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TOBOGGANING & SNOWTUBING The list below features all our towns and villages, with the telephone number of local tourist offices also included. They will be more than happy to supply you with more detailed information on snow conditions, other winter sports opportunities in the area, and much more. For most of the toboggan runs, the elevation of both the starting and finishing points is provided, along with the degree of difficulty and floodlighting that might be available (mostly until 10 p.m.). In addition, our Happy Toboggan Runs (happy tobogganing = sledding on inntertubes) that have been either especially designed, or cordoned off from other creation areas, are also listed. Standard pricing for toboggan rental: euro 3 – euro 4.50. Sledding on all toboggan runs is at sledders‘ own risk. Information on so-called Ziachschlitten (rides on wooden sleds for ca. 10 people) is also included in this info sheet.


Services: night lighting, refreshment opportunities, toboggan rental

Toboggan run on the Karkogel: 3 km long, floodlit –

Price/Person: free use of the toboggan run, rental fee

ideal for the whole family

for 2-seater toboggan euro 3.50

Start: on the top of the Karkogel in Abtenau, daily

Hours: open daily

from 9 a.m - 4.15 p.m., also evenings Thu, Fri & Sat

Lighting: until 1:00 a.m.

from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m, Floodlit until 11 p.m. Poschenhof Sledding Hill: 100 m long, ideal for

Bifei's Hütt'n (4 km toboggan run)


Stefan Huber Fam.

Toboggan rental:

Bifangweg 233, 5541 Altenmarkt

WM Sport 2000 (Karkogel Lift Test Center) , Tel.

Tel. +43(6452)5402-11


or mobile +43(664)121 85 64

Sport Schwaighofer, Tel. (0)6243/3192

Sport WM Sport 2000, Tel. (0)6243/3644

Info: Lammertal Tourist Region Dachstein West, Tel. (0)6243/4040-0

Hochnössler-Alm (4 km toboggan run) Live music and hut fun

Altenmarkt - Zauchensee

Hallinger/Pfeifenberger Fam. Palfen 183, 5541 Altenmarkt

Toboggan Run: Hochnössler/Bifei´s Hütte,

Tel. +43(6452)62 42

4 km long, floodlit until 12:00 a.m.

Toboggan info:

Summit station: elev. 1,300 m Base station: elev. 900 m

Schober taxi: Tel. +43(6452)56 56

Elev. Change: 400 m Length: 4 km

3 km Toboggan & Zipflbob Run from the

Access: hike on the Bifangweg (1hr. by foot), Schober


toboggan taxi Tel. +43(6542)5656, Hochbifang lifts

Tel. +43(0)6452/4248

(open 8:30- 4:00)

Difficulty: easy to intermediate




Free use of the toboggan run Rental fee for the toboggan or Zipflbob: euro 3.50

Family toboggan run: 1 km long, ideal for children! Start: Götschen Chapel 650 m; Finish: Pestfriedhof

Info: Altenmarkt-Zauchensee Tourism, Tel.

580 m

+43(0)6452/55 11

Mosottalm Natural Run: 1.5 km long, incl. toboggan rental from the Mosottalm, Tel. (0)6462/2764


Taxi pick-ups from the center of town available. Info: Tourist Office,

Natural toboggan run: floodlit, refer to Lungötz! Toboggan rental:

Bramberg am Wildkogel

Sport Rußegger, Tel. (0)6463/8445 Schwarzenbacher, Tel. (0)6463/7852

Natural Toboggan Run: Wildkogel, 14 km long (“the world’s longest floodlit toboggan run”); lit up daily until

Bad Gastein

10:00 p.m.; Every Tuesday and Friday ride up on the

Natural toboggan run: Bellevuealm, 2.5 km long,

Smaragdbahn lift in Bramberg and the Wildkogelbahn

floodlit, perfect for children!

lift in Neukirchen 6:30 p.m.

Bellevuealm, Tel: 06434/3881

Toboggan Rentals:

Toboggan rental:

Nindl Ski Rentals, Tel. (0)6566/7493

Bellevuealm, Tel. (0)6434/3881 Lederer Ski Rentals, Tel: 06434/3330 Sport Schober, Tel: 06434 32 680

Intersport Harms, Tel. (0)6566 20440 Sport 2000 Herzog, Tel. (0)6565/20421 Kaspar’s toboggan rental (0)699 15031589

Info: Bad Gastein Spa & Tourist Office, Tel.


