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LAKES & OUTDOOR SWIMMING AREAS Listed under each of the following communities are all lake and outdoor swimming areas, in- and outdoor pools, along with their various related services. Listings of lake and outdoor swimming areas also provide information on showers, WC’s etc. You can obtain additional details on pricing (half-day passes, 10-visit tickets), discounts (mostly for guests of area hotels) etc. by calling the phone number provided, or by contacting the local tourist office (Tel. no. included under each town entry).


After 5:00 p.m. euro 1.80 Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

Adnet, Ebenau

Tel. +43 (0)6223/2279

Wiestal Reservoir: outdoor swimming areas:


open access. Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

Outdoor Pool: Bergheim “Bergxi”

Tel. +43 (0)6221/8055

Tel. +43 (0)662/451592,, Adventure Pool, beach volleyball, sauna, mini


golf, snack bar Hours: daily from 9:00 a.m.

Anif Forest Pool; Tel. +43 (0)662/833432 Shower, WC, snack bar, sunbathing lawns;

Pool closes no later than 7:00 p.m. (depending on weather conditions)

beach-volleyball court, table tennis Elsbethen advena Point Hotel Salzburg: sports lounge with outdoor pool, Info: advena point Hotel

Glasenbach Gorge: outdoor swimming areas: open access.

Eisgrabenstrasse 32

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

A- 5081 Anif

Tel. +43 (0)662/629165

Tel. +43 (0)6246/742560 Fax: +43 (0)6246/74256443



Indoor Adventure Pool:

Landhotel Gschirnwirt, Tel. +43 (0)6225/8229, Fax 8229-39


Indoor pool, wellness area; Admission: euro 19

Outdoor Pool: Anthering Outdoor Pool, Tel. +43 (0)6223/2929 or 2231:

Block of 10 euro 130 Beauty care, massage by arrangement Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

Pool, 33 x 17 m (heated), children’s pool,

Tel. +43 (0)6255/8424, or

lockers, snack bar, kids’ play equipment,

spacious sunbathing lawns with trees; Admission: euro 3.30 - children euro 1.70

Faistenau and Hintersee

YEAR-ROUND: * sauna center

Almbach: Felsenbad: open access.

* fitness center

Indoor pool:

* therapy area

Hotel Alte Post, Tel. +43 (0)6228/2205

* restaurant (and terrace in summer)

Indoor pool prices:

Wesenauer Swimming Area,

Adults € 4.50

Tel. +43 (0)664/5429058:

Children up to 3 yrs. old free

WC, snack bar, sunbathing lawns; raft,

Children (4 to 15 yrs. old) € 3.00

playground, beach-volleyball court,

Indoor pool prices incl. sauna:

trampoline on water and land

Adults € 9.00

Admission: adults euro 4

Children under 16 yrs. old not allowed!

(Prices subject to change)

Hintersee: Hirschpoint Swimming Beach:

Stöllinger Swimming Area,

WC, changing cubicles, snack bar,

children euro 2

Tel. +43 (0)664/2010178

sunbathing lawns, playground and petting zoo for kids


Admission (16 yrs. and olders) euro 2.80, from 3:30 pm – euro 1.50 Tel. +43

Outdoor Pools:


Grossgmain Outdoor Pool, Tel. +43 (0)6247/8441:

Hintersee: Asi´s Seestüberl with sunbathing lawns open access, Tel. +43 (0)664/8281960 (during operation hours) or Tel. +43 (0)6228/2434

2 pools (heated), children’s pool, lockers, snack bar; Admission: adults euro 3 children euro 1

Info avail. from the Tourist Office, Tel. +43 (0)6228/2314 or +43 (0)6224/344 Fuschl am See

Henndorf am Wallersee Wallersee: Henndorf Outdoor Pool & Beach, Tel. +43 664 5808307

“Fuschlseebad” – lakeshore swimming

Pool, 20 x 8 m (heated); changing cubicles,

and more …..

lockers, snack bar, playground + baby pool,

table tennis, volleyball, surf racks;

Tel. +43 (0)6226/8288

Admission: adults euro 3

* 250 m natural swimming beach,

youths euro 2

* giant slide into the lake,

children euro 2

Info avail. from the village hall, Tel. +43 (0)6214/8204

* sandy bay for kids, * kiddie pool,

Hintersee: see Faistenau

* big sunbathing area with shade trees, * heated sports pool (size: 25 x 12 m

Hof bei Salzburg

– 4 lanes; wellness massage jets, indoor access)

Fuschlsee: Hof Natural Swimming Area:

* lounging and events hall

Parking: euro 3 per car.

* sports area and beach volleyball,

Admission: adults euro 2.50

climbing tower, mini golf, tennis courts and much more

(3 – 6 pm euro 2.00) Kids (6-16 yrs. old): euro 1.50

(3 – 6 pm euro 1.00)

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

Shower, WC, changing cubicles,

Tel. +43 (0)6216/6907

sunbathing lawns, sand box, snack kiosk. Info avail. from Mr. Elsenhuber,

Obertrum am See / Trumer Lake District

Tel. +43 (0)664/8593953 or the Tourist Office, Tel. +43 (0)6229/2249

Obertrumer See: Oitner Swimming Beach in Staffl, Tel. +43 (0)6219/6435

Maria Alm

Shower, WC, changing cubicles, snack bar, sunbathing lawns, playground, kiddie pool,

Pool: Sommerstein adventure park Day ticket for adults: €4.00 Day ticket for kids: € 2.20

table tennis, swim fins, diving board, selfserving restaurant, home-style cooking; Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

Refreshments are available in the Sommersteinstüberl

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

with a sunny terrace!

Tel. +43 (0)6217/6307

Mattsee / Salzburg Lake District

Perwang am Grabensee

Mattsee: Mattsee Swimming Beach,

Grabensee: swimming area and campground

Tel. +43 (0)6217/5252:

Tel. +43 (0)6217/8288 or 8247

Admission: adults euro 5.00

Children day ticket euro 2.50

Snack bar, sunbathing lawns, raft,

shwr., WC, changing cabins, snack bar,

playground, beach-volleyball court, changing

sunbathing area, playground, beach-

cubicles, lockers, kids’ paddling pool,

volleyball court, youth campground, table

“iceberg”, water slide, sun loungers,

tennis table.

umbrellas, showers/WC, dive tower, baby pool, parking for a fee.


