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The Princely House of Esterházy The Esterházy Princes established one of the foremost noble dynasties of Europe and have shaped European history for centuries. With its palaces and castles, Esterházy has become one of the leading purveyors of culture in Burgenland and a major event platform in Austria. The Esterházy Private Foundation sees its task in salvaging and preserving the cultural heritage and making it accessible to the public. The Esterházy Princes established a tradition lasting more than four centuries, not only as magnanimous patrons and passionate art collectors, but also as brilliant business managers, thus shaping the image of the entire region. Esterházy still plays a key role today as patron, promoter and sponsor of the art and culture scene. The castles and palaces in Eisenstadt, Forchtenstein, Lackenbach, Landsee, Hungarian Fertöd and the St. Margarethen Roman quarry are among the best known Esterházy properties in the Pannonian region. They attract around 500,000 visitors every year and have become an integral part of the region’s cultural life. The Esterházy agenda in all its operations today has the objective of enhancing its image as a modern commercial and cultural enterprise, in which tradition plays a major role. The area of operations is diverse and based on the former structure of the princely domains. Today’s portfolio, besides culture, includes forestry and nature management, real estate and viticulture. Traditional sectors such as forestry and agriculture are run today according to modern and sustainable principles. Esterházy is for example the largest organic farming operation in Austria.

“Esterházy Highlights” Group programmes: tours and packages 2010

Esterházy Palace




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Palace tour “Haydn explosive” – exhibition in the Sala Terrena Café Maskaron Wine Museum in Esterházy Palace Henrici Restaurant Palace gardens & orangery Eisenstadt, the city of Haydn Princely Pleasure Packages 2010

Pomp and splendour of the Esterházy Princes The magnificent Esterházy Palace, situated south of Vienna, in Eisenstadt, is one of the most beautiful palaces in Austria and opens up an impressive inside view of the erstwhile illustrious life of the princely dynasty. Today, as ever, the palace continues to play a major role in the multifaceted social and cultural event calendar in Burgenland.

Castle tour, including the weapons collection and armoury Esterházy Gallery of Ancestors Esterházy Treasure Chamber Forchtenstein Castle Packages

St. Margarethen Roman quarry Opera Festival The modern winery and wine estate in Trausdorf Lackenbach Palace Landsee castle ruins Esterházy gastronomy Packages: Esterházy Specials 22 24

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Day trips Admission charges Access routes, parking Eisenstadt Highlights

Esterházy Palace in Eisenstadt is one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Austria and the most notable cultural monument in Burgenland. For visitors, the ceremonial rooms re-awaken the illustrious past and life at the royal Esterházy court. Today, the palace continues to occupy pride of place in the cultural calendar, and is frequently the picturesque setting for feasts, festivals and social events. Palace tour The resplendent Haydnsaal with its brilliant acoustics is one of the most beautiful concert halls in the world and an absolute highlight of the palace tour. Joseph Haydn’s (1732 –1809) historic roots and the numerous Haydn monuments in Eisenstadt and surroundings continue to demonstrate the close links between the composer and the city, and in particular to the House of Esterházy.

The world-famous Haydnsaal

Esterházy Palace The magnificent palace of the Esterházy Princes Highlights of the palace tour –– Haydnsaal –– Esterházy ceremonial rooms:
 Small Chinese Salon Mirror Hall Empire Hall

Royal banqueting table

Small Chinese Salon

Chinese plate

Mirror Hall 5

Besides the world-famous Haydnsaal, our guided tours of the palace will take you round the breathtaking Esterházy ceremonial rooms. Highlights of the tour are the small Chinese Salon and its unique Cantonese tapestries from the mid-eighteenth century, also the Mirror Hall and the Empire Hall. The resplendent Mirror Hall is the central room of the princely residence and was in its time the main reception room. From here you access the balcony gloriously crowning the façade facing the square. The tour will finish with the Empire Hall, the spacious former banqueting and dining salon of the princely family.

Esterházy Palace

Esterházy Palace – 2010 New

“Haydn explosive” – exhibition in the Sala Terrena Esterházy Palace

Esterházy Palace Wine Museum

This exhibition is designed to demonstrate once and for all that Joseph Haydn’s (1732 –1809) biography is not at all fusty and boring, but on the contrary proclaims him as a superstar. Haydn did not only create new musical genres; he had a perfect, indeed visionary command of all marketing methods. As the “inventor of the string quartet” and “virtuoso of the ensemble”, his influence on music history has never ceased. The exhibition gives visitors the chance to experience Joseph Haydn and his epoch as a total work of art. Impressive sound and video animations transport you on a monumental scale into the princely cosmos and Haydn’s world of music. Young visitors have their own media trail and a specially devised children’s programme.

The cellar vaults of the palace are 330 years old and house the largest wine museum in Austria. 700 fascinating objects are exhibited in this impressive collection, presenting an historical and cultural overview of the rich tradition of wine-growing in Burgenland. Among the exhibits is the largest original wine barrel in preservation and the oldest Baumpresse in Burgenland (a typically Austrian type of basket wine press).

