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OUR CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE! CHILDREN ARE PRECIOUS! Being a parent is a full-time job. It was easier to be a family in the past. The mother stayed at home and looked after the children while the father went to work. It is a lot different today, as also the mother often goes to work. Being a father or a mother, however, also means undertaking things together! Enjoy these times! Be aware that the time you have in your life, intensively with your children, is short. Soon they want to go their own way and you will be longing for the days again when you spent time together. Create everlasting memories which your children will happily look back on. Our goal is happy families! Our goal is to create precious and everlasting memories for you and your children to take home with you. Closeness and trust arises from experiencing nature, cooking and baking bread together and having lots of fun playing sport with one another.

Greetings, Ilona Hagleitner & the Hagleitner-Team

A day in the Forest – every Friday. Children do not learn about the ecosystem of the forest sitting at a school desk, but directly in the forest. Here they learn about coherences in nature in a playful way. The forest is experienced through all the five senses. Wood is touched, the floor of the forest felt under bare feet, the birds listened to and bark on the trees looked at through a microscope. The children learn about different plants, mushrooms and berries and are thus encouraged to understand how to protect and care for them.

TUESDAY AND FRIDAY ... OUR FAMILY DAYS. Farm Day – every Tuesday. A day on the farm. A day when you experience a lot with your children and collect many new unforgettable impressions. A day which turns into an adventure with your family. It begins at 10am. A tractor with a big trailer is waiting for you after approx. 10 minutes travelling time, either with the hotel transfer or your own car. Jump into the trailer and have an adventurous ride to the farm. After being greeted by Robert and Elizabeth, its time to grind flour. Each person kneads his dough for his own bread. Then the bread is baked in a big wood oven as it was in grandmother’s day. Your loaf is marked with your name so that you really get your own bread when it comes out of the oven to take home.

One of the cooks makes a hearty woodcutter’s meal in a big pan and you shouldn’t miss tasting a beer from the farm’s own brewery! Parents, who wish to have some time on their own, can wander along fields and forest and take a rest in a small guesthouse nearby. Tired children can take a midday nap in the hay and the barn or guesthouse offer shelter if the weather turns bad. This day is an experience that you and your children will not forget for a long time!

Fun and variety are ensured by games such as who can throw the pine cone furthest, blind man’s bluff, forest bowls, guessing sounds and much more. They playfully get to know the beautiful environment during a paper chase and of course a “forest ghost” is designed and constructed - all under the supervision and leadership of Robert, a certified forestry teacher. As the forest offers special experiences every season of the year, this programme is on in nearly all weather conditions.

You and your children will feel very close to each other on this interesting day in the forest. Come with your children on this special day - your hearts will also beat faster in the beauty of nature and anyway the little guest house is not far away!

Please don’t forget to bring your rucksack, rain gear and sturdy shoes. We take care of the food!

Afterwards, there is a lot to see and do: > Watch Border Collies herd sheep and geese, on command, in the field > Feed geese, sheep, rabbits and goats > Sack races, jumping a skipping rope and throwing horse shoe competitions, … > Collecting natural materials and doing handicrafts with them > Archery (also for children from 8 years old) > Hay jumping or a midday nap in the hay > Enjoying a relaxing walk > ... and much more 4


The “nature” children’s group care for their own herb garden, do handicraft with wood in our own workshop and visit our area by the lake to play in the fresh air. We have children’s yoga and gymnastics as well as a small cooking course in the hotel, where your young ones are cared for by a certified children’s supervisor.

OUR NEW CHILD CARE. FOCUSING ON NATURE´S 5 SENSES. Dear Parents, the HAGLEITNER Family & Balance Hotel & Spa has been awarded the highest distinction for a children’s hotel, an exceptional holiday paradise for young and old. Our 4 star hotel is proud of its 5 Smileys. We guarantee you relaxation, a wonderful time and unforgettable memories.

The small and smallest children are the centre of our attention - happy children are close to our hearts. Therefore we have restructured and redesigned our child care. We want to ease children away from computer games and television and take them outside to exercise and have fun in the fresh air surrounded by “nature”, even if the weather is not 100% perfect.

We want to let children see, hear, smell taste and touch nature! Your excursions together, with the children and a supervisor on the farm and in the forest, are only a part of our children’s programme - we will spend a lot of time outside with your children.

