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THE PERTILL MILL IN EBENAU The double mill has two separate milling wheels and was built between the 16 th and 17 th centur y. Up until 1967 it was in working order as grain growing was an impor tant factor in Ebenau. The Per till mill is one of 7 mills along the mill hiking trail (6 km)


GRUBER ALM MAYERLEHENHÜTTE IN HINTERSEE This original rustic mountain farm is well known for its fresh farmhouse doughnuts and home-made elderberry products. Even the Emperor found this to be a place of luck and came here regularly to enjoy Emperor´s chopped pancake. The farmer, Werner offers nature, mountain farming and woodland study tours.



Find your lucky place and think back to the time when names and hear ts were carved in tree trunks. This still takes place without harming a tree. At a few of the lucky places in the Fuschlsee Region there are “Carving Trees” and here it is possible to eternalize your sweethear t´s name in the old traditional way. A carving knife for this purpose is available in the Tourist Offices of the Fuschlsee Region, and the knife can also be ordered for Euro 2,90 per mail at

Carving tree


Lucky place


CASTLE WARTENFELS RUINS IN THALGAUEGG In the attractive landscape at the foot of the Schober mountain lie the ruins of the Castle War tenfels dating back to the 13 th centur y. Enjoy the marvellous panorama view of the Salzkammergut and the lower Alps from the ruins at 1020 metres..

In the Salzkammergut there are over 200 places which, as long as anyone can remember, stimulate us to meditate and replenish our spiritual energy. They are all unique places especially for the feeling of harmony and pleasurable memories. Add together all your lucky moments and you will find that you need not chase after luck, for it is all around you and waiting to be enjoyed.

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THE 1000 YEAR OLD LINDEN TREE IN FAISTENAU This old tree in the centre of the village has a long histor y and is the middle point of village life. Linden trees have special qualities: they radiate comfor ting and safeguarding energy and represent feminine power.

THE RUMING MILL IN FUSCHL AM SEE This old water mill, built in 1872, belongs to the Ruming farm. The renovated mill is now open twice a week from June to September. Original farmhouse bread is baked here on Tuesdays (from 1 p.m.) and on Fridays (from 3 – 5 p.m.) the water wheel is put into action for a milling demonstration.

THE BEAR´S CAVE IN FAISTENAU This nature trail is especially interesting for children and brings to mind the last Salzburg bear which lived in Faistenau until 1838. Based on this information, the combination of mankind, beast and nature becomes more aware.

THE NOCKSTEIN IN KOPPL The Nockstein (as a place of power) is a popular hiking destination at a height of 1042 metres. The rock formation ranges up about 300 m. and from the summit there is a fantastic view of the Flachgau and into the Salzkammergut.


On these two trees hang the death boards in rememberance of Faistenau ancestors. This age old tradition symbolizes the eternal cycle of bir th, living and death and stands for the energy of a comeback and rebir th.


A remarkable example of a folks shrine on the Koloman mountain. It is to be found in a small clearing at 1114 metres and is the oldest wooden church in Austria.

NATURAL MONUMENT PLÖTZ IN EBENAU The imposing water fall Plötz is a natural monument to be found in the course of the Rettenbach stream. In the wild romantic gorge with rock pools and water ways, there are five old water mills as evidence of previous eras. The mill hiking path begins at the Waschl mill.

SMOKE HOUSE MÜHLGRUB IN HOF BY SALZBURG The 500 year old historical monument Mühlgrub is a ty pical old smoke farm house in its original form, intigrating living quar ters, stall and working areas under one roof. Romantic candle light evenings are held here in summer and autumn when local farmhouse produce and cider are served.

THE VILL AGE LINDEN TREE IN HINTERSEE The linden tree was planted in front of the house of Karl Oberascher, wainwright and local store (now Haus Margit) on 2 nd December 1908 to commemorate the 60 th Jubilee of Emperor Franz Joseph I .

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