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Dear Guests, Being a parent is a full-time job. It was easier to be a family in the past. The mother stayed at home and looked after the children while the father went to work. Therefore it was easier for the family to do things together in the evenings or when the father had a day off or had holidays.


A day on the farm ...........................4 A family day in the National Park Hohe Tauern............................6 Herb corner .....................................8


The 5 Tibetans, children’s Yoga & Edu kinesiology................10 Baby & children’s treatments ........12 Pony riding ....................................14 Tennis ............................................16 Golf ...............................................17


Mini Club, Kiddy Club and Teenie programme.........................18

It is a lot different today, as also the mother often goes to work and it is increasingly difficult for her to undertake activities, as a family, in her free time. As a mother of two daughters I would like to remind you to really enjoy time with your children! Be aware that the time you have in your life, intensively with your children, is short and soon they want to go their own way and you will be longing for the days again when you spent time together. Create everlasting memories which your children will happily look back on. Our goal is happy families! Our goal is to create precious and everlasting memories for you and your children to take home with you. With our Family & Children´s programme “On Nature´s Trail”, we wish to give you and your children unforgettable experiences with exercise and fun in the fresh mountain air of our region. By activities such as baking bread together on the farm or walking with a Nation Park ranger, all five senses – seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting – are heightened and most of all: enjoy nature! We are looking forward to your visit!


Hagleitner at one glance.... 20 Summer prices 2011.......................25 Family benefits...............................26 External HIGHLIGHTS. Activities in the region ..................30

Greetings, Your Ilona Hagleitner & the HAGLEITNER-Team

every Tuesday, The family day at THE FARM. A DAY at THE FARM.

After baking, there is a lot to see and do:

A day in which you experience a lot with your children and collect many new unforgettable impressions. A day which turns into an adventure with your family.

Farmer Robert’s Border Collies listen to his whistle and help him herd sheep, goats and geese, on command, in the field. A fun and instructive spectacle for the children to see how the animals respond and let themselves be herded.

It begins at 10am. A tractor with a big trailer is waiting for you after approx. 10 minutes travelling time, either with the hotel transfer or your own car. Jump into the trailer and have an adventurous ride to the farm, where Robert and Elizabeth are waiting to greet you. Immediately on arrival you are shown around the farm and then its time to grind flour for dough to make bread. Each child kneads his/her own bread, which is marked by a little flag with his/her name on it. Creativity has no boundaries and therefore some loaves are in the shape of smileys, lambs, dogs or fish! Then, Farmer Robert, who is also a professional forest educationalist, collects all the works of art and everyone follows him to a big wood oven. He tells stories about bread baking in his grandmother’s day whilst the loaves are baking. At the end of the day all the children are, of course, allowed to take their own bread home.

The children are allowed to feed the geese, sheep, rabbits and goats and some animals let themselves be patted. Whoever likes sporting activities can use the big trampoline, the cable slide and the small playground with its slippery dip, sandpit and swing. There are also sack races, jumping rope and throwing horse shoe competitions for children with each other or with their parents. Adults and older children (from 8 years old) can also try their hand at archery.

Lunch is cooked for you in the snack bar. This hut also serves as shelter in bad weather. Parents, who wish to have some time on their own, can wander along fields and forest and should definitely not miss having a glass of beer from the farm’s own brewery. The Kohlschnaithütte is an old Pinzgau mountain farm house, built over 300 years ago. Inside and outside is still very much the same today and has a cosy, country atmosphere. In summer, Farmer Robert invites walkers to relax with a glass of beer from his brewery at his snack bar. In Winter, he invites you to have fun on his tractor tyre slide and to take his illuminated toboggan run down into the valley.

Children interested in arts and crafts can collect natural materials in the surrounding fields and forest and do handicrafts with them or paint them in the snack bar.

The Kiddy Club is closed on the day at the farm, until everyone returns to the hotel, because the Kiddy Club supervisor organises this excursion and helps supervise it. However, the Mini Club remains open. The Day at the Farm is a set part of the programme from April to October. Please understand if it has to be cancelled because of bad weather. 4



FAMILY DAY in THE NATIONAL PARK Hohe Tauern – EVERY FRIDAY. Every Friday from May until October means getting out of bed early to enjoy a special experience. The day starts at 8am with a drive to the Blausee in the National Park Hohe Tauern. All children, 8 years or older, start at 10am into the park, away from roads and paths, accompanied by a real park ranger! All one´s senses are exercised on this day because there is a lot to observe and discover along the way: reading animal tracks, listening to the sounds of nature and guessing

them, solving animal and plant puzzles and by the end of the day everyone can grind their own personal Hohe Tauern stone as a memento. Families with children younger than 6 years have the possibility to take a walk around the lake, play in and at the water or inform themselves about the flora and fauna of the National Park with the information boards of the nature trail. Children between 6 and 8 years, whose parents would not like to come with them, cavort with the supervisors. For the barbeque lunch a camp fire is lit and the whole group comes together to enjoy it. At 4pm it goes back to the hotel which is reached at approx. 5.30pm. Equipment: It is important to bring enough to drink, maybe an extra snack, sun protection, rain gear, a towel, extra T-shirt and socks in your own rucksack. Sturdy shoes are also recommended.

