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The Montafon – Top Improver of the Year

The gift to the guest When the first gondolas float towards the mountain in the light of the rising sun. When the untouched pistes drape the mountains like giant garlands. When the contours of the peaks spring into sharp relief in the cool, clear air – that’s when we quietly enjoy the gift that the nature of the Montafon has given us. Making the peaks, ridges and hillsides traversable during the long winter months is a new challenge every day. This is why we are proud that our work has received multiple awards: the ADAC SkiGuide named us “2012 Top Improver of the Year” amongst the Alpine regions. The website named the Silvretta Montafon Austria’s “Number 1 freeride hotspot” – and it was selected as the “LEADING ski area” by both the International Skiareatest and Golm was also recognised: the International Skiareatest awarded first prize for the best offerings for children. It is no coincidence that the Snowboard Cross World Cup, Ski Cross European Cup, the elite of the international freeride scene as well as the fittest ski racers will visit the Montafon in the 2013/2014 season. This drives us to achieve our best. Because we know that we have to continue to look after our mountains with care, to nurture and attend to them in order to share the joy in them with as many people as possible. After all, we earn our reward from you: it is our guests that make the Montafon the most popular ski region in Vorarlberg.

CONTENTS The Montafon – Top Improver of the Year Star resort // The power of peace Montafon World Cup // Fat boards, fat beats Real piste fans Destination // Montafon added value Real off-piste enthusiasts Freeride // A sporty landscape Hot spots // In a white paradise

Vorarlberg Winter athletes and nature lovers can look forward to excellent ski areas, a lot of natural snow, impressive mountain views, picturesque villages and a great deal of space in Vorarlberg. The Montafon, located in the mountainous southern part of the country, excites sporty holidaymakers with its generous and diverse array of skiing and winter sports options. Photo: Viewing point Sonnen Bahn

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Olympic Youth Festival // We are Europe Real children of nature Good to know! // 11 rules for the pistes (from the Golmi-Wald) Real connoisseurs Relaxation // The end is just the beginning

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Summer 2014 preview Winter panorama – An overview of the Montafon Top events // A must-do every time The holiday planner // It’s what’s inside that counts

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Really family friendly // Special offers for our little holiday guests

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Star Resort

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The power of peace

I wanted to be able to ski freely for a few days, on good pistes, without a whole bunch of people, just my girlfriend and I. The Montafon is a really cool destination for enjoying a few days of beautiful skiing. Ted Ligety, US ski star, four times world champion and Olympic champion

Montafon World Cup

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Fat boards, fat beats The Montafon is home to the best of the best: Spanish football in the summer, the Austrian national men’s skiing team in the winter. There is no better proof of the region’s optimal training conditions! In the winter of 2013/2014 as well, the Montafon, in collaboration with the Austrian Ski Association, will be the stage for exciting competitions. The FIS Snowboard Cross World Cup and the FIS Ski & Snowboard Cross European Cup will drop by the valley right at the beginning of the season. And, as an additional treat, “Cro” and “Sportfreunde Stiller” will appear live on the open-air stage.

The Montafon World Cup – the complete schedule: 05 December 2013 // Thursday Party // 4.00 pm // Party mile 7.00 pm // Starting number draw for the FIS Snowboard Cross World Cup with MacDrivers, free admission, Kirchplatz Schruns

06 December 2013 // Friday Party // 2.00 pm // Party mile 9.00 pm // Riders Welcome Party with Antenne Vorarlberg – star DJ Enrico Ostendorf, free admission, Kirchplatz Schruns

07 December 2013 // Saturday Sport // 12.30 pm // Warm-up for the FIS Snowboard Cross World Cup, Silvretta Montafon 1.00 pm // Start of the FIS Snowboard Cross World Cup, Silvretta Montafon 2.20 pm // Flower ceremony, Silvretta Montafon Party // 2.00 pm // Party mile 6.00 pm // Open-air “Cro” concert, with supporting act “Texta”, Hochjoch Bahn valley station, admission 5.00 pm 8.00 pm // Schrus’r City Beats with DJ line-up, lights & sound, free admission, Kirchplatz Schruns