Sledders‘ meet, Tel. 0664/8929323 E-Mail:,

Bad Hofgastein

SportPro, Tel. (0)6566 20425,

Natural toboggan run: Aeroplan, 3.5 km long, ideal for children!

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6566/7251,

Close to the Schlossalm Lifts; Start: Aeroplanstadl 1,350 m; Finish: Oberhaizinggut 860 m; moderate;

Bruck / Grossglockner

rides up on the cable lift to the Kitzstein mid-station possible.

Natural toboggan run: 3 km long, floodlit,

Price: euro 11.00 per adult, euro 8 with Gastein Card,

special safety features, ideal for children!

euro 5.00 per child

Start: above the Kohlschnait Mountain Inn at 1,160 m;

Toboggan rental:

Finish: 758 m; moderate

Skistall Irausek, Tel. (0)6432/85044

Snowtubing: Kohlschnait, 100 m long with special

Aeroplanstadl, Tel. (0)6432/8603

safety nets, ideal for children!

Info: Bad Hofgastein Spa & Tourist Office, Tel.

Start: 950 m; Finish: 900 m; moderate; at the


Kohlschnait Mountain Inn, free loan of innertubes. Toboggan rental: Kohlschnait Mountain Inn, Tel. (0)6545/6112

Info: Tourist info, Tel. (0)6545/7295

Pilzegg, (0)6543/7222 Floodlit toboggan run!

Dienten am Hochkönig

Transport from Pilzegg café to Crazy House

Grünegg Toboggan Run: Tel. (0)6461/306 1.5 km


floodlit! Ideal for children – very safe! Start elev. 1190m – finish 1000m

Natural toboggan run: 1 km long!

Just a 30-min. walk, floodlit daily until 11 p.m.

Info: Tourist Office, Tel.(0)662/628891, 629165

Toboggan Rentals: Grünegg Cafe – charge per toboggan (2-seater) €


3.00 Tel. (0) 6461/306 Detailed brochure about winter hiking paths and tobogganing opportunities is available from the tourist office. Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6584/2038830

Natural toboggan run: 1.5 km long Start: Lidaun Mountain 1,100 m; Finish: Lidaun Valley 800 m; intermediate Toboggan Run (cleared): 3 km long Start: Grögernalm, sled hut, or Schafbachalm at the foot of the Schafberg Finish: Tiefbrunnau valley: 800 m; toboggans


available to rent at the sled hut and the Schafbachalm Natural toboggan run: 3 km long

Natural toboggan run: Dorferberg, 3.5 km long, ideal

Start: Sausteigalm – Zwölferhorn; Finish: Tiefbrunnau

for children!

valley 800 m

Ca. 1-hour walk (or ride the taxi) to the

Toboggan rental:

Strohlehenalm. Floodlit for evening tobogganing

Sport Auer, Tel. (0)6228/2333

several times a week.

Sled hut, Tel. 0664/99739369

Toboggan rental:

Schafbachalm, Tel. (0) 664/2217417

Sport Egger, Tel. (0)6433/7633

Snowtubing in the village center:

Sport Gstrein, Tel. (0)6433/7267-3

with lifts

Sport Knauseder, Tel. (0)6433/7516

Fr from 1:00 p.m. Sa & Su from 10:00

Eben im Pongau

During the holiday time: daily from 10.00 a.m. Floodlit

Toboggan run: Reitlehenalm, 5 km long, traffic! Option to ride up on the ski lift or to take a taxi. Toboggan rental:

Fr & Sa until 9:00 p.m., Su & public holidays until 8:00 p.m. 1 hr. adults € 9.00 children € 7.50

At the Reitlehenalm (per sled: euro 2.00)

2 hrs.adults € 13.00 children € 11.50

Reitlehenalm - Tel. (0)6458/8462,

10 points ticket adults € 10.50 children € 9.00,

Group Discounts Info: Tel. (0)6228 /2434 or Fax: ext. 44,


Tel. 0664/3938334 Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6228/2314;

Moonlight tobogganing: every Tuesday and Saturday at the station Pilzegg. NEW! Crazy House toboggan run! Toboggan rental:


Fuschl am See

Toboggan run: Kleinberg, 3 km long, floodlit, ideal for

Natural sledding hill: in the Ellmau Valley


Info: tourist office, Tel. (0)6226/8250

Start: Kleinbergalm 1,392 m; Finish: Kleinberg;

Toboggan rental: Fuschlseebad Toboggan Rentals,

moderate; ride up either by taxi or on the Grossberg

Tel. 06226 / 8288

quad chair lift. “Sled Express” also available evenings


by arrangement.

