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CROSS COUNTRY SKI TRAILS ABOVE 1,000 METRES For each of the cross-country ski trails, we list the name (cl = classic, sk = skating technique), elevation, length, difficulty level and available lifts if needed (standard pricing for the roundtrip). Trails are generally groomed until April (and some beyond that date). For each town, the phone number of the tourist office or lift company is provided. They will be glad to supply you with additional information. Abtenau


Panorama trail (cl/sk) 12 km, 180 m elev. change, intermediate

Embach High Trail (elev. 1,020 m)

Lienbach trail (cl/sk) 5 km, 70 m elev. change,

11 km (cl/sk)


All degrees of difficulty Info: TVB Embach tourist office

Service showers, changing cubicles, club pub,

Tel.: 06543 / 7215

”Loipenland Tennengau” trail guide, trail map, cross-country pin


Rental equipment Sport Schwaighofer, Tel. (0)6243/2391

Rossbrand High Trail

WM-Sport, Tel. (0)6243/3644

(cl/sk) elev. 1700 m, 14 km, intermediate,


accessible via the “Papageno” cable lift.

Hans Quehenberger Cross-Country School,

Info: Tel: (0)6453/8242

Tel. (0)6243/3644 Info from Abtenau Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6243/4040-



Moosegg Trail Altenmarkt-Zauchensee

Start/Finish: Gasthof Bachrain/lift car park Total length 2500 m

Zauchensee High Trail


6 km, part of the Zauchensee forest trail, elev.

Elevation Change: 20 m

1,100 - 1,350 m

Refreshment Opportunity: Gasthof Bachrain, Tel:

easy to intermediate

06244/6166 Bad Gastein

Sunny roundtrip tour on the Moosegg high plateau. Stages groomed for classic and skating technique.

Sportgastein – Nassfeld Trail

A detailed cross-country guide for the whole

(cl/sk) elev. 1600 m, 12 km, all degrees of difficulty,

Tennengau Region is available from the tourist

accessible via the Gastein Alpine Road (toll charge


euro 5).

Info: Tel. (0)6244/4356,

Info: Tel: (0)6432/3393-560

Bad Hofgastein


Angertal Trail

Anzerbergalm High Trail

(cl), elev. 1200 m, 3.5 or 7 km, intermediate/difficult.

(cl) elev. 1400 m, 4 km, accessible via the 3-seater

Info: Tel: (0)6432/3393-260

chair lift; groomed only when the valley trail can no

(0)6432/7475 ski school

longer be skied. Info: Tel:(0)6224/209


Mariapfarr - Lignitz

Kitzsteinhorn High Trail

1st cross-country ski trail with snowmaking

Elev. 2900 m, 3 km, easy, accessible via the cable

capability in the Lungau region, elev. over 1330 m,


6 km (cl/sk) loop, intermediate + easy.

(as of 12.12.2010 to the summit station

Info: Tel: (0)6473 / 8766,

Before 2 p.m.: euro 31

Youths: euro 23, children: euro 15.50) Info: Tel: (0)6547/8621

Mittersill High Moors Trail Krimml

(cl/sk) elev. 1,250 m on Pass Thurn, 22 km, all degrees of difficulty

Hochkrimml High Trail – Gerlosplatte

Info: Tel: (0)6562/4292 Mittersill Tourism

(cl/sk) elev. 1600 m, 12 km, easy/ intermediate,

accessible via the Gerlos Alpine Road (toll-free in

winter with the regional guest card) or with the free ski shuttle from Krimml or Wald.

Mühlbach am Hochkönig and

Finkau Trail

Dienten am Hochkönig

(cl) elev. 1500 m, 2 km, easy, accessible via the Gerlos Alpine Road (toll-free in winter with the

Hochkönig Trail

regional guest card).

(cl/sk) elev. 1380 m, 7 km, double-tracked,

Info: Tel: (0)6564/7230,

intermediate/difficult. Trail by the Arthurhaus


(cl/sk) elev. 1500 m, 1.5 - 3 km, easy. Info: Tel: (0)6584/2038840

Griessen High Trail (fee charged) (cl) elev. 1000 m, 9 km, intermediate.


Trail access is across from Gasthof Tödlingwirt. Due to its 1,000 m elevation, this trail is very

World Cup Trail

popular in springtime as well. It climbs gently at the

(cl/sk) elev. 1650 m, 10 km, intermediate/expert

start up to Pass Griessen, but is then relatively flat

Hundsfeld Trail

until it comes to the outskirts of Leogang.

(cl/sk) elev. 1750 m, 6 km, intermediate/expert.

Connecting trail to Hochfilzen.

