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A City on the Move. Styria.  Austria.

A City on the Move.

City of Culture

The past


The present

he years have left their multifaceted traces in the second largest city in Styria, also known as the »Gateway to the

It was founded in the year 1020 and was run by the Benedictine nuns until it was closed in 1782. Among the many

Styrian Iron Road«. In fact, history is everywhere in Leoben. A stroll through the old town is like a journey through the

architectural and art treasures of the convent are the »Goesser Ornat« (vestments) which is exhibited in the Museum of

centuries. Starting in the 13th Century Main Square, the most beautiful »living room« in Styria, one comes to historical

Applied Arts in Vienna, and the early romanesque crypt. Next to the convent is the Brewery of the world famous Gösser

monuments of a heroic past and to architectural treasures. The first station on the Main Square is the famous Hackl House

Beer, which has a brewery museum attached.

with its beautiful baroque facade in brilliant red and white. A part of the tour is, of course, a tour of the many churches

The best overview of the more than 2000 year history of the city, its region, economics and its proud mining activities can

in Leoben. The City Parish Church, St. Xaver, built in 1660 has a magnificent 17th Century interior and is considered one

be gained in the Museum Center, which has been designed to meet the most modern technological and didactic criteria

of the most significant Jesuit churches in Austria. An especially important building to visit is the art nouveau Lutheran

for museums. The 1,200 m2 permanent exhibition, »Seven tracks into the past« allows the visitor to dip into a multifaceted

church which is at the upper end of the Franz Josef Strasse. The oldest convent for women in Styria is the »Stift Göss«.

world of Leoben’s history.

City of Culture




n its cultural life as well, Leoben is a forward-looking city without denying its history or traditions. The city was shaped for

Other components of the vigorous cultural life of the »Mining City« include classical concerts in the Congress Leoben,

centuries by the trade with iron and the research in raw materials carried out at the University of Leoben, which was founded

productions of the Summer Philharmonics in July and performances of locally- created and guest productions in the oldest

in 1840. Then as now the traditions of the miners are celebrated here. Examples are the Miners Parade, the St. Barbara

still-running theater in Austria. As a creative balance to the living traditions, the yearly exhibitions related to a cultural-

Celebration or the »Ledersprung« (jumping over the leather). The Gösser Kirtag, a street fair, most certainly should not be

historical theme, which are mounted in the Art Hall (Kunsthalle) Leoben, have been developed. More than one million

missed. This takes place on the Thursday after the first Sunday in October and attracts tens of thousands of visitors to Leoben.

visitors have seen these internationally highly acclaimed exhibitions which are mounted in cooperation with the Art

This fair, which stretches from the Main Square to the neighborhood of Göss, as well as the »Oberlandler Kirtag« (a festival

History Museum of Vienna (Kunsthistorisches Museum). Another annual highlight is the open air concert on the Main

sponsored by an association which cultivates traditions of the area) in June at the Massenburg and the City-Country

Square – be it Udo Jürgens, Eros Ramazotti, Simply Red, die Söhne Mannheims or Elton John – they have all delighted the

Festival on the Main Square are lively examples of the cultural links between Leoben and its surrounding countryside.

audience amidst the atmospheric surroundings of Leoben’s Old Town.

Feel Good City




hoever has seen Leoben knows why Styria is called »The Green Heart of Austria«. An amazing 75 % of the area of

And for those who want still more exercise, there are many possibilities closeby for sports. There is something for

the City of Leoben is wooded! The city is green – parks everywhere invite you to take a walk and spend some time. And

every age group. There are hiking trails leading directly from Leoben to the surrounding mountains, mountain bike

in just a few minutes walking you are in the middle of the woods, for example on the Massenburg (old castle ruins). From

tours and touring routes for bicyclists. Horseback riding and carriage rides are at the doorstep as are tennis courts

here one has an ideal view across the city and its surroundings. If one walks on, one comes to a nature trail where it is

and rock climbing routes. One of the most beautiful golf courses in Austria, with a view of the Reiting Mountain, is only

possible to learn many interesting facts about the local woods.

a few kilometers away. In winter too there are exciting things to do in the town and its surroundings: a romantic sleigh

Nordic walkers, skaters as well as runners and bicylists can start their routes from center city – the Mareckkai and the

ride in a snowy wood, a fun game of »Bavarian curling« with a hot glass of grog to warm up or fasten on the skis – cross

so-called Bermenweg, both directly along the Mur River, offer sports enthusiasts fine views through the whole town and

country or downhill. Everything is possible in Leoben.

plenty of places to rest and take a snack.





elaxation, recuperation, vibrant health – for body, mind and soul. These things are more important than ever. In the three

