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mountaineering schooLs, rock cLimbing centres, aLpine centres fLachau guided hikes/ hiking tour guides *ACS Alpincenter Salzburger Sportwelt tel. +43 664/2823798 *ACF Adventure Center Flachau tel. +43 6457/31959 Sport- und Aktivzentrum tel. +43 6457/221420 hiker’s bus flachauwinkl – zauchensee: 30.05. – 6.10.2013

wagrain-kLeinarL guided hikes every tues, weds and thurs (from mid June), details from wagrain-kleinarl tourism, tel. +43 6413/8448 tour guides *Harald Berger tel. +43 664/1718081 Maria Bucher – Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism tel. +43 6413/8448 climbing Indoor climbing wall in wagrain tennis hall *Harald Berger tel. +43 664/1718081 Wagrain indoor climbing wall hauptschule wagrain school hall wed and fri 7.30pm-10pm mr sendlhofer tel. +43 664/5742246 climbing / high-wire climbing centre Baumseilgarten Valley station flying mozart tel. +43 664/88468298

st. Johann-aLpendorf guided hikes/ hiking tour guides Sepp Schiefer tel. +43 664/4241800

radstadt climbing/halle/high ropes park Dachstein Tauern Adventure tel. +43 676/6370970

in the saLzburger sportweLt

guided hikes/hiking tour guides Dieter Pflüger tel. +43 650/6423005 hiker’s bus to roßbrand 2 x/week from June - mid oktober, € 1 per stage with valid guest card

aLtenmarkt-zauchensee high ropes park Forest high ropes park „Zauchbach Kraxl&Wasser-Gaudi“ details from altenmarktzauchensee tourist information, tel. +43 6452/5511 mountaineering/climbing Climbing center Zauchensee: Gerd Balla and Hannes Hirscher tel. +43 664/1453602 Certified mountain guide Hannes Hirscher tel. +43 6452/7451 guided hikes/hiking tour guides Mountain Sport & Fun tel. +43 664/5331493 guided hike 2 free guided hikes with margarete balla as your guide. tuesdays and thursdays

eben guided hikes/hiking tour guides Christian Steiner tel. +43 6458/20054 Anna Stadler tel. +43 6458/8248 Andreas Dygruber tel. +43 664/73927970

fiLzmoos guided hikes/hiking tour guides *Outdoor Center Filzmoos Aktiv tel. +43 664/2027221 or +43 664/1718483 climbing *Outdoor Center Filzmoos Aktiv tel. +43 664/2027221 or +43 664/1718483 filzmoos hiking bus mid-may until mid-october daily except saturday. operates daily in July, august and september

* state-certified mountaineering, skiing and canyoning guides. further details available from relevant tourist office!

get your hiking boots on and enJoy the saLzburg Salzburger Sportwelt • Hauptstrasse 159 • A 5542 Flachau tel. +43 (0)6457 2929 • Fax: DD-29 •

aLpine pasture summer fLachau


st. Johann-aLpendorf


aLtenmarkt-zauchensee eben


Lush pastures

dotted with alpine roses

and gentians in full bloom, mottled woodland shade, craggy rocks, placid mountain lakes.

Grazing cattle,

quaint alpine huts,

classic Alpine cuisine

delicious desserts

And you.

Holiday. Mountains. And you. Vast expanses of picture-postcard Alpine scenery await you in the Salzburg Sportwelt region. The quaint holiday towns and villages of Flachau, WagrainKleinarl, St. Johann-Alpendorf, Radstadt, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, Eben and Filzmoos make ideal bases for memorable hikes and walks – from leisurely outings for families to challenging expeditions for experienced mountain climbers.

A hiking map: an essential piece of equipment Tourist offices and the Salzburg Sportwelt can provide you with detailed guides to hiking routes and walks in the region, which are all clearly signposted.

The Salzburg Pasture Trail Explore the Pongau region’s breathtaking mountain scenery, stopping at Alpine huts along the way. For further information please see page 20,, or ask at the tourist information centre.

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5_Salzburg Alpine Pasture Summer – Top Hiking Tip 2014



Route number 730 A leisurely hike along a wide, well-marked trail through the Marbach valley’s (Marbachtal) enchanting Alpine scenery. Follow the Marbach river, setting off from Schüttbachalm Alpine hut and head for the Prechtlhütte on Marbachalm Alpine pastures (Vordere Marbachalmen), continue on to the Ennslehenhütte and Anichhofhütte huts at the other end of the pastures (Hintere Marbachalmen). You can stop for refreshment at any of these four huts along the way, sampling the farm produce and watching the animals. Return the same way.

Route numbers 85 and 73 The four peaks route is a round trip taking in the Zauchensee area’s four highest points and includes some spectacular panoramic views. Start by taking the six-seater Gamskogelbahn I cable car to Gamskogelhütte where the climb up Ganskogel mountain begins. A steep ridge path leads to Schwarzkopf, Tagweidegg and Arche, and then back down to Gamskogelhütte. From here you can either take the cable car back or the path on to Oberzauchensee.

