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SKI AND SNOWBOARDING SCHOOLS AND OTHER EXCITING NEW SPORTS IN THE SALZBURGERLAND The following list features popular winter sports (snowboarding, bigfoot, race training, ski safaris, ski guiding, Telemark, firn gliding, skibob, snowbike, zorbing, bungy running, snow-kiting, squal, airboard, tandem snowboarding, snowshoeing; plus guided ski tours, ice climbing, winter hang- and paragliding) currently offered at the various ski schools. Other providers of these winter sports are all included in this info sheet. (typed in cursive) Description of some of the trendiest winter sports Ski Safaris An adventure you can enjoy on your regular Alpine skis. The criterion for this variant: a love of variety. Perfect for anyone who prefers not to ski the same slope twice in one day. Armed with a single ski pass, you’ll get to enjoy a variety of hills and valleys, before probably hopping on a ski shuttle to make your way back to your home base. Telemark Touring skis with free-heel bindings will probably do the trick, but real Telemark skis are somewhat narrower. And above all: laced leather boots and climbing skins are essential for touring. Those deep knee-bends can easily be learned, even by the average skier. If you love nature, this is the sport for you. Skibob Riding this steerable, single-runner sled enjoys ever greater popularity. The same principle that applies to downhill skiing, also applies here: good training increases enjoyment down the road. Snowbike A further development of the skibob, particularly well-suited for non-skiers who want to experience the fun of sliding downhill on snow. Zorbing Roll down a field of snow at 50 km/h in a large, round, soft ball. You hang on the inner wall of the Zorb, protected by a 700 mm-thick air cushion. Bungy-Running Complete a variety of tasks with a 12-15 meter-long rubber cord attached to your body. Snowsailing On many a slope, these “bats” can be viewed even in broad daylight! With thin sails attached to knees and arms, you use your own headwind to brake and control your speed. This equipment is especially popular in children’s ski courses. Squal Very similar to swingbo: a snowboard-like ski with movable bindings, whose two parts are connected with a rolling joint.

Airboard Slide at lightning-fast speeds down the slopes on this special board. Tandem snowboarding - a snowboard for two people standing one behind the other on a board equipped with two sets of bindings. Snowshoeing Snowshoe hiking is a new form of fun for tourists. Experience the untamed romance of trudging through the snow in your grandfather’s footsteps, sporting snowshoes that look like somewhat overgrown tennis rackets. Many a hill farmer has woven his own out of hazelnut or willow wood, or bound them with leather straps. Today you can take advantage of more modern versions, made of aluminum or other lightweight materials. Guided Ski Tours – Ski Safaris Away from the slopes amid pristine countryside – where those with a sense for romance and a love for nature, combined with the excitement of conquering mountain summits, look to make their winter dreams come true. Certified mountain guides or ski instructors will accompany you to your touring destination, bringing you safely back down to the valley at the end of the day. Though the whole concept of using lifts isn’t totally rejected, the places where you’ll be headed don’t have any! So, a little conditioning is probably a good idea. Hang- & Paragliding "Up, up, and away!" Take off on skis! Those of you who have never soared upward on a thermal beneath a hang glider or parasail, will discover that take-off and landing become so much easier on skis. Specialized schools will teach you all the skills you need in a course that includes theory, practice and experience. Ice climbing/Waterfall Climbing Daredevil adventure-seekers will definitely get their money’s worth here. Where only a few weeks before the water had plunged down into the depths, the cold of winter has created bizarre ice formations. Ice climbing is a way of discovering your own limits. Practice, experience, control of your body and a shot of daring will lead to your goal – while expert supervision from an experienced mountain guide makes this adventure exceptionally safe. Winter Canyoning: Hiking with crampons along a stream bed that was impassable during the summer, through untamed landscapes marked by mountain streams frozen in ice. Participants’ nerves will be tested as they ascend via narrow, steep steps and then rappel back down. Snowtubing: Perched on custom-designed rubber tubes, you’ll race headlong down specially groomed slopes. Thrilling fun in the snow! Snow-Kiting: Ride your snowboard or short skis down the slopes while you’re attached to a kite. Using a special technique, you’ll even be able to take off from time to time and glide through the air.


World Master -Top Alpine Ski School

Helmut Lindenthaler Ski & Snowboard School,

Tel. (0)6452/4016

Döllerhof 115, A-5441 Abtenau

Mobile +43(0)664/112 74 69

Tel (0)6243 3304 · Fax (0)6243 3304-4

Mobile (0)664 1613516


Nordic Ski Instruction

ski training with online system, ski guiding; guided

Tauern Cross-Country & Skating School

ski touring

Schaidreiter Contact: +43(0)664/884 682 88

Alpine Sports & Outdoor Center, Marc Oliver Höll www.schaidreiter-

OEG Rigaus 15, Tel. (0)6243/3088, Fax 3088-4, ski safaris, snowshoe hikes; guided ski touring, ice

Annaberg - Lungötz

climbing, paragliding, snowbiking freeride-alpin ski school Thomas Humer Outdoor Consulting Team

Franz Quehenberger, Flo Rettenegger, Ferdinand

Erlfeld 18, 5441 Abtenau


Tel: (0)6243/2899 Fax: (0)6243/44039

5524 Annaberg 131.

Phone 0043 (0) 650 405 86 66 / E-mail:

info(at) Personal training, race training, ski touring and

outdoor-unlimited Karkogel base terminus, Au 99,

much more.

