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INTERACTING SYSTEMS The effects of good nutrition on back pain – Dr Kogelnig explains the way forward. Also seasonal gifts, oat & coconut kisses and the new cookbooklet ‘FX Mayr for Gourmets’.

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CONTENTS 4 Interacting systems Interview with Dr Kogelnig 9 Two top international awards for Parkhotel Igls Of medical marvels and pioneering ideas


Guest! We all know that back pain can be the result of bad posture and that a stiff neck can be caused by draught

12 Everything you ever wanted to ask 10 questions about Modern Mayr Medicine 16 Tea

but, although this maybe so, the big picture is far more complex. Pain cannot be understood without consideration

18 Cookbooklet

of the human system as a whole and all too often the root of the problem lies in the digestive system. Dr Kogelnig tells us more on page 4. Our new Mayr Guide provides basic information for your stay at the Parkhotel Igls and


From Tyrol with love Gifts of health & wellbeing


From our Chef Oat & coconut kisses

we’ll be delighted to provide you with a copy when you arrive – your wellbeing is at the top of our agenda. We are proud to announce that Parkhotel Igls adds two top international awards to its string of accolades, voted Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Travel Awards 2013: ‘Best Destination Spa’ and awarded the Tatler Spa Guide 2014 Trophy: ‘Best for Medical Marvels’. These awards are not just for our excellent medical team and our staff, but also for you, our loyal guests – because you make us what we are.

26  May I introduce myself ... Did you know? … 27  Our offers at a glance: plus additional information

Best wishes for a peaceful and serene winter season. With kind regards from Igls,

Mag Andrea Gnägi


Interacting systems




Back pain, a stiff neck, persistent muscle pain and other complaints that significantly impact overall wellbeing are frequently due to an underlying digestive problem. In this interview, Parkhotel Igls’ Dr Kogelnig talks with Dr Luger about the correlations between the digestive and musculoskeletal systems – based on scientific studies and personal experience, Dr Kogelnig’s findings are now an integral part of the Mayr therapy at Parkhotel Igls.


Interacting systems

‘Inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract can cause inflammation of the connective tissue in the vascular system and muscles. Hence, there is a relationship between structure and function – this is something FX Mayr understood a long time ago’.

Dr Kogelnig, in your lectures you indicate how closely

Can this kind of disturbance be recognised by looking at

the functioning of our musculoskeletal system relates to

a person’s posture?

a healthy stomach and gut. What is the impact of an unhealthy digestive system?

Yes! Increased fermentation and putrefaction in the gut invariably affect posture. Gastritis, for example, causes

There are a number of syndromes in the orthopaedic field

spasms and a tightening of the stomach muscles. Pain

that are triggered by the gastrointestinal tract; tension

causes the body to stoop, so the body tries to compensate

headaches, back pain and neck problems for instance.

by changing its stance – for instance by tilting the pelvis

Blockages in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine as

more. This in turn can lead to increased stress on the ankle

well as the sacroiliac joint are also common, as are

joints and cause further orthopaedic problems.

contractions of the hip muscles. The hip flexors tend to contract when the colon is inflamed and can cause

What is the reflex mechanism?

symptoms similar to a slipped disc. This is known as pseudo sciatica. Blockages of the spine can cause this kind

The spinal cord and the gut’s circumferential and

of symptom via muscular chains. However, these blockages

longitudinal muscles are directly connected. The

can partly be caused by functional disorders of the digestive

connections between them are made by sensory nerve

system such as gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome and a

fibres and the spinal cord. This controls the muscular

variety of inflammations.

processes and – in the case of gastritis – has a negative effect on neck and shoulder muscles because these are

How does the body communicate and how do these

reflexively associated with the stomach. When this is

structures interact with the digestive tract?

combined with poor ergonomics it can in turn contribute

it is not uncommon for musculoskeletal problems to

Understanding these relationships and the appropriate

to headaches and lead to new blockages, in the spinal

disappear completely solely as a result of rehabilitating

treatments must be of great benefit to your guests?

