂśderberg mountain Garden of Encounters near Feistritz Castle, created by sculptor Hans Leitner – the fountain represents the cycles of water and life. Don’t forget to pick up your “Sommertippsâ€? (tips for the summer) 2012 brochure detailing all the leisure activities and events in the Katschtal area! Reductions with the Murtal GuestCard

St. Peter – SchÜder information office, Tel: 0043 3536-761120, i


excursion destinations

excursion destinations


The Bezirk Murau Judenburg region

OberwölzLachtal… …just like home, only better! True beauty is often only a stone’s throw away – you just have to discover it. Oberwölz, Styria’s smallest town, is the heart of Oberwölz-Lachtal, a musical and hikers’ region. Culture vultures and sports enthusiasts are simply spoilt for choice here. The region offers a wide array of interesting activities – from numerous hiking and cycling paths to a botanic nature trail, and from “Schuhplattln” (a traditional folk dance) to soap making. Boredom just isn’t part of the vocabulary in Oberwölz-Lachtal!

The Murau region

Oberwölz – Styria’s smallest town Until this very day, Oberwölz has been able to preserve its medieval town centre and ranks among the most worthwhile places in Austria to visit. A city wall with three gates, two churches in the city centre, the plague column, the bark mill and many more sights have all been preserved to this day. Guided city tours during the day and at night give an insight into the history of Oberwölz.

Austrian Brass Music Museum & Museum of Local History Oberwölz Numerous instruments, traditional clothes and uniforms worn by brass bands from all over Austria, documentaries and the special exhibition 2012 “Gestern, Heute, Morgen” (“Yesterday, today, tomorrow”) – 150 years of the Steirischer Sängerbund (Styrian singers’ association) are on display. A tour of the Museum of Local History will give you an insight into life and work during days gone by.

Mystic Wölzertal valley Immerse yourself in the mystic past of the region! Along a 3km-loop hiking path there are 10 stations with larger-than-life sculptures, a lumberjack hut reminiscent of ancient times, a children’s playground in the form of a lindworm and many more attractions just waiting to be discovered. An exciting adventure for both young and old!

Oberwölz leisure centre The Oberwölz leisure centre offers sports, games and fun for the whole family. A heated swimming pool complete with a waterslide and a diving board, a beach volleyball court, a giant chess set, four tennis courts, a skating ground, a curling hall and children’s playgrounds are amongst the facilities at your disposal. What’s more, Oberwölz is where all of the Oberwölz Nordic Walking Centre’s Nordic Walking tours set off from.

Eselsberg pasture adventure trail This 1.5km circuit is especially suitable for families and children. At seven different stops along the way you will get to know more about mountain farming, plants and animals in mountain pastures and the production of the famous “Steirerkas” (Styrian cheese). Interesting experiences await you at the Summstein (humming stone) or the Archimedean spiral. Rustic mountain cabins invite you to stay for a drink and a snack.

Six-person chairlift in Lachtal valley Every Tuesday and Sunday in July and August, the six-person chairlift in Lachtal valley takes you up to the starting point for wonderful hiking tours for the whole family at 2,000 metres above sea level. Savour the breathtaking panoramic view and indulge in a traditional snack in one of our comfortable rustic mountain cabins.

Gellsee lake and Lachtal Moor nature trail This nature site is a place which oozes joie de vivre. The Moor nature trail next to Gellsee lake can be accessed via a path made of larch wood slats and has a peat path which is so soft, you’ll feel as if you were walking on air. What’s more, the lake and the “Gellstüberl” inn are a famous and popular Mecca for fishermen and fish specialty lovers alike. E-Mail: Tel.: 0043 3581-8420 10% reduction for all destinations


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Oberwölz-Lachtal, Tourism Association, 8832 Oberwölz, Hauptplatz 15

excursion destinations


The Murau region


The Murtal region

SCHEIFLING The Museum of Local History dates back to 1630 and displays collections of 270 pipes from all over the world. For guided tours please contact Kurt Strohmeier, Tel: 0043 3582-2286 or 0043 664-4957883. The “Hammerherr Freisam”, a symbolic figure from the 15th century, can be marvelled at every year during the Scheifling “Kirta” street festival which is held on the first Sunday in July, whilst the Freisam public swimming pool in Scheifling-Lind offers fun and adventure for the whole family. Free entry