These days video games are also part of growing up and we have them in the hotel as well. Some of them do have of course positive aspects, however, during your holiday we want to bring your children closer to nature so that they remember it and experience its charms.

Many children do not have the opportunity to get out into natural surroundings at home, to play beside a stream or simply lie in a field and look at the clouds - we want to give them this freedom during their holiday. We want to activate the 5 senses in your children in our “nature group” and playfully encourage them to participate, in accordance with their age. Motor skills and body-awareness are supported through a scenic background and children’s self-assurance is improved. Children’s creativity can freely unfold, their fantasy stimulated by nature and the immunity system strengthened by exercise in the fresh air. Nature is closely experienced in a playful and positive way.



A DAY BY THE ZELL AM SEE LAKE. It is important for children to be outside as much as possible, to let their energy run free and to strengthen their immune system. Our “day by the Zell am See Lake” combines nature with a lot of fun and amusement. The sun shines from a cloudless sky, the peak of the Kitzsteinhorn is mirrored in the crystal clear water of the Zell am See lake, children’s laugher rings through the air ... … could a perfect summer family day be more beautiful? At 10am all participants walk from the hotel to our lakeside property through the nature reserve. There is the chance along the way to learn about the flora and fauna which have found their home in this protected area. Playing, fun and exercise in the fresh air are enjoyed by the lake and there is a campfire with grilled sausages for those who get hungry. There is also a bathing hut if the weather suddenly turns or if one wants a rest.



MUMMY, WHERE DO THE FUNNY HERBS IN THE SALAD COME FROM? In these times when herbs usually come out of the supermarket freezer, we often forget to tell our small ones where the herbs, which we use daily in our food, actually come from. Many children today don’t know how these plants grow and in school there is often too little time to take children out into nature so that they can experience them with all their 5 senses - and not just see them in a biology book.

COOKING FOR CHILDREN. Children of the same age have the most fun with cooking and baking. Once a week, our small guests make easy dishes with our children’s supervisors and cooks - and then eat them, altogether. Pizza, pasta, pancakes … what will it be? Each child of course receives a little recipe book at the end, to be able to cook again at home. We charge a small amount for the cooking ingredients used. We wish you success and Bon Appétit!

In our own herb garden we can show the children how seeds grow into herbs and finally land in our food. Why do chives start to flower? Why does Melissa taste like lemon? How does parsley smell? How do mint leaves feel? Why does mummy cook sage tea when I have a sore throat? Children especially have a lot of fun squashing herbs between their fingers, sniffing it or even eating it! Children should learn to tell different herbs by their taste, leaves or flowers and you will be amazed when you have a small herb expert at your table at dinner time! We also don’t want to forget the crawling animals. Why is a rain worm important for the growth of plants? Why don’t plants and trees bloom when there are no bees? Why do we like to see lady beetles in our garden? We want to make your children aware of which animals and plants need protection and the difference between natural symbiosis in nature and the chemical intervention by people.


OUR SMALL HANDYMAN. What is more beautiful than children’s eyes when they give you a present? Or when they proudly and happily hold in their hands something they have personally made after working on it for a long time? In our workshop children learn to use hand tools skilfully whilst their creativity runs free. Children are so full of energy and super ideas and they build these into their “creations”. Our workshop master watches the children working and helps them when they are not sure what to do next. Be delighted with the super works of art … you will be enthralled with the little artist hiding in your child! We charge a small amount for the products used.


THE 5 TIBETANS, CHILDREN´S YOGA & EDU-KINESIOLOGY. Exercise is also an important part of our children’s programme. We want to ensure that our children’s programme contains enough exercise through sport. Therefore, we have a variety of exercise units which help children to get to know their body better. Our professional trainer gathers a group of children, who are interested in these training units and practices with them, either outside in the fresh air, or inside, depending on the weather. A playful aspect remains foremost - gymnastics depicting a story, various exercises copying an animal or structure.

THE 5 TIBETANS FOR CHILDREN. Physically and mentally fit through a few minutes of gymnastics daily. The 5 Tibetans are easy exercises where one simply follows on from the next. They make it easier to get up, banish sleeping problems, balance posture and help to improve reading and writing weaknesses.




