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Fun Sports

A- 5081 Anif Tel: +43 (0)6246/ 742560


Fax: +43 (0)6246/ 74256443 Email:

Beach volleyball court

by the school Tel. 0043(0)6245/84041



Beach-volleyball court, skate area, skater rink, fun court with hockey, volleyball,

Beach-volleyball court, skate area, mini golf course,


tennis, children’s adventure play area, Zauchbach

Anthering Tourist Office, Tel. 0043(0)6223/2279 or

Kraxl & Wasser-Gaudi forest high-ropes course

2231 (town hall)

Altenmarkt-Zauchensee Tourist Office,;

Tel. 0043(0)6452/55 11 Fax: 06452/6066,

Bad Gastein

Beach volleyball court – Info and reservations at Café Chill Out on Mozartplatz square,


Tel: (0)6434 20129

Beach-volleyball court and big slide at the forest

Bad Hofgastein

pool in Lungötz; tennis court, new soccer pitch,

Beach volleyball court, skate area (halfpipe, quarter

1 summer ice-stock lane;

pipe),Basketball court; at the sports grounds, west

hiking high trail – self-guided tree trail with Kneipp


therapy area;

Bad Hofgastein Tourist Office,

2 children’s playgrounds

Tel. 0043(0)6432/3393-260,

Annaberg-Lungötz Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6243;


Bad Vigaun Beach-volleyball court, soccer pitch with synthetic Anif

surface, tennis courts. Info: town hall, Tel. 0043(0)6245/83438 and Tourist

Anif Climbing Park

Office, Tel. 06245 84116

climbing, action, swimming (high-ropes course)


climbing park at the forest pool in Anif Info: Tel +43 (0)662/ 642227

Beach-volleyball court, hard court in the recreation

area. Information: Bischofshofen town hall 06462/2801

advena Point Hotel Salzburg:

Soccer pitch, tennis courts, mini golf, alpine curling,

sports lounge with outdoor pool,

Kneipp spa, playgrounds.

beach volleyball, beach soccer,

Bischofshofen Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6462/2471,

paddle-tennis court, indoor soccer,

Fax: 3605

in- and outdoor tennis,

Info: advena point Hotel Eisgrabenstrasse 32


The excitement and fun of climbing – at the DorfAktiv Mountaineering School:

Beach-volleyball court, 1 multi-purpose area with

Private climbing center, sampler classes and

volleyball and badminton net, basketball hoop,

courses leading to climbing certification, practice

tennis courts, soccer pitch.

via ferrata trail, 40 m rappel point; equipment is

Info: Bramberg Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6566 7251

available to rent! Angerer Family, Alpinschule Dorf-Aktiv, Tel. 0664/



Beach volleyball court, multi-purpose area with

Eben im Pongau

basketball, street hockey and street soccer. Info: Berndorf Town Hall, Tel. 0043(0)6217/8133 or

Beach-volleyball court, soccer pitch, tennis courts.


Info: Eben Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6458 8194,



“Grandlspitz” via ferrata trail, equipment available

Beach-volleyball court (Hirschpoint & Tauglzipf

for rent from the Erichhütte.

swimming area), small skate court at the new sports


Tel. 0043(0)664/2643553

Canyoning, info: Gasthaus Strubklamm, Tel. +43 (0)6228 2653,

Dorfbeuern/Michaelbeuern Faistenau Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6228 2314,

Recreation Park: multi-purpose area for basketball,

Fax (0)6228 2314 4,

street hockey and street soccer;

children’s playground and halfpipe

Info: Dorfbeuern Village Hall, Tel.06274/8110


USV – tennis courts and soccer

Funcourt in the Filzmoos Adventure Park,

Info: Karl Sax 06274/8560

Tel. 0043(0)6453/20044 Funcourt for a variety of ball games.

Paradeiser Indoor Tennis Center

Open daily.

Info: 06274/8121



Beach volleyball court Flachau sports grounds, Tel. 0043(0)6457/2734,

Skate area at the sports grounds.

Harml’s Aparthotel, Tel. 0043(0)6457/2943.

Open beginning of May – end of October.

High-ropes course, climbing, high-mountain hikes,

Info available from the Dorfgastein Tourist Office,

kayaking, canyoning, house running.