OPENING HOURS: 1st May to 1st October 2012 ADMISSION FEE: Free entry

 Scheifling T. A., Amtsplatz 1 Tel: 0043 3582-23151,

Murtal region The “new” Murtal region beckons visitors with a wide array of diverse and exciting attractions for the whole family! From Keltenberg mountain in Hohentauern, your path will lead you to Pölstal valley where you can try out placer mining in Pusterwald, visit the healing cave in Oberzeiring, and go on to the historical city of Judenburg with its Star Tower and the Puch Museum. How about a guided city tour? In Fohnsdorf you should not miss out on relaxing hours in the Aqualux spa, while the Zirbenland region promises wonderful experiences in nature. The Aichfeld region with its Red Bull Ring in Spielberg is (in)famous for offering unique motor sports activities and events that are second to none. Walking along Europe’s highest tree-top hiking trail is a fascinating experience for the young and old and offers breathtaking views – with the Murtal golf club only 2km away. Extraordinary museums and inventive exhibitions offer a wide variety of activities, for example the Carnival and Customs Museum, the VW Käfer Museum, and various city museums. The Benedictine monastery in Seckau gives interest interesting insights into the “World of the Monks”. Extensive cycling and hiking paths amidst untouched nature and culinary delights in cosy and traditional mountain cabins will also be part and parcel of your holiday here. B the By h way – did you kknow that h some off the h most bbeau beautiful tif legs of the River Mur Cycling Path lead through the Murtal holiday region? It goes without saying that rental shops for bicycles and e-bikes, service stations and recharging points guarantee a carefree cycling experience.


The pure mountain climate, rolling mountain tops, fresh air, appealing and well-signposted cycling and hiking paths, sunny mountain pastures and scenic mountain streams invite our guests to relax, unwind and „recharge their batteries“. Pölstal valley offers comfort, tradition and enjoyment amidst idyllic scenery and invites visitors to explore the many places with untouched nature. Benefit from the diverse range of experiences on offer and enjoy your holiday with a difference. Pölstal is nature at its best - a real Mecca for the old and young alike. Find out about the many advantages of Pölstal we are waiting for you! Pölstal Tourism-Office

Marktplatz 3, 8762 Oberzeiring e-mail: office @poelstal. info phone: +43 (0) 3571/21700

DEMONSTRATION SILVER MINE OBERZEIRING The demonstration mine used to be one of the most important silver mines of the Eastern Alps. Today, easily accessible concrete steps take visitors inside the mountain to discover places where the miners worked in times gone by. Visitors pass wonderful dripstones, crawl galleries, ladder hooks and fire places before finally reaching the exit. As the miners say, “Glück Auf”! 1€ reduction on admission fee

 Oberzeiring, Knappenweg 1 Tel: 0043 3571-2387,


OPENING HOURS: June, July 9.45am, 11am, 1.45pm, 3pm; May, June, Sept. Oct. 11am, 1.45pm, 3pm ADMISSION FEE: Adults 9€, children 4.50€, families 16€ (parents & 1 child), groups 8€ (8 people)

excursion destinations excursion destinations


The Murtal region


The Murtal region




Sports, games and fun – all year round. The sports pool and the indoor and outdoor toddlers‘ areas offer many opportunities to keep fit and have fun. A play stream, a wave machine pool, the water monsters “Nessy” and the “White Shark”, a 70m water slide, jacuzzi jets and water shoots all guarantee great water fun for everyone. 10% reduction on admission fee

OPENING HOURS: All year round Winter (Oct.-April), summer (May-Sept.) ADMISSION FEE: All prices are given on our homepage

 Judenburg, Fichtenhainstraße 3 Tel: 0043 3572-85492,



Numerous exhibits on three floors document the history of the city of Judenburg. The historical significance of Judenburg is shown by a replica of the famous “cult chariot of Strettweg” (Europe’s most important discovery dating from the Hallstatt period). What’s more, a wide range of objects relating to the history of coins and local art are also on display. Free entry