Old Austrian wine press

Hagen Quartett

The musical genius Joseph Haydn


The Henrici Restaurant The Henrici Gourmet Restaurant is proud to offer its guests all the pleasures of top-level gastronomy. In the setting of the former royal stables, visitors are spoilt for choice among the exquisite culinary creations from the Esterházy palace kitchen – the world-famous Esterházy Gulyas (goulash), the Esterházy Rostbraten (broiled beef), and the Esterházy Schnitzel (cutlet), each with the typical side dishes of sour cream, root vegetables, capers, occasionally peas or anchovies, and, as dessert, the Esterházy Cream Cake, perhaps, or other pastries.

Prince Nicholas I Esterházy Colonnade Gallery

Café Maskaron The name of the Café Maskaron comes from the corbel grotesques, the so-called mascarons, dominating the inner courtyard façade of the palace, which lend a whiff of Italian-baroque buoyancy to the courtyard atmosphere. The Café Maskaron presents a menu of classic Austrian coffee-house specialities and of course the world-renowned vintage wines from the Esterházy winery.

Café Maskaron, interior


Henrici Restaurant, interior

Terrace in the inner courtyard


Sun terrace

Weinplutzer – South Burgenland earthenware wine flagon

Princely Pleasure Packages 2010

Palace gardens and orangery The spacious Esterházy palace gardens surrounding the palace form a grandiose landscape and worthy setting for a royal residence. Today it is a popular tourist attraction and recreation park. Situated in the centre of the gardens is the orangery, completed in the first half of the nineteenth century and at the time one of the largest and most up-to-date glass conservatory complexes next to Schönbrunn. Now, as then, the orangery provides a unique setting for events.

Package 1 Music with a sparkle Programme –– Welcome reception for guests with sparkling wine –– Attendance at the matinee –– Admission and guided tour of the ceremonial rooms in Esterházy Palace including the world-famous Haydnsaal lasting 2 hours Package price € 12 / pp July and August every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 11 am

Columned portico

Package 2 Pomp and splendour of the Esterházy Princes & a splendid reception with sparkling wine Programme –– Admission and guided tour of the ceremonial rooms in Esterházy Palace including the world-famous Haydnsaal –– Farewell to guests with a glass of sparkling wine at the Café Maskaron in the baroque inner courtyard of the palace lasting 1.5 hours Package price € 11 / pp

The musical matinees at Esterházy Palace continue the great tradition of Esterházy music culture. We welcome guests with a sparkling-wine reception and then listen to the glorious sounds of music by Joseph Haydn. These short concerts provide a unique opportunity to experience Joseph Haydn’s music in the environment in which the composer himself made music and where many of his works received their very first performance.

Marvel at the splendour of the Esterházy ceremonial rooms as part of our exclusive guided tour of the palace. First we will take a look at the best concert hall in the world for acoustics, the Haydnsaal, and then proceed to the ceremonial rooms, the Small Chinese Salon with its precious tapestries, and the breathtaking Mirror Hall. At the end, enjoy the tingle of a glass of sparkling wine at the Café Maskaron in the grandiose baroque inner courtyard of the palace.

Package 3 Following the trail of Joseph Haydn & princely wine tradition in the historic Esterházy wine cellar

Package 4 Superstar “Haydn explosive” & splendid reception at Esterházy Palace

Orangery Leopoldine Temple

Eisenstadt, the city of Haydn

Main street

Programme –– Guided tour of the city – including the palace gardens – to the domain of Joseph Haydn in Eisenstadt, the city of Haydn –– Exclusive wine-tasting session and guided tour of the Esterházy Palace Wine Museum

The former royal seat of the Esterházy Princes has a great deal to offer its visitors. The most notable and beautiful destination for sightseers is the magnificent baroque palace of the Esterházys with the world-famous Haydnsaal and the Esterházy ceremonial rooms. Other city-tour highlights are the Haydn House, the palace gardens, the Bergkirche church with its Mount Calvary, unique in the world, and – the very heart of the city – the historic district, most of it protected as a national heritage site. The picturesque pedestrian precinct with its many small coffee houses and shops attracts thousands of visitors every day to stroll around and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Burgenland capital.

lasting 3 hours Package price € 17.50 / pp Follow the trail of the great genius and composer Joseph Haydn. On a guided tour through Eisenstadt, the city of Haydn, you will discover the most important sites associated with his work and life. To top off the tour, we will take you through the splendid vaults of the historic wine cellar in the Wine Museum. While viewing the largest still-surviving wine barrel and the oldest wine press in Burgenland, you will learn much more about the 150 years of wine tradition fostered by the Esterházy Princes. We will also invite you to an exclusive wine-tasting session to test the famous vintage wines.

Programme –– Welcome reception for guests with sparkling wine and a mouth-watering sample from the Henrici Gourmet Restaurant (1 item of finger food) at the Café Maskaron in the magical atmosphere of the palace's inner courtyard –– Admission and guided tour round the “Haydn explosive” exhibition, including the worldfamous Haydnsaal lasting 1.5 hours Package price € 13.80 / pp We will welcome you in the palace’s baroque inner courtyard with a glass of sparkling wine and a surprise delicacy from the Henrici Gourmet Restaurant. This will put you in just the right mood to marvel at the world-famous Haydnsaal and learn more about the life and work of this great musical genius in our “Haydn explosive” exhibition.

