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IN FULL BLOOM Summer 2013 in Vorarlberg

Life is tranquility in motion. It flowers in the meadows and sparkles in the brooks. It is there for us to discover if we sharpen our senses.

Start the day in serenity

An axis of tranquility, a destination rich in culture, a region to enjoy. Vorarlberg is all of this! You, too, can experience the many aspects that make life in this corner of the world so worthwhile. Tom and Lisa, Benni and Nici, Urs and Janine, Maria and Alexandra have felt it. In this brochure, we’ll tell you about the most beautiful moments of their holidays. Follow in their footsteps! We look forward to your visit! Yours sincerely,

Christian SchĂźtzinger Managing Director of the Vorarlberg State Tourist Board


«Up the mountain we go in the early morning light…» Tom and Lisa set off early for a morning hike in the Montafon. NEW FRONTIERS – page 6

«The huskies were soooo sweet!» Nici and Benni enjoy adventures with animals in the Brandnertal valley – a holiday paradise for families. FAMILY SPIRIT – page 10

«Here, the transition from nature to culture is wonderfully smooth.» Urs and Janine enjoy their relaxing weekend in the region between the Bregenzerwald and Lake Constance. FREE SPACES – page 14

«The diversity of nature is good for the soul!» The mountain guide Daniela knows how to bring body and soul into sync in the Kleinwalsertal region. FINDING Tranquility – page 22

«And the landscape: a feast for the eye!» Maria and Alexandra find relaxation and enjoy culinary specialities on the Arlberg mountain. PURE ENJOYMENT – page 24


A morning hike in the Montafon offers many new discoveries – for all the senses!

Exploring the moun “Work before pleasure”: Tom and Lisa, two young people

trail begins. The first few steps are hard to manage. But

in their mid-thirties, have probably heard this a hundred

very soon they feel their spirits rising. All around them,

times from well-meaning, elderly relatives. And it seems

nature is awakening – and energy begins coursing through

as though there must be some truth in the old saying

their veins.

even here, in the Montafon. Before they can enjoy a hearty


mountain breakfast, they have a two-hour hike ahead of

Passing brightly coloured erica, lingonberry shrubs and

them. And the hike begins with a steep climb, too – at seven

blueberry bushes along the way, they soon reach the

o’clock in the morning, no less! But Elmar, their mountain

Gantekopf summit. Then it’s only another half-hour to

guide, knows from experience that his charges will soon

their destination, the Nova Stoba mountain inn. The early

forget their initial scepticism. The Garfrescha chairlift

morning fog has lifted now, and they can see the peaks of

takes them up the first 600 metres in comfort; then the

the Verwall Alps. The clear view seems to open up a broad


mountains together vista in their thoughts as well. “This is obviously a very

bed and breakfast where they are staying belongs to the

different kind of early morning exercise,” says Lisa with a

Aktivclub Montafon, which offers the guests of its member

smile. There’s no doubt about it: This morning has turned

hotels a programme of daily alternating activities. “The Sil-

out to be the highlight of their mountain holiday so far.

vretta Bike Safari on Saturday is definitely for me,” Tom has decided, and he’s already noted the date in his calendar.

They have already tried out a number of interesting new things: They started off with a short hike on their own.

By the way: When Tom and Lisa return home, they’re going

Next, they gave mountain climbing a try, spending a day

to give their relatives their new interpretation of the afo-

on a via ferrata with a mountain guide. Then there was the

rementioned saying. In view of their glorious experience in

electric bike tour that was followed by a round of archery.

the mountains, it should, of course, actually be: “Pleasure

The latter was even free of charge, because the family-run

before pleasure!”


Vorarlberg offers a variety of hiking trails, ranging in difficult from demanding hikes for the athletically inclined to easy walks for families with children – all of them perfectly signposted and an ideal way to rejuvenate body and spirit.