Tel: 0043 3572-85053



The wonderfully equipped spacious sports facilities feature an indoor climbing area of more than 860m2 with a selection of structured climbing routes for various levels of ability (3–10). Tennis enthusiasts are also catered for with six perfectly-kept tennis courts – three indoor and three outdoor. -10% on current prices

OPENING HOURS: Mon-Sun; Tennis hall: 7am–11pm, climbing hall: 9.30am–9.30pm ADMISSION FEE: For current prices please visit our homepage at

 Judenburg, Waltersdorfer Straße 25 Tel: 0043 3572-86950,



OPENING HOURS: Mid-April to the beginning of November ADMISSION FEE: 2

 Judenburg, Kaserngasse 27

Very few towns have kept such strong connections to their historical roots and have maintained such well-preserved memories of their creation as Judenburg. A tour through the historic city centre leading you past ancient houses and buildings will bring Judenburg’s vivid history to life! The tour starts at the 500-year-old City Tower, with a short show in the planetarium. 1€ reduction

 Sternenturm

Judenburg, Tel: 0043 357244088,





Visit our homepage ADMISSION FEE: Adults 9.50€, children 6.5€, senior citizens, students, groups 8.50€

Judenburg Murtaler Platz 1 Tel: 0043 3572-47127

Judenburg Kirchplatz 1 Tel: 0043 3572-44088

called “Pucherl” by fans of the brand, the Haflinger and the Pinzgauer are on display, as are pre-war motorbikes and “military bikes”. Constantly changing exhibits and annual special exhibitions turn every visit into a very special experience. Guided tours for groups are possible outside of opening hours when booked in advance. StyriaCard holders are entitled to one free entry per season.

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1st May to 26th October 2012 ADMISSION FEE: Adults 5€, families (2 adults+2 children) 12€, children 4€,groups 4€ (10 people)

20 reduction on admission fee Th Puch The P h Museum M is located right in the historical city of Judenburg and invites the whole family to get hands-on insights into the milestones of automobile development. Legendary bicycles, motorbikes and cars are vividly presented and remind visitors of the worldwide success of “Puch”, a brand which has considerably contributed to the motorisation of the Austrian population. Special exhibits such as the Puch 500, lovingly

DATES: Every Friday from 13th July to 31st August, 10am ADMISSION FEE: Adults 5.50€, children 3€, Guided tours are possible when booked in advance

1 reduction on admission fee PLANETARIUM PLANETARIUM: spectacular space shows, trips through the universe, truly comprehensive learning and impressive music shows by Pink Floyd – all this awaits you, whatever the weather, in the 500-year-old Start Tower in Judenburg! Europe‘s most modern planetarium takes you on a thrilling trip to the secret universe of planets, stars and galaxies and the depths of the oceans. Cutting-

edge 3D space action that is fun, amazing and broadens your knowledge horizons. Children’s activities suitable for visitors over 4 years old and exciting shows for adults. A presentation of the current sky is always included. And all this in Austria’s highest city tower with its stunning glass lift. Finally, you can enjoy a unique view of the Murtal valley from the 42m-high panoramic café.

excursion destinations


The Murtal region

The Murtal region

From the Zirbitzkogel to Murtal Styrian Zirbenland


MOUNTAIN MUSEUM FOHNSDORF On 1,000m2 of roofed exhibition space and 5,000m2 of open air exhibition ground, visitors step into the interesting, mysterious and very dangerous world of the miners in what once was the deepest brown coal mine on Earth. Witness the pitmen’s tough fight for “black gold” in the 47m shaft tower and the 160m subterranean display gallery. 1 reduction on admission fee

 Fohnsdorf, Schacht 1, Tel: 0043 3575-4647


OPENING HOURS: 1st May - 31st Oct. daily 9am–5pm ADMISSION FEE: Adults 7€, schoolchildren 4€ groups (10 people): Adults 6€, schoolchildren 3€