Bergkirche church

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The Franciscan church

All packages can be booked for groups of 20 persons and more at the Esterházy Service Center. Prices include VAT.

Treasures of the Esterházy Princes Highlights of the castle tour –– Chapel –– Europe’s largest private weapons collection –– Castle kitchen –– Armoury/cannon cellar –– Well

Forchtenstein Castle Forchtenstein Castle houses the unparalleled treasures of the princely family and is a popular tourist attraction close to the gates of Vienna. Forchtenstein Castle, the emblem of Burgenland, attracts 90,000 visitors each year. It was built in the thirteenth century as a border castle above the Rosaliengebirge mountain range, and served as a bulwark of the West during the wars against the Turks. Owned by the Esterházys since the early seventeenth century, Forchtenstein Castle is still the “treasure chest” for the family’s superlative collections. Forchtenstein Castle

Castle tour including the weapons collection You will embark on an exciting journey of discovery in our castle tour, which brings to light some of the rarest cultural treasures of Europe. You will see the castle chapel, the largest collection of weapons in Europe, the historic castle kitchen, the armoury, and the cannon cellar. To end the trip, you can take a look at the impressive well, 142 m deep.

Forchtenstein Castle

Castle kitchen

Forchtenstein Castle has one of the largest private collections of weapons in Europe, the former princely armoury, “Zeughaus” in German. It demonstrates the military power of the Esterházy family. The military equipment of the Esterházy regiments from three centuries has been preserved almost in its entirety in the castle’s armoury and can be viewed during the castle tour. Ceremonial weapons, insignia, and exquisite hunting weapons owned by the Esterházy Princes round off this unique presentation of military history.

Inner courtyard, Forchtenstein Castle




Weapons collection

The Esterházy Gallery of Ancestors The Esterházy Gallery of Ancestors presents the largest baroque dynastic gallery in Central Europe. Visitors can look forward to a trip through the Esterházy family history that is full of emotional and sensuous appeal. One curiosity is the only full-figure portrait surviving in the world of Vlad Tepes, aka “Count Dracula”, who along with Attila the Hun was declared without further ado as an ancestor of the family.

The refulgent highlight of the exhibition at Forchtenstein Castle is the largest and oldest collection of baroque silver furniture in Europe. Comparable pieces from other royal houses, Versailles for instance, were melted down in the course of history to stock up the war chests. In 2007, probably the most valuable holdings of the famous Esterházy Treasure Chamber in Forchtenstein Castle were put on show for the first time in an exhibition in King Louis XIV’s apartments in Versailles.

Forchtenstein Castle

Silver furniture

Portrait of “Count Dracula”

Gallery of Ancestors Since the year dot, the castle has safeguarded the precious family treasures, which earned it the name of “Treasure Chest of the Esterházys”.

Detail of silver table

Silver miniature stove The “Fürstliches Halali” (Princely Halloo) exhibition – four centuries of hunting tradition – is on show in the special exhibition rooms of the Princes’ quarters in Forchtenstein Castle. Visitors receive an inside view of the various aspects of hunting, ranging from the depiction of various types of the hunt through to spectacular pictures of hunting accidents in the seventeenth century.

Turkish plunder

Bacchus automaton


Porcelain hunter



Big-game hunting


Forchtenstein Castle Packages

The Esterházy Treasure Chamber The treasure chamber was erected in 1642 as a place of safekeeping for precious heirlooms, and is the only art and curiosity cabinet in Europe to be found in its original location.

Package 1 The treasure chest of the Esterházy Princes

Package 2 Bulwark of the West

Programme –– Individual welcome to groups with sparkling-wine reception –– Exclusive guided tour of the Forchtenstein Castle highlights

Programme –– Fascinating guided tour of the castle through the weapons collection, viewing of the castle kitchen and the well shaft, 142 m deep –– Hearty Bacchusjause – more than just a snack! – in the historic rooms of the castle (cold cuts with bread/bread rolls)

lasting 2 hours Package price € 14.50 / pp A glass of sparkling wine will send us off on our discovery trip into the historic rooms of the castle, where you will hear more about the life and significance of the great Princes of Esterházy. Our exclusive guided tour of the highlights will take you to the inner courtyard murals, resplendent in colour, some of which are the largest examples north of the Alps. You will see the original paintings of the Gallery of Ancestors and get an inside view of the Treasure Chamber, erected in 1642 as a place of safekeeping for the precious family heirlooms. We will lead you on through the castle kitchen with the original cutlery and into the medieval armoury. The final item on the tour will be a look into the shaft of the castle well.

Door of Treasure Chamber Prince Paul Esterházy collected valuable clocks, watches and automata, also exotic stuffed animals and curiosities on a large scale and safeguarded his treasures in the Treasure Chamber through complicated locking mechanisms. You can marvel at all this today, still in the ancestral location.

lasting 2.5 hours Package price € 13 / pp Join us on our exclusive guided tour and marvel at the glories of the famed Forchtenstein Castle, which was taken over by the Esterházy family in the early seventeenth century and reconstructed into a fortified ancestral home. We will show you Europe’s largest private weapons collection and the medieval castle kitchen; we will summon up impressions of courtly life and the gourmet gastronomy of former times. The final item on the tour will be a view of the deep castle well. We will take care of your inner fortification as well – with a Bacchusjause – more than just a snack! – in the historic rooms of the castle.


