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With your 7 day Achensee Card you can, during regular openinghours, and as often as you like , enjoy any of the following activities and attractions! Enjoy breathtaking journeys up the mountains on the Rofan or Karwendel cable-cars, sail across Tyrols largest lake - the Achensee - on one of the Achensee ships, experience an unforgettable trip on Europes oldest steam cog-train, enjoy wandering through the village museum in Achenkich, the St. Notburga museum in Maurach, the tractor museum between Maurach and Pertisau and through the famous Crystal Worlds in Wattens. Where the Achensee Card can be obtained: •Σ The Rofan cable-car in Maurach •Σ The Karwendel cable-car in Pertisau •Σ The village Tourist Offices in Achenkirch, Maurach and Pertisau

The Achensee Card costs EUR 54.00 for adults and EUR 27.00 for children born between 1996 and 2004 (in adult company). Children born after 2005 travel free-of-charge! It is necessary to bring your valid visitors card with you when purchasing the Achensee card. A computer photo will be taken - making your Achensee Card your personal card!

Where does one obtain a visitors card and free bus pass? The visitors card and free bus pass is obtained, on arrival - in your hotel or boarding-house! (Naturally, it is unnecessary for children under the age of 6 to have a bus-pass). The bus pass is only valid when the front side of the card is correctly filledout, for example, with departure date (the expiry date), both fore and surnames, and the number of the visitors card. The pass should hold the hotel stamp and signature of the guest on the reverse side! The regional bus service is free-of-charge to all visitors in the Achensee Region - Achenkirch, Maurach, Pertisau and Steinberg, within the Achensee Region, by showing their valid white bus-pass!

Achensee Card 2011

The regional busses travel regularly between the villages Achenkirch, Steinberg, Maurach, Pertisau, Wiesing and Jenbach. Timetables are available in the Tourist Offices!


There may be an extra charge on divers transport for dogs, paragliding equipement or bikes!



3 Rofanseilbahn Karwendel-Begbahn Swarovski Kristallwelten

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Achenseer Museumswelt Achenseeschiffahrt

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Notburga Museum Heimatmuseum Sixenhof

Achensee Dampf-Zahnradbahn

The Achensee card is only valid during regular opening hours - no evening or special events!

Achenkirch • Maurach • Pertisau • Steinberg • Wiesing Achensee Tourismus • Im Rathaus 387 • 6215 Achenkirch am Achensee Tel.: +43/(0)5246/5300-0 • Fax: +43/(0)5246/5333 •


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Unfortunately, there is no refund on the Achensee card should any of the museums or cable-cars be out of order or closed!

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The Achensee Card is obtainable with a visitors´ card from Saturday the 7th of May until Monday the 24th of October 2011. The card is then valid until the 30th of October 2011! Information over the various opening hours can be obtained when purchasing the Card.

Rofan Seilbahn AG • A-6212 Maurach am Achensee

Tel. +43/(0)5243/5292 • •

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Achenseeschiffahrt Achensee Dampf-Zahnradbahn Rofanseilbahn Karwendel-Bergbahn Swarovski Kristallwelten Achenseer Museumswelt Notburga Museum Heimatmuseum Sixenhof

Adults EUR 54.00 / Children EUR 27.00 Children under 6 are free of charge. Unlimited use of the included facilities is possible!


Enjoy breathtaking journeys up the mountains on the Rofan or Kar- wendel cable-cars, sail across Tyrols largest lake - the Achensee - on one...