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This info sheet only profiles those nature or theme trails which feature clearly designated information or interactive stations along the way. Abtenau

Trailhead: 1st turn-off to the right after the town car park in Annaberg, following the Krailweg-Höhenweg

Egelsee “Path of Life”:

signs towards Lungötz: situated along the Tree Trail

5 km loop, ca 2-hour walk, info boards providing

are also a number of Qi Gong stations!

insights into the flora and fauna of the Egelsee Nature

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6243/404057

Preserve. Trailhead: by the kindergarten


Info: Abtenau Tourist Information, Tel. (0)6243/4040-54

Herb Trail:

Abtenau Running Path:

Open to the general public.

12.5 km, may also be shortened to 9, 7 or 5 km.

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6223/2279 or from

Trailhead: at the entrance to the east car park.

Mrs. Aigner, Tel. (0)6223/2210

Trailhead: in town.

Info: Abtenau Tourist Information, Tel. (0)6243/4040-54

Bad Gastein


Bird Path: ca. 2 km, 25 info boards.

Marmorweg (Marble Trail):

Trailhead: Kaiser Wilhelm Promenade (Preimskirche

ca. 1.5-hour walk, 15 info stations, guided hikes

parish church)

(incl. the town’s marble museum). Trailhead: southern outskirts of Adnet

National Park Nature Trail:

(car park in front of the church)

Trailhead: Sportgastein-Valeriehaus

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6245/80625

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6434/2531-0


Bad Hofgastein

Theme Path: Bauernregeln “Country Lore”

Nature Trail:

2.6 km, ca. 1-2 hr. walk, 12 stations between the

2 km, 30-min. walk, fountain of health, Kneipp therapy

Habersatt café and the Reitlehenalm, The

station. “Native Birds”.

“Bauernregeln” theme path is being extended this

Trailhead: Alpengasthof Pyrkerhöhe (15 mins. from


the center of town).

Trailhead: Habersatt café or the Reitlehenalm.

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6432/3393-260

Info: Altenmarkt-Zauchensee Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6452/5511

Bad Vigaun


Historic Self-Guided Path along the Tauglwald: Trailhead: village square – along the main village road

Tree Trail:

– after the autobahn underpass (ca. 300m), take a

2-hour walk, wooden boards provide information

right into Tauglwald forest.

about the healing powers of our domestic trees.

Nature Trail – Tauglgries Nature Sanctuary, along


the banks of the Tauglbach Trailhead: village square – along the main village road

“Mushroom Path” – Nature Trail:

– before the autobahn underpass, make a left and

45 mins. walk;

follow the Tauglbach.

Trailhead: from the mid-station of the Fulseck lift,

Info boards about the area’s unique flora and fauna

towards Heumoosalm.

(incl. rare beetles, grasshoppers and birds).

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6432/3393-460

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6245 84116 Nature Trail – “Hiking to Nature’s Power Points”: Bramberg

From the summit station of the Fulseck lifts, via the biotope trail to the Arltörl and on to the Heumoosalm;

Emerald Hiking Path

from here along the nature trail to the mid-station (on

Hours: May - October

the trail, both positive and negative power

Info: Bramberg Tourist Office

concentrations are pinpointed)

Tel. (0)6566/7251

Info: Dorfgastein Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6432/3393-460

Always open to the public Barefoot Path around the Summit Tarn Pomarium (Fruit Gardens): numerous domestic

ca. 2.5-hour walk

apple and pear varieties. Season: May until October,

Trailhead: Summit terminal of the Fulseck summit lift.

open to the general public.

This walk to the new tarn at the top of the Fulseck

Info: from Johann Steiner, Reitlgut, Wenns, A-5733

offers great fun amid glorious alpine scenery. The

Bramberg, Tel. (0)6566/7722, or from the tourist

new Barefoot Path takes you around the tarn –

office, Tel. (0)6566/7251

allowing you to experience nature with all of your senses! Healthful, opportunity to pause and take a


deep breath, reduce stress and recharge your batteries in a natural setting. Unique seats invite you

Oichten Self-Guided Trail

to take your time, while refreshments are available

A little piece of pristine countryside along the Oichten

just a little below you at the Wengeralm.

between Nussdorf and Michaelbeuern, access in Pinswag. The pathway encompasses a section of the

Gastein Hike of Legend

re-natured Oichten River, Info boards and nesting

In Dorfgastein – at the entrance to the Gastein Valley,

boxes with carved birds provide information about the

between Unterberg and Klammstein – 10 lovingly

flora and fauna of the Oichten Valley. The Oichten–

created information boards provide rich insights –

Riede Nature Sanctuary, home to curlew, is located

both in word and pictures – into the wealth of Gastein

close by. Places to sit quietly and listen, bridges and

legends. With the original locations right there before

trails beckon visitors to while away delightful

your eyes, including Gastein Gorge, the Drei Waller,


Klammstein Castle, the Schuhflicker and the “Hidden

Pram access – open continuously from April to

Church”, you will quickly immerse yourself in the

October – ca. 1 km in length

valley’s ancient secrets.

Info: Village of Dorfbeuern, Tel. 06274/8110 Dienten Nature Trail (projected completion: July 2003) Length: 4 km, 190 vm elevation change Duration: 4-5 hrs.

Schafberg – Fairytale Hike: Ebenau

Pupils from the local secondary school painted 10 pictures depicting the fairytale of the Schafbachalm.

“Ebenau Water Path”

These boards were then erected along the path to the

with info boards

Schafbachalm. The walk takes about 1 hour (length: 3

Time on Trail: 30 min.

km) and is ideal for families with children.

Trailhead: car park / info board in town

Refreshment opportunities at the Grögernalm &

Along the foot-/bike path to the “Naturdenkmal-Plötz”


turnoff (mill path)

Trailhead: KEFLAU car park in the Tiefbrunnau

Info: Ebenau Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6221/8055

section of town)

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6228/2314

“Ebenau Brass Path”

Bare Path on the Lidaun:

With info boards

5 informative boards are located alongside the

Time on Trail: 30 min.

western climb up to the summit of the Lidaun, with

Trailhead: car park / info board in town

each one also asking you a question. When put

Towards the center of town and the Muskathaus,

together, letters from the correct answers make up a

Brunnengarten, Kirchenberg, “Stoawand”, Kellerweg.

word. Tell that word to our friends at the tourist office,

Publicly accessible mine gallery in town.

and they will have a small surprise for you! The last

Info: Ebenau Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6221/8055

stop along the path is the Bare Cave, and a special

experience awaits you here as well. Trailhead: Town center of Faistenau, Duration: ca. 3.5 hours.


