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BEST WELLNESS & SPORT HOTEL Discover the value of time and tranquillity. We will pamper you with high quality skin care and the very best ingredients from nature.

Welcome – to your prime spot on the Zugspitze!

Angelika and Franz Dengg

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BEST WELLNESS CLUB Become a member of our Best Wellness Club and benefit from numerous advantages: • Purchase well-being pleasure vouchers • Enjoy well-being benefits • 5 % discount on hotel packages at all Best Wellness Hotels in Austria


Please ask at reception for more information.


POST VITALITY WORLD 2,000 m² of peace, relaxation and recuperation. Enjoy magnificent views of the Zugspitze from the pool and garden. 1

Indoor & outdoor pool 30 °C, daily from 7:00 to 20:00


Hot whirlpool




Brine bath and aromatherapy bath


Herb steam bath


Tyrol sauna




Ice grotto and bucket shower


Cold water plunge pool


Kneipp hydrotherapy area


Relaxation rooms with water beds


Experience showers


Relaxation rooms with panoramic views of the Zugspitze


Fresh air zone & garden


Recliner area with beach chairs


Family area with sauna, steam bath & recliners


Vitality bar

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Submerse yourself in a world of skin care. We pamper you with top quality products and exquisite treats made from herbs, flowers and golden grapes (our wine products)

SPA & beauty reception with a small tea lounge


Treatment rooms with views of the Zugspitze


Zugspitze spring bath


Spa suite


Fitness studio with cardio equipment from Technogym




Double treatement suite


Activity and seminar room


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POST ALPIN SPA PRODUCTS POST EARLY BOOKING BONUS Compile your own personal well-being package. Call us before your stay. We are happy to advise and provide detailed information about your optimal well-being break at the POST. DISCOUNT of 10 % on all advance bookings (min. 1 week before arrival, excluding Christmas, New Year, carnival). Only 1 price offer can be used for each stay but the best offer will apply!

OUR POST SERVICE: we would be happy to send you skin care products from VINOBLE, !QMS and ALPIENNE for use in your own private beauty oasis.

POST ALPIN SPA Tel: +43 (0) 5673 2281-850 You are in the best of hands! Our SPA team are on hand to advise and pamper you! Individual, well-trained and with perfect instincts for your personal well-being! We are looking forward to welcoming you! Andrea Haase, SPA Manager and the POST well-being team

Andrea Haase SPA Manager Melanie Schiftner Cosmetics and Ayurveda Vanessa Marder Cosmetics and Massage Heike Helbig Ayurveda and Massage



Behind the successful brand !QMS Medicosmetics is the famous beauty specialist and internationally renowned expert in the field of aesthetical medicine, Erich Schulte. The !QMS anti-ageing treatment system is unique in its effects in terms of maintaining health and regenerating the skin. This exclusive treatment draws on the effects of Medicosmetics, without surgical intervention. Treat your skin to a composition of high quality care and medical expertise.

Alpine flowers and herbs from the treasure trove of nature are the secret of the ALPINNE skin care range. Flora and fauna in high Alpine areas have to withstand extreme weather conditions. Over thousands of years, they have therefore developed exceptional protective mechanisms. These intelligent active ingredients are highly beneficial to the skin and well-being of people. The active ingredients are extracted during lengthy processes and applied in their purest form for ALPIENNE products. And since body care is also health care, all of the products are made using olive oil, bee’s wax and propolis.



Grape vines are one of the oldest plants known to humanity. Their fruits, grapes, contain precious and valuable ingredients. These form the basis for beauty, elasticity and a radiant appearance. The grapes used grow and mature as part of an organic cultivation process in sunny south Styria, Austria. These hand-selected natural treasures are then carefully plucked and processed.

Couleur Caramel is only made from natural ingredients. These are all fair-trade and organic. The latest technology combined with sustainable production ensures intensive and lasting colour and a high level of skin tolerance. The brand was founded in 2003 in France with claim that quality, luxury and sustainability do not have to be mutually exclusive in natural cosmetics.

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GOLDEN GRAPES VINOBLE FACIAL TREATMENTS FOR HIM AND HER Recharge your energy levels and zest for life in harmony with nature. Best of all, you can not only choose from 600

wines on our wine list, you can also enjoy vinotherapy in the SPA!