Info: Tourism & Recreation or from the Tourist Office, Tel. +43 (0)6217/6080

Liefering Recreation Lake, Schmiedingerstrasse 6,

Included in your SalzburgerLand Card and Salzburger

Tel. +43 (0)662/432440, +43 (0)662/623411 or 8072,

Seenland Card!

ext. 4313

Neumarkt am Wallersee beginning of May – mid Sept. daily

Wallersee: Neumarkt Swimming Beach,

depending on weather; Swimming Area:

Swimming area and campgrounds

93,530 m²; Total Water Area: 22,600 m², ca.

Tel. +43 (0)6216/4400:

0 – 4 m deep, Sunbathing lawns, cold-water

Showers, WC, changing cubicles, snack bar,

showers, bathrooms, changing cubicles,

sunbathing, lawns, playground, beach

drinking fountains, snack bar, lifeguards on

volleyball, mini golf, table tennis

duty, beach volleyball, basketball, football, big playground

Winkler Swimming Beach,

Dogs not permitted! Fishing not allowed!

Tel. +43 (0)6216/5270:

Free admission!

Shower, WC, changing cubicles, snack bar, sunbathing lawns, playground

Outdoor Pools:

changing cubicles, lockers, snack bar,

Leopoldskron Outdoor Pool, Leopoldskronstrasse

paddling pool, sunbathing lawns, warm-water

50, Tel. +43 (0)662/829265, +43 (0)662/623411 or

showers, drinking fountains, bathrooms, table

8072, ext. 4313,,

tennis, volleyball; dogs not permitted!

Admission: adults euro 4.40

beginning of May – mid September daily from

children euro 2.40

9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (until 8 in good weather) Total area of grounds: 53,175 m2, Total

Alpenstrasse Outdoor Pool, Alpenstraße (AYA

water area: 3,055 m2

pool), Hinterholzerkai 8, Tel. +43 (0)662/623411 or 8072, ext. 4313,, 2

Lap pool: 50 x 15.8 m, 790 m , 1.9 – 4.5 m

deep, 6 lanes, dive tower: 1 m, 3 m, 5 m, 7.5

Shared access and ticket office for the indoor and

m and

outdoor pool.

10 m (platform)

Open from the beginning of May to mid September: 2

Fun pool: ca. 1,186 m , 4 lanes 25 m, 0-1.40

daily from 9am – 7pm (in good weather until 8pm),

m deep, 4 lanes, 2 jets, entrance to the lake,

Pool area: 10,523 m

massage jets, 5 water spray posts

Total water area: 750 m

2 2


Leisure pool: 1,080 m , 0 – 1.2 m deep, with water slide (72 m long), entrance to the lake,

Pool: 25x16 m, non-swimmer’s pool 19x16 m,

massage seat, jets, climbing net, 2 animal

children’s pool: ca. 50 m , water temperature 22°-24°,

figures, 2 water spray posts

sunbathing area (extended sunbathing area for the


Children’s pool: ca. 60 m , 0.4 m deep 2


outdoor pool via the entrance area of the AYA indoor

Play stream: ca. 30 m , 0.3 m deep

pool), playground, sanitary facilities, season lockers,

Counter current, water temperature 22°-24°,

snack bar, drinking fountain, warm water showers,

children’s pool, changing cubicles, lockers,

beach volleyball court, slack line.

snack bar, drinking fountain, playground,

Dogs not allowed!

table tennis, mini golf, sunbathing lawns,

Admission: adults € 4.40

children € 2.40

umbrellas & loungers, play areas, warmwater showers, billiards table, beach

Indoor Pools:

volleyball, bathrooms.

Paracelsus – Pool & Spa, Auerspergstraße 2

Dogs not permitted!

Tel. +43 (0)662/883544: Fax +43 (0)662/883544-39.

Admission: adults euro 4.40,

children euro 2.40

Hours of the indoor pool: Mo-Fr 10am-9pm, Sa, Su & holidays 10am-7pm, sport pool, 25

Volksgarten Outdoor Pool, Hermann-Bahr-

x 15 m, children’s fun pool, slide, waterfall,

Promenade 2, Tel. +43 (0)662/623411 or 8072, ext.

pirate ship, climbing tower, dive tower (1 m),

4313,, www.stadt-

underwater massage jets, counter-current,

paddling pool. Water temperature 28°, air

Open from the beginning of May until mid

temp. 31°.

September: daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (in

Admission: adults euro 4.60

good weather until 8 p.m.),

children euro 2.30

Area of the Facility: 16,825 m2 AYA indoor pool, Franz-Hinterholzer-Kai 8, Tel. +43

Total Water Area: 1,460 m2 2 pools, 33 x 21 m, each 700 m, children’s o

pool: 45 m, water temperature 22-24 C

(0)662/623411 or. 8072, ext. 4313,,


Open year-round (closed for 2 weeks for maintenance). Indoor pool hours: Mon-Fri 7am – 9pm, Sat 10am –

Wallersee: Seebad Seekirchen,

8pm, Sun and holidays 10am – 7pm,

Tel. +43 (0)6212/4088

The indoor and outdoor pool are located on an area of 2

Showers, WC, snack bar, sunbathing lawns,


2091m , 1947 m for the indoor pool and a building

volleyball, playground; changing cubicles,

height of 5m, shared access for the ticket office for the

kids’ water slide, Free admission, parking

indoor and outdoor pool, expanded sunbathing area

charge of euro 3/car.

for the outdoor pool over the entrance area,

Boat rentals right next door!