Arrival can be organised individually or with the local Pinzgau train. The excursion for children is free, adults must pay for the train trip there and back which is 15,00 Euro at the most, depending on the size of the group. The programme and the barbeque is free for everyone. The Kiddy Club is closed, until everyone returns to the hotel, because the Kiddy Club supervisor organises this excursion and helps supervise it. However, the Mini Club remains open. Please understand if it has to be cancelled because of bad weather. 6

White-throated dipper & Co. Every Monday from 11th July – 12th September 2011 from 1pm – 5pm in Hollersbach. Easy walk, suitable from 6 years old. A family walk along the newly renovated path by the stream in the Hollersbach valley where one can discover the typical fauna and flora living in and around the stream. Price per child: 4,00 Euro (until 14 years old) Price per adult: 6,00 Euro Wild animal and bearded vulture safari. Every Wednesday from 22nd June – 21st September 2011 from 3pm – 7pm in Habachtal. Easy walk, suitable from 6 years old. A ride to the viewing point with a professional hunter and expert on Habachtal in a Hohe Tauern transfer vehicle. From here one can observe the releasing of bearded vultures and, with a little luck, wild animals such as marmots, chamois and deer. Price per child: 6,00 Euro (until 14 years old) Price per adult: 8,00 Euro Ice worlds – glacier, then and now. Every Wednesday from 13th July – 7th September 2011 from 7.30am – 6pm in Hopffelboden. Challenging, suitable from 8 years old. During this walk you will learn about glaciers and the creation of the Tauern valleys in the region. In good weather you can climb up passed an old Turkish tent town to the Kürsinghütte and walk down again through the “Klamml”. Price per child: 26,00 Euro (until 14 years old) Price per adult: 29,00 Euro Prices include the rides to and from with the Täler taxi.

All included transfers are valid from the respective meeting point. You can take your own car or use a transfer service to the starting point of a tour and back to the hotel. Please note that the price of a transfer is not included. Reception will gladly help you organise a tour (travel plan or taxi booking).

Pfandlscharte – Großglockner. Every Wednesday from 13th July – 14th September 2011 from 8.30am – 5pm from the tollbooth in Ferleiten. Challenging, suitable from 8 years old. Following a bus ride to the Glocknerhaus, there is a walk up through high, beautiful, flowering meadows, passed an alpine lake, to the far Pfandlscharte and back down through the Ferleiten valley. Price per child: 21,00 Euro (until 14 years old) Price per adult: 24,00 Euro Prices include the bus to the Glocknerhaus. Summit experience at an altitude of 2.761 metres. Every Thursday from 14th July – 8th September 2011 from 9.30am – 5pm from the Enzingerboden cable car terminal of the Weißsee glacier. Very challenging, suitable from 8 years old (approx. 5 hours walking time, good equipment necessary). On this mountain tour you are accompanied by an experienced National Park ranger to the summit cross of the Medelzkopfes. You will be amazed by the impressive dimensions of the Glockner mountains you can see from there. Price per child: approx. 15,00 Euro (until 14 years old) Price per adult: approx. 27,00 Euro Prices include the up and down cable car transfer with the Guest Card.




In these times when herbs usually come out of the supermarket freezer, we often forget to tell our small ones where the herbs, which we use daily in our food, actually come from. many children today don’t know how these plants grow and in school there is often too little time to take children out into nature so that they can experience them with all their 5 senses – and not just see them in a biology book.

Children of the same age have the most fun with cooking and preparing spreads and fruit juices.

In the hotel’s own small herb corner the children are showed how seeds grow into herbs and finally land in our food. Children should learn to tell different herbs by their taste, leaves or flowers and why crawling animals are as important as the sun and water for the growth of plants. The children´s programme “On Nature´s Trail” helps to make your children aware of which animals and plants need protection and the difference between biological symbios in nature and chemical intervention by people.

VISIT THE BEEKEEPER. Within the activity programme you have, together with your children, the possibility to visit a nearby beekeeper. In a few hours you get to know how bees communicate with each others, a bee‘s state and their hive is built up, why these insects are so important for the pollination, why single products of the bees not only taste well but also have curative effects and a lot more. Of course you can also buy products of the beekeeper there. Price per child: 7,50 Euro Price per adults: 15,00 Euro Duration: approx. 2 hours

Once a week, the small guests make spreads with herbs, from the children’s herb corner, and fruit and vegetable juices with the children’s supervisors and cooks in the HAGLEITNER Family Balance Hotel & Spa – and then demolish them with, perhaps, their home-made bread from the farm! In fine weather the children may take it all outside in the garden and have a picnic with their parents. So don’t go too far away from the hotel or you might miss out! The Hagleitner-Team wishes you a lot of success and Bon Appétit!

