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Study German in Information & Booking:


Wien / Linz

inlingua Salzburg International School of Languages Bad Reichenhall

Universit채tsplatz 17(Entrance: Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse 8 / 3rd floor) A-5020 Salzburg, Austria / Europe

Year round mini-group courses, one-to-one training and seminars for general programs as well as

Tel.: **43 / 662 / 87 11 01 Fax: **43 / 662 / 87 11 01 85 E-Mail: Homepage:

M체nchen / Innsbruck

business and specific purposes with varying intensity and duration.




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Salzburg – Study German in a city which has brought forth renowned musical geniuses like W. A. Mozart, in a country that is famous for its authors, such as Stefan Zweig, Thomas Bernhard or Peter Handke.

inlingua – Study German with one of the largest – and above all – most successful networks for language training with more than 40 years of experience and over 325 centers in 40 different countries.

Welcome to inlingua Salzburg

Salzburg – Variety & Flair

A City & its Surroundings



Small Group Courses

One-to-One Training

Seminars for Business Purposes

Learn to speak German in one

Located in the heart of Europe and easily accessible by all means of transport, Salzburg offers a diversity equaled by very few other cities in the world.

Why not visit the Hohensalzburg fortress, the largest, completely preserved fortress in central Europe, or Hellbrunn Palace with its world famous fountains? Or maybe the romantic Mirabell Gardens with their wonderful view or Mozart’s birthplace in the Getreidegasse…?

Salzburg offers a wide variety of hotels and bed & breakfasts of various standards. Alternatively, inlingua can arrange for you to stay with a family and also assist you in the selection and reservation of lodging. Preferences for accommodation and a

All inlingua teachers are native speakers and are trained and supervised by an international training network, which also keeps each school abreast of the latest developments in language training methodology. They do not only teach their mother tongue but also the culture of the country.

Courses of varying duration and intensity begin all year round for beginners and advanced learners (minimum age: 16 years). They are held from Monday to Friday in the mornings or afternoons depending on the relevant level. Restricting group sizes to a maximum of six people (eight during summer) ensures a high level of success in the language-learning process.

If you prefer the most intensive kind of training or are unable to fit a group course into your schedule, simply choose the days (Monday to Friday, weekends on request), times (8.00 h to 21.30 h) and intensity which suit you best. You can then have the teacher’s undivided attention. The content and pace of the training will be adjusted exactly to your needs and learning ability.

inlingua Salzburg regularly offers special programs in small groups, in which you can expand your knowledge by means of specific vocabulary from different specialist areas, e.g. German for managers and politicians, German for the tourist industry, German for musicians or sports(wo)men, etc.

Training is conducted by native speakers using the tried and tested Direct Method with the aid of materials developed especially for inlingua.

This type of lesson is especially suited for people who require intensive preparation for detailed negotiations, presentations, conversation, talking on the telephone, as well as preparation for international exams.

of the most beautiful cities in the world, at one of the largest and most experienced language school organizations worldwide. Discover the beauty of Salzburg and the charm of the surrounding countryside, and at the same

Known around the world as a center of art and culture, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s native city has much more to offer than just its festivals during summer and Easter, theater productions and museum exhibitions.

time take the opportunity to learn a foreign language or improve your knowledge of one you already know in a culturally stimulating atmosphere.

Whether you are an art connoisseur or a gourmet, music lover or a holidaymaker looking for relaxation, a daydreamer or a night owl, you will simply love Salzburg and the variety it offers its visitors. Go for a leisurely stroll through the narrow streets and alleys of this baroque city. Countless stores invite you to do some shopping, and from the terraces of the world-famous coffee houses you can enjoy the view of beautiful architecture in the well-preserved, historical city center and take a break from sightseeing with a delicious piece of cake.

Salzburg also has a lot to offer to nature lovers, or those looking for the chance to relax and play sports. Just beyond the city gates one of the most beautiful natural land scapes of Central Europe unfolds before your very eyes. The Alps are only a few kilometers away from Salzburg; there you have ideal conditions for hiking and skiing. Numerous lakes (many of which are of drinking quality) like the Wolfgangsee and Fuschlsee are great places to cool off during the summer.

A Sporting Paradise Sports are really important in Salzburg. Whether golf, riding, tennis, paragliding, swimming, sailing or windsurfing, mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding or mountain biking – Salzburg and the surrounding area offer something for everyone.