SECKAU GINGERBREAD We cordially invite you to watch our interesting documentary about the production of “Seckau Gingerbread” (lebkuchen) at our new manufacturing site in Seckau, while indulging in coffee and cake and tasting our gingerbread. Those who opt for coffee and cake can watch the documentary for free! Screening (8-60 people) must be booked in advance. Free entry

A hiker’s paradise in Murtal TradiƟonal cabins all the way to the top of the mountain Granitzenbach nature trail Experience mountain torrents DemonstraƟon mine

DesƟnaƟons Free entry

Amering hiking trail where you can observe nature

 Café-Konditorei Regner, Seckau 39 Tel: 0043 3514-5207,

OPENING HOURS: Wed-Mon 8am-7pm, closed on Tuesdays ADMISSION FEE: Free entry if coffee and cake are ordered


GmbH Co KG

A-8732 Seckau 39 • Tel.: 03514 / 5207

St. Anna am Lavantegg adventure hiking trail “Kunst und Zirbe” exhibiƟon (Art and Swiss stone pine) St. Anna elementary school Sat 11am-5pm and Sun 10am-5pm During the week upon prior booking

Info: 0043 3578-3406

Tel: 0043 664-1512921 28

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; B ? H  F v D 8@;L hDL555 D;C H Seckau S k gingerbread i b d – Visit Vi iit the th World W ld ld Champion of pastry cooks!

excursion destinations


The Murtal region

The Murtal region


AQUALUX SPA FOHNSDORF  OPENING HOURS: All year round ADMISSION FEE: Please visit our homepage for information about our current prices. Fohnsdorf Thermenallee 10 Tel: 0043 3573-20780

Discover Fohnsdorf Fohnsdorf, located in the northern part of the Aichfeld area, is known as the sunny community of the region. Our destinations don’t only invite hikers to enjoy wonderful walking paths, but also beckon cyclists and mountain bikers to have a go at challenging tours or quiet paths leading through picturesque forests. But that’s not nearly all. The region boasts far more activities and attractions, including the mountain museum with its subterranean display gallery in what once was the deepest brown coal mine on Earth, the Fohnsdorf Aqualux Spa, various inns and cabins where you can indulge in culinary delights, cultural highlights, the “Arena am Waldfeld” shopping mall which promises an extraordinary shopping experience, or the driving technique centre with its new, cuttingedge 100,000m2 premises where you can hone your driving style. Fohnsdorf is characterised by a juxtaposition of mining tradition and modern day life. Over recent years, this destination has become a true gem. In Fohnsdorf, visitors are friends (or “Kumpel”, as the miners say), not strangers!

10% reduction on 4-hour day ticket A RELAXING CHA CHANGE OF PACE AND MIND IN THE “SPA OF LIGHT” Extraordinary and refreshingly different in terms of the architecture, atmosphere and treatments available. The AQUALUX day spa was opened in 2007 and has since revived and revitalised all five senses of our visitors – for the long term. Located at the outskirts of Fohnsdorf and only 5km from Judenburg, the spa invites guests to a refreshing (and barrier-free) change of

S PA E N J O YM E NT In Upper Murtal

r warm indoo Comforting ls oo p l a m er r th and outdoo cious a sp –36° C), (approx. 34 à la n a d n lities a sauna faci ur yo ke a m t uran ay carte resta w a just melt everyday life … nds within seco

Therme Fohnsdorf Errichtungs- und Betriebs GmbH Thermenallee 10 ‡ A-8753 Fohnsdorf orf Tel.: +43 (0) 3573 / 207 80 Fax: +43 (0) 3573 / 207 80-4 E-Mail:

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dive in

Relax and

Information & contact: Fohnsdorf Tourism Association Hauptplatz 9, 8753 Fohnsdorf Tel: +43 3573 5231 E-Mail: Home:


pace and mind in its five AQUALUX areas. Everything’s about fun & action, wellness, relaxation and inner balance. We promise our guests pure relaxation and are true to our motto “… this is where we’ll make you feel good!” – either when indulging in culinary delights in one of our two restaurants, or when our very friendly staff pampers you. What’s more, we offer attractive packages for the whole family and the region boasts a wide array of destinations and accommodation nearby.