When they are in balance, the five elements of Chinese philosophy – earth, fire, water, wood and metal – provide complete

areas, »pool, relax and sauna« the Asia Spa, a unique water-world in the heart of town, offers its guests an incomparable

harmony in body, mind and soul. Add to this European relaxation techniques and every guest will be able to make the

experience in Austria, in Europe. It has been possible here to synthesize sports, fun and fitness with complete relaxation

optimal choice. The EurAsiaMed, attached to the AsiaSpa, is a center for European and Asian medicine where physicians

and wellness – a singular achievement.

and trained personnel offer special therapies and methods from Asian medicinal arts. The whole complex, encompassing

While the pool area offers classic swimming in different pools for young and old, as well as amusements for families, those

45,000 m2 is just a few minutes walking time from the town center. A 4-star hotel with a direct connection to the Spa has

looking for peace and quiet will find exceptional relaxation in both European and Chinese style in the separate relax and

been built in the Asian park landscape and provides 100 rooms and suites in a light-flooded design.

sauna area. The Lotus Pool, the salt-water relaxing pool and all variations of saunas contribute to a sense of well-being.

City of Enjoyment



o enjoy life with all one’s senses: that is made truly easy for the guest in Leoben. Special importance is laid on the

Pleasure One of the best beers in the world, the highly prized Gösser Beer, is brewed in the part of town known as Göss. And really,

art of fine dining. Whether you want regional specialties – primarily made from biological products – or prefer a more

there are many places in Leoben where you can enjoy it fresh from the tap.

international cuisine, there are many restaurants waiting to fulfil your culinary wishes. Of course one will find restaurants

For those who want to go on an up-scale shopping spree for superior goods, there are about 100 shops just in the center

in Leoben with a great historical past. For example there is a restaurant directly on the Main Square which is located in a

of town, with a total floor space of 20,000 m2. Add on to that the 70 shops and eating and drinking places of the Leoben

building from the 16th Century. All around the Main Square, the largest »Schanigarten« (outdoor cafe/pub) in Austria, lots

City Shopping with an additional 20,000 m2 in very special surroundings. The LCS, a shopping mall directly at the Main

of other cafés, cake and pastry shops, ice cream parlours and restaurants welcome guests who want to linger. What can be

Square, has been quite successfully integrated into and around the historic architecture of a former Dominican monastery.

more enjoyable than to sip an expresso and have a piece of Sacher Cake or a delicious dish of ice cream while watching

Large supermarkets, specialty store centers (building supplies, furniture, sports, etc.) and the street of specialists, the

the colourful proceedings on the Square?

Waasenstraße, complete the extensive shopping possibilities.

City of Conferences



eoben’s central geographic position in Austria and the excellent transportation connections give it lots of extra points

Mixing the Falkensteiner City-Hotel and the MuseumsCenter Leoben offer ideal alternatives or additional space. Of course each of

when it comes to organizing congresses, meetings, seminars as well as various other gatherings or events.

these spaces has optimal conference facilities with the most modern communications technology. The Convention Bureau

The core competence of the city is without doubt in the areas of research, development and industry. Leading examples are

Leoben (CBL) offers still more meeting and seminar possibilities. The CBL was founded a few years ago to be able to offer

the University of Leoben and many companies which are active world wide, giving conference organizers the possibility to

even more service to meeting organizers. Fifteen member-businesses dedicated to providing meeting rooms, hotels, food

have access to experts and scientists. A high-level lecture, an intense podium discussion or perhaps even an exclusive tour

services, programs for free time, etc., joined together to make it possible for those tasked with organizing meetings to find, in

through a factory would enrich any congress or seminar, giving it an extra special highlight. Various locations offer the right

a one-stop-shop the best conditions for booking and holding successful meetings including the appropriate social programs

surroundings for every type of meeting. The Congress Leoben Old Town Hall has several different sized meeting halls and

for after meeting times.

rooms and is directly on the Main Square. It has room for up to 600 persons. The Communication Center Donawitz (CCD),

University City




he University of Leoben has a reputation which is unique world wide. The »Styrian Corporate School of Mining« was

witnessed in the countless congresses held in the city. Leoben has become one of the most important locations for research

founded at the urging of Archduke Johann in 1840 and was relocated to Leoben in 1849. Its first director was Peter Ritter

and development in both Austria and Europe. Along with being the home of the University of Leoben the City’s excellent

von Tunner, one of the leading European mining experts of his day, who laid the foundation for this excellent teaching and

reputation is underlined especially by the Materials Competence Center, in the framework of the Comet Program, as well as

research institution. In 1904 it was named »Higher School of Mining« and in 1975 it became to the Montan University of

the K1 Center for Metallurgy, the Polymer Competence Center (PCCL), the Christian Doppler Laboratories, institutions from

Leoben. Courses of study which are offered here have been continuously widened. Some courses of study can be studied

the Styrian Research Society Joanneum Research and the research departments of global players situated here in Leoben.

no where else in the world. Today there are nine courses of study, which range along the value-added chain of the complete

More and more businesses are locating here in Leoben to make use of the good synergies. The international flair of the city

cycle from raw materials to the final product, and then to recycling. In teaching and in research as well as in the many coopera-

is thanks especially to the students from more than 50 countries who have made both the University and the town into a

tion projects with industrial partners and other universities the University is strongly internationally oriented. This can be

meeting place of cultures.