WOOD WORKSHOP. What is more beautiful than children’s eyes shining when they give you a self-made present? Or their proud faces when they happily hold in their hands something they have personally made after working on it for a long time? In a workshop children learn to use hand tools skilfully whilst their creativity runs free. Children are so full of energy and super ideas and they build these into their own “creations”. The wood workshop master watches the children working and helps them when they are not sure what to do next. Be delighted with their super works of art. You will be enthralled with the little artist hiding in your child! A small amount is charged for the products used. Suitable for children from 6 years old.



THE 5 TIBETANS, CHILDREN´S YOGA & BRAIN GYM. Exercise is also an important part of the children’s programme in the HAGLEITNER Family Balance Hotel & Spa. It wants to be ensured that the children’s programme contains enough exercise through sport. Therefore, there are a variety of exercise units which help children to get to know their body better. The professional trainer gathers a group of children, who are interested in these training units and practices with them, either outside in the fresh air, or inside, depending on the weather. A playful aspect remains foremost – gymnastics depicting a story, various exercises copying an animal or structure.




Physically and mentally fit through a few minutes of gymnastics daily. The 5 Tibetans are easy exercises where one simply follows on from the next. They make it easier to get up, banish sleeping problems, balance posture and help to improve reading and writing weaknesses. It is fun doing exercises together with others and promotes relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing.

The goal of Brain Gym is to make learning easier and put learning problems aside.

KINDERYOGA. Strengthen body and soul – children’s yoga is a complete exercise unit whereby children learn playfully how to relax and be consciously aware of their own bodies. A children’s story coupled with various exercises can develop into a small trip of a lifetime. Children’s physical and mental development can be encouraged with yoga exercises and is particularly helpful for children who are often restless, tense or tired.

The exercises are simple to learn and developed for all those who get tired whilst reading, loose the line they are reading, have to read words and sentences over again to understand their contents, see letters and words backwards or write them as a mirror image. This method of relaxation is also very helpful for children who mix up right and left, walk awkwardly, are muddled by traffic signs, often knock into things or trip and those whose hands cramp whilst writing.


Kinesiology means “the study of motion” and its goal is to free blocked energies and let them flow to activate the body’s selfhealing process.

An energy massage for the smallest guests (babies from 1 month old). This massage concentrates on the age old need for babies to be gently fondled. It makes the baby’s start in life outside the mother’s womb easier, as it becomes aware of its body. A gentle, calming, touching massage of the whole body and careful stretching help our smallest ones to take the huge step of integration in the first months of life. Digestion problems can also be eased. Price per child: 30,00 Euro | duration 20 minutes

Allergies and gluten intolerance. Allergies and gluten intolerance can be tested, alleviated or even energetically corrected by special treatments.



To promote basic trust as well as supporting posture. This gentle back treatment eases tenseness in the back area and therefore strengthens the bladder-, kidney- and small intestine meridians which are so important for an erect body. The baby can enjoy this treatment in its mother’s arms and completely relax. Price per child: 30,00 Euro | duration 20 minutes

For strengthening the constitution and a general feeling of wellbeing. Children are always in a constant growing and development process. The whole meridian system is not yet completely mature and therefore they are more prone to getting sick. Children’s Tuina activates the healing energy of the body and stimulates the energy circulation, hence strengthening the body’s defence system. Price per child: 30,00 Euro | duration 20 minutes


Asiatic body exercises help children to discover strengths within themselves and to develop them. The children’s self-appreciation is supported and their self-confidence is strengthened through simple Qi Gong, motoric exercises and relaxation techniques. Price per child: 15,00 Euro | duration 45 minutes Group size: 3 – 7 children.

School children today are faced with very special challenges and expectations in their social environment, which can be found stressful in their young years. Children’s shiatsu assists in healing sensitivity, posture and motoric problems. Price per child: 40,00 Euro | duration 30 minutes



This treatment helps your baby when it suffers from a tummy ache caused by wind, whether acute or chronic and it can be used as a preventative as well. Essential oils from fennel, caraway seed and aniseed warm the tummy area and soft massage techniques stroke the tummy ache away. Price per child: 23,00 Euro | duration 15 minutes

A back massage story. Even children’s backs are often tense. This massage frees tension in their backs and encourages mobility of the spine. It also helps children to become aware of their backs and this leads to fun and enjoyment. Price per person: 30,00 Euro | duration 20 minutes



Edu kinesiology. The goal of Edu kinesiology is to facilitate learning and alleviate learning difficulties. This treatment helps to develop one’s complete potential and a learning profile can be put together if required.




