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World Heritage Site

Dachstein Salzkammergut 2012

Spectacular viewing platforms, impressive caves and a large number of walking routes and sports activities:

Welcome to Dachstein.

Dachstein offers everything your heart could desire and promises days packed with nature and lasting memories. Discover the fairytale world of the Eishöhle, walk along the trails of the cave researchers through the Mammuthöhle and Koppenbrüllerhöhle, feel your adrenaline pumping as you stand on the 5fingers viewing platform and relax afterwards with a comfortable walk to the Heilbronner Kreuz. Whatever you decide, you are sure to be captivated by Dachstein!

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World Heritage Site.

Dachstein Salzkammergut. 4 colours, 4 levels of experience.

It starts in the valley with the crashing waters of the Koppenbrüllerhöhle, continues with some great experiences for children in the Schönbergalm nature park and caves at the Krippensteinbahn middle station and ends with some breath-taking views of the Krippenstein glacier plateau and Hallstatt glacier region.

Out of DachsteinKrippensteinbahn and straight on to

nature in Schönbergalm.

The charming location of the Schönbergalm nature park by the middle station of the DachsteinKrippenstein makes this the ideal place to observe, explore and relax. There is a cave museum which takes children on a voyage of discovery through the Mutmamhöhle or the bad weather station where you can explore the labyrinth of caves from the viewpoint of a cave explorer. Past the Almbodenkick football ground, it’s on to the Bamhittl tree house via an experiences trail from where you can enjoy magnificent views of the meadows. A climbing trail, information on the geology of the region and plenty of opportunities to stop and relax complete the range of offers close to the cable car middle station. Here you can set your soul free, recharge your batteries in the restaurant and look forward to exploring the Eishöhle and the Mammuthöhle!

‘Gralsburg’. ‘King Arthur’s Cathedral’.

Eishöhle, a magical world of ice.

Behind all of the fairytale names lie some fascinating worlds of ice and stone which can be admired at close hand when visiting the Eishöhle. Accompanied by experienced cave guides, you can get to know this magical underground world of Dachstein. The spectacular ice sculptures, breathtaking light effects and unique art installations are sure to captivate you. Our youngest visitors can experience this magic in the Korah und der Höhlenbär children’s tour. It’s not just nature lovers who will be impressed with the giant ice cave – culture enthusiasts too will fall in love with the endless world of ice: every year in August the Parzivaldom is transformed into a unique concert hall. Give your ears a special treat and attend one of the musical ice concerts – goose bumps included!

Gigantic cave passageways and impressive rock cathedrals:

Mammuthöhle. A superlative labyrinth of caves. The Mammuthöhle, one of the world’s biggest karst caves, is characterised by its vast size, wide range of formations and impressive artistic installations.

70 km of the labyrinth of caves have been explored – so where else could you gain a better impression of the wide range of shapes and forms present in an underground cave world? Our tours will take you along gigantic cave passageways where you can learn how they were formed. Interplays of light and shadows and a laser installation add special effects. For those who fancy walking in the footsteps of the cave explorers, the Mammuthöhle cave is just the place. Different trekking tours are available to enable you to submerse yourself in this fascinating underground world. So grab your overalls, head torch and helmet and set off to explore Die verfallene Burg. With narrow passageways, climbing sections and plenty of adrenaline: an exciting experience away from the tourist trail is guaranteed!

The crashing water carves out its path.

The Koppenbrüllerhöhle.

The most recent of the three Dachstein caves – the Koppenbrüllerhöhle – is located at the point where an impressive cave stream falls down to join the Koppentraun river. A unique display of nature can be seen here when the snows begin to melt and after extensive rainfall. This display can be observed without any danger during one of our tours. The water crashes its way through the mountain – no wonder that there are so many myths surrounding this cave! You can explore the ‘wild’ side of the cave in one of the trekking tours for all the family. Whether you opt for a child-friendly short adventure tour or a challenging trekking tour along the original water channels, you are sure to feel like a genuine explorer afterwards!

Mountains as far as the eye can see:

Krippenstein. More than just walking. A magnificent mountain plateau and plenty of variety: here on the Krippenstein you will find everything a hiker, mountain climber or leisure tourist could want.

Whether you want to relax on the Welterbespirale viewing platform, experience an adrenaline rush on the 5fingers platform or enjoy a comfortable walk – there is something for everyone here. The Dachstein-Krippenstein cable car will transport you up to virtually 2,000 m, enabling you to conquer the mountain with no effort at all. There is also disabled access: The WeltNATURerbe viewing platform is wheelchair accessible to ensure that everyone can enjoy the unique Dachstein panorama at close hand.