Hiking Pleasure Nenzinger Himmel

Wiegensee Lake and Silvretta Reservoir

Nenzing – Hikers’ bus to Nenzinger Himmel (1,370 m) –

Partenen – Ascent to drop-off point (1,550 m) with the Tafa-

Setsch Alp – Hirschsee – Panüla Alp (1,785 m) – Nenzinger

muntbahn cable car – Wiegensee (1,940 m) – Verbella Alp

Himmel – hikers’ bus back to Nenzing

(1,938 m) – Zeinisjochhaus (1,842 m) – Kopssee (reservoir)

Difference in altitude:

664 m,

645 m

Time: 3¼ hours, degree of difficulty: medium

– return to Partenen by bus via Silvretta-Hochalpenstrasse Difference in altitude:


306 m

Time: 4½ hours, degree of difficulty: medium Zürsersee Lake Lech – Hikers’ bus to Zürs (1,717 m) – Zürsersee (2,160 m) – Difference in altitude:

Lünersee Lake in the Rätikon Brand-Schattenlagant – Ascent with the Lünerseebahn cable

Mahdloch Alp – Lech 510 m,

782 m

Time: 1¼ hours, degree of difficulty: medium

car to the mountain station / Douglasshütte lodge (1,979 m) – loop trail around Lünersee lake – descent to Brand Difference in altitude:

ab 328m

Time: 2 hours, degree of difficulty: easy Kanisfluh Mellau – Ascent to the Rossstelle mountain station (1,395 m) by cable car – Kanis Alp – Holenke (2,044 m) – Wurzach Alp – Kanis Alp – Rossstelle – descent to Mellau Difference in altitude:

700 m

Time: 3½ hours, degree of difficulty: medium

Gemsteltal Mittelberg-Bödmen – Gemstelboden (1,156 m) – Loop trail from Gemsteltal to Hintere Gemstel Alp (1,320 m) Difference in altitude:

195 m

Time: 2 hours, degree of difficulty: easy

These and other tours are featured as interactive tour tips at

Interactive Map and Vorarlberg App Try new trails! Our interactive map with approx. 400 tips for hikers and 90 tips for bicycle and mountain bike aficionados will serve as a trusty companion. You can print out and download useful information about all the included routes: maps, route descriptions, altitude profiles and data for GPS devices. Photographs and videos give you a foretaste of what awaits you. In addition, you will find information about lifts and cable cars, where to stop for a rest and refreshment, the location of bus stops and train stations, points of interest, museums, golf courses and camping grounds, recreational facilities, resting places, etc. All information can be used while on route with the free Vorarlberg app for iPhone, iPad und Android. Further links at (German only)


Vorarlberg Family Club Relaxation for parents and adventure for the kids – or vice versa! The resorts and facilities of the “Vorarlberg Family Club� are specially adapted to meet the needs of families: with suitable facilities, practical services and tailor-made, supervised activities for children. Further information and practical hints at



Hello Huskies! “I love dogs,” says Nici and throws her arms around the female husky Lahja. She met her this morning for the first time. Even her parents were surprised at how fast the dog, one of Husky Toni’s lively pack, became a trusting playmate for their daughter – and at how much fun they’ve had together. Nici’s brother Benni is fascinated, too – you can see it in his face. “Gus obeys every word!” he says, eyes shining. A chance to play with animals: that’s what Nici and Benni had hoped to have today. But what they actually got was far more than that: a ‘trapper day’ at Lünersee lake in Brandnertal valley, the biggest mountain lake in Vorarlberg! And it was an exciting moment when Husky Toni suddenly appeared with his fourlegged companions. Anton Kuttner – that’s Husky Toni’s real name – knows how to spark enthusiasm in his young visitors: Each child, accompanied by Mum or Dad, is given a husky to work with, and they playfully learn how to give the most important commands. Then off they go – two at a time, with Lahja and Gus on harnesses. It’s not tiring at all!” The huskies adjust their tempo to yours,” Husky Toni explains to the amazed children. Snack time. The little group takes a rest near the lake. The view is impressive: turquoise water, surrounded by the Rätikon mountain range. A moment of contemplation for Mum and Dad. But not for long, because Nici and Benni are soon ready to go on. Hiking with huskies is so exciting! The whole family agrees that this day trip has been a complete success. What will it be like tomorrow, when they explore the animal adventure trail in Brand? (It has goats, horses and rabbits.) Or the day after tomorrow, in bear land on Sonnenkopf mountain in the Klostertal? There is so much to discover and experience in this family paradise. But first they have to take some photos to remember the day by: of the lake and the mountains – and one of the children with the huskies, of course.