Tel. 0043(0)6432/3393-460,

ACS Alpine Center, Salzburg Sports World,

Beachvolleyballplatz im Solarbad.

Tel. 0043(0)6452/4102, (0)664 2823798,

Tel. (0)6433 7410 od. 7223

High-ropes course, Flying Fox Park, climbing, rock-

Info from the Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6432/3393-460

climbing, via ferrata, plus kayaking, canyoning, caving.

ACF Adventure Center Flachau,


Tel. 0043(0)6457/31959,

skating area at the sports grounds of HS Golling.

High-ropes course, canyoning, rafting, caving, climbing, mountaineering tours, tandem paragliding.

”absolute outdoors”

Fun & Pro Sportcamp Rupert Pichler,,,

Tel. (0)6457/2162, Tel.(0)3612 25343-9

Zorbing, cycling and mountain-bike tours, inline

Rafting, canyoning, outdoor-combos, day tours,

classes, Nordic Walking.

adventure sports

Funpark with street soccer and inline hockey court,


basketball and skater park, Next to the Flachau sports grounds,

Beach volleyball court at the tennis courts,

Flachau Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6457 2214, Fax

Tel. 0043(0)6415/8131

2214-16,, Grödig Fuschl am See Small skating area with halfpipe close to the sports Sports area at the “Fuschlseebad”

grounds in Grödig

* 2 beach-volleyball courts

Info from the Grödig Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6246

* climbing tower


* mini-golf course,

* hockey court

Forest high-ropes course in Grödig-Fürstenbrunn

* 3 tennis courts

next to the Gasthof Esterer

* rental of surfboards, kayaks, roller blades,

Info Tel. (0)699 10364841 Mrs. Haslinger

bikes, walking poles etc. Information:

Tel. (0)6226 8288 - Grossglockner-Zellersee Fitness Center at the “Fuschlseebad” * training tips * fitness equipment

Beach-volleyball court

* fitness check * stress diagnosis

at the Schlossbad Bruck

* heart-rate variability test * muscle function test

* performance diagnostic * Nordic Walking * workouts * running * aqua jogging * aquacise


Information: Tel. (0)6226 8288 -

Golling Sports Center,

Tel. (0)6545/7207 (village hall)

Tel. (0)6244 6074 (tennis clubhouse) or 4356

Bruck Tourist Office:

(tourist office),

Tel. (0)6545 7295, Fax 7295 13

ball-serving machine, rental racquets; 6 outdoor courts (4 sand, 2 Greenset - 2 of which


with floodlights) Price per court: Euro 10

New Sports & Recreation Center in Grossarl,

(with Guest Card Euro 9.00).

opens 24 May 2010:

Tennis coaching by arrangement.

Adventure swimming pool, beach-volleyball court,,

multi-purpose area for soccer, inline skating, street soccer, streetball etc., soccer pitch with synthetic

Beach-volleyball court: at the sports grounds,

surface, mini golf, tennis courts, pond for relaxing

halfpipe: at the sports grounds.


Adventure playground and miniature farm, climbing

Info: Hüttschlag Village Hall, Tel. 06417/204

course, mountain lake, grill area, mine, climbing

And Grossarl Valley Tourism, Tel. 06414/281

tower, go-cart track with pedal carts etc.

Open: end of May until October, Info from Grossarltal Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6414



Beach volleyball court, Kaprun Tourist Office,

Hallein / Bad Dürrnberg

Tel.(0)6547/8080, Fax: 8080-80

Beach-volleyball court:

Schloss Wiespach outdoor pool, Tel. (0)6245/80679

High-ropes course and climbing:

Mont Alpin Tel.0043(0)6547/8681


Beach-volleyball court, beach,

Fun & Trekking Sport

fun court: next to the kindergarten,

Sigmund-Thun-Str. 74

inline skating area: next to the beach.

Tel. (0)6547 8070

Info: Henndorf Tourism

or (0)664 2010818

Tel. (0)6214 6011, Fax: 06214/820434, Over The Top Hof bei Salzburg

Hauserdorfstr. 832 Tel.(0)6547 8232

Beach-volleyball courts, soccer pitch, tennis courts,


Nordic Walking, Qi Gong ; Info from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6229 2249

Radical Zenith (high-ropes course)

Fax: (0)6229 3453

Tel. (0)664 2727680


One Team Tel.: (0)664 272680

“Hollidee” Adventure Park:

Beach volleyball, skater park with: quarter pipe,

jump ramp, fun box, slide bowl. Mittersill Plus, Tel. (0)6562 4292 or Hollersbach


Village Hall at (0)6562 8113, Fax 5007

Beach volleyball court.