5441 Abtenau, Tel. +43 (0)6243/28874, Fax +43 (0)6243/288744,,

Bad Gastein Kufenbockerl sit-skis, snowshoeing, tobogganing,

Bad Gastein Ski & Snowboard School, Pflaum &

fun olympics, for private guests and business

Kravanja OHG,

events, seminars - incentives – company outings –

Stubnerkogel Base Station, Tel. (0)6434/2260 Fax

private visitors

30022, or

Altenmarkt - Zauchensee

race training, ski safaris, monoski, ski guiding, Telemark; guided ski touring

Altenmarkt Happy Ski School, Altenmarkt

Bad Hofgastein

Tel. +43(0)6452/4315 Mobile +43(0)664/340 40 49

Bad Hofgastein Snow Sports School, Fritz

Zettinig & Kurt Fuchs, Schlossgasse 4, Tel.

(0)6432/6339, Fax: ext. 39 Office at the Angertal Ski Center: (0)6432/7475


Balla Children’s Ski School,,

Tel. +43(0)664/53 314 93

race training, ski safaris, Telemark, snowshoe hikes;

guided ski touring, ice climbing with daily Internet

ice reports

Schlossalm Ski School,

Kurgartenstr. 27b, Tel. (0)6432/3298 (= Fax), Josef Resinger

Dienten am Hochkönig

Dienten am Hochkönig Ski School,

race training, ski safaris, Telemark; guided ski

Josef Portenkirchner, Dacheben 1,


Tel. (0)6461/439

Bischofshofen Race training, guided skiing, deep-snow courses on

Info avail. from the Tourist Office: Tel. (0)6462/2471


Bramberg am Wildkogel

“Top” Ski School - Dienten

Wildkogel Snow Sports School,

Innerhofer family, Tel: 0664/2237292

Tel. +43 650 5579259

Tel. (0)6566/7451, Fax: 7451-4,

Snowbike, snowboard, guided skiing


Courses for adults and children, snowboard courses, private lessons, mono- and bi-ski courses.

Holleis Snow Sports School - Dorfgastein,

Skiing without handicap (instruction for people with

Hans Holleis, base station of the Dorfgastein


Lift Co., Tel. (0)6433/7538, Fax: 74474

Bramberg Ski School

Thomas Maier Tel. 0043 6566 20444, Fax 20444-21

monoski, ski-mentoring, snowbike; guided ski tours,

snowboard Adult and children’s instruction, snowboard

DORF-aktiv Winter Sports School,

instruction, private lessons, snowbike instruction

Gerhard Angerer, base station of the Dorfgastein Lift Co., Tel. (0)664/2029793, Fax: 06433/20048

Pinzgau Flight School,

Franz Voithofer, Tel: 06566/8207,

Guided skiing, avalanche crash courses, snowshoe

hikes, ski touring, race training. Ice climbing

Courses and tandem flights

Dorfgastein Lift Co., Tel. (0)6433/7223

Bruck - Grossglockner

Hang gliding, paragliding

Bruck Ski & Snowboard School

Para Taxi Gastein

Team 3

Lois Grugger, Tel: (0)6432/2526 or 0664/4232322

Hutter Martha KEG

Raiffeisenstrasse 2

at the tourist info office 5671 Bruck

Eben im Pongau

Tel: +43 6545 6290 Fax: + 43 6545 6290 20

Eben Ski & Snowboard School,

Mobile: +43 664 1322048 or

Josef Schwaiger, Unterberg 19, A-5760 Maria Alm

+43 664 3916110

Tel. (0)664/6390209 or (0)6584/7559

Adult and children’s ski instruction, private lessons,

Guided Snowshoeing

race technique, cross-country courses and ski-

Berg & Fitness, Christian Fuchsberger, Tel.

touring, ski safaris.

(0)660/3474250,, www.wanderfü

Guided snowshoeing and night snowshoeing Information:

Salzkammergut ski-touring instructional path

Eben Tourist Office,

Guided tours (incl. equipment)

Tel. (0)6458/8194 Fax: (0)6458/8595

Info: Tel.: 0043 (0)6228 23 14,

faistenau@fuschlseeregion. com,


Equipment: Sport Auer / ski schools. The ski path on the Loibersbacher Höhe (Faistenau, Schafberg)

Elsbethen Ski School,

is accessible for free!