The Lünerseebahn cable car takes you in comfort from Brand to the hiking area around lake Lünersee – at an altitude of almost 2,000 metres above sea level.





HARMONIOUS STRUCTURES It’s amazing. Wherever you look, be it in a town or a village, you see eye-catching buildings and townscapes. New and old are juxtaposed in exciting contrasts, and the combinations are surprisingly harmonious. Many of the buildings are constructed of wood; timber grows in abundance in Vorarlberg’s forests and has been a favourite building material here for centuries. The structures that Vorarlberg’s architects build today look modern, but by no means follow any particular trends. Rather, they reflect the architects’ knowledge of building traditions and their ingrained concept of building the right structures for the respective sites. This way of thinking, and the cooperation of far-sighted principals and building authorities, result in buildings whose harmonious forms and fine workmanship excite general admiration. The clear lines, the wood, and the generous windows ensure that each structure harmonises with its surroundings. A characteristic feature of this architecture, and a part of Vorarlberg’s building tradition, is the sparing use of resources. Intelligent energy concepts – including passive houses and energy-plus buildings – are a matter of course. It is a challenging task to build wooden structures that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also ecologically sustainable and energy-efficient. Vorarlberg’s architects have perfected this art. The most recent example is the world’s first modular timber hybrid high-rise, located in Dornbirn. More information at



Vorarlberg timber architecture features straight lines and comfortable living spaces


A spectacular backdrop: sunset on Lake Constance.

BASKING IN BEAUTY “I want surprises.” That was the only

not to neglect his own little hobby: The

friends next year,” Janine tells herself.

specification Janine gave her husband

next 18-hole golf course is located bet-

To her delight, while walking through

Urs when it came time to plan their

ween Riezlern and Sulzberg. It doesn’t

the village she discovers a little shop

holidays. And that’s why the Swiss

do to get out of practice, after all!

that specialises in the sale of cheeses

couple are now in the Bregenzerwald.

and other choice products from the

Here, nature and culture are uniquely

Janine and Urs want to spend most of

region. For Janine, these are the best

entwined: music, architecture and the

their time together, however, enjoying

souvenirs she could wish for!

culinary arts seem to have made a de-

the many beauties of the area between

lightful pact with the serene, flowering

the Bregenzerwald and Lake Cons-

Not thirty minutes away is Bregenz, the


tance. At the suggestion of their hote-

province capital of Vorarlberg. Urs and

lier, they explore Hittisau by following

Janine are flabbergasted when they

“Let me give you a hug!” is Janine’s

the Timber Culture Trail, a guided walk

find themselves standing in front of the

first reaction, when they arrive at the

through the village that takes them

new “vorarlberg museum”, another

hotel in Hittisau. “It is absolutely

past traditional and modern buildings,

cultural highlight – in addition to

gorgeous here.” Urs has done every-

over old bridges and to several wood-

Kunsthaus Bregenz and the Landes-

thing right. He found the perfect

processing facilities. Back at the hotel,

theater – directly on Lake Constance.

combination of relaxation and cultured

an excellent dinner awaits them in the

A stone’s throw from there, on the

entertainment – ideal for an extended

traditional wood-panelled dining room.

floating stage of the Bregenz Festival,

weekend. And of course, he was careful

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Magic Urs spends the next morning golfing,

Flute is being performed: a musical ex-

while Janine enjoys an excursion to

perience staged against a glorious na-

Schwarzenberg. Here, the Angelika

tural backdrop. It goes without saying

Kauffmann Museum and the baroque

that Urs has tickets for this evening’s

church attest to the great cultural

performance – another perfect surpri-

heritage of the region. In fact, the

se for Janine.

Schwarzenberg Schubertiade is the most famous Schubert festival in the world. “This is a must for me and my



Bregenzerwald: A travel destination for nature lovers and culture aficionados. The small villages have many a surprise to offer...

