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winter 2011/2012 the ski region of superlatives // the new mountain railways // which active type are you? // the family-friendly montafon: presented by anita wachter // fun for advanced learners: ice sports // bewusst montafon: enjoy it will all your senses // learning from the pros // a man and his mountains: interview with mathias berthold

WELCOME to the

SKI region OF SUPERLATIVES Muscle cramps after a good long day of skiing. Regional delicacies in rustic huts. People as honest as nature. Some people believe that time stands still in the Montafon. Of course this isn’t true, for with the start of the winter season on 8 December 2011, the new Grasjoch and Hochalpila mountain railways will open. These two high-tech mountain railways will connect the Nova with the Hochjoch and make the Silvretta Montafon into the largest ski area in Vorarlberg, the ski region of superlatives! But it’s a little bit true, because things aren’t hectic here. In the Montafon, everything is a little cosier. Our quality of life is characterised by peace and honesty. And here, the mountains and nature play the main role, even when the focus is on progress and development. Instead of reacting to trends quickly and for the short term, we contemplate in terms of tradition and with commitment. We contemplate how we will implement ideas and plans for the long term, for the future. This way, we can remain true to ourselves and offer you true recreation and sporting adventure. In other regions, this is called deceleration, and the path leading to it costs millions. We just stay the way we are. Really! We promise.

Inhalt Contents Impressions ––winter Impressionen Frühling in the im Montafon Probieren The Montafon Sie –doch the ski malregion was Neues of superlatives – Wandern mit Genuss SpaSS 246 kilometres für Fortgeschrittene: of slopes – will Klettern you accept the challenge? Echtnew The Familienfreundlich Grasjoch and Hochalpila – Der Montafon railwaysFamilien-Reiseführer – how it all began Kurvenglück Real mountain– experiences Die Silvretta–Hochalpenstrasse which active type are you? Montafoner The family-friendly Kultursommer Montafon Montafoner Fun for advanced Sagenspiele learners – do you like ice? unsere Try something Besten new – die–Montafoner the mountainHüttenrunde is calling GleTSchertour Enjoy the Montafon with all your senses – bewusst Montafon In die Pedale Learning fromtreten the pros – staying safe while enjoying winter sports Trainieren Beyond the wie slopes die Profis – pure nature and pure sport Impressionen The Montafon – as Winter real im as Montafon its people: Mathias Berthold Ein wunderschöner Forecast – spring inAusblick the Montafon Sommer im– Tal Forecast summer in the Montafon informationen Preview of Summer 2012 Highlight-Veranstaltungen Events & dates Winter 2011/2012 im Montafon Events & dates Summer 2012 Information & legal notice

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Winter in the Montafon

It snowed for two days. Approximately two and a half feet of snow. Cold, the air is nice and thick. It is really nice to see the mountains again. Ernest Hemingway, writer, about his stay in the Montafon in 1925 – 26

The ski region of superlatives


64 KM red slopes

250 GASCHURN metres 476 KM metres

12 KM black slopes

apple strudel

per year

Distance driven by the Pistenbullys

of the Silvretta Montafon

per season


Widest slope

The longest ski tunnel in


1,750 3.5



diabolo slope ski schools

Narrowest slope

2,150 METER Highest hut

The cables of the

silvretta montafon, golm, gargellen and kristberg

mountain railways


KM blue slopes

KM marked descents


The ski region of superlatives

246 kilometers of slopes – will you accept the challenge? Starting in the winter season 2011/2012, two high-tech mountain railways will connect the Nova and the Hochjoch. Thus the Silvretta Montafon will become the largest ski area in Vorarlberg. With 155 kilometres of varied slopes, an unforgettable variety, and the impressive backdrop of mountains, the Silvretta Montafon ranks among the top ten in Austria. Once again, the Montafon has proven its sharp eye for the essential and is looking into a well-equipped future.

Nova Ski Area

as joch & hoch The ne w railways: gr

alpil a

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Fascinating facts about the new MOUNTAIN railways: Will make the Silvretta Montafon the largest ski area in Vorarlberg Will lead to the highest point in the whole ski area: Alpila Ridge at 2,430 metres Spectacular route: The highest ground clearance of a cable car: nearly 110 metres (New Grasjoch Railway) The longest single-cable cable car in Austria: nearly 4 km (New Grasjoch Railway) One of the highest mountain stations in Vor- arlberg: Hochalpila Railway 2,430 metres One of the largest (and best) mountain res- taurants in the Alps: Nova Stoba – 3,000 seats

Grasjoch Railway

Railway system: 8-person cabin railway Length of run: 3,965 metres Elevation difference: 1,160 metres Hauling capacity: 2,400 people/hour Time of travel: 12 minutes

Hochalpila Railway


Hochjoch Ski Area

Railway system: 8-person cabin railway Length of run: 1,385 metres Elevation difference: 441 metres Hauling capacity: 2,800 people/hour Time of travel: 4.5 minutes

The ski region of superlatives

How it all began

the new mountain railways will make the Silvretta Montafon into the largest ski area in Vorarlberg. For our visitors, this means top-class ski and snow enjoyment.