Package 3 The Magic of Advent at Forchtenstein Castle Programme –– Exclusive guided winter tour of the castle highlights –– Visit to the Christmas Market –– 1 glass of traditional mulled wine

Naturalia These precious ivory and bone artefacts of the most exquisite and delicate handicraft were made in the seventeenth century in the workshops of the Zick family in Nuremberg and by Berchtesgaden artists. The works in Forchtenstein Castle comprise the largest still surviving collection of turning and carving work in ivory and bone, exciting visitors with their wonderful craftsmanship.

lasting 2 hours Package price € 8.00 / pp There couldn’t be a more magical Christmas market anywhere than in the baroque walls of Forchtenstein Castle. The spirit of Christmas (yet to come!) willwander with you among the stalls with their entrancing seasonal decorations, and will be palpable in the diverse options of the Christmas programme. We will open up the historic rooms exclusively for you and show you the sights of the castle in a special Advent tour. Enjoy the incomparable seasonal aura of the Christmas Market with a beaker of heart-warming mulled wine. Frigate

Works of ivory


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All packages can be booked for groups of 20 persons and more at the Service Center Esterházy. Prices include VAT.

Esterházy Specials Combine a visit to Esterházy Palace and Forchtenstein Castle with our many attractive tourist trips and tip-top cultural events. Our programmes range from an adventurous guided tour in the oldest quarry in Europe with an opera performance on site, to a test of the most exquisite vintage wines in the modern Esterházy winery, or, for nature lovers, a jaunt in the country to Lackenbach Palace and the castle ruins of Landsee.

Esterházy Specials –– St. Margarethen Roman quarry –– Opera Festival –– Trausdorf modern winery and wine estate –– Lackenbach Palace –– Landsee castle ruins

St. Margarethen Roman quarry Wander with us through the oldest quarry in Europe in St. Margarethen. The sandstone quarried there was used among other things to build Vienna’s St Stephen’s Cathedral and the most important buildings on the Vienna Ringstrasse.

Entrance building

Esterházy Specials

The Roman quarry in St. Margarethen has been included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites since 2001. The first European Sculpture Symposium was held here in 1959, and the many stone sculptures by international artists shape the landscape surrounding the Roman quarry in a singular and haunting way.


Opera Festival

Opera Festival

A success story lasting ten years lies between Artistic Director Wolfgang Werner’s rediscovery in 1997 of the quarry as a stunning festival venue, and the present extensive development of this unique natural arena. Today, around 220,000 visitors a year attend the events taking place against this sensational natural backdrop.

A stage hewn by nature 17

The modern winery and wine estate in Trausdorf Lackenbach Palace

The winery in Trausdorf was opened in autumn 2006 before the gates of Eisenstadt. It boasts the latest facilities and presentation rooms, and provides an inside view into the production of the prize-winning princely wines. As part of our guided tour we invite you to an exclusive wine-tasting session to test the famous vintage wines.

The Renaissance building of Lackenbach Palace, one of the oldest ancestral seats of the Esterházy family, is situated in an idyllic spot in the low-lying areas of Central Burgenland. It experienced its heyday in the first half of the seventeenth century when Nicholas Count Esterházy held court here as viceroy to the Hungarian king. During recent years the palace has been extended by a modern building complex and now offers improved opportunities for versatile usage as an event location.

The modern winery

New building, Lackenbach Palace


Esterházy Specials

The mild climate with 300 days of sun a year, superlative soils, and above all centuries of experience gathered by the local wine-growers have made Burgenland into a superior winegrowing region. For 250 years now, the House of Esterházy has devoted itself to viticulture in Burgenland – with top sites in the centre of the wine-growing area of Neusiedler SeeHügelland, on the south slopes of the Leithaberg heights, and the hilly landscape of the Rust Hügelland.

Lackenbach Palace One of the ancillary buildings of the palace complex accommodates an interactive nature theme-park museum, a multi-sensory show exploring the various habitats of forest, field, river and lake landscape from the most diverse perspectives.

250 years of vintage wines

Nature Museum

Castle ruins of Landsee

The castle ruins of Landsee dominate the Stooberbachtal valley in the midst of the Landsee Mountains Nature Park. They are a popular tourist attraction and among the largest and most extensive castle ruins in Central Europe. Landsee has been owned by the Esterházy family since 1612 and has played a major role – until its destruction by a catastrophic fire in 1790 – as a border fortress in the Austrian-Hungarian region, as a refuge stronghold, and as residential and administrative seat of the Landsee barony.

Barrique Hall

Grape harvest

Historic view



Production shed

Castle ruins of Landsee

Esterházy gastronomy

Esterházy Rostbraten (broiled beef)

Packages: Esterházy Specials

The land of aristocratic cooks: the influences of Hungarian and French cuisine ensured that unique gastronomic experiences were dreamed up in the Esterházy palace kitchen. The Esterházys were of an ancient, aristocratic Hungarian line and princely dynasty, thus from a country in which food and drink have always had an identity-forming status. The history of the Pannonian cuisine started at the latest during the reign of King St Stephen, crowned in 1001. Among the lessons learnt most assiduously by the Hungarian kings from their West European models was the inestimable significance of a good working relationship with their court chef de cuisine. Hence several dynasties of cooks were even raised to the nobility and awarded “Mundkochwappen” – coat of arms showing their appointment as personal chefs de cuisine to the court.