GOLFING PLEASURE Whether down in the Rhine valley or up in a mountain village: the fascinating alpine scenery is always a feast for the eye. The distances between golf courses are conveniently short, so it is possible to play on several totally different courses within a span of a few days. Vorarlberg has four 18-hole golf courses (Bludenz-Braz, Brand, Bregenzerwald/Riefensberg and Rankweil) and two 9-hole courses (Partenen and Schruns-Tschagguns). Guests staying at one of the golf partner hotels receive a voucher for a 20 per cent discount on the green fee at all six golf courses. The golf hotels offer enjoyable arrangements for your golfing pleasure in cooperation with the golf clubs.

... such as the fire station in Hittisau, which also houses the Women’s Museum and spotlights women’s art.


GENUINE HANDICRAFT Furniture that makes you want to reach out and touch it. How fine the wood feels, and the leather and the loden! First-class workmanship. Dovetail joints connect the side pieces with the tabletop. The chest of drawers is self-assuredly unembellished, with no handles or knobs: a slight pressure, and the drawers open. Clear forms, high-quality craftsmanship and good – as well as original – ideas characterise Vorarlberg’s modern handcrafted products. Cabinet makers, coopers, upholsterers, shoemakers and fashion designers all base their techniques upon well-founded knowledge of the past. With new skills and a highlydeveloped sense of form and style, they produce creations whose value is timeless. About 100 innovative craftspeople, comprising the Werkraum Bregenzerwald, have been pioneers of this development. Many of their objects can be admired in the new Werkraum Haus in Andelsbuch, which is being opened in the early summer of 2013: The internationally renowned Swiss architect Peter Zumthor has designed a ‘showcase for handicraft’ right in the centre of the village. More and more hotels are cooperating closely with local craftspeople. Chairs, tables, beds, lamps and textiles made by imaginative woodworking and textile artisans offer palpable – in the truest sense of the word – testimony to the regional culture and lifestyle.



Traditional workmanship and materials produce modern handcrafted furniture with soul.


The new “vorarlberg museum” with its artistically designed facade

What does Vorarlberg sound like? Cultural life in Vorarlberg is many-faceted and dynamic. This impression is also confirmed by the provincial museum, which is reopening in 2013 under the new name “vorarlberg museum”. It offers travellers a wide variety of highly appealing ways to approach the cultural history of the province, which, according to the museum’s director Andreas Rudigier, links tradition and progress to an unparalleled extent. The museum is another striking eye-catcher directly on Lake Constance, alongside the historic post office building, the city’s art museum Kunsthaus Bregenz and the Vorarlberg Landestheater. Incidentally, the graphic concept of the museum was developed by the Vorarlberg-born designer Stefan Sagmeister, who lives and works in New York.

? Herr Rudigier, what can visitors to the new museum look forward to? ! The museum presents collections from important fields,

tend to be typical. The results will be presented, in audio form, both at the vorarlberg museum in Bregenz and at certain other places in Vorarlberg.

such as the archaeology of Bregenz under the Romans. However, it also addresses topics that have been predominant in the recent history of the province. These include, for example, the products of the Lustenau textile industry, which have been exported to Africa for deca-

? There are numerous cultural treasures worth visiting in Vorarlberg. Which ones would you especially recommend? ! That depends on one’s preferences. People who are

des and are a determining factor of the richly coloured

interested in art history and who like to look farther back

clothing there. A special exhibition calls attention to this

into the past will enjoy the churches in the Walgau bet-

part of Vorarlberg’s cultural history.

ween Feldkirch and Bludenz – especially the late medieval St. Martin church in Ludesch. For those who love the

? What tip can you give to culture-lovers who also enjoy being on the move? ! With the object of “taking a closer look” at the province,


Baroque, I would recommend a trip to Bartholomäberg in the Montafon, where one of the most beautiful village churches is located on one of the oldest village squares

one of the things the museum will focus on in 2013 und

in Vorarlberg. And when it comes to modern architec-

2014 is the question of “what Vorarlberg sounds like”, in

ture, there is plenty to see in the Bregenzerwald – and, in

other words, which sounds – musical and otherwise –

fact, throughout the entire province.


