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Duration of treatment 50 mins

Cleansing, peeling, massage, skin specific face mask, eyebrow correction, concluding care

Cleansing, peeling, deep-cleansing, ampoule or serum, massage, face-mask, concluding care. On request: eyebrow correction, eyelash and eyebrow tint or eye-mask Duration of treatment 80 mins

Duration of treatment 80 mins

€ 65,-

CLASSIC FACIAL Cleansing, peeling, deep-cleansing, massage, face-mask, eyebrow correction, concluding care Duration of treatment 50 mins

Treatments with Thalgo

LUXURY SECRETS This treatment is both luxurious and a world premiere in anti-ageing treatments. The highlight is the anti-ageing mask made from organic cellulose and enriched with phytohormones derived from algae. It blends pleasantly into the skin, providing a calming effect and supplying valuable active ingredients. The result is instantly visible and intensifies during the treatment. It promises clear, taut facial features and visibly younger skin. Cleansing, peeling, deep-cleansing, antiageing-serum and mask, anti-ageing eye cream, followed by a massage using our special anti-ageing cream, eyebrow correction.

Duration of treatment 50 mins


€ 75,-

€ 75,-


€ 107,-

€ 135,-



We use ‘Thalgo Men’ products, which pamper tired, challenging and dehydrated skin. Cleansing, peeling, deep-cleansing, massage, ampoule, special face-mask, concluding care

For this treatment we match the face-mask to your complexion. The different masks contain moisturising, clarifying, restorative or firming active ingredients. Cleansing, peeling, deep-cleansing, ampoule or serum, massage, special face-mask, eyebrow correction, concluding care

Duration of treatment 80 mins

€ 107,-

CLEANSING TREATMENT FOR THE BACK Cleansing, peeling, deep-cleansing, face-mask, specific mask, concluding care

Duration of treatment 80 mins

€ 112,-







Thanks to this electronic application, the tissue is stimulated by radio frequency waves. It means that for the first time, it is possible without surgery or injections to improve the appearance of the skin and to reduce cellulite. The warming effect on the local metabolism causes an improvement in blood flow and supply to the tissue. With the radio frequency treatment the body's own resources are activated, strengthened and permanently synthesised. This holistic treatment method can be used for the face, throat, chest, cleavage, arms, stomach, back and legs.


Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 100,-

SCAR TISSUE TREATMENT Fresh scar tissue as well as scars on the chest can be treated. The tissue will become more elastic, and the congestion around the scar will be dissolved. Also stretch marks will be reduced whilst the skin becomes tighter and firmer. Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 75,-


Radio wave currents penetrate deep into the dermis (deepest layer of the skin) and subcutaneous layers of the skin causing tightening of the underlying tissues showing a difference with fine lines, wrinkles, and skin texture. Combinable with each of our facial treatments. Duration of treatment 50 mins

Radio wave currents penetrate deep into the dermis causing tightening of the underlying tissues in the chosen area (thighs, arms, chest, stomach, buttocks, legs and back). The treatment is also ideal for muscular tension.

€ 98,-

Through deformities, severe stress as well as deformations of the arch, the foot can suffer severe tension. This treatment reduces these tensions which as a result are felt throughout the rest of the body. Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 75,-


Cosmetic Treatments with Cellcosmet

Intensive, regenerative, cell-activating and revitalizing facial treatment. The high-quality products encourage cell regeneration of the skin, giving your complexion a more radiant appearance. The skin is firmed and blood flow improved. Cleansing, 2-phase peeling, activator gel, eyebrow correction, ampoule, massage, face-mask, eyemask, lip-mask, hand massage, concluding care and foot treatment Duration of treatment 80 mins

€ 135,-


The “ Cellmen” care line contains high-tech products which respect the physiological characteristics of male skin. At the moment Cellmen is the only care range for men in the world that takes into account the hormonal identity of male skin and its physiological age through specific cellular dosage. Cleansing, 2 phase peeling, eyebrow correction, activator gel, massage, face-mask, eye-mask, lipmask, hand massage, concluding care and foot treatment Duration of treatment 80 mins

Intensive revitalization of the complexion – your face appears fresh and radiant again. The special face-mask is moisturizing and full of vitamins, and has a nurturing and regenerative effect. Cleansing, eyebrow correction, 2-phase peeling, activator gel, face-mask, ampoule, special massage, concluding care Duration of treatment 55 mins


€ 99,-

€ 135,-

CLEAVAGE DE LUXE The effectiveness of this high quality firming treatment for the preservation of the firmness of the cleavage is based on the concentration of biointegral cells as well as unique plant and marine extracts. The sagging in the cleavage will be reduced, the cell renewal optimized, the upper layers of the epidermis supplied, the skin smoothed and the beauty of the cleavage maintained. Cleansing, peeling, massage, invigorating wrap Duration of treatment 45 mins

€ 103,-

Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 85,-

special face-mask smoothes the area and makes your eyes sparkle. Cleansing, bioenergetic lymphatic drainage, pressure point massage, firming face-mask, refreshing eye gel Duration of treatment 25 mins