Dr. Georg Hoblik, Executive Board Silvretta Montafon

// 11

From the vision to the opening – a project in the spirit of conserving nature. The vision of linking the Hochjoch and Nova ski areas has existed since the late 1970s. But until the start of construction in April 2011, a lot of consideration, planning and deliberation was on the agenda. This preparation time was especially

important because the people in charge of linking these ski areas wanted to account for various interests, from nature conservation to forestry and agriculture. Thus, for example, no access roads were built in the Grasjoch area, and the mountain station of the Hochalpila Railway was designed so that it fits optimally into the high Alpine mountain landscape. For the construction of the new section of the slope, experts created a greening plan and design so that these slopes integrate as unobtrusively as possible into the landscape. The extensive planning for the station building, cable car lines, slopes and the required avalanche protection began in November 2009. The extremely short construction time and the goal of completing the railways by the start of the 2011/2012 winter season required a highlyefficient organisation of the construction work, for at this elevation, construction is only possible between May and October. The demolition of the existing Grasjoch railway in April 2011 marked the start of the essential construction work. Starting right after that in May, the clearing and excavation work for the cable troughs and the conduit began. The

station site, slope and supporting constructs were erected.

Still more variety for winter fun Previously, winter sports enthusiasts had to take a car or the ski bus through the valley if they wanted to change from the Nova to the Hochjoch. With the commissioning of the new mountain railways for the 2011/2012 winter season on 8 December, they can now go from Gaschurn via St. Gallenkirch to the Silbertal or to Schruns on skis. Skiing in the Montafon thus offers even more versatility and variety. For example, families and less expert skiers can move easily to the relatively flat slopes on the Grasjoch, where they can also enjoy beautiful views of the mountains and glaciers of the Silvretta Range. Sporty skiers can start with the HochjochTotale in the morning or test their skills on the newly-opened variant descents in the Kuhtäli. Connoisseurs can start in the morning with the first sunshine on the wide open slopes in the Grasjoch area and then change to the Nova area in the afternoon in order to carve their mark on the sporty slopes in the afternoon sunshine and then take advantage of the varied gastronomic offerings.

The situation on the slopes will be more relaxed and comfortable, because with the broader offerings skiers will distribute themselves better and therefore relieve what were once points of intersection. First and foremost, however, the Silvretta Montafon with its especially snow-rich slopes in

the Grasjoch area at elevations between 2,000 and 2,400 metres will offer even greater snow security. And naturally skiers will also profit from the new Grasjoch Railway: New winter hiking trails will be blazed in the sunny Grasjoch area.

Straight to the summit in 16 minutes. in the ski area This improvement and spectacular expansion in the Silvretta Montafon is possible thanks to the construction of the Grasjoch and Hochalpila Railways, which connect St. Gallenkirch with the Hochalpila mountain station at an elevation of 2,000 metres and the Hochjoch area at an elevation of 2,430 metres. The Grasjoch Railway travels a route that is 3,965 metres long from St. Gallenkirch across an elevation difference of 1,160 metres to the Grasjoch hut at 1,976 metres. There, skiers change to the Hochalpila Railway, which travels to the Alpila Ridge along a 1,365 metre-long route. The whole trip on both sections to the highest point in the ski area, the Alpila Ridge, takes approximately 16 minutes. The new mountain railways will open with the start of the winter season 2011/2012 on 8 December.

Real mountain experiences

Which active type are you?

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Real mountain experiences Anyone who takes a holiday in the Montafon loves the mountains and wants to be active. But when the point is to truly experience real mountains, consensus is already history. One person wants fun for the family, the other wants to feel the blood pulsing in his or her veins. It’s not surprising that each person understands an active holiday in the mountains differently, so it’s good that the Montafon has the right offerings for every active type. You can see what might interest you from the letters where you have made the most ticks.



Active type family

Active type extreme

mountain railway fascination – a glimpse behind the scenes How would it be to take a glimpse behind the scenes of the mountain railways? In addition to an introduction to the moving history of the Gargellen mountain railway, there is a tour of the technical areas – from the slope grooming workshop to the machine room. This makes large and small hearts beat faster!

HochjochTotale – the longest descent in Vorarlberg Do you want to experience the extraordinary descent with an elevation difference of 1,700 metres as an extreme highlight? After an exclusive mountain tour, you and your companions may swoosh down the valley from the 2,400 metre high Kreuzjochsattel into Schruns early in the morning before anybody else is on the freshly-groomed slopes and really stir up some (snow) dust. And because this makes you very hungry, a hearty mountain breakfast will be served in the Kapellrestaurant.

children’s ski safari – a day full of adventure Or should the little ones go off by themselves? No problem. On the children’s ski safari on the Golm they are well taken care of, because of course a ski instructor is always there. The adventure tour begins with a great descent through the deep snow. Here, exciting stories will be told and riddles solved. At lunchtime, a grill party sets out into the snowy forest before descending to the valley on skis or driving back to the middle station on the slopegrooming vehicle. Prerequisite for participation is the ability to make sure parallel turns on skis.