Information & Brochure – available from the tourist office in Faistenau: Tel.: 0043 (0)6228/2314

Geology Nature Trail Glasenbach Gorge: ca. 4 km, 1.5-hour walk, 11 info boards.


Trailhead: Glasenbach (heading towards Gfalls) Season: open access throughout the year, except

Nature trail to the Oberhofalm:

under extreme weather conditions. Info sheet free

Duration: ca. 1 hr.

from the Elsbethen Tourist Office and from Raika

Info boards on the local countryside, environment and


animal life. Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6453/8235

The “Dry Gorges” Nature Trail Hiking loop.

Jacob’s Ladder

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)662/629165

Time on Trail: ca. 30 min. Path of the 5 Senses: hear, feel, see, smell, taste.


Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6453/8235

Theme Trail: “Around the shores of the

Moosalm – Children’s Hiking Path


Time on Trail: ca. 1 – 1.5 hrs. (not accessible to

Ca. 1-hour walk, info boards depicting local history

prams), Along this trail to the Moosalm, you will

and domestic birds.

encounter 15 small huts containing stamps with

Trailheads: 3 choices: Königsstatt, Hirschpoint;

different animal motifs. You’ll need to press these

Info: Faistenau tourist office, Tel. (0)6228/2314

next to the matching symbol in your hiking booklet.

The reward: each child receives a small surprise at

and contemplation, lending themselves to meditation

the alpine hut.

for individuals and smaller groups.

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6453/8235

Location: Fuschl am See public forest Brochure available from the tourist office.

Ant Trail

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6226/8250

Time on Trail: ca. 30 min. Trail with lots of info boards and ant hills

Göriach im Lungau

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6453/8235 Bee Path Bachlalm Nature Trail

1-hour walk, 0.5 km in length

Making its home on the Bachlalm is the usually very

This path provides information about the fascinating

shy marmot – known in local dialect as a Manggei or

world of bees.

Mankei. The Bachlalm Nature Trail provides insights

Trailhead: at the Lacknerhof in Göriach,

into area wildlife and grazing cattle, forests and

open from the beginning of May until mid October.

meadows, mountains and mountaineering.

Info boards share fascinating facts about bees and

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6453/8235

beekeeping. Always open to the public, tours are also offered,


Info: Gasthof Lacknerhof, Hintergöriach 50 Tel. +43(0)6483-226 and

The way of Wishes: Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours


Info boards of different topics of the nature. Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6457/2214

Käfertal – Self-Guided Nature Trail The Käfertal Nature Trail extends out through the

The way Wasser beWEGt

Käfertal Valley at the foot of the Grossglockner

Duration: 2-3 hours

Massif. Starting from the toll station for the

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6457/2214

Grossglockner High-Alpine Road (no charge or toll to use the parking area), the main trail leads along an

Fuschl am See

almost flat forestry path (suitable for prams) towards the valley head and Rotmoos. At a variety of


information stations, special features of the valley are

Forest development (demonstration of the effects of

explained by means of info boards and interactive

various husbandry concepts on the forest itself), tree


portraits (presentation of the most important tree

Stations: Tauernhaus-Tauern packers, marmot

species). Waldandacht – The trail to the Waldandacht

burrow at the Oberstattalm, hill farming, climbing

chapel branches off the north shore of the Fuschlsee

rocks and beetle labyrinth, water playground,

at the fork for the Feldbergweg. Just a five-minute

dominant peaks and the Hohe Tauern National Park.

leisurely climb through a delightful deciduous mixed

At the valley head a forestry path then rises some 350

forest and, quite unexpectedly, you will find yourself in

vertical metres to the Traunerlalm mountain inn.

a clearing surrounded by gnarled old beech trees.

However, you can also ride the bus from the Ferleiten

Revealing itself between the trunks of red pine is a

toll station to the Hochmais and then hike from there

view of the Fuschlsee and the mountain backdrop

to the Trauneralm and Rotmoos on your way back

beyond. Two wooden platforms mark places of power,

down to the valley. Tip: Located adjacent to the toll

inviting you to unwind and relax. Places of tranquility

station is the Ferleiten Wildlife & Recreation Park.


Located directly on the Grossglockner High-Alpine Road: “Alpine Nature Show”, consisting of a

On the Grossglockner High-Alpine Road

museum offering multi-media presentations and an open-air exhibition.

Walcheralm Water & Nature Trail Start: Ferleiten, elev. 1,149m

Trail of the Celts, Romans and Packers:

Walcher Hochalm: 1,853m

A 4,000-year-old trade route up over the Hochtor!

Waterfall: 1,731m

Trailhead: Hochtor – north access.

Trailhead: In Ferleiten, cross the bridge and start your

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6546/6660, or from

tour from there, simply follow the markings!

the Grossglockner High-Alpine Roads Co., Tel.

After walking for about 2 hours, you will come to the


path through the waterfall. The masses of water plunge into the depths right in front of your eyes, a


truly memorable experience. Standing there behind the water is wonderfully calming.

Goldegger Holz:Wege – hiking loop in 3

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. 06545/7295

segments: “Path of Art”, “Path of Ecology”, “Path of Tranquility”, The Goldegger Holz:Wege were

Piffkar Panorama Trail:

conceived as a timeless manifestation of a conscious

ca. 30-min. walk, 19.3 km, 12 info boards

interaction with our environment, ca. 1¼ -hour walk.

(press a button and you can hear samples of bird

Trail head: from the Seestrasse above the swimming

song you might encounter in the region).

pool, along hiking trail No. 5 through the “Seewald” to

Trailhead: Piffkar car park (1,620 m)

the “Drei Buchen” and on to the “Buchenkopf”. Info: Goldegg Tourist Office, Tel.(0)6415/8131

Hochmais Natural History Info Station: (elev. 1,850 m), 21.6 km; with views of the valley head


and the glaciers of the Ferleitental: 5 info boards (glaciers, vegetation, etc.).

Self-Guided Trail on Pass Lueg: 9 info boards, Trailhead: Gasthof Pass-Lueg-Höhe,

Birds of Prey Info Point:

Tel. (0)6244/4280

(elev. 2,320 m), 28.5 km, 4 info boards profile

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6244/4356

domestic birds of prey. Göriach im Lungau Geology Path: 400 m, 5 info boards providing insights into the

Bee Path:

geology along roadways and in the National Park

Trailhead: Hotel Lacknerhof in Göriach


Opened from May until October.