ENERGETIC FACIAL Waste products from facial skin are eliminated by means of bioenergetic lymphatic drainage. The skin is reenergized using specific selected bioaroma synergies and other natural complexes. In addition electrostimulation firms skin and tissue. Back unblocking, cleansing, peeling, eyebrow correction, aromatherapy and algae therapy with essential oils, bioenergetic drainage, facemask, electrostimulation of the acupressure points, concluding care Duration of treatment 80 mins

€ 105,-

VITAMIN POWER TREATMENT WITH ULTRASOUND The ‘natural beauty' program for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Also for regenerating the cells of the face, neck and décolleté. The revitalizing multivitamin complex and the active ingredients strengthen, nourish and firm the skin. To enhance the result even more, cosmetic ultrasound is also used. Cleansing, peeling, deep-cleansing, vitamin or retinol ampoule, ultrasound, massage, face-mask, eyebrow correction, concluding care Duration of treatment 80 mins

€ 118,-

ENERGETIC ENERGETIC FACE LIFT This intensive facial treatment gives the complexion a radiant and fresh appearance. It also intensifies lymph activity and firms and stabilizes the connective tissue. Nutrient utilisation is boosted and so the skin can better absorb the high-quality substances used in the treatment. Cleansing, peeling, bioenergetic drainage, electrostimulation of the acupuncture points, face-mask, eyebrow correction, concluding care

€ 55,-

FIRMING EYE TREATMENT TREATMENT Special treatment to reduce under-eye bags and crows-feet. Due to the limited number of sebaceous glands around your eyes, fine lines and wrinkles tend to develop. Treat your eye zone to a particularly regenerating and firming treatment with bioenergetic lymphatic drainage. Bioaromas are then applied to transport active substances to the skin. An energizing pressure point massage harmonizes your energy flow and the concluding

Cosmetic Treatments with Piroche

SHIATSU FACIAL Using a special massage technique and specific stimulated acupressure points, this facial treatment has an extremely relaxing effect and stimulates the lymphatic flow. Fine lines are reduced. A modelling face-mask refines the skin’s appearance, resulting in a radiant youthful appearance. Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 68,-

HAND & FOOT RITUAL Minerals are an elixir from nature and one of the most valuable ingredients for our skin. The minerals in the cells are brought into balance, the skin becomes soft and smooth and is pampered with moisture and nutrients. A very special spa ritual to relax, regenerate or vitalize – in harmony with the powers of the earth. Foot peel, foot massage, foot pack, hand peel, hand massage and hand and arm pack. The packs are matched individually to your requirements. Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 55,-



Cosmetic ultrasound is one of the most innovative treatments developed for cosmetic aesthetics, and is used in facial and cellulite treatments in particular. The ultrasound (high-frequency sound waves) micromassages the tissue through mechanical vibrations. It aids the metabolism of the cells, increases the permeability of the tissue membrane and the burning of toxins and stimulates the circulation of the lymphs and the blood. Ultrasound treatment also helps introduce active substances, aids deep cleansing and has a smoothing effect when wrinkles form on the face.

The body wrap method is based on the Steirerhof massage philosophy. Through the combination of selected, exquisite essential oils and active plant substances this beauty treatment has an intensive effect on drainage, aids the reshaping of your silhouette and gives a feeling of lightness and increased energy.

Areas of application: * Shaping the body zones by eliminating fat deposits * Intensive skin firming * Treatment of orange-peel skin * Improving the whole appearance of the skin and refining the structure (e.g. making pores smaller, smoothing out facial wrinkles,..) * Minimizing skin blemishes * Introducing active substances When applying ultrasound to the face, the best results are achieved when it is combined with an energetic facial treatment. For the various body zones (buttocks, thighs, arms etc.) the best results are achieved when combined with an extended Steirerhof special massage. The length of time needed for an ultrasound application depends on the body zone being treated. Duration of treatment 10 mins

€ 11,-

* Opening the energy pathways in the back * Lymphatic opening in the lymph node zone starting at the neck, armpits, groin, back of the knees and the ankles * Massaging in the lotion, Bandaging the legs, buttocks and stomach Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 58,-

HEAVY LEGS WRAP Partial bodywrap to revitalise heavy and tired legs. This wrap is particularly suitable for vein problems and for legs tending to congestion. Your body immediately has a sense of energy and freshness, and your legs feel wonderfully light. Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 58,-

Extras for the Face Eyelash Eyelash service (eyelashes/eyebrows tint/shaping) approx. 25 mins € 28,Eyelash tint (only bookable with a treatment) Eyebrow tint (only bookable with a treatment) € 8,Individual ampoule € 16,Facial massage, approx. 25 mins € 36,-

HANDS AND FEET Manicure and Pedicure (without polish), approx. 80 mins € 78,Manicure with hand hand care or nail polish approx. 50 mins € 48,Paraff Paraffin hand pack approx. 25 mins € 25,Pedicure with foot care or nail polish approx. 50 mins € 55,Permanent French polish for toenails approx. 40 mins € 40,-