Package 1 St. Margarethen Roman quarry Programme –– Boat trip on Neusiedler See with traditional “Mulatsak” (barbecue) –– Guided tour of the St. Margarethen Roman quarry lasting approx. 4 hours Package price € 27.50 / pp We will start our tour with a boat trip on Neusiedler See, the largest steppe lake in Europe. You will be invited to a genuine “Mulatsak”, with hearty barbecue specialities. Then a bus will take you to St. Margarethen for a tour of the spectacular Roman quarry. On request we will be happy to organise tickets for the renowned St. Margarethen Opera Festival.

Package 3 The Esterházy castle cuisine and princely wines at the Henrici Gourmet Restaurant Programme –– 2-course Esterházy meal with an aperitif à la maison at the Henrici Gourmet Restaurant –– Private bus takes you to a wine-tasting session and guided tour of the modern winery in Trausdorf

Esterházy Gulyas (goulash)

The table is set!

lasting 3.5 hours Package price € 33 / pp Hardly any noble dynasty in Europe has inspired so many chefs de cuisine to create exquisite dishes as that of the Esterházys. Our gastronomic guided tour will start with a 2-course Esterházy meal with aperitif at the Henrici Gourmet Restaurant in the former royal palace stables. A private bus will then take you to the modern wine estate in Trausdorf before the gates of Eisenstadt. Here you can test the princely vintages and learn more about the Esterházy wine tradition and today’s stateof-the-art methods of viticulture.

Package 2 250 years of viticulture & princely vintage wines Programme –– Stand-up reception with finger food –– Wine-tasting and guided tour of the modern winery of Trausdorf lasting 2 hours Package price € 27.50 / pp The viticulture and wine tradition of the Esterházy Princes is inseparably linked to the Pannonian region. Empress Maria Theresa herself appreciated the wine, which throve in the mild climate of the lake and matured in its own caves and winery. The world-famous court composer Joseph Haydn received part of his salary in kind – in wine – as is documented in a grant of 1789. You will enjoy a stand-up reception with finger food and wine-tasting conducted by wine experts and get a close-up view not only of the centuries-old Esterházy wine tradition, but also of contemporary viticulture in the most state-of-the-art winery and wine estate in Austria.

Package 4 Pure Nature Lackenbach Palace & the Landsee ruins Programme –– Sparkling-wine reception and guided tour of the “Nature’s Track” museum –– Admission to and tour of the most extensive ruins in Central Europe – the Landsee ruins lasting 3 hours Package price € 11.50 / pp Here we willl offer nature lovers a really special experience: after a sparkling-wine reception in Lackenbach Palace, we will take you through the “Nature’s Track” museum. Then a bus will take you to the most extensive castle ruins in Central Europe. Here, far away from the tourist hiking routes, you will go on a unique guided tour of an extraordinary and magical site.

Historic cutlery

Historic drinking glass


Esterházy cake

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All packages can be booked for groups of 20 persons and more at the Esterházy Service Center. Prices include VAT.

Day trips Tour 1 Wine and dine, and a nocturnal promenade

Tour 2 Pannonia live

Tour 3 Esterházy “Burgen”land – land of castles

Tour 4 Haydn explosive

Programme –– 3-course Esterházy candlelight dinner with aperitif à la maison at the Henrici Gourmet Restaurant –– Torch-lit night watchman “patrol” through the mysterious Free City of Eisenstadt

Programme –– Admission to Mount Calvary and the Haydn Museum –– Esterházy Palace “Haydn explosive” –– Lunch: Storchenmühle – 3-course Puszta meal –– St. Margarethen Roman quarry –– Puszta trip: boat and carriage –– All-in guided tour, 9 hours, includes guide, bus commentary, on-site guided tour; each extra hour € 35

Programme –– Esterházy Palace Eisenstadt –– Forchtenstein Castle –– Lunch in Lackenbach (buffet) –– Lackenbach Palace –– Lockenhaus Castle –– Robber baron feast in the medieval rooms of the stronghold –– All-in guided tour, 10 hours, includes guide, bus commentary, on-site guided tour, each extra hour € 35

lasting 9 hours Package price € 60.60 / pp

lasting 10 hours Package price € 86.50 / pp

Programme –– The house in Vienna where Joseph Haydn died –– Joseph Haydn’s birthplace in Rohrau –– The Haydn Church and Haydn Mausoleum –– Lunch at the Henrici Restaurant (2-course meal) –– Esterházy Palace: the “Haydn explosive” exhibition –– Café Maskaron (Haydn cake and coffee) –– All-in guided tour, 8 hours, includes guide, bus commentary, on-site guided tour, each extra hour € 35

Eisenstadt, the city of Haydn Eisenstadt is Austria’s smallest provincial capital, with a population of around 14,000. Our guided tour will start at the Haydn Church. Here you can see the Haydn organ and the grave of the world-famous composer Joseph Haydn. Inside the Mount Calvary monument, carved wooden figures represent the 20 Stations of the Cross of Jesus Christ. The tour will continue through the former Jewish Quarter, past the Burgenland Landesmuseum and through the Esterházy landscape garden. The city tour will include the Franciscan church with friary, Haydn’s house, the Town Hall and the Plague Column. In Esterházy Palace, visitors can see the “Haydn explosive” special exhibition.