As part of this basic treatment*, a special mask is applied to your skin which contains valuable active ingredients and leaves the skin looking visibly refreshed and revitalised. The filling effects of this exceptional treatment create substantial firming of the facial area. The final part of the treatment involves the application of VINOBLE Creme.  approx. 60 mins Euro 80.-

This eye treatment starts with a special eye massage which fully relaxes the tired and stressed eye area. A rich mask is then applied to the eye area which reduces inflammation and increases blood flow. The skin care products used are silky, light and rich. They soak in quickly and bring radiance back to the eye area. Can also be combined with a facial treatment  approx. 30 mins Euro 38.-



Following the basic treatment*, the luxury VINOBLE cremes and serums are applied layer on layer. As a highlight, we will pamper you with our de luxe ampoules, which actively combat premature ageing of the skin and make fine wrinkles invisible. The self-warming mask is individually modelled beforehand and helps the special active ingredients to penetrate deep within the skin where they have a protecting effect. The result is a long-lasting, smooth and well-tended appearance. A fountain of youth for the skin.  approx. 90 mins Euro 122.-

With this revitalising facial treatment, we aim to show that a good wine can make you feel younger on the outside too! Following the classic basic treatment, the fresh anti-ageing skin care treatment is applied to the face, neck and chest area. The result is rounded off with a special vine leaf mask while we pamper you with a pleasant hand massage. A refreshing eye gel and final skin care treatment completes this ‘wine tasting’.  approx. 80 mins Euro 118.-

* VINOBLE BASIC TREATMENT VINOBLE CHARDONNAY FACIAL TREATMENT - LIBERATING The ritual begins with the basic treatment* and is continued with this special massage using warm or cold bags of grape seeds. The treatment ends with an exclusive vine leaf mask. The rich and firming texture create a smooth and well looked after appearance. Incl. a glass of Styrian white wine from our wine cellar.  approx. 90 mins Euro 127.-

INCL. A GLASS OF STYRIAN WHITE WINE FROM OUR WINE CELLAR The mask which can do both – firm and soothe the skin. Following the basic treatment*, a valuable mask of grape seed flour, healing earth and a magical moisturising elixir is applied to the skin. The exclusive combination of active ingredients stimulates the circulation and promotes the healing process. This integrated eye treatment brings radiance back to the stressed eye area. Incl. a glass of Sauvignon Blanc from our wine cellar.  approx. 90 mins Euro 117.-

All of the VINOBLE facial treatments have the same basis. This comprises a cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation and cleaning of the skin in addition to a facial massage adapted to your skin type.

We would be happy to advise you before you arrive. Call us on: +43 (0) 5673 2281-850 or email us at

GOLDEN GRAPES – TO TAKE WITH YOU Your next holiday won’t seem so far away with this VINOBLE set for use at home. Our POST ALPIN SPA team are happy to advise.

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Giving you the feeling of receiving top quality care is our primary concern. That’s why we trust in specially selected and exclusive products and take plenty of time for an



A special cosmetic experience for a radiant appearance! A 1-hour luxury treatment for special occasions, celebrations, weddings etc. The special thing about this treatment is its moisturising foam mask which is generously distributed over the face. An intensive facial massage and final skin care treatment adapted to your skin type and the time of day complete this pampering treatment. On request, we can also apply light day or evening make-up for you. Treat yourself to a !QMS hand treatment with a manicure and varnish at the same time!  approx. 60 mins Euro 75.with !QMS hand treatment approx. 120 mins Euro 145.-

A unique cosmetic treatment which improves the tissue structures of the skin. The crowning feature of the !QMS treatments is this luxury lifting session. This energises and firms the skin and stables the skin’s functions.  approx. 90 mins Euro 110.With cleansing & eyebrow correction  approx. 120 mins Euro 140.-

individual consultation with you. !QMS is a detailed skin care system which can be used to improve your skin in no time.