Maximum no. of visitors 200 (in the indoor pool at the same time)

Zell Natural Swimming Beach

Pool water temperature 24-28°C, training pool water

Tel. +43 (0)6212/4080

temperature 28-32°C,

Open access;

1 pool 25x16 m with 6 lanes, water depth 1.4-2 m with

Shower, WC, snack bar, sunbathing lawns,



starting pedestals, 400 m water surface – 680 m

volleyball, playground, parking fee euro 3

water, 2

1 training pool 8x6 m, water depth 0.8 – 0.9 m, 48 m



water surface, 40.8 m water Handicap-accessible facilities, 3 designated hadicap

Outdoor Pool:

parking places on the Franz Hinterholzer-Kai,

Strasswalchen Outdoor Adventure Pool:

Reachable: mainly with public transportation: Obus

Lap pool, small kids’ pool, children’s pool,

lines 3, 8, 28, ca. 300 bike parks, new bike path

slide, snack bar, playground; beach-volleyball

between the Alpenstraße and Franz Hinterholzer Kai


Dogs are not allowed!

Free parking.

Admission: adults € 4.70

children € 2.40

Admission: adults euro 5 children up to age 16 euro 2.50

Seeham / Trumer Lake District

Info avail. from the Tourist Office, Tel. +43 (0)6215/6420

Obertrumer See: Seeham Swimming Beach, Tel. +43 (0)6217/5493


Partner facility of Bambini on Tour. Shower, WC, diapering room, snack bar, sunbathing

Outdoor Pool:

lawns, water slide (40 m), Aqua-Jump,

Thalgau Outdoor Pool “Thalaguna”,

playground, beach-volleyball court; boat

Tel. +43 (0)6235/5521:

rentals, handicapped-accessible WC, barrier-

3 pools: heated pool with access from

free swimming area incl. barrier-free access

indoors, natural pool (50 x 30), children’s

to the Obertrumer See with a ramp. Climate

pool; changing cubicles, lockers, snack bar,

Alliance Partner.

restaurant, children’s playground, table

Admission: adults euro 4.30

tennis, mini golf, tennis, sauna, tanning

Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

studio; beach-volleyball court.

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

Admission: adults euro 5.10

Tel. +43 (0)6217/5493,

children euro 3.10,

St. Georgen

Rental charges: sun umbrellas: euro 2.20,

St. Georgen lake - near the Rendlhaus. Changing

loungers euro 3

cubicles, WC, sunbathing lawns, beach volleyball, snack bar


Info: St. Georgen municipal office

Showers, WC, changing cubicles; snack bar,

Tel. +43 (0)6272/2929

sunbathing lawns; Admission: adults euro 3, after 2:00 p.m. euro

Wolfgangsee Region


Children up to age 14 free.

Visitors with Strobl Guest Pass 50% off, euro St. Gilgen

1.50 Parking fee, car/motorbike: all day euro 2,

Wolfgangsee: St. Gilgen Swimming Beach,

after 2:00 p.m. euro 1

Tel. +43 (0)6227/7147

Umbrella rental fee 2.20; loungers euro 3.

Showers, WC, sunbathing lawns, water slide

Parking Fees: cars euro 3, motorbikes euro

into the lake; sand playground, kiddie pool,


games with large plastic figures. Admission: adults euro 3.90, children euro 2.10 Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

Swimming in Abersee: WC, sunbathing lawns; Admission: adults euro 3, after 2:00 p.m. euro 2 Children up to age 14 free. Visitors with Guest Pass 50% off, euro 1.50

Waldbad Fürberg

Info at the tourist office, Tel. +43

Tel. +43 (0)6227/2385-0


Admission: adults euro 2.00 Children up to age 8 free!

Indoor Pools:

Parking: € 3, starting at 2:00 pm € 2

Hotel Bergrose, Tel. +43 (0)6137/5431 Pool facilities incl. waterfall, massage jets,

Hotel Hollweger,

whirlpool, Kneipp spa, heat benches, quiet

Tel. +43 (0)6227/2226

room, tanning studio, sauna, steam bath,

Panoramic indoor pool, infrared sauna, Turkish steam

massages, Arabian Rasul bath

bath, brine mist bath, steam room, Finnish sauna, massage, rock grotto, cosmetics. Registration

Hotel Seethurn Labcom GmbH

requested. 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Tel. +43 (0)6137/ 20255 Package Price/adults: for use of the indoor pool,


infrared cabin and fitness center, sauna, steam cabin, tanning bed, whirlpool, Dermalife, hydrojet; no time




Massage and vacuum light therapy by appointment.

Showers, WC, changing cubicles, snack bar, sunbathing lawns;

St. Wolfgang

Admission: adults euro 3, after 2:00 p.m. euro 2


Children up to age 14 free

“Bacherlwiese” Swimming Area,

Visitors with Strobl Guest Pass 50% off, euro

Tel. +43 (0)6138/2547


Admission: adults 2.00 Parking (per car) euro 3.00

children euro 1

Berau Swimming Area,

Admission: adults euro 5.00

Tel. +43 (0)6138/2543

children euro 3.00.

Admission: adults 3.00

children euro 2

With guest pass euro 4.60 Family ticket with

Parking (per car) euro 3.00

guest pass euro 12.20. Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

Information – Ried Swim Area,

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

Tel. +43 (0)6138/2487

Tel. +43 (0)6243/4040-0

Arndt Swimming Beach, café

Adnet & Ebenau

Tel. +43 (0)6138/2587 Admission: adults euro 4

children euro 2

Wiestal Reservoir: Outdoor Swim Area: open access.