Christoph Seilern and Aspang, Reinholdgasse 19,

Additional tours: Bergköpfel (Auhofköpfel) to

5020 Salzburg, Tel. (0)662/628148 or

Hintersee, Zwölferhorn from Faistenau

(0)676/6071900 or 0699/10074833 Rental of Winter Sports Equipment: Embach

Sporhaus Auer, Tel. (0)6228/2333 Fax: 30073,

Embach Ski School, Konrad Sommerer, Tel. (0)6543/7422


race training; guided ski touring, cross-country ski instruction and equipment rental

Filzmoos Ski School & Boarding Academy, Ilona Schörghofer, Filzmoos 130,


Tel. (0)6453/8370 or (0)664/2200728, Fax 8370-16

Faistenau Ski School

Josef Ausweger, Kesselmannstrasse 14,

Children’s classes, ski safaris, ski guiding,

Tel. (0)6228/2395 or (0)64/1612817

Telemark; snowsailing, race technique, cross-

Fax: (0)6228/23954,

country and cross-country expeditions, guided ski


touring, private lessons, New School for children

courses for adults and children, snowboard courses,

and adults, foreign languages spoken: English and

ski rentals, private lessons


Gerhard Mösenbichler Ski School

Bögei Ski & Snowboard School/ Filzmoos,

Tel. (0)664/9764384,

Salchegger Brothers, Neuberg 63,

Tel. (0)6453/8444 or 8306, Fax 8444-15

Ski instruction for adults and children,

snowboard and XC ski courses (by arrangement) or Children’s classes, ski safaris, private lessons, New

Snowtubing Hill: Prices: vary (hourly, points, day,

School for children and adults, race technique,

evening tickets for children and adults, group

guided ski tours, cross-country and cross-country



Info: Erasmus Brandstätter, Kühbergstrasse 42 A5324 Faistenau, Tel. (0)6228/2434 or

Exklusiv Ski & Snowboard School

(0)664/3938334,, Fax: ext. 44,

Reinhold Gappmaier,

Tel. (0)664/1106085, Fax (0)6453/8153, e-mail:

Children’s classes, ski guiding, race technique ,

ski safaris, ski touring, snowshoe hikes, snowbike,

guided ski touring

paragliding, tandem gliding, Telemark;


Fischis Quality Ski School Christoph Fischbacher, Office Star Jet I base station

1st Ski School of Flachau,

Tel. 0664/2030897, www.fischis-

Ulf Seidl, Tel. (0)6457/2180, Fax 3107

Office of the BBF-Center, Flachauer Str. 159

ski tours, snow tubing

Office of the 8-man Jet base station

Absolut School

ski safaris, adapted skiing

Gerhard Gwehenberger, mountain shuttle Flachwinkl/Kleinarl

Sport am Jet Ski School,

Tel. 0664/9683424,

Florian Schwarzenbacher, Unterberggasse 318,

freestyle, free skiing

Office of the 8-man Jet base station Tel. (0)6457/2090 Fax: (0)6457/2090-20

Salzburg Sports World ACS - Alpincenter,

Wolfgang Steiner, Flachau,

Ski safaris, Telemark, snowbike

Tel. (0)664/2823798 or (0)6452/4102

Segway tours; mountain carts. Telemark, guided ski touring, snowshoe hikes, ice

Hermann Maier Ski School,

climbing, high-ropes course; deep-snow safaris;

Snowboard School Alex Office at the base station of the Achter Jet,


(0)6457/20666, Office of Yeti´s Partyhaus, Tel. (0)6457/3322

Forstau Ski School,

Office Star-Jet I base station, Tel. (0)6457/3299

Matthäus Resch, Forstau 7,

Office Space-Jet I base station, Tel. (0)664/5722804

Tel. (0)6454/8400, Fax 8485,

ski safaris, ski safety training.

Children’s ski school, Bambini ski courses for youngsters ages 3-4.

Fun & Pro Ski & Snowboard School,

Guided ski tours, ski safaris

Rupert Pichler, office at the base station of the StarJet I,


Tel. (0)6457/2162 or (0)664/3376386

guided, info & rentals: Sport Rettensteiner Tel:

Office at the Space Jet I base station, Tel.


(0)6457/2161 or (0)664/3376386, Fax: (0)6457/33724 ski safaris, zorbing, Telemark, snowbike. SNOWLIFE Ski school and Adventure Center Flachau Tel. and Fax: (0)6457/32472 Office I: Hofstadl, Office II: Space-Jet I, right-hand side – “Sport im Ort” sports shop Office III: Flachauer Straße – Ferienanlage Central, in the sports shop,;

Fusch am Grossglockner Fusch Ski School, Peter Obermoser Tel. 0664-2226474 Fuschl am See Guided snowshoeing (when snow conditions permit): Upon request

Registration, snowshoe rentals and information:

Andrea Seer, certified hiking guide and expert in

Fuschlseebad, Tel. (0)6226/8288

light therapy. Tel. (0)664/ 38 50 257,

Guided snowshoe and theme hikes incl. nature’s own fairy tales and meditative contemplation of our


natural setting. Guided snowshoe hikes with the National Park

Rot-Weiss-Rot Ski School

Ranger at the valley head and entrance to the Hohe

Gerhard Sint & Siegi Kreidenhuber, Altenhof 5a

Tauern National Park.

For all ages and abilities, ideal group size and quick success.

Hallein - Bad Dürrnberg

Lessons in your own native language. Private lessons are possible.