“Beindlkar” (site where a bronze dagger from the 17th

Info: Hotel Lacknerhof, Tel. (0)6483-226

century B.C. was located). Trailhead: Elendboden (elev. 2,338 m, at km 29.6).


Fuscher Lacke: (elev. 2,262 m)

Untersberg Forest Quiz Trail:

The interesting story of the building of the

1.7 km, 18 stations (ecosystem of the forest and its

Grossglockner High-Alpine Road. A path running


along the banks of the picturesque Fuscher Lacke

Trailhead: Latschenwirt near Grossgmain.

adds to the experience. (29.3 km)

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6247/8278


Info: from the Hüttau Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6458/7103,

Henndorf Ice-Age Trail:

Fax: (0)6458/7177

13.5 km, ca. 5-6 hrs. Informative day hike for young and old. The half-day variant, ca. 7 km, takes you


along the foot of Henndorf’s local mountains via lanes accessible to cars.

Wet Biotope Nature Trail:

On the trail of Ice-Age glaciers through Salzburg’s

600 m, info boards (flora and fauna);

Flachgau region.

Trailhead: National Park House in

The Ice-Age Trail is marked by light-blue signs, hiking

Hüttschlag – via the lake to the Haussteingut

equipment and food/drinks are recommended.

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6414/281, Fax

Trailhead: next to the school (hiking loop)


Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6214/6011 “Elemental Nature Path”: Hollersbach

This path extends for some 6 km, offering 50 info boards about flora and fauna, as well as interesting

Nature Trail

facts about the minerals and history of the valley.

Trailhead: Eco-Pond in Hollersbach

Starting Point: car park by the Talwirt at the valley

ca. 1.5-hour walk

head. From here, the path runs to the valley head

Info: Village of Hollersbach, Tel.(0)6562/8113

and on into the Schödertal. Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6414/281, Fax:

Herb Garden


Trailhead: town center of Hollersbach Awaiting you on 800m² are over 500 different plants,


divided into different theme groups to make the garden easier to navigate.

Klammsee – Bürgkogel Nature Trail:

Info: Hollersbach Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6562/8105

1-hour walk, 2.5 km, 12 stations. Trailhead: generator building – main level, or the

Bee Path

Gassenbach bridge.

Trailhead: Sonnberg, leading to Restaurant “Oberkrammern Alm” and Pass Thurn (mid station of

Mooserboden Herb Path

the Panoramabahn lift).

to the Ebmattenalm (10 info boards)

15 information stations offer insights into the world of bees, beekeeping and nature.

“Tobi-Turbi Children’s Path”

Length: 2.5 km

(interesting information about nature and technology)

Elevation Change: 280m

6 Tobi-Turbi stations with life-size wooden Tobi-Turbis

Information & Registration: +43 (0) 664-2066477

in the area of the summit restaurant-

Sperrenwärterhaus-dam wall-Höhenburg at the Mooserboden

Hüttau Path of Peace & Meditation on the Hochgründeck: Trail time approx. 1.5 hrs., 12 stations. Trailhead: Klammalm in Hüttau

Glacier Lake Loop From the Alpine Center, our route takes us to a

Birnbachloch Nature & History Path:

glacier lookout point with views across the moraine to

ca. 3 km, 15 info boards.

an emerald-green glacial lake; other beautiful lookout

Starting Point: Ullach.

points, romantic streams, before we get back to the Alpine Center.

Schwarzleo Montane Trail:

(lasts about 1 ½ hours)

ca. 4 km, 10 info boards; out to the show mine:


Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6583/8234

Hiking path along the Krimml Waterfalls:


Starting Point: Hütten Mining Museum.

Length: ca. 5 km, info boards and viewing platforms. Interactive Hiking Path for Families Kuchl

Grasp nature with all your senses! By means of variety-packed, interesting and fun

Bürgerausee Nature Trail

interactive stations, hiking with the kids becomes a

1.6 km loop, ca. ½ hr. walk, info boards provide

truly enjoyable experience. Playful info stations teach

insights into the plants and wildlife of the nature

about the water, tree identification, there’s a

preserve along the shores of the Bürgerausee.

mysterious hut, barefoot path, smell recognition and

Trailhead: at the kiosk on the Bürgerausee.

more. The final stop is the Wildbach Hut, where the

Info: Kuchl Tourist Info, Tel. (0)6244/6227

youngsters will be able to have a great time on the playground (... zip line, small grill area, slide etc.).


Anyone with energy left over should definitely continue on to the extraordinary “pyramids” at the foot

The way of bird paradise Weidmoos

of the Gumma.

Info: Tel. (0)6274/6202-14

Start: car park for the “Wildbachhütte” at the Purggergut (elev. 1440 m above sea level). Time on


Trail: ca. 1.5 hrs., also very accessible to prams. INFO: Lessach Tourist Office, Tel: 06484 813

Park of the Senses, Leogang In recent years, 25 interactive stations have been built


next to the lift mid-station to create a park of sensory experiences. These stations incl. Barefoot Path, Giant

“Auf die Alm”

Hand, Optical Phenomena, Listening Island, Scent

3.1 km (to the Loferer Alm)

Tree, Pirouette,...) invite participants to experience

Experience nature at the Loferer Alm: hike out to one

conscious seeing - hearing - feeling - smell - taste.

of the most beautiful areas of alpine pastures in

You will also be able to enjoy the Herb & Alpine Plant


Path (ca. 100 medicinal plants and kitchen herbs)

Time: 2 – 2.5 hours, elevation change ca. 400m –

and Leo’s Water World, incl. barefoot path and a

1400 m.

waterfall you can walk beneath. Here with us, you will

Trailhead: Summit terminal of Loferer Almbahn I

leave the stress of daily life far behind, with everyone

Info: Salzburger Saalachtal Tourist Office

experiencing their senses more acutely. Children and

Tel. (0)6588 8321,

adults will recognize the true value of nature and the elements for humanity! Info: Leogang Mountain Lifts, Tel. (0)6583/8219

Maria Alm

Mariapfarr’s Sun Trail is a variety-filled pathway, ideal whether you want to learn or simply take a walk –

Maria Alm Forest Adventure Trail

perfect for the whole family and even accessible with

Experience the forest with all your senses – a very

a pram. The start of the Sun Trail is in the center of

different kind of voyage of discovery, incl.:

Mariapfarr and can be walked – depending on how

investigation of the forest floor, a fir tree tells its tale,

long you decided to stop at the info stations – in about

on the trail of wild animals, scent stations, “wanted

1.5 to 2 hours.

posters” and so much more.