Winter Adventure World on the Waldhofalm

Kleinbergalm, Tel. (0)664/1340589


Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6453/8235

Info: tourist office, Tel. (0)6226/8250

Toboggan run: from the Gsengalm, 3 km long, ideal for children!


Start: Gsengalm, Finish: Gseng turn-off. Ride up with the taxi or sleigh.

Toboggan rental:

Gsengalm, Tel.: (0)6453/8523

Sport Rettensteiner, Tel.: (0)6454/8326

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6453/8235

Zipfelbob run: (floodlit at night) at the Winklhütte. Free Zipfelbob rental.


Refreshments at the Winklhütte, Tel. (0)6454/69990 Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0) 6454/8325

Toboggan run: Sattelbauer, 4 km long, Start: 1,279 m; Finish: Flachau 925 m; intermediate;


rides up available by taxi. Toboggan run: Winklalm, 3 km long!

Natural toboggan run Berggasthof Bachrain in

Start: 1,315 m; Finish: 985 m, ride up available by taxi

Golling – Moosegg - 1 km (Tel: 06244/6166)

Toboggan run: Brennhütt´n and Munzenhof, 3 km long

Natural toboggan run Hochreith in Golling –

Taxi rides avail. to the top

Moosegg - 1 km (Tel: 06244/6181)

Toboggan run: Winterbauer, 2.5 km, taxi rides avail. to the top (the run leads to Altenmarkt)

Toboggan rentals: at the tourist office (€ 3.00 per

Toboggan rental: (rental fee: ca. euro

day with Guest Card)

3 - euro 4)

Info: Tel. (0)6244/4356

All-weather sledding on rails: Lucky Flitzer, 1.1 km long,


Sattelbauer, Tel. (0)6457/2568

Sledding hill: 200 m, ideal for children, floodlit during

Winklalm, Tel. (0)6457/2656

school holidays, otherwise Tue, Thu and Sat.

Munzenhof, Tel. (0)6457/2318

Info: Tourist Office Tel. (0)6483/212-11

Brennhütt´n Tel. (0)664/3566749

Winterbauer, Tel. (0)6452/4248 Schlosshotel Lacknernof, Tel. (0)6457/2379

Grossarl Toboggan runs: Gasthof Lammwirt,, ca. 3 km long, no traffic, floodlit; Also in the Grossarl Valley, sledding possible on ca. 25 km of supply roads with occasional traffic, sled at

your own risk, please also read the entry for


Hüttschlag! Alpentaverne, ca. 6 km long, rides up possible on the

Sledding possible in the Grossarl Valley on ca. 25 km

8-seater Hochbrand gondola,

of supply roads with occasional traffic;

Schied supply road, 4 km long, Alpenklang Inn &

Popular toboggan runs include:


Supply road: Neuhaus-Hinterfeld, 2.7 km long,

Start at the café, taxi rides up available.

occasional traffic, ideal for children!

Toboggan rental:

Start: Hinterfeld 1,250 m; Finish: Hüttschlag Tunnel

Intersport Lackner, Tel. (0)6414/269

1,000 m; moderate/difficult

Panorama Ski School, Tel. (0)6414/20540

Forestry road: Buchkolm 3 km long, occasional

Sport Prommegger, Tel. (0)6414/277

traffic, ideal for children!

Sport Kendlbacher, Tel. (0)6414/210

Start: Buckholm 1,180 m; Finish: Hüttschlag 1,030 m

Info: Grossarl Valley Tourist Office, Tel.(0)6414/281

Supply road: Pertill, 1.5 km long, occasional traffic, ideal for children!


Start: Pertillbauer 1,150 m; Finish: Talwirt 1,045 m; easy

Natural toboggan run: Satzstein, 0.5 km long, ideal

Toboggan rental:

for children!