08 December 2013 // Sunday

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susanne Moll

Sport // 11.45 am // Warm-up for the FIS Snowboard Cross team competition, Silvretta Montafon 12.15 pm // Start of the FIS Snowboard Cross team competition, Silvretta Montafon 1.20 pm // Awards ceremony in the finish area, Silvretta Montafon

13 December 2013 // Friday Party // 7.00 pm // Starting number draw with live band, free admission, Schruns music pavilion, with party mile

14 December 2013 // Saturday Sport // 11.00 am // FIS Ski and Snowboard Cross European Cup, Silvretta Montafon Party // 6.00 pm // Open-air “Sportfreunde Stiller” concert, with supporting act “The Exclusive”, Hochjoch Bahn valley station, admission 5.00 pm, followed by a party

15 December 2013 // Sunday Sport // 11.00 am // FIS Ski and Snowboard Cross European Cup, Silvretta Montafon

You can find up-to-date information about the events and the World Cup package at


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Montafon added value Let’s cover the most important thing first: the ski areas in the Montafon feature guaranteed snow! Thanks to its altitude and exposure, the Montafon regularly receives so much new snow every winter that the pistes remain in top form until well into the spring. In addition, the multitude of snow-making equipment ensures consistent and long-lasting snow cover. And, of course, there are also a whole lot of other things that make the Montafon so attractive. We tell you about three of them here.


The proximit

y of the distan


ibulations and travel meant tr e in lp A ct that ch hi that. But the fa The times in w er yone knows Ev . st ich, pa un ng M lo course, ting from danger are, of tonishing. Star as is st s fa ur so e ho becom a-half this travel has about two-ande Montafon in th h Tunnel near ac r re de n än ca you ks to the Pf an th is s hi T . ay car via the motor w was opened to se second tube ’t Bregenz, who dn 2013. It coul traffic in July nvenient. get any more co


The power of th

e sun The many hour s of sunshine on the Golm are th innovation that e prerequisite fo has justifiably re r an ceived the “Recog the Vorarlberg nition Award” fro Tourism Forum m : the new Hütte lif t runs on the nkopf 6-seater ch power of the sun ai r and is the only lif of its kind in th t equipment e world. It is a ve ry ef ficient metho third guest is tra d – ever y nsported to the Golm using the power of the sun!


The magic of th

e heights

are the heights metres – these 66 , 40 , 22 r: O ghest. new sk i jump High, higher, hi the heart of the rm fo at th ps m ning ju are ca lled in of the three trai ken” – as they ak “B ne O . ns aggu jump. In the centre in Tsch metre standard 8 10 e th : er gh en hi ide the Nor way – is ev e facilit y, alongs ntrepiece of th ce e th be , re ill w tu , fu ix near ’s Grand Pr up and Women C l ta en tin on . C ld Cup Jumping the Men’s Wor .


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A sporty landscape

Truly Montafon (TM): “What does the Montafon mean to you as your home?” Simon Wohlgenannt (SW): “Here I have the opportunity to live my skier’s dream: leave the house in the morning wearing ski boots, with my skis on my shoulders, five minutes away from the train and then right onto the powder.”

TM: “Why should a freerider travel to the Montafon?” SW: “The Montafon is especially interesting if you are looking for a quickly accessible, sporty freeride area. Many of the descents start directly at the summit stations. And they do not have as many visitors as other large regions. As far as I’m concerned, it can stay that way.”

TM: “What are the benefits of the individual Montafon regions?” SW: “The Silvretta Montafon wins out with the most, longest and most diverse descents – the Hochjoch is my personal favourite. The Golm is interesting for those who don’t want

Vorarlberg native Simon Wohlgenannt, 28, knows the mountains of the Montafon like hardly any other freerider. He’s never been bored with them: the runs are much too diverse.