WAXING Lower leg up to the knee Whole leg upper lip Bikini zone/armpits/upper lip and chin

€ 30,€ 50,€ 8,€ 15,-


SPA RITUAL IN THE SPA SUITE Enjoy total privacy, chatting with one another, exchanging experiences and benefiting from private wellness rooms. Try out chocolate and honey lotions in the steam bath, experience the healthy heat of the infrared cabin, appreciate various bath oils and enjoy the cosy chimney corner, candlelight, fresh fruit, sparkling wine and nibbles. Per hour € 70,70,-

* A sweet and salty peeling with a fresh citrus fragrance * Sumptuous milk bath * Special Indocéane massage * Nurturing pack Inspired by the calming and relaxing power of the Orient and accompanied by the riches of the Mediterranean, Egypt, India and China, go on a very special journey with our therapists while enjoying fresh fruit, figs, dates and sparkling wine. For 2 persons it lasts approx. 150 mins. p.p. € 140,For 1 person it lasts approx. 120 mins. € 140,-

SPA SPA VITAL PACKAGE Brushing the whole body promotes circulation and prepares the skin for the algae pack that follows. This also stimulates the metabolism, detoxing and neutralising. You will relax in a private steam bath while the treatment takes effect, as this dissolves the toxins better. Afterwards you will be pampered with a wellness massage using essential oils. Fresh fruit and sparkling wine enhance your experience. * Whole body brushing * Algae pack, during which you relax in a private steam bath * Wellness massage (25 mins) Duration of treatment 90 mins

€ 90,-

MASSAGE FOR TWO TWO Indulge in a treatment while enjoying time together. Choose between the classic whole-body massage, aromatherapy massage, part massage with head and neck area relaxation and the combination mas- sage, then really relax by candlelight with soft music and a refreshing fruit cocktail and still also have time to chat. Duration of treatment 50 mins

p.p. € 65,-

TWICE AS NICE – TREATMENT FOR PARTNERS A nourishing treatment with a trace of the sea, which touches both body and senses. Let yourselves be pampered and enjoy the ambience of a treatment à deux. First you warm up together in the infra-red booth, then take a bath with extracts of algae and waterlily. Finally, enjoy a relaxing and moisturising facemask and a feel good massage with essential oils. Duration of treatment 120 mins

€ 170,-

THE TREASURES OF POLYNESIA Deep relaxation, well-being and cultivation in an exceptional and holistic treatment. An exotic journey towards more stability, vitality and wellbeing - unique textures, exclusive ingredients and stimulating scents let you enjoy every sense. Inspired by the traditional beauty secrets of the Maori, this ritual will pamper you with • • •

a wonderfully scented peeling, a beneficial lagoon water bath, a deep relaxation massage with warm sand stamps and shimmering body oil. You will feel recuperated, relaxed and full of positive energy, your skin will contain new luminosity and will feel flexible and delicate.

Duration of treatment for 1 person approx. 120 mins for 2 persons approx. 150 mins

€ 140,p.p. € 140,-


MEDICAL CAPABILITIES In our Institute for Preventative Medicine, Dr. Anton Putz (Cure and General Medicine) has since 1998 used his in-depth knowledge in Steirerhof as a rehabilitation physician. Using his technical competence he has convinced over the years our guests amongst other things to conduct their annual health check-up inhouse, which can be conducted with the submission of an E-Card. There is also the possibility to have medically prescribed therapies settled with your health insurance. We are pleased to advise you accordingly.

Annual Health Check up • • • •

Consultation Blood sample Urine & Stool sample Final consultation

The costs of this health check-up can be covered with the E-Card. We are very pleased to extend this statutory part with the following

Duration of treatment 20 mins

* Cardiovascular diagnostic (Fitcheck)


Resting-ECG, Pulmonary Function Test, ExerciseECG (Ergometry) with Conconi Test, sport science consultation on the following day

Duration of treatment 30 mins

Packet price


€ 134,-

* Cardiovascular training

• •

Resting-ECG, Pulmonary Function Test, ExerciseECG (Ergometry) with Conconi Test, sport science consultation, individual training session, measurement of body fat, massage Packet price

€ 228,-

• • • •

Can be booked as an additional application to the Fit check and the cardiovascular training. € 38,-

INITIAL EXAMINATION with individual consultation Duration of treatment 50 mins


€ 45,-

1 Consultation 1 Final medical dialogue 1 Laboratory diagnostic (according to the statutory screening) 1 Pulmonary Function Test 1 Resting ECG 1 Exercise ECG (Ergometry) 2 individual training sessions incl. analysis (each 30 mins) 1 individual massage (50 min.)

