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Austria‘s Hidden Treasures Summer 2011

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summer 2012

Think you know Austria?

PREPARE To BE ENChANTED! Discover, explore and enjoy new holiday ideas and the latest deals // ARRIVE AND REVIVE a short introduction // ThE PlEAsuREs of summER We share some of our best kept secrets // TRADITIoN of QuAlITY Old customs, handcrafts and art // NEw holIDAY IDEAs AND ThE lATEsT DEAls BeilegerGB_2012_Summer_08March.indd 4-1


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arrive and revive

Welcome to your Austrian summer! In Austria, it’s magical when the snow melts, with spring making way for summer as you’ve always imagined it, and our country warmly revealing itself with a wondrous and fascinating array of summertime activities. A splendid natural paradise that has no boundaries on outdoor recreation – whether on land or in the water. Spend long, sun-kissed days amidst breathtaking landscapes dotted with alpine towns and villages where your hosts will always be delighted to see you. But wait, there’s more – fine cuisine, unforeseen avant-garde architecture, and an arts and culture scene second to none. Let us inspire you with this selection of Austria’s Hidden Treasures. This year, explore Austria from a different perspective. Within these pages, we hope you will find inspiration for a perfect summer holiday or perhaps a couple of short breaks, allowing you to take in the diverse experiences on offer. Wherever your choice takes you, we wish you a wonderful Austrian summer.

© Image: Austrian National Tourist Office / Walter Hofmann All prices shown in this brochure are in pounds at the current exchange rate (1 EUR = 0,86 GBP)

Herwig Kolzer, Manager UK, Austrian National Tourist Office


02  ARRIVE AND REVIVE A short introduction  04  The Pleasures of Summer We share some of our best kept secrets 06  TRADITION OF QUALITY Old customs, handcrafts and art  08  Outdoor Adventure Austria’s most enchanting walking tours  12  CULTURAL HIGHLIGHtS Festival packages and arts-inspired travel  13  City LiFe Discover Innsbruck, Graz and Salzburg 14  NATURAL DELIGHTS Indulgent holiday ideas  18  FOCUS Recommended hotels and Swarovski Optics

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Arrive and revive

Holidays in Austria include unforgettable experiences in unforgettable places. It’s where you find your way back to yourself, where body and soul come alive again.


ustria is immensely diverse, simply by virtue of its wildly varied regions: here the Alps, there the Danube valley, over there the steppes of the Pannonian plain, to name but a few. Completely apart from the vast spaces of untrammeled nature are also pulsating cities, historic villages and splendid cultivated landscapes, such as vineyards and high alpine pastures. Culture, if truth be told, is a very unusual thing here. On the one hand, you are always stumbling over the historical legacy of culture inherited and handed down over the ages: fortresses, castles and monasteries dot the countryside throughout the land, whereas in Vienna the magnificently beautiful imperial Habsburg architecture radiates an incom​parable aura all its own. Nowadays, of course, a monastery terrace has sometimes been turned into a lounge with DJ line; a lake into a natural stage setting for operas; the spaces between museums in Vienna into an outdoor living room complete with comfy furniture to chill on. Culture here is something utterly natural, all-encompassing as a melody you hum and can’t shake off. This, after all, is known as the Land of Music, and that doesn’t just mean Mozart, Strauss and Beethoven. The plethora of music festivals throughout the country spread their reach and their musical tastes into far reaching genres. On the other hand, even the lifestyle of the Austrians is culture. The quietly unfolding manner of lingering at a coffee house, where connoisseurs select from among a dozen different coffees to savour; the sumptuous restaurant culture, non-imperially crowned with chef’s toques nowadays; or the countless wine regions and villages producing peppery Grüner Veltliner and thoroughbred Blaufränkisch vintages that tickle discerning taste buds around the world. Their finesse lies in the Austrians’ undying passion for culinary enjoyments – you bump into it everywhere – at every stage of refinement and simplicity, and the 4

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ways it makes people so happy. The legendary (untranslatable) icon known as ‘Gemütlichkeit’ says it all: pure, laid back enjoyment coupled to a let’s-see-where-it-takes-us approach, obtainable at inns, wine picnic bars and archaic mountain huts everywhere you go. Behind it all lies the creative secret of every successful holiday: people. The ones you meet along the way, your hotel owner, your hiking guide, your vintner, your cheesemaker at the hut, a dairy maid at the farm. In a country which has welcomed guests from countless countries for centuries, true hospitality has one sole objective: aiding visitors to experience something new, something to enrich them, awaken their enthusiasm. That happens when it’s being shown to you by real people who love their life and what they do. They’re the ones who know the hidden facets, the special aspects, and discovery creates unbeatable memories for those on holiday. That might mean nature; it might mean food and drink; it might mean culture and relaxation. Here, each encounter can ascend to new heights. In the end, holidays in Austria mean one thing: to arrive. Not in a new environment, or not merely that, but to arrive deeper in yourself. And that means, in turn: to revive. Coming alive again, reconnecting amidst fabulously pleasant vacation activities, regardless whether in the mountains, the villages or the cities, in serene, rural countryside or at soothing, refreshing lakes. Wherever you turn, you have human encounters that transmute into memorable experiences. That’s what makes a holiday in Austria so unusual, long-lasting, yes, even self-transforming. And of course, continuation is guaranteed. You come back. The culture, the easy living, the worlds of enjoyment never stop changing, never cease giving rise to new charms and inspirations. That’s the wonder of new worlds: they keep on opening new doors. 5

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Austria‘s Hidden Treasures


Fresh views and enchanting surprises

Lower Austria St. Pölten Vienna Linz Upper Austria Eisenstadt Burgenland

SAlZBURG Bregenzerwald Bregenz Vorarlberg

Alpbachtal Salzburg TIROL Innsbruck Zillertal

styria Graz

Montafon CarintHia Klagenfurt

Photos: © Austrian National Tourist Office / Peter Burgstaller; Graz Tourismus; Bregenzerwald Tourismus GmbH; Austrian National Tourist Office / J. Mallaun

Let me tell you a story...