!QMS RELAX-O-FIRM FACIAL TREATMENT A cleansing relaxing treatment which activates the metabolism. Ideal for use in-between other treatments or as an introduction. During this treatment, any excessive hardened skin is removed in a gentle yet thorough manner. This effective cleansing improves and stimulates the metabolism. An effective mask soothes, regenerates and moisturises the skin.  approx. 60 mins Euro 80.With cleansing and eyebrow correction  approx. 80 mins Euro 100.-

FOR YOUR PRIVATE BEAUTY FARM! !QMS CLASSIC FACIAL TREATMENT This anti-ageing beauty treatment provides you with new skin. The formation of new cells is stimulated and natural highly concentrated collagens penetrate deep into the skin. This enables the skin to absorb more moisture and thereby gain in suppleness, vitality and elasticity. The success of this treatment is immediately visible; you will look years younger and much healthier. Ideal for dry, low-moisture and stressed skin (with this treatment, we work with masks which cover the eyes and have a somewhat tightening effect. We will discuss this in your consultation). With cleansing and eyebrow correction  approx. 120 mins Euro 145.-

!QMS products to take home with you. We can send the products you require to your home, individually adapted to suit your requirements. Our POST ALPIN SPA team are happy to advise.

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Classic manicure without varnish approx. 40 mins Euro 36.Cosmetic pedicure without varnishapprox. 40 mins Euro 36.!QMS hand treatment (peeling + mask) with manicure and varnish approx. 80 mins Euro 85.-

!QMS neck, chest and décolleté approx. 60 mins Euro 75.Facial massage approx. 30 mins Euro 35.Facial lymph drainage  approx. 40 mins Euro 45.-

Alpine herb foot bath with pedicure and varnish  Varnish French varnish French varnish hands and feet


approx. 65 mins Euro 75.Euro 9.Euro 15.Euro 25.-

BEAUTIFUL EYES * Eyebrow correction Euro 15.Eyebrow tint Euro 15.Eyelash tint Euro 15.Eyebrow tint and shaping, eyelash tint  Euro 32.VINOBLE eye treatment approx. 30 mins Euro 37.-

PURE COSMETICS FOR HIM & HER SPA – SHORT & SWEET Part-body massage VINOBLE aromatherapy back massage Short facial massage VINOBLE eye treatment VINOBLE barrique bath or ALPIENNE herbal honey bath VINOBLE body peel

Hot wax is the perfect gentle and hygienic method for removing undesirable hair on a long-term basis. The hairs and stubble are removed against the direct of growth using warm liquid wax, ensuring a lighter re-growth. Underarms Full arms  Lower legs  Full legs Top lip  Back  Stomach  Chest  Chin  Bikini / armpits 

Euro 22.Euro 36.Euro 39.Euro 44.Euro 9.Euro 38.Euro 22.Euro 29.Euro 12.Euro 15.-

* Length of treatments can vary.

SOLARIUM 25 mins Euro 35.30 mins Euro 35.30 mins Euro 35.30 mins Euro 42.-

The solarium can be activated with your room card. Please note that the solarium may only be used by over 18s. 

6 mins Euro 4.-

30 mins Euro 29.30 mins Euro 35.-

OUT WELL-BEING TREATMENTS FOR OUR BEGINNERS For all of our guests who want to explore the POST SPA offers, we offer a selection of short offers. Well-being also means taking time for yourself and enjoying the benefits of skin care and rest.

Treat yourself to a delightful make-up session with our new Couleur Caramel beauty range. We are always here to advise – whether you fancy a subtle and elegant daytime look or a seductive evening look. Quick make-up Full make-up

approx. 15 mins Euro 20,approx. 35 mins Euro 40,-

Our SPA team can provide you with professional advice for compiling your well-being and skin care stay with us at the Post.

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Soothing, balancing, relaxing and healthy. Enjoy a more relaxed life!

Slow, rhythmic stroking movements transport you to a world of tranquillity.



With this full-body treatment, you will be pampered from head to toe with a stimulating and soothing massage. Tensions are relieved, the metabolism stimulated and the lymph flow activated.  approx. 75 mins Euro 89.-

Enjoy this combination of a part-body and reflexology massage. Following discussion with our therapists, you can decide which areas the massage should focus on, e.g. legs, back, head. The following reflexology foot massage helps the body relax during the part-body massage, activates the body’s own powers of self-healing and strengthens the immune system.  approx. 65 mins Euro 80.-

ZUGSPITZE FULL-BODY MASSAGE Discover the power of nature and choose your own special massage lotion made from arnica, St. John’s wort or marmot oil. Feel the calming, regenerating and relaxing effects on your muscles.  approx. 50 mins Euro 65.-