Hallein - Bad Dürrnberg Ski School,

Tel: +43 6412 6743 / +43 6412 5525

Rudolf Meisl, Egglriedlweg 2,

Mob. +43 664 43 40 866 or

A-5400 Hallein

+43 664 54 09 966

Tel. (0)676/3056980



Absolute Outdoors Strobl - Outdoor Center

Hintersee Ski School,

Tel. (0)3612/25343 or (0)664/78 22 099

Hans Gassner, Tel. (0)6224/220, or Tiefgraben 260,,,

A-5310 Mondsee,

guided touring programs in all seasons, ski-touring,

Tel. (0)6232/3175 or 0664/1944775


monoski, ski guiding; guided ski touring


Sport Franky Ski School, Franz Ebner

Lackner Ski & Race School,

Tel. (0)6228/2743

Thomas Lackner, Unterberg 67,

Mobile: (0)664/4302563

Tel. (0)6414/269, Fax 269-17

monoski, guided skiing

Hof bei Salzburg

Children’s ski school, carving, snowboard, race instruction, freestyle/freeriding, moguls, ski safaris,

Ski school Mösenbichler Gerhard

ski mentoring, snowshoe hikes, cross-country,

Children's, Snowboard and Cross-Country School

Nordic Cruising, private lessons, ski-school picnic,

Tel. (0)664/9764384 or (0)6229/39022

guided ski touring Hüttschlag Panorama Ski School, Heinz Prommegger Family, 5611 Großarl,

Grossarl – Hüttschlag Ski School,

Unterberg 123, Tel. (0)6414/20541,

Thomas Lackner, Nr. 22,

Fax: (0)6414/20541,

Tel. (0)6417/269, Fax (0)6414/8301-17,

Cross-country, Nordic Cruising, snowshoeing,

Children’s ski school, carving, snowboard,

guided ski tours, private lessons

freestyle/freeriding, bigfoot, ski safaris, ski mentoring, snowshoe hikes, private lessons, guided ski touring. Snowshoeing & Theme Hikes


Hartweger´s Ski & Board with Us! Eva-Lotta and Norbert Hartweger, Sigmund Thun

Kaprun Ski & Snowboarding,

Str. 12, Tel. (0)664 3381 582

Gernot Schermer, Sigmund Thun Strasse 18, Tel.,

(0)6547/8070, Fax 8070-4

freestyle workshops, free-ride safari, race training,

snowboarding race training, ski safaris, monoski, ski guiding, Tele-

Mont Alpin,

mark; guided ski touring

Herbert Schett, Peter-Buchner-Str. 53 Tel. (0)6547/8681

Ski- und Rennschule Kitzsteinhorn,

Fax: (0)6547/84384

Herbert Thayer, A-5721 Piesendorf, Aufhausen 150,,

Tel. (0)6549/7361,

guided ski tours, intro to ski touring, ice climbing

Fax 7361-4 or Alpincenter Kaprun, Tel. 0043 664 34 25 317


Ski & Snowboard School Florian

freestyle, race training, ski safaris, monoski, ski

Achenweg 1, 5603 Kleinarl

guiding, Telemark, firn gliding; guided ski touring,

Office inside Sport Hauser

ski touring basic course

Viehhofostrasse 4, 5603 Kleinarl Office: 0043/(0)664 44 34 161

Oberschneider Ski & Race School,

Sport Hauser: 0043/(0)6418 428

Hermann Oberschneider, Hausdorferstr. 43, Tel.

(0)6547/8232, Fax 8232-4

The Kleinarl Ski School

race training, monoski, ski guiding, Telemark,

Dir. Sepp Schernthaner

snowshoe hikes; guided ski touring

Bergstrasse 1, 5603 Kleinarl, Tel. (0)6418/431 or 0664/1605626 Fax 432-32

Ski & Snowboard School Sport-Alpin,

Sigmund Thun Str. 22

Ski safaris, snowshoeing, guided skiing, New

Tel. 0676/841805201 or 0676/841805200,

School, race training, cross-country, guided ski,

tours race training, ski safaris, guided skiing, Telemark,

Königsleiten look at Wald

Carvellino, snow sports with HCP Koppl - Krispl – Gaissau ALPINE SKI SCHOOL + SKI RENTALS + SPORT SHOP + mountain bike- & outdoors center

Ski & Snowboard School

Augasse 5, 5710 - Kaprun

Koppl, Krispl, Gaissau

Full- and half-day courses,

Christmas and semester holidays

mobile +43 (0) 650.3160223

Age Restrictions: 4 and up

phone +43 (0) 6547.7562

Foreign Languages: English, French, Italian Price for supervision, meals and the ski course:

Children’s ski school, cross-country, ski safaris,

available on request

freeride and moguls hills, packages, ski-touring and

Sandra and Rudi Nemeth

snowshoe tours.