Intersport Lackner, Tel. (0)6414/269

500 m south of Hintersee; Start: 860 m; Finish: 770 m

Panorama Ski School, Tel. (0)6414/20540

Toboggan rental:

Sport Prommegger, Tel. (0)6414/277

Hintersee Inn, Tel. (0)6224/8900

Sport Kendlbacher, Tel. (0)6414/210

Gassner Ski School (base station),Tel. (0)6224/220

Ziachschlitten Rides: Rides on a traditional wooden

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6224/344

sleigh for up to 10 people Reservations: Aschaustüberl, Tel.(0)6417/422 or 229


Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6414/281

Natural toboggan run: Berghof, 2.5 km long, ca. 1


km floodlit, ideal for children! Start: 1,430 m; Finish: Berghof 1,245 m; moderate;

Natural toboggan run: Guggenbichl, 1.9 km long, 1

taxi rides up avail.

km floodlit, ideal for children!

Toboggan rental:

Toboggan rental:

Gasthof Berghof, Tel. (0)6562/8218

Guggenbichl Café, Tel. (0)6547/8578

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6562/4292

Sport Glaser, Tel. (0)6547/8392 Sportalm Moreau, Tel. (0)6547/8715-16


Kaprun Ski & Snowboard School, Tel. (0)6547/8070 Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6547/8080

Toboggan Runs: in Hüttau on supply roads, some with traffic.


Toboggan Rentals: Sittleralm Tel: 0664/4947249

Natural toboggan run: Ennskraxn, 3 km long

Höllgrub Tel: 06458/7280

ideal for children!

Info: Hüttau Tourism 06458/7103

Mostly floodlit

Start: Ennskraxn Café 1,200 m; Finish: church in the town center 1,014 m; moderate

Natural toboggan run: Kleinarl Hut, 7 km long, ideal


for children! Start: Kleinarl Hut 1,754 m; Finish: Restaurant

Toboggan run: Hochschaufler, 4 km long, occasional

Aichhorn in the town center 1,014 m; transportation


from the valley up to the hut avail. by arrangement

Start: Hochschaufler 680 m; Finish: autobahn

(taxi shuttle, Tel. 0664/3709977)


Toboggan rental:

470 m; moderate

Ennskraxn Café, Tel. (0)6418/304

Natural toboggan run: Gschwandt, 4 km long,

Kleinarl Hut, Tel. (0)664/370 99 77

occasional goods traffic!

Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourist Office,

Start: Gschwandt 720 m; Finish: autobahn bridge 480

Tel. 0043 (0)6413/8448 or 0043 (0) 6418 206

m; moderate Leogang Krimml Night Toboggan Run: Natural toboggan run: Schönmoosalm, 2.2 km long,

On the Asitz, ca. 3 km long; Tuesdays and Fridays,

floodlit until 10 p.m.

cabin lift in operation from 6 – 10.30 p.m. Start:

Start: Gerlosstrasse/Turn No. 7 - Schönmoosalm

Stöcklalm 1,300 m; Finish: base station 840 m

1,460 m; Finish: Krimml 1,076 m; difficult; ride up on

Day Toboggan Run:

the ski bus or by toboggan taxi, only for experienced

On the Asitz, daily with the new 4-seater Alm Lift in


operation from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

Filzsteinalm sled run, Hochkrimml, 1.5 km long floodlit daily until 9:30 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday: Skidoo transfers

Start: Stöcklalm 1,300 m; Finish: Forsthofalm (use only possible with the lift company’s own toboggans) Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6583/8234

Toboggan rental:

Leogang Lift Co., Tel. (0)6583/8219

Sport Patterer, Tel. (0)6564/7325

Stöcklalm Tel. (0)6583/7215

Sport Lachmayer, Tel. (0)6564/7247 Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6564/7239

Lessach, Natural Toboggan Run: Wildbachhütte, walk up Krispl - Gaissau

takes about 1.5 hours, Location: starts from the Wildbachütte at the foot of

Natural toboggan run: Krispl, 1.5 km long, ideal for

Gumma mountain; Length: 2.5 km

children, free toboggan rental!

Toboggan Rentals:

Start: Krispl; Finish: Gaissau

at the Wildbachhütte (sleds, ski-bobs and snow

Toboggan rental:


Krisplwirt Inn, Tel. (0)6240/242

Info: The Kocher Family, Tel. (0)664/4107513 or the

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6240/414 or 242

Tourist Office, Tel: (0)6484/813

Lofer Natural toboggan run: Knappenstadl, 2 km long, floodlit, ideal for children!