They are connected to the gastrointestinal tract via the

region for instance. Sensory nerve fibres in the spinal cord

the gastrointestinal tract. Problems in the small intestine

nervous and endocrine systems, which is really why no

activate motor fibres and this in turn creates a direct

can manifest themselves as thoracic spine blockages or as

Typically, conventional medicine sets boundaries –

organ can ever be considered in isolation. Disturbances in

connection with the musculoskeletal system.

irritable bladders. Basically, the anatomical relationships

the orthopaedist does not deal with the gut and the

between the intestine and the surrounding organs are

gastroenterologist does not deal with the musculoskeletal

the processes of organs are not limited to themselves but have an impact on other parts of the system. Inflammations

So, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract lead to posture

very close. For example, the expansion of the colon and

system. However, a ‘holistic’ – and I make no apologies for

of the gastrointestinal tract can also result in inflammation

misalignment, which in turn triggers more problems – for

small intestine as a result of flatulence creates pressure

using this somewhat modish term – view is required to

of the connective tissue in the vascular system and

instance slipped discs?

on the organs, which pushes the heart, diaphragm and

comprehend the overall picture.

muscles. Hence, there is a relationship between structure

lungs upwards. This resulting stimulation of the sensory

and function – this is something FX Mayr understood a

It is common for these to be the causal disorders. A

nerve fibres causes all of the muscles in the back to

Fact is that we need to think more in terms of inter-

long time ago. When ideal body posture is lost, structural

successful long-term cure cannot be achieved if treatment

experience increased myotonus, leading to posture

relationships, recognise the connections and respond

changes make us recognise the presence of disorders and

is restricted to physiotherapy without considering the


therapeutically; this is precisely what happens in Mayr

a lack of full functionality.

malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract. In my experience

Medicine. If, for example, a patient comes to me with spinal



Editorial undAwards Inhalt

Interacting systems

Of medical marvels and pioneering ideas

‘If, for example, a patient comes to me with spinal pain, I naturally take a look at his internal organs too. Otherwise, we become too focused on the symptoms.’

Not one, but two top international awards recently confirmed the Parkhotel Igls’ reputation as a leading world destination spa and health retreat. In September, readers of the renowned Condé Nast Traveller magazine voted the Parkhotel Igls as the ‘Best Destination Spa’ in the annual Readers’ Travel Awards 2013. In early October, Parkhotel Igls gained a further accolade, this time from the jury of the eminent 2014 Tatler Spa Guide: ‘Best for Medical Marvels’. The Tatler Spa Trophy is the Parkhotel Igls’ second Trophy since reopening.

a disorder of the spine. As an example one could cite a

the duodenum and stomach lead to serious irritations of

the Parkhotel Igls can accomplish ‘medical marvels’ with

case where the psoas major muscle is a hip flexor that

the intercostal muscles and often express themselves as

its ‘pioneering medical concept’. What’s behind this and

tends to be highly reactive to the colon. Irritation of the

stabbing pains in the chest. At this point, people often ask

what distinguishes us from other destination spas – and

colon leads reflexively to a contraction of the muscle, this

to be referred to a cardiologist because they suspect they

most importantly, how do our guests benefit?

can cause symptoms which are similar to a herniated disc,

may have a heart condition. Physiotherapy and Modern

they could even lead to scoliosis due to posture problems.

Mayr Medicine therefore need to interact very closely to

We are guided by the latest scientific findings

Meanwhile the actual problem lies elsewhere and cannot

get to the root of these symptoms and conditions in order

The Parkhotel Igls is a pioneer and centre of Modern Mayr

be fixed surgically but only by treating and curing the

to find permanent solutions. Exercise together with

Medicine. We have made significant contributions to the

organ. This means cleansing the colon, restoring the

changes in lifestyle and dietary behaviour is most probably

ongoing evolution of the classic Mayr treatment, and

mucosa, and making dietary changes to reduce fermentation

still the best ‘medicine’ for these complaints. Only when

continue to do so – at all times guided by the latest

processes. The back complaint was caused by the neural

we understand the systems and their interactions and

scientific findings and averse to changing fads. This applies

interconnections between the afflicted gastrointestinal

when we make the connection of the gastrointestinal tract

to the medical component – a pioneering combination of

tract and the spinal cord.

with other organs can we succeed in achieving long-term

conventional and alternative medicines combined with


the latest diagnostic methods.