Info: Mariapfarr Tourist Office, Tel: +43(0)6473/8766

Trailhead: summit station of the dorfj@t,

NATRUN lift, ca. 1.5-hour walk. Info: Maria Alm Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6584/7816


Butterfly Path

Felbertal – Hintersee Nature Trail

The new Butterfly Path in Maria Alm Hinterthal

(elev. 1,313 m):

provides unique insights into the mysterious world of

ca. 45-min. walk, 10 info boards

butterflies. You will be truly excited by the variety of

(flora and fauna, National Park).

butterflies and moths. Experience up-close the

Starting Point: Hintersee car park.

impressive depictions (showing caterpillars, pupae,

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6562/4292

metamorphosis etc.) of our most beautiful and rare “flying gems”, which you can also gaze upon in our


pristine countryside.

Trailhead: car park or bus stop at Gasthof

Starting Point: Gasthof Obermussbach

Tauernblick, on the right coming from Mittersill; 1.5

Walk-Time: 45 min.

km prior to Pass Thurn

Info: Tourist Office, Tel: (0)6584/7816

Ca. 2 km loop with 15 theme boards; 1 km of the path is surfaced in wood chips.

Sun Trail in Mariapfarr

Set against the magnificent backdrop of the Hohe

The community of Mariapfarr – located at elevations

Tauern Mountains, these moorlands are nestled amid

ranging from 1,100 to 1,300 meters above sea level

the Salzburg Slate Alps.

and officially recognized for its healthful climate since

Information: Austrian Forestry Department,

1998 – always puts the spotlight squarely on its

Mrs. Stefanie Dymak

copious amounts of sunshine whenever it comes to

Tel. +43 (0) 664-4144442

promoting the village. That is why this sun-drenched spot’s newly constructed self-guided trail offers big

Mühlbach am Hochkönig

and small all kinds of fascinating and interesting information about the very foundation of our lives –

Mitterberg Ore Trail

the sun. Along this beautiful trail loop, 9 info boards

Our adventure trail turns a run-of-the-mill hiking path

tell us about the solar system, the sun as it relates to

into a unique excursion destination.

time and how we get our bearings, about the

Ca. 5 km, duration approx. 4-5 hrs.

relationship between the sun and our health, along

Theme: Nature trail via a self-guided theme path

with solar energy and its uses. In designing the

through Barbara Canyon to Mühlbach

boards, great store was placed in using as many

Target Group: adults and children

pictures and graphic representations as possible.

Trailhead: by the Arthurhaus

Each board also contains intriguing questions – do

Every week, free guided tours!

you know, for example, why our galaxy is called the “Milky Way”?

Mining and heritage museum incl. tours of the show


mine: Thursday until Sunday from 2:00 until 5:00 p.m.

From Gasthof Rechtegg, with its fantastic views of the

Mine tour at 4:00 p.m.

Hohe Tauern, the Goetheweg (built in 2007) leads to

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6467/7235 or

the Filzenschartenmoos and the Trattenbachalm. Info

Museum Tel. (0)676/7733182

boards at the seven stations along the way explain Goethe’s "Metamorphosis of Plants" and his "Theory


of Color". Experience magnificent countryside and a natural

“Nature Quiz Trail” to the “Peter Raber Larch”:

setting rich in variety, through the eyes and thoughts

1.5 to 2 hrs. walk roundtrip.

of Goethe himself. With their simple, artistic sketch-

Trailhead: Muhr bridge / sports grounds.

like forms, the info boards clearly document the development of plants.

Rotgüldensee Natural History Trail: 1.5-hour walk, 15 boards with information on plant-

Natura Trail, Blausee

and animal life, along with mining and the ecological

Tucked away in a forest at the entrance to the

design of the Rotgülden reservoir.

Obersulzbach Valley is the Blausee. An impressive

Trailhead: Arsenhaus car park

body of water located amid a nature sanctuary,

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6479/801

distinguished by its turquoise-green color and surrounded by a picturesque forest of spruce, fir, larch

Neukirchen am Grossvenediger

and alder. This small lake was created around 100 years ago, when a 12 m-high dam was constructed on

Ice Worlds – Glaciers, Then & Now:

the Obersulzbach. In 1987, a very beautiful recreation

ca. 5 km, 20 stations; Glacier Trail was extended in

area around the Blausee was destroyed by floods. But

1996, running once again to the Obersulzbach

in 2007, it was reopened, while the lake’s pristine

Glacier. Hikes are possible to the end of the trail;

waters now provide a valuable habitat for a wealth of

mountain guides can also take you out on a circuit

flora and fauna.

which includes a descent to the Kürsingerhütte. Trailhead: Hopffeldboden car park, ca. 3 hours on

Neumarkt am Wallersee

foot. Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6565/6256

Schanzwallweg The redoubt or “Schanzwall”, which gave this historic

Geo-Path & Miners’ Trail in the Untersulzbach

trail its name, is actually one of the most significant


cultural monuments in Neumarkt. The redoubt and

incl. the Hochfeld show mine;

the watch house still stand as defensive

the history of copper mining in the area (16th – 19th

emplacements separating the parish church and the


old cemetery from the town and the surrounding

1.5 hours from town or approx. a 45-min. walk from


Gasthof Schütthof. The trail leads past a natural

Along this historic Schanzweg, you also have an

monument, the Untersulzbach Waterfalls, to the

optimal setting in which to savor yet another and at

historic Hochfeld copper mine.

least as precious treasure: plants in their very own,

Trailhead: Gasthof Schütthof or the mine entrance.

unadulterated form – along the Wild Vegetable Path.

Guided tours offered from the mine entrance from the

Tel. +43(0)6216-6709 or 5704

tourist office


Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6565/6256

Water, Wonders & the Wallersee Park for fascinating experiences and experiments.

Nussdorf am Haunsberg

The common theme is to observe the water both from a scientific (using reason, logic) and sensory (feeling

Fruit & Vegetable Gardens

etc.) perspective.

Located on about 800 m2, visitors can observe some

Tel. +43(0)6216-6907 or 5704

250 different types of plants. The garden is intended


as a teaching and learning tool.