Info available from the Kleinarl Tourist Office,

Tel. 0043(0)6418/206

Hüttschlag Beach-volleyball court, next to which are a playground and alpine curling lanes.


Info: Motion Center, Tel.: 06588 7524

Beach-volleyball court – behind the community center

Base Camp:

Riedlwirt – Koppl Bike Park, Four-Cross hill,

Rafting, canyoning, tubing, Canadian canoeing,

technique course and CC-circuit with all kinds of

paragliding, kayaking, ropes course

technical challenges.

Info: Base Camp, Tel.: 06588 72353

Info: MTB-Club Koppl,

Koppl Tourism, Tel.: 06221-7205 Maria Alm Krimml Funpark: for inline skaters, soccer, basketball and Beach volleyball court – on the grounds of the

playground (swings, slide,…).

outdoor pool.

Tel: 0043(0)06584 7816, Fax: (0)6584 781616

Info from the Krimml Tourist Office,

Tel. 0043(0)6564/72390,,

Hintermoos: biggest FunCourt ever constructed by the Sportbau Eybl Co.


Thanks to surface conceived to meet the highest standards, this universal games and sports facility

Adventure playground:

allows guests to play more than a dozen different

Group swing, suspension bridge, sledding hill,

sports (tennis, soccer, volleyball, ice skating, ice

tunnel, monkey swing, beach volleyball court with

hockey,…), in addition there is a multi-purpose hall,

practice court (grass), skater park (mini ramp,

swimming pool, 5 tennis courts (sand and

pyramid, jump ramp).

hardcourt), strength room and a climbing wall.

Accessible through the: sports grounds (soccer

Adventure Park

pitch, tennis court).

Safe high-ropes park,

Tel. 0043(0)6274/63334

Info available from Paul Rieder, mountain guide, Tel. 0043(0)6584/7431

Leogang Archery Trail Funpark:

featuring 28 3D targets.

Street hockey, halfpipe, inline skate park with:

Targets range from majestic buffaloes to small owls.

fun box, ollie box, pyramid

Sampler classes.

Sonnrain Recreation Center:

Info: Tel. 0043(0)6584/22804

Beach volleyball. And since June 2001, Bike Park on the Asitz incl.

Mattsee / Salzburg Lake District

freeride, downhill, biker cross, dual and practice course.

2 beach volleyball courts

Leogang Tourist Office:

at the Mattsee swimming beach;

Tel. 0043(0)6583/8234

Tel. 0043(0)6217/5252

Skater rink: inline skating, halfpipe; Stockwiese-Mattsee (next to


the grade school) Surf area

Motion Center:

at the junction of the Mattsee and Obertrumer See,

Rafting, canyoning, hydrospeed, canoeing,

heading towards Upper Austria.

kayaking, outdoor challenge, mountain biking,

Mattsee Tourist Office Tel. 0043(0)6217/6080

archery, trekking, climbing

Canoe Tours in the Weyerbucht

Uferstr. 3, Wallersee-East Bay

Info: Tel. 0043(0)699/11971729

Tel. (0)6216-6202 Niedernsill Mauterndorf Beach-volleyball court, Smarty Sports

open daily until 10pm.

Tel: (0) 6472/20033


Smarty Land Kids Park: With sampler climbing and

rock-climbing, adventure trekking, rafting,

Tel: (0)6548 8232

canyoning, canoeing, water-tubing, bounce castle, bouldering wall, go-carts, kids quads.