400 meters above the abyss.

5fingers. Adrenaline & relaxation. Not for the faint-hearted! The 5fingers viewing platform offers a high level adrenaline rush!


You can put your fear of heights to the test along the five differently designed bridges and enjoy unique views of Hallstatt, the Hallst채tter See and Salzkammergut. The WeltNATURerbeblick viewing point (2) is slightly less elevated and offers magnificent views of the Dachstein and surrounding mountains. The best way to whet your appetite for an extensive mountain tour! All good things come in threes. The Welterbespirale platform on the peak of the Krippenstein (3) is the ideal place to relax, find out more and enjoy yourself. Here you can learn lots of interesting things about the various Welterbe sites, create a memory of the day at the Fotopoint and set your soul free on one of the relaxation couches.

Heilbronner Rundwanderweg The Heilbronner Rundwanderweg is particularly suited to families. Gentle climbs and unbelievable views of the Hallstätter Glacier accompany this family-friendly walking tour. Information panels, fossils and an extensive network of footpaths make an excursion from the mountain station to the Gjaidalm hut both educational and enjoyable for young and old.

A passion for exercise or walking:

Sport on Dachstein.

Do you have a passion for exercise you would like to satisfy? Then Dachstein is just the place! The region offer endless enjoyable walking routes from the valley to the peaks as well as plenty of challenging mountain and climbing tours and lots of other varied sports offers. So pack your rucksack and off you go! Whether you want to conquer some peaks, take a tour of the Dachstein plateau or enjoy a cosy walk close to a mountain hut – the Dachstein offers so much variety that it is a great destination all year round!

Nature Trail The Nature Trail is ideal for anyone interested in geology. This themed walk runs from the Gjaidalm via the Wiesberghaus to the Simonyhütte and provides extensive knowledge about the rocks, plants and animals of the region.

Tickets. Prices.

Gipfelticket Eishöhle / (Summit ticket) Mammuthöhle ticket

All prices in euros. Details regarding age and group and family regulations can be found on the second to last page of the folder.

Cave combi ticket


Dachstein Salzkammergut ticket

All Inclusive ticket

Koppenbrüllerhöhle ticket


1 adult







1 child







1 adult + 1 child







1 adult + children







2 adults + 1 child







2 adults + children







Group of adults













Group of children

Opening & operating times. The cable car runs from the start of operation until 10 June 2012 and from 05 September to 28 October 2012 from 8:40 am to 4:50 pm (Gjaidalm, section 3), 5:00 pm (mountain station, section 2) and 5:10 pm (Schönbergalm, section 1). From 11 June til 4 September 2012, you can take advantage of the half an hour extension in the summer operating times and make full use of your day in the mountains! Wear warm clothing to ensure you enjoy your cave experience to the full! Temperatures: Eishöhle -2°C, Mammuthöhle +3°C, Koppenbrüllerhöhle +6°C

Eishöhle and cable car section 1 28 April to 28 October 2012 Mammuthöhle, 5fingers, Welterbespirale and cable car section 2 5 May to 28 October 2012 Cable car section 3 16 June to 28 October 2012 Koppenbrüllerhöhle 28 April to 30 September 2012 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Classic music.

Ice concerts. The bizarre ice formations in the Parzivaldom make this the perfect setting for romantic worlds of music which encompass genius, virtuosity and a bizarre dreamy ambience.

Fri, 3.8.2012

Fantasie Brillante

Bernhard Pronebner / Trumpet Yvonne Brugger / Piano Fri, 17.8.2012 Beethoven & Schubert
 Peter Brugger / Piano Fri, 24.8.2012


Music by Mozart, Astor Piazolla, Philip Glass and Bernstein for saxophone quartet Martin Steinkogler, Daniela Rohrsdorfer-Kettl, Peter Rohrsdorfer, Markus Holter Fri, 31.8.2012

Autumn walks. Guided hikes, festivals and traditions Autumn time is hiking time! Come hiking during Obertraun’s autumn hiking season! We get to discover the natural beauty of the Dachstein-Krippenstein massif together! Tip: On guided hikes during Obertraun’s autumn hiking season easy hikes, along with more challenging hikes, are on offer!