Available between Sunday and Thursday, excluding bank holidays

* Lactate test

Duration of treatment 20 mins

€ 36,-

€ 70,-

3 Treatment days

€ 221,-

INDIVIDUAL MASSAGE This massage stimulates skin function and metabolism, boosts the blood and lymphatic systems, in- creases the elasticity of the tendons and ligaments and causes more joint fluid to be produced. A correctly administered massage deepens the breathing, enhances physical relaxation and eases aches and pains. Duration of treatment 30 mins Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 36,€ 60,-

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE Soft stroking movements with real impact: there is no powerful kneading of muscles here. Drainage improves how waste products are flushed out of the body. The filter and cleansing function of the lymph nodes and pathways are enhanced, thus strengthening the body’s own defences. Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 60,-



Massaging the reflex zones of the feet brings intensive blood flow to the area, improves organ and tissue functions, intensifies vitality and regenerative powers and relieves tension and cramping. These prophylactic measures have a positive effect on body, mind and spirit.

It is a harmonizing and calming, hypopneumatic reflex zone drainage treatment (with a vacuum glass), which also detoxes and firms the skin and improves blood flow to the tissues. Essential oils stimulate the lymph flow and the breakdown of waste products.

Duration of treatment 25 mins

• Vibro trainer treatment to relax the back muscles • Back unblocking • Full back reflex zone drainage • Electrical stimulation of the meridian points • Concluding treatment for the stomach and thorax

€ 36,-

COMBINATION MASSAGE Massaging the reflex zones of the feet stimulates the local blood flow, improves organ and tissue functions, intensifies vitality and regenerative powers and relieves tension and cramping. In addition the classic bodyzone massage stimulates skin function and the metabolism, boosts the blood and lymphatic systems, increases the elasticity of the tendons and ligaments and causes more joint fluid to be produced. Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 60,-

This special massage is also ideal for stubborn tension, shoulder-hand syndrome, headaches and adhesions along the spine and sacrum. Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 70,-

MASSAGES & SPECIAL TREATMENTS You are in good hands from head to toe. Proven methods relax your muscles, remove blockages and encourage deep relaxation. Specifically targeted manipulations ease aches and pains and increase your general wellbeing. Physical revitalisation leads to inner balance and harmony.


• • •

Vibro trainer treatment to relax the back muscles Back unblocking Individual reflex zone drainage; after an examination the masseur will work on the elimination zone or assimilation zone and the associated leg zone, or the regeneration zone and the associated arm zone Electrical stimulation of the acupressure points on the back Activating the muscle meridian associated with the reflex zone Electrical stimulation of the acupressure points along the meridian

The extended Steirerhof special massage is ideal for lumbar complaints, knee pain, hip problems and for treating cellulite on legs, buttocks and stomach. Duration of treatment 80 mins

€ 95,-

SHIATSU MASSAGE By exerting gentle pressure on meridians and acupuncture points using flowing movements, energy congestions are cleared, the body’s own self-healing powers activated, blockages in the flow of energy cleared and the imbalance in the body can be better identified. The result: harmony and well-being. Please come to this treatment in light training clothes! Duration of treatment 80 mins

€ 95,-

MERIDIAN ENERGY MASSAGE This method of treatment is energy work performed along the course of the meridians. Meridians are energy paths that keep the body in balance. The therapist can identify in which area a blockage has developed by massaging the ear or the body, and then balance the energy using a metal rod. This treatment is particularly successful when used where the flow of energy is disturbed, e.g. tension, injuries, emotional stress, headaches, scars..... It can help restore your lost inner equilibrium. Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 55,-

SCAR TISSUE MASSAGE Scars from injuries or operations block the energy flow in the body and can be painful. This massage can break down tissue adhesions and greatly improve, or even remove, the energy blockage. Scar tissue massage is ideal in combination with our meridian energy massage. Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 55,-

DEEP RELAXATION MASSAGE This combination of massage, energy work and the beneficial effect of warm St John’s Wort oil releases tension in the musculature and spine. Relaxing the spine and joints harmonises the energy flow, removes congestions and balances the vegetative nervous system. Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 60,-

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE Essential oils work dynamically, permeating the skin, blood vessels and tissues, and have a positive effect on organs, body functions, cells and subtle energy levels. They bring body, mind and spirit into harmony, calm the vegetative nervous system, strengthen the body’s defences and positively enhance your overall wellbeing. The massage actively targets the lymph flow and energy flow. Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 60,-

CRANIORANIO-SACRAL RELAXATION Especially gentle and small movements are used here. The pressure is carefully administered in order to reach your sensory perception threshold. This treatment technique offers you the opportunity of increasing your quality of life, irrespective of your current state of health. It has a particularly relaxing effect, helps greatly with aches and pains in the musculoskeletal system and is also ideal after traumatic experiences, such as accidents. Cranial relaxation allows the body to use its own powers of self-healing and energy again. Please come to this treatment in light training clothes! Duration of treatment 80 mins

€ 85,-

LA STONE® Varying temperature applications are combined with a body treatment and energy balancing. Stones are laid on your chakras (energy centers) and their effect quickly relaxes the body so that the heat from the stones can penetrate deeply immediately. The hot stones are then exchanged for cooled stones, starting a chemical reaction within the body’s systems that simply yet effectively removes blockages and reduces muscle tension in the body. Duration of treatment 75 mins