Eggerlweg 9 Tel.: (0)6221/20401,

Mobile: 0664/5111778,

Leogang Snowboard School,


(also snowboard rentals & snowboard shop)

Internet: or Koppl Tourism

Joachim Mayrhuber, Hütten 33,

Office, Tel. (0)6221/7205

Tel. (0)6583/20086 or Tel. (0)664/3453838


snowboard, tandem snowboard

Krimml/ Hochkrimml – Gerlosplatte Ski & Race

Asitz Snow Sports School


Tel. (0)6583/20205

Heinz Wielandner, Hochkrimml 18,,

Tel. (0)6564/8260, Fax 8260-4,

Race training, mentored skiing, Telemark,

snowshoeing, guided ski tours, snowboard race training, monoski, ski guiding, swingbo,

Outdoor Experience

Telemark; guided ski touring, ski touring basic

Tel. (0)650/864 17 79


Unterwurzacher Ski School

snow kiting

Hochkrimml-Gerlosplatte Tel. +43 (0) 664/345 43 14

Edi Hammerschmied

Tel. (0)6583/8548


race training, monoski, ski guiding, Telemark, guided ski tours, ice climbing

Leonardo Flights Tel.: (0) 6583 20189 or (0) 664 1020710


Tennengau Alpine School,

Paragliding & tandem flights

Heinz Dungler, Markt 322, Tel. (0)6244/7284

Lofer and St. Martin bei Lofer

Ski safaris, snowshoe hikes; guided ski touring, ski touring weeks

Lofer/St. Martin Ski School, Sturm Family, A-5090 Lofer 176,


Tel. (0)6588/7326 Fax ext 9

Altenberger Ski & Snowboard Scene,

Tel.: (0)6583/8246

race training, ski safaris, ski guiding; guided ski

touring, cross-country, deep-snow adventures,

racing camp, snow blades

mentored skiing, Telemark,

Lofer Ski School, Georg Herbst,

Deisenberger Ski School,

in the ski center, 1A

Tel. (0)6583/7200 or 7100,

A-5090 Lofer

Tel. & Fax home: (0)6583/7114

Tel. (0)6588/72 461 or 0664/356 26 98

children’s ski school, giant kids‘ park, snowshoe

hikes incl. Igloo-building, 1st Nostalgia Ski School,

ski safaris, monoski, ski guiding, swingbo, cross-

ski safaris, snowboarding, sampler ski tours, race

country, ski expeditions

training, ski races, winter olympics, incentives

Pinzgauer Saalachtal Climbing School,

Gottfried Pfeffer, A-5090 Lofer 317,

guided ski tours, guided skiing, variant skiing, pole

Tel. (0)6588/7081, Fax 7464 (= Tourist Office)

training, technique programs, special children’s

Ski guiding; guided ski touring, ice climbing


Lungötz look at Annaberg



Mariapfarr – Fanningberg Ski School, Breitschädel Ski & Snowboard School

Bigtime Ski School

Christian Breitschädel, Fanningberg 157, Tel. +43

Josef Streitberger

(0)6473 20003, Fax +43 (0)6473 20030, Mobile :

A-5751 Maishofen – Saalhofstr. 2

+43 (0)664 4885617

Tel.: 0043 6542 68070, Albert’s Ski & Snowboard School, Ski School Schönleiten - Vorderglemm,

Albert Essl Lintsching 223, Tel. +43 (0)6473 7197 or

Georg Heugenhauser,

mobile: +43 (0)650 9500135

A-5753 Saalbach, Tel. (0)664/2309987 or,

(0)6541/8300, monoski; guided ski touring, ski touring weeks,

Maria Alm

deep-snow courses

The fantastic Maria Alm Ski School,


Christian Mitteregger, Christian Bacher and Hans Seifert, Dorfstraße 8, Tel. (0)6584/2119, Fax 2119-8

Mauterndorf Ski School,

Director: Martin Sagmeister,

race training, ski safaris, ski guiding; guided ski

Base station of the gondola lift,


Tel. (0) 6472 20033 Tel. (0)664/4110451 Fax: (0)6472/200334

Hinterthal Ski School,,

Sarjo Mayer, Urslaustraße 19,

childcare, race training, guided skiing; guided ski

Tel. (0)6584/8110, Fax: (0)8110-8,


Alpine School Lungau - Aktiv,

ski guiding; guided ski touring

Josef Rausch,Kaltenbachstrasse, Haus Küerbürg ( for reservations)

Alpine Ski School Maria Alm

Tel. (0)6472/7013

Markus Hirnböck

Make reservations through the Fantastic Maria Alm

guided ski tours, ski-touring basic course

Ski School or call mobile: (0)664/4411206,

Lungau Sports & Outdoor Center,

freeriding, deep-snow courses, ski touring,

Harald and Hannes Ernst, Markt 54, 5570

Telemark, ice climbing, snowshoe tours, safety

Mauterndorf, Tel: (0)6472/7363,


Snowbike, snowshoeing, all-inclusive recreational activities with “Lungau plus”

Edelweiss Ski School Am Dorfplatz 3 Tel.: 0664/9193801


New: Munchkin Courses, 5 days: 2 hours a day of skiing and 2 hours a day in the guest kindergarten:

Mittersill Ski School,

€ 154

Gustav Jungwirth, Burk 4,

Lunch: 12:30 – 1:30, € 10 per day

Tel. (0)6562/8700,

Registration & Information: Neukirchen Ski School

Neukirchen Ski School,

Hans Dreier/Sepp Maier,

ski safaris, ski guiding, Telemark

Tel/Fax: (0)6565/21444

Stefan´s Ski & Snowboard School,

Stefan Volgger, state-certified mountain guide Tel. (0)6562/8569 or (0)664/4027295

Kreidl Ski School

Christian Kreidl

Tel: (0) 06565-6243

bigfoot, ski safaris, ski guiding, guided ski touring,

Telemark, snowshoe hikes, ice climbing

Team Exit

Tourismusbüro Neukirchen,

Martina Millgrammer, state-certified cross-country

Tel. (0)6565/6256, Fax. 6550-74

instructor, Nordic-Walking instructor, professional wellbeing trainer, mountain guide.