1 km east of Lofer in the Scheffsnoth part of town at

(via Hintermoos) to the Jufen/Hintersonnberg

the Knappenstadl Restaurant (= start 800 m); Finish:

Mountain Inn (start 1,150 m); from the finish

Scheffsnoth 700 m; moderate; rides up either by

(Enterwinkel 800 m) ca. 15 mins. back to Maria Alm,

minibus or own car.

moderate, floodlit.

Toboggan run: Loferer Alm, 8 km long, occasional

Toboggan rental: (toboggans are collected at the

traffic, use at your own risk !

end of the toboggan run)

Start: Loferer Alm 1,500 m; Finish: Lofer 640 m;

Kronreit Mountain Inn, Tel. (0)6584/7436

moderate; ride up on the cable car

Jufen Mountain Inn, Tel. (0)6584/7152

Toboggan rental:

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6584/7816

Sport Stockklauser, Tel. (0)6588/8467 Knappenstadl Inn, Tel. (0)6588/8449


Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6588/8321-0 Toboggan run at the Wielandhof/Lignitz Lungötz

2 km long, incl. ca. 300 m floodlit Night toboggan run.

Toboggan run: Waldbad-Neubachtal, 1 km long,

Toboggans are available.

floodlit 6 – 9 p.m., ideal for children!

Great for kids!

Toboggan rental:

Natural toboggan run: Fanningberg, 3 km long.

WM Sport Lungötz, Tel. (0)6463/7852

Start: Fanningberg Heights (= base station of the

Info: Annaberg-Lungötz tourist office, Tel.

chair lifts) 1,450 m; Finish: Fanning 1,150 m;


moderate/difficult; ride up by ski shuttle or in own car. Mariapfarr (Örglgrund) toboggan field with


floodlighting Length: 200 m/ Start: town center

Natural toboggan run: Kammer Castle, 2 km long,

Refreshments: town center

ideal for children!

Floodlit: refer to the bulletin at the Mariapfarr tourist

Moderate, weekly tobogganing by torchlight


Toboggan rental:

Toboggan rental:

Kammer Castle, Tel. (0)6542/68202

Sport Pichler, Tel. (0)6473/8206

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6542/68318

Wielandhof, Tel. (0)6473 7162 Info: Info center, Tel. (0)6473/8766

Maria Alm Mauterndorf Happy toboggan run: Kronreith, floodlit, ideal for children! Innertube rentals at Kronreit Mountain Inn

Natural toboggan run next to the castle: 0.3 km

Natural toboggan run: Kronreit, 2 km long, floodlit,

long, floodlit daily from 6:00 until 10:00 p.m., ideal for

ideal for children!


1-hour walk (or take the taxi shuttle or your own car)

Toboggan run: on the Grosseck Speiereck

from Maria Alm to the Kronreith Mountain Inn; Start:

From the Speiereckhütte to the mountain terminal of

1000 m; from the finish (Griesbachwinkel 800 m) ca.

the Sonn Alm lift

15 mins. back to Maria Alm, floodlit

Sleds available to rent at the mountain terminal, per

Natural toboggan run: Jufen, 2.5 km long,

sled € 3.00

floodlit, ideal for children!

Toboggan rental:

1 ¼ hours on foot or take the Natrun Chair Lift

Sport Rest, Tel. (0)6472/20044

followed by ca. 45-minute walk or ride the taxi shuttle

Sport Haradal, Tel. (0)6472/7363

Info: Info center, Tel. (0)6472/7949 Obertauern Mühlbach am Hochkönig Gnadenalm natural toboggan run: 1.5 km long, Natural toboggan runs: 1 natural hill at the

floodlit, Tel.: +43(0)6456 7351

Kopphütte, 3.5 km long – toboggans available from

Südwienerhütte Natural Toboggan Run: 5 km

Gasthof Kopphütte, 1 floodlit natural toboggan run,

Tel.: +43(0)664 34 36 342

900 m.

Tweng Tobogganing

Toboggan Rentals:

Tel.: +43(0) 6471 207

Sport Klaus, Tel. (0)6467/7240, (0)664/3378551

Toboggan Rentals:

Sport Hochkönig Thape, Tel. (0)6467/7876,

Right at the Gnadenalm or


at the Südwienerhütte!