Fear and Phobias. Fears and phobias are eased or fully taken away by dissolving energetic and emotional blockages. Only one of the above treatments can be given per unit. Price per child: 75,00 Euro | duration 50 minutes


CHILDREN´S ASTROLOGY. The key to a child’s heart. How will my child develop? What abilities does it have? How can I encourage my most precious treasure? These questions interest every mother and father! A child’s birthday horoscope gives parents many answers and insights as to how they can best support, encourage and understand their child. Necessary: child’s name, date of birth, exact time of birth and place of birth. Child´s birthday horoscope: 60,00 Euro | duration 50 minutes

A foot massage story. This massage, done from the head down to the feet, quietens lively children so that they have a more relaxed awareness and feel peaceful. It also supports the self-healing process in accordance with headaches and immune system problems eg. frontal sinus and middle ear inflammations. Price per child: 30,00 Euro | duration 20 minutes



PONGOS Horse riding school.

Which child doesn’t dream of magic at some time? Dream to be able to make magic like Harry Potter or Bibi Blocksberg and surprise their parents! Now your children have the opportunity to learn how to make magic in “Pongo´s Magic World” from professional teachers in a playful way. They can astound school friends and grandparents at home with their children hotel’s magic suitcase. For children from 6 years old. Price on enquiry.

It is known that “luck in this world is on the back of a horse” and as this is close to the hearts of children, the HAGLEITNER Family Balance Hotel & Spa takes them pony riding once a week to the nearby “Quo Vadis” riding stables. Melanie Kirisits and her mother, Joanne, care for and breed Welsh Mountain ponies (ideal for children aged 2 – 12 years old) as well as Arabs and Lewitzer (suitable for children from 9 years old and for adults). Both breeds are very docile. All ponies and horses are well trained by the owners and cared for over years by them. Therefore they are also perfect for riding lessons. The Kirisits family has qualifications such as dressage licence, trail riding supervisor or Centered Riding Instructor and therefore a wide range of training possibilities – and there are offers for all riding fans, whether beginner or professional. Extra offers such as lunge lessons, ride-outs, leading ponies through the countryside and caring for ponies and horses in the stables can be booked for 20,00 Euro per hour. It is also possible to book special courses under separate conditions. Please make reservations beforehand.



Babies and children of all ages can learn how to swim and feel secure in this ancient element called water. According to a child’s phase of development, it learns the effective way to a proper swimming style in three stages. Booking required. Price on enquiry.


GOLF FOR CHILDREN & FAMILIES. The HAGLEITNER Family Balance Hotel & Spa is the perfect starting point for a wonderful golfing holiday! Both the 18 hole courses of the Leading Golf Club Zell am See/Kaprun are only 5 minutes from the hotel. The Urslautal, Gut Brandlhof and Mittersill/Stuhlfelden courses are 30 minutes away and a further 20 Austrian courses are reachable within one hour by car. If you want, you can stay at the HAGLEITNER Family Balance Hotel & Spa for 25 days and visit a new course every day – is there a more central starting point?

TENNIS. Tennis fans don´t need to go without their favourite sport during their holidays because the Zell am See Tennis Club is only a few minutes walk away from the HAGLEITNER Family Balance Hotel & Spa. The five outdoor sand courts and four indoor courts are mainly used by members training for championships and are therefore perfectly cared for.

OFFER FOR GUESTS. The outdoor courts are free for hotel guests until 4pm and then cost 11,00 Euro per 55 minutes. One indoor court (carpet with resin) is available when the weather is bad or later in the evening and costs 14,00 Euro per 55 minutes until 5pm. Afterwards it costs 16,00 Euro per 55 minutes. Please pre-book both outdoor and indoor courts. You can hire a racket for 2,00 Euro (max. 2 hours) at the court. Balls are free of charge. Stringing a racket is also possible if required.

COURSES. The tennis school offers courses for all adults and children over the age of 5, whether they have learnt to play before or would like to learn it during their holiday. Lessons are either 55, 90 or 120 minutes long and have focal points such as special beginner’s lessons, technique, video analysis and tactics or training for individual improvement. They are for all age groups and cost 40,00 Euro, 65,00 Euro or 87,00 Euro respectively for groups of 1 to 4 persons.

There is something for everyone, whether a beginner or a professional!

Golf taster day. In the active programme taster lessons are offered on the driving range of the Leading Golf Club Zell am See/Kaprun, once a week, from April to October. Balls and clubs are supplied and a golf pro will help you with your first swings and basic techniques. Children accompanied by a parent are free of charge. Price per person: 15,00 Euro | duration approx. 2 hours

Golf – beginner’s course.

CHILDREN´S TRAINING. Training group 1-2 children: Price per child: 33,00 Euro excl. balls | duration 30 minutes Training group 3-4 children: Price per child: 29,00 Euro excl. balls | duration 60 minutes Training group 5-8 children: Price per child: 22,00 Euro excl. balls| duration 60 minutes One can also book a license course, an advanced license course as well as a handicap test for a surcharge. The golf school team and the HAGLEITNER reception team are happy to personally inform you of various possibilities. Get a children’s golf bag as a present: Every child who has completed 10 training sessions and accomplished the basics for the handicap test receives a golf bag as a present from the hotel. Therefore nothing stands in their way to continue with their training, a round of golf with their parents or a future golfing career!