Tel. (0)664/3838668,

Piesendorf Ski School,

Snowshoe, ice climbing and ski tours

Andreas Kammerlander, Tel. (0)664 281 9053

Mühlbach am Hochkönig

ski safaris, ski guiding; guided ski touring

Mühlbach/Hkg Ski & Snowboard School


Klaus Burgschwaiger Tel. 06467 7240 or 0664/3378551, Fax:06467/7047

CSA Ski, Snowboard & Cross-Country School,

Grillitsch & Partner

Snowbike courses, deep-snow lessons, terrain and

Willi Grillitsch

moguls courses, ski touring, snowshoeing.

Tel. (0)6456/7462 Fax 7536,


monoski, ski guiding, swingbo; guided ski touring, ”Frau Holle” Ski School,

Kogel-Mogel Guest Kindergarten

Heinz Pfeiffer

in the restaurant at the summit of the Wildkogel lifts

Tel. (0)6456/7663 84, Fax 7663 60

- for children ages 2 ½ and older.

Please bring comfortable in- and outdoor clothing

and indoor slippers.

ski guiding; guided ski touring

Hours: Sunday to Friday from 10am – 4pm

Koch Ski & Snowbike School

Prices: ½ day

€ 52

Michael and Hermann Koch, Obertauern

3 half-days

€ 109

€ 41

3 days

1 day

€ 144

Tel. (0)6456/7228-5, Fax 7228 - 44

5 half-days

€ 144 5 days

€ 154 or

Monoski, guided skiing, swingbo, snowbike; guided

ski tours Rauris Ski & Snowboard School Krallinger Andy Krallinger, Tel. (0)6456/7258 or

Karl Maier Ski School, the ski school in Rauris

0664/3009979, Fax 7258-4

Ski, race and snowboard school

Karl Maier, Marktstrasse 36,

Tel. (0)6544/7223 or 6494 Fax: 6494

Monoski, guided skiing, swingbo; guided ski tours

Top Ski & Snowboard School,

children 3 and older, school kids’ train, Indian

Christian Steiner

festival, treasure hunt, special extra events, end-of-

Tel. (0)6456/7678 or (0)664/160 56 05,

course races and awards ceremony, get-together,

with ski instructors and live music, deep snow,

race training, ski guiding; guided ski touring

private lessons, guided ski touring.

Blue Tomato Snowboard School,

Adventure Ski & Snowboard School,

Tel. (0)6456/20036 or (0)664 14 27 624

Hubert Schweighofer, Kirchplatz 1,

Tel. (0)6544/7900, Fax 7900-4; guided skiing; guided ski tours

Snow Kite School “hang on” Florian Schmaldienst

Hohe Tauern Ski School

(0) 699 14612666

Jochen Wieser

Mobile Jochen: 0043 (0) 664 3581459

Mobile Sandi: 0043 (0) 664 5022567 Tel: (0) 6544 7508, Fax: (0) 6544 7354

Pfarrwerfen look at Werfenweng,


ski-touring, moonlight tours, snowshoeing,

Piesendorf/ Niedernsill Ski School,


Andreas Entleitner,, Tel. (0)6549/7178 or (0)664/4412060

snow sports russbach

ski safaris, ski guiding; guided ski touring

Ski & Snowboard School, Norbert Höll Tel.: (0)676 8488 22 881


Email: Web:

Radstadt Ski School,

Guided skiing, ski tours, snowshoe hikes, freeride

Bernd Meissnitzer, Königslehen Lift base station,

workshops, powder days, freestyle camps for teens

Tel. (0)6452/20757 or (0)664/3119362, Fax 30889,

Saalbach Hinterglemm Saalbach Ski School, AAMADALL Ski school “green-orange”

A-5753 Saalbach 405, Tel. (0)6541/668256

Christian Blasl & Andi Wieland, Königslehen valley

Fax 668212


Tel. (0)6452/7382 or (0)664/3923996

carve machine, Telemark, squal

Hinterholzer Ski School,

Fax: (0)6541/7408309 or 751181

Hans Hinterholzer, A-5753 Saalbach

Tel. (0)6541/7607 Fax: 20087

monoski, swingbo, Telemark; guided ski touring race training; guided ski touring

Ski School “Activ”, Ski School office Hinterglemm, Zwölferkogelweg

Fürstauer Ski School,

187, A-5754 Hinterglemm,

Hannes Fürstauer, A-5753 Saalbach,

Tel. (0)676/5171325 or (0)676/3138239

Tel. (0)6541/8444 Fax: 7786

bigfoot, race training; guided ski touring

guided ski touring Saalfelden Heugenhauser Ski School, Georg Heugenhauser, Vorderglemm,

Sport Grossegger Cross-Country Shop

A-5753 Saalbach, Tel. (0)6541/8300 or

(sales, service, rentals), Bsuch 97, Tel. + Fax:

(0)664/2309987, Fax: (0)6542/689565


Pinzgau Cross-Country School,

ski guiding

Markus Förmer, Tel. (0)664/3160013


1 Snowboard School of Saalbach

Skating, cross-country safaris, skating, equipment

Joachim Mayrhuber, Unterdorf 353/2,

rental avail.