Mini Golf, open daily until 10pm



Skate area mini ramp,

Tel: (0)6548 8232 beach volleyball court (at the outdoor adventure pool)

Soccer pitch, skater area,

Mittersill Tourist Office)


Tel. 0043(0)6562/4292

Tel: (0)6548 8232 Nussdorf Mühlbach am Hochkönig All information for Nussdorf and the sport courts Mühlbach am Hochkönig Tourist Office:

Tel. 0043(0)6276/276

Tel. 0043(0)6467/7235, Fax (0)6467/7235 5,

Obertauern Beach volleyball court, Neukirchen

Tel. 0043(0)6455/238

2 beach-volleyball courts, mini golf,


soccer pitch, tennis courts. Info from the tourist office, Tel. (0)6565 6256

Beach volleyball court, halfpipe, skate area,

Guided mountain-bike tours, climbing and via


ferrata trails, high-ropes courses at the Bärngarten

Tel. (0)6272 4225

(06565 6364) and at the Dürnbachau

Tennis courts

Info from Sport’s & more Unterwurzacher,

Tel. (0)664/1433969

Tel. (0)6565 22600 and from the Tourist Office

Soccer pitch , Leopold Kohr Promenade and the

06565 6256

Treppelweg along the banks of the Salzach River, suitable for roller-skaters and cyclists.

Neumarkt Oberndorf Tourist Office, Beach volleyball,

Tel. (0)6272 4422, Fax (0)6272 4422-4,

TSV Neumarkt, Tel.: (0)6216 5723


Neumarkt Tennis Club 7 sand courts



Indoor tennis (2 courts), squash/table tennis, at the

“Rauris Aktiv Geniessen”:

Obertauern sports center, Tel. (0)6456 7656

climbing, freeriding, Mr. Wolfgang Rohrmoser,

Beach volleyball at the recreation area,

Tel. 0043(0)664/4153923

Untertauern. Tel. (0)6455 238

Obertrum am See


Beach volleyball court, Tel. 0043(0)6219/6307

Aquatic-Adventure-Fun Park Fun in and around the water for kids and teens


Natural swimming pool with waterfall and fun slide; Kneipp therapy and Nordic Walking; canoeing, play

Beach volleyball court,

stream and playground; Trend Sports facility with

Tel. 0043(0)6217/8288 or 0043(0)6217/8247

street soccer, beach volleyball, skater park, tennis court, summer ice stock ….

Puch Skate park, Tel. 0043(0)6245/84166

Russbach Tourism: Tel. (0)6242 577


Saalbach Hinterglemm


Beach-volleyball court,

Beach volleyball, inline skating, halfpipe, Austria’s

Cap’n Hook Outdoor Pool in Saalbach.

biggest halfpipe/mini ramp combination, street

Tel: (0)6541 6516

soccer, street hockey, street ball, climbing wall,

BMX track, mega-trampoline and the neighboring

Hinterglemm Skater Park

Hinkelstein Pool.

(by the indoor tennis courts)

Piesendorf Tourist Office:

Tel: (0)6541 7403 (Mr. Telawetz)

Tel. 0043(0)6549/7239, Fax (0)6549/8221

Saalfelden Outdoor Team Geisler, Ramingstein

Outdoor team training, incentives A-5760 Saalfelden, Ramseiden 19

Rafting, kayaking, canoe rides on the Mur:

Tel. (0)6582 74926, (=Fax), or

reservations through Samson Sports,

(0)664 2807838, or (0)664 1816119

Tel. +43 (0)6766127590

Adventure playground,

Alpine Slide on the Biberg

sports grounds (soccer pitch);

Tel: 06582/72173

on request at the sports club, cave and mine tours,


skateboarding, inline skating, mountain-bike tours,

Hotel Gut Brandlhof, to reserve call 06582/7800

Nordic Walking.


Climbing tower, badminton, beach volleyball, streetball, skater park, inline skating, skateboarding,

Beach volleyball court – ASVÖ, PSvBG Salzburg,

snakeboarding, boccia rink, archery, trampoline,

Frohnburgweg 5, 5020 Salzburg

soccer, gymnastics. (access to the skater park is

Administration & Bookings: PolizeiSV Salzburg, RR

from the Alpenstrasse, skater park is run by a youth

Wolf Zobel, Tel.: (0)676 4313639,

group, ca. 1-2 euro for use),

Hours: Mo-Su 8am-6/9pm (depending on season

and weather), registration required! Franz-Hinterholzer-Kai 8, 5020 Salzburg

Beach volleyball facility in the

Tel. 0043(0)662/620135, Fax (0)662/623570

Otto-Holzbauer Str. (PSV),

Reservations required, price by arrangement. Austr. Sports & Gymnastics Union, Josef Preis Alle