9 holes

Mon – Thurs



9 holes

Sat, Sun, holidays



18 holes

Mon – Thurs



18 holes

Sat, Sun, holidays


Family day green fee***

36,00 179,00

4 day course (daily 2 x 60 min. with trainer) incl. practice balls, club hire, rules & etiquette information, information about the correct clubs, certificate and gift package. 1 person: 410,00 Euro 2 persons: 565,00 Euro 3 persons: 715,00 Euro 4 persons: 860,00 Euro Handicap test after beginner´s course: Price per person: 199,00 Euro

* Adult prices conform to the partner hotel prices when booking a green fee at the hotel’s reception, ** until 14 years old, *** 2 adults + 2 children up to 18 years old. 16


Mini Club, Kiddy Club, TEENie PROGRAMme & PONGOS ADVENTURE LAND. Children are the building blocks of life. It is difficult for us to be happy if they are not happy. The HAGLEITNER Mini & Kiddy Club creates a world in which your children have a feeling of well-being. The HAGLEITNER Family Balance Hotel & Spa MINI CLUB is for children from 3 months to 3 years old and the KIDDY CLUB for older children, from 3 years to 12 years old. Teenies from 8 to 14 years old also have individual programmes. Childrens´supervisors put together a super, adventurous programme for your small ones each year, so that you and your children can thoroughly enjoy your holiday. You can linger over breakfast and be sure that your children are having fun in 800 square meters “Pongo´s Adventure Land” or happy out in the fresh air. There is no such word as boring here! There is enough room for fantasy, ideas and playing – either in the hotel, Fun Park, outside play ground or on an excursion. Your child can experience culture for the young and a variety of interesting times in the Dolby Surround cinema, the children’s theatre or at an exciting magic show. Children can be brought and collected at any time.



Pongos Fun park.

The excitement is rising. The first time in front of a big audience. The first time on stage. The words are remembered and the costume is fantastic. Nothing can go wrong. The curtain goes up slowly.

The aroma of all kinds of culinary delights captures everyone: a short pause to replenish strength again at the children’s buffet in “Pongo´s Adventure Land”. A paradise for every age, no matter how noisy it becomes! A festive banquet for ever child!

The 100 square meters Fun Park in Pongo´s Adventure Land is unique in Austria.

Standing in the limelight, children can unfold their young creativity – a dream for many of them and it is possible here. With perfect choreography, colourful stage sets and enchanting, talented young artists the pending shows can only be a hit! There is room for up to 120 people to marvel at the young stars playing their character roles with abandon. The cinema, with its mega screen (3,50 x 3,50 meters) offers thrilling and funny movies for adults as well as children. Stage free or films begin – there is something for everyone!

IN SUMMER – 7 days supervision per week Days


Sunday – Friday

9.30am to 7.30pm 9.30am to 9pm


10am to 6pm*

* in the Kiddy Club 18

KIDDY CLUB 10am to 6pm

Meal times except Saturday at 11.30 am, 12 noon and 6pm.

FIT & FUN with PONGOs TEENIE PROGRAMMe. In the HAGLEITNER Family Balance Hotel & Spa, Pongo has recently extended his repertoire and is happy to present his new “Fit & Fun – Teenie programme”! The “older children” can meet in their own room, with various sporting possibilities, from Monday to Friday from 4.30 pm. Time flies with table tennis, table football, boxing sack training, a basketball game or by children’s cooking, in the evening cinema or in the Teenie-Disco!

The following is found over 2 storeys and is for all kids to enjoy: > Spiral and Kamikaze slippery slides > Ball pool and tower tornado > Climbing tower > Illuminated ghost cave > Spider web climbing net > Zic zac jumping course > Climbing mountain with ropes > Vertical rolling > Cable car > Balance beam > Nudging sack & stepping stones over a net > Dragon tooth cave > Squeeze rolling > Jungle bridge > Crawling pipe > Nintendo Wii Station > and much more The Fun Park is open all day long for children accompanied by their parents! To all parents: we are not liable for children who do not want to go home! 19





> Hotel apartments and suites from 40 square meters to 100 square meters with cable and sky TV > Baby and children’s equipment: computerised baby phone – one per apartment, children’s´ and baby’s beds, children’s chairs and cushions, nappy changing mats and bins, baby baths with thermometers, bottle warmers and air vaporisers, WC attachments, potties, prams and buggies for sitting and lying, baby carrying rucksacks, foot bags, night lights > Harmonious restaurant with various cosy rooms and open kitchen > Free underground garage > Free hire of children’s and city bikes > High chairs and bouncers > Safety socket plug > 24 hour doctor service > Laptop station and internet terminal WLAN in the hotel lounge > Tennis at the outdoor tennis courts close by (Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm free of charge)