excursion destinations


The Murtal region

The Murtal region



GEMSTONES KRAMPL WEISSKIRCHEN  OPENING HOURS: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-noon July&August Sun 9am-noon ADMISSION FEE: Adults 7€ Children 5€ Weisskirchen Bahnhofstraße 7 Tel: 0043 3577-81111


‡––‘‰”‹’•™‹–Š–Š‡’”‘†—…–‹‘‘ˆ ’”‡…‹‘—•’‹‡…‡•‘ˆŒ‡™‡ŽŽ‡”›—•‹‰–›”‹ƒ ‹‡”ƒŽ•ƒ†‰‡•–‘‡•Ǥ Magnesite (Preg - Upper Styria)

Thanks to its high magnesium content it has relaxing effects on muscles. Useful for diets, cleans the kidneys and is very helpful for people who want to lose weight.

2€ reduction on admission fee G to grips Get i with i h the process of turning a Styrian stone into a beautiful piece of jewellery. We organise soapstone sculpting activities for our younger visitors. Yet another highlight of our company is the world’s largest gemstone well which weighs more than 6 tonnes and which shows visitors the unique interaction of water with gemstones. Visit the first stone zoo in Europe where you can marvel at more than 1,000 different animals sculpt-


ed in stone from 1cm to 60cm in size. Coach groups can enjoy a guided tour through the grinding shop if they book in advance. We also invite you to visit the Romanian mineral exhibition “Glitter World of Crystals”, displaying 150 different miners’ lamps and much, much more. Visitors who purchase goods worth 20€ or over will be reimbursed the admission fee. Every visitor gets a free lucky stone as a souvenir.


Maria Bucher Marble

April - November ADMISSION FEE: Guided tours for groups of 10 or more Adults 3€ Schoolchildren 2€

(Place of pilgrimage – Upper Styria)

Is part of the calcite group of stones. Its high calcium content makes it beneficial for our locomotor system, bones and muscles.

Burgverein Eppenstein Hintersiedling 13 8741 Eppenstein Tel: 0043 3577-82118 or Tel: 0043 664-5239661

Free admission without guided tour

zial Spe tions ibi exh rt e pa y Tak tivit c ur a in o e mm gra pro 32

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E Eppenstein i C Castle ruins can be seen from afar – the castle was mentioned for the first time in documents in 1160 and is located on a steep cliff above the village of Eppenstein. Both the ruins and the village owe their name to the Eppenstein family, a noble family that has played a significant role in Styria’s history. Thanks to the foundation of the castle association and the subsequent renovation measures, we were able to re-open the castle to visi-

tors. Today it is a wonderful hiker’s destination in the middle of the Zirbenland region and offers a stunning view across the Murtal valley. After your hike you can have a drink and a meal in the Eppensteinerhof inn or the Mostschenke tavern. Castle guides are available for free at the Eppenstein town hall. For detailed information and guided tours please contact Josef Diethardt, chairman of the castle association, on 0043 3577-82118.

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The Murtal region


The Murtal region



BENEDICTINE MONASTERY SECKAU Every year from May to October, the Seckau Benedictine Monastery offers guided tours through its monastery. This very diverse tour takes about an hour and includes the following aspects: History and mission of the monastery (exhibition), ecclesial art now and then (Habsburg mausoleum and Boeckl chapel in the basilica).

 OPENING HOURS: Depends on the season and events being held ADMISSION FEE: Depends on the event Please visit our website Spielberg Red Bull Ring Straße 1 Tel: 0043 3577-2020

Reduced fee (see groups)

OPENING HOURS: Guided tour “World of the Monks” from 1st May daily at 11am and 2pm ADMISSION FEE: 5€ per pers. Groups: 4.50€

 Seckau 1, Tel: 0043 4514-52340

16th June 2012: 2€ reduction on a 10-minute go-kart ride A modern d racing i track nestled in beautiful scenery: Great motorsports events, such as the DTM, visit the Red Bull Ring. But not only pros can enjoy the facilities; amateurs can have a go at the track and the Driving Center too using one of the impressive range of sports cars and racing cars. It goes without saying that they will be supervised by professional instructors while enjoying the ride and improving their driving skills. In addition


you can find out how strong SUVs really are on the 4WD Test Track. Rallye fans can finally see what the Offroad Car Track really has to offer, and if racing fun is for you, the Go-Kart Track will be the right choice. Biking fans will also get their fill here: On the Red Bull Ring, the Driving Center or the Offroad Bike Track – we have something for everyone! Listen up: In 2012 the Red Bull Ring will also host great musical events!