Salzburg Indoor Climbing Center

14, Tel. (0)662/84268813,

Indoor climbing with over 1250 m2 of climbing area,

Fax 840880,

120 different routes, climbing shop, courses,

Open: September – May, 10 a.m. – 10 p.m., June –

August 2-10 p.m. denkundstein Sportkletter GmbH, Wasserfeldstr. 23, A-5020 Salzburg,

Go-Cart Center Salzburg:

Tel. 0043 (0) 699 11 21 2001

Enquiries, information and reservations

through:Kartsportcenter Salzburg Anton Graf Str. 7,

5020 Salzburg, Tel. 0043(0)662/877810, Fax: (0)662 877810 20-20

Canyoning, Rafting, Paragliding Tandem Flights,

high-ropes course, guided cave tours, jet boats,

hydrospeed, climbing, raft rides, kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking, outdoor-training,

Youth Playgrounds:

bungee jumping, event and action camps,

Inline skating, streetball (basketball). table tennis.

wilderness camps and much more.


Info: Karl-Reisenbichler-Str. 20, 5026 Salzburg

year-round, always open

Tel. (0)662 642907 Mobile: 0650 / 357 12 94

Kendlerstrasse (near the airport runway)

Fax (0)662 908182,

Tel. (0)662/8072-4901

Adventure Playground

Sankt Johann – Alpendorf

Taxham Kids’ & Youth Center, Klessheimer Allee 87,

Skater park at the sports grounds, beach volleyball

Tel. (0)662/437925, Fax 436277,

at the sports grounds and at the Schlosshof

swimming lake.

Sankt Johann – Alpendorf Tourist Office:


Tel. (0)6412 6036, Fax 6036-74

Summer: Tu–Sa. 2:30 – 6:00

Winter: Tu-Sa 1:30 – 5:30 Scheffau “Good Neighbor Association” Insel - Haus der Jugend:

Beach-volleyball courts at the Schilchegger recreation center tennis courts (3 sand courts) climbing trails surrounding the Stefan-Schatzlhütte Info: Tourist Office (0)6244/8573

Schwarzach Seeham Funpark: Playground, volleyball and basketball Teufelsgraben high-ropes course & adventure

facilities, soccer – hard pitch, inline skating rink with

school. The biggest high-ropes course in Austria

fun jump, table and comping pump;

incl. Europe’s longest zipline. Bockerl track.

Shoreline trail along the Salzach ideal for

Bauboeck Outdoor Tourism. Adventure and

rollerskaters. (ca. 1,500m in length)

Panorama Course. Europa Slide.

St. Veit/Schwarzach Tourist Office,

Tel. (0)06217 29029, Fax (0)6217 29030,

Tel. (0)6415/7520,

Mobile (0)664 2335688, St. Andrä im Lungau Beach-volleyball court at the beach, Seeham Tourism, Tel. +43 (0)6217 5493,

Beach-volleyball court,

Fax (0)62176482,,

St. Andrä Tourism, Tel. (0)6474 2283,

Fax: (0)6474 2283-75,

Seekirchen St. Georgen Beach volleyball court, skate area. Seekirchen Tourist Office:

Sports Center in Obereching,

Tel. 0043(0)6212/4035, Fax 230817,

Info USV. Tel. (0)6272 8422

Nordic-Walking Tel. (0)6272 8249

Playground, beach-volleyball court, Tel. (0)6272 8506

Strasswalchen Skate area, soccer pitch, Skater park:

Tennis courts Tel. (0)6272 8207,

Half- and quarter pipe, mini ramp, etc. next to the

Table tennis, Tel. (0)6272 73256

tennis courts,

Treppelweg along the banks of the Salzach suitable

beach volleyball court on the grounds of the

for roller-skaters and cyclists.

Strasswalchen swimming pool,

Tel. (0)6215/8376, or more info from Strasswalchen Tourist Office, Tel. 0043(0)6215/6420, Fax 5455,

St. Johann / Alpendorf, Halfpipe for inline skating at the sports grounds, Stuhlfelden

beach volleyball, as well as at the Schlosshof swimming lake.