Pa r




Be s M e d i c a lt fo r Ma Tatler S pa Trop r v e l s hy 2014

Be De stin atst i o n S pa Condé Nast


Reader Traveller s’ Award Travel 2013




in its own right and according to expert opinion, a stay at


increasingly recognised internationally. As a destination

between the heart and the duodenum. Inflammations in


diaphragmatic elevations caused by the reflex mechanism

sensitive points in the abdominal area often correlate with


we become too focused on symptoms only. Pressure-


The Parkhotel Igls and our Modern Mayr Medicine are


A similar phenomenon can also be observed in

Tw o

pain, I take a look at his internal organs too. Otherwise,





We care about you and your health Dr Peter R. Gartner, Mayr Physician

Dr Peter B. Barth,

and Medical Director

Mayr Physician

– Nutritional and exercise medicine

– Cardiovascular medicine

– Acupuncture and auricular

– Performance diagnostics


– Psychosomatic medicine

– Ozone therapy

– Neural therapy

– Dark field microscopy – Integrative spa medicine Dr Brigitte Schirmer-Fereberger,

Dr Edith Stadelmann,

Mayr Physician


– Bioenergetic screening

– Nutritional, sport and exercise

– Neural therapy


– Skin-rejuvenating injection

– Mental coaching


– Psycho-oncology

– Needle and laser acupuncture

Mag Andrea Gnägi, Suzanne Duckett (Tatler Spa Guide editor), Francisca Kellet (Tatler Travel editor), Dr Peter Gartner

Dr Richard Kogelnig,

Prof Ferdinand Frauscher,

Mayr Physician


– Neural therapy

– Lecturer in ultrasound diagnostics

– Psychology

– Uroradiology

– Acupuncture

– Prostate diagnosis

– Manual therapy

We investigate the causes of disorders & diseases

We look after you – individually and personally

A holistic approach that focuses on the findings of Dr FX

Your individual needs are of crucial importance to us.

Mayr is at the heart of our therapeutic approach. In

At our House in the Park, there are no standardised

addition to curing symptoms, we investigate the causes of

treatments or ‘off the shelf’ therapies; our guests receive

disease. A range of diagnostic options as well as our team

advice and treatments tailored to meet their needs and

Andrology and endocrinology


of medical specialists are at hand. Thanks to our close

the requirements of their individual wellbeing.

Dr Germar Pinggera

Dr Norbert Schauer

range of specialist consultants, we are able to provide you

We will get you ‘up and running’


Neural therapy

with the most advanced examination methods to counter

Exercise plays a major part in our treatment philosophy,

Dr Gudrun Zorowka-Wiese

Dr Martin Winkler

silent conditions or chronic diseases from an early stage.

because the metabolism needs to be in good working order for the body to be able to utilise nourishment

Surgical endoscopy

Neurology and psychiatry

We build on 6 fundamental principles instead of 4 –

effectively. The Modern Mayr cuisine includes sufficient

Dr Franz Aigner

Prof Gerhard Luef

the gut as the body’s central organ

amounts of protein to maintain a well-functioning

Preventive medicine at the Parkhotel Igls is based on six

muscular system. Our varied and balanced exercise

Dermatology and venereology

Pulmonology and sleep diagnostics

fundamental principles whereas other medically-centred

options are run by professional coaches and therapists

Prof Norbert Sepp

Dr Jörg Duftner

destination spas place value on only four propositions:

who customise the programmes to suit each individual,

Sanitation, Substitution, Self-discovery and Sport. Modern

gently increasing the level of exercise where appropriate.

Vascular surgery


Dr Edgar Raschenberger

Dr Dieter Lungenschmid

External consultants

collaboration with Innsbruck University Hospital’s wide

Mayr Medicine adds Security and Schooling of the entire

Dr Andreas Oberhauser

digestive tract, thus achieving sustainable results that remain effective after you leave us and enable you to


enjoy a whole new quality of life.

Prof Patrick Zorowka



Editorial und Inhalt 10 questions

10 questions

Everything you ever wanted to ask 10 questions about Modern Mayr Medicine

Whether your first visit or you already have several Mayr treatments under your belt – you are bound to have questions. ‘What does this mean, how does that work, can I do this, do I take that, or should I abstain, how much and when, in what order and ...?’ Dr Peter Gartner answers the 10 questions that our guests most frequently ask.