Four peaks hiking route including cable car ride


More accomplished hikers might like to continue on to Ursprungalm hut (no refreshments available). The Marbachalm pastures are also a great starting point for climbs up to the Gasthofplateau table, where Neukarsee lake (2,065 m) and the Radstadt Tauern’s two highest mountains Faulkogel (2,654 m) and Mosermandl (2,680 m) are situated.

Walking times Start at the Ski World Cup Arena in Zauchensee – Gamskogelbahn I cable car – Gamskogelhütte – Gamskogel (2,186 m) about 1 hour – Schwarzkopf (2,263 m) about 1 hour – Tagweidegg (2,135 m) about 1 hour – Arche (2,060 m) about 1 hour – Gamskogelhütte about 30 mins – Gamskogelbahn I cable car – return to start at Ski World Cup Arena in Zauchensee

Walking times Start at the turning into Marbachtal – Hintere Marbachalmen 1 hour; Hintere Marbachalmen – Ursprungalm 45 mins; Hintere Marbachalmen – Neukarsee 2.5 hours; Hintere Marbachalmen – Faulkogel 4 hours; Hintere Marbachalmen – Mosermandl 5 hours. Conditions To the Marbachalmen: wide path with some gentle inclines, suitable for push chairs. Connecting trails: you need to be sure-footed, have a good head for heights and very good fitness levels

Total time Marbachalmen pastures 2 hours

Don’t miss Head of the Marbach valley, Marbach river, unique countryside, Almboden restaurant, traditional Alpine huts Further information Tourist Information Flachau A 5542 Flachau, tel. +43 6457/2214,

Conditions Intermediate hike, good fitness levels needed

Total time about four-and-a-half hours; distance: 5.7 km

Don’t miss Magnificent views of Niedere Tauern, Hohe Tauern, Tennengebirge and Radstädter Tauern mountains, beautiful Alpine flora including snow-roses and gentians. Further information Altenmarkt-Zauchensee Tourist Information A 5541 Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, tel. +43 6452/5511

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7_Salzburg Alpine Pasture Summer – Top Hiking Tip 2014

St. Johann-Alpendorf


RETTENEBENALM aND HOCHGLOCKER Route number 14 This hike starts at the Sportplatz car park in Sankt Johann, where you can leave your car for free. From there, an uphill walk along the stream takes you to the B 311. Take the underpass to the other side of this main road and continue along the stream. When you get to Palfnerhof and Gollehenhof farms go over the bridge and then turn right. This quiet road with very little traffic leads up to the Rettenebenalm hut. You’ll pass by Marchlschwaig and Katzlmoos farms on the way through this beautiful stretch of countryside. Carry on past Troistein and Arlberg farms until you reach your destination, which should take about two hours. Another option is to drive and park just before Arlberg farm and then take the 30-40 minute walk to Rettenebenalm. From Rettenebenalm the path continues uphill towards Hochglocker mountain, which takes a further one-and-a-half hours. On your way up you’ll enjoy great views of Salzachtal valley and the surrounding mountains (Sonntagskogel, Gernkogel, Hochgründeck, Saukarkopf ). Benches and loungers along the way provide a perfect opportunity to take a break and soak up the scenery. Return the same way.

Walking times Sportplatz – Rettenebenalm about 2 hours; Rettenebenalm – Hochglocker about 1.5 hours; Hochglocker – Sportplatz 3 hours.

Trinkeralm, 1,755 m Route number 715 From Hotel Gewürzmühle go along the asphalt drive (Sauschneidweg) to Sauschneidhof farm and join route 715 which continues behind the farm to Kranabethkapelle. This secluded woodland path, which forms part of the Marienweg trail, goes through Premgut until reaching Fagerstrasse road. After a short distance turn off onto Bachseitenweg, the road which leads to the Innviertler Berggasthof guest house. Route 715 continues to Trinkeralm hut on the Fager pasture. If that’s not enough for you, a climb up the hillside until you get to the Hinterfager pasture at 1,970 will take about an hour each way. The high paths on this route afford fantastic 360-views of the surrounding mountains.

Walking times Radstadt/Gewürzmühle – Innviertler Berggasthof 1.5 hours; Innviertler Berggasthof – Trinkeralm 2.5 hours; Trinkeralm – Radstadt/ Gewürzmühle 3.5 hours; Trinkeralm – Hinterfager 1 hour. Conditions Easy to intermediate hike, shaded woodland paths and forest roads

Total time About seven to eight hours

Don’t miss Breathtaking panoramic views of Dachstein, Bischofsmütze, Hochkönig and the Tennen Mountains Further information Tourist Information Radstadt A 5550 Radstadt, tel. +43 6452/7472,

Conditions Medium to good fitness levels needed Total time About 6.5 hours

Don’t miss The view of the surrounding mountains from Hochglocker Further information Tourist Information St. Johann-Alpendorf A 5600 St. Johann, tel. +43 6412/6036,