Intermezzo Swimming Area,

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

Tel. +43 (0)6138/3019

Tel. +43 (0)6245/80625

Kritzinger Lakeshore Swim Area,


Tel. +43 (0)6138/8014 Admission: euro 4

children euro 2

Waldbad natural forest pool Idyllic location, 2000 m2 water surface

Indoor Pools:

water slide, children’s pool, large sunbathing area,

Hotel “Im weissen Rössl” Tel. +43 (0)6138/23060

beach volleyball court, and table tennis

1 pool, heated lake pool, sauna, steam bath,

Large sunbathing area, snack bar

tanning bed, massage, playroom, fitness room, Revidem Spa,

Admission: adults: € 3.50 children € 2.00

Admission: euro 21 adults

Free admission with a guest card from Annaberg-

8 children up to age 7


12 ages 8 – 12

Info: Annaberg-Lungötz Tourist Office +43(0)6463

16 ages 13 - 18

8690 Bad Vigaun

TENNENGAU Public spa resort Abtenau

Tel. +43 (0)6245 8999-646 Indoor pool, Roman pool, outdoor pool, sauna, steam

Outdoor Pools:

baths, tanning booths, infrared cabins

Abtenau Outdoor Pool & Terraces,

Opening times:

Tel. +43 (0)6243/2284;

Mon-Fri. 10:00am – 10:00 pm, Sat and Sun 10:00am -


Adventure Pool with all kinds of attractions, current canal,


70 m speed water slide, wide 15 m water slide, whirl-loungers, climbing net, 25 m lap pool, children’s pool with kids’ slide and sun hammock, natural play stream, beachvolleyball court, big sunbathing lawns;

Bluntaubach: outdoor swimming area: open access. Lammer: outdoor swimming area:

open access. Info at the tourist office, Tel.

sleeping room, meditation room

+43 (0)6244/4356 Sauna Paradise (outdoors) "Aqua-Salza Warmth & Wellness World",

Möslstrasse 199,

terraced sauna garden with all kinds of room to tan and breathe in the fresh air

salt-water sauna

Tel. +43 (0)6244/20040-0 Fax. -44

pond-side sauna

Open daily from 10 a.m., Water World open daily until

gallery sauna (inside the mountain rock)

8 p.m., Sauna & Wellness Paradise MO – TH until 10

summertime bar

p.m., FR & SA until 11 p.m., Sundays and public

tanning beds

holidays until 9 p.m.

sunbathing area with waterfall, stream and

• • • •

multi-function pool with integrated 25-metre



Full-day admission

all-year outdoor pool (Four Seasons Pool)

Early sauna from 10 am – 2 pm euro 12.90, valid

with massage loungers, surface current

Mon-Sat (except for holidays)

massage tub

Evening admission: valid 3 hrs before the sauna

invigorating pool with surface current and

closes euro 15.90, valid Mon-Sat (except for holidays)

adults euro 24.90

neck showers • •

swimmable canal from indoors to out


spacious areas to stretch out, both indoors and out

Outdoor Pools:


Schlossbad Wiespach:


Lap pool: 50 m long with six lanes and a swimming

tanning beds

surface of 800m².

100-meter slide with light and sound effects

Diving platform with three different heights.

All-day admission: adults euro 11.00

Leisure pool

children up to 3 yrs. old: free

with waterfall, jets, and a 40m long slide.

children 4-17: euro 8.00

Water depth maximum 1,35m Kiddie pool

Sauna Paradise (indoors)

100m², a shady park offers plenty of room for families

low-temperature sauna

Finnish sauna


steam bath

Snack bar with terrace

Rasul mud bath

Large playground (1,750 m²)

with children.

herbal bath with variety of fragrances and

Two beach volleyball courts


Beach soccer


Soccer field

pulsating and invigorating showers

Tel.: +43 (0)6245/ 80679

warming foot baths, Kneipp therapy

cold immersion pool

outdoor pool / exercise pool with massage loungers

Kuchl Bürgerau Lake Resort: open access

heat benches

Changing cubicles, snack bar, sunbathing

quiet rooms with water beds and aquarium

lawns, playground, parking (for a fee).

rooftop terrace, winter garden

Info available from the Kuchl Tourist Office, Tel. +43

Bad Hofgastein

(0)6244/6227 In- and Outdoor Pool: Tauglbach: outdoor swimming area: open access.

Alpen Therme Gastein, Tel. +43 (0)6432/8293

Scheffau am Tenningebirge

6 health, leisure, and adventure worlds in 32,000 m

Lammer: open-air swimming area,


Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

open access. Schilchegger Recreation Center, children’s

Gastein Swimming Lake (in Bertahof)

playground, table tennis, table football,

Showers, WC, changing cubicles, snack bar,

beach-volleyball court, broad sunbathing area, kiosk Info: Tel. +43 (0)664/1328346

sunbathing lawns, beach-volleyball court Info avail. From Tel. +43 (0)664/1847565 Swimming Lake: A sunny island between Bad St. Martin am Tennengebirge

Hofgastein and Bad Gastein. Children’s play area, volleyball court and small soccer pitch. Open from the beginning of June.

Adventure Lake Resort St. Martin

All-day ticket adults € 4.80, children € 2.50

Approx. 5,300 m² water area, giant water slide, large sunbathing lawns, lake restaurant

Info: Tel. +43 (0)6434/2686 (Hotel Mozart)

with terraces, beach-volleyball court, playground, changing cubicles;

Bad Gastein

Admission: adults euro 4.90, children (ages 6-15 ) euro 2.90

In- and Outdoor Pool:

After 3 p.m.: adults euro 2.60, children euro

Felsentherme Bad Gastein,


Tel. +43 (0)6434/22230, Fax 2223 20

Tel. +43 (0)6463/7488 or +43 (0)6463/64003 with quiet spa, 600 m² spa experience, exciting slide, 600 m² panorama-wellness


area, sports pool, relaxation pool, fitness zone.


Info available from the Tourist Office, Tel. +43 (0)6432/3393-560

Outdoor & indoor pool: Therme Amadé Therme Amadé has many attractions:


Health treatments, experience-oriented family attractions, only wave pool in the area,

Adventure Pool:

25 m lap pool with 1 and 3 m diving boards,

Tel. +43 (0)6462/2329,

large warm water pool with different saltwater

adventure pool with water mushroom, water slide,

concentrations, looping slide, different theme

current canal, lap pool and diving pool, snack station

saunas, Hamam made of Sölk marble, steam

children’s area with play pond, mini slide, sailing ship,


solar heating.

Info: Tel. +43 (0)6452/20888

Open from May till September in good weather, 8am –




Solar Pool – THE family pool in Gastein


Info and prices at Tel. +43 (0)6433/7410

Seebichl Beach and Cafe

Pool, sauna, tanning booth, infrared cabin, wellness

Tel. +43 (0)6416/7278:

area, beach volleyball, sunbathing lawns, kiddie pool

children’s pool, cabins, lockers, snack bar,

Info and prices at Tel. +43 (0)6433/7410

table tennis.