The magic of the Impressionists

Ravel & Debussy Yvonne Timoianu / Cello, Alexander Preda / Piano Fri, 10.8.2012


Simone Kopmajer Jazz Trio

Musical Ice Concert Ticket incl. cable car section 1 Admission & tour of the ice cave Musical ice concert 2-course ice concert menu at the Rest. Schönberg Adults 52.Children * 37.-

* Children born 1996 and younger

Full moon on the Krippenstein Thurs, 2.8. and Thurs, 30.8.2012, 6 p.m. Sat, 29.9.2012, 5:30 p.m. Sunrise trips Sun, 5.8. and Sun, 19.8.2012, 5:30 a.m. Special Thurs, 16.8.2012 Adventure hike for the whole family along the Heilbronn family circuit hike to the Gjaidalm Sat, 19.8.2012 Plateau hike ‘Auf dem Stein’ from Krippenstein across the ‘Am Stein’ high plateau to the Stoderzinken Thurs, 23.8.2012 Family hike ‘Dachsteinblick-Zwölferkogel’ Thurs, 6.9.2012 ‘Hike to the sheep’ guided hike to the Speikberg Sat, 15.9.2012 Mountain mass on the Zwölferkogel Sat, 22.9.2012 Hike to the ‘Silberkarklamm’ on the south side of the Dachstein Mon, 1.10.2012 ‘Liachtbratln am Stoa’ Sat, 6.10.2012 Hike on the Taubenkogel, one of the loveliest viewing peaks in the Dachstein massif Fri, 26.10.2012 Mountain mass on the Krippenstein

The entire programme is available at

Special tours & trekking tours. Mammuthöhle.

Kurze Abenteuerführung (Short adventure tour) At least 4 people/ max. 20 people per group Duration: approx. 1.5 hours. Meeting point: wooden cabin opp. GH Koppenrast Adults 26.– Children 20.50 Schools 15.50

Verfallene Burg (The Dilapidated Castle)

Urwassergänge (Original waters trail) At least 4 people/ max. 10 people per group Duration: approx. 2.5 hours. Meeting point: wooden cabin opp. GH Koppenrast

At least 4 people/ max. 10 people per group Duration: approx. 4 hours. Includes journey up and down the mountain, 1 partial route and guided tour From 4 people per person



From 4 people per person


Große Mammuthöhle (Large Mammuthöhle) At least 4 people/max. 10 people per group Duration: all day Includes journey up and down the mountain, 1 partial route and guided tour From 4 people per person


Eishöhle. Children’s guided tour ‘Korah and the cave bear’ This exciting guided tour for children tells the story of Korah, a child from Stone Age times and her best friend, the cave bear; taking you all on an exciting adventure into the ice cave. All prices in euros. With all tours/trekking tours: register in advance. All of the prices cited above are per person and are valid during the operating and opening times of the relevant locations (exception: musical ice concerts). Children: born 1996 – 2005, children born 2006 and after travel free when accompanied by a parent (proof of age and family membership required). Group: from 20 full-paying individuals, with bulk purchase of the same services by tour operator, every 21st person goes free. School party: from 10 paying school children, 1 accompanying teacher/person goes free, for add. accomp. teachers/persons, the group adult price is charged. With family prices, proof of both the age of the child and family membership are required. 3rd child and any additional children go free.

1st July 2012 to 31st August 2012 twice daily Register at the information desk at Schönbergalm (intermediate station) Tours start at 11:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. respectively at the entrance to the ice cave. Please refer to the price table for ice cave tickets.


The UNESCO World Heritage ticket With the new UNESCO World Heritage ticket you get to experience a wonderful foray through the UNESCO World Heritage Dachstein Salzkammergut region. The impressive ice formations of Dachstein’s Ice Caves, the atmospheric setting of the world heritage site, Hallstatt, and of course a boat trip across the mysterious, glistening Lake Hallstatt ensures an adventure-filled excursion day! Included in the UNESCO World Heritage ticket, which is being offered for the first time this year, is your return journey on the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car, entry to the spectacular Dachstein Ice Cave, an impressive boat trip on Lake Hallstatt and your bus journey for the return section. The UNESCO World Heritage ticket is available from 1st June until 30th September 2012 at the Dachstein-Krippenstein cable car in Obertraun.

UNESCO World Heritage ticket Return journey on the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car Entry to the spectacular Dachstein ice cave, atmospheric boat trip on Lake Hallstatt, from Obertraun to Hallstatt Bus transfer to the pier, and from Hallstatt back to Obertraun Adults 31.– Children * 17.50

* Children born 1996 and younger

Diversity and lasting memories.

Work Life Balance. Looking for an exceptional location for a conference, incentive event, seminar or company excursion? Then Dachstein is the perfect choice. Whether you fancy a cave adventure, comfortable walk or adrenaline rush on the 5fingers viewing platform – a trip to Dachstein promises to offer variety, a good atmosphere and lasting memories.



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2012 World Heritage Site Spectacular viewing platforms, impressive caves and a large number of walking route...