Transfer Service from/to the train station or the airport Salzburg (Munich) should be made known well in advance.

Extra Services inlingua is pleased to offer wireless access to the Internet to all its students for free. All you need to bring is your laptop (including an internal or external wireless card. In our recreation area you will find learning material, reading books as well as videos and CDs which can be used for free during office hours.

inlingua Direct Method The inlingua Direct Method guarantees rapid acquisition of a foreign language without tiresome vocabulary drills; right from the start you speak only the new language. This is the best and most efficient way to learn to speak a foreign language fluently in a short time.

inlingua Materials The oral lessons are supported by authentic materials (books, videos, CDs, CD ROMs) developed and continuously updated by inlingua’s Methods and Materials Center in Bern matching the international testing standards of the European Framework for Languages.

Specialized Programs

Less intensive evening courses for working people start once a month (please ask for the detailed brochure).

We would be pleased to inform you further about our ‚Parent & Child Courses’ ‚DaF Teacher Seminars’ ‚Premium Courses’ for students 50 years and over, as well as other special programs.




3 - 6/8 participants per group

1 lesson = 45 minutes (incl. a short break)

General Program


15 lessons with teacher + 5 lessons video/audio lab. + 3 hours free time activity* + 1 inlingua book

Beginners: 19.1, 9.2, 9.3, 6.4, 4.5, 8.6, 6.7, 3.8, 17.8, 7.9, 5.10, 2.11, 30.11.2009; Advanced: weekly every Monday (all year round)

2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks

15 lessons in group + 10 individual lessons + 5 lessons video/audio lab. + 3 hours free time activity* + inlingua materials

General and Professional Program**

Beginners: 19.1, 9.2, 9.3, 6.4, 4.5, 8.6, 6.7, 3.8, 17.8, 7.9, 5.10, 2.11, 30.11.2009; Advanced: weekly every Monday (all year round)

2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks

25 lessons with teacher + 5 lessons video laboratory + 3 hours free time activity* + inlingua materials

General Program

Advanced: 9.3, 8.6, 6.7, 3.8, 5.10.2009

2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks

SD-20 ‚PLUS’

SD-30 (**’SD-30 Executive’)



exempt from VAT (1 EUR= U$ 1,5/JPY 167/CZK 22/RUB 32,7)

free oral and/or written placement test before start of course

(e.g.: for managers of commerce, tourism, lawyers,...)

(**Professional Program)

(** 26.1-6.2.09 (Mozart-Festival) od. 25.5-5.6.09 (BaroqueFestival) od. 27.10-7.11/0 (Jazz-Festival)

465,-643,-790,-5th –12th week/w 186,-from the 13th w/w 177,--

from the 5th week on/w





1 lesson = 45 minutes (incl. a short break)

EU CIP Crash Intensity

MIP 720


Maximum Intensity



Individual lessons (amount as desired) until end of 2009 + inlingua materials

General and Professional Program**

Courses can start any day all year round

20-40 individual less./week + 3 hours free time activity* + inlingua materials

General and Professional Program**

Courses can start any day all year round

General and Professional Program**

Courses can start any day all year round

50 individual lessons/week + 5 lessons video laboratory + free time activity*: 1evening + excursion on weekend + inlingua materials

20 lessons 40 lessons (2 persons:

per week

1.453,-2.715,-+ 5%)

1.010,-1.875,-+ 5%)


(detailed information on request)


OTHER PROGRAMS: ❑ Packages for agencies, schools and companies (special conditions!) ❑ **Professional programs (for professionals of marketing, finance, sales, the touristic industry, lawyers, medical doctors, journalists, teachers, etc.) ❑ Special arrangements: ‚language & music‘, ‚language & sport‘, ‚language & arts‘ ❑ Preparation for the ‚Zertifikat Deutsch‘, ‚Integrationskurse‘, Seminars: info on request EXTRAS: ❑ *Free time activities: 3 lesson hours per week (excluding entry fees, tickets, etc.); additional programs for sports and culture on request ❑ Additional video/audio- or CD-ROM-package EURO 110,❑ Examination test for international accepted certificate EURO 127,❑ Transfer-Service (airport/train station Salzburg to accommodation) EURO 14,50 INH.: URSULA PRETTING U I D : AT U 5 6 3 3 7 1 4 6 T E L . : ( + 4 3 / 6 6 2 ) 8 7 11 0 1 FA X : ( + 4 3 / 6 6 2 ) 8 7 11 0 1 8 5