Admission: adults euro 3.00 children euro


1.50 Hotel Seeblick Beach

Eben im Pongau

Tel. +43 (0)6416/7312 cabins, snack bar, table tennis, volleyball

Eben Lake Resort,


The lake resort with a large water slide, children’s

Admission: adults euro 2

pool, playground, and restaurant; it’s not just a fun

Goldegger See:

experience for the little ones but also a relaxing

Beach, Tel. +43 (0)6415/8103-66:

children euro 1

change of pace.

children’s pool, cabins, lockers, snack bar,

The large sunbathing area invites you to work on your

row boats, table tennis.


Admission: adults 3.90, children 2.10

Tel. 06458/8114 – open in good weather from 9:00am – 7:00pm


Outdoor Pool: Grossarl Adventure Pool at the new sports & rec.


center. Tel. +43 (0)6414/8602 or 8898-0

Filzmoos Recreational Park & Pool,

4 pools (heated): lap pool 25 m, fun pool with

Tel. +43 (0)6453/20044, Fax. 20044-14,

slide and bubble-jet loungers, diving pool and,

toddler pool; changing cabins, lockers, snack

Filzmoos Recreational Park & Swimming

bar, mini golf, adventure playground, beach

Pool (in- and outdoor pool) daily 11:00 –

volleyball etc.

8:30, wellness area, tanning beds, massage

Admission: adults euro 4.50 children euro 2


Included in your SalzburgerLand Card !

pre- and post-season closed Tuesdays. May

Info from the Tourist Office, Tel. +43 (0)6414/281

be subject to change.

Indoor hotel pools open to the general public (some with sauna and wellness facility):


Hotel Edelweiss: Tel. +43 (0)6414/300-0,

Reitdorf Lake (swimming lake): open access (dogs

Hotel Alte Post: Tel. +43 (0)6414/207

are not allowed).

Flachauwinkl Lake (swimming lake): open access

Hotel Fichtenhof: Tel. +43 (0)6414/332

(dogs are not allowed). Hotel Moar-Gut: Tel. +43 (0)6414/319

Hotel Tauernhof: Tel. +43 (0)6414/264

lockers, snack bar, restaurant, playground,

table tennis;

Hotel Waldhof: Tel. +43 (0)6414/8866

Admission: adults euro 5.50

children euro 2.35 Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

Mühlbach am Hochkönig

Info avail. from the Tourist Office, Tel. +43 (0)6452/7472

Outdoor Pool: Mühlbach Outdoor Pool,


Tel. +43 (0)664/2042318 Mr. Hemetsberger or Tel. +43 (0)6467/720913 Mr. Kruselburger

Russbach Natural Pool & Water Park

2 pools incl. 25 x 8 m (heated) with water

Natural swimming pool with a waterfall, variety of

slide, children’s pool; lockers, snack bar;

diving opportunities and a water slide, fun for the

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

whole family.

Tel. +43 (0)6584/20388-40

Admission: adults € 3.50 children € 2.00 families € 10.00

Mühlbach Swimming Pool: Tel.+43 (0)6467/7209 All-day ticket: adults € 3.50

Water Park

All-day ticket: children € 1.70

The children’s canoe course, playground, play stream

Included in the SalzburgerLand Card!

with weirs and a water wheel, are real hits with the

Free admission with the Hochkönig Card!

kids. Kneipp spa and Nordic Walking trail. Peaceful oases in the park.


Free admission: Info: Tel. +43 (0)6242210 or 577

Outdoor Pool: Pfarrwerfen Outdoor Pool,

Sankt Johann / Alpendorf

Tel. +43 (0)6468/8182: Pool 33 x 16.5 m (heated), children’s pool;

Swimming Lake: Plankenau – Schlosshof,

changing cubicles, lockers, restaurant,

Tel. +43 (0)664/4555000


Swimming lake (5000 m²),

Admission: adults euro 5.00

beach volleyball court, snack bar,

children ages 6-10 euro 2.50, ages 11-18:

playground, kiddie pool


Admission: adults euro 4.20; children euro

Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!


Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

children up to age 6 are free!

Tel. +43 (0)6468/5390 Outdoor Pool: Radstadt

Forest Pool, Tel. +43 (0)6412/6002 Sports and kiddie pool, children’s area with

Outdoor Pools:

flat pool, 35m water slide, dive tower

Alpenschwimmbad Radstadt,

(1 and 3 m);, children’s playground, table

Tel. +43 (0)6452/5117:

tennis, changing cabins, lockers, snack bar,

3 pools incl. 20 x 20 m (heated) with water slide, children’s pool; changing cubicles,

terrace café

Admission: adults euro 3.70; children (ages

current, children’s play stream, massage

6-10) euro 1.10; children (ages 11-18) euro

benches, whirl-island, floor jets, large, sunny


sunbathing area with nearby playground “The realm of the hobgoblins”, open-air restaurant

Indoor Pool:

with sunny terrace, sauna facility with Soft

Sporthotel Alpenland, Tel. +43 (0)6412/7021

sauna, steam bath, infrared cabins, 2 Finnish saunas, Kneipp pool, and clothing optional

12 x 18 m pool; sauna, steam bath, whirlpool, aerobics, fitness room

roof terrace.

Admission: adults euro 14.60; children euro

Pool admission:


euro 5.50, family ticket (2 adults+1 child)

adults euro 10.00, children


Info from the Tourist Office, Tel. +43 (0)6412/6036

Dates: 09.05. through 30.09.2013 St. Veit

1 admission included in the SalzburgerLand Card! Tel. +43 (0)6413/7430, Fax: 7430-11

Outdoor Pool:

Additional Information:

St. Veit Outdoor Pool, Tel. +43 (0)6415/6910: or

Admission: adults euro 4, children euro 2m, adults Werfen

with guest card euro 3.50 Included in your SalzburgerLand Card! Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

Outdoor Pool:

Tel. +43 (0)6415/7488

Werfen Outdoor Pool, Tel. +43 (0)6468/5223-10: ²


1 pool 500 m (heated), children’s pool; lockers, snack bar.