Neumarkt Town Path


Registration/Information: (0)6276/534 – Mr. From the town center to the Wallersee Trailhead: Museum in the Fronfeste

Tree Trail

Info boards explain the countryside, regional history,

ca. 1 km, different species of trees, Starts at the

anthropogenic changes, the courses of streams,

church – uphill towards the Haunsberg.

tourism development and lastly, but not least, an

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)664/1423757 – Mr. Kurt

important economic factor of earlier times – that is to


say, snail-farming in the east bay of the Wallersee. Tel. +43(0)6216-6907 or 5704

Geology-Paleontology Path


The historic journey of this Geology-Paleontology Path begins some 50 million years ago, taking us on a

Wenger Moor Nature Path

4km-long retrospective of the Haunsberg and its

Nature & Bird Sanctuary


Trailhead: Car park at the Wiererbauer in Maierhof Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6216/6907



Two-Cities History Trail At 21 informative and richly illustrated information

Pathway of Area Culture (Niedernsill-Piesendorf-

boards, you will learn fascinating facts about the

Niedernsill loop)

centuries-old history of these two towns. At the same

Trailhead: Leaving from Niedernsill/Steindorf, this

time, you will be able to see some of the most

newly constructed Pathway of Regional Culture

important landmarks, both of the past and the future.

extends all the way out to the Nagelköpfel - a

This easy route, which can also be tackled quite

splendid lookout point across the Salzach Valley and

easily be inexperienced hikers, begins at Silent Night

out to the Hohe Tauern mountains.

Square and continues along the banks of the River

The Nagelköpfel was also one of the first places of

Salzach as far as the Nepomuk memorial (stairway up

Celtic settlement, a magical place of power even now,

to the Mount Calvary Chapel). Now across the newly

with Celtic hammocks on which to unwind and

constructed Europa Bridge to Laufen. After several

recharge your batteries.

information stations in this former shipping

Along the way you will find a herb garden (at the

community, the tour takes us over the recently

Krapfbauer farm), an original wood-cutters’ hut, a

renovated Border Bridge, which is, incidentally, one of

Kneipp facility, artwork in the countryside and a newly

the most beautiful bridges in Europe, and back to the

constructed, very tranquil chapel directly on the

Austrian side to Oberndorf.

Nagelköpfel itself.

Now through the town park to St. Nicholas‘ Church,

The info boards often change, displaying pictures,

then to the Bargemen’s Memorial on the Salzach and

drawings and paintings.

along the Salzach Dam to the Silent Night Chapel,

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6548/8232

where the tour concludes.

For more experienced walkers, there is also a longer

Elisabeth Traxl from Grünbach bei Freistadt in

variant available. This take us up 139 steps to the

Austria’s Mühlviertel region.

Mount Calvary Chapel – then on to the Baroque pilgrimage church of Maria Bühel - now back over the

Vollererhofstrasse bus stop (No. 160) or the Urstein

Altach, past the Bargemen’s Chapel and the

stop on the S-Bahn line, car park in the center of

Schopperstadl, before crossing the bridge to Laufen.

Puch. Follow the Vollererhofstrasse uphill to Elektro

Walking Time: short tour: ca. 1 hour

Klose, where you will turn left onto a small road. You

Long tour: ca. 2 hours

will soon see the 1st station of this path on the left-

Guided tours are also offered for groups.

hand side. Continue down a gravel road to the 2nd

Info: Oberndorf Tourist Office,

station, followed by another uphill to the 3rd station.

Tel. 06272/4422

From this point we now follow the Sillerweg. Now

steeply uphill, then left on a small hiking path through

the forest to the 4th station. After the 4th station we leave this deciduous forest, turning left onto a paved

Obertrum am See

road, with the 5th station soon becoming visible on our right. We keep straight, coming to the small

Forest Nature Trail:

pilgrimage community of St. Jakob. Refreshments are

1.5 km, ca. 200 info boards. Starting Point: heritage

available, if we choose, at the Schützenwirt (also

museum (5 mins. from the center of town).

open during the day on Saturday and Sunday,

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6217/6080 or

otherwise only after 5pm), while your children can


play at the public playground. After circling the small lake, we begin our journey back downhill along the


same route to Puch, or we can drop down to the bus stop in Haslach.

Piesendorf Panorama Trail, The Piesendorf Panorama Trail provides an

Time to St. James’ Church: 1½ hours. Clearly marked

impressive walk through Piesendorf’s “sunny side”,

with Rosary Path signs.

with 10 viewing areas along the way.

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6245 84166

Nagelköpfel Nature Trail,


This beautifully designed self-guided trail leads from the Nagelbauer cafe in Walchen to Steindorf/

Felsenpromenade Nature Trail:

Niedernsill. 10 info boards on area plants, wildlife,

ca. 2 km.

mushrooms and birds. “Man & Nature” trail up to the

Starting Point: on the outskirts of Ramingstein.

Nagelköpfel, documentation of natural cycles, herb garden.

“Altenberg” Ore Trail 3-4 hour hike with 22 info boards providing insights

Puch bei Hallein

into the history of ore-mining in the Lungau region.

Rosary Path from Puch to St. Jakob am Thurn

“Dürnrain” Ore Trail

The 5 new trail markers are made of granite and are

1-2 hour hike in the area around Finstergrün Castle.

decorated with the 5 “secrets” of the joyous rosary,

The info boards along this romantic hiking loop tell of

focusing on the birth and childhood of Jesus. The

the miners’ work and the world in which they lived.

motifs, which are painted onto brass, were created by

Starting Point: Ramingstein village hall Info: tourist office, Tel. (0)6475/805,

“Wastlalm” Flower Trail “Kendlbruck” Ore Trail

(at elevations of around 1,400 m)

In a one-hour walk from the adventure playground,

Nature trail with lots of info boards allowing you to

past the historic smelting hut, the so-called “Blahaus”,

explore the broad variety of area plant life.

visitors will continue on to the pilgrimage chapel of

Trail to the Kehrfeldalm is ideal for nature lovers.

“Maria Hollenstein”. The trail-side info boards also

Info: Tourist Information, Tel. (0)6544/20022

include explanations on mining methods used to

extract ore in the Kendlbrucker Graben and on the Turrach.


Trailhead: Kendlbruck adventure playground Info: tourist office, Tel. (0)6475/805.

“Fountain of Youth” Trail: Fascinating trail, approx. a 2-hour walk, 4.5 km, 2.5


km of which feature 30 info stations, as many as 200 different naturally occurring medicinal herbs, flowers

“Hochbühel” National Park Forest Trail (elev. 1458

and protected orchids. Plants are labeled in German,

- 1770 m):

English, Italian and French;

ca. 4 km. Option to conclude your walk by panning for

Children’s Adventure World of a very different kind.

gold or minerals. The trail is easy to reach via the

Trailhead: right by the village hall, heading off towards

gondola lift.

Rinnberg. (No. 203)

Trailhead: = summit station of the Hochalmbahn 6-

Info: tourist office, Tel. (0)6243/4040-58,

person gondola lift.