Simon Wohlgenannt, freeride pro

such a stressful time on the slopes. In Gargellen, the “Nidla” offers a very special off-piste descent. And the Silvretta-Bielerhöhe offers special experiences to very experienced freeriders. Thanks to its high, isolated location, you can always find powder there.”

TM: “Do you have any tips for newcomers to the region?” SW: “Your first stop should be the ski school and/or mountain guide office or the Freeride Centre at the Grasjoch summit station. You can get information about the current conditions and maybe a tip as well. In order to obtain an overview of the events, it makes sense to start off with a local mountain guide or ski guide.

For more information, visit

Hot Spots

In a white paradise

montafon totale

Nidla off-piste skiing

36 kilometres of pistes, 8,000 vertical metres: these are the hard facts of the Montafon Totale, which runs from Gaschurn to Schruns and back. You can, of course, also explore it on your own. Or you can let someone with a knowledge of the area guide you on the ideal path between these snowy mountains. In doing so, of course, a tip for the most rewarding rest stop is sure to be offered. Mountain experience no. 1: Montafon Totale

The longest and most regular, perhaps even the most beautiful slope in the Montafon is located in the Gargellen ski area: 500 vertical metres are overcome on this guided, demanding off-piste run. Once you’ve skied the Nidla, you’ll want to do it again. Mountain experience no. 6: Nidla off-piste skiing

Silvretta ski safari

Storming of the Zamangspitze

This is a true journey: start off in the early morning with the ascent on the Vermuntbahn and then take the tunnel bus to the Silvretta-Bielerhöhe. You can then explore the Galtür ski area before taking a PistenBully to the Zeinisjoch and from there back to Partenen. At night, you’ll have the feeling of having been on the go for much longer than a single day. Mountain experience no. 7: Silvretta ski safari

You should be surefooted and not suffer from vertigo if you want to dare to ascend the snowy ridge of the Zamangspitze (2,386 metres). Well-conditioned freeriders with strong technical skills will enjoy beautiful slopes that lead to St. Gallenkirch during the descent. An extra-special adventure! Mountain experience no. 9: Storming of the Zamangspitze

You can find more information and booking options for all 17 mountain experiences at

European Olympic Youth Festival

We are Europe

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Europe’s youth will meet in the Montafon – together with Liechtenstein, Vorarlberg will host the European Olympic Youth Festival (EYOF) in January of 2015. 1,600 athletes and coaches from 49 nations are expected for this event! Out of a total of eight competitions, five will be held in the Montafon: Ski jumping (Tschagguns), ice hockey (Schruns), Alpine skiing (St. Gallenkirch), snowboarding (Schruns) and Nordic combination (Tschagguns, Gaschurn). The young athletes will live, eat and celebrate in the Montafon from 24–31 January 2015. The Olympic ideals of friendship, respect and fair competition will be practised in the valley. The residents of the Montafon are already looking forward to their guests – and to many international visitors.

Good to know!

11 rules for the pistes

(from the Golmi-Wald)

1) Be considerate of everyone else on the pistes 2) Do not ski too quickly or too wildly

// 15

riously. s its small guests se ke ta n fo ta on M The ses, nure children’s ski clas ar e er th hy w is s hi T its areas. nurseries in all of sery slopes and ski ul n, “Hugo’s Colourf fo ta on M a tt re lv Si In the , in aits curious visitors aw ” ld or W n ai nt Mou -friendly gi Luggi” is a child ug m ch “S n, lle ge ar G sures a Golm, “Golmi” en companion, and in in the do the parents do t ha w nd A d. oo good m not back As long as they’re . ea id o N e? im nt mea soon! to pick you up too

3) Always be considerate of those slower than you 4) Make sure you have sufficient space to pass


5) Look up when starting and stopping

You can’t get lost in this forest because “Golmi”, our mascot, will always show you the way. You can also learn from him how to behave on a ski piste. To keep you from having to wait until your ski holiday, we’ve already written the 11 most important rules “on the blackboard” for you ...