1. What are ‘toxins’ and why do we need to ‘detox’? Toxins are substances that need to be eliminated from the body but haven’t because the body’s ‘refuse collection’ system is temporarily overloaded. Most are acidic, water-soluble substances that are deposited in the ‘temporary storage’ facilities of connective and fatty tissue. This increases tissue pressure, puts a strain on tiny blood vessels and lymphatics, and frequently represents the beginning of chronic disease. 2. How does ‘detoxing’ work? To begin with, large quantities of water are introduced to the body to release the toxins back into the blood from the tissues and fat deposits. This means that the waste products, or toxins, are briefly circulating in the blood, which can lead to temporary headaches or dizziness. The toxins are subsequently excreted via the kidneys (urine) and liver (bile fluid). 3. What and how much should one drink during a Mayr therapy? During treatment we recommend that you drink around one litre for each 20kg of body weight. In practice this means that people who weigh up to 50kg need to drink at least two litres, people who are over 50kg in weight require at least three litres, and anyone with a bodyweight of more than 90kg should drink at least four litres per day. It is best to drink spring water (from the tap), uncarbonated water, or gently carbonated bottled water. The occasional cup of tea is fine, but not too much because any infusion consumed in large quantities has the potential to develop its own medicinal effect that could distort the treatment results.



10 questions

10 questions

4. Why do I have to take bitter water?

10. What happens at home, after my treatment? How frequently and for how

It encourages detoxification via the liver, gallbladder and gut, first by stimulating

long should I have Mayr Therapy?

the flow of bile from the liver, and then by ensuring that the bile fluid containing

As a rule, the diet level you attain towards the end of your treatment here is

the toxins is rapidly excreted as a result of its mild laxative effect.

something you can keep going at home for a while. However, what you really should try to do now is to incorporate the eating habits you learned during

5. Surely the old-fashioned liver detox pack has served its time now?

your stay into your normal life. Ideally, a Mayr Therapy should be repeated

Absolutely not! There is still no more effective method of increasing hepatic

after six months, but a two to three week treatment once a year has proven to

blood flow – and thus the liver’s detoxification action – than the sudorific liver-

be a more realistic alternative.

detox pack. With just two hand towels, a bath towel and a water bottle you have the means to demonstrably improve the results of your treatment. 6. If cow’s milk is not that good for you, why is it used in the treatment? You have to distinguish between treatments and dietary recommendations. Scientists no longer recommend cow’s milk for daily nutrition. However, cow’s milk and cow’s milk products still have a use in Modern Mayr Medicine. In the event of allergies or intolerances there are a number of alternatives such as soya, sheep’s or goat’s milk that can be used instead.

Dr Peter Gartner, Medical Director at the Parkhotel Igls

7. What exactly is the point of Kneipp therapy? We avail ourselves of the effects of hydrotherapy as popularised by Father Sebastian Kneipp and offer them as supplementary treatments to Mayr Therapy. They are based on the principles of stimulation therapy and can most easily be achieved by means of water-based applications such as treading water, arm baths or contrast arm baths, and hip baths. Kneipp treatments are anti-inflammatory, improve blood circulation and stimulate blood flow. 8. Is it all right to exercise during a Mayr Therapy? Yes, absolutely. This has been made possible by the development of Modern Mayr cuisine, which allows for the inclusion of a certain amount of protein. This protein prevents excessive muscle loss through exercise. In contrast to the earlier, low-protein diets during which anything more strenuous than a gentle stroll was discouraged, today’s Mayr Therapy has no objection to rigorous exercise.

Just out: our Mayr Guide Please browse through our recently published ‘Mayr Guide’ for additional information. Originally intended as an information sheet to bridge the brief gap between arrival and your first consultation with a physician, it grew into a reference book in which you

9. I keep hearing about ‘consciousness expansion’ but it didn’t happen during my treatment. Did I do something wrong? Absolutely not! The cause of this special feeling is the beta-endorphin. This is a morphine-like substance, which the body produces in extreme situations.

will find answers to many of your questions. The guide is the same size as our dressing gown pockets, so you can always have the Mayr Guide about your person for reference during your stay.

For some people, Mayr treatments and fasts represent extreme situations in which beta-endorphin is released. This in turn leads to a state of euphoria. However, this side effect of Mayr Therapy is very rare.