City of Business

Tried and True


eoben was mentioned in documents already in 1314 as an iron-trading town. And that iron has played a great role for the

Innovative of Leoben out to the whole world are AT&S, RHI, Sandvik, Knapp Systemintegration and the Mayr-Melnhof Holz Gruppe.

town, with the accompanying highs and lows. The singular success story of the voestalpine began in the mid-1990ies after

In addition there are a great number of small and mid-sized companies working successfully in their fields.

a reorientation of the company. The most compact steel plant in Europe and the new rail rolling mill, which among other

Naturally the oldest and best known business in Leoben – the Gösser Brewery – must not be left off this list! As early as

things can produce the longest rail lengths in the world, have ensured the position of the steel producer as a global player.

the Middle Ages beer was being brewed in the Convent Göss, founded in 1020. It took several centuries before a young

Parallel to this it has been possible to locate many innovative high-tech businesses close to the University of Leoben and

master brewer by the name of Max Kober built a new brewery there in 1870, and very soon afterwards Göss was the

the associated research institutions. Nowadays Leoben is an attractive location for business, also internationally, offering,

largest brewery in Austria. Both the very active Brewery itself and the associated Brewery Museum are worth a visit.

in addition to an excellent infrastructure, a high degree of quality of life. Examples of businesses which carry the name

City of Innovations

High Tech


High Spirits

eoben can look back on a long tradition of research and development. The inventions and the work of many researchers

A carefully designed concept for the settlement of businesses, implemented and then supported by an enthusiastic team

who worked here have helped to influence science nationally and internationally. And today a large array of research in-

of experts is a further success factor in this development. But it is not only this tremendous know-how which is attracting

stitutions, many of them associated to the Montan University of Leoben, competence networks and innovative businesses

more and more companies to Leoben. The city and the region provide a high degree of quality of life, great sport and

contribute to the increasing attractiveness of Leoben as a location for innovation. The potential of synergy plays an important

leisure-time possibilities. This field of tension between high tech and high spirits is a key element which is recognized and

role for decision makers in the selection of a location. One example of this is the close cooperation of the RHI AG, who has its

appreciated more and more by companies and their employees who are active internationally.

research center in Leoben, with the voestalpine and the University.

The reputation of Leoben as a vibrant site for innovative enterprises has been known for a long time far beyond the borders of Austria.





he many places to visit in the tourism region »Hochsteiermark« (High Styria) which extends as far as Mürzzuschlag, are

Mountain (Erzberg) in Eisenerz. Riding in a »Hauly«, a 800 horsepower special heavy duty ore truck, the visitor can experience

easily reachable from Leoben. In a few minutes by car the visitor is in one of the nearby romantic valleys to take a walk in

the real work of a modern iron mine before descending into the underground exhibition shafts for a trip into mining history.

the untouched nature or to have a short adventure holiday, for example, with a river rafting trip. The region is surrounded

Culturally the Region offers endless possibilities, for instance the Monastery of Admont with the largest monastery library

by marvellous forests and distinctive mountains like the Hochschwab – a true El Dorado for rock climbers and hikers who

in the world or the basilica in Mariazell, a perfect unification of the gothic and baroque styles of its exterior and interior. It is

happily select Leoben as the starting point for their tours. Leoben is the Gateway to the Styrian Iron Road, a fascinating trip

one of the highest places of pilgrimage in Austria, and has been the site of Papal visits.

to many historical sites of mining and its related industries. Among the twelve museums on the Iron Road which give an

The Region is not only attractive in the summer. In winter it offers everything the heart desires – alpine skiing, cross-country

insight into the Region’s past is the Radwerk IV in Vordernberg. This blast furnace museum is the only authentic and fully

skiing, sledging, horse-drawn sleigh rides, Bavarian curling, ice skating and much more.

equipped charcoal smelting furnace left in Austria. A high point on the tour of the Iron Road is a visit to the impressive Iron

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center of Upper Styria.



There are 27.952 persons living in the second largest city in Styria, the »Green Heart of Austria«.

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The city is ideal to reach from all directions, either with the car or train. The closest large airports are

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The Ostrich In the Middle Ages the ostrich was thought to be a bird which ate and digested iron. Thus it became the symbol of the iron-trading City of Leoben.

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