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thursday: fishing

kids are active in lech zürs am arlberg

We make our way to the fish pond where we catch our own lunch! In the afternoon, we hike to the Kneipp pool in the Zug valley and paddle barefoot in the cool mountain water.

parent-free adventures Explore our secret forest camp, sit in a wigwam, think up exciting stories around the big barbecue area next to the little stream or observe plants and animals while enjoying a hiking tour. Welcome to kids active club Lech! For children aged 4 and over. We meet up at the infopoint next to the post office, every Monday to Friday between 9.15am and 9.30am, from July to September. As the costs for this are already included in the accommodation costs, you only have to pay EUR 8.50 at the Lech Zürs Tourist Office for each day’s lunch. Then your’re ready to go!

monday: sport With aerobics and with sport games, we get the whole body moving in the open air. After lunch, we take the bus to Spullersee and watch the cheeky marmots in their natural environment. With aerobics, sport or exercise, we build up a healthy appetite for lunch. In the after noon, we go bowling in sport.park.lech and try to score a strike by knocking down all the pins in one go.

tuesday: water

We play bingo, other games and much more. Then there’s dancing to cool music in the children’s disco and singing for all you’re worth in a karaoke show.

We walk to Zug waterfall and listen to the rushing of the tumbling stream. Then we try out the scary waterslide at the swimming pool.

friday: adventure Today we look behind the scenes of the cable cars and find out how they actually get to the Rüfikopf. Then we all ride up to a height of 2,350 m and check out the mighty mountains all around us through a giant telescope. We barbecue our own lunch in the forest camp. Then it’s time for adventure: sitting in a wigwam, building dams and setting off on big treasure hunts! The cable car people still work in the rain. The view is not so exciting but more eerie instead … In the afternoon, we watch a great film.

The bus takes us to Steeg adventure pool, where we splash around in warm water all day and enjoy the giant slide and waterfall.

wednesday: culture We visit the bacon and cheese cellar to find out how delicious cheese is made from fresh cow’s milk and how tasty bacon gets to our plate. In the afternoon, we try our hand at traditional handicrafts in the Huber-Hus workshop while learning all about the olden days in Lech.

sun or rain? Weather in the mountains is unpredictable so it’s best if you always bring a rucksack containing the following items to be on the safe side: sturdy shoes, waterproofs, something to drink, a snack, swimming things, sun protection and some pocket money.

even the little ones can join in. In the kids active club, everyone aged 4 and over can join the activities. Our supervisors take special care to ensure that every child has fun and can fully enjoy the day. if there is anything else you would like to know, please contact: Lech Zürs Tourism phone: 05583 21610 or from abroad: 0043 5583 21610