Info: Rauris Hochalmbahn, Tel. (0)6544/6341,

Nature trail to the “Snail Wall”: 5 km, 2.5 – 3.5 hrs., or 10 km, 4 - 5 hrs. with approx.

“Rauris Virgin Forest” Nature Trail (elev. 1700m)

25 info boards along the way;

ca. 2 km, 11 info boards, small open-air museum.

Informative brochure available from the tourist office;

Allow yourself to be whisked off to a fairy-tale world –

Trailhead: village hall or Hotel Kerschbaumer

more than 80 marshes and forest lakes make up this,

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6242/206

the highest high moors in all the Alps. Trailhead: Ammererhof / Kolm Saigurn or Lenzanger

Alpine Flower Path

car park, Tel. (0)6544/20022,

The Hornbahn will carry you up to 1500m above sea level to Bruno’s Mountain World. You’ll then get to

Sonnblick Glacier Trail

ride the Ant Express to some of Bruno’s most favorite

(elev. 2175 - 2350 m):

places. You’ll get to explore the Alpine Flower

ca. 2 km.

Garden, climb up to the lookout tower, sign the

The Glacier Trail is integrated into the Tauern Gold

visitors’ book atop Bruno’s favorite mountaintop, and

Hiking Loop (featuring historic gold-mining sites etc.)

even play the cowbell piano. Awaiting you at Bruno‘s

– total length 7 km (ca. 3 hrs.).

Bear Bath is a stream to play in, a waterwheel and

Trailhead: Friends of Nature House (1.5 hours from

Bruno’s Bear Toothbrush. On Ant Lake you will

Kolm Saigurn).

discover the mysterious newts, ride on the back of

Info: Tourist Information, Tel. (0)6544/20022-

Emma, the giant ant, and explore her giant ant hill.

Further Details: Russbach Mountain Lifts, Tel. (0) 6242 440

Arboretum on the Zinkenbach (Abersee) Saalbach Hinterglemm

Hiking circuit – trees and forests of the Salzkammergut, incl. pavilion, high walkway, log

Botanic Hiking & Nature Trail:

boardwalk on the moorland marshes.

ca. 1.5 km, 26 different exercises, 90 informative tips, 40 botanical boards, climbing rock and sign-in book at

Historic Pilgrims’ Trail

the top,

Pilgrims’ trail from Fürberg near St. Gilgen via the

Starting Point: Lindlingalm

Falkenstein and Ried to St. Wolfgang. Cultural trail

Info available from the Tourist Office, Tel.

unique in all of Europe: 24 fascinating info stops –


from prehistoric sacred sites, to the days of St.

Adventure Forest & Fairy-Tale Park:

Wolfgang and his Christian missionary work, to the

1 km, fairy-tale park with figurines, fountain of youth,

hay days of pilgrimage and the beginnings of modern


tourism. 4 km

Starting Point: western outskirts of Hinterglemm. (start is marked)

Sankt Johann-Alpendorf

Info: from the Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6541/6800-68 Ghost Mountain Seeham

In a magnificent scenic location on the Gernkogel, youngsters discover a wide variety of imps and forest

Fairy-Tale Path:

creatures, while the older kids love the ghost village

Ca. 5 km, 6 fairy-tale stops, well marked, join the trail

with its talking gate, the ghostly shooting stand, the

at any of the stopping points;

dragon with a giant slide, several water play areas

Starting Point: Entenwirt

incl. waterfalls and places to climb, and the grown-ups

Info: Seeham Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6217/8493 Fax:

will enjoy the uniquely special hiking and nature

(0)6217/6482, e-mail:

experiences the Gernkogel has to offer. To reach Ghost Mountain ride the Alpendorf gondola lift. Then

Teufelsgraben Nature Trail:

you can choose: either walk there (about 40 minutes,

Approx. 2.5 km-long hiking loop, 17 info stations (e.g.

also accessible to prams), or hop aboard the free

biotope, marble mill, natural monument, underwater

Ghost Train.

stations, Wildkar waterfall, organic grain mill, ant hill,

Info: Sankt Johann-Alpendorf Tourist Office, Tel.

themes incl. forestry, geology, bees...,)

(0)6412 6036

Info: Seeham Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6217/5493 e-mail:,,

Tree Path

The Tree Path follows the Alpendorf Panorama Path, beginning at Hotel Alpenhof and ending at Alpenhof

St. Gilgen (Wolfgangsee)

Stadl. 19 different, labeled trees stand along this pathway. To enjoy the path even more, you might

“Nature and Culture” Lake Loop

wish to take a short break every now and then, and

16 stations along the shores of the Wolfgangsee, 27

take advantage of one of the areas above the path

km, info boards and natural stone slabs, themes

equipped with tables and relaxing loungers. Info

spanning the origins of our landscapes to famous

boards share interesting tidbits about Austria’s trees


and scientific facts about wood.

Starting Point: any of the communities on the

Info: Sankt Johann-Alpendorf Tourist Office, Tel.

Wolfgangsee - St. Gilgen, St. Wolfgang, Strobl.

(0)6412 6036

St. Martin bei Lofer

Info: village hall, Tel. (0)6272/20157 (folder also available)

Orchid Trail Along the path to Vorderkaser Gorge, an impressive

St. Michael im Lungau

natural spectacle of water and rock. On the way up to the gorge, you will be accompanied by an amazing

Forest Nature Trail:

abundance of different types of orchid.

ca. 3 km, 15 stations addressing issues of “Forest -

Trailhead: Entrance to Vorderkaser Gorge (elev.

Wildlife - Man”, free guide available from the tourist



Length: 1.3 km

Trailhead: Prodinger Mill in the community of

Time: 1-2 hours


Elevation Change: ca. 190m

Info: St. Michael Tourist Information, Tel.

Info: Village of St. Martin, Tel.: 06588 8510


Geological Trail,

Alpine Herb Garden:

1 km – duration 1 hour

Alpine herbs planted in the Alpine Herb Garden at the

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6588/8321

Hapimag Holiday Resort. Includes info boards and guided tours on request. Info: Tourist Office, Tel:

St. Martin am Tennengebirge


“Marterl” Trail,

St. Veit

Fascinating hiking paths to some 16 outdoor altars and memorials, as well as to the parish church.

Nature Trail:

Walk times: southern trail ca. 2 hours;

ca. 1.2 km, ca. 84 different trees and shrubs, 38 bird

Northern trail ca. 2 hours.

species can be seen and heard.

Info: St. Martin Tourist Office, Tel.(0)6243/404059

Trailhead: Reithgut/Niederuntersberg – guided tours also available on request.