Beach volleyball court, skate area with mini ramp,

St. Johann-Alpendorf Tourist Office:

streetball, soccer and basketball court at the leisure

Tel. 0043(0)6412/6036, Fax 6036-74

center (usage is free!)

Stuhlfelden Tourist Office, Tel. 0043(0)6562/4365,,

St. Margarethen im Lungau Beach-volleyball court at the sports grounds, information from the St. Margarethen Tourist Office, Tel. (0)6476 812, Fax: ((0)6476 812-50

Unternberg St. Michael im Lungau Beach volleyball court at the recreation pond, Funpark: Inline skating rink with quarter pipe,

Info: Unternberg Tourism, Tel. (0)6474 6214-18

funbox, jump box. Katschberg

St. Michael im Lungau Tourist Office,

Tel. 0043(0)6477/8913

Uttendorf - Weisssee Beach-volleyball court, St. Veit

Hours: daily until 10pm

Beach volleyball court: St.Veit/Schwarzach Tourist Office,

Inline-skating area with trick box, pyramid, spine,

Tel. (0)6415/7488, Fax (0)6415/664030,


Daily until 9pm Boulder Park by the Uttendorf swimming lake, Tamsweg

10 boulders to climb on with numerous routes, all levels of difficulty.

Beach-Volleyball Court:

Free admission!

On the grounds of BadeINSEL Tamsweg during regular opening hours.

Crystal Climbing Trail near the, Tel. +43 (0)6474 2312

Rudolfshßtte/Weisssee Glacier World – the most difficult climbing trail in all of Austria !


Length of Climb: ca. 400 m Height: ca. 150 m

Sports grounds:

Roped passages: ca. 20

Beach volleyball, tennis, street soccer, inline-

Info: Uttendorf/Weisssee

skating, climbing tower, soccer pitch.

Tel. (0)6563 8279-0, Fax (0)6563 8585

Taxenbach Tourism, Tel. (0)6543 5252,, Viehhofen Thalgau Quadding and Buggies: Leisure Center:

Glemmy Offroad Park, open daily from 10am on.

Beach volleyball, basketball court, street soccer and

The selective route offers fun for beginners, kids

new 18-hole mini-golf course at the sports center,

and also for experienced off-road specialists. The

skater rink by the Stockhalle.

course, with a hill, curves, climbs and downhills

Thalgau Tourist Office, Tel. 0043(0)6235/7174,

pushes drivers to the max.

Guided tours possible!

Info: Tel: 0043 (0) 664 37 09 685 and 0043 (0)664 8954855


MOUNTAINBIKE PARK WAGRAIN, THE experience for all our adrenaline junkies -

Indoor climbing at the tennis courts (D5).

Mountain Bike Park Wagrain.

Sampler climbing, advanced registration required,

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, perfectly

call Sporthotel Wagrain at 06413/7333.

shaped trails and a skills center are sure to excite

Enjoy your first climbing experience under the

all our visitors. Further information:

watchful eyes of state-certified mountain guides on or

one of the most modern climbing walls in all of

Tel: 06413/7364.

Salzburg! Additional information available from: Harald


Berger, state-certified mountain, ski and canyoning guide, Schwaighof 84, Tel. 0043(0)664/1718081

Beach-volleyball court and fun park or

at the sports grounds in the Lahnsiedlung,

Mega Flying Fox, high-ropes course – no limit, climbing trail, canyoning

Flying Fox – Kesselfall Tour

Infos from SPORTS & more Unterwurzacher, Tel.

Tour Description: Total of 4 waterfalls will be tackled

0043 (0) 6565 22600,

as part of the “Flying Fox” – ranging from 10 to 25

metres in the air. You’ll change ropes 5 times

during the tour and there’s no danger of getting wet. Clothing: long pants, rain jacket and sports shoes – it is relatively cool down in the ravines. Age

Bowling in St. Wolfgang

Restrictions: Participants 8 and older can take part

Leopoldhof Holiday Paradise, Ried 8

in the tour unaccompanied.

5360 St. Wolfgang, Tel. (0)6138 2438,

Registration & Additional Info: Wagrain Tourism,

4 new bowling lanes, reservations required!