Esterházy Palace Eisenstadt The palace has been owned by the Esterházy family for 350 years and is one of Burgenland’s landmarks. The current exhibition informs you in particular detail about the princely dynasty. A special highlight is the world-famous Haydnsaal, a frescoed concert hall not only of great visual beauty, but also with unparalleled acoustics.

lasting 3.5 hours (approx. 7.30 pm – 11 pm) Package price € 39.50 / pp Henrici Restaurant Starting in 1793, the total complex opposite the Eisenstadt Palace was radically reconstructed under Prince Anton Esterházy (1738 –1794). The royal stables have been completely preserved and boast a grandiose vaulted hall with marble food troughs and a great waterspout. The former horse stables were reconstructed into a restaurant in the twentieth century. Proof that the Esterházys bred generations of gourmets is seen by a look at the Esterházy castle and palace kitchens between Eisenstadt and Fertöd, and in the Pannonianstyle dishes and typical desserts dreamed up by the Esterházy chefs de cuisine, which are still named after the family. Night watchman patrol Join a night watchman (Mr. Christian Seywerth) on his torchlit evening patrol, a walk with a difference through the romantically illuminated backstreets and alleys of the Free City of Eisenstadt. Discover the special character and mysteries of Haydn’s city by night.

Lunch at the Storchenmühle The mill is 500 years old and situated in Oslip, a “Schmalangerdorf” (enclosed village with common) typical of Burgenland. Part of the film trilogy about the life of Empress Elisabeth (“Sissie”) was made here. Enjoy the Pannonian cuisine to the melodies of original Hungarian Gypsy music. St. Margarethen sandstone quarry The spectacular Roman quarry can look back to a history of 25 million years, and provides an extraordinary and dramatic setting for the annual summer Opera Festival. Tour of the historic city of Rust Embedded between the west shore of the Neusiedler See and the vine-laden heights of the Rust Hügelland is Rust, Austria’s smallest Free City. The famous “stork city” captivates visitors through its picturesque historic district, and its superlative wines. Tour guide You will be escorted on your day trips into the entrancing world of Pannonia by our expert tour guide Ms Sylvia Stoiber


Puszta trip The extremely shallow Neusiedler See is the largest steppe lake in Europe. It forms part of the Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park. A ferry will take you to the open-air stage at Mörbisch and to the Hungarian border at Illmitz/Illmic, where you will be picked up by a carriage.

Forchtenstein Castle Forchtenstein Castle was built in the thirteenth century as a Hungarian border castle; it was an important bulwark during the Turkish Wars and never captured. Lunch at Mallits, the “Curiosity Wine Inn” Mallits is the name of a family of farmers in Lackenbach who have been collecting antiquities for 60 years and now live with around 8,000 items, kept in their private home, the garden, and in the tavern. Lackenbach Palace Lackenbach Palace is one of Burgenland’s oldest Renaissance chateaux, and was the first ancestral seat of the Esterházys in Burgenland. Kobersdorf Palace This Renaissance chateau at the foot of the Pauliberg mountain, Austrian’s youngest volcano, was built directly into the forefortress of the former moated castle. It came into the ownership of the princely family of the Esterházys in the eighteenth century and is now privately owned. Lockenhaus Castle The castle is situated on the north slopes of the Geschriebenstein, the highest mountain in Burgenland. The infamous “Bloody Countess” Elizabeth Báthory once lived here, one of the most savage murderesses in history. Visit the apse, supposed to have been a cultic room for the Knights Templar. And there is more – the chapel, the banqueting hall, the “Rittersaal” – the Knight’s Hall –, the armoury, and the “Rauchkuchl”, the old smoking kitchen. Robber Baron feast in the medieval rooms of the stronghold After such a eventful day, enjoy a traditional ‘robber baron’ meal – finger food is nothing new! Accordingly, each guest will be given an apron just to be on the safe side. A minstrel will provide the musical background.

lasting 8 hours Package price € 59.80 / pp The house in Vienna where Joseph Haydn died Joseph Haydn bought this house in the suburb of Gumpendorf in 1793 and had it refurbished for the widowhood of his wife Maria Anna. However, it was not Mrs Haydn who ended her days here, but the maestro himself. Haydn died here on the first floor of the building on 31 May 1809 at the age of 77. Joseph Haydn’s birthplace in Rohrau/Lower Austria The world-famous composer Joseph Haydn was born in this house on 31 March 1732, the second of a total of twelve children. Haydn Church and Haydn Mausoleum in Eisenstadt The Bergkirche church was once intended to be the largest pilgrimage church in Hungary. It was built 300 years ago under Prince Paul Esterházy. Prince Paul V had a Haydn Mausoleum erected in the north tower of the church for the bicentennial of Haydn’s birth. The mortal remains of the great composer have been interred here since 1954. Lunch at the Henrici Restaurant Creations of the Esterházy Palace cuisine, served to you as a 2-course meal. Esterházy Palace: the “Haydn explosive” exhibition This exhibition shows Joseph Haydn and his era as a total work of art. Grandiose sound and video installations conjure up the age of the Esterházy princes and Haydn’s world of music, re-awakening them to new life. Café Maskaron The inner courtyard and its fanciful baroque atmosphere enhance the pleasure of a cup of coffee and a piece of Haydn cake.