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9_Salzburg Alpine Pasture Summer – Top Hiking Tip 2014



Tappenkarsee – the highest altitude mountain lake in the Eastern Alps

Grafenberg to Kitzstein/Gabel 2037m To Kleinarlerhütte Route numbers 713 and 712 Turn left out of the “Grafenbergbahn” mountain terminal, follow the Bee Discovery Trail, passing the Grafenberg lake then heading down to the high ropes course. Here the path follows a slight incline and then splits into two. You should take the left fork, leading to the climbing wall then on to the Swinging Forest. Continue along the path to the left where a moderate climb leads you up to a saddle which connects you to route number 712 leading up to the Auhofalm. You then take another left following a steep slope to the secondary summit of the Gabel (Kitzstein), then continuing along the ridge to the summit. From the southeast face you will descend to another saddle – walk along the right-hand side of the next elevation where you will reach a cut in the rock which then links you to the northern ridge of the Penkkopf. The quickest way to reach the Kleinarler Hütte is to take the next left, following a gentle descent down the northeast face of the mountain. The well signposted downward trail to Kleinarl leads from the Kleinarler Hütte along either a forest trail or along the old hut trail, through a wide band of trees then over Hirschleiten and down into the valley. From here you can take the Wanderbus (hiker’s bus) back to the car park in Grafenberg.

Walking times Mountain terminal – Gabel, two and a half hours; Gabel-Kleinarlerhütte one hour; Kleinarlerhütte – Kleinarl two hours

Route number 722 From the Jägersee car park you can either drive or walk up the flat forest road (toll road) to the Schwabalm. This is where the real ascent to the Tappenkarsee begins. Your path will first lead you through bright woodland, later turning into a relatively steep, winding trail which will take you up to the lake. You then follow the lake until it reaches the Alpine pasture and opens out into a wide basin. Halfway along the Tappenkarsee (source of the the Kleinarler Ache) is the Tappenkarsee Alpine pasture and a little higher up is the Tappenkarseehütte. The Tappenkarsee is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty and is the highest mountain lake in the Eastern Alps.

Walking times Jägersee – Schwabalm, one hour, Schwabalm – Tappenkarsee, two hours; Tappenkarsee – Jägersee, three hours Total time

Approx. five hours, walkers should be in good shape and have a head for heights

Don’t miss WAGRAINi’s Natural Mountain World, Grafenberg, View from the Kitzstein/Gabel (2,037m)

Further information Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism A 5602 Wagrain, tel. +43 6413/8448

Further information Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism A 5603 Kleinarl, tel. +43 6418/206

Conditions Wide trails Total time Approx. six hours

Don’t miss

Valley head, waterfalls, mountain lake

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11_Salzburg Alpine Pasture Summer – Top Hiking Tip 2014



Gerzkopf and schwarze Lacke, 1,728 m

LOWA most popular hiking route

Route number 15 A walk through a nature reserve up to the top of Gerzkopf mountain encompassing fields of mountain pine trees and schwarze Lacke, a lake shrouded in myth which beautifully reflects the surrounding peaks. But if you decide to look for the sunken carriage and its chest of gold – remember that there’s an element of truth in every legend!

Route numbers 34B and 35 This is a favourite round trip from Filzmoos to Aualm pasture/Kirchgasshütte hut, Hofpürglhütte hut, Sulzkaralm hut and then back to Aualm, and was named the LOWA footwear most popular hiking route. Park your car at Kirchgasshütte/Aualm which you get to via the Hofalm 32 A toll road and the Marcheggsattel gravel road. Just before you reach Aualm you’ll come to a goods cable car station, follow the path right at this point onto the 34 B trail until you get to Austria Weg path. Turn right at the crossroads to Hofpürglhütte and then left to Sulzkaralm. From Sulzkaralm follow forest path number 35 down towards Arzbergalm hut and Neuberg. Cross the little stream and follow the signs to Kirchgasshütte/Aualm.

Set off from Schattbach at the Schattaugut bus stop and take the access road to Schattbachwinkel (route number 15) for 2.3 km until you get to Knappbauer farm at 1,130m. Continue along the forest path for about 1 km, go left at the point where the path forks and follow the steep marked hiking trail through woodland and fields of mountain pine to schwarze Lacke. Then it’s on to the summit cross for some truly amazing views. You’ll see the Niedere and Hohe Tauern mountain ranges to the east, Hochkönig mountain to the south, the Tennengebirge range to the west, and Bischofsmütze and Dachstein mountains to the North. The outstanding wildlife, plants and flowers of the mountain are protected by its nature reserve status. Refreshments are available at Schöferhütte which is a further 10 minutes from the summit cross.