For additional information as well as prices and booking, please see the Mountain Experiences Winter 2011/2012 brochure or visit www.montafon. at/familie

Nidla variant descent – the legendary powder slope The Nidla is the legendary 387 turn-long powder slope in Gargellen. On this demanding descent, accompanied by a ski instructor, you will have to conquer an elevation difference of 500 metres! And because safety and freeriding go together, professional avalanche awareness is included. Anyone who wants to know in detail how to assess avalanches right should participate in an intensive course with avalanche blasting! This is an absolute MUST for freeriders!

For additional information as well as prices and booking, please see the Mountain Experiences Winter 2011/2012 brochure or visit www.montafon. at/hochjochtotale and

// 15

Active type mountain connoisseur Avalanche awareness on snowshoes – hike and learn more Try hiking with snowshoes in the solitary peace of the snowy winter landscape from Vermunt to the Bielerhöhe, where a magnificent view of the 3000-foot peaks and the Piz Buin awaits you. In addition to this special combination of sport and the wonders of nature, you will learn everything you need to know about avalanches in an exciting lecture by your hiking guide. With probes and beepers, you can put what you have just learned into practice! Madrisa Circuit – to Switzerland and back This border-crossing day tour takes you from Austria into Switzerland and back again – including ski instructor and transfers. In about 7 hours, skiers and snowboarders are guaranteed impressive wonders of nature with fantastic descents on varied slopes.

For additional information as well as prices and booking, please see the Mountain Experiences Winter 2011/2012 brochure or visit www.montafon. at/lawinenkunde and


The Montafon is the perfect holiday destination for experiencing something real! The selection of activities and possibilities grows each year. No desires go unfulfilled. Markus Schairer, Boardercross World Champion

the family-friendly montafon

presented by anita wachter After successful years in the international ski circus, Anita Wachter has returned to the Montafon and lives there with her family. This native-born Montafoner took some time for the editorial staff of ECHTMONTAFON and spoke with us about the fascination of skiing, winter holidays in the Montafon and what is really child-friendly. what distinguishes the montafon as a family-friendly region?

ms. wachter, winter in the Montafon – what does it mean to you? I like the Montafon at any time of year, but in winter it truly fascinates me. I love snow. Then I can finally ski. For me, skiing is freedom. Pure nature and pure freedom. As soon as the first snow falls, the Montafon has a particular mood which you just have to experience.

what makes the montafon so attractive as a holiday destination for winter holidays? It is this harmonious contrast: On the one hand, the possibilities and offerings are nearly unlimited; on the other hand, it is just so comfortable and peaceful here in the Montafon. We have everything: very beautiful mountains, fantastic slopes and ski trails. The people are very friendly and authentic. Everybody finds precisely the right thing, for there are so many possibilities for active holiday-makers and families: Snowshoeing, touring, ice skating, ski safari, tobogganing in the evening... The variety is nearly endless. But regardless of what you’re doing, you are in the mountains and always close to nature.

Today, many regions call themselves “childfriendly”. We have frequently experienced this ourselves while traveling. There are, for example, so-called “children’s hotels”. However in the Montafon, child-friendly does not just mean that children are shoved into child care. Here, children experience unforgettable holidays in the fresh air, in the mountains. Nature has enough to offer that they can’t get bored. However you have to offer the “experience nature” in child- and family-appropriate fashion.

do you mean that if children find holidays in the mountains boring that something is wrong?

The Montafon is essentially like an adventure land in which adventures await the little ones – and the big ones too. The only “problem” that you may have is deciding what to do, for you can’t do everything in just one holiday. In that sense, we natives have it good. We have the whole year to try out all the mountain experiences and to experience our favourites many times over.

do you have a last tip for a successful holiday? My favourite for this winter is the NovaExklusiv. Both of my children love the children’s ski safari. It’s the same thing every season: deep snow, exciting stories and lunch break with grill party – we have to do that a few times. Otherwise my husband and I adhere to the principle: “If the

If the children have a terrific time, then we adults recuperate perfectly, too. Absolutely. And then it doesn’t matter whether I am on holiday or I live here. Children are children, they want to experience something and not just be entertained. It’s simply not true that children can’t hike or that they basically don’t like to run. But always just straight ahead, up or down the mountain – regardless of whether on skis, snowshoes or in hiking boots; frequently this is just too boring. You have to think of something else. And this has been done very well in the Montafon with the mountain experiences.

Anita Wachter

children are having a great time, then we adults will also recuperate perfectly”.

For additional information as well as prices and booking, please see the information about the new mountain experience “Children’s ski safari on the Golm” in the Mountain Experiences Winter 2011/2012 brochure

Fun for advanced learners

do you like ice?

aktivpark montafon From the middle of October to the middle of March, the large tent hall in the Aktivpark Montafon is transformed into an 1,800 m² winter dream for ice demons and hockey gladiators. Then it’s time to be active on the sensational artificial ice rink. Whether ice hockey, curling, ice princesses, beginners or pros – in winter in the Aktivpark, there is enough enjoyment and variety for the whole family. The many possibilities and offerings in the ice tent hall ensure this.

At the curling jamboree tournament each Thursday, there is true competitive pleasure. Anybody can play after a brief training session. And the regular ice hockey games are as quick as lightning. Ice skating and disco feeling? Every evening, dancing mice and dancing bears can skate their rounds and practice their pirouettes to the latest hits.