Children’s yoga - to strengthen body and soul - is a complete exercise unit whereby children learn playfully how to relax and be consciously aware of their own bodies. A children’s story coupled with various exercises can develop into a wonderful journey. Children’s physical and mental development can be encouraged with yoga exercises and is particularly helpful for children who are often restless, tense or tired.

The goal of Edu-kinesiology is to make learning easier and put learning problems aside. The exercises are simple to learn and developed for all those who get tired whilst reading, loose the line they are reading, have to read words and sentences over again to understand their contents, see letters and words backwards or write them as a mirror image. This method of relaxation is also very helpful for children who mix up right and left, walk awkwardly, are muddled by traffic signs, often knock into things or trip and those whose hands cramp whilst writing. Allergies and intolerances can also be tested and corrected by this energetic effectual method. This solving of energetic and emotional blockades, in the form of existing fears and phobias, can be influenced positively by on-going applications and ultimately eliminated.




A back massage story. Even children’s backs are often tense. This massage frees tension in the back and encourages mobility of the spine. It also helps children to become aware of their backs which leads to fun and enjoyment. Price per child: EUR 30,00 | duration 20 min.

An energy massage for our smallest guests. (Babies from 1 month old.) This massage concentrates on the age old need for babies to be gently fondled. It makes the baby’s start in life outside the mother’s womb easier, as it becomes aware of its body. A gentle, calming, touching massage of the whole body and careful stretching help our smallest ones to take the huge step of integration in the first months of life. Digestion problems can also be eased. Price per child: EUR 30,00 | duration 20 min.

HIMPELCHEN AND PIMPELCHEN. A foot massage story. This massage quietens lively children so that they have a more relaxed awareness, which is brought from the head down to the feet and they feel peaceful. It also supports the self-healing process with headaches and problems with the immune system eg. frontal sinus and middle ear inflammations. Price per child: EUR 30,00 | duration 20 min.



To promote basic trust as well as supporting a healthy, straight back. This gentle back treatment eases tenseness in the back area and therefore strengthens the bladder-, kidney- and small intestine meridians which are so important for an erect body. The baby can enjoy this treatment in her mother’s arms and completely relax. Price per child: EUR 30,00 | duration 20 min.

Asiatic exercises which help children to discover their strengths within themselves and to develop them. The children’s self-appreciation is supported and their self-confidence is strengthened through simple Qi Gong, motoric exercises and relaxation techniques. Price per child: EUR 15,00 | duration 45 min. Group size: 3 – 7 children.



School children today are faced with very special challenges and expectations in their social environment, which can be found stressful in their young years. Children’s shiatsu assists in healing sensitivity, posture and motoric problems. Price per child: EUR 40,00 | duration 30 min.

TUMMY MASSAGE FOR BABIES – GENTLE HELP FOR THE BABY´S STOMACH. This treatment helps your baby when it suffers from a tummy ache caused by wind, whether acute or chronic and it can be used as a preventative treatment as well. Essential oils from fennel, caraway seed and aniseed warm the tummy area and soft massage techniques stroke the tummy ache away. Price per child: EUR 23,00 | duration 15 min.


CHILDREN´S ASTROLOGY. The key to a child’s heart. How will my child develop? What abilities does it have? How can I encourage my most precious treasure? These questions do interest every mother and father! A child’s birthday horoscope gives parents many answers and insights as to how they can best support, encourage and understand their child. Necessary: child’s name, date of birth, exact time of birth and place of birth. A child´s birthday horoscope in written form: EUR 60,00 Price for German version. Translation on enquiry.

Kinesiology means “the study of motion” and qualifies superbly to bring parents and children closer to the basics of various techniques. They learn to free blocked energies and let them flow so as to activate self-healing in their bodies. If you wish, a learning profile can be calculated as well. Price per child: EUR 75,00 | duration 50 min.

CHILDREN´S TUINA TREATMENT. For strengthening the constitution and a general feeling of wellbeing. Children are always in a constant growing and development process. The whole meridian system is not yet completely mature and therefore they are more prone to getting sick. Children’s Tuina activates the healing energy of the body and stimulates the energy circulation, hence strengthening the body’s defence system. Price per child: EUR 30,00 | duration 20 min.