A-5753 Saalbach, Tel. (0)6541/20047 or (0)664/3453838, Fax: (0)6583/7625-14

Saalfelden Ski School,,

Rudi Geissler, Almerstr. 19,

A-5760 Saalfelden

tandem snowboard

Tel. (0)664/28 07 838, (0)6582/74926 mentored skiing, snowshoe trekking

Zink Ski School Dorfstrasse 163

AIR-STAR flight school

Tel. (0)664/1623655

Johann Hartl, Tel. (0) 6582/70708 or

(0) 650/5010102

Paragliding & tandem flying

Easy Ski Ski and Snowboard School


Dorfstrasse 271 A-5753 Saalbach

Crocodile Sports,

Tel. (0)699/11180010

Outdoor Erlebnisse GmbH

Fax: 0043 6541 6510

Karl Reisenbichler Str. 20, 5026 Salzburg,

Tel. & Fax (0)662/642907, Tel. (0)650/3571294

Hinterglemm Ski & Snowboard School “Snow &

Paragliding tandem flights (year-round),


snowshoeing (November-April), cave tours (year-

Bartl Gensbichler and Thomas Wolf


A-5754 Hinterglemm Tel. (0)6541/7511 or 6346-40

Sankt Johann-Alpendorf,

Alpendorf Freestyle Academy (AFA), Alpendorf 10, Tel. (0) 664/9221389

”Bergfex” Outdoor & Cross-Country School

Harald Wass & Herbert Reschreiter, Nr. 294,

In collaboration with Alpendorf ski school,

Tel. (0)664/833 9884 or (0)664/833 9885

experienced trainers offer freeride courses for

freeskiers and snowboarders. Cross-country, Telemark, snowshoe hikes, winter

Rot-Weiss-Rot Ski School,

adventure tours, hikes by torchlight, fun on the ice

Gerhard Sint and Siegi Kreidenhuber, Alpendorf 2, Tel. (0)6412/6743, Fax ext. 4

St. Michael im Lungau Deep snow, moguls run, wedeln, race skiing,

St. Michael Ski & Snowboard School

carving, ski safaris

Karl Pellikan Office in the town center:

Ski School Alpendorf, Hans Höllwart,


Wolfgang Pfeifhofer and Franz Kerschbaumer,

Tel.: +43(0)6477 710 60

Alpendorf 10, Tel. (0)6412/8455

Fax: +43(0)6477 710 60 - 20

email: ,

Carving, moguls, family courses, off-piste skiing,,

race training, ski safaris, new-school freeskiing.

ski courses, cross-country courses, guided ski tours, race training, deep-snow courses

Toni Gruber Ski School Toni Gruber, Alpendorf 2,

Otto’s Ski School

Tel./Fax (0)6412/7927,

Director: Otto Grossegger, Tel: +43 (0)4734 8244

Mobile: +43 (0) 664 3930001

Deep snow, carving, moguls, racing, Telemark,

Register at the St. Michael office and the Speiereck

cross-country, ski safaris, ski touring, Nordic

base station


Katschberg office: Haus Alpina and Haus Otto,

St. Margarethen St. Veit im Pongau St. Margarethen “Firn Sepp” Ski School, Josef Rausch, 5581 St. Margarethen/valley terminal

Höllwart/Kerschbaumer/Pfeifhofer Ski School,

of the Aineck lifts.

A-5600 St. Johann i. Pg.,

Tel. (0)6476 20569 or Mobile: 0664 4228083

Tel. (0)6412/ 8455,,

Fax (0)6412/8458

Ski courses, children’s ski school, snowboard

school, carving academy, cross-country, touring,

guided ski touring, children’s ski school and ski

snowshoeing, private lessons - childcare


St. Martin bei Lofer – refer to Lofer

Weiss-Rot Ski School, see St. Johann – Alpendorf

St. Martin am Tennengebirge

Info at Tel. (0)6412/6743 Fax: 6743-4

St. Martin am Tennengebirge Ski School, Manfred Weiss, Tel. (0)664/2100996,

St. Veit/Schwarzach Tourist Office

Fax: (0)6463/7683

Tel. (0)6415/7488 and 7520

Guided snowshoe hikes with refreshment break

monoski, ski guiding, swingbo, snowrafting (on

Fee per person € 14 incl. snowshoes and ride on

request), guided ski tours, cross-country, freeriding

the hiking shuttle. Rudolfshütte Mountain Hotel, Tamsweg

Tel. (0)6563/8221 or (0)6563/8485 Fax 8221-59,

Albert´s Ski School, Albert Essl,,

Lintsching 223, A-5571 Mariapfarr,

Ski guiding, firn gliding; guided ski touring, ice

Tel. (0)6473/7197 or (0)650 9500135

climbing, ski touring basic courses,

deep-snow courses,

guided ski touring, ski-touring weeks, deep-snow courses

Ice Climbing Hochfilzer ice climbing park (entrance at the


Stubachtal) and Grünseefälle (Weißsee Glacier World middle station)

Snowkiting School Austria,

Info: Uttendorf/Weißsee Tourist Office, Tel.