ALPINE PARK STEINMÜHLE GAAL Rise to new challenges and experience your very own personal adventure. Our high ropes course, nestled between rocks and pure nature, offers abseiling actives, a pamper pole, chimes, a flying fox and much more. The Alpine Park is also ideal for climbing and via ferrata training, with all the necessary equipment available on site. 10 reduction for families

 Knittelfeld, Billrothstraße 8 Tel: 0043 664-4431251,


VW KÄFER MUSEUM GAAL The museum showcases this cultic car in all its glory – with wonderful exhibits presenting the road from birth to re-birth of a legend. The museum has collected exhibits with great commitment and a love for detail. 30 exhibits are currently on display, including many rarities.

 OPENING HOURS: All year round, 9am-10pm ADMISSION FEE: Please visit our website for detailed information Zeltweg Bundesstraße 16 Tel: 0043 3577-24855

OPENING HOURS: Please visit our homepage for opening times ADMISSION FEE: Price depends on the number of participants and duration

1reduction on admission fee for adults

 Ingering II, Tel: 0043 3513-8822

OPENING HOURS: 1st May – 31st October Sat, Sun & bank holidays: 10am–5pm ADMISSION FEE: Adults 5€ Children 3€

2€ reduction on any drink you buy in the sports café in the Zeltweg hall Th ZZeltweg The l sports centre is located centrally in the Aichfeld area and offers – not least because of its 126,600m2 facility – a wide array of leisure and sports activities for all ages. More than 20 different winter and summer sports can be played in this attractive centre. The sports halls, the extensive outdoor area and the large parking space turn the Zeltweg sports centre into a great venue for events and fairs.


UNWIND AND RECHARGE YOUR BATTERIES! The newly designed Zeltweg hall features 2 tennis and squash courts, a sports café and a wellness area with 2 tanning beds, steam and Finnish saunas, a herbal sanarium, an infrared cabin and adventure showers – the right place for you to relax and unwind.

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INGERINGSEE LAKE GAAL “Inhale nature and just relax” – escape your hectic daily life and while away the hours at this mountain lake which is picturesquely situated at an altitude of approximately 1,200m. Enjoy the wonderful view of the surrounding mountains which are reflected on the water surface. Accessible by coach. The lake is a 5-minute walk from the car park. Free entry

 Gaal, Bischoffeld 25 Tel. 0043 3513-8820,

OPENING HOURS: Spring, summer, autumn ADMISSION FEE: Free entry

excursion destinations


The Murtal region


The Murtal region




A nicely designed herb trail made up of 14 boxes with 70 different herbs and herbal remedies awaits you. Once you have finished the herbal tour, why not take a Kneipp bath in a small mountain stream – a truly refreshing experience. You can either explore the trail on your own or take part in one of the guided tours which can be booked any time in advance. Free entry

 Gaal, Gaalgraben 15 Tel: 0043 3512-282


OPENING HOURS: Beginning of June – beginning of October ADMISSION FEE: Voluntary donation


Sports pool, children’s pool, babies’ pool and slide for toddlers. All pools are heated using solar energy panels, thus guaranteeing pleasant water temperatures. Outdoor area: Large football pitch, beach volleyball court, basketball basket, children’s playground. Indoor swimming pool: Sports pool, 1 children’s pool, perfectly suitable for swimming competitions, 56m-long giant water slide. 10% reduction on admission fee

 Knittelfeld, Parkstraße 63 Tel: 0043 3512-82319



700m of model railway tracks and 5 stations are presented in an exhibition area of some 160m². Original demonstration of how a railway works. A narrow gauge railway has also been integrated into the facility. 220 track switches, 280 signals and 500 sections where it is indicated whether the railway track is free or occupied are controlled and monitored. 10% reduction on admission fee