Which child doesn´t dream of magic at some time? To be able to do magic like Harry Potter or Bibi Blockberg and surprise their parents! Now your children have the opportunity to learn playfully to make magic from professional teachers. They can amaze school friends, granny and granddad at home with the children hotel’s magic suitcase. For children from 6 years old. Price on enquiry.

PONY RIDING. It is known that “luck in this world is on the back of a horse” and as this is close to the hearts of children we take them pony riding once a week to “Gut Edelweiss”. The stables are situated in a quiet, safe location between Zell am See and Kaprun, surrounded by the beautiful mountain scenery of our region. They are open all year round for people to ride and train, have regular horse shows and coach drivers are also welcome, popular guests. It is the perfect starting point to ride out into the idyllic landscape of our region, on a wide network of riding trails.


Pony riding for all children is included in our child care.

THE WHOLE DAY AT THE RIDING CENTRE. The day just flies by for many children enjoying being around their most favourite animal, riding, mucking out, learning about bridles and saddles, feeding, solving fun puzzles etc.! For children from 6 years old. Price on enquiry depending on how many children there are.

Babies and children of all ages can learn how to swim and feel secure in this ancient element - water. According to a child’s phase of development, it learns the effective way to a proper swimming style in three stages. Please book in advance. Price on enquiry.



Mini Club, Kiddy Club & PONGOS ADVENTURE LAND. Children are the building blocks of life. It is difficult for us to be happy if they are not happy. We create a world in which your children have a feeling of well-being. Our MINI CLUB is for children from 3 months to 3 years old and our KIDDY CLUB for older children, from 3 years to 12 years old. Children´s supervisors put together a super, adventurous programme for your small ones each year, so that you and your children can thoroughly enjoy your holiday. Start the day with our “long and peaceful sleep-in service”. You can linger over breakfast and be sure that your children are having fun in Pongo´s 800 m² Adventure Land or happy out in the fresh air. There is no such word as boring here! There is enough room for fantasy, ideas and playing - either in the hotel, Fun Park, outside play ground or on an excursion. Your child can experience culture for the young and a variety of interesting times in the Dolby Surround cinema, the children’s theatre or at an exciting magic show in the Mega Theatre.

Pongos JUNGLE.



It is as if your children are stepping into a different world which is still to be discovered. Pongo´s jungle lies in the middle of Liana vines, flowers, boulders and butterflies. It is also the home of many animals such as bears, lion cubs and elephants.

The excitement is rising. The first time in front of a big audience. The first time on stage. The words are remembered and the costume is fantastic. Nothing can go wrong. The curtain goes up slowly.

The 100 m² Fun Park in Pongo´s Adventure Land is unique in Austria. The following is found over 2 storeys and is for all kids to enjoy:


Standing in the limelight and letting young creativity unfold - a great dream for many children and one which now comes true here. The agenda of shows can only be a hit - with perfect choreography, colourful stage settings and the enchanting up and coming actors.

The aroma of all kinds of culinary delights captures everyone: a short pause to replenish strength again at the children’s buffet in Pongo´s Adventure Land. A paradise for every age, no matter how noisy it becomes! A festive banquet for every child!

There is room for up to 120 people to marvel at the young stars playing their character roles with abandon. The cinema, with its mega screen (3,50 x 3,50 m) offers thrilling and funny movies for adults as well as children. Stage free or film begin – there is something for everyone!

This jungle gives you the opportunity to store your own clothes in little caves, so that you can find them again.

Meal times except Saturday at 11.30am, 12 noon and 6pm.

In summer 7 days supervision per week

Children can be brought and collected at any time.



In winter 7 days supervision per week




Sunday – Friday

9.30am - 8.30pm 9.30am - 9pm

Sunday – Friday

9am - 8pm

9am - 8.30pm


10am - 6pm*


9am - 5pm*

9am - 5pm

* in the Kiddy Club

10am - 6pm*

* in the Kiddy Club

> Spiral and Kamikaze slippery slides > Ball pool and tower tornado > Climbing tower > Illuminated ghost cave > Spider web climbing net > Zic zac jumping course > Climbing mountain with ropes > Vertical rolling > Cable car > Balance beam > Nudging sack & stepping stones over a net > Dragon tooth cave > Squeeze rolling > Jungle bridge > Crawling pipe > Nintendo Wii Station > ... and much more The Fun Park is open all day long for children accompanied by their parents! To all parents: we are not liable for children who do not want to go home! 19

Dear parents, we also do not want you to miss out on anything! We would like to give you valuable hours of private enjoyment.