€ 95,-

TCM – TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE TCM was developed in China as an independent medical system and has been tried and tested over a period of 2,000 years. We have been practising TCM at the Steirerhof for many years; in fact we built a separate unit for Chinese medicine under medical supervision in 1998. There are several procedures involving external stimulation in Chinese healing: the positioning of thin needles (acupuncture), mugwort heat therapy (moxibustion), cupping, Tui Na massage and Qi Gong. Chinese herbal healing also plays a central role. Individually composed teas are medical and sometimes very strong remedies, requiring a great deal of knowledge and experience on the part of the doctor. An important part of TCM is tongue and pulse diagnosis, which pinpoints the location of the problem and its characteristic trait. Treatment is only carried out after we have gone into your past medical history in great detail. Our female Chinese doctor decides on

the type of TCM appropriate for you.

TONGUE & PULSE DIAGNOSTIC This diagnostic procedure determines the problem as well as the attribute and builds the basis for each further TCM treatment. The Chinese pulse diagnostic has been practised for hundreds of years and discerns between 18 different pulse qualities. Duration of treatment 20 mins

€ 40,-

ACUPUNCTURE Before every treatment a basic examination is carried out using tongue and pulse diagnosis. This has been practised for centuries and differentiates between eighteen different pulse qualities. Fine, thin needles are inserted at the acupuncture points, what has a positive effect on the body’s regulatory system.

CHINESE HERBAL PACK After a tongue and pulse diagnosis, various Chinese herbs are assembled, ground up and mixed to a paste with vinegar. This mixture is applied to the painful part of the body and heat lamps are then shone on it. This helps the body to better absorb the substances within the herbs. Especially applicable for rheumatism, joint pain, hard, tensed muscles, problems in the urogenital tract and flatulence. FIRE CUPPING Special cupping glasses are placed on the acupuncture points. The heat of the fire loosens the blocked meridians and the energy flow is rebalanced. This treatment method is ideal for coughs and colds, backache, sciatica, shoulder-arm syndrome, stiff neck and stomach ache.

MOXIBUSTION Using moxa sticks, made from a mixture of various plants, heat is introduced to the acupuncture points. The red-hot moxa sticks are carefully positioned around 5-10 cm away, heating up the acupuncture points or the painful muscle area, giving better results in removing blockages and easing pain. Duration of treatment 25 mins Duration of treatment 50 mins

This treatment is also one of the manual TCM therapies. First a footbath is administered, prepared with high-quality Chinese medicinal herbs. Everyday aches and pains such as digestive problems, sleep and circulatory disorders and stress are treated. The interaction of the medicinal herbs and the foot massage releases tension in the body and has a balancing effect on the vegetative nervous system. Duration of treatment 50 mins

EAR ACUPUNCTURE MASSAGE In Chinese medicine the ear is considered a reflex zone and a reflection of the whole body. Stimulating a range of different acupuncture points has a positive effect on the body’s pain regulation system and strengthens it. The stimuli, generated through sesame seeds or acupuncture rods reach the brain via the nerves, where they then work on the thalamus. Pain is suppressed and the respiratory rhythm, pulse rate and the gastrointestinal tract return to normal.


€ 45,€ 70,-

€ 68,-

TUI NA MASSAGE This treatment is one of the manual TCM therapies. Many different forms of manual stimulation are carried out on the skin, muscles and tissue in the musculoskeletal system, loosening up severely tense and hardened muscles and eliminating deposits in the musculature. Duration of treatment 25 mins Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 45,€ 65,-

Ideal for a 3-day stay

€ 190,-

AN INTRODUCTION TO TCM An individual package for those who would like to try TCM: * 1 tongue and pulse diagnosis * 1 Tui Na massage (50 mins) * 2 Chinese foot massages with herbal foot bath (50 mins each) Ideal for a 3- to 4-day stay

€ 198,-


TCM FOR BACK PROBLEMS Wear and tear on the spine, severe muscle tension and restricted movement of the shoulder joint weakens the energy in our backs. The following package builds up energy and eases pain very effectively: * 1 TCM treatment (25 mins) for compiling the initial findings * 3 Tui Na massages (50 mins each) combined with either cupping or Chinese herbal pack, according to our recommendation

An unbalanced diet, too little sleep and of course stress, as well as the weather and environmental influences weaken our immune system. To combat this we offer the following combination

Ideal from Sunday to Thursday

* 2 TCM treatments (25 mins each) * 5 decoctions made from Chinese medicinal herbs * 2 Chinese energy soups

Physical or severe emotional stress can stop the flow of Qi in the body, resulting in a state of energetic imbalance, leading to exhaustion, fatigue, loss of drive and even burnout. To get your Qi flowing again, we recommend the following combination:

Ideal for a 3-day stay

€ 120,-

FAR EAST WELLNESS Chinese and Japanese healing massages combined in one offer: * 2 Tui Na massages (25 mins each) * 1 Shiatsu massage (80 mins) * 1 relaxation training session with personal consultation

€ 198,-


* 1 TCM treatment (50 mins) with tongue and pulse diagnosis and starting treatment * 2 Chinese foot massages with herbal footbath (50 mins each) * 2 sessions of acupuncture (25 mins each) * 1 Tui Na massage (50 mins) * 4 Chinese energy soups Ideal from Sunday to Sunday

€ 320,-


PHYSICAL FITNESS & SPORTS SERVICES Sitting too long and not moving enough will eventually cause tension, scleroses and finally chronic pain. Through specific body work such as gymnastics and sports training, such complaints can be remedied and your general well-being improved immensely.