Gnadenalm Trail

Info: Tel: (0)6583/8234

(cl/sk) elev. 1300 m, 10 km, easy/intermediate/expert


Info: Tel: (0)6456/7252,

Loferer Alm High Trail (cl/some sk) elev. 1500 m, 2, 4 and 6 km, all

Untertauern - Radstadt

degrees of difficulty, accessible by cable lift (roundtrip ride on the Loferer Alm Lift, adults euro 15/

Obertauern (3 km away)

children euro 7.50/ seniors euro 12.50, gondola

Gnadenalm Trail

block/ 3x round-trip rides on the Loferer Alm Lift,

(cl) elev. 1300 m, 10 km, with all degrees of

adults euro 34/ children euro 17/ seniors 28.50


Info: Tel: (0)6588/8450-0

Info: Tel: (0)6455/251 -- or 7351

Saalbach Hinterglemm

St. Koloman

Reiterkogel High Trail, Hinterglemm

Göll Panorama Trail

(cl), elev. 1,100 – 1,400 m, 14 km, easy/

(cl/sk) elev. 900 – 950 m, 5.75 km, varying degrees

intermediate, accessible via the Reiterkogel lift.

of difficulty,

Info: Tel: (0)6541/680068

Sommerau Trail (cl) elev. 850 – 900 m, 3.7 km, easy to intermediate


Info: Tel: 06241/222-15 Cross-country guidebook available at the Tourist

Cross-Country Trail Gaisberg - Oberwinkl

Office, € 9.00

Cross-country skiing on a sunny high plateau.

Sankt Johann-Alpendorf

Access/exit at the Kriechbaumgut car park; Drive up via Elsbethen-Glasenbach, Schwaitl-

Obergassalm High Trail

Landesstrasse, Vorderfager turn-off towards

(cl/sk) elev. 1,600 m, length 3.0 km, intermediate,

Gaisbergspitze/Gasthof Mitteregg. Drive time from

reachable on the Alpendorf gondola lift.

Glasenbach ca. 7 minutes. Our trail is tracked for

Info: Sankt Johann-Alpendorf Tourist Office, Tel

ca. 3.5 km, suitable for beginners, skating and


classic technique, open depending on snow conditions. Use at your own risk. Night skiing not

St. Martin am Tennengebirge and

permitted so as not to disturb wildlife, and for skiers’


safety! Parking fee at the trail access point: euro 4. WCs and restaurant only available at Gasthof

Panorama Trail


elev. 1200 m, approx. 5 km, intermediate

Info: Tel. (0)664 4178666

Aualm Trail

(cl) elev. 1200 m, 6 km, easy/ intermediate.

Operated by: Association to Promote Winter Sports

Info: Tel: (0)6463/7488

on the Gaisberg. St. Margarethen Scheffau am Tennengebirge Aineck – Katschberg High Trail Moosegg Trail

(cl/sk), elev. 1,640 m, 18 km out and back,


intermediate, expert.

Gasthof Bachrain/lift parking lot

Access Points: mountain terminus of the Aineck

Total length 2500 m

chair lift – St. Margarethen, Katschberg car park

Difficulty: easy to intermediate

Info: Tel: (0)6476 812 or (0)4734/630

Elevation change: 20 m Refreshment opportunity: Gasthof Bachrain, Tel:

St. Michael im Lungau

06244/6166 Sunny tour on the Moosegg high plateau.

Katschberg High Trail

Stages groomed for classic and skating technique.

(cl/sk), elev. 1,640 m, 18 km out and back,

Info: Tel. (0)6244/6166 or,

intermediate, expert

Trail Access: car park 3 on the Katschberg, Summit terminal of the Aineck chair lift – St. Margarethen, ski bus Info: Tel: (0)6477/8913 or (0)4734/630


Prebersee High Trail


Elev. 1,450 m, easy/intermediate, the classic segment is 9 km in length and double tracked, 6 km

Heutal Trails

skating, ideal for all ages.

(cl), 1000 - 1500 m, total of 30 km, easy/

The start is near the “Ludlalm” guesthouse. At first,


the trail (classic, double tracked) leads around the

Info: Tel: (0)6589/20 055

Prebersee, then in an eastern direction through gently hilly meadows and pasture land. In front of


Gasthof Stadlober, you will reach the turn-around point. From here, a trail leads to Gasthof Stadl-

High Altitude Trail

ober. The return path leads along the right bank of

Elev. 2,315 m – ca. 2.5 km long loop with a

the Feisterbach back to the starting point. For

magnificent view from the Königsleiten summit

sporty, ambitious cross-country skiers, there is a


well-groomed skating route with a length of 6 km.

Info: Tel. (0)6564/8212 Königsleiten lift co.,

Thomatal-Schönfeld Schönfeld High Trail (Rosanin, Kasmandl &

Zell am See

Bundschuh) (cl, sk), elev. 1730 – 2220 m; ca. 23 km

Schmittenhöhe High Trail

15 km skating, 22 km classic, easy - expert

(cl/sk) elev. 1320 m, 2 km, intermediate, accessible

Enter the trail from the car park in Schönfeld. The

via the city Xpress

trail heads in a westerly direction out of the valley,

Price w/o Guest Card: euro 14.50

passing through a beautiful high valley out to the

Price with Guest Card: euro 13


Info: Schmitten Info Center

After taking somewhat of a U-turn, the trail passes

Tel. (0)6542/789-211, Fax 789-130 or

the “Heilige Familie in der Zirbe” and returns

through slightly uphill terrain back to the start (length 14 km). The more challenging portion of the trail runs to the east and the Rosanintal Nature Preserve as far as the shores of the Rosaninsee, where you will reach the turn-around point (elev. 2,200 metres). This part of the trail back to the starting point measures around 8 km. Refreshments are available along the way! Info: Tel. (0)6476/250-15 Fax: (0)6476/250-22;

Despite painstaking editing not liable for any errors or inaccuracies. Updated September 2012

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