6) Never stop at a narrow point of a piste

7) Only mount or dismount from the edge of the piste 8) Always heed the traffic signs & markings 9) Help others if something happens

10) Your parents should always have an ID with them 11) Always wear your ski helmet

ari Children’s ski safcause the snow is so deep?

it be sk i off the piste? Is ll show You don’t want to e sk i instructors wi lm gungsberg Go , th we Be on : rry dition, wo ad In Don’t conditions. curves in any snow e th d un aro g i sk to ex you how and tell you citin interesting riddles th wi u yo ge en gh all even thou they will ch ll have a grill party, u know: we will sti t - after all, oo stories. And did yo ref around ba snow. But don’t run in d rie bu is est for the by a long shot! it still isn’t summer ski safari e no. 14 : Children’s Mountain experienc

You can find more information and booking options at

Tip! Kristberg

t too Peaceful, manageable and no ski steep - these are the three ideal pistes on the Kristberg, the tle area for athletic families. Lit here ones can learn lift riding tected independently, but in a pro y manner. And as soon as the four can stand safely on skis, a to kil ometre-l ong ski route down kids Silbertal awaits courageous on skis.


// 17

The end is just the beginning Sporty days deserve a pleasant end. It’s a good thing that the Montafon offers so many options for relaxing body and mind. After all, you want to feel rested the next day - in order to be able to enjoy the ski area featuring guaranteed snow until the spring with all of your strength. For

........... deep relaxation

Submerge It is almost as if you are floating: When you hang up your skis, heavy boots and warm clothing after a fulfilling day of skiing and jump into the pleasantly warm water of one of the many hotel pools, followed by a trip to the sauna or steam bath and then decide between the numerous wellness offers provided by the hotels of the Montafon – you’ll experience a completely new physical feeling. As if you were about to submerge yourself in pleasure. In the middle of the mountains.


........... nature lovers

Going out Going out on snowshoes into the forest at night by torch light. Gliding through a sparkling, glittering landscape of new snow on two cross-country skis. Shooting down a perfectly prepared toboggan run at high speed for kilometres. Taking sweeping turns on natural or artificial ice. Or simply hiking on winter trails in cool, fresh air – the Montafon can also be enjoyed in numerous ways off the ski slopes.


........... bon vivants

Lingering You’ve spent a long time out in the fresh air. You’d like to warm up and you’re hungry. No problem. There are numerous mountain chalets and restaurants along the Montafon ski pistes that offer outstanding menus. Enjoy the fine mix of regional dishes and international delicacies. Quench your thirst. Feel comfortably warm. And with all of this indulgence, you won’t notice the time passing. Because lingering here is simply so nice.

Photo: View in the direction of the Madrisella and Schwarzköpfe

Preview of Summer 2014

// 19

Five reasons for coming to the Montafon in the summer


A helping of adventure

A menu full of powerful experiences - that’s what Aktivclub Montafon is all about. Be it via ferrata, single trails, treasure hunts with the family or the Waldseilpark, everyone will find their personal challenge here. The daily activities are free for guests of partner establishments.


A whole lot of secrets

The Montafon is full of secrets – but it doesn’t hide them. At least not from those who lace up their hiking boots. 500 kilometres of marked trails are waiting to be discovered. From May to October, the association “Berg Aktiv” offers guided tours – free of charge for holders of the guest card.

A bit of muscle power Steep paths, exposed ridges, overhan

ging walls – a number of Montafon peaks require your all on climbing routes and on via ferratas. There are also moderate, light and varied paths. There is something for everyone – all you have to do is get started.

gion in the world that can be explored on mountain bike as well as the Montafon: 860 kilometres of routes ranging from easy to difficult speak for themselves. This is a special world to be explored on one’s own or with a guide.