Culture Tips The new “vorarlberg museum” is opening its doors in June

This year, the annual Bregenz Festival is presenting the

2013. Here, visitors will encounter the history, art and cul-

Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on the floating

ture of Vorarlberg in the form of original exhibits from the

stage on Lake Constance in July and August. In addition, the

past and the present.

festival’s series Kunst aus der Zeit (Art Of Our Times) will present exciting contemporary works.

The poolbar festival, on the premises of the former indoor swimming pool in Feldkirch, stands for extraordinary

Every year, the Schubertiade draws lied and chamber

programmatic diversity. In the poolbar context, even art

music fans from all over the world to Schwarzenberg and

gets pulled out of its niches to become part of a pop culture

Hohenems with its high-calibre programme. Other events,


such as the Alpinale short-film festival and the berge.hören (Hearing the Mountains) hikes, guided hikes with musicians

In its major summer exhibition, Kunsthaus Bregenz is

that combine culture and the enjoyment of nature, attest to

presenting a retrospective of the internationally acclaimed

the artistic and cultural diversity of the rural region.

Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco. His drawings, photographs, sculptures, installations and paintings will be shown from 13

More events in the info part and at

July through 6 October 2013.


THE PATH TO YOUR INNER SELF “A mere 17km long, but immensely varied!“ This is how Daniela Schwendinger, a hiking guide, describes the Kleinwalsertal. Once she starts telling her stories, a genuine microcosm opens for visitors of Vorarlberg. “The main valley starts at the northern rim of the Alps, at Walserschanz; like a fan, it is lined by half a dozen of side valleys and 36 peaks. Here visitors looking for recreation can sharpen their senses for beauty, recreation, and tranquility.“ Daniela is at home in the Kleinwalsertal. Her parents and grand parents were also born here. And this is why she can draw a rich knowledge about the region which she loves to share with visitors. “Geologically, this is an area which formed during the Trias, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. This favours the natural biodiversity of alpine flowers and herbs and makes for diverse hiking.“ Hikers happen to come across the history of the Walser people who settled in the valley more than 700 years ago at every turn: “Stone walls which demarcate land boundaries, ancient alpine farmsteads, Walser houses, field names, passes, old legends and the language all attest to the presence of the Walser to this day and age. Even an exercise and vitality programme bears their name: the Walser Omgang.“ As the world’s first Lebensfeuer® region, the Kleinwalsertal has created a programme of activities that are closely tailored to the visitor’s highly individual life settings. “The different routes offer a well-dosed measure of activity for each and every one“, explains Daniela Schwendinger. “Here, hikers can see a variety of different landscapes and gather distinct sensory impressions. They experience intense perceptions such as attentive walking, watching, listening, smelling and feeling, and can focus on themselves. All this makes for well-balanced recreation.“ It is neither the mileage covered that matters, nor the number of summits conquered, but the experience that hiking can rebalance one‘s inner self – that should be the take-home from the holidays!


Snugly embedded in a small valley, and expertly guided by Daniela

Being at one with oneself and with

Schwendinger, the journey is the reward here in the Kleinwalsertal,

Nature – on the ‘Walser Omgang‘

more than anywhere else.

in the Kleinwalsertal.


FEEL YOUR INNER POWER Indulge. Re-energize. Enjoy the pampering programmes your hosts in Vorarlberg have crafted for you. They are experts when it comes to spoiling and looking after their guests, offering soothing mud baths, slim & beautiful programmes, beauty treatments, activity programmes in the great outdoors, as well as fasting regimes. Since time immemorial, people have ascribed stimulating powers to bracing country air, not to mention the invigorating effect of fresh spring water on the skin. A healthy diet, Kneipp treatments and medicinal herbs from the garden boost will your well-being without any side-effects whatsoever! Often, the sublime view of meadows, mountains and clouds alone works small wonders, especially when enjoyed from a lounger in a wellness oasis. The clear lines of Vorarlberg feel-well architecture equally contribute to pure relaxation, with modern, minimalist, light and pleasant spaces. Nothing to disturb the peace. Here you can unwind and wake up feeling a new person.