Hardy Brandstötter, Thalgauberg


Tel. (0)676/84102411, Viehhofen Thomatal - Schönfeld

Viehhofen Ski School, Alois Oberlader, Viehhofen 115,

Guided snowshoe hikes

Tel. and Fax (0)6542/68811,

Tel. (0)4736/321 – Mrs. Monika Leitner Wagrain Unken Wagrain Ski School, Unken – Heutal Ski, Race & Touring School,

Rudi Huber, Karl Moser, Sepp Riepler and Andi

Georg Flatscher, Gföll 276,

Oberthaler, Grafenberg office, Markt 58, Tel.

Tel. (0)6589/8238, 0664/4736494,


Flying Mozart office, base terminus of the Flying

Mozart lift, Tel. (0)6413 7370

race training, ski safaris, monoski, guided skiing, firn

Moadörfl office, Rote 8er gondola middle station

gliding, swingbo, Telemark; guided ski touring, Lunchtime childcare incl. lunch

Heutaler Hof Guesthouse,

ski safaris, squal; guided ski touring, moguls, race

Vitzthum Family, Heutal,

training, “shorties” instruction, family classes, cross-

Tel. (0)6589/8220, Fax 8220-6

country, Ski Workshop Special: 1 pays, 4 are free!!!

Snowshoe hikes Rot Weiss Rot Ski School, Uttendorf - Weissee

Gerhard Sint and Siegi Kreidenhuber Office: across from the base station of the

Uttendorf – Weissee Ski & Snowboard School,

Grafenberg lift

Anton Lederer, Keltenweg 3,

Markt 57a, 5602 Wagrain

Tel. (0)6563/8419, Mobile: 0664/1732479,

Tel: 0043 (0)6413 20069 or 0664 9132932

Fax 8419-4,

daily courses, weekly courses, workshops, lunchtime childcare incl. lunch, private lessons,

snowboard school and more.

Zell am See

Wald - Königsleiten

Zell am See Ski & Snowboard School, Schmittenhöhe Lift base station,

Wald – Königsleiten Winter Sports School,

Tel. (0)6542/73207, Fax 73042;

Manfred Obermoser, Wald - Königsleiten 52, Tel.

Areitbahn base station,

(0)6564/8226, Fax 8226-4

Tel. (0)6542/56020, Fax 56020-4,

City Express base station,

Tel. (0)6542/72324

monoski, ski touring, carving, guided skiing,

downhill skiing Alpine skiing, new school, freeride, off piste, race

Unterwurzacher Ski School,

training, ski safaris, mentored skiing, Telemark,

Gunter Unterwurzacher

guided ski tours

Tel. (0)6564/8500 (=Fax)

Sport Alpin Ski & Snowboard School,

Alfred Kubinstrasse 2a, Zell am See – Kaprun

downhill, ski guiding, ski touring, monoski, carving

5700 Zell am See Tel. 0676/841805201 or 0676/841805200,


reachable Monday-Friday 9:00-11:00,

Pro Ski School,

Wolfgang Brandstätter, guided skiing

race training, ski safaris, guided skiing, Telemark,

Tel./Fax (0)6466/788

Carvellino, snow sports with HCP,


Ski Safari – Ski with friends Tel.: 0664/3361487

Breitschädel Ski & Snowboard School,

Tel.: 0664 5316655

Christian Breitschädel, Fanningberg 157

Tel. (0)6473/20003 or (0)664/4885617 Fax: 20030, deep-snow All Mountain Ski School Ski & Touring School,

Werner Schuh

Albert Essl, Lintsching 223,

Tel.: +43 (0)664/7875713

Tel. (0)6473/7197,

Main focus on small groups, private guests, and

monoski, guided ski touring, ski touring weeks,

special programs such as ski tours, New School,

deep-snow courses

freeriding, and Heliski skiing prep classes


FOT Sport and Adventure


Ski & Snowboard Academy

Postalm Active Center

Tel. 06542/74692 or 06642530381

Gabriele Pilz,

Tel. (0)6137/6090 or (0)664/4017536, Fax: 6082

guided ski tours are offered by all Salzburg ski



Anton Wallner Straße 5


Ski-School Prices Contact: Pricing info provided by the Salzburg Association of Professional Ski & Snowboard Instructors: 5-day course (4 hours per day)

euro 175 - euro 191

3-day course (4 hours per day)

euro 158 - euro 175

1-day course(4 hours per day)

euro 65 - euro 70

Private lessons for 1 person

euro 57 - euro 62

for each additional person

euro 10

Private instructor for 1 person per day (4 hrs)

euro 230 - euro 237

each additional person

euro 20

Rates for school children and youth groups: per day and instructor

euro 165

Snowboard Instruction: Half-day classes not incl. snowboard: 5 half-days (2 hours per day)

euro 140 - euro 180

3 half-days (2 hours per day)

euro 136 - euro 149

1 half-day (2 hours per day)

euro 58 - euro 70

All-day classes w/o snowboard: 5-day course (4 hours per day)

euro 175 – euro 191

3-day course (4 hours per day)

euro 158 – euro 175

1-day course (4 hours per day)

euro 65 – euro 70

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