Tip: For club guests of the Aktivpark Montafon, entry is free of charge! Are you living with an Aktivclub partner? Then ask us about additional discounts.

Ice sports facts: In the Montafon there are many opportunities to play on the ice: Natural ice rink with lighting in Silbertal In Gargellen at the Alpenhotel Heimspitze In Gaschurn at the Hotel Saladina In Vandans, two natural ice and asphalt rinks with floodlights beckon Natural ice rink in Partenen

For additional information and dates, visit and // Ice skates, helmets and other equipment are available for rental in the Aktivpark.

Take a walk on the well side

Bludenz. Die Freizeitinsel.

Day-SPA: Alpen-Erlebnisbad und Saunaland. Panorama-Parkbad im Sommer. Wärme und Wasser sinnlich erleben Pool Position: 1.900 m2 Bade- und Freizeitspass, viele Wasserattraktionen, 85 m NAUTIK Röhrenrutschbahn, Bistros Citrus und Lido Volles Rohr im BLUE HOLE…

500 m2 Saunawelt mit Tropensauna, Dampfsauna, Oslound Helsinkisauna, Aussensauna “Bäraloch”

VAL BLU Sports & Fitness Club: 600 m2 Fitness und Lifestyle, Massage

Infos: Alpen-Erlebnisbad VAL BLU GmbH A-6700 Bludenz Tel: 05552/63106

Try something new

The mountain is calling – a different kind of mountain experience Are you seeing the (mountain) world with different eyes? This works best of all during a holiday in the Montafon mountains. For like hardly any other element, the mountain world makes changing perspective very easy for us. Why should you do this? Because it will just make you happy! Whether spatially or temporally, forgetting yourself, being needed but not overexerted, concentrated and in the flow – this is the true pleasure of holidays!

From mountain to mountain // Blind flight from a bird’s eye perspective

Mountain direct: tobogganing evening // one level deeper for new impressions

Experiencing the world from a bird’s eye perspective tickles the nerves and provides a breath of awe about the wonders of nature. For the “flying” takes place in the evening when it’s dark. Well-secured, the “flight” travels 500 metres at up to 70 km/hour on the steel line of the Flying-Fox-Golm. When you feel firm ground under your feet again your cheeks will glow with joy since you have fulfilled one of the oldest dreams of mankind – flight. The blind flight with the Flying-Fox-Golm is a component of the night hike to the Krestakopf followed by a dinner featuring cheese spätzle.

How tall are you? On average, there is about 1.65 to 1.80 metres’ difference separating man and mountain, whether for upright skiing and snowboarding or snowshoeing. There is body contact with the toboggan as you descend the mountain curve by curve. The contact between mountain and man can’t be much more direct, especially if you are sailing down the toboggan run nearly lying down. It’s safer and more fun under the direction of and with tips from a former pro. The tobogganing evening on the Golmer run in Vandans starts with the selection of the right toboggan in the technical training; suitable for beginners and advanced learners; and because tobogganing makes you thirsty, there’s a voucher for a hot drink included!

Mountaintops // View from the top It is this special feeling of having done it, that you can do anything and that nothing stands in your way. Precisely this feeling, which sets in when you finally reach the summit, look out into the endless panorama and see the world below, so small and unimportant. The view from the top to the peak enjoyment begins, after a mountain railway trip to the Kristbergkopf, on snowshoes through the deep snow of the winter forest to the Mutterjöchle at more than 2,000 metres.

Mountain from the inside // Historic Mine Hike Precisely when the massive cliffs are covered with snow from the outside, insights into the apparently stony heart of the mountains fascinate. In the historic Bartholom채berg Mine, you can descend to unimagined depths. The history and stories of Montafon mining promise an extra portion of excitement. After this experience, you will see the mountain with other eyes even from the outside! The mine tour is a component of the snowshoe hike that starts at the baroque Bartholom채berg Church. Snowshoes will be made available.

For additional information as well as prices and booking, please see the Mountain Experiences Winter 2011/2012 brochure or visit

bewusst montafon –

Enjoy the Montafon with all your senses


to us, bewusst montafon means understanding the use and care of the unique landscape and tasting products from the region. Oswald Ganahl, Chairman (bewusst montafon)


bewusst Montafon –

Montafoner “Käsknöpfle” In the Montafon, sustainability is “in all mouths” in the truest sense of the word: Innkeepers and farmers from the entire region are working closely together in order to awaken and maintain the consciousness and development of true regional products, culture and specialties. The association founded for this, “bewusstmontafon”, celebrates centuries of cultural history and traditional landscape.

This is how it works: Mix flour, eggs, salt and water quickly into a dough. There should still be a few traces of flour visible. Use the “Knöpflehobel” [special tool] to shape the dough and the Knöpfle are put directly into the boiling salt water. Then put the dough through the “Knöpflehobel” into the boiling salt water. Let the “Knöpfle” boil up well. When the “Knöpfle” are floating on top of the water, they are done. Then drain and put into a pre-warmed bowl with grated cheese and “Sura Kees”. Distribute the onion rings braised golden in butter over the dish.