Lammertal Forest

Info: from the St. Veit/Schwarzach Tourist Office, Tel.

Since time immemorial, the tree has had a magical

(0)6415/7488, or at the Reithgut/the Freudenthalter

effect on people due to its majestic tranquility and its

Family, Tel. (0)6415/5757

enduring nature. In the village of St. Michael, the Tree Path stimulates fascinating interactions between


man and tree. Beginning at the Lake Park in the town center, this 8 km-long path leads across fields of

Pirtendorf Valley Bottom Nature Trail:

orchids to Lammertal Forest, with some of the tallest

4 km, partially along the banks of the Salzach, 5 stops

trees in all of Austria (48.5m).

with info boards (nature and history of the area); info

Info: Tourist Office, Tel.(0)6243/4040-59

folder available from the tourist office; Starting Point: the center of Stuhlfelden

St. Georgen Bird Trail Ca. 4 km, 18 stations with info boards, descriptions of over 135 bird species; Trailhead: Irlacher Au

Info: Stuhlfelden Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6562/4365


Via Talagova Local history walk

Moorland Path

1-hour walk

Beautifully situated self-guided moorland path in the

Trailhead: Thalgau parish church

Prebersee Nature Sanctuary, elev. 1,514 m above

Info booklet available free from the tourist office, Tel:

sea level


Trailhead: Ludlalm car park Walk-time: ca. ½ hr.


Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6474 2145,

History Trail A journey back in time through the history of Unken,

Planet Trail

taking us past some of the area’s most important

Models of the sun and planets are depicted at their

sights – enjoy!

average distances in a scale of 1:1

Trailhead: next to the playground (main square in

Trailhead: beginning on the right bank of the Mur at


the foot of the Leonhardsberg (6 km route – in the

Length: 4.5 km

direction of Unternberg)

Time: 2.5-3.5 hours

Walk-time: ca. 1 ½ hr.

Elevation Change: 60m

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. +43 (0)6474 2145,

Info: Village of Unken, Tel.: 06589 4202 11 Unternberg Taxenbach Forest Path Taxenbach Journey through Time

What sings, what jumps, what squawks, what grows,

Fascinating hiking path right in town, with 20 info

what lies, what flies, what lives here with us?

boards depicting a timeline of the history of

This was the motto for the newly designed Forest

Taxenbach. Loop taking 1 or 2 hours to walk. A fun

Path completed in Summer 2009. 10 info boards on

prospectus especially for the kids.

the Schwarzenberg stimulate visitors to discover our

Trailhead: center of Taxenbach

native wildlife. And there’s a small surprise in store for

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6543/5252

all the kids at each of the information stations. Trailhead: Car park on the village square; Time: 1.25

Hiking Path through the Kitzloch Gorge


A variety of info boards and viewing areas explain the

Info: Unternberg Tourist Office, Tel. +43 (0)6474

history of the Kitzloch Gorge.


Trailhead: entrance to the Kitzloch Gorge Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6543/5252

Uttendorf - Weissee


Butterfly Path: 1.5-hour walk, ca. 2.5 km

Via Sacra

You will traverse the exposed dry slope with its world

Thalgau’s small monuments and wayside chapels.

of heat-loving plants and insects. Following a wooden

Trailhead: Jilkagarten Marktplatz

stairway, the trail leads to the shady Steinergraben,

Info: Tourist Office, Tel: (0)6235/7350, free info

where seating is available if you wish to enjoy a rest.


Turn-off to the Celtic village at the Steinerbichl – archaeological site with significance extending far

beyond this region’s borders. Passing a marshy area

to assist in bringing mind, body and soul back into

of alder trees with delicate mosses and ferns, the path

harmony, while giving you renewed energy. But rather

now takes you to mighty ice-age rocks. The last

than with strength exercises, through relaxation along

segment is through the forest’s edge, wetland

the way. The path leads through forests and across

meadows, ponds and a fruit orchard.

meadows – info boards remind us to take creative

Trailhead: Uttendorf village hall.

breaks. The walk takes about 2.5 hrs.

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6563/8279.

Starting Point: Uttendorf village hall Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6563/8279

Glacier Trail to the Ödenwinkel Glacier (elev. 2070 - 2310 m):


3-4 hours walk, 15 info stations, 6 km long The Ödenwinkel Glacier Trail explains the changes in

Culture Walk – Silent Night Memorial Sites and

the landscape caused by fluctuations in the glacier. It

Cultural Monuments

leads from the Rudolfshütte via the Schafsbichl and a

Place where Joseph Mohr, who gave the world the gift

small icy lake to the current fringe of the Ödenwinkel

of “Silent Night! Holy Night!”, and Karl Heinrich

glacier. The trail is easy to walk, the roundtrip walk

Waggerl, the famous Austrian poet, lived and worked.

between the Rudolfshütte and the glacier taking about

A brochure and additional information are available

2-3 hours . Each of the stopping points is indicated by

from the tourist office in Wagrain.

a numbered wooden stake. Explanations of the individual stopping points are also available in

Rupertisee Theme Trail

brochure form.

Explore this 1.5 km-long theme trail that will take you

Trailhead for both glacier trails: the Berghotel

from the summit terminal of the “Flying Mozart” lift via

Rudolfshütte, elev. 2310 m

the Kogelalm to the relaxing setting of the Rupertisee

(= summit station of the Weißsee cable lift),

(elev. 1,580 m), all the while providing you with

Tel. (0)6563/8221.

interesting background info about the region, the

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6563/8279

geological history of this alpine area and exploitation of the countryside, both for agriculture and as a winter

Glacier Trail to the Sonnblick Glacier

recreation area. Time on Trail: about 1 hour.

(elev. 2310 - 2536 m):

Info about lift timetables is available online at

3 - 4 hr. walk, 12 stations, 6 km long or call Tel. +43 (0) 64

The Sonnblick Glacier Trail explains how the glacier

13 / 82 38

has receded and the landscape has changed since the middle of the 19th century, the abrasion and

WAGRAINi’s Grafenberg

ablation caused by the glacier, as well as evidence of

Take a comfortable, effortless ride on the Grafenberg

the glacier’s long history. The trail is easy to walk, the

Lift upon into a world of beautiful alpine nature and

roundtrip hike between the Rudolfshütte and the

mountain adventures. Clearly marked walking and

glacier taking about 2-3 hrs.

hiking paths lead from one fascinating info station to

Trailhead Berghotel Rudolfshütte elev. 2310 m

the next: from the Grafenbergsee, ride on a raft or

(= summit station of the Weißsee cable lift),

walk across the suspension bridge to the Bee Path,

Tel. (0)6563/8221.

continue down the Hachau slide to the Low-Ropes

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6563/8279

Course. Now it’s time to make your way to the Swing Forest, including a stop-off along the way at the

“Gesund bergauf” Path:

Climbing Stadium, before the “Path of

1.5-hour walk, spanning some 300 vertical metres on

Fascination” leads back to the KinderAlm.