PART-BODY MASSAGE With a part-body massage, you decide which part of the body needs a massage. After discussion with our therapists, you can enjoy an individual massage tailored to your requirements (e.g. back, knees, legs).  approx. 25 mins Euro 35.-

REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE Our feet reflect the whole body. Stimulation of these reflexology points on the feet has been proven to help various disorders (e.g. problems with the digestive system, headaches, menstrual cycle problems, lymphatic disorders). A reflexology massage has a detoxifying effect and removes toxins from the body. The body’s powers of self-healing are activated and the immune system strengthened. You will be able to fee the floor beneath your feet like new! We recommend combining the reflexology massage with a classic part-body massage.  approx. 40 mins Euro 45.-

DETOXIFYING MASSAGE With a detoxifying massage, the lymphatic pathways are massaged in order to transport excessive water deposits and toxins away from the body quickly. The circulation is also stimulated, the body’s own powers of self-healing activated and relaxation achieved throughout the body.  approx. 60 mins Euro 66.-

EAR CANDLE CEREMONY WITH FACIAL LYMPH DRAINAGE The ear candle treatment combined with a facial lymph drainage acts like a gentle massage on the eardrums and ears. The warm smoke penetrates the inner ear where it unfolds its effects. Circulation to the ear is improved after the treatment. Ear candles can also be used to treat nervous and stress-related complaints such as headaches and migraines.  approx. 55 mins Euro 60.-

AROMATHERAPY RELAXATION MASSAGE Relax with a gentle massage and choose a warm chestnut or cedar oil or a soothing balm or forest berry oil to accompany the basic oil. A soothing experience for all the senses.  approx. 50 mins Euro 65.-


VINOBLE BALANCE MASSAGE The flow of energy is stimulated starting with an intensive head and neck massage. Long firm strokes are applied to the flow of the body’s energy channels. Warm grape seed bags bring your energy levels gently back into balance. This treatment is suitable for treating severe stress. You will be given the grape seed bags used as a gift to take home with you.  approx. 60 mins Euro 82.-

For optimal relaxation, book several massage appointments!

MASSAGES FOR TWO! All of our massages can be enjoyed as a couple in our partner suite. For more information, see p.18.

A massage which uses hot stones and warm oil. Harmonising for the body, mind and soul. This special form of massage has a lasting impact on stress and inner tension. Slight blockages in the muscle system are relieved and broken down. A truly special pampering experience.  approx. 75 mins Euro 89.-

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Abhyanga refers to the application of oil. The body is coated in warm oil to create a feeling of comfort and promote good sleep and healthy skin. approx. 75 mins plus approx. 10 mins relaxation afterwards Euro 99.-

This soothing foot and leg massage has a positive impact on the whole body via the zones of the feet. It promotes the circulation of the fine flows of energy and leads to a state of deep relaxation. Restlessness and sleep disorders are soothed, inner tensions are settled and a new feeling of complete well-being emerges. Please do not choose this treatment if you have an inflammation of the venous or lymphatic systems or any disorders of the feet. approx. 30 mins plus approx. 10 mins relaxation afterwards Euro 42.-

ABHYANGA MASSAGE 4-HANDED approx. 60 mins plus approx. 10 mins relaxation afterwards

AYURVEDA-TREATMENTS Ayurveda is a philosophy of life which is composed of the words Ayus (life) and Veda (knowledge). It is a combination of experience and philosophy which focuses on the key physical, mental, emotional and spiri-

tual aspects for health. Before each Ayurveda treatment, we determine your dosha type based on a questionnaire. This enables us to know which treatment and which oil suits you best.

Euro 132.-



This Ayurveda head massage is initially carried out while seated. This offers optimal access to the head, neck and back. The head massage alternates stimulating and soothing massage techniques. The hair oil nourishes the scalp and creates strong, beautiful hair. approx. 45 mins plus approx.10 mins relaxation afterwards

This detoxifying Ayurveda bath provides an energetic cleansing after a hectic day. The magnificent natural scent of Oriental flowers creates a deep sense of relaxation with this natural brine bath.  approx. 20 mins Euro 29.-

Euro 65.-

TAKE MORE TIME! Ayurveda primarily means taking time for yourself. We offer individual advice in order to find the best possible treatment for you! With each Ayurveda treatment, you will receive a brief description of your dosha type and a short Ayurveda cookery recipe.