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6467/7235 Fax:

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6456/7252

(0)6467/7235 5

Neukirchen am Grossvenediger Piesendorf Stockenbaum natural sledding run 5 km long, from the lift mid station to Alpengasthof Stockenbaum Natural toboggan run: Kühnreith, 1.5 km long, floodlit daily until 10 p.m. Start: 920 m; Finish: outskirts of Neukirchen 856 m; moderate; weekly toboggan events. Toboggan Run: “Probably the world’s longest toboggan run” - 14 km, from Wildkogel “Ski Arena” to Bramberg. Floodlit daily until 10:00 p.m.! Floodlighting from the mountain terminal all the way down to the Wildkogelhaus Every Saturday: lift service up to the Wildkogel until 6:30 p.m.! Toboggan rental: Sport Harms, Tel. (0)6565/6840

Natural Toboggan Race Run: Nagelköpfel Adventure Mountain, floodlit, 2 km long with toboggan lift (Tue, Thu and Fri also from 7 until 10 p.m.), evening hours. Start: 1100 m; Finish 800 m; moderate. Snow-Tubing Run: Nagelköpfl Adventure Mountain, 300 m long with lift, ideal for children! FunSledding incl. lift ride: Nagelköpfel Adventure Mountain, floodlit, 2 km long (Tue, Thu and Fri also from 7 until 10 p.m.), Start: 1100 m, Finish 800 m, moderate Toboggan and Snowtube Rental: Nagelköpfel Adventure Mountain - Funsport Center, Tel. (0)6549/73310, Nagelbauer Café, Tel. (0)6549/7557 Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6549/7239

Sport Herzog, Tel. (0)6565/6512 Sport Nindl, Tel. (0)6565/6274 Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6565/6256 Niedernsill Natural toboggan run: 1.5 km long, floodlit! Toboggan rental: available locally Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6548/8232

Puch Natural toboggan run: Vollererhof, 2 km long! At the Vollererhof Hotel & Spa Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6245/84166

Radstadt Saalbach Hinterglemm Toboggan run: “8er Königslehen”, 6 km, longest floodlit run in the Salzburger Sports World

Natural toboggan run: Spielberg-Haus, 4 km long,

Open daily: 9.30 – 5.30 (last ride up on the


Königslehenbahn at 4:00 p.m.) and Tue and Fri 6.30

1 hour on foot from Saalbach, or ride the sno-cat up.

– 10.30 p.m. Start: Kemadhöhe, 727 m drop in

Natural toboggan run: Maisalm, 2 km long, floodlit!


Ca. 35 mins. on foot from Saalbach, or ride the taxi

Toboggan rental:

shuttle up.

Königslehen base station, Tel. (0)6452/7479

Ride up only possible with the snow-cat.

Sport Klieber, Tel. (0)6452/4375

Natural toboggan run: Reiterkogel, 3.2 km long,

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6452/7472

floodlit! Night sledding from Christmas until March. Reiterkogel Lifts run from Monday to Saturday


between 6 and 9:30 p.m. (last ride down); toboggan run is floodlit until 11 p.m., run is also open during the

Toboggan run: Kreuzboden, 2.6 km long, floodlit

day, only sleds rented from the business can be used.

(Mon and Thu from 7 until 8.30 p.m.), sledding nights,

Info: Reiterkogel lift ticket office, Tel.: (0)6541 646510

on-site toboggan rental. This run is also suitable for

Toboggan rental:



Start: Kreuzbodenhütte 1,300 m; Finish: base station 948 m; moderate; ride up on the double chair lift. One-time: adult: € 5.50 / child € 3.00

Sport Hagleitner (only with children’s seats),

Block-of-10 : adult: € 43.00 / child € 21.50

Sport Aamadall, Tel. (0)6541/6682-36

Natural Toboggan Run: Kolm Saigurn, Walk Time: 4.8 km, about 2 hr. from Alpengasthof Bodenhaus (1,230m) to KolmSaigurn valley head at 1,600m Toboggan Rental: Intersport Pirchner, Tel (0)6544/7302 Sport Egger, Tel (0)6544/7950 Kreuzboden valley terminal and at the Kreuzbodenhütte Info: Rauris Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6544/20022; Rußbach Natural toboggan run: heading out towards Rinnberg, 4 km long! Toboggan rental: Sport Guggenberger, Tel. (0)6242/281 or 513 Info: Rußbach Tourist Office, Tel. (0) 6242/577