Walking times Schattbach – Knappbauer, one hour; Knappbauer – Schwarze Lacke, one and three-quarter hours; Schwarze Lacke – Gerzkopf, ten minutes; Gerzkopf – Schattbach, two hours

Conditions Forest roads and woodland paths Total time Five hours

Don’t miss Panoramic views of the Gosaukamm and Dachstein mountains, and the Tennengebirge, Niedere Tauern and Hohe Tauern ranges Further information Tourist Information Eben im Pongau A 5531 Eben im Pongau, tel. +43 6458/8194,

Walking times About three-and-a-half hours (Aualm/Kirchgasshütte car park – Hofpürglhütte – Sulzkaralm – Aualm)

Conditions Intermediate hike with some high paths Total time About four hours

Don’t miss A route well-known for its wide variety of Alpine flowers, great panoramic views and the delicious cheese boards on offer at Sulzkaralm and Kirchgasshütte. Further information Tourist Information Filzmoos A 5532 Filzmoos, tel. +43 6453/8235,

Salzburg Alpine Pasture Summer – Top Hiking Tip 2014_12

13_Salzburg Alpine Pasture Summer – Top Hiking Tip 2014

Themed Hiking Trails Flachau The Good Wishes Trail A peaceful walk giving you the chance to contemplate what might get overlooked in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Relax and top up flagging energy reserves as you savour the tranquillity and the little wonders of nature you’ll discover along the way. The route starts in the centre of the town just above the parish church, and can also be extended with the inclusion of a round trip to the Sattelbauer guest house. Walking time: about one-and-ahalf to two hours

“Water gets you moving” A very special leisurely and safe round trip of about six kilometres where water takes centre stage. The picturesque stops along the route in and around the valley exhibit the significance of water to the Flachau area. Highly recommended, especially when there’s a sprinkling of refreshing water falling from the heavens. Walking time: about three hours

Flori’s Leisure Trail Starting at the Waldgasthaus guest house at the midway station of the Star Jet 1 lift, this panoramic circuit consists of paths which are easy underfoot and suitable for children’s push charis. There’s fun for all the family with game and puzzle stations, rest stops and viewpoints to enjoy along the way. And if the kids can solve Flori’s riddle, there’s a little surprise waiting for them at the finish! Walking time: one-and-a-half to two hours

Wagrain-Kleinarl Themed hiking trail to the Rupertisee Discover the one-and-a-half kilometre themed trail which leads from the “Flying Mozart” mountain station across the Kogelalm to the relaxing Rupertisee (1,580 m) and provides fascinating information on the region and the creation of the mountain landscape as well as how the landscape is used, including as a winter holiday resort. Walking time: Approx. one hour

Salzburg Alpine Pasture Summer – Top Hiking Tip 2014_14

St. Johann-Alpendorf Hike across five mountain pastures, going against the flow Take the Alpendorf gondola lift up to the Obergaßalm (1,553 m). Here you can set out along a hiking trail to the Gernkogelalm via the Buchauhütte (1,750 m, incl. mountain lake and Haunted Mountain) then further down the valley via the Hirschkogl mountain lake into the Großarltal to the Maurachalm, Rothofalm, Unterwandalm, Karseggalm and the bridge Sonneck. Walking time: Four–five hours. Return to Alpendorf by taxi from the bridge Sonneck. Conditions: easy.

15_Salzburg Alpine Pasture Summer – Top Hiking Tip 2014

Radstadt Panorama:rossbrand If you visit Stein at the top of the Rossbrand mountain, you’ll find a fabulous viewpoint with information plaques identifying the surrounding peaks and pointing out aspects of the geology of the Ennspongau region.

Tree Discovery Trail


On the “Alpendorf Panorama Trail” there is also a Tree Discovery Trail. Along this trail you will find all of the trees that are native to Austria (every conifer and every deciduous tree, more than 30 types!) in their natural state.

This themed trailed from the town square up to Schloss Lerchen and then over Maria Loreto and the Kaiserpromenade back to the Kapuziner tower provides lots of interesting cultural-geological information at 15 different locations along the way. Walking time: one and a half hours

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17_Salzburg Alpine Pasture Summer – Top Hiking Tip 2014

Millennium Trail

The Ant Trail

1,000 steps through history. In 1,000 steps around the town walls you can follow 1,000 years of Austrian history including that of the Salzburg region and Radstadt itself. Information boards and markings on the ground guide you along this educational trail which finishes on the town square.

Educational woodland trail all about ants (types of ants, their natural activities and their habitat). Walking time: Approx. 30 minutes

Hofalm nature and hiking educational trail From the village square to the toll point, then a little way up to the right. Turn left directly before the first house, this will lead you to the Oberhofalm and the Unterhofalm. Here you will learn lots of things about the world of plants, trees, rocks and local social history. Walking time: Approx. one and a half hours

Filzmoos Moosalm Kid’s Trail Before you set off for the Moosalm Alpine hut (guest house and hotel), pick up a stamp book at the tourist office. On the way, there are 15 model houses containing animal stamps for you to stamp into the book. This child-friendly destination is about an hour’s walk, and your stamp-finding efforts will be rewarded with Moosalm Bear badges from the staff. (not suitable for buggies!)

