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We have a reputation to lose Kitzbühel. The name is enough to fix the town firmly in your memory. But the ‘Kitz’ part has nothing to do with roe deer fawns. In the C12 the town was named after the Bavarian clan Chizzo. As the southerly neighbours had probably anticipated: Kitzbühel was enjoying its heyday. A market place was built and mining gave rise to the wealth of silver to be found within the town walls. This continued over the centuries until a further treasure was discovered at the end of C19: alpine wintersports. The pioneer, Franz Reisch, showed how it was done and soon The Prince of Wales and many others from all over the world wanted to try to ski from the mountain top to the valley. The silver town’s former sparkle was now overlaid with glamour. Legend gave the name a ring it had never previously known. The rest is history.



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The stars of Kitz prefer to wear white The real stars of Kitz are the mountains. From the Horn which rises boldly to a height of 2,000 metres you can look out over the Hahnenkamm which is smaller but more famous. If you really would like to discover the views and insights which this alpine panorama has to offer, you must venture into it. Winter is just the time when the Kitzbüheler Alpen are in a class of their own: one of the best prepared skiing regions in the Alps lies at your feet. The mountain slopes are grass covered. Therefore, a comparatively thin covering of snow is enough to provide excellent skiing. If you like climbs and descents which are monotonous, you had better not come to Kitzbühel – there is a rich variety of skiing here. It is amazing what the extensive area covered by the Kitzbüheler Alpen has to offer!





At a speed of 80 miles per hour the Hahnenkamm is like riding on horse back But superlatives aside: there is far more to the legends surrounding the Hahnenkamm race than the fact that it is the most dangerous, most contested downhill skiing event in the world. You can tell this when the skiers compare the downhill slope to riding a wild bucking rodeo horse. You can hear it when the sports reporters become speechless and when the cheering of 50,000 fans combines in a frenetic chorus which seems to power the unstoppable descent of the athletes, as they near their goal over the Hausbergkante (edge of the Hausberg). You can sense it too of course in the euphoric feeling of victory which envelopes the whole town. Again this can only be described with a superlative: it is the most fantastic party of the whole year.

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Fresh air makes you hungry. Children are always absolutely starving when they rush around outside. When was the last time you felt like that? In KitzbĂźhel we have taken good care of this sort of thing. There is a great variety of inns, restaurants and mountain huts to choose from; all offer hearty fare in traditional Tyrolean style, whether it is a five course menu or a snack taken whilst skiing. There are over 80 restaurants to pamper your appetite and delight the palate from specialities and top-level cuisine to simpler fare. This is not to forget nourishing Tyrolean cooking: GrĂśstl (potatoes with chopped pork) and Kaiserscharrn (pancake with raisins) are as much a part of a holiday in KitzbĂźhel as the fresh mountain air which whets the appetite.

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Tyrol and the world try it out and try it on In the shop windows in Kitzb端hel you will discover Tyrol and the whole world. All kinds of specialities made in the region are on sale, from classical dirndl dresses to jewellery inspired by the alpine region. Fashionable and stylish clothing from all over the world is on show in the windows of our boutiques. Both haute couture and local craftsmanship will find their way into your shopping bag in Kitzb端hel. You can make a feast of your stroll through the old town: there are cafes with exquisite confectionery, the owner of the delicatessen will tempt you with a sample of his delicacies. Wandering slowly past the small and the larger shops is an exclusive experience. This is shopping small instead of a shopping mall.





An image for the gods The region of Kitzb端hel is bursting with scenic charm: The creator has particularly blessed this plot of earth. In the broad valley bottom of the river Kitzb端heler Ache there is a series of hills and to the north of the town stands the famous Wilder Kaiser. The forests covering the area are amongst the most healthy in Tyrol. For that reason great care is taken to preserve the rhythms of nature. Future generations should be able to enjoy this enchanting sight. That is why the Lake Schwarzsee is flanked by protected marshland --- and also by people who have a passion for nature and enjoy all it offers.





Fill up with alpine energy Mountain air is relaxing and invigorating. What could be more appropriate than to combine the advantages of the mountain location with health giving processes. When body, mind and spirit are filled with the energy supplied by the mountains, you will be surprised by the powers which it releases. The sight of the lush meadows, deep green forests and crystal clear streams is sufficient to restore inner contentment. And when the relaxation experts from the wellness oases in Kitzb端hel prove their skills everybody can see what alpine wellness can achieve: a sustained feeling of well-being from the scented mountain air, ethereal oils, healing herbs, relaxing massage and of course delicious healthy cooking. Kitzb端hel means: well-being for all your senses!

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Nature’s theatre before your eyes When you move around the Kitzbüheler Alpen you can expect variety: the vigorous alpine economy, lively activity in the numerous mountain huts and the unspoilt natural environment make the mountains an idyllic place to recuperate and enjoy new experiences. Along the wayside you will be able to see the most fascinating things. The observant eye will be rewarded: from the individual sunbeams of the morning sun to the squirrel hopping amongst the trees. The panorama which Kitzbühel presents entices you more deeply into this breathtaking mountain world. Time spent contemplating and admiring this scene will provide you with 1001 impressions to take home. TIP: In the region of Kitzbühel with Aurach, Reith and Jochberg there are numerous huts, mountain guest houses and specially themed routes for walkers—for information

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