TIP: Eating these with friends makes them taste better! The Knöpfle meal is included with the torch hike to Garfresha and the night hike & blind flight Golm mountain experiences! Anyone who is so active needs this delicious fortification.

// 25

Short facts: Montafon mountain cuisine: 20 – 29 January 2012 6 – 22 July 2012 10 – 26 August 2012 28 September – 14 October 2012 Every Montafon mountain cuisine session presents regional specialties. The Montafon “Buratag” on 6 October 2012 in Schruns is the high point of the golden autumn.

Learning from the pros

staying safe while enjoying winter sports At least since ski helmets have been offered in many stylish variants and back protectors have simply been “in”, safety has been a topic for every winter sports enthusiast. Here it doesn’t matter whether the sport takes place on the slopes or beyond them, or whether it is classic Alpine skiing, winter hiking or boarding. Anyone who pursues “his or her” winter sport in earnest but doesn’t want to lose the joy of movement should heed a few points. Our pros explain what is important so that holidays bring true winter sports pleasure. Both were born and raised in the Montafon.

Montafon-Logo statt A1 Logo in helme, oben anstricken

// 27

Markus Schairer // Boardercross World Champion ... about the fitness factor: “Fitness is a decisive factor. The typical winter holiday-maker is athletic, but gets on skis or on a board for just 10 to 14 days once a year, and then things frequently go from 0 to 100. For us pros, it is understood that we keep ourselves fit for the snow season throughout the whole year. Precisely on tours, you are sometimes on the road for a long time and far away from the hotel room. Anyone who overestimates themselves trades pleasure for suffering. Snow sports require strength, endurance and a lot of concentration. And if you don’t have a handle on all this, you are not just a danger to yourself, but especially to others.”

Experiences are essential. Let the pros introduce you to their secrets. park tour – underway with the freestyle experts Initially, the park tour guide will introduce you to the NovaPark with safety tips and behaviour rules so that everybody, regardless of their ability and degree of experience with the park, can use it. After that, there is a short warm-up programme and the introduction to and inspection of individual park elements such as rails and kickers.

freeride safety check – the exciting avalanche course In this intensive course, experts will introduce you to the exciting world of avalanches. You will learn how dangerous and impos-

What counts is fairness. And respect. Of the power of nature, the material and one’s own abilities. Markus Schairer

gino hämmerle // Austrian Snowboardcross Champion 2010/11 ... about safety and orientation: “Regardless of how you move in the mountains, you must learn how to find your way and select the right routes. With normal slopes, this works pretty well. But if you are underway beyond the normal trails, reading markings can be a challenge for novices. Naturally it’s best to have an experienced guide with you! You can learn a lot from them, also about the danger of avalanches and other potential dangers. It is always important that you find out about the snow conditions as soon as you go off the trails. If there is a danger of avalanches or if the visibility is simply too bad, sometimes you just need to say “no”. This sounds rough if you have only a few days for your holiday. However, in the end it saves lives”.

ing the sliding snow masses are thanks to a special highlight: You will be there when an avalanche is blasted. This offering is unique in Vorarlberg and in all of Austria!

For additional information as well as prices and booking, please see the Mountain Experiences 2011/12 brochure or visit or

Beyond the slopes

Pure nature and pure sport Hiking through the snowy winter forest on snowshoes, making long tracks in the deep snow, making the powder freak’s heart glow on the short, steep runs or the steady sound of the cross-country skier breathing in the fresh mountain air in the snow. Anyone who is seeking an athletic challenge or enjoyment beyond the prepared (ski) slopes in winter will find that he or she is well-served in the Montafon. For anyone who is underway here can experience active moments in a fascinating world of light, snow and ice.

Freeriding, going on tour and variants Skiing or snowboarding in the open country of the Montafon mountain world is simultaneously a sporting and experience of the wonders of nature in one. And by the way, the Montafon is the largest ski touring area in Vorarlberg. The numerous freeride hot spots are known far beyond the borders of the Montafon. Where is it especially good?

Silvretta Montafon: The Nova has developed into the ideal freeride area for powder freaks and beginners: marked routes, a lot of space to make lines, and less-travelled back-country areas. And it’s not for nothing that the Freeride World Tour visited the Hochjoch in 2007 and 2008: The area around the Kreuzjoch is the ideal freeride space with short but steep runs. In our “Mountain Experiences Winter 2011/2012” brochure there are many possibilities for freeride and power fun.

Our favourite: Mountain experience no. 6 // The Nidla variant descent On this legendary slope, you conquer a 500-metre elevation difference. It’s best to book this as a package, including ski instructor and avalanche course.

Unique in Vorarlberg and in all of Austria: The Freeride Safety Check provides insight into the necessary knowledge for the open country, so that nothing stands in the way of pleasure and safety.

To make contact and for information, visit: and

// 29

Nordic Winter Sports – too much of a pity as an alternative The Montafon is a true winter sports Eldorado. It is too much of a pity to always regard the Nordic winter sports opportunities only as an alternative to Alpine skiing. Winter hiking and snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and Nordic walking provide perfect heart-circulatory training and a full measure of enjoyment of nature. Did you know? The Montafon offers nearly 300 kilometres of winter hiking and snowshoeing trails and more than 100 kilometres of cross-country trails, some of which are even lighted! So it’s best if we set right out! It’s nicest in a group. In our “Mountain Experiences Winter 2011/2012” brochure there are many possibilities for experiencing the Montafon mountains.