TEA Liquid intake plays an extremely important role in detoxification, and you should drink around 3 litres of fluids over the course of each day. The chief purpose of this is to restore the body’s acidbase balance because chronic acidification is the root cause of many civilisation syndromes. The teas used at the Parkhotel Igls contain only ingredients that have an alkaline effect. We do not use acidifying fruit teas or black teas. Modern Mayr Medicine’s recommended method for making tea: for the best effect, allow teas and infusions to brew for only a brief period until they take on a pale colour. Use as much tea or herb as you can hold with 3 fingers, add 1 litre of hot water, and then allow the tea to brew for no longer than 2 minutes. Never add sugar or sweeteners!



Our Slimming Tea combines the metabolism-stimulating

‘Milde Johanna’ is a stomach-friendly fruit tea full of

effect of bladderwrack with the detoxifying effects of

vitamin C and – unlike other fruit teas – contains only

lady’s mantle, Adonis vernalis and buckthorn bark. The

ingredients that have an alkali effect: apple, beetroot,

flavour is rounded off by the addition of peppermint,

dried currants, blackberries and redcurrants.

which also promotes bile flow.

ALPINE HERBAL TEA – A TEA FOR ALL SEASONS Alpine Herbal Tea is not only very tasty and refreshing, but due to its mucus-relieving and antispasmodic properties it is used to treat respiratory disorders like coughs and sore throats. This herbal infusion also has a regulating effect on the digestive system.


Parkhotel Igls cookbooklet

Parkhotel Igls cookbooklet

Modern Mayr cuisine at home – the Parkhotel Igls


now in English!

Healthy eating equals a healthy life. Our head chef Markus Sorg and the medical team continually collaborate on the development and refinement of the Modern Mayr cuisine – representing an integral part of all treatments at Parkhotel Igls. Today’s delicious Modern Mayr cuisine bears no resemblance to the classic milk & bread roll diet of yesteryear – we have evolved! Intelligent gourmet fasting replaces strict denial and latest findings in nutritional science are fused with the art of haute cuisine, resulting in dishes which are light and tasty, yet providing maximal support for our all important detox programme. Now these culinary delights can be recreated at home: in the new English edition of FX Mayr for Gourmets, chef Markus Sorg presents a series of dishes suitable for everyday cooking whilst elevating the diet into an exciting culinary experience. In these recipes he demonstrates how correct nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and delicious meals can go hand in hand. Yet the featured recipes are not complex or elaborate, rather they are tasty options and variations which can easily be prepared at home. All recipes are tested for readily available ingredients and use organically grown produce with selected herbs & spices.



Parkhotel Igls cookbooklet

The new English edition of the FX Mayr for Gourmets cookbooklet is now available to order from Parkhotel Igls, price €12 excluding p&p

G et the booklet

Joie de vivre cooking Chef Sorg’s interpretation of Modern Mayr cuisine is brimming with vitality and zest for life: dishes are packed with vitamins & nutrients, yet incredibly gentle on the whole body. Regional produce and – wherever possible – organically grown foodstuffs are of fundamental importance; natural flavour always dominates and herbs & spices are used in moderation to enhance flavours, resulting in healthy, delicious dishes. Easy to do and good for you A stay at Parkhotel Igls means a substantial change in

Portrait of Markus Sorg – Head Chef with a difference

eating habits. Therefore chef Sorg is emphatic when it comes to simplicity of his recipes, ensuring they can be prepared with ease and integrated into normal everyday life, and bringing an element of fun to the daily routine of food preparation. He hugely enjoys sharing his knowledge,

25 year old Markus Sorg shows notable culinary vision and

and his special cookery classes at Parkhotel Igls give

outstanding imagination. In collaboration with the medical

participants the opportunity to immerse themselves into

team at the Health Retreat, the young Tyrolean sees it as

the delicious world of Modern Mayr cuisine.

his mission to constantly evolve the Modern Mayr cuisine at Parkhotel Igls. Delicious food and culinary mastery are

The dose makes the poison

always his goal, for example, elevating simple everyday

Markus Sorg focuses on light wholesome foods, plenty of

ingredients such as beetroot to the height of enjoyment

vegetables, cereals and whole rice. ‘Never leave out

with 15 ways of preparation!

enjoyment, from time to time this could be a good piece

‘Unfortunately the word diet is still widely misunderstood’

of roast meat!’ he declares. And then he adds ‘as long as

Markus explains, ‘because diet should not be about

it is enjoyed in moderation – because it is the dose that

starvation and weight loss, constant calorie counting and

makes the poison!’

foregoing the joy of eating. It is much rather an all embracing way of life and the adoption of a new lifestyle.