Ideal for spinal problems (slipped disc, disorders of the spine, postural deformities etc.), osteoporosis, arthritis in individual joints and problems with the musculoskeletal system. The individual training program can be carried out using different apparatus such as gym balls, bands, sticks, balance boards, dumb-bells or even with your own body weight. Pelvic floor gymnastics, water gymnastics, strengthening the musculature and stretching exercises are also part of individual therapeutic gymnastics. Duration of treatment 30 mins

â‚Ź 45,-

SCIENTIFIC SPORTS TRAINING SESSION Used for dispersing painful muscle tension. The individual consultation with a trainer is also ideal for everyone who is serious about starting running, cycling or intensive muscle training. Each training session is individually tailored and may consist of, for example Nordic Walking, water gymnastics, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, running, power training in the fitness studio or spinal gymnastics. Duration of treatment 30 mins

â‚Ź 45,-

Duration of treatment 30 mins

€ 45,-

PAIN REGULATION THERAPY WITH SCENAR This form of electrotherapy regulates the vegetative nervous system. The Scenar device works by using a pulse technology, which constantly changes by measuring the pulse responses generated in the body. That means that each pulse is different to the previous ones, preventing the body from adapting to them. Used for pain in particular, there is often a definite easing after 20 to 30 minutes. Good results are also achieved for complaints of the musculoskeletal apparatus, fractures, disorders of the nervous system, respiratory and lung problems and for the consequences of long-term stress. Duration of treatment 25 mins Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 40,€ 65,-

ELECTROTHERAPY Different electrotherapies such as galvanisation, iontophoresis, faradisation (surge current), exponential current or diadynamic current aid therapy for all disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Electrotherapy also contributes to strengthening a weakened musculature. Duration of treatment 20 mins

€ 20,-

ULTRASOUND TREATMENT Has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, can be used for acute sciatica and helps with myogelosis (muscle tension), arthrosis, oedemas, neuralgia, epicondylitis and haematomas. Scars become smoother and softer and the lymphatic system is stimulated.


Duration of treatment 15 mins

Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 20,-

€ 65,-

VIDEOVIDEO-ASSISTED ASSISTED FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS OF THE SPINE (Video scree screening with musclemuscle-function test)

BODY FAT MEASUREMENT We measure the proportion of fat, muscle and water in your body using bioelectric impedance analysis. The result is interpreted in a consultation and a therapy program recommended. Duration of treatment 20 mins

This exercise program is worked out especially for training in the fitness room. It ensures that you use the equipment correctly and productively.

€ 30,-

MUSCLEMUSCLE-FUNCTION TEST Here your 'muscle status' is checked and an exercise program worked out based on the result. This comprises mobilisation, strengthening and stretching exercises, targeting your weak points which can then be treated therapeutically in short exercise sessions. We also give you a copy of the exercise program to take home.

This analysis is an uncomplicated and harmless way of identifying weaknesses in posture and movement. The different movements of the spine are recorded on camera, transferred to a monitor and explained to you. A detailed training program is then worked out, based on the results. You will be given a copy of this to take home with you. Duration of treatment 60 mins

€ 85,-

BIOFEEDBACK This is a special procedure that can show physiological values, such as heart rate, temperature, blood flow to the peripheral tissues, respiration, skin conductance, and muscle tension, which you view on a monitor. It tests your resistance to stress and a sports scientist will explain the results to you. He will then recommend relaxation techniques and show you how to perform them correctly. Very helpful for muscle tension in the neck and head area, migraines, high blood pressure and shortness.


Duration of the first treatment 40 mins Furthermore treatment 30 mins

€ 58,€ 45,-

. BIOFEEDBACK - ‘FOR INNER PEACE‘ INDIVIDUAL HEALTH COACHING Duration of treatment 30 mins Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 45,€ 65,-

The biofeedback shows your reaction of bodily functions (tension and relaxation behaviour) to stress and emotional pressure. The aim is to learn relaxation techniques and to develop a better awareness of your body. * 1 biofeedback session – creating stress profile * 2 relaxation training sessions with biofeedback * 1 tension-balancing treatment * 1 cranio-sacral relaxation session 2 days of treatment (each approx. 2 hrs) € 225,-

FITNESS FOR THE SPINE This functional analysis shows the mobility of your spine, revealing any incorrect posture and function. Our therapists then create an individual gymnastics program based on the analysis: • • •