Our snowshoe favourites: Mountain experience no. 8 // To the peak with snowshoes The tour sets out from the Kristberg at 1,444 metres and continues on snowshoes through the snowy winter forest to the 2,074 metre-high Muttjöchle and back. An overwhelming panorama awaits you at the summit!

Mountain experience no. 9 // Avalanche lore on snowshoes In addition to the special combination of sport and the wonders of nature, you will learn everything you need to know about avalanches from your hiking guide. With probes and beepers, you can try out what you have just learned!

For information about guided snowshoe and hiking tours, cross-country skiing and Nordic walking, visit

The Montafon – as real as its people

A man and his mountains Mathias Berthold is what you call a real Montafoner. The trainer of the world’s best men’s ski team was born and raised in Gargellen. He also dared to make his first runs here, although he probably did not suspect then that he would win gold with the German women at the Olympic Games. His friends say that once upon a time, you couldn’t have gotten him out of here. However his career as a skier and trainer has taken him around the world – and brought him home to the Montafon again.

// 31

There are a lot of mountains. Everywhere in the world. And I’ve seen a few. But today I know: Nothing is like the Montafon mountain world. As a child, I took this for granted. When you grow up with mountains, you develop a very special relationship to them, of which you only later become conscious. Perhaps only if you don’t have it anymore. For if you grow up here in the Montafon, the mountains shape your life. In Gargellen, you are almost born on skis. I was too. For me, the mountains were essentially nothing more than my ski world. Skiing shaped my childhood and my youth. In summer as in winter: In summer, the mountains served the purpose of training, and in winter we skied down the mountains. Today, the mountains have a much deeper meaning for me. This is where I find strength and inspiration; for example in summer when hiking to the mountaintops and in winter when I can simply enjoy the mountains with touring skis.

In addition, my bedroom had to be arranged so that in the morning when I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the Madrisa, our own Gargellen mountain!

In the course of time, the way we see such things changes. I only really learned to admire the beauty of the mountains as I got older. And on the one hand, I am truly fascinated by the beauty of the mountains. On the other hand, the mountains offer me the peaceful alternative to the hectic rhythms of my daily life, which I was seeking all the years when I was on the road”.


Spring in the Montafon

Finally spring. The short time between the deep snow and the hot sunny days has its special attraction. The air is clear, the first rays of sunlight tickle your skin and you can see how nature is blooming with the naked eye.


Summer in the Montafon

Summer in the Montafon. In the time of hot summer days, the mountains offer endless opportunities for cooling and summer retreat. The mountains and valley invite you to be active during the summer and to get in touch with your own body. Experience holidays intensively.


5 reasons for coming to the Montafon after the winter Active guarantee for the whole family, hiking on smugglers’ paths, conquering the mountain world with the E-bike or tickling your nerves on the vertical drops – Summer 2012 will be really hot!



Hiking – on foot over Bike Hochburg mountain and valley Montafon Do you think hiking is something for squares and slowpokes? Not at all! Encountering the nature, culture, and history of the Montafon step by step is truly hip. With the charming assistance of native hiking guides, you can follow the traces of the “Sura Kees” or the characters in the legends. Or you can do things your own way with your family on Golmi’s exploration path, explore the smugglers’ land Gargellen or the silver path to the Kristberg. The Montafon has a lot of exciting stories to tell! In total, 500 kilometres of marked hiking paths lead over mountains and through the valley. From May to October 2012, the guided experience tours are on the agenda every day – and they are included in the guest card offerings!

All information about the programme and other hikes is available at

Stepping hard on the pedals – over mountains and hills, along rivers; from simple bike paths to places where the bikes have to be carried; bike safari, single-trail tour or E-bikes – in the Montafon, with 860 kilometres and 30 marked trails, every biker can find the right route. The perfect starting point is the Aktivclub in Schruns: Daily guided E-bike and mountain bike tours start from here. There are also rental bicycles, route plans, information, insider tips, and much more waiting for you there! Anyone who finds classic bicycling too strenuous or would just like to try out something new can explore the Montafon on E-bike. Furthermore: The electricity for the E-bikes is generated with hydraulic power, therefore each of our bikes in the Montafon is 100 % environmentally friendly!

Tip! Download all GPS data for the MTB routes at

// 37




Rock climbing fun for all

Active guarantee Aktivclub

Tradition & culture

Rock climbing is exciting, it’s fun and it’s easy to learn. The Montafon offers everybody the appropriate place for rock climbing, for in addition to rock climbing fun for the whole family, professional climbers will also find something to tickle their nerves. How would you like to go equipped with helmet and harness into the rock climbing adventure Waldseilpark Golm? 11 parcours and 80 climbing exercises await you here. Or would you rather go to the via ferrata?