Included in our children’s programme is the possibility to experience and enjoy completely individual moments alone or together with your partner. Relax in beautiful sunshine with a book by the pool or on the balcony of your room, take a wellness treatment in the 1.400 m² Balance Center & Spa in our sister hotel MAVIDA or use your free time to do sport or take an excursion - whatever you feel like.

MAVIDA Balance center & spa. Experience the MAVIDA Balance Center & Spa: > “Private Spa Suite” for romantic and relaxing hours alone or together with your partner > 10 m² “Private Floating Pool” > “Blue Box” with lounges for total relaxation > A variety of classical massages > Big beauty section with international products such as “Salin de Biosel”, our own “MAVIDA CRYSTAL SPA” line as well as products from other cosmetic companies > Sauna landscape with Finnish and bio-herb sauna, steam bath, Kneipp pool, ice fountain, water and tea bar, quiet relaxing zone, finishing room > Fitness centre with cardio and fitness equipment > Indoor and outdoor swimming pools > Sun terrace > Large choice of Mental Balance treatments, for which our Spa received the Gala Spa Award 2009 in the “innovative spa concepts” category

For further information please see our MAVIDA Balance Center & Spa brochure. 20

In case you have time for sporting activities, we would like to offer you a weekly fitness programme in MAVIDA, with a professional trainer (participation is free): > Yoga > Pilates mat training > Body forming > ATB Abs, Tummy & Butt > Back fitness > Hiking > Nordic walking > Bicycle tours > Aqua fit & Aqua relax > Stretching, circle training, pumping > ... and much more The MAVIDA life plus & vital concept focuses on people searching for further information about personal, health- and lifestyle orientated themes. Each of the offers contains a specific training programme to effectively help in reducing ailments, the best relaxation methods possible between units and a better and more active attitude towards life through preventative measures. All units are presented as personal training units and implement individual supervision attuned completely to your own needs. This method ensures the attainment of optimal results. Personal fitness training units can also be booked in addition or taken as individual units in a personal training programme. 21

HIGHLIGHTS OUTSIDE. EXPERIENCE OUR BREATHTAKING REGION. Here we would like to introduce some opportunities you can enjoy during your holiday. Use your vacation days to admire the region and its splendour from many different perspectives. You will be amazed how many impressions and memories remain precious to take home.

ABOVE THE CLOUDS. > Tandem parachute jumping + introduction > Tandem paragliding > Gliding + course > Hot air balloon rides > Flying + taster course > Alpine sightseeing flight

IN COOL WATER. > Surfing + course > Sailing + course > Boot trips > Rafting > Canyoning > Fly fishing + course




> Breakfast walk > Electrobike tours (hire with us) > Riding + course > Guided mountain tours > Adventure tours > Mountain bike tours > Climbing > Ropes course > Golf + taster course + course > Skiing and snowboarding courses on the all-year round Kitzsteinhorn skiing area > Archery + course > Sport gunner station > ... and much more

> High dams in Kaprun > Großglockner high alpine road > Animal theme park Ferleiten > National park centre Hohe Tauern > Europe´s highest waterfalls in Krimml > World´s biggest ice caves in Werfen > Burg Hohenwerfen with knights festivals and raptorial bird shows > Tourist mine in Leogang > Schnaps & cheese with Siegfried Herzog > Riedl Glass factory & shop > Swarovski crystal world > Summer toboggan run in Saalfelden > Outside go-cart track in Leogang > Festung Hohensalzburg > Salzburg´s old city centre > Hellbrunn zoo > Hellbrunn water games > ... and much more

You will of course be accompanied by a professional in whatever activity you decide upon. If you wish you can have private tuition, group courses/tours, taster offers or all-day arrangements.

Our teams will gladly give you personal advice as to prices, personal requirements as well as an equipment list (if necessary). 23

Member of the


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Toll free arrival via Siegsdorf

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