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POST SPECIAL MOMENTS FOR women • VINOBLE Sauvignon facial treatment – radiant approx. 90 mins • VINOBLE honey & wine pack approx. 60 mins • VINOBLE balance massage approx. 60 mins 

Euro 235.-

VINOBLE SAUVIGNON SELECTION FOR WOMEN • VINOBLE freshness facial treatment approx. 60 mins (with a special strawberry refreshing mask) • VINOBLE gentle aromatherapy back massage approx. 30 mins • VINOBLE grape seed full-body peel approx. 30 mins (also combined with the aromatherapy back massage) • Classic manicure without varnish approx. 40 mins  Euro 170.-

Exquisite drinks

Delicate dishes

Partner SUITE for ‘time for two’ For closeness and happiness. Exclusive private SPA pleasures in a romantic and exquisite ambience. ‘My SPA’ is a suite just for you. Enjoy some soothing time for two in the KaiserInnen bath, relaxing moments and small treats. You cannot fail to be captivated! Enjoy a feeling of uninterrupted time for two!

VINOBLE SAUVIGNON WINE BATH – FOR TWO WITH MASSAGE This exclusive wine bath starts with a sea salt and grape seed peeling. Then submerse yourself in the bath, enriched with a soothing and effective VINOBLE barrique wine bath. This pampering treatment is completed by a classic back massage. We will also provide you with a plate of grapes and a small bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.  approx. 110 mins for 2 people Euro 130.-



Enjoy some time for two. Pamper each other with a sea salt and grape seed peeling and relax together in a VINOBLE wine bath. We will also provide you with a plate of grapes, a small bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and fresh spring water.  approx. 60 mins for 2 people Euro 90.-

Enjoy a peeling before relaxing together in a bath of soothing rose petal essence, surrounded by the scent of roses. We then pamper you with a classic back, shoulder and neck massage. We will provide you with a plate of fruit and a small bottle of sparkling wine.  approx. 110 mins for 2 people Euro 130.-

Fine canapés bs, cheese With fresh curd, her and ham Per person € 8.plate Smoked salmon Per person € 8.-

e ‘Ruinart Rosé’ Glass of champagn 0,75 l € 13.inart Brut’ Champagne ‘Ru 0,375 l € 42.-

eapple, grapes – Strawberries, pin white chocolate dunked in dark and if you wish! Per person € 8.h blin Beluga caviar wit 50 g € 95.-

e ‘Ruinart Brut’ Glass of champagn 0,75 l € 12.-


ters* Fin de Claire oys Per item € 2.50.-

rt Rosé’ Champagne ‘Ruina 0,375 l € 46.Champagne Blanc’ ‘Ruinart Blanc de 0,75 l € 104.m Ruinart’ Champagne ‘Do 0,75 l € 260.-

NEW! SPA à-la-carte

POST SPECIAL MOMENTS FOR MEN • VINOBLE basic facial treatment for men 60 mins (with the exclusive men’s product range from VINOBLE) • Zugspitze full-body massage approx. 50 mins • Reflexology massage approx. 40 mins  Euro 170.-

INTENSIVE SKIN CARE DAYS FOR MEN • VINOBLE anti-ageing facial treatment approx. 80 mins (with the exclusive men’s product range from VINOBLE) • Post Alpin full-body massage approx. 75 mins • VINOBLE gentle aromatherapy back massage approx. 30 mins • VINOBLE grape seed body peel approx. 30 mins (also combined with the aromatherapy back massage)  Euro 235.-

We serve culinary treats to meet your preferences in our POST ALPIN SPA treatment rooms. (*advance booking required, approx. 1 week beforehand)

We recommend a stay of at least 2-3 days to ensure you can enjoy your treatments in peace and quiet.

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BODY TREATMENTS – PACKS & WRAPS Golden grapes form the basis for our soothing, detoxifying and revitalising body treatments. Treat your skin to a break from everyday life.

The result is renewed vitality, firmness and a special feel to the skin. For a tingling feel on the skin – for a feeling of endless freshness.