Admission charges Esterházy Palace

Forchtenstein Castle

Roman quarry

€ 7.50 € 6.50 € 16.00/family € 6.50

Castle tour with weapons collection Adults € 8.00 Reduced € 7.00 Families € 21.00/family Groups € 6.00

“Haydn explosive” exhibition Adults € 8.00 Reduced € 6.00 Families € 17.00/family Groups with guide € 7.00 Groups without guide € 6.00

Esterházy Treasure Chamber (only with guide) Adults € 10.00 Reduced € 9.00 Families € 28.00/family Groups € 8.00

With guide Adults Reduced Families Children aged 6 –16 School groups as class

Palace tour Adults Reduced Families Groups

Weinmuseum Adults Reduced Groups with guide Groups without guide

€ € € €

5.00 4.00 5.00 4.00

Palace ticket (combi-ticket) Adults € 9.90 Reduced € 8.50 Families € 19.00/family Opening times April – October: daily 9 am – 6pm November – March: For groups by appointment Adsress Schloss Esterházy 7000 Eisenstadt

Without guide Adults Reduced Families Children aged 6 –16 School groups as class

Esterházy Gallery of Ancestors Adults € 8.00 Reduced € 7.00 Families € 20.00/family Groups € 6.00

€ € € €

3.50 3.00 9.00/family 2.00


€ € € €

2.50 2.00 7.00/family 1.50


Opening times April – October: 9 am – 6 pm November – March: For groups by appointment

Combi-ticket: Castle tour and Treasure Chamber Adults € 15.00 Reduced € 13.50 Families € 42.00/family Groups € 12.00

Tour of the Nature Museum Adults Reduced Families Groups with guide Groups without guide

€ 4.00 € 2.00 € 10.00/family € 4.00 € 3.00

Opening times

1 September – 30 June 9 am – 4 pm 1 July – 31 August 9 am – 5 pm

Address Museum Schloss Lackenbach 7322 Lackenbach

Address Römersteinbruch Betriebe GmbH 7062 St. Margarethen

Combi-ticket: Castle tour and Gallery of Ancestors Adults € 13.50 Reduced € 12.00 Families € 35.00/family Groups € 10.00 Combi-ticket: Gallery of Ancestors and Treasure Chamber Adults € 15.00 Reduced € 13.50 Families € 41.00/family Groups € 12.00 Combi-ticket: Castle tour, Treasure Chamber and Gallery of Ancestors Tickets Adults € 21.00 Reduced € 18.50 Families € 55.00/family Groups € 17.00

Prices valid from 1 January to 31 December 2010. Group prices valid for 20 persons and more. Groups by appointment on request. Free admission for children up to age 6. Family ticket valid for parents (or grandparents) and 2 children up to age 16.

Opening times April – October: 10 am – 6 pm November – March: For groups by appointment

Free admission for tourist guides and bus drivers. Prices apply per person and incl. taxes. Subject to alterations.

Address Burg Forchtenstein 7212 Forchtenstein


Lackenbach Palace

Esterházy Service Center T +43(0)2682/630 04-430 • F +43(0)2682/630 04-499 • •

All packages can be booked for groups of 20 persons and more at the Esterházy Service Center. Prices include VAT.

Access routes

Vienna A4


Kittsee/Jarovce Parndorf

Guntramsdorf junction A3 A2

Eisenstadt S31

Wiener Neustadt

Eisenstadt Highlights


S4 Mattersburg



Nickelsdorf/ Hegyeshalom

Trausdorf St. Margarethen Rust Mörbisch

Palace gardens


Sopron Forchtenstein



Neusiedl am See





Esterházy Palace





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50 87




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Güssing Vienna, Graz, Budapest Forchtenstein Castle By car S31 exit Forchtenstein From Vienna: –– A2/A3 Südostautobahn (southbound motorway, direction Eisenstadt, –– then via S 31 to exit Forchtenstein From Graz: –– A2 exit Eisenstadt, –– S4 to Mattersburg junction, –– then via S31, direction Oberpullendorf –– exit Forchtenstein By train From Vienna Südbahnhof (South Main Station) via Wiener Neustadt to Mattersburg, then change to regional bus 7993 By bus From Vienna Südtirolerplatz to Forchtenstein. For detailed information on individual buses available, please check at and Parking for buses and cars Car park directly in front of castle entrance 26

Esterházy Palace By car From the south: –– Südautobahn (A2) (southbound motorway) to Wr. Neustadt –– and S4/S31 From the west: –– Westautobahn (westbound motorway) (A1) to Steinhäusl/ Allander Autobahn Junction, –– Südautobahn (southbound motorway) A2 to Guntramsdorf, –– Südostautobahn (south-eastbound motorway) (A3) From the east: –– Flughafenautobahn (airport motorway) (A4) and –– Bundesstrasse (Federal Highway) B50 From the north: –– Südautobahn (southbound motorway) A2 to Guntramsdorf, –– Südostautobahn (southeast-bound motorway) A3