> Large breakfast buffet (7am – 10.30am) > Lunch buffet with fresh salads and warm daily menus (12noon – 1.30pm) > Afternoon snack with cold dishes (3.30 – 4.30pm) > Afternoon cakes (2pm – 5pm) > Choice of three different evening dinner menus with salad buffet (6.30pm – 8.30pm) > Ice cream (2pm – 5pm) > Fruit basket all day long > Coffee, cappuccino, espresso, hot chocolate and tea all day long > Eight different cold alcohol-free drinks from the drink fountain all day long > Hipp children’s corner

> 800 square meters children’s adventure land, unique in Austria including a 100 square meters indoor fun park over 2 floors > Mini Club (from 3 months to 3 years old) and Kiddy Club (from 3 years to 12 years old) with 74 hours of children & baby supervision, focused on the 5 senses, 7 days a week > Super adventure programmes for all children > Pongo´s theatre with show stage, Dolby Surround Cinema and Harry Potter magic shows > Children’s restaurant with “Stammtisch” (a table reserved for children only) > O wn supervision area for babies and small children – with separate bedroom and baby terrace > Teenie room > Children’s touch screen computer > Nintendo Wii Station > Table football

> Swimming lessons in “Fred’s Swimming Academy” for babies from 3 months old > 2 x weekly consultation with a doctor is possible in the hotel > Babysitting on request outside of supervision times > Pongo´s magic school for children from 6 years old > Wine tasting in the hotel’s own wine cellar > Baby & children massage treatments, child shiatsu and children’s kinesiology > Golf taster day > Tennis lessons


Hagleitner ENQUIRiES.

Family Wellness.

T +43.6542.57187, Further information:

> Family Wellness Center: outdoor pool, children’s splashing pools, indoor pool, children’s sauna, tepidarium > Hotel’s own lakeside ground in Thumersbach (10 minutes by car) > Baby and children’s massage room

A QUIET AREA (1.400m²) ONLY FOR ADULTS, easily and quickly reached by an underground passage: the MAVIDA BALANCE CENTER & SPA. > Beauty and massage area > Big spa and wellness area with a “Private Spa Suite“, generous sauna rooms, steam bath, peaceful relaxation rooms and indoor pool > Outdoor-sport-pool and sun terrace > Unique open air “Private Floating Pool” > “BLUE BOX” with deep relaxation couches > Mental Balance - awarded with the “GALA SPA AWARD 2009” > Fitness center with cardiac and weight lifting equipment > Sport and fitness programme included for all adult guests 21

“HUNDSTEIN” APARTMENT 40 m² STANDARD FURNISHINGS. Anteroom, bathroom with hairdryer, WC, bedroom with double bed, sitting room with pull out double bed couch, parquet floor, telephone, cable and sky TV, room safe, kitchenette, balcony facing West or terrace, roofed access to outside Ideal for families with 1 or 2 children

“SONNBERG” APARTMENT 50 m² COMFORT FURNISHINGS. Anteroom, bathroom with hairdryer, WC, bedroom with double bed and carpeted floor, bed-sitting room with king size double bed and extra pull out double bed couch, parquet floor, telephone, cable and sky TV, internet access, room safe, kitchenette, balcony with entrance to the bedroom


Photos of the individual categories as well as 360° viewing can be found on the HAGLEITNER homepage under Some pictures and drawings of the apartments should be seen as models and deviations are possible.

Ideal for families with 1 to 4 children

“KITZSTEINHORN” APARTMENT 55 m² COMFORT FURNISHINGS. Anteroom, bathroom with hairdryer, WC, bedroom with double bed, children´s bedroom with bunks, sitting room with pull out double bed couch, carpeted floor, telephone, cable and sky TV, room safe, kitchenette, balcony or terrace, apartment can be reached with an elevator Ideal for families with 1 to 4 children

“ERLBERG” APARTMENT 45 m² SUPERIOR FURNISHINGS. Anteroom, bathroom with hairdryer, WC, bedroom with double bed, bed-sitting room with king size double bed and extra pull out double bed couch, parquet floor, telephone, LCD cable and sky TV in the bedroom and sitting room, DVD player, music system, free wireless-LAN internet access, room safe, kitchenette, balcony facing South Ideal for families with 1 or 2 children

“SCHMITTENHÖHE” SUITE 100 m² SUPERIOR FURNISHINGS. Anteroom, 2 bedrooms with double bed & flat screen TV, 1 bedroom with twin beds, large sitting room with every comfort, telephone, cable and sky TV, DVD player, music system, kitchen with dining corner, WC, big bathroom with bath tub, shower (with steam bath qualities), 2 wash basins, hair dryer, make-up mirror, parquet floor, balcony, suite can be reached with an elevator Ideal for families with 2 to 4 children.