Herzerlweg UNICEF hiking route Begin at the village square in Filzmoos, take the first left at the roundabout down to the Papagenobahn cable car station. From there follow the path to the right of the station along the edge of the meadowland. Walking time: about one hour

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19_Salzburg Alpine Pasture Summer – Top Hiking Tip 2014

Amadé Alpine pasture tours

Altenmarkt-Zauchensee Themed circular hike “Farmer’s Rules”. “Wind and weather. Learn to be as smart as a farmer!” The themed circular hike “Farmer’s Rules” with its 22 information points provides fascinating and informative facts on weather rules for different days of the year and what they really mean. The trail will take you through the entire year. The “Farmer’s Rules” trail can be reached either on foot or by car. The trail is 4.9 km in length and is on easy terrain with a few small hills. Walking time: Approx. two and a half hours

with the Salzburger Sportwelt

Lush, flourishing Alpine meadows, shady woodland, rugged rock faces, traditional huts… when summer reaches the Salzburg region, it is time for the hiking season to begin.

Amadé Alpine pasture tour I Flachauwinkel, Wagrain, Kleinarlerhütte, St. Johann-Alpendorf


5 days, 3 nights/valley, 1 night/hut

Walking time Sixteen hours total walking time

Altitude Ascent covers 3,250 m / Decent covers 2,000 m Best time

Hiking map


June to October scale 1:50,000 € 275.00 p. p. / Surcharge single room: € 55.00

Amadé Alpine pasture tour II Flachau, Altenmark-Zauchensee, Radstadt, Filzmoos

“Moon Path” themed hiking trail With its roaring waterfalls and its mystical scenery the woody Zauchbachtal valley forms the ideal setting for the interactive lunar adventure world and its seven “moonstruck” stops which you can hike to. From time immemorial the moon has always exerted an enormous fascination on people. But what’s the real truth behind lunar calendars, lunar energies, full moon nights and the power of the moon? The new “Moon Path” provides some astounding answers regarding “science and the moon” and “the myth of the moon” at seven interactive adventure stops carved out of wood. Walking time: 90 minutes


6 days, 4 nights/valley, 1 night/hut

Walking time Twentytwo hours total walking time

Altitude Ascent covers 3,500 m / Decent covers 3,200 m Best time

Hiking map


June to October scale 1:50,000 € 325.00 p. p. / Surcharge single room: € 55.00

Includes: Hotel with half board, double room, with shower/WC, Luggage transfer from one location to the next , Hiking pin badge, hiking map and hiking socks, Transfer from St. Johann-Alpendorf or Filzmoos to Flachau

Information and booking available Salzburger Sportwelt, c/o Flachau Tourist Information, A-5542 Flachau tel +43 6457/2214,,

saLzburg aLpine pasture summer – top hiking tip 2014_20

the saLzburg pasture traiL

21_saLzburg aLpine pasture summer – top hiking tip 2014

wagraini’s grafenberg

on the hunt for the gentian

oVer 30 mountain adVenture stations

hiking pleasure for pleasure hikers: along a route totalling 350 km in length you can follow the gentian symbol of the salzburger pasture trail through the pongau mountain landscape - from the niedere tauern and hohe tauern to the bischofsmützee and the hochkönig. breathtaking views and unforgettable impressions, wonderful mountain air and nature as it should be – all of this awaits you along 31 different sections. and of course there are also 120 “salzburg alpine pasture summer” huts with their traditional character, hearty specialties and their lively hospitality.

take the relaxing ride up to 1,700m on the grafengergbahn lift to nature mountain world, where well sign-posted, buggy friendly paths with adventure stations scattered along the way await you in the spectacular mountain scenery. the busy bee trail has a raft and a rope bridge at lake grafenberg. next it’s on to the bouncy castle, sandpit, the hachau slide, tightrope garden and hachau waters.

earn yourseLf a hiking pin badge! a gentian hiking pin badge is the perfect motivation and a lasting souvenir all rolled into one. conquer the salzburg pasture trail and collect a “completed section” stamp on your pasture trail map at an “alm” of your choice. if you complete five hiking sections there is a bronze gentian, for ten a silver gentian and the promise of gold if you complete twenty. if you manage to complete all 31 sections then your reward takes the form of a diamond gentian. further information, a brochure with detailed section descriptions and your own hiking map are available from all salzburg sportwelt tourist information points or online at:

the stations at schaukelwald woods include a two-level climbing platform, the barefoot path, a triple zip-line and a giant rope climbing frame. the fascination trail leads back to the kinderalm kids café. a whole day’s fun, for grown-up kids too!