Aktivclub Montafon is the magic word for family holidays. With a holiday booking in one of the approximately 400 partner inns, an extensive active programme is included from May to October. And here’s what you’ll find: mountain bike tours, active programme for adults, children’s sports programme, children’s rock climbing programme and children’s playgroup – each day you can select from among five programmes, which take place all around the valley.

All rock climbing gardens, climbing halls, via ferrata, climbing parks, information, operating hours, degrees of difficulty are at

Look for the seal of the Aktivclub Montafon in the Mountain Experiences brochure and in the hospitality catalog. For more information, visit

The culture and tradition of the Montafon is so exciting and varied that a holiday is hardly long enough to experience everything. Themed trails bring fascinating insights into the world of nature and legends, churches, huts, inns and mines shape the landscape and have their very own history. The Montafon museums are true treasure chambers of historical encounter. The Heimatmuseum in Schruns, for example, is among the oldest of its type in the Alpine region! Tip: The Montafon Summer and the Sagenfestspiele in Silbertal are special highlights of the summer season.

Inform yourself in advance at

Events & dates

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Winter 2011/2012* October 2011

January 2012

8 October // Golm

20 – 29 January// Montafon

Montafon mountain cuisine

Contest events for up-and-coming snowboarders and freeskiers. The slope-style tour is divided into a snowboard series and a freeski series.

Golfing for a good cause! Putt and drive for needy children from the Montafon, the “Netz für Kinder” and the “Geben für Leben” association.

Regional and delicious! In January, everything revolves around the Montafon milk calf.

27 – 31 March // Silvretta Montafon

Golf-cross charity

29 January // Vandans

Montafon Shrovetide parade

November 2011 26 November 2011 – 6 January 2012 // Montafon

Montafon winter magic

Enjoy festive anticipation and dive into the original atmosphere of the Montafon at more than 90 events and activities. There’s something for everyone!

December 2011

A true traditional parade and everybody in the Montafon participates!

February 2012 February // Silvretta Montafon

Silvretta Montafon Freeride Festival More than 50 top athletes will start from the peak of the Hochjoch and show their prowess. Top programme with freeride ski and snowboard test and legendary after-contest party in the Kapellrestaurant.

8 December // Montafon

Season opening

Start of the new winter season and opening of the new Grasjoch and Hochalpila railways. 13 – 14 December // Silvretta Montafon

Ladies’ Alpine Europe Cup

The ski world comes to visit the Silvretta Montafon! Giant slalom on 13 December 2011 Slalom on 14 December 2011

24 March // Silvretta Montafon NovaPark

Chill & Destroy Tour

Bio-Hotels WC

As part of a programme which swings between active recreation and enjoyment of nature, the fastest woman, the fastest man and the best ski team on the Bio scene will be selected. The showplace is the Biohotel Saladina and the natural environment of the Montafon with the ski area Silvretta Montafon. 29 March – 1 April // Montafon

2nd Jäger Ski WC

A real barnburner! A combination of skiing and shooting is judged.

April 2012

26 February // Montafon

8 April // Golm

With the burning of the flame-witch and the torch swinging on the mountain and in the valley, we drive out the demons of winter and greet the light!

Celebrate Easter at 2000 metres with Käpt’n Blaubär and Golmi.


Big Easter festival with the Ravensburger Spieleland

11 April // Silvretta Montafon

March 2012

sitour cup 2012

Austria’s cable car fans come in order to prove their skiing prowess with a giant slalom.

3 March // Silvretta Montafon NovaPark 24 December // Golm

Sajas Park Games – Quiksilver Wir schanzen Tour

14 April // Silvretta Montafon

“Leise rieselt der Schnee”, “Fröhliche Weihnacht”, “Ihr Kinderlein kommet” – who doesn’t think about the pleasant aroma of Christmas cookies and candle wax, children’s gleaming eyes and happy hours. From 12:00 to 3:00 pm, the Christmas winds on the Golm will put people in the mood for a contemplative and happy celebration.

Starts are in the categories men’s snowboarding, men’s skiing, girls’ snowboarding, girls’ skiing, kids’ snowboarding and skiing.

THE race for snowboarders and skiers with start gate, steep curves, jumps and – pond which must be crossed!

10 March // Golm

15 April // Golm

Truly devilishly good! The Diabolo track on the Golm with 70 % incline promises a fabulous touring ski spectacle.

Start of the summer season! The most loyal Golm fans have the chance to win a season pass for the next winter.

Christmas winds

Diabolo race

King of the Water Finale


summer 2012


June 2012

July 2012

August 2012

8 – 10 June // Schruns-Tschagguns, Vandans, St. Gallenkirch, Gaschurn

Every Friday in July // Silbertal

Every Friday in August // Silbertal

Love and intrigue, faith and superstition. Experiencing fates, heroes, and the special mood of one of the traditional legends of the Montafon on the outdoor stage makes a summer evening unforgettable.

The legends of the Montafon become a play on the outdoor stage!

5th Montafon Alpine Trophy

Train like the pros! Austria’s largest football tournament featuring up-and-coming stars. 23 June // Montafon

Montafon solstice celebration

Montafon legend-plays

Montafon legend-plays

10 – 26 August // Montafon

Montafon mountain cuisine The Montafon mountain cuisine appeals to all gourmets with dishes from regional specialties!