“FÜRSTENSUITE” 100 m² SUPERIOR FURNISHINGS. 2 bedrooms; 1 bed-sitting room with comfortable seating area, carpeted floor, cable and sky TV in every room, telephone, free wireless-LAN internet access, large luxurious bathroom with bath tub, shower cabin, 2 hair dryers, 2 illuminated make-up mirrors, sauna, DVD player, 2 wash basins, room safe, fridge, microwave, 2 balconies Ideal for families with 2 to 6 children. 22


PRICES & ARRANGEMENTS. GENERAL INFORMATION. All prices are given as per person in Euro. Rooms are ready at 3pm on your day of arrival. Check-out time on departure day is 10am. Catering for your holiday starts at dinner on arrival day and ends after breakfast on departure day. You can gladly extend the hours of arrival and departure for a fee. No house pets.

RESERVATIONS. You get 30% reduction on accommodation and the “All Inclusive Land of Milk & Honey board/pension” package for extra persons after 3 people have paid in full. 30% of the total amount as a deposit are required for a secure booking. Your reservation is valid when the deposit and a signed confirmation of the booking are received. EC-Card (only Austria, Germany, Netherlands & Switzerland), VISA, MasterCard and American Express are accepted. Taking out a travel insurance is recommended ( All bookings follow the Austrian hotel regulations (General Terms and Conditions for the hotel industry 2006). The court of jurisdiction is in Zell am See.


CANCELLATIONS. Cancellation of your apartment, suite or arrangement reservation is possible up to 28 days prior to arrival with a charge of 50,00 Euro handling fee. A cancellation up to 14 nights prior to arrival will be charged with a 50% cancellation fee of the total package price. A cancellation within 14 nights prior to arrival will be charged with a 90% cancellation fee of the total package price. This also applies to “no-show” guests and guests departing earlier than confirmed. A refund for services not used is not granted.

Adult´s PRICES

Hundstein Sonnberg Kitzsteinhorn Erlberg Fürstensuite Schmittenhöhe


30.04. - 11.06.2011 27.08. - 27.11.2011


16.04. - 30.04.2011 11.06. - 16.07.2011


16.07. - 27.08.2011










95,00 111,00 111,00 117,00 163,00 168,00

108,00 126,00 126,00 140,00 163,00 168,00

95,00 111,00 111,00 117,00 163,00 168,00

98,00 120,00 120,00 125,00 182,00 187,00

115,00 137,00 137,00 148,00 182,00 187,00

98,00 120,00 120,00 125,00 182,00 187,00

128,00 148,00 148,00 159,00 205,00 210,00

138,00 158,00 158,00 170,00 205,00 210,00

128,00 148,00 148,00 159,00 205,00 210,00

Price per adult per night including the “All Inclusive Land of Milk & Honey board/pension” – you can eat all day according to your wishes (breakfast and lunch buffets, afternoon cakes and snacks, dinner, alcohol-free drinks from the drink fountain, coffee, tea, ice cream, fruit basket). * Key: MW = midweek special rate for the nights Sun. - Thurs., RE = regular rate for the nights Thurs. - Sun., LS = long stay special rate for 6 nights or more.

CHILDREN´S PRICES 0 - 2 years 3 - 6 years 7 - 12 years 13 - 14 years




30.04. - 11.06.2011 27.08. - 27.11.2011

16.04. - 30.04.2011 11.06. - 16.07.2011

16.07. - 27.08.2011

33,00 33,00 33,00 50,00

33,00 33,00 33,00 50,00

35,00 35,00 45,00 55,00

Price per child per night including the „All Inclusive Land of Milk & Honey board/pension“ and the 74 hours of children & baby supervision, 7 days a week.


FAMILY WELLNESS & BALANCE Center. HAGLEITNERS FAMILY BENEFITS. Dive into new dimensions of time and space in the HAGLEITNER Family Balance Hotel & Spa. Gather strength in an atmosphere where adults and children have equal rights and discover unique possibilities for individual time as well as hours together. Enjoy wonderful times in the HAGLEITNER Family Balance Hotel & Spa – all around the clock.

Hagleitners XXL Family Bonus. The HAGLEITNER-Team has a heart for families. Large families often mean big prices and the hotel is also innovative here. The XXL family advantage: > you only pay 25,00 Euro per child and night from the third child on

MAVIDA Balance Center & Spa Voucher.


Relax with massage of your choice and let yourself be spoilt. Bring your body, spirit and soul into balance and leave everyday stress behind you. Your family benefit: > With a stay of 7 nights or more, you also receive a MAVIDA Balance Center & Spa voucher worth 100,00 Euro

Are you alone with your children and looking for a relaxing holiday where you can also spoil yourself? In the HAGLEITNER Family Balance Hotel & Spa there are cosy playing corners for you and your little ones. The professional 74 hour children’s supervision, aligned with the 5 senses, 7 days a week, ensures that you have time for your own well-being. Your family advantage: > children’s massage of your choice > no extra single room charges for a 7 nights or longer stay

HAGLEITNERs Family Benefits are valid from 30th April to 11th June 2011 and from 27th August to 27th November 2011. 26

In the Family Wellness Center you and your family can have a lot of fun – just as you like it.

The Family Balance Center and the 100 square meters indoor fun park are open all day.