Tel. (0)6413 8448. or Bowling in Strobl Nordic Walking

Gasthof Weberhäusl, Weissenbach 13,

Weekly Nordic Walking tour of Wagrain’s cultural

Tel. (0)6137 72610, 2 fully-automatic lanes.

world, or along the Promenade to St. Rupert’s Chapel

Bowling in St. Gilgen

Info & Registration through the Wagrain Tourist

Wirt am Gries, Steinklüftstrasse 6,

Office: Tel: 06413/8448

Tel. (0)6227 2386

Archery with hunting bows

Kayak rentals in St. Wolfgang

at the Bauernstüberl Wagrain (B4 28).

Matthias Hinterberger, Hotel Berau

Trail with fifteen 3D animals, takes approximately

Schwarzenbach 16, 5360 St. Wolfgang

1.5 hours.

Tel. (0)6138 2543

Price: adults € 8, children € 6 family ticket: € 22

Canyoning and Climbing

includes rental of bows and arrows!

Peter Lippert Jr.; Kalvarienbergweg 168,

Gold, silver and bronze prizes for the winners

5360 St. Wolfgang, Tel. (0)664 4447438

No-slip shoes are required!

Up to 3 people, times/prices by arrangement!

Info: Herzmaier Family,, Tel. (0)6413/8516 same hours as the Bauernstüberl or by appointment.

Schwarzenbach Games & Recreation Park:

Weissbach bei Lofer

3 beach volleyball courts (2 sand courts, 1 grass court), skating rink, halfpipe, basketball court,

Inline Skating Route

children’s playground, no usage fee!

from Weissbach to Saalfelden

At the Schwarzenbach Sports Grounds

Info: Village of Weissbach, Tel.: 06582 8352

Info: St. Wolfgang Tourist Office, Tel. 0043(0)6138/8003, Fax: 8003-81

Werfen, Rafting on the Salzach Paddle Skiing,

Crocodile Sports, Tel. (0)662/642907

Appesbach Sailing School, Karl Kinast, St.Wolfgang

Tel. (0)699 14476100 or (0)6138 3029

JETBOAT RIDES on the River Salzach

May 1 to September 15, daily from 10am to 5pm Info and reservations: Mr. Don Landl Tel.0043

Plombergstein Climbing Garden,


natural climbing garden with 10 climbing routes

Life vests are provided! Beach-volleyball court next

ranging in difficulty from 2 to 6+.

to the pool in Werfen, Werfen Tourist Office, Tel.

Use at own risk!


Info: St. Gilgen Alpinist Assoc. - Dr. Harald Rehrl,

Sports grounds, tennis court,

Tel. (0)676 3741775

indoor climbing center, Tel. (0)6468/5635

Zell am See

Ischlerstrasse Skate Park,

Beach volleyball court,

pyramid, half- and quarterpipe, mini ramp and more.

Zell am See Tourist Office:

Info: St. Gilgen Tourist Office

Tel. 0043(0)6542/770, Tel. (0)6542/770, Fax

Tel. (0)6227 2348, Fax 2348-9


Postalmklamm Climbing Trail

Canyoning, kayaking, rafting, high-ropes course,

Reachable via the Postalmstrasse toll road,

paragliding, tandem flights, guided hikes;

challenging climbing trail. Contact: Postalm Development Assoc.,

Adventure Service

Weissenbach 88, 5350 Strobl,

Steinergasse 9, Tel.0043(0)6542/73525

Tel:. (0)6137 7202-81, Fax: (0)6137 6694

F.o.T. Sports & Adventure

Windsurf Center

Dreifaltigkeitsstrasse 6

Hein Seidl

Tel. (0)664 2530381

Tel.: (0)664 6443695

or (0)6542 74691 Waterski School Kayak Center

Zell am See Swimming Beach

Seecamp Prielau, Tel.0043(0)664/3361487

and Thumersbach Edi Schwab

Salomon Station, Base

Tel.: (0)6542 72355

Station of the Areit Lifts Tel.(00430)6542/55322, Tel. (0)6542 55322

Event Impuls

Tel.: (0)6542 53524 Mountain Guide Team Seeuferstrasse 6b, Tel.0043(0)676/4007940,

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Beach-volleyball court, soccer pitch with synthetic surface, tennis courts. Info: town hall, Tel. 0043(0)6245/83438 and Tourist Office, Tel....