Outdoor Pool:

Admission: adults euro 4.20

Schwarzach Adventure Pool: ²

children euro 2.10, youths up to 16 euro 3.20

Adventure pool 270 m incl. water slide and

Family pass, adults euro 9.50

massage jets, 250 m² lap pool, children’s

After 1:00 p.m., adults euro 3.20, children

pool incl. play stream, each solar heated;

euro 1.60, youths euro 2.10, Family pass,

changing cubicles, lockers, snack bar;

adults euro 7.40

Admission: adults euro 4.80,

Open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

children euro 2.40,

Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

2-hour pass: adults euro 2.80

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

Tel. +43 (0)6468/5388 or pool supervisor

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

Tel. +43 (0)664/5588342

Tel. +43 (0)6415/7520 Werfenweng Wagrain Outdoor Pools: Outdoor Pools:

“Wengsee” Leisure Park

Adventure Pool “Wasserwelt Amadé Wagrain”,

Tel. +43 (0)6466/796;

1000 m² of waters (indoor and outdoor), 4

Natural swimming area, See-Alm with sun

water slides – 50 m turbo slide, worm-tube

terrace, 27 m giant slide, beach volleyball,

slide, wide slide, fun slide, in- and outdoor baby pool with dragon slide, jet counter

badminton, fishing pond Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

Indoor Pools: Kaprun and Zell am See

Tel. +43 (0)6466/420

Outdoor Pool: Fusch Outdoor Pool, Tel. +43 (0)6546/239: Pool 25 x 12.5 m (heated), children’s pool;


changing cubicles, lockers, snack bar, playground;

Bramberg am Wildkogel

Admission: adults euro 3.50

Mühlbach outdoor pool

Kneipp pool in Bad-Fusch, free admission

children euro 1.20 Price: adults euro 3.00 Children from 5-14 yrs. old euro 1.50


Embach - Lend

Hollersbach Lake Resort: Showers, WC, changing cubicles, snack bar,

Outdoor Pool:

cafe, sunbathing lawns, play and adventure

Gasthof Embacherhof,

park, sep. children’s area;

Tel. +43 (0)6543/7227, heated.

Admission: adults euro 3.70; children up to age 15 euro 1.60; youths up to age 18 euro 2.20;

Indoor pool:

family ticket euro 9.00; groups of 10 or more euro 3.00

Sporthotel Embach,

per adult, children euro 1.20

Tel. +43 (0)6543/7208.

Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

Info from Mittersill Plus Tel. +43 (0)6562/4292, Fax

Tel. +43 (0)6543/7215

5007 e-mail:;

Grossglockner-Zellersee Kaprun

Bruck and Fusch Zeller See: swimming beaches:

In- and Outdoor Pools:

See Zell am See.


Outdoor Pool: Schloßbad Bruck,

Tauern Spa Platz 1

Tel. +43 (0)6545/7102, +43 (0) 664/8112481

Tel. +43 (0)6547/2040-0

Lap pool 12 x 25 m (solar heated), adventure

pool with water mushroom, flood shower, sunny island and bench with massage


features, kid’s pool, play stream for children, mother – child area with quiet room, 44 m

Durchlassboden Reservoir:

long water slide; changing cubicles, lockers,

Outdoor swim area, elev. 1405 m /open

snack bar, playground, beach volleyball


court. Admission: adults euro 4

children euro 2

Family ticket 2 adults + children euro 7

Outdoor Pool: Krimml Outdoor Pool, Tel. +43 (0)6564/7411:

Short swimming time 2 hrs. adults euro 2,

2 pools (heated), children’s pool; children’s

child € 1 Family ticket starting at 4:00 pm € 4

slide, changing cubicles, lockers, snack bar,

Open from 9:30am – 7:00pm.

playground, table tennis, mini golf, tennis courts; volleyball court.

Admission: adults euro 4.00

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

children euro 2.00

Tel. +43 (0)6542/68318


Maria Alm

Outdoor Pool:

Outdoor Pool:

Sonnrain Recreation Area, Tel. +43 (0)664/85567 67

Sommerstein Adventure Pool, Tel. +43

(Karl Neumayer, pool manager)


750m² of water with giant slides, wildwater

2 pools 500 m² (heated) incl. water slide,

canal, beach access, lap pool, children’s pool

wildwater canal, massage jets; children’s

and slide, play stream, big Kneipp spa,

pool; changing cubicles, lockers, snack bar,

training area, sauna, table tennis, beach

playground, table tennis;

volleyball court, soccer pitch, spacious

Admission: adults euro 4, children euro 2.20.

sunbathing area and much more. Massages

Included in the SalzburgerLand Card!

and tennis also possible.

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

Admission: adults euro 5.10, children euro 2.60

Tel. +43 (0)6584/7816

Included in your SalzburgerLand Card! Info avail. from the Tourist Office,


Tel. +43 (0)6582/70660 E-Mail:

Outdoor Pool:

Mittersill Outdoor Adventure Pool,

This facility is open during the summer months from

Tel. +43 (0)6562/4024

9am – 7pm (in good weather)!

Lap pool, non-swimmers pool, kiddy pool, wildwater canal, air bubbles, massage jets,


pulsating shower, water slide, dive tower, playground, changing cubicles, lockers,

Outdoor Pools.

snack bar.