1 video-assisted functional analysis of the spine with muscle-function test 1 individual therapeutic gymnastic session 1 combination massage 1 day of treatment (approx. 2.5 hrs) € 160,-

DANCE & EXPRESSIVE ARTS THERAPY It is an experience orientated, holistic form of therapy, where each person applies their own unique range of expressive movements. You combine body, mind and soul and bring unity and harmony into everyday life. Where in other forms of therapy the spoken word is the center of attention, dance therapy is focused on the language of the body. The therapist observes, how the people move with reference to coordination, space, time and energy. By perceiving, experiencing and raising awareness of your own body language the connection to emotional and psychological issues can be discovered. Thus not only will your self-awareness be strengthened and your repertoire of expressions be extended but also a new vision for physical symptoms will be created. The qualified dance and expressive arts therapist, who at the same time is also a physiotherapist and a sport

scientist, discovers individual problem sources and develops transformation possibilities. Duration of treatment 50 mins

â‚Ź 70,-



The natural Fango used in this treatment comes from the volcanic rock phonolite, quarried in the Kaiserstuhl area of the Black Forest. We mix the fine mineral powder with Bad Waltersdorf thermal water here in the hotel to produce our pack. This treatment intensely warms even deep tissue with long-lasting effect. The high temperatures boost blood flow, ease pain and relax the muscles and connective tissue. You sweat more intensely and your heart rate increases. We adapt this treatment to each individual, and it also has a beneficial reflex effect on internal organs and glands. A medical examination should be carried out before a natural Fango treatment (our spa doctor at the hotel is available for this), where the type of application, the temperature and the length and frequency of the treatment will be decided.

Therapeutic Neydharting peat is considered to be particularly skin-friendly, beneficial and regenerative. It is rich in water-soluble components, which are well absorbed by the skin. This treatment has a stimulating effect on the hormones, and the humic acid contained in the peat greatly improves blood flow to the joints. Lying on a heated water bed, you experience total relaxation.

Duration of treatment 30 mins

€ 28,-

BRINE PACK Lying on a water bed heated to 37˚C, your body is cocooned in wraps soaked in a 24-percent brine solution, causing your body to effectively sweat out impurities. The heat opens the pores allowing the body pack to really work its magic. Duration of treatment 30 mins

€ 28,-

Duration of treatment 30 mins

€ 28,-

SEAWEED BODY WRAP Health from the sea: through the application of mineral salts, iodine and micro nutrients this intensive whole body treatment works to detoxify, firm, drain, stimulate your metabolism and can also assist with joint problems. After a peeling, the seaweed body wrap is applied to the body for 30 minutes. The wrap is then washed off in a whirlpool over a period of about 20 minutes. Immediately your body begins to detoxify and this effect can be seen on the skin. After a period of about 10 minutes your body will stop perspiring and a body care product is applied. (Advice: with thyroid disorders this treatment can be counter productive) Duration of treatment 60 mins

€ 78,-

WRAPS & PACKS We have abundant resources to draw on to achieve beauty and health. These proven applications detoxify, firm and nourish. The sumptuous treatment methods achieve particularly intensive effects, including improving the appearance of cellulite, continuously moisturising the skin and easing varicose veins.

DETOXIFYING DETOXIFYING PACK Up to 15 large bandages soaked in healing earth, algae, minerals and sea salt from the Dead Sea, are used for this wrap. After a preparatory whole-body brushing, your body is invigorated using a special wrapping technique to detox and purify it. Your lipid metabolism is pepped up and surplus fat deposits broken down. This method is not designed solely to achieve short-term weight loss, but to accomplish the best possible detoxification and purification of the tissue. We recommend a whole-body peeling before the detox pack to remove dry skin cells and encourage better absorption. Detox tea is offered to aid the detoxification effect. Duration of treatment 80 mins with peeling without peeling


€ 118, € 88,-

We have added essential oils to these beneficial cold applications, which work particularly well for varicose veins and fluid build-up.

Duration of treatment 50 mins

Duration of treatment 30 mins

Ideal for dry skin. First you are given a wholebody brushing to encourage the blood flow to the skin. Following this we apply a lotion made from a base cream with mare’s milk and a variety of body oils such as jojoba, almond and sesame. Your body is then cocooned in soft wraps. The water bed is heated to 37˚C, and this heat opens the pores even more, allowing the body wrap to really work its magic.

€ 23,-

ALGAE GEL BODY PACK It is a body treatment preceded by a wholebody peeling. Algae gel made from pure algae extract is applied to the body, you then lie on a heated water bed while it takes effect. The heat opens the pores allowing the body wrap to really work its magic. The tissue is detoxified and supplied with minerals and trace elements, and fat deposits are broken down. Afterwards the skin is soft, smooth and well moisturised.