What are the most important rules to consider with

As such we recognise and omit unsuitable, health

Modern Mayr cuisine?

damaging foodstuffs wherever and whenever possible,

The cornerstones are healthy and natural cooking, eating

but we do so without sacrificing culinary enjoyment. For

slowly, chewing and insalivating, rediscovering our

me living healthily is synonymous with eating properly.’

satiation reflexes, and leaving 4–5 hours between meals.



Gift ideas

Gift ideas


The cookbooklet FX Mayr for Gourmets and the Parkhotel Igls gift box

Gifts of health & wellbeing

A gift box filled with your selection of hand-picked treats

All manner of delicious treats from the Parkhotel can be

from the Parkhotel Igls is an ideal present for the special

added to your gift box; perhaps a blend from our new tea

people in your life.

collection, crispbread, top quality argan oil, or Markus Sorg’s homemade jams? Our internationally renowned

Our new range of premium natural cosmetics is proving

cookbooklet is another popular choice. You may wish

particularly popular: the Tiroler Kräuterhof skincare

to give someone special a gift voucher – available to

range is free of glycerine/glycerol, artificial emulsifiers,

purchase as part of the box or separately.

perfumes, colours, artificial preservatives, paraffins, sodium laureth compounds (sodium lauryl ether) and

Our bespoke gift boxes are made by the ‘Youth at Work’

silicones. Soaps are made by hand using indigenous

charity and prices start at €15 for the gift box + postage.

organic oils, herbs and 100% natural essential oils – there

Let us know what we can do to fulfil your and your loved

is no gentler way to take care of your skin! Our mild

ones’ wishes!

shampoo is based on natural, moisturising sugar surfactants, herbal extracts and organic oils – one of the

Parkhotel Igls’ Tiroler Kräuterhof natural cosmetics

characteristics of natural surfactants is that they are low foaming yet highly effective cleaning agents. The Tiroler Kräuterhof range is suitable for all skin and hair types.



Oat & coconut kisses



Wholesome oat & coconut kisses for Christmas by Markus Sorg

Makes approx 20 kisses 50g rolled oats 50g desiccated coconut 20g butter 25g granulated sugar 150ml soya milk 1 egg, separated Grated zest of 1 orange

Lightly brown the oats and desiccated coconut in a sautĂŠ pan. Add butter and sugar and allow to caramelise. Deglaze the pan with soya milk, leave to cook until the mixture comes away from the sides


of the pan. Add orange zest and allow to cool. Stir the egg yolk into the cooled mixture. Whisk the egg white, carefully fold into the mixture. Spoon small balls of mixture onto a baking tray. Sprinkle with extra oats and bake at 180°C for 15 minutes. Leave to cool.


May I introduce myself ...

Overview of our treatment modules Prices medical arrangements

I’m Elizabeth Rubisoier, or ‘Lisie’ for

those foods recommended for him or

short. I am the Deputy Manager for

her. The restaurant ambience is just

Parkhotel Igls’ restaurant and have

as important to our guests as the

been working there since 2000. Serving

service, so our team looks after flower

guests breakfast, lunch and dinner

arrangements as well as the terrace

goes along with a listening ear as

and tea bar. Thanks to all the positive

personal interaction with the guests

feedback we receive, we know that

is what really interests me about

our guests really appreciate the

my work. Guests may need to get

personal attention we give them. This

something off their chest or are going

is something that makes me happy

through a ‘healing crisis’ – I listen

and really inspires me, as does

and try to encourage them to feel

working with such a fabulous and

better about themselves.

congenial team.

In the restaurant service we always

When I’m not working I spend a lot of

keep a very close eye on whether any

time with my grandchildren. I also

guest has a food allergy or intolerance.

like listening to music, hiking and

We take note of the physician’s


THE BASIC PROGRAMME €850 A fixed component for all treatment modules and normally combined with a therapy module MAYR-CLASSIC The ideal introduction to Modern Mayr Medicine


MAYR-INTENSIVE To detox and optimise overall health condition


MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM €1,450 Treatment of back disorders, restoring mobility

Hotel rates

HEART & CIRCULATION €1,700 To counteract predominant health risk factors such as stress, overweight, high blood pressure