Uttendorf’s Sonnberg mountain. The path is intended

Countless hours of fun and not just for the youngsters

Wald - Königsleiten

– big “kids” have a great time as well, guaranteed!

Königsleiten Planetary Trail: 1.5-hour walk, 6 km: the galaxy is depicted through

Please note: “WAGRAINi’s Grafenberg” can be easily

the unique form of this planetary trail

reached by riding up on the Grafenberg lift. Transport

Info: Wald Tourist Information, Tel. (0)6565/82430

of prams/strollers is possible. Info about lift timetables is available online at

Weissbach bei Lofer or call Tel. +43 (0) 64 13 / 82 38

Seisenberg Gorge Natural Monument & Nature Trail:

"Busy Bee” Theme Trail on the Grafenberg in

Ca. 1-hour walk, info boards depicting the gorge’s


forests, rocks and plant life.

The “Busy Bee” begins right next to the summit

Starting Point: in the heart of town, (parking for buses

terminal of the Grafenberg lift. As you make your way

is available)

from station to station along this pathway, you will

Info: Tel. (0)6582/8242-4 or (0)6582/8352

learn more about bees, where they work and what products they give us. You can look at the world

Heritage Path in Weissbach

through the eyes of a bee or use a “bee dance” to

Experience an intact cultural landscape nurtured by

send secret messages.

people for hundreds of years.

What does the bee’s stinger look like and what’s the

Trailhead: Main entrance to Gasthof Hirschbichl.

difference between a queen and a drone? Particularly

Reachable with the AlmErlebnisBus.

impressive is the beehive, where you can see how an

Length: 3.5 km

entire bee community lives, observing as they go

Time: 1.5-2 hours

about their work.

Elevation Change: ca. 250m

Spinning honey through the centuries and historic

Info: Village of Weissbach, Tel.: 06582 8352

tools are the subject of the exhibition at the Bee Hut. The theme path has been constructed so as to be


easily understood by children, while also remaining highly informative for adults as well.

“Bird of Prey” Nature Trail:

Guided tours with a beekeeper are available by

Hours: April until early November, 2x daily falconry


demonstrations up at Hohenwerfen Castle, led by

In parallel to this, the Nature & Mountain-Adventure

Master Falconer Hiebeler (expert and also director of

World on “WAGRAINi’s Grafenberg” invites visitors

Lower Austria’s Renaissance Falconry Center, “Die

to experience nature with all of their senses. Some 30


info stations adjacent to the theme path promise a

Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6468/5388

variety-filled experience at 1700 m above sea level.

or castle offices, Tel. (0)6468/7603

Please note: You can easily reach this theme path by riding up on the Grafenberg lift. Transport of

Forest Trail to Hohenwerfen Castle:

prams/strollers is possible.

Trail time: ca. 25 mins.

Info about lift timetables is available online at

Starting Point: castle parking lot (P1) or call Tel. +43 (0) 64 13 / 82 38


Theme Trail: The Power of Still Waters Several natural relaxation areas along the Tauern

High-Meadow Trail in Werfenweng

High Trail, in the area between the Jakober and the

Short variant ca 2 hrs., “Small Meadow Circuit” 3-4

Königalm, invite you to truly unwind and recharge

hrs., “Big Meadow Circuit” 6-7 hrs. 15 stops along the

your batteries.


Trailhead: Schlierersee car park,

Starting Point: “Big Meadow Circuit”: Wengerau

big loop ca. 8 km

Starting Point: for the short variant and the “Small

Info: Tourist Office, Tel (0)6478 801

Meadow Circuit”: Zaglau Info: Werfenweng Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6466/420

Zell am See


High Promenade Adventure Trail Numerous boards along the High Promenade

Hill-Country Path in Riedingtal Nature Park

between the Schmittenhöhe and Sonnkogel serve up

Beginning of June until the end of October. The Hill-

fascinating information. The “High Promenade

Country Path includes eight information stations.

Adventure Trail” therefore offers an opportunity to

Theme boards tell of life and work in the hill country,

both unwind and develop a deeper understanding for

both then and now. Numerous related activities turn

the surrounding countryside.

this path into a wonderful experience for young and old.

Botanical Hike

Time: ca. 2.5 - 3 hrs.

The Schmittenhöhe Lift is an ideal way to ride up to

Trailhead: Nature Park House in Riedingtal

the start of the Botanical Hike. The 2,000 m-high

Info: Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6478/801

Schmittenhöhe belongs to the Alpine, high-mountain reaches, encompassing both meadow and rocky

Zederhaus Forest Path:

regions. Most areas are covered with sour grasses

1.5 – 2 hours, info boards along the way.

and moss. On less exposed areas, however, you also

Trailhead: close to the church, right next to the info

find a wealth of flowers which have adapted to the

board for the Forest Path. Info boards highlight plants,

harsh conditions: Arnica (arnica montana), blue

insects, birds, forests and forestry, etc.; With plenty of

aconite (aconitum napellus), spotted gentian

seating along the way, ample opportunity to enjoy

(gentiana punctata), Scheuchzer’s bellflower

Mother Nature and study your guidebook to the forest

(campanula scheuchzeri), rusty-leafed rhododendron

path; Available from the tourist office, or right at the

(rhododendron ferrugineum), bilberries (vaccinium

trailhead behind the church.


Info: from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6478/801

Info: Europa Sports Region Zell am See – Kaprun Tel.: 06542/770, Fax: 06542/720-32, e-mail to:

“Schlierersee” Theme Trail in the Riedingtal ,

Nature Park ;

4 stations along the shores of the Schlierersee incl. a

Schmittenhöhe Lift Co., Tel.(0) 6542/789-211, Fax:

beautiful hunters‘ chapel. Approx. a 1-hour walk.

(0)6542/789-130, e-mail: ,

Trailhead: Nature Park Center ;

Info: Tourist Office, Tel (0)6478 801

Though every effort has been made to insure accuracy,not liable for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions. Last Updated: March 2010


Theme Path: Bauernregeln “Country Lore” 2.6 km, ca. 1-2 hr. walk, 12 stations between the Habersatt café and the Reitlehenalm, The “Bauernre...

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