HIKING A LA CARTE Maria and Alexandra would have never dreamt of seeing

the famous gypsom holes, a signboard tells them. Alexan-

the ocean in the very heart of the Alps. Both in the prime

dra has a passion for flowers, she immediately spotted the

of their lives, still enjoying work, with children having left

unusual wealth of orchid species. As she marvels at the lush

their nests, the two friends of many years have set off for

vegetation, Maria wants to find out more about this doline

Lech am Arlberg for a couple of days. “Taking time out

landscape. With surprise she learns that she is just gazing

and breaking with daily routines“, is how Maria described

at the very bed of an ocean, admittedly one that is more than

their outing in a nutshell. Add a hotel that perfectly suits

200 million years old.

the purpose, unpretentious, but ultra-comfortable. Today, on the very first day of their stay, they are all set to explore

Soon they reach Kriegeralpe, at 2,000 metres above sea lev-

the magnificent surroundings, in walking boots, that goes

el the highest point of their tour. And the jumbled pancakes

without saying.

which the locals call Kaiserschmarren absolutely live up to their reputation, the two ladies concur. Leaving the hut, they

Rising in the small hours of the morning for a whole day

take in the tranquil serenity, interrupted only by the occasio-

of mountain touring, with crampons and heavy luggage

nal chit-chat of groundhogs. The trail takes them across the

to boot, is not really theirs. They do, however, fancy easy

Zugertobel ravine to the Lech brook. Following the riverside

walking with fine views. The free bus takes them to the Schloessle stop in Oberlech, the starting point of their two-hour tour. Soon they stand eye to eye with


they return to the village centre, letting the hiking bus leave without them. Pleasant anticipation has already set in at the thought of tonight‘s exquisite dinner menu, but first they will give into some serious pampering at the hotel spa.


The “Lecher Chluppa“ stone wall is part of the Green Ring hiking route. The stones bear the names of the citizens of Lech – for every newborn baby a new stone is added.


Acorn flour soufflÊ with pear compote prepared by Gabi Strahammer. The chef of ’s Schulhus restaurant loves surprising her guests with near forgotten ingredients and recipes. Naturally, she collects the acorns, as well as many herbs, berries and mushrooms, herself in the surrounding meadows and woodlands, as well as in the Krumbach moors.




Time and space for good taste ‘Use don‘t waste‘ runs the motto of a consumer culture which wants to promote a considerate, conscious and sustainable use of resources. As of late 2013, this global trend will feature as the overarching motif of Gustav, the international

What does Vorarlberg taste like? Always different, depending on the season. When

fair for consumer culture in

buying their ingredients, the chefs can pick and choose from a real cornucopia.

Dornbirn. It caters to peole

Fresh fruit and vegetables are harvested in the Rhine valley and in the gardens

who love enjoyment and the

around Lake Constance. Some even collect wild-growing fruit, berries, mushrooms

good things in life.

and herbs themselves in the woods and forests. Premium meat comes from small local farmers. Fish is caught in Lake Constance and in Vorarlberg’s rivers. Hunters supply wild deer; manufactured on local farmsteads or alpine dairy farms, milk products and cheeses of different degrees of ripening are available all year round. In

More information at: events

order to turn savoury and fresh products into a delicious meal, it takes some more ingredients such as experience, expertise and an appreciation of food. A good measure of creativity adds to a palate-titillating experience. Wild herbs give a refined twist to salads and soups. Mediterranean or Asian flavours lend a finishing touch to traditional dishes. Local ingredients such as cornmeal double as a smart

Holidays to take away

garnish. Soft cheese masterly rounds off a fruity dessert. Fresh, regional, seasonal and refined is the motto which Vorarlberg’s chefs have embraced.

Souvenirs from Vorarlberg are authentic, of high quality and – above all – a celebration of the senses: from mildly fragrant to spicy. Examples include Bregenzerwald bergkaese mountain cheese, sura kees sour cheese, mustard, beer

»Meadowsweet and acorns instead of tonka beans. Sticking to what the four seasons offer in our immediate surroundings is extremely exciting, interesting, delicious and stirs my creativity.« Gabi Strahammer, Restaurant ‘s Schulhus, Krumbach

laced with whey, handcrafted chocolates, distilled regional brandies or nourishing beauty products made of whey. Besides, there is a familiar and sleek touch to those artisanry objects manufactured by our craftspeople applying methods that have been handed down for generations. More information at: souvenir