This body pack is made from valuable grape seed flour, honey, wine and a special VINOBLE grape body creme to cleanse the skin and stimulate cell renewal. The rest and relaxation phase takes place on one of our warm treatment couches. The result is a firmer skin tone.  approx. 60 mins Euro 72,-

This wrap technique stimulates blood flow, firms the skin and detoxifies the tissues. The freshly prepared blend of grape marc, grape seed oil and grape body creme will be applied to the body in circular motions. The following wraps improve its effectiveness and create a firm skin tone.  approx. 60 mins Euro 82.-

VINOBLE BODY MODELLAGE A special exfoliation technique is used to prepare the skin. Serum based on Sauvignon grapes is then massaged into the skin and a firming grape body creme is applied. The modellage technique is particularly effective on the stomach, legs and bottom. The skin is visibly improved even after the first application.  approx. 60 mins Euro 82.-

VINOBLE ESSENCES WRAP A special wrap technique using an aromatherapy essences wrap adapted to your skin supports the removal of toxins, stimulates lymph flow and creates a radiant appearance.  approx. 60 mins Euro 79.-

WINE FOR WELL-BEING AND PLEASURE Choose from out 600 wines after your treatment – with your evening meal, as a nightcap or just as a treat! 20 21


TREATMENT Baths Grape seeds, rose extract or honey and stone pine from the Alpine region give a boost to your circulation and provide the body with valuable minerals.

These magnificent baths give energy to your body and have the same effect as a long woodland walk‌ endlessly relaxing and much more than just a bath!

Gentle healthy skin care needs products which can support the body’s various functions and keep them in balance.

Our applications will take you into a world of relaxation, magnificent tranquillity and well-being.




A powerful and invigorating bath with extracts of natural wild mountain herbs. Refreshing fragrances for a relaxing effect which promotes bloody flow.  approx. 20 mins Euro 29.-

This sophisticated composition of grape seed extract, rose flower water, aloe vera, red vine leaves and oak bark transform any bath into a great experience. The result is invigorated and saturated skin.  approx. 20 mins Euro 29.-

A natural and vitamin-rich peeling based on sugar, valuable almond oil and Licea Cubea aromatherapy oil. This nourishing peeling is suitable for all skin types but it particularly suited to treated sensitive skin.  approx. 30 mins Euro 35.-


ALPIENNE TYROL HONEY & STONE PINE BATH A soothing and relaxing bath with valuable natural substances based on pure honey and soothing stone pine essential oils. Has a smoothing effect, regulates moisture and has a positive impact on general well-being.  approx. 20 mins Euro 29.-


A liberating peeling based on grape seed and sea salt. The valuable grape seed oil can be better absorbed through the cleansed surface of the skin. The entire body is supplied with and invigorated by the high quality unsaturated fatty acids of the cold-pressed grape seed oil. This body treatment is particularly suited to dry and low-moisture skin.  approx. 30 mins Euro 35.-

A gentle peeling based on nourishing honey and antibacterial propolis which we recommend in particular for rough and flaking skin. The subsequent rubbing of the skin with stone pine roses creates a silky smooth surface and reinforces the structure of the skin.  approx. 30 mins Euro 35.-

22 23

POST ALPIN SPA RITUALS The skilful combination of several treatments ensures extra well-being. Baths, massages, peelings – take advantage of the wide range of natural essences and be transported into a paradise of scents, herbs and relaxation.

ALPIENNE PEELING RITUAL Endless relaxation and more than just a peeling. We will pamper you with a honey & stone pine natural salt peeling for the whole body which you can then massage in yourself in a bath of stone pine rose. This wood is known as the ‘Queen of the Alps’ and creates unbelievably smooth skin and inner relaxation.  approx. 50 mins Euro 62.-

ALPIENNE VITALITY RITUAL The treatment starts with a soothing and relaxing herbal foot bath, surrounded by the scents of the sunny mountain meadows. Tensions and blockages are relieved with a revitalising full-body massage.  approx. 65 mins Euro 79.-

POST ALPIN SPA pamper packages VINOBLE BODY RITUAL A combination of a peeling and massage. The treatment starts with a sea salt & grape seed peeling. This removes dead skin cells and enables the natural oils extracted from the seeds of the Zweigelt grapes to be optimally absorbed. This is followed by a relaxing full-body massage using grape seed bags. A harmonising feeling throughout the body.  approx. 90 mins Euro 108.-

AYURVEDA RITUAL The Ayurveda beauty treatments are based on a soothing and detoxifying ritual. The body is initially cleansed with a detoxifying Ayurveda bath and freed from any accumulations of waste products to ensure that the blocked energy channels can flow again during the following Abhyanga treatment. approx. 90 mins with 10 mins relaxation afterwards  Euro 115.-

NEW! Book POST well-being ONLINE Simply select your required treatments in the online booking form – we will call you back and discuss your individual treatment plan with you.