Traditional solstice celebration in all parts of the Montafon.

5 – 8 July // Montafon

23 June // Schruns-Tschagguns

Noble oldtimers meet electric mobility!

Big anniversary celebration – 40 years of the Madrisa Circuit

Summer training camp of international top football club.

6 – 22 July // Montafon

The Madrisa Circuit is 40 years old! We will celebrate this border-crossing hiking event all weekend long! Will you celebrate with us?

montafon Golden Key Games

Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon and Silvretta E-Auto Rallye Montafon

Montafon mountain cuisine

17 – 18 August // Montafon

6 – 15 July // Montafon

Montafon Summer of Culture The motto of the Montafon Summer 2012 is “Offi muass i” [“I must go up”]

24 – 26 August // Montafon

Montafoner Folk Music Days

7 July // Start: Silbertal

Musicians from around the world meet to make music together in inns, hotels and mountain stations.

Mountain marathon through beautiful nature and a backdrop of mountains across 1,300 metres’ elevation to St. Anton am Arlberg.

September 2012

21 July // Partenen

26 August – 1 October // Montafon

Montafon Arlberg Marathon

Europatreppe 4000 – Montafoner Treppencup Each year, hobbyist athletes stage this contest on the Europatreppe 4000, the longest straight stairway in Europe.


The daily events span time from the Bronze Age to the present and allow you to experience the cultural history of the Montafon close-up. 28 September – 14 October // Montafon

28 July // Start: Schruns

M³ Montafon Mountainbike Marathon M³– extreme (145 km, 4,400 m elevation), M² – demanding ( 65 km, 2,400 m elevation), M1 – sporty (26 km, 970 m elevation).

Additional information and events at

Montafon mountain cuisine

The Montafon mountain cuisine appeals to all gourmets with dishes from regional specialties.

*Subject to alterations.

A big tour turns 40

madrisa circuit Naturally a 40-year anniversary must be celebrated in style! On 17 August 2012, the whole Montafon will celebrate this famous border-crossing tour. The official anniversary celebration will take place at 12:30 pm with a meeting of the Swiss and Austrian delegations, a big feast and music on the Schlappiner Joch. The celebration will continue in the evening, with international specialties in the Bergrestaurant Schafberghüsli. Anyone who wants to can try out various routes on smugglers’ paths with GPS and is assured special treasure experiences. On Sunday, the weekend will end with a morning pint in the Schafberghüsli.

Contact and information: madrisaroundtour

Information Whether from Germany, Switzerland or Italy – the Montafon is so conveniently located that it can be reached quickly from many places. But see for yourself.


friedrichshafen memmingen






d bregenz dornbirn







innsbruck bozen

chur mailand

Chur – Montafon 89 km // 1:13h Feldkirch – Montafon 33 km // 0:27h Friedrichshafen – Montafon 97 km // 1:11h Innsbruck – Montafon 142 km // 1:40h Konstanz – Montafon 111 km // 1:38h Lucerne – Montafon 180 km // 2:05h Milan – Montafon 310 km // 3:30h Memmingen – Montafon 139 km // 1:28h Munich – Montafon 251 km // 2:37h Salzburg – Montafon 326 km // 3:29h Stuttgart – Montafon 285 km // 2:49h Zurich – Montafon 169 km // 1:50h

Season ticket The Montafon Winter Season Ticket allows use of all lifts in the Montafon ski areas (64 lifts with 246 kilometres of slopes) and the Muttersbergbahn in Bludenz/Nüziders at reasonable prices. The Montafon Winter Season Ticket is valid from 8 December 2011 to 15 April 2012.

ski pass 90 81

The Montafon ski pass is valid on 3 – 21 days in a row during the winter season 2011/2012.

Validity area of season ticket and skipass Montafon mountain railways incl. Muttersbergbahn in Bludenz/Nüziders (64 trails) Montafonerbahn Bludenz-Schruns (only for the purpose of winter sports) Ski buses in the valley (only for the purpose of winter sports)

Info: The numbers 4,5 and 7 designate the Montafon regio zones of the Verkehrverbund Vorarlberg. 17 modern buses are underway on a regular schedule and serve all valleys in the Montafon. For information and prices, visit

For all details as well as the GTC for the skipass and season ticket, visit or or in the Mountain Experiences Winter 2011/2012 brochure.


SCHRUNS-TSCHAGGUNS Fahr nicht fort - kauf im Ort


Contact Montafon Tourismus GmbH Montafonerstr. 21 6780 Schruns/Vorarlberg Austria Tel. +43 (0)5556 722530 Fax +43 (0)5556 74856 M–F Sa/Su and holidays (subject to alterations)

8:00 am – 7:00 pm 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Booking at, directly with the Montafon innkeepers or through the central reservation office of Montafon Tourismus.

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STROLL WITH „FLAIR“ THROUGH SCHRUNS-TSCHAGGUNS Discover the charm of our two villages in the heart of the Montafon valley. The historical town centre with its pedestrian area, varied shops, pleasant cafés, traditional restaurants, heritage museum, trendy bars, and much more awaits you. A “food and shopping guide” is available in the tourist offices.


Translation Interlingua, Wien


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