A good ride There is scarcely another mountain re


A whole bunch of e-Power

The Montafon is a pioneer when it comes to electric mountain biking: For cyclists who want to take it a little easier, the region offers a route network recognised by the Vorarlberg Tourism Office Innovation Prize for eBike tours, where the numerous rental, replacement and battery charging stations guarantee a safe trip.

Winter panorama – An overview of the Montafon

// 21

Winter facts 217.9 kilometres of pistes (incl. ski routes) 61 lifts Nike Snowpark Montafon (the biggest snow park with boardercross, half-pipe and more) Approx. 150 km of marked snowshoe routes Approx. 100 km of cross-country trails and 6 high-Alpine trails Approx. 290 km of prepared, partially lit winter hiking trails 2 illuminated natural toboggan runs and night toboggan runs Alpine-Coaster-Golm Ice skating and curling rinks 10 ski schools and 7 ski nurseries Free ski buses Freeride areas with numerous deep snow and firn slopes Ski tour region

Montafon Card The Montafon Card is your economical ticket to the most attractive winter sports areas in the Montafon. With 217.9 kilometres of well-prepared pistes and 61 facilities, the Montafon is a paradise for sports. The Montafon Card also offers you access to our exclusive mountain experiences. Book your holiday online and order your Montafon Card comfortably from home.

Montafon CardCard Montafon

Legend Legend

Montafon Montafon Cableways Cableways

Die Montafon Die Montafon Card istCard Ihre preiswerte ist Ihre preiswerte Eintrittskarte Eintrittskarte in die attraktiven in die attraktiven Wintersportgebiete Wintersportgebiete im Montafon. im Montafon.

























Mit 246Mit km 246 bestens km bestens präparierten präparierten Pisten und Pisten 60 und Anlagen 60 Anlagen präsentiert präsentiert sich dassich Montafon das Montafon von seiner vonsportlichsten seiner sportlichsten Seite. Seite. Die Montafon Die Montafon Card istCard zugleich ist zugleich auch Basis auchfürBasis unsere für exklusiven unsere exklusiven Bergerlebnisse. Bergerlebnisse.







BuchenBuchen Sie IhrenSie Urlaub Ihren online Urlaubund online bequem und bequem von zu Hause von zu aus Hause auf aus Ihreauf Montafon Ihre Montafon Card. Card.






A must-do every time


// 23

It’s what’s inside that counts!

They say that good advice is expensive – but you can get it for free in the Montafon. With the new “Holiday Planner”, you can prepare perfectly for your trip. And if you are coming here for the first time, the brochure will help to find the right activity for all types of weather and all moods.

Montafon winter magic, Montafon

Torch burning, Montafon

29 November 2013 – 05 January 2014

08 – 09 March 2014

The loveliest time of the year becomes an extended celebration: concerts, readings, markets, manger exhibitions and parties in 11 locations throughout the Montafon enchant guests large and small alike.

A old spring tradition on the first Sunday after Shrove Tuesday: the burning of the flame-witch and the torch swinging drives away the demons of winter. Hundreds of fires on the mountains and in the valley light up the Montafon.

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An interactive map open faces, Silvretta Montafon

ramskull trophy, gargellen

15 – 16 March 2014

16 March 2014

During the legendary Open Faces in the Silvretta Montafon, the world’s best freeriders show their stuff on skis and snowboards. The winner is the rider with loveliest line through the open landscape.

Ambitious hikers and mountain climbers with Alpine experience can take part in the Ramskull Trophy in Gargellen, competing against nature, their opponents and themselves.

Are you looking for a tailor-made tour? Do you need an overview map and a detailed map? How about information regarding the route, the time required, degree of difficulty, diversity of the landscape and what you will experience? Take a look at the Montafon interactive map: you’ll start packing your backpack right away! More information about the interactive map, additional campaigns and package offers can be found at

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