Our POST ALPIN SPA is the perfect hideaway if you want to relax for a few days. Take some time out to slow down away from stress, the barrage of information, emails, Facebook etc. We offer pamper packages which you can combine with several enjoyable days with us.

GETTING TO KNOW AYURVEDA Gain an insight into the theme of ‘Ayurveda’ • Ayurveda bath combined with Padabhyanga, approx. 50 mins • Shiroabhyanga, approx. 45 mins • 4-handed Abhyanga, approx. 60 mins  Euro 265.-

VINOBLE DETOX WEEK • VINOBLE sea salt & grape seed peeling, approx. 30 mins • VINOBLE essences wrap, each 3 x approx. 30 mins • Detoxifying massages, each 3 x approx. 60 mins • Personal training units Nordic Walking, individually tailored, each 2 x approx. 30 mins We recommend a stay of at least 5 days Euro 480.-


1 x honey & rock crystal salt peeling with a honey & stone pine bath 1 x herbal foot bath with a relaxing full-body massage followed by a head and facial massage For girls Euro 148.-



• Classic treatment, approx. 120 mins • Luxury lifting treatment, approx. 90 mins • Neck, chest and décolleté treatment, approx. 60 mins  Euro 295.-

Day 1: herbal foot bath combined with a foot and leg massage Day 2: herbal foot bath combined with a relaxing full-body massaged followed by a head and facial massage  For boys Euro 129.-



• Wake-up part-body massage, approx. 25 mins • Reflexology massage, approx. 30 mins • Invigorating POST ALPIN SPA peeling, approx. 30 mins • (This package must be used before 13.0)  Euro 99.-

1 crunchy apple and one 0.2 l bottle of sparkling Almdudler drink are served with every ALPIENNE package. The girls & boys pamper package takes places in separate treatment rooms.

24 25


SPA ETIQUETTE Our SPA is a world of rest and relaxation. Thank you for your consideration. • Please leave your mobile phone in your room or switch it to silent. • The SPA area is accessible to children over 16, with the exception of the swimming pool. • We have a separate family sauna and family steam bath for families with children. Bathing wear is also permitted in this sauna and steam bath. • Please note, smoking is not permitted anywhere in the POST ALPIN SPA. • Cancellations made up to 24 hours before the treatment are free-of-charge. Otherwise, we will keep the appointment slot free for you and will therefore be required to charge the full cost of the treatment.

• We recommend arriving at the POST ALPIN SPA 5 mins before your treatment starts to ensure a relaxing start to the treatment. • We offer tea, coffee, fruit, vegetables and fruit at our vitality bar in the sauna area for a small snack in-between. • SPA discounts can only be used once and cannot be combined with any other offers. We are happy to advise about which offer is best for you. We look forward to your visit and wish you a pleasant say with us at the POST ALPIN SPA. Internal phone number: ext. 850 External phone number: +43 (0) 5673 2281-850

currents and power master switches in all rooms help to keep energy consumption to a minimum. We also train in and monitor waste avoidance and sorting regularly. Together with our suppliers, we ensure that multiple-use containers are used instead of single-use containers.



At the Hotel Post, we welcome guests from all over the world. A beautiful ambience, top class service, genuine hospitality and a special sense of well-being are all important to us. The best working conditions, intensive internal exchange and joint projects ensure that our employees are much more satisfied than the average. There is a wide range of further training opportunities as well as annual courses and training sessions. Health protection measures also play a key role. The attractiveness of Post as an employer is emphasised by the large number of employees from the surrounding area. Many of them have been working at our family businesses for many years and make a significant contribution to the success of the hotel.

We offer our guests environmentally-friendly e-bikes to enable them to explore nature. Our tip: walk as much as you can, especially barefoot across the Alpine meadows in summer!

CREATING VALUE WHICH STAYS IN THE REGION As one of the biggest employers in the valley basin at the foot of the Zugspitze, we are an important economic factor for the region as a whole. Wherever possible, we work closely with regional partners – from local taxi partners to farmers who supply us with natural produce. This ensures that the value created remains in the area and results in short transportation routes. The large-scale reconstruction work undertaken in 2006 and all other redevelopment work has been always been assigned to companies and craft workers from the region and neighbouring Allgäu.