Sal Almzeburger nweg




1 : 55




further information

bergbahnen ag wagrain a 5602 wagrain, tel. +43 6413/8238

Salzburg Alpine Pasture Summer – Top Hiking Tip 2014_22

23_Sightseeing and Top Tips for families 2014

Sightseeing and Top Tips for families

The Geisterberg


Flachau – Sightseeing Hermann Maier Gallery Exhibition and information on the skiing world champion and two-time Olympic Champion from Flachau. His trophies, Olympic and World Championship medlas, World Cups, plus a DVD presentation and much more...

Where Hofgasse 238

Contact tel. +43 (0) 6457 /2214 Opening times MON – FRI 3 pm to 6 pm (July, August) Other times by arrangement

Parish Church Baroque church built under the direction of Luckas von Hildebrandt 1719-1721. Don´t miss: The marble high altar with 1722 altar painting by the Baroque painter Michael Rottmayr, from Salzburg.


Village center


Flachau – Top Tip for families Central information and booking point for sport and activity programmes Outdoor activities (rafting, canyoning, Zorbing, climbing), themed hikes, bike tours, horseriding…

Set on top of Gernkogel mountain overlooking the town of Johann-Alpendorf, Geisterberg is home to a world of friendly ghosts. Take the gondola lift up ghost mountain and ride the ghost train. Amongst the panoramic scenery there’s something for all the family; a ghost walk with games for the little ones, long slides and swings to keep the older kids happy, and a wonderful Alpine walk for parents. Spirits of earth, fire, water and air accompany you on your journey, and swings, a bird’s nest rope climbing frame, a climb-on dragon and water games also make for fun along the way. Some of Ghost Mountain and its trails is accessible to buggies. The Geisterberg mountain fun park and ghost train are open from 07 June – 12 October, 2014. To get there take the Alpendorf Gondelbahn lift. Further information Tourist Information St. Johann-Alpendorf A 5600 St. Johann, tel. +43 6412/6036,

Where Hermann Maier Platz 1 (next to the tourist office)

Contact tel. +43 (0) 6457/ 2214-20 Opening times

8 am – 6 pm

Sightseeing and Top Tips for families 2014_24

25_Sightseeing and Top Tips for families 2014

Wagrain-Kleinarl – Sightseeing

Wagrain-Kleinarl – Top tips for families

Waggerl Museum in Wagrain

Weekly activity programme Wagrain

This was the workplace of Karl Heinrich Waggerl, one of Austria’s most famous writers. He penned his literary works here and today his house is the Waggerl Museum in Wagrain.

Guided hikes for adults and fun and games for the kids from Monday to Friday with the “family village” team. A voyage of discovery to Wagraini’s Grafenberg at 1,700 m above sea level.

Where Kirchboden district, Karl-Heinrich-Waggerlstrasse 1


tel. +43 (0)6413/8203, 8448 or 8879,

Opening times 17 May – 30 June and 1 Sept – 25 Oct, TUES, THURS, FRI: 2 pm – 6 pm Entry € 4.20 per person, € 3.50 per person with Salzburger Sportwelt Card

Where Booking at Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourist Information

Contact tel. +43 (0)6413/8448,

Opening times MON – FRI (mid-June to mid-Sept)

Costs Hiking programme free, kid’s entertainment programme € 3 per child per day

"Wasserwelt Wagrain" Adventure pool Edelweiss-Alm A daytrip destination full of rustic charm with a farming museum which offers a glimpse into the upkeep of a traditional Alpine pasture. Accessible from Wagrain via an easy walking route, a short mountain bike trail or by car or bus.

Where On the Weberlandl sunny plateau


tel. +43 (0)6413/8500 or

Opening times Daily 9 am – 6 pm, 25 May – 10 Oct, closed FRI; June – Sept, TUES and THURS: bread baking and making farming tools Entry


Jägersee Make tracks to this picturesque destination at the head of the Kleinarl valley to experience nature in the truest sense of the word. A path suitable for buggies runs around the lake and visitors can also enjoy a lake-view terrace and rowing boat hire. Where Only a few kilometres from Kleinarl via a well- maintained trail suitable for both walkers and bikers, also accessible by car or public transport. Contact Gasthof Jägersee, tel. +43 (0)6418/350

Superb summer swimming for people of all ages in the Salzburg Sportwelt with an outdoor and indoor pool, white water channel, geyser jet, 4 water slides, countercurrent feature, mother and child pool with infants’ slide, children’s playstream and spacious children’s playground. In case of bad weather: Bathing time limited to 3 h.

Where Kirchboden in Wagrain

Contact tel. +43 (0)6413 7430,


€ 7.50 per adult and € 4 per child (6-15 years)

Sightseeing and Top Tips for families 2014_26

27_Sightseeing and Top Tips for families 2014

St. Johann-Alpendorf – Sightseeing

Radstadt – Sightseeing

Gorge "Liechtensteinklamm"

Historical Radstadt

An incredible natural experience to see one of the deepest and most beautiful white-water gorges in the Alps.