Single rooms Double rooms* Suites* Parkhotel Suite (rate is for up to 5 persons)

METABOLISM & DETOX €1,660 For food intolerances, allergies, burn-out and sleep disorders

instructions, advise our guests and Special offer DETOX ON THE RUN €1,280

make sure each person is served only

Special offer MODERN MAYR MEDICAL CHECK €3,516

Did you know that ... total fasting leads to metabolic starvation mode, places considerable stress on the body and, once fasting ends, causes weight to shoot up? ... the lymphatics ensure that viruses, bacteria, protein, dead cells and toxins are eliminated from the body? Around 600 lymph nodes cleanse the lymphatic fluid and channel it back into the blood system. ... some of the fundamental reasons for fasting are to overcome bad habits, traits and thoughts, set rules and regulations help to achieve this.

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Special offer Kybun®@Mayr


Diagnostic module SUPER MEDICAL CHECK €2,116 Diagnostic module PREVENTATIVE ULTRASOUND ARRANGEMENT €1,039

Prices listed are per person per week, excluding room rates. Prices for additional weeks upon request. Prices & services valid from 26 Dec 2013 to 13 Dec 2014

€143 – 322 €138 – 233 €255 – 365 €1,100

Prices listed are per person per day including breakfast, excluding therapy modules. * for single use upon request Price discount: 5% discount as of 2 weeks, 10% discount as of 3 weeks. The Parkhotel Igls Facts & Figures Doctors’ surgery, treatment rooms, massage cubicles, baths section, soft pack system, sleep diagnostics, physiotherapy Indoor swimming pool with hydrotherapy, Finnish sauna, bio-sauna, textile sauna, steam bath, infrared cabin, sun bed, cosmetics department Meditation and relaxation rooms, loggia with reading corners, top floor panoramic fitness room, gymnastics room, lounge with open fireplace, lecture room 42 rooms & 9 suites, all with balconies overlooking our natural park with mature and young lime, birch and spruce trees and sweeping views over the Tyrolean Alps

Closed for refurbishment The Parkhotel Igls will be closed for remodelling and renovation from 1 December 2013. However, we can be contacted by phone during this time, including the Christmas holidays. We will be delighted to welcome you again from 26 December onwards. We are looking forward to seeing you! 27



10 days – arriving on 26 December 2013

Celebrate a special turn of the year at the Parkhotel Igls! After the Christmas holidays – and especially the Christmas food – our bodies need time to recover. You can do this at Parkhotel Igls immediately the celebrations have ended. Our qualified team and unparalleled surroundings provide the perfect setting for a detox programme based on the Modern Mayr Medicine. We have put together a broad and seasonal programme for a festive and peaceful ambience around the start of the New Year. We positively encourage you to give in to the temptations of our healthy New Year’s Eve buffet based on Modern Mayr cuisine and tailored to our diet levels. Between each course, the tenor Andreas Winkler and his ensemble Don & Giovannis will sing songs to transport you to the old Europe. A torch walk shortly before the turn of the year offers an opportunity to let the old year fade away before raising a toast to the new.

– Entry examination and comprehensive health check up, 30 mins – 3 Medical check ups and manual abdominal treatments, 20 mins – Final examination, 30 mins – Bioimpedance measurement, i.e. cell mass, body fluid and body fat – Extensive blood tests – 5 Partial massages, each 25 mins – 3 Full massages, each 50 mins – 3 Liver compresses with beeswax – Daily hydrotherapy treatments (Kneipp Circuit) – Modern Mayr cuisine adapted to individual diet requirements – Mineral water, herbal tea & vegetable base broth – Group exercise sessions, active & passive anti-stress exercises (relaxation), lifestyle management & mental group coaching – Presentations & information sessions

– Free use of the pool, sauna & gym facilities with panoramic views – Snowshoe excursion or winter walk – Curling – Bergisel Qualification Ski-jumping – Cross-country skiing in Seefeld – Enjoy an enchanting and exciting New Year’s Eve with a Modern Mayr cuisine buffet accompanied by innovative classical crossover music and an exhilarating after dinner torch walk – New Year’s Day: long & leisurely walk – Giant screen transmission of New Year’s Day concert from Vienna with the Vienna Philharmonic – Option to acquire tickets for the New Year’s Day concert in Innsbruck

10 days from €1,850 per person, price excl accommodation (from €1,380)

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