OPENING HOURS: Information on opening times can be obtained online ADMISSION FEE: Adults 5€, free entry for children if accompanied by an adult, child. (6-16 years) 3€

 Knittelfeld, Bahnhofplatz 8, Tel: 0043 3512-75168



In the wonderful Knittelfeld city park you will find Styria’s only mini golf tournament course! The course consists of 18 concrete runs, each of which is 12m long and 1.25m wide. Numerous benches are available for you to sit down on and relax. Mini golf: Leisure fun for the whole family. 10% reduction on admission fee

 Knittelfeld, Stadtpark Tel: 0043 676-4270930


10% reduction on admission fee

OPENING HOURS: 1st April - 31st October, Tues-Sun: 9am-5pm ADMISSION FEE: Adults 7€, children 3.50€, senior citizens 3€, groups 5€, guided tour per pers. 1.50€

Tel: 0676-5440795,



Cycling and mountain biking: The River Mur Cycle Path and many other possibilities to enjoy freedom on two wheels; Hiking: There are so many trails, you can virtually hike for days on end; Bathing: Kraubath bathing lake & green lagoon in St. Lorenzen; Horse riding: All you need for happiness is a good horse – and there are plenty of them in the region; Tennis: Every day a match on a different court – you can do it!; Mountain cabins: A true Mecca for those in search of peace and quiet; Tree top hiking: Enjoy walking along the highest path way above the tree tops. 10% auf den Eintrittspreis

 Rachau, Mitterbach, Tel/Fax: 0043 3512-44599


15% reduction on admission fee


OPENING HOURS: Tues and Wed 8am-11am ADMISSION FEE: Adults 3€, children younger than 15 1€

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Approx. 3,500 exhibits are presented, including 2,000 carnival medals from all over the world, carnival costumes belonging to guards, committee members, princes and ducal couples, as well as dance costumes from Rio de Janeiro, traditional costumes, hand-carved wooden masks, witch costumes and much more. Extended visiting times are possible upon request.

 Knittelfeld, Hauptplatz 12, Tel: 03512-864640

OPENING HOURS: April-October ADMISSION FEE: Adults 2.70, children 1.70 Groups: Adults 2.20, children 1.20


Special features of the museum: Driving simulator, railway history, collection of uniforms and rapiers, saloon carriage compartment dating from the turn of the century, track system and track system tools, different types of rails, tools, clock cupboard, railway emblems, miniature railway, railway control centre, 1,300 railway caps (entry in the Guinness Book of Records), special “Briefmarke fährt Bahn” (stamps go by train) exhibition.

 Knittelfeld, Ainbachallee 14a

OPENING HOURS: May-Sept, winter: Oct-April, Tues-Sun 2pm-8pm, holidays: Tues-Sun 9am-8pm ADMISSION FEE: Ad. 4.60€, schoolchild. 2.40€

Europe’s highest tree top hiking trail offers a spectacular view of Gleinalm mountain, the Seckau Alps and of many surrounding hills, meadows, forests and steeples. The loop path is 2.7km long. The highlight of the tour is the tree top hiking trail – a massive larch construction towering 20 metres above the forest ground including steps, 28 towers, footbridges and four platforms. 10% reduction on admission fee

 Rachau,

Mitterbach 25, Tel: 0043 351244599,

OPENING HOURS: 27th April – end of Oct, daily 9am-6pm ADMISSION FEE: Adults 9€, children 6€ Groups 7€, schoolchildren 5€

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summer toboggning run


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excursion destinations


Europe’s cutting-edge planetarium located in Austria’s highest city tower


THE ULTIMATE DESTINATION IN MURTAL • Spectacular 3D space shows • A lift with a glass floor taking you up towards the sky • Austria’s highest city tower • Panoramic café at 42m

Information & reservation:

Tel. 0043 3572-44088,

The whole range of Puch four-wheel vehicles & history of Puch motorcycles.

Murtalerplatz 1, A-8750 Judenburg


Fun-packed holidays from the majestic mountain tops above to the heart of the valleys below! Save money with the more worth while . holida y...

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