By train Approx. 1-hour trip from Vienna. Information on trains available: Two route options –– from Vienna Südbahnhof (South Main Station) via Neusiedl am See (change here) to Eisenstadt –– from Vienna Südbahnhof via Wulkaprodersdorf (change here) to Eisenstadt Train from Eisenstadt via Wulkaprodersdorf to Sopron (every hour, approx. half an hour’s journey) By bus Regional buses 566 or 1156 from Vienna Südtirolerplatz to Eisenstadt (Mörbisch). Approx. 1.15-hour trip, express bus approx. 1 hour. For details, call Eisenstadt bus information on 02682/623 60 -11 or check at

Parking for private cars Short-term parking zone, time charge: Monday to Friday 8 am – 4 pm, Saturday 8 am – 12 pm Charge: € 0.50/per half-hour Garage car park Esterházy Palace (APCOA) Tel. 02682/ 67404, 6109911,

Esterházy Highlights Esterházy Palace Wine Museum Café Maskaron 2 Henrici Restaurant 3 Orangery 4 Leopoldine Temple


Charge: € 1.80 / hour, € 1260 / daily maximum

Bus parking Glorietteallee (opposite entrance to palace gardens) Charge: € 3.– per hour Daily maximum € 15.– (free parking from the sixth hour onwards) All information subject to alteration.


Eisenstadt Highlights Bergkirche church Domkirche – Cathedral Franciscan church Spitalskirche – hospital church Plague Column Pulverturm tower Jewish Cemetery Liszt monument Haydn House Diocesan Museum Austrian Jewish Museum Landesgalerie Burgenland Regional Museum Galerie im Haus der Begegnung (Gallery at the Community Centre) 15 Rathausgalerie (Town Hall/ Town Hall Gallery) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14


Die besten Haydn-Interpreten zu Gast bei den Haydn Festspielen in Eisenstadt

Konzertprogramm 2010 Stabat Mater

Karfreitag, 2. April 2010

Saisoneröffnung 1. Mai 2010

Die HaydnAkademie

Intendanz: Dr. Walter Reicher

15. Mai / 5. Juni / 4. September / 2. Oktober 2010

Esterházy Streichquartett 18.-20. Juni 2010

Haydn Festspiele Schloss Esterházy 7000 Eisenstadt +43 (0)2682 61866

Sommerakademie 12. August 2010

Internationale Haydntage „Haydn & Die Jubilare“ 9.-19. September 2010

Adam Fischer, Österr.-Ung. Haydn Philharmonie, Kammerorchester Basel, Giovanni Antonini, Israel Chamber Orchester, Julian Rachlin u.v.m.

Opernfestspiele St. Margarethen präsentieren 2010 W. A. Mozarts Oper „Die Zauberflöte“ Vom 14. Juli bis 29. August 2010 steht im Römersteinbruch St. Margarethen Mozarts Oper „Die Zauberflöte“ auf dem Programm. Mit dieser Oper schuf Mozart ein Stück Welttheater. „Die Zauberflöte“ zählt zu den rätselvollsten und zugleich berührendsten Opernwerken, die je geschrieben wurden. Bei den Opernfestspielen St. Margarethen wird diese Oper mit effektvoller Farbenpracht inszeniert.

Opera Festival St. Margarethen presents in 2010 W.A. Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute” From 14th of July to 29th of August 2010 the Opera Festival St. Margarethen stages Mozart’s sublime opera “The Magic Flute”. The Römersteinbruch (Roman quarry) in St. Margarethen is one of Austria’s premier venues for international opera enthusiasts and Europe’s biggest naturally created stage. By virtue of its magnificent acoustics and awe-inspiring atmosphere, this outdoor concert hall is able to present opera at its most compelling and elemental. Weitere Informationen erteilt/for more information contact: Barbara Steinhauser | Opernfestspiele St. Margarethen GesmbH & Co KG Neunkirchner Straße 17, A-2700 Wiener Neustadt Tel.: +43/2622/82605-17, Fax: +43/2622/82613 E-mail: oder - Office hours: Mo - Fr 9 to 13 hrs.

Publishing information Editor, owner and publisher: Esterhรกzy Betriebe GmbH Esterhรกzyplatz 5 A-7000 Eisenstadt T +43 (0)2682/630 04-0 Editorial team Judith Tatar Markus Kustatscher Responsible for contents Karl Wessely

Photographs Esterhรกzy Private Foundation; Manfred Horvath, Gabor Reinhoffer, Csepregi Kurt Kuball, Bernhard Helminger,, Rudi Hemetsberger Gerhard Wasserbauer, Manfred Klimek, Stefan Liewehr, Thomas Ludwig Hertha Hurnaus, Margherita Spiluttini

Produced by Wograndl Druck GmbH. Druckweg 1 A-7210 Mattersburg Printing and typo-graphical errors excepted. The General Terms and Conditions shall apply. For more information, please visit Published in Eisenstadt


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