Take a tour through Radstadt’s past! Following the old city walls with their defence towers you will pass historic monuments, visit the museums in Schloss Lerchen and the Kapuziner tower as well as the Kapuziner church and the town’s parish church.


Opening times

Beginning of May until 30 Sept, daily 8 am until 6 pm (last entry), from 1 until 31 Oct, daily from 9 am until 4 pm (last entry)

Entry Adults € 4.50; children 6 – 18 years € 3.00; children up to 6 years free, reduced rates for groups Walking time Approx. 1.5 hours, for safety reasons not suitable for wheelchair users or buggies

St. Johann-Alpendorf – Top tips for families


“Historical Guide” available free of charge from the tourist information office


tel. +43 (0)6452/7472,

Radstadt – Top tips for families "Mandlberggut" Mountain pine distillery In search of a natural product! The tour – enhanced by film clips – shows how the various products are made, from the harvest through to the finished essence or salve.

Alpendorf "Aktiv" Club

A comprehensive programme of varied summer activities for the whole family in summer. Activities include guided hikes, cycling and mountain bike tours, excursions, fun and games in the weekly programme, etc.

Where Information office at Alpendorf Bergbahnen

Contact tel. +43 (0)6412/6260-20

Where Mandling, Mandlbergweg 11

Contact tel. +43 (0)6454/7660

Opening times

WED until MON, hourly tours from 10 am until 6 pm

Entry Free

Altenmarkt-Zauchensee – Sightseeing Local heritage museum Daily life in times gone by: Discover what a school classroom, a farmhouse parlour, a traditional clothing store and a bathroom looked like. Farming equipment and tools plus much more are also on display.


Brunnbauerngasse 1

Contact tel. +43 (0)6452/4753

Opening times

Jan – Dec, WED, THURS, FRI 4 pm – 6 pm

Entry Adults € 3, children € 2

Altenmarkt-Zauchensee – Top tips for families Forest high ropes course A spectacular voyage of discovery high above the forest floor, on steel wires, slides, rope bridges and wooden platforms. Courage and skill are rewarded with new perspectives, shared experiences and lots of fun.

Where Mühlenweg – direction of Zauchensee


tel. +43 (0)6217/29029,

Opening times

July until 15 September, TUES, THURS, SUN from 10 am until 6 pm

Entry Details on request

Sightseeing and Top Tips for families 2014_28

"Therme Amadé" Thermal baths In addition to fun in the water and sheer relaxation Therme Amadé also offers plenty of thrills and action. The unique looping slide is absolutely thrilling – not for the faint of heart!

Where Obere Marktstraße 70


tel. +43 (0) 6452 20 888,

Opening times SUN-THR 9 am-10 pm; FRI, SAT and days before public holidays 9 am to 11 pm; NB open on public holidays. Open until midnight on Saunafest days, which takes place once a month.

29_Sightseeing and Top Tips for families 2014

Filzmoos – Sightseeing "Zum Filzmooser Kindl" Pilgrimage church This village church is steeped in history and the famous late-Gothic figure of the merciful Christ makes it a popular pilgrimage destination to restore strength and find healing.


Village centre


Services TUES 9 am, WED 7 am, THURS 7 pm, FRI 8 am, SAT 7 pm, SUN 9 am

Entry Details at

Hofalmen Farming pastures with lake

Eben – Sightseeing Tauern Road Museum An impressive exhibition charting the 2000-year history of the Tauern road, one of the oldest North-South links through Salzburg. Located in a former princearchbishop grain store, dating from 1557. Where Gasthofgut at the Landzeit motorway service station Eben-Nord on the Tauernautobahn


tel. +43 (0)6458/8194 or +43 (0)664/2600625

Opening times

1 July until 30 Sept, WED and SAT from 3 pm

Entry Adults € 2, children € 1; Free entry with a Salzburger Sportwelt guest card

A popular destination at the foot of the Bischofsmütze with the Oberhof and Unterhof Alpine pastures which are still farmed today. It is accessible for families with buggies and is just a ten-minute walk from the idyllic lake. The perfect starting point for beautiful hikes.

Where Hofalmen

Contact Unterhofalm, tel. +43 (0)664/3566751 and Oberhofalm, tel. +43 (0)6453/8594 or

Details Toll road, € 4.50 per car

Farming museum A lovingly created farming museum in the barn of the “Oberhof”. The structure dates from the 16th century and is one of the oldest buildings in Filzmoos.

Eben – Top tip for families

Where In the Oberhof barn. Take the first street on the right after entering the village

Eben swimming lake


Fun, rest and relaxation at one of the region’s largest swimming facilities with plenty of highlights, including water slides, a diving board, a beach volley ball court and a toddlers’ pool. Inviting terrace restaurant.