»We use lamb which has been raised in the immediate vicinity. Our

Meet some of Vorarlberg’s many chefs who are all committed to sourcing their ingredients regionally and seasonally, and to cultivating and preserving culinary traditions.

guests increasingly want to know where our products come from and whether they are organic. Awareness about locally sourced food is rising.« Hannes Fleisch, Hotel Lucas, Gaschurn

»Whatever our guests can enjoy in our restaurant is

Hotel Schwanen, Bizau

regional and seasonal. We only use certified organic ingredients – for us this is a way of life.« Denise Amann, st‘ill Restaurant & Winery, Feldkirch

Gasthof Rössle, Braz

Restaurant Mangold, Lochau

»The natural ingredients which the Bre-

»Our cuisine is cosmopolitan and original, but

genzerwald supplies us with the whole

sourced strictly regional. Fresh produce is sup-

year round are always served fresh.

plied in keeping with the seasons, it is of high

Whether cheese, hay milk or meat: our

quality, and has been shipped short distances

guests always know where our products

only and with care.«

are sourced.«

Engelbert Kaufmann, Restaurant Gasthof Adler, Schwarzenberg

Bernhard Muxel, Der Wälderhof, Lingenau


Montafoner Hof, Tschagguns


Restaurant Guth, Lauterach

Zum Verwalter, Dornbirn

»Regionality for us means sharing

»At the Walserstuba we have long been using

our local, sustainable way of living &

regional produce from our valley with full

culture also through our cuisine.«

conviction. We buy e.g. prime meat directly from friendly farmers and hunters which is marketed

Metzler family, Romantikhotel Das Schiff, Hittisau

under the Food Region Kleinwalsertal game and beef label.« Jeremias Riezler, Alpahotel Walserstuba, Riezlern

Gasthof Krönele, Lustenau

Gasthof Adler, Krumbach

Freihof Sulz, Sulz

»Knowing who has manufactu»From the very beginning I have tried to

red the products for which my

prepare food as regionally and sustain-

cuisine stands for has become

ably as possible.


Since last year I have even worked with self-grown vegetables. A rewarding yet

Without locally sourced produce

demanding task which results in signifi-

I would not be able to realize my

cantly higher quality for our visitors.« «

credo of “Enjoyment in unison

Jodok Dietrich, Dornbirn

with nature“. « Thorsten Probost, Burg Vital Resort, Oberlech

“Vorarlberg dines...“ better. Vorarlberg’s innkeepers have subscribed to quality. Whether regional or ethnic cuisine, mountain inn or gourmet restaurant, in-crowd bar or winery, … customer satisfaction reigns supreme. Suggested events, recipes, recommended eateries and the Vorarlberg Restaurant Guide are available for download or can be ordered at (German only)


In love with Vorarlberg? Come and visit! The info folder contains nuts-and-bolts information about holidays in Vorarlberg in the summer of 2013. We will readily send you information on special themes or brochures and accommodation lists published by the holiday regions free of charge. Simply order from: Vorarlberg Tourismus / Vorarlberg State Tourist Board, P.O. Box 99, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria T: +43 (0)5572 / 377033-0 (Mon–Sat 8-18 hs), F: +43 (0)5572 / 377033-5, information and online booking: For accommodation in Vorarlberg: call the hotline +43 (0)5572 / 377033-0 (Mon–Sat 8-18 hs). Our room information service will find holiday offers that are tailored to your needs (date, type of accommodation, facilities...). You may then book the accommodation of your choice directly at the hotel or inn. Information and booking at Here you will find up-to-date information, event and travel tips, holiday packages and brochures for download. From 5-star superior hotels to apartments – look for your accommodation and packages on our website and simply book online. Further information available from: Vorarlberg-Repräsentanz, Tuchlauben 18 / 15, 1010 Vienna, Austria T: +43 (0)1 / 5357890, F: +43 (0)1 / 5333855-50,, the Vorarlberg holiday regions (see information folder) or at your local travel agent. The Vorarlberg State Tourist Board will publish its 2013/14 Winter Journal in September 2013.

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