Steinbergbad Lofer, Tel. +43 (0)6588/7296:

Admission adults euro 4.40, with guest card

Swimming pool (heated) 10 x 25 m; non-

euro 4

swimmers pool 10 x 24 m (heated), 45 m

Hours: mid-May-June 10:00 – 7:00

water slide, pulse showers, massage bench,

July-August 9:00 – 8:00

mother-child area with children’s pool, 75 m

Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

wildwater area, changing cubicles, lockers, snack bar, table tennis, biotope, beach

Indoor Pools:


Sporthotel Kogler Indoor Adventure Pool,

Admission: adults euro 2.90

Tel. +43 (0)6562/4615, e-mail:

Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

Pool 12.5 x 25 m; whirlpools, massage jets,

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

underwater music, warm-water swimming

Tel. +43 (0)6588/8321

day, changing cubicles, lockers, snack bar, restaurant, sauna, tanning beds, massage,


wellness area; Admission: adults euro 7.10 children euro 3.90 (with Guest Card), special

Zeller See: Maishofen Lakeshore Swim Area: Showers, WC, changing cubicles, snack bar, sunbathing lawns; Free admission!

evening rate after 6:00 p.m. euro 4.60; Hours: daily 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Neukirchen am Grossvenediger


Natural Swim Area,

Outdoor Pool:

Info: Tel. +43 (0)6565/6256

Sonnblickbad, Tel. +43 (0)6544/6396: Pool 15 x 32 m (heated), children’s pool;


changing, cubicles, lockers, snack bar, playground, table tennis, 51 m water slide;

Niedernsill Lake Resort - Restaurant Libelle,

Admission: adults euro 4.00, with guest card

Tel. +43 (0)6548/20056. Fax: 20056

euro 3.50

Leisure grounds with water slide, kids’

children euro 2

paddling pool w/pre-warmed water, Kneipp

Free with your SalzburgerLand Card!

spa, wet biotope, playground, tennis courts,

Open from May to the beginning of September

table tennis, mini golf, archery range; lockers

(dependent on weather)

and private changing cubicles; Admission: adults euro 5.40

Saalbach Hinterglemm

children euro 2.80 Included in your SalzburgerLand Card and Hohe

Käpt’n Hook outdoor adventure pool

Tauern Card!

Glemmtaler Landesstraße

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

Tel. +43 (0)6541/6516 (management/ticket office)

Tel. +43 (0)6548/8232, Fax 8428, e-mail:

Tel. +43 (0)6541/6611-25 (administration)

The outdoor pool with the theme "Käpt´n Hook" offers unique facilities: 1000 m² with wild water canal,


climbing net, massage chairs, whirlpool, and rain zone - a tube slide a light and waterfall sound effects - a

Outdoor Pool:

large slide und a wide slide. There is also a beach volleyball court and outdoor theater for kids. On the


ship’s deck, there is a restaurant area.

Tel. +43 (0)6549/7300:

Opening hours:

2 pools incl. 25 x 12.5 m (heated) with water

With nice weather, daily from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

slide, children’s pool, water mushroom; changing cubicles, lockers, snack bar,

Mystical “devil’s water”

playground, table tennis, Pit Pat, a big fun

In the Hinterglemm valley head

park next door;

Lindlingalm, 5754 Hinterglemm

Admission: adults euro 4.80; children euro

Tel. +43 (0)6541/7190,

3.00; family ticket euro 10.50, bike ticket for 1

A few meters past the popular Lindlingalm is the

hr. (map euro 4.80; refund upon return euro

devil’s water! This attraction makes summer in the

2.40 – also valid for skaters)

mountains in Saalbach Hinterglemm a richer

Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!


Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

The ”magical” world of the valley head devil’s water is

Tel. +43 (0)6549/7239

next to the large theme park, which has many game and wellness stations centered around the element of water. A Kneipp pool is also available as well as a fish pond, forest play house, mill wheel, rock pool, cave path, alpine herb path, stone dragon area, fairies, dwarf, and dancing forest spirits. There is also a

corresponding rest area. The whole summer long you


can enjoy the magical world of the valley head devil’s water in Saalbach Hinterglemm for no cost at all!

Outdoor Pools: Stuhlfelden Recreation Center,


Tel. +43 (0)6562/41240: Swimming pool 200 m², adventure pool 300

Ritzensee Lakeshore Resort

m², with water slide, current canal, water

(moorland swimming lake), Tel. +43 (0)6582/72519:

mushroom, bottom bubbler, children’s pool

Showers, WC, changing cubicles, snack bar,

with baby slide; sun loungers, sunbathing

sunbathing lawns, non-swimmers pool,

lawns, changing cubicles, lockers, snack bar,

children’s pool, sauna, tanning beds,

restaurant with sun terrace, playground, Pit-

playground, sports grounds; clothing optional

Pat, table soccer, beach-volleyball, sauna.


Admission: adults euro 5.00, with guest card

Admission: adults euro 4.30 children euro

euro 4.50


Children up to 15 euro 2.00 youths/seniors

Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

euro 3.00. Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

Outdoor Pool:

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

Obsmarkt Adventure Pool, Tel. +43 (0)6582/73459:

Tel. +43 (0)6562/4292

4 pools (solar-heated) incl. water slide and counter current,


children’s activity pool, dive tower (1. 3 and 5 m); changing cubicles, lockers, snack bar,

Saalach: Unken Outdoor Swim Area: open access.

tanning beds, playground, table tennis; Admission: adults euro 4.30 children euro

Outdoor Pool:


“Alpenbad” Recreation Center,

Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

Tel. +43 (0)6589/4300:

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

Pool 33.5 x 17 m (heated) with water slide,

Tel. +43 (0)6582/70660

children’s pool; changing cubicles, lockers,

snack bar, restaurant, playground, table tennis, beach volleyball;

St. Martin bei Lofer

Admission: adults euro 4.50 Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

Lower Kaser Gorge Natural Swimming Area: Outdoor Swim Areas:

Indoor pool:

3 swimming ponds, grill sites, playgrounds,

“Alpenbad” Recreation Center,


Tel. +43 (0)6589/300:

Children 5 and under are free! Children ages

Pool 10 x 20 m with counter current;

6-15 euro 1, adults with Guest Card euro 3.

changing cubicles, lockers, snack bar,

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

restaurant, sauna, tanning studio, massage,

Tel. +43 (0)6588/8321

strength chamber; Admission: adults euro 5.50 Info avail. from the Tourist Office, Tel. +43 (0)6588/8321


clothing optional terrace, heated open-air pool, kid’s pool, huge slide

Uttendorf Lake Resort: Adventure Lake:


Showers, WC, changing cubicles, snack bar,

adults euro 6.90, youths euro 4.40, children

sunbathing lawns, water slide. “Swim Island”,

euro 3.70

water trampoline, climbing iceberg, children’s pool, table tennis, playground, garden chess,

Thumersbach Swimming Beach,

tennis courts, soccer fields, beach-volleyball

Tel. +43 (0)6542/72355:

court, skate area, NEW: bouldering park;

Pedal boats and rowboats, playground, water

Admission: adults euro 4.00

trampoline, water-skiing school, bocce lane, cafe

children euro 2.00; children up to age 6 free. Included in your SalzburgerLand Card and Hohe

Showers, WC, sunbathing lawns, heated outdoor pool Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

Tauern Card! Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

Seespitz Lakeshore Swimming,

Tel. +43 (0)6563/8279

Tel. +43 (0)6542/55125: Showers, WC, sunbathing lawns, heated

Wald - Königsleiten KRISTALLBAD Wald/Königsleiten Spa, fun & wellness for big and small – this is the philosophy of the Kristallbad. Highlights such as the 50-meter long giant rube slide, the special children’s

open-air pool Erlberg Swim Area Showers, WC, snack bar, sunbathing lawns; water trampoline, playground, pedal and row boats Free admission!

pool with a variety of attractions and the natural water garden guarantee variety-packed fun in and around

Prielau Swim Area:

the water. Immerse yourself in the glittering world of

Shower, WC, snack bar, sunbathing lawns;


Free admission!

The recreational facility includes: • • •

indoor pool with tube slide in the outdoor

Wieshof Swim Area:

bathing area (also open in winter)

Showers, WC, sunbathing lawns;

professional therapy and wellness area

Free admission!

sauna area (Finnish, infrared and bio saunas,

Tel. +43 (0)6542/785

steam bath)

NEW: Zell am See recreation center (indoor pool, incl.

dining area

steam bath, huge slide, children’s area, indoor and

hair salon

outdoor sauna, tanning booth, relaxation area, lounge bar, massages)

Prices and additional info: Zell am See Zeller See: Zeller See Beach, Tel. +43 (0)6542/72650: Shower, WC, sunbathing lawns, dive tower (5 m); water trampoline, 18-hole mini golf course, water-skiing school, café/pub,

fitness center, physician for homeopathic LUNGAU

medicine and acupuncture, plus a Vitality Bistro. Sauna Hours – Summer: Mn – Wed from 3:00 – 9:00


pm Thu from 5:00 – 8:00 pm ladies’ sauna, no sauna

Mariapfarr Outdoor Pool at the Samsunn Vitality &

hours before and after

Wellness Center

Fri & Sat from 3:00 – 9:00 pm

From the beginning of June until the beginning of

Closed on Sunday

September, the Mariapfarr outdoor pool offers lots of


room for sporting activities and fun in and out of the

Adults: instead of € 12.80 only € 11.50 for 3 hrs.

water. In the heated 30m sports pool with divided

Children & youths (6-18): € 7.50 for 3 hrs.

lanes, you can enjoy a leisurely swim or give yourself

Tel. +43 (0)6473/20020-0,

a real work-out, while your children get to play and splash in the 26-degree (C) family pool. For small


children there is even a kiddie pool, where the youngsters can splash, play and have a fantastic time

Outdoor Pool:

as they get comfortable in the water for the first time.

Mauterndorf Adventure Pool,

After a refreshing dip, you can stretch out on our

Tel. +43 (0)6472/7632:

spacious sunbathing lawns, soak up some rays and

Pool 25 x 12 m (heated) with big non-

allow your eyes to roam across the magnificent alpine

swimmers area, water slide, massage jets,

scenery of the Lungau region.

children’s pool, play stream; changing

Hours: beginning of June until beginning of

cubicles, lockers, snack bar, playground,

September, Monday through Sunday, 10am – 7pm

table tennis, mini golf;

(depending on weather)

Open from 9:00 until 7:00

Prices: Children (6-15) € 2.50

Admission: adults euro 4.80

Youth & students up to 26: € 3.50

children euro 2.00.

Adults all-day € 4.50

Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

Adults half-day € 3.80 St. Michael Samsunn Vitality & Wellness Center, partner of the Lungau Card and SalzburgerLand Card Nestled amid unique mountain landscapes, you

Outdoor Pools: St. Michael Outdoor Pool, Tel. +43 (0)6477/8564

will discover an oasis of relaxation of a very

large adult pool 33 x 12 m (heated)

special kind. The Samsunn Vitality & Wellness

large youth pool

Center is conceived in such a way that everyone

small kiddie pool

who wants to do something good for their body

table tennis

will feel like they’ve discovered paradise on earth.


Awaiting you on a total area of 1,800 m² is a

changing cubicles, lockers, snack

modern wellness facility with a unique sauna

bar, restaurant

center consisting of a Finnish sauna, herbal

Opening times: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

sauna, the “Crystal Dome” and “Sleeping Giant”

Included in your SalzburgerLand Card!

saunas, steam bath, Kneipp spa, infrared cabin,

Info avail. from the Tourist Office,

whirlpool, spacious quiet area with water beds,

Tel. +43 (0)6477/8913

cosmetics and beauty treatments, physiotherapy,


Sauna Facility: Bio Sauna

Indoor Pool:

Finnish Sauna

80-meter Black Hole water slide

Steam bath

Heated wintertime outdoor pool

Spacious open-air area

Adventure pool with waterfall, water loungers,

Hours for Indoor Pool (year-round):

massage jets etc.

daily from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. When the open-air pool is in operation, 9 a.m. to 9

Open-Air Pool:


Sports pool

Hours for the Open-Air Pool:

Diving pool with 1-meter board and 3-meter

31.05. till 08.09.2013


Daily from 9 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

Adventure pool with a variety of surprises

Hours for the Sauna:

Beach-volleyball court

daily from 2 p.m. until 9 p.m.

Sunny terraces

SalzburgerLand Card accepted!

Mini-golf course

Info:; Tel.: +43 (0)6474/2312

Though every effort has been made to insure accuracy, not liable for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions. Last Updated: March 2013