The indoor pool and the separate splash pool for small children invite you to dive in and enjoy all sorts of water sports.

Appointments for baby massage, children’s Shiatsu and children’s kinesiology can be booked at any time.

Jumping, frolicking around, running, screaming – everything is allowed! Then: parents who wish to relax without children can enjoy peace and relaxation in the 1,400 square meters Balance Center & Spa in MAVIDA, the sister hotel!

Swimming courses according to the learning system of “FRED’S SWIM ACADEMY” in cooperation with the children’s hotels association are for babies from 3 months old and children from 4 years old and are held in groups of 3 or more children. Private lessons are also possible. Please pre-book. See prices under

It is also possible to take a sauna with your children in the Family Wellness Center. The temperature is regulated to be suitable for children who can then test and enjoy this pleasant form of relaxation. The steam and stimulating aromas of the Tepidarium also invite you to linger a while and tank energy for your next adventure.


Dear parents, the HAGLEITNER-Team also wants you to not miss out anything during your holiday! They wish to give you valuable hours in togetherness.


Thanks to the children’s programme you have the possibility to experience and enjoy completely individual moments alone or together with your partner. Relax in beautiful sunshine with a book by the pool or on the balcony of your room, take a wellness treatment in the 1.400 square meters Balance Center & Spa in the sister hotel MAVIDA or use your free time to do sport or take an excursion – whatever you feel like.

Mavida Balance Center & Spa. Discover and experience the MAVIDA Balance Center & Spa: > “Private Spa Suite” for romantic and relaxing hours alone or together with your partner > 10 square meters “Private Floating Pool” > “Blue Box” with lounges for total relaxation > A variety of classical massages > Big beauty section with international products such as Babor, O.P.I Master Lin or the hotel’s own “MAVIDA CRYSTAL SPA” line > Sauna landscape with Finnish and bio-herb sauna, steam bath, Kneipp pool, ice fountain, water and tea bar, quiet relaxing zone, finishing room > Fitness center with cardio and fitness equipment > Indoor and outdoor swimming pools > Sun terrace > Large choice of Mental Balance treatments, for which the Spa 2009 was the first one in Austria to receive the Gala Spa Award in the “innovative spa concepts” category

For further information please see the MAVIDA Balance Center & Spa brochure. 28

In case you have time for sporting activities, a weekly fitness programme is offered in MAVIDA, with a professional trainer (participation is free): > Yoga > Pilates mat training > Body forming > ATB Abs, Tummy & Butt > Back fitness > Hiking > Nordic walking > Bicycle tours > Aqua fit & Aqua relax > Stretching, circle training, pumping > and much more The MAVIDA Life Plus & Vital concept focuses on people searching for further information about personal, health and lifestyle orientated themes. Each of the offers contains a specific training programme to effectively help in reducing ailments, the best relaxation methods possible between units and a better and more active attitude towards life through preventative measures. All units are presented as personal training units and implement individual supervision attuned completely to your own needs. This method ensures the attainment of optimal results. Personal fitness training units can also be booked in addition or taken as individual units in a personal training programme. 29

HIGHLIGHTS OUTSIDE. EXPERIENCE the BREATHTAKING REGION. Here there are some ways introduced for you to enjoy your holiday in the HAGLEITNER Family Balance Hotel & Spa. Use your vacation days to admire the region and its splendour from many different perspectives. You will be amazed how many impressions and memories remain precious to take home.

ABOVE THE CLOUDS. > Tandem parachute jumping + introduction > Tandem paragliding > Gliding + course > Hot air balloon rides > Flying + taster course > Alpine sightseeing flight

IN COOL WATER. > Surfing + course > Sailing + course > Boot trips > Rafting > Canyoning > Fly fishing + course




> Breakfast walk > Electrobike tours (hire at the hotel) > Riding + course > Tennis > Guided mountain tours > Adventure tours > Mountain bike tours > Climbing > Ropes course > Golf + taster course + course > Skiing and snowboarding courses on the all-year round Kitzsteinhorn skiing area > Archery + course > Sport gunner station > and much more

> High dams in Kaprun > Großglockner high alpine road > Animal theme park Ferleiten > National park centre Hohe Tauern > Europe´s highest waterfalls in Krimml > World´s biggest ice caves in Werfen > Burg Hohenwerfen with knights festivals and raptorial bird shows > Tourist mine in Leogang > Schnaps & cheese with Siegfried Herzog > Riedl Glass factory & shop > Swarovski crystal world > Summer toboggan run in Saalfelden > Outside go-cart track in Leogang > Festung Hohensalzburg > Salzburg´s old city centre > Hellbrunn zoo > Hellbrunn water games > and much more

You will of course be accompanied by a professional in whatever activity you decide upon. If you wish you can have private tuition, group courses/tours, taster offers or all-day arrangements.

The HAGLEITNER team will gladly give you personal advice as to prices, personal requirements as well as an equipment list (if necessary). 31

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