DOING GOOD We support charitable organisations and local associations such as the ‘Rettet das Kind Tirol’ association, ‘Lebenshilfe Tirol’, SOS Kinderdorf Imst, the kindergarten, the primary and secondary school, the football and ice hockey team and the voluntary fire service. If you want to support us with this, please ask at reception.

CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY As a company, we have big responsibilities which we are happy to accept and which we have been meeting for many generations: for the guests who come here on holiday, for the employees who work with us, for our neighbours in the local and surrounding area, for our suppliers and for our business partners. And not least for our environment and nature which is our most precious commodity.

We look forward to welcoming you! Angelika and Franz Dengg and family

TREATS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD We are based in the Alps but are open to influences from all over the world. We select the products we use with great care.

• When making your booking, please let us know if you suffer from any allergies, disorders or other conditions. • With our Ayurveda treatments, please leave approx. 10 mins to complete the questionnaire. If you have visited us several times, we will have your information on file and we can tailor your treatment programme to suit you.

The Post has been run as a family business for more than 450 years. Tradition for us means handing on enthusiasm and protecting values for the generations to come. We act in a sustainable and responsible manner and act with care as regards the environment.

CLOSE TIES WITH THE ENVIRONMENT Give the gift of happiness with a POST voucher!.

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Hotel Post, Schlössl Kirchplatz 6, 6631 & Gartenhaus Lermoos, Tirol, - Herzlich Willkommen Austria. Telefon +43 (0) 5673 welcome@post2281-0, Telefax Kirchpla, Eine Barablöse + 43 (0) 5673 Hotel Post, tz 6, 6631 2281-841 ist nicht möglich. Buchungen Schlössl Lermoos auf Anfrage, nach & Gartenh , Tirol, Austria. Verfügbarkeit. Kirch aus - Herzlich Eine platz Telefon Wir beraten Sie welcome Barablös +43 gerne. @post-le 6, 6631 Willkom e ist nicht Hotel rmoos.a (0) 5673 2281-0, men Post, Lermo möglich t, www.pos Schlö Telefax Kirc os, Tirol, . Buchung Einehpla t-lermoo + 43 (0) ssl & enGarte Barab auf Anfrage, 5673 2281-84 tz 6,löse welco Austria. Telefo nhaus nach Verfügb 6631 ist nicht me@p Hote 1 - Herzl n +43 Lerm mögli ost-le arkeit. l (0) 5673 ich Willk Wir beraten rmoo oos, Post ch. Schl Bara, www.p Tiro , Buchu Sie gerne. omme 2281blös össl e ist & Gart welc l, Austria.ngen ost-le 0, Telefa n auf Anfra nich ome rmoo x + 43 ge, nach t mög @po Telefon enhaus (0) 5673 st-le lich. 2281rmo +43 (0) - Herz Verfügbark Buch 841 5673 lich Will eit. Wir unge , www 2281 n auf berate kom .pos n Sie Anfr t-ler -0, Tele men gerne age, moo fax . nach + 43 Verf (0) ügba 5673 rkeit 2281 . Wir -841 bera ten Sie gern e.


Our hotel was re-built in 2006. We have been deriving our energy from the organic heating plant in Wacht (at the end of the region, towards Biberwier) since 2009. Each year, we save some 120,000 l of heating oil. The monitoring of peak 26 27


A8 Ulm

Nürnberg A8




Friedrichshafen am Bodensee Schweiz


A 96

A 96

A 95


Lindau Bregenz

Füssen Reutte Lermoos




A 13


Innsbruck A 13



HOTEL POST, SCHLÖSSL & GARTENHAUS - WELCOME Family Dengg, Kirchplatz 6, 6631 Lermoos, Tirol, Austria Telefon +43 (0) 5673 2281-0, Telefax + 43 (0) 5673 2281-841 |

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The current price list replaces all previous price lists. Printing and typesetting errors excepted. Imprint: | © 2012 Photos: Hotel Post Lermoos, Paul Severn, Foto Auer, Mario Rabensteiner, Albin Niederstrasser, moving pictures, Fotolia, Vinoble, Alpienne, !QMS



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