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Welcome to the GOLF MED Institute at the ThermenResort Warmbad-Villach In our competence centre you will experience the perfect synergy between medical and physiotherapeutic expertise, specially adjusted to the needs of golf players.

Special training and continuing in service education enable us to see to the needs of each problem situation. Both physical and mental fitness can be evaluated and optimized. We make use of the most modern sport medical test methods including tpi screening. We work with the latest sports medicine research methods including tpi screening, in which special function tests and specific exercise programs are included.

Thanks to our professional training we are accredited by the German pga as an official therapy centre, and therefore subject to strict quality safety measures. Dr Karin Aul, medical director of the Institute, is also a member of the teaching staff of the Austrian pga. We want to offer golf enthusiasts, from the young to the elderly, the opportunity to be able to indulge in their sport as suits their wishes and capabilities, without experiencing any problems.

The range of possibilities • Assessment of physical and coordination capacity • Drawing up of individual training progammes • Golfing-specific therapy measures • Golf mental training • Advice following orthopaedic operations

Basic check incl. TPI screening (approx. 60 min.) e 107,– •O  rientation talk patient/med. doctor/therapist •O  rthopaedic status •P  hysiotherapeutic status •T  PI screening •A  dvice and drawing up of individual training programme Comprehensive check (approx. 90 min) e 138,– • Basic check up incl. TPI screening • Specialist medical swing analysis • Video recording • Documentation on DVD

Physiotherapy (60 min) e 77,– •G  olf specific physiotherapeutic one to one training

Golf mental coaching (60 min) e 67,– with dipl. golf mental coach

Consultancy by medical specialist e 47,– (ca. 20 min)


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