30 lessons 60 lessons (2 persons:



exempt from VAT (1 EUR= U$ 1,5/JPY 167/CZK 22/RUB 32,7)

free oral and/or written assessment test before start of course

HOTELS *** to ***** EURO (YOUTH HOSTELS) on request single room with shower/WC incl. breakfast per night from 58,- (31,-) HOST FAMILY & GUEST HOUSE single room, incl. breakfast per night from 23,double room (on request) MEALS

BANK: BA-CA, CODE: 12000 B I C / S W I F T C O D E : B K A U AT W W IBAN: AT14 1200 0263 1166 7700 K O N TO N R : 2 6 3 11 6 6 7 7 0 0






‚Schnellkurs für Deutsch‘ is an intensive German course which consists of small groups with a maximum of 6 participants in winter or 8 participants in summer. They meet daily from Monday to Friday, either in the morning or afternoon.

One-to-one training is the most efficient way to learn a foreign language, as the training program is tailored exactly to meet your demands (concise argumentation in discussions, telephoning, specialized and technical vocabulary training, etc.) as well as your own personal linguistic short-comings.

The emphasis of the lessons is intensive oral practice. Through constant goal-oriented dialogues with the other participants and the trainer who only teaches in his mother tongue which is German, you are guided step by step towards active command of the language, preparing you to face everyday situations with all their demands. With active inlingua video-/audio training, typical everyday situations are presented in short video-/audio scenes. Through the practical application you familiarize yourself with the newly-learned words, grammatical structures and oral comprehension. With the help of video-supported exercises you learn to use these forms correctly, and you can discuss possible questions with the teacher during the next lesson. All training is backed up by carefully designed materials developed and continuously updated by inlingua Methods and Materials Center. These materials matching the international testing-standards of the Europe Framework for Languages allow you to simultaneously improve your ability to understand, speak read, and write German. You may also continue your training at any of the more than 325 inlingua schools worldwide.

Depending on your personal schedule and availability you decide which day the course begins, which days you meet, as well as time and intensity. You may also form a ‚Special Team‘ with a colleague or acquaintance and split the price (5 % surcharge for each additional participant).

Courses (refer to previous page): EU (all ages) Individual instruction (private lessons) can be taken and booked in any desired amount within a max. of 6 months. This course is recommended for those who work in Salzburg and need to have a very flexible schedule for their lessons which are tailored to their needs (German for managers, lawyers, medical professionals and those working in tourism,...).

CIP 120® (all ages) COURSES (refer to previous page): SD-20 / SD-30 (16 years and over); 20 (30) lessons per week, general program in small groups (3-6/8 participants); SD20 / 30 is the ideal holiday course for participants interested in every day German. SD-30 EXECUTIVE (18 years and over); 30 lessons per week, professional program in small groups (3-6/8 participants); SD-20 PLUS (16 years + over or 50 yrs + over) The SD 20 ‚PLUS‘ is suited for participants who wish to combine the open atmosphere in a mini group (SD 20 or SD 20 ‚Premium‘) with the efficiency of individual lessons (German for companies, exam preparation, etc.) Please ask for detailed information about: * ‚German-Seminars for Managers & Politicians‘ in Salzburg or in Gastein (in the mountains) combined with cultural programs or sports. * ‚Teacher’s Special for German‘ * ‚SD-15 Premium‘ (50 years and over) * ‘Parent & Child’ programs

U m




Our ‚Crash Intensity Program‘ is a very intensive form of individual instruction with at least 20 lessons per week. It caters for individuals who want to learn or improve their German in a short time, i.e. in a specific area. You choose if you want 10 lessons daily of maximum instruction or just 6 lessons of hard work to have time for some leisure activities (sports: golf, tennis, rafting, paragliding, skisafari, swimming,...) or to enjoy the wide range of cultural activities available in Salzburg (Schloss Hellbrunn with its water gardens, Salzburg Festival, Mozart-serenades, New Year’s concert,...).

MIP® Our ‚Maximum Intensity Program 720‘ has more than 50 individual lessons with a trainer per week plus a weekend (1 day) – and an evening program (1 evening). This is our hardest but most effective program for individuals who need to acquire a maximum of know-how in a minimum of time. Our years of experience have shown that this is the best program for professionals, managers, politicians and persons whose work and position demand a high level of language perfection in a special field. (Please ask for detailed information.)