Tel. (0)6541/7828 Sporthaus Steger, Tel. (0)6541/6268 Hinterglemm: Sport Bachmann, Tel. (0) 6541/7117 Sport Breitfuss, Tel. (0)6541/6348 Sport Gumpold, Tel. (0)6541/6375 Sport Moser, Tel. (0)6541/6394 Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6541/680068 Saalfelden Natural toboggan run: Kalmbach, 1.2 km long, floodlit, ideal for children! Start: Brunnbichl 980 m; Finish: Bürgerau 850 m; easy/intermediate Biberg natural toboggan run, 6 km, shuttle to Berggasthof Huggenberg, floodlit, ideal for children! Start: Berggasthof Biberg; Finish: Kehlbach Toboggan rental: Berggasthof Biberg, Tel. (0)664/3378567 Berggasthof Huggenberg, Tel. 06582/73497 Info: Saalfelden Leogang Tourism Ltd. Tel. (0)6582/70660


Natural toboggan run: Maria Kirchenthal, 2.1 km long, ideal for children!

Hochreithalm natural toboggan run – Moosegg - 1

Start: Maria Kirchenthal 880 m; Finish: St. Martin 640

km (Tel: 06244/6181)

m; moderate; lit by torchlight every Thu. from 8:00

Berggasthof Bachrain in Golling – Moosegg - 1 km


(Tel: 06244/6166)

Toboggan rental: Gh. Steinerwirt, Schmuck Fam., Tel. 06588/8546

Sankt Johann - Alpendorf

Gasthof zur Post, Tel. 06588 8502 Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6588/8321

Natural toboggan run: Alpendorf: 1.5 km long, only partially floodlit, so please be especially cautious! No

St. Michael im Lungau/Katschberg

traffic. Start: Hotel Alpenhof or the Alpenhof Stadl elev. 950

Natural toboggan run: ”Gamskogel“, 1.8 km long,

m; Finish: Oberforsthof Alm in Alpendorf 850 m;

ideal for children!

moderate; floodlit and no traffic.

Start: Pass Heights 1650 m, ca. 40-minute walk to the

Natural toboggan run: Hahnbaum, ca. 3.5 km long,

starting point at 1850 m. TU, TH & SA also floodlit

groomed, only partially floodlit so use caution, no

until 10:00 p.m.


Toboggan run: Petersbründl, drops 400 m in

Start: Hahnbaumalm 1,100 m; Finish: St. Johann

elevation, length: 1.5 km

swimming pool 650 m, moderate

Toboggan Rentals:

Toboggan rental: Snoworld, Tel. (0)660/1222526 Sport Pirnbacher, Tel. (0)6412/8452 Sport Wielandner, Tel. (0)6412/8413 Toni´s & Gerhard´s Snowshop,

Sport Friedrich, St. Michael Tel. (0)6477/8246 or Gamskogelhütte Tel. (0)4734 291 Mobile: 0664 3376678

Tel. (0)6412/8322 Info: Sankt Johann Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6412/6036

Snowtubing: Olafson umbrella bar at the base station of the

St. Martin am Tennengebirge

Speiereck Lifts Registration: Tel. (0)664 4115066

Natural toboggan run: Buttermilchalm, 1.2 km long,


ideal for children! NEW: now floodlit daily! Start: Buttermilchalm 1,200 m; Finish: St. Martin

St. Veit im Pongau

1,000 m; moderate. Toboggan Run: Sittleralm ca. 4 km long, ideal for

Natural toboggan run: Astenfeld, 0.7 km long,

children – toboggans available!

floodlit, ideal for children!

Toboggan run: Halmgut ca. 1.5 km long, ideal for

Start: Bognerbauer 590 m; Finish: Astenbauer 730 m;

children – toboggans available!


Toboggan rental:

Toboggan rental:

Sport Max, Tel. (0)6463/64009

Sport Brandstätter, Tel. (0)6415/4312

Info: St. Martin am Tennengebirge Tourist Office, Tel.

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6415/7488

(0)6463/7488 Tamsweg St. Martin bei Lofer Natural toboggan run: Prebersee, 2.6 km, elev. 350

Toboggan rental: Gasthof Ludlalm right on the

Natural toboggan run: Liebenberg, 2 km long,

shores of the Prebersee

floodlit, ideal for children!

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6474/2145

Start: Hochsonnberg 1,270 m; Finish: Liebenberg 1,070 m; moderate

Thomatal - Schönfeld

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6563/8279

Schilcheralm Toboggan Run:


Start: Schilcherhütte 1,920 m; Finish: lift valley terminal 1,730 m; Drops ca. 180 m in elevation,

Toboggan run: Hecherhütte, 4 km long, occasional

length: 1,300 m

traffic! Rental and taxi avail. at the hut, Tel.

