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inlingua Innsbruck Learn German in the Heart of the Alps

Welcome... What could be better than travelling abroad and being able to communicate with the local people? Talking about your interests, discovering a new culture and understanding what people are saying: this is what makes visiting another country really exciting. inlingua Innsbruck was founded in 1994 and since then it has become the place to meet for anyone wishing to learn German in a friendly atmosphere and enjoy some unforgettable times in the heart of the Alps. See for yourself - come and discover the world of inlingua Innsbruck.

Lucia Marcone Director of inlingua Innsbruck

German at inlingua

More than just a language course!

Come on a voyage of discovery into the German language. Experience the language and culture in a relaxed atmosphere - learn to speak and understand German from the word go, so the knowledge and language skills you acquire will remain with you long after your course has finished.

In one-to-one or group sessions our trainers, all German native speakers, help you to converse confidently in the language as it is used in everyday life. Learn German whilst having fun... this is our objective.

Method, Trainer s, Lear ning Aids The pillars of success

The Direct Method implemented by inlingua enables participants to learn German fast. Our trainers, all native speakers, know that the ideal training session revolves around you, the participant, speaking as much as possible and, of course, absorbing all the information your trainer gives you.

One–to-one lessons gave me the opportunity to determine with the trainer the content of the lesson and the learning pace, and that was very important to me. Elisabeth R.

During the course you have at your disposal training materials that are based on inlingua’s 40 years of experience in international language training. Books, CDs and CD ROMs accompany you step by step right up until you achieve your goal.

The perfect course for all your needs

Improve your knowledge of German at inlingua Innsbruck by joining small group courses or taking one-to-one classes. Group courses allow you to actively contribute to lessons and learn to use German right from the word go.

On the other hand, those who want to achieve their goals more quickly or improve their German for work purposes might opt for an intensive German course with one-to-one lessons. No matter what you choose, a fun time is guaranteed.

Some of the courses offered by inlingua Innsbruck are: • • • •

One-to-one lessons Small group courses Group courses combined with one-to-one lessons Courses for 2 people

• • • •

Specialised courses Intensive classes Children’s summer camps in the mountains Courses for school groups

I felt really at ease and I must say I was pleasantly surprised to have learned so much (even at the age of 42). Maria R.

In good hands with professional advice from inlingua

Imagine going to a shopping centre and buying a nice dress or a new mobile phone. The next day you bump into an acquaintance who has bought a dress that fits much better or a friend with a mobile phone that has all the functions that you wanted. So why didn’t you find them? Simple: because you didn’t get the right advice.

At inlingua, the first service we offer is advice. inlingua takes the time to understand your specific needs and wants in order to draw up an offer that is tailored to your requirements. So don’t just ask for a price list; send us an email explaining the kind of course you are looking for, what you want to learn and when you intend to put your German to use!

How to get to speak German confidently

5 4

3 2 1 Establish initial contact with inlingua

Take the online test & determine your level

Contact inlingua by email, phone or Skype

inlingua will suggest a course that’s right for you

Learn to speak German confidently

Specialised courses for your specialised needs

More and more people need German for work and therefore have to learn business language skills right from the start. inlingua has a wide range of specialised materials that allow you to focus on areas that most suit your requirements, from the very first lesson. Specialised courses at inlingua encourage you to build up a lasting working relationship with German, Austrian and

Exercises that can actually be put into practice (in the private sphere or at work) and very individual. Claudia G.

Swiss businesses, in person, over the phone or in writing. • • • •

General business German German for correspondence Telephoning in German Specialised courses

In most cases it is also possible to prepare topics tailored to your specific line of work.

Time is money The numbers speak for themselves

What’s the benefit of ‘small groups’ at inlingua? Imagine participating in a German course with a teacher and another 10 or more people. With every lesson lasting 3 hours, how many minutes do you think you get to speak and practice your German? If the time is divided equally, you would have approximately 16 minutes at best.

At inlingua, 5 people on average participate in a group course at any one time: you, 3 other students and the teacher. This results in 36 minutes each, meaning that in every lesson, you get to speak at least twice the amount of time compared to standard groups. If you believe that a language should be learned through speaking, an inlingua course is the ideal choice… because time is also money.

The inlingua levels

The inlingua placement test

At, a short test will quickly reveal your knowledge of German: • • •

• • •

Choose German as the language Click on “Take the test” When asked if you would like the results of the test to be sent to an inlingua centre, click on “yes” and select “Austria/Innsbruck” Fill out the contact form Click again on “Take the test” Take the test by choosing the correct answers, with the drag & drop function or by writing your answers in the text box

For further information or if you have any questions you can contact us at, tel. 0043 (0)512 56 20 31 or on our Skype address “inlingua-Innsbruck”.

The levels and inlingua materials Levels inlingua

Levels CEF

Exams ALTE



Zentrale Oberstufenpr端fung ( ZOP )


Zentrale Mittelstufenpr端fung ( ZMP ) / TDaF5 TDaF4


Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache 3

Materials inlingua

5A 4B

4A 3B

Telephoning in German - level 3A Business correspondence in German - level 3A

3A 2B


Zertifikat Deutsch

2A 1B


Start Deutsch 2



Start Deutsch 1

Business German - levels 2A and 2B Telephoning in German - level 2A Business correspondence in German - level 2A

Business German - levels 1A and 1B

iOL inlingua online learning Online courses

iOL - inlingua online learning is the programme that makes it easy to learn or perfect your German outside the classroom. The “online� exercises help you to consolidate and master everything you learned during your inlingua course. A wide range of multimedia exercises reserved just for you has been designed to provide you with support over and

above the lessons conducted in the classroom. There are different types of exercises to help you learn German in a simple and fun way. With a further 700 exercises that cover 3 inlingua levels and also include audio learning materials, you learn to understand German spoken at a normal pace. Register now!

Leisure time and accommodation Tyrolean hospitality

When it comes to leisure time in Innsbruck, the possibilities are endless: art, culture and cuisine, not forgetting music and sport all against a particularly beautiful natural backdrop. In your free time, immerse yourself in the numerous activities that Tyrol has to offer. You’ll certainly find ample opportunity to practice what you have learned in the course too. As for accommodation, Innsbruck offers many possibilities:

first-class hotels, B&B accommodation, host families, youth hostels. inlingua will be happy to help you choose the option that best suits your needs. And if you think you might miss home occasionally, don’t forget your laptop! Take advantage of inlingua’s free wireless internet and keep in touch with your loved ones.


German awaits you! Send us an email to and remember to include the most important information

Have you learned German before? If yes, do the online test at

Do you want to learn German for leisure or work?

Do you want to learn General German or specialized German?

How many weeks do you have?

Do you need accommodation? (host family, B&B, hotel, youth hostel)

Would you prefer a group course or one-toone training?

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