Where On the southeast outskirts of Eben. Access via the town centre, follow the Schartelhofgasse. Contact

tel. +43 (0)6458/8114-11,

Entry Adults € 4.10, children up to 15 years € 2.50, children age 5 and under free. Free entry with SalzburgerLand card.

tel. +43 (0)664/4012959,

Opening times (by prior arrangement only): every TUES (except Bank Holidays) from 4 pm until 5.30 pm Entry Adults € 2, children free

Filzmoos – Top tip for families Bärtl´s Kids´Club Excitement, variety and action, for children aged four up. Arts & crafts, archery, fun games, children´s horse and carriage ride, building dams, cooking, climbing, hiking, competitions, activity day, treasure hunt... to name but a few of the activities on offer. Enjoy a fun and varied programme. Where Meeting point directly at the Neubergerhof in Neuberg Contact Kids’ club supervisor, tel. +43 (0)6453/8381 Opening times 25 May – 24 October 2014, SUN-FRI Booking until 6 pm on the day before

saLzburg aLpine pasture summer – top hiking tip 2014_30

hiker’s code 1.

don’t go out alone, take your time and enjoy the countryside.


tell your host what your destination is, and find out about the route and the weather conditions


consider the possibility of bad weather when choosing your clothes and equipment. good walking boots and waterproofs are an absolute must.


don’t set out too late and don’t risk taking what you think might be a shortcut. keep to the signposted and marked routes.


if your route is long and difficult, certified guides are available to accompany you. find out more at tourist information offices.


guides are a must for all high altitude alpine routes.


carry a first aid kit with you.


keep dogs on a lead. however if grazing animals attack your dog, then let it off its lead so it can escape harm.


you can access up-to-date information at

31_saLzburg aLpine pasture summer – top hiking tip 2014

saLzburger sportweLt card pick up a free salzburger sportwelt card and make the most of what the region has to offer – sport, fun and culture for all ages.

L -kLeinar wagrain eben fLachau chensee au -z kt aLtenmar


ger Spo

radstadt s fiLzmoo

rt welt C

available from your holiday accommodation, the card entitles you to reduced entry to the best attractions like the summer cable cars, as well as a host of other benefits.

saLzburger Land card the card that offers something for everyone – with free entry to over 190 sights and attractions, as well as free travel on all the region’s cable cars! choose from six or twelve single-day options to fit your holiday plans. for more information visit


saLzburg aLpine pasture summer – top hiking tip 2014_32









Steirische Kalkspitze 2459 m









H Faulkogel 2654 m

Pleisslingkeil 2501 m

Hochgolling 2862 m

Seekarspitz 2330 m

Steinfeldspitze 2344 m

Zehnerkar 2382 m

Mosermandl 2680 m

Lackenkogel 2051 m




Draugstein 2359 m







Ankogel 3252 m

Frauenkogel 2424 m

Glingspitze 2433 m

Ennskraxn 2410 m

Höllwand 2287 m



Gasthofalm Sonntagskogel

KLEINARL Grießenkar





m o Hahnbaum





b c d















Reitdorf Hochgründeck Hochkönig

EBEN Gerzkopf

Themenwanderwege amadé alpine pasture tour Amadé-Almentour cable car and skiund liftsLiftanlagen Seilbahnen open(Sommerbetrieb) in summer

Hofpürglhütte, Hofalmen 1 hofpürglhütte, hofalmen Großbergsessellift 2 großberg chairlift Radstädter Hütte 3 radstädter hütte


Zauchensee-Almen gamskogel chairlift Südwiener Hütte Wasserwelt Amadé 7 zauchensee-almen Gamskogel-Sesselbahn Badesee Eben 8 wasserwelt amadé 6


tauern golfing facilities



südwiener hütte

Badesee Reitdorf Star-Jet II-Sessellift 11 flachauwinkl swimming lake

Steinkaralm 16 steinkaralm

Kleinarler Hütte

Alpendorf Gondelbahn Liechtensteinklamm

Badesee Flachauwinkl Franz-Fischer Hütte 12 star-Jet i chairlift Star-Jet I-Sessellift Flying Mozart-Kabinenbahn 13 star-Jet ii chairlift

Jägersee 17 Jägersee Tappenkarsee/-Hütte 18 tappenkarsee/-hütte

Grafenberg-Kabinenbahn 22 alpendorf gondola Bikepark liftWagrain Heinrich-Kiener-Haus Therme Amadé 23 gorge „Liechtensteinklamm“

21 heinrich-kiener house

14 franz-fischer hütte

19 kleinarler hütte

24 bikepark wagrain

10 reitdorf swimming lake

15 flying mozart cable car

20 grafenberg cable car

25 therme amadé

m themed hiking trail to the rupertisee

eben swimming lake

themed hiking traiLs hofalm nature and hiking educational trail

d the ant trail

g kultur:geologie:weg

J the good wishes trail

moosalm kid’s trail

e panorama:rossbrand

h themed circular hike “farmer’s rules”

k “water gets you moving”

n tree discovery trail

herzerlweg unicef hiking route

f millennium trail


L flori’s Leisure trail

o hike across five mountain pastures, going against the flow

“moon path” themed hiking trail

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