€ 80,-


Duration of treatment 30 mins

€ 38,-



An effective body treatment for detoxing and losing weight. After a peeling, we tackle the fatty tissue in the legs, buttocks and stomach with a cellulite massage on those areas, using a new combination of active substances. Extract of yellow poppy helps to break down the fat and inhibits new deposits of fat. Green coffee and Atlantic kelp stimulate the release of deposited fat reserves. A face-mask made from powdered shells, silica and alginate is then applied to the problem areas. This has a remineralising and toning effect and the osmotic pressure it triggers aids and encourages the absorption of the active ingredients.

This wrap tackles your problem areas and helps you lose inches. Through specific wrapping techniques you will lose weight exactly where you need to, for example from the stomach, bottom or hips. The tissue is detoxified and purified, improving blood flow to the skin, making it smooth and firm. Treatment is preceded by an in-depth consultation with your therapist, after which you will decide together on the intensity of the wrap.

This treatment speeds up the metabolism and stimulates the microcirculation, inhibits new deposits of fat, detoxes even stubborn deposits, tightens your body’s contours and gives you silkysoft, well moisturised skin.


with peeling approx. 80 mins without Peeling approx. 60 mins

€ 120,€ 85,-

Duration of treatment 40 mins

€ 38,-

Composed of healing chalks, healing earth and essential oils, this pack is particularly suitable for sensitive skin and strengthens the immune system. Due to its low pH level, healing chalk neutralises or lowers the pH level in the body preventing acidity that can occur especially in rheumatic illnesses. The heat of the water bed accelerates the absorption of the effective substances. Duration of treatment 40 mins

€ 38,-

BATH THERAPIES Taking a bath is like taking blissful time out, a gift for your health. Water can work real miracles – especially if it is enriched with highquality, curative essences. Herbs are grown for almost everything: our baths stimulate and refresh, relax and calm, dispense power and energy – all according to your individual state of health.



A tincture made from pure Chinese herbs and roots is added to this regenerative bath which removes blockages and tension from the joints and muscles, alleviates pain, eases inflammation and boosts your energy flow. Also proven for stress-induced exhaustion.

First you are given a natural peeling made from sea salt and sour cream, combined with a stimulating whole-body brushing, which neutralises the pH level of the skin. This is followed by a moisturising face mask, made from quark, grated apple and honey. Finally, indulge in a full-sized bath with a blend of rose petals, milk and rose oil. A refreshing fruit cocktail drink rounds off this very special bathing experience.

Duration of treatment 30 mins

€ 28,-

Duration of treatment 60 mins

€ 68,-

SOAP BRUSHING WITH HONEY AND OIL MASSAGE An intensive soap brushing massage cleans the body and boosts the circulation, which is intensified even more by the pleasant warmth of the special treatment bed. The heat opens the skin’s pores and penetrates deep into the muscles. When your body has been washed, it is massaged all over with warm honey and oil. Complete relaxation for body, mind and spirit. Duration of treatment 50 mins

€ 58,-

WHOLEWHOLE-BODY PEELING Fine exfoliating particles gently remove dry skin cells and clean skin thoroughly. This treatment is ideal for every skin type, making the skin smooth and supple. Ideal preparation for baths, wraps, packs and massages. Duration of treatment 30 mins

€ 38,-

One day of treatment, approx. 80 mins € 80,-

TASTER BEAUTY DAY FOR HIM AND HER 1 complete facial, neck and décolleté treatment, deep-cleansing, peeling, ampoule, face-mask, massage 1 pedicure 1 hand massage with arm pack

• •

One day of treatment, approx. 3 hrs

BODY REVITALISATION Strength, elasticity and smoothness return after the very first treatment. •

€ 160,•


Treatment lasts approx. 120 mins

Synergised essential oils are used in these treatments to boost the breakdown of waste products. The hypopneumatic drainage of the skin aids the draining of toxins. A back drainage massage makes this treatment harmonising and calming. 1 extended Steirerhof special massage (Vibro trainer treatment to relax the back muscles, back unblocking, individual reflex zone drainage) 1 body zone-specific algae pack 1 energetic face-lifting (cleansing, peeling, aromatherapy and algae therapy, energetic drainage, face-mask and electrostimulation to firm the skin and tissue)

• •

One day of treatment, approx. 3 hrs (incl. breaks)

€ 185,-

• •

1 whole-body peeling 1 aromatherapy massage

€ 105,-


2 Detoxifying wraps 1 Foot reflexology massage

Packet price

€ 180,-


3 radio frequency treatments (50 mins each) 1 basic product of Piroche

Packet price

€ 300,-



1 Shiatsu facial massage (including deep cleansing, peeling, Shiatsu massage, skintype-specific face- mask, concluding care) 1 foot & hand ritual

1 soap brushing followed by a honey and oil massage 1 head and neck relaxation massage

Duration of treatment approx. 80 mins

€ 80,-

BEAUTY TREATMENT PACKAGES Concentrated expertise for an all-inclusive price. In each of our specially worked out programs we have brought a selection of our methods together to create an ideal combination to give you greater beauty, health and physical fitness. We offer you the unique experience of wellness in Styria – let us pamper you with our treatments.

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