Short sledding hill also next to the “Dr. Josef-



Start: Hecherhütte 1,250 m; Finish: Viehhofen 860 m;

Toboggan run operation after closing of the lifts

easy; taxi shuttle avail. to the top,

starting at 4:15 pm

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6542/68559

Toboggan Rentals: Dr. Josef-Mehrlhütte, Tel. (0)4736/320


Hotel Frühauf Tel. 04736 20002 Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6476/250-15

Toboggan run: Oberseit´n, 3 km long, occasional traffic, ideal for children!


Start: Seitenbauer 1,256 m; Finish: Schwaighof 961 m; moderate; taxi shuttle avail. (reservations required

Toboggan run: 0.5 km, floodlit, ideal for children! Info: Tel. (0)6471/217 Toboggan Rentals: Josef Edler (0)6471 207 Unken

with Taxi Wagrain, Tel. 06413/7200 or Taxi AV, Tel. 06413/71271) Toboggan rental: Oberseitn, Tel. (0)6413/20086 Intersport Wagrain, Tel. (0)6413/20150 Sport Factory, Tel. (0)6413/7364

Natural toboggan run: Hochalmweg, 5 km long, ideal for children! Hochalmweg, Start: 1,500 m; Finish: Heutal 1,000 m; easy; ride to top either by taxi shuttle or car Natural toboggan run at the Moarlack café, lit by torches on Thu. Toboggan rental: Unken Ski School - Heutal, Tel. (0)6589/8238 Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6589/20 055 Unternberg Only by arrangement with the tourist office! Info: Tourist Office Tel. (0)6474/6214-18 Uttendorf - Weißsee

Sport Huber, Tel. (0)6413/8317 Sport Obermoser, Tel. (0)6413/8237 Info: Wagrain – Kleinarl Tourist Office, Tel. 0043 (0)6413/8448 or 0043 (0) 6418 206 Wald - Königsleiten Natural toboggan run: Finkenhof, 0.5 km long! Floodlit every Wednesday until ca. 9:30 p.m.! Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6565/8243-0 Toboggan Run: new toboggan run in Königsleiten; Start: behind Hotel Ursprung to B 165 alte Gerlosstraße, ca. 950 m Toboggan rental at the sports shop

Weissbach bei Lofer

Natural toboggan run: Weisswand, 1 km long, ideal for children! Start: Weisswand Inn 775 m; Finish: St.

Tobbogan Run:

Gilgen 540 m; moderate

Tobbogan run on the Zauberweg – 2 km

Raintal Toboggan Slope: ca. 300 m, excellent for

floodlit in high season until 9 p.m. .


Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6582/8383

Toboggan rental: Sport Noppi, Tel. (0)6227/2416


Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6227/2348 or

Sledding possible from the Ostpreußenhütte all the way to Werfen, depending on snow conditions.


New: Tobbogan taxi for up to 15 people, tobbogans

Toboggan run: 2 km long, 1 km floodlit, at the

available for rent.

Stroblerhütte/Postalm, free toboggan rental,

Info: 0664-5000137 or 0664-5744245

reservations required Info: (0)6137/6161 Natural toboggan run at the Kleefeld Alpine Inn:


1.5 km, floodlit, snow-maker, refreshment opportunities, sled rentals available

Natural toboggan run: Strussing-Zaglau, 6 km long, ideal for children!

St. Wolfang

Start: Sportalm Strussing 1,530 m; Finish: base

Info: Tourist Office (0)3638/8003

station 1,000 m; easy/moderate; ride up with the Zaglau Double Chair Lift or the Sportalm Strussing


Taxi Service. Sled rentals Natural toboggan run: Tennenblick, 1 km long!

Natural toboggan run: romantic toboggan run

Start: Tennenblick Inn; Finish: town center

heading off through the forest at the Schieferbauer,

Toboggan rental:

starts at the Schieferbauer car park, length 500 m,

Sport Brandstätter, Tel. (0)6466/517

elev. change 200 m.

Sportalm Strussing, Tel. (0)6466/449

Info: Info center, Tel. (0)6478/801

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6466/420

Wolfgangsee St. Gilgen:

Despite painstaking editing not liable for any errors or inaccuracies. Updated September 2012

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