We share our best kept secrets

When you visit Austria in summer for the first time, there’s a good chance you’ll be delightfully surprised, for our country is usually swathed in warm sunshine, the mountains providing a wonderful backdrop to watersports, al fresco dining and all the wonders of summertime in Europe. Look a little deeper and the delight continues. The Alps, which run through the heart of the country, offer spectacular mountain trails and cutting-edge architecture and art. It is a dream for lovers of fine cuisine, exercise and activities. We are happy to share some of our best kept secrets and favorite places in Austria.


w w w . A u s t r i a . i n f o

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Enduring traditions Surrounded by dramatic alpine peaks, the sun-kissed Alpbachtal valley (Alpbachtal) in western Austria is a ‘living museum’, where traditional farming practices and strict building controls ensure a way of life that’s remained largely unchanged over centuries. Find out more about life how it ought to be ... Cultural delights The region of Bodensee-Vorarlberg offers the perfect backdrop for the arts with dozens of annual music and art festivals. At the Bregenz Festival on Lake Constance, a floating stage has become a platform for some of the world’s most distinguished operas. Find out more about high tech on the lake, and the “phantom” of Dornbirn…   Outdoor fitness studio The Montafon valley in the south-west corner of Vorarlberg is a fitness lover’s dream come true, where scenic walking trails and exciting mountain bike trails thread their way through a 25-mile stretch of lush mountain greenery. Find out more about the step aerobics of Austria’s ladies ski team, and why everyone can challenge the Piz Buin ... Foodie Heaven From the lush pastures of the Zillertal valley to your plate! This region in western Austria is well known for its healthy cuisine using organic herbs, naturally reared beef and award-winning dairy products. Find out more about the natural way of fine dining ...

City special

City trips are usually packed with a tight itinerary, but Austrian city breaks are so much more than just ticking off guidebook sights. In Salzburg, baroque and modern architecture align; it’s a gourmet experience in Graz; and Innsbruck offers an attractive combination of city stay and mountain play. Find out more about city breaks with a twist ...

Follow the eagle

Austria is traditionally where east meets west, and the Tirol is where Austria meets the sky. Mapped, the Eagle’s Walk resembles a pair of wings, spanning across some of the Tirol’s most dramatic and alluring landscapes. Find out more about walking amongst the eagles ...

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State of the art

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Vorarlberg’s Bregenzerwald is famous for contemporary architecture that seamlessly blends in amongst the region’s more traditional wooden buildings. In the village of Hittisau, slick glass façades further heighten the beauty of the classic pitch-roofs of yesteryear. Find out more about state-of-the-art architecture, and a cheesy ‘to do’ ...

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info: The tradition of quality



Freshly-baked bread – what an aroma! In Carinthia’s Lesachtal, bakers use locally-grown wheat, ground in one of the many watermills, to create a moist and hearty bread. It is so good that the city of Tokyo has even built a reconstructed model of the original Lesach bakery.

Unusual, original, and surprising: old customs, handcrafts, and art are presented in such a fresh manner one might think they had just been invented


It is delicate, its sound is unmistakable, and it is part of the musical culture of many ethnic groups: the jaw harp. Even concertos have been composed for this instrument. For some 400 years this distinctive instrument has been produced in the iron-rich region of Molln, in Upper Austria.


For over 300 years it has been not only a popular meeting place and a cosy spot to take a breather from the daily grind; it is also an attitude towards life: the Viennese coffee house. It is often used as an extended living room: while one does not actually live there, it is a place where one feels at home. This “homey” feeling is enhanced by the cakes and strudels on offer, accompanied by one of the many types of coffee served. A visit to a Viennese coffee house requires just one thing: sufficient time. After all, the coffee house is an elixir of life, and the longer one lingers, the more effective it is.



The Alpine dairymen of the Bregenzerwald have become a veritable symbol of living in harmony with nature. And the cows have a good life as well: thanks to the great care they receive, these hay-fed animals provide outstanding milk that serves as the basic ingredient for over thirty kinds of cheese. There are several hundred of these dairy farms still operating in the Bregenzerwald, and they are masters in the art of cheese-making. The “Käsestrasse Bregenzerwald” invites visitors to experience the culture and people of this region. Culinary specialities are served at rustic snack huts as well as in elegant restaurants. www.


Wild herbs, flower blossoms, and robust tree resin: the natural treasures of the Pinzgau region season food, lift one’s spirits, and have healing qualities. Knowledge about curative salves and essences is ancient, and there are more than a hundred traditional remedies to be found in Pinzgau. If you would like to visit the herb gardens, learn to use curative therapies, or train to become an expert: no problem. The Society for Traditional European Medicine (TEH) is committed to providing entertaining insights into the world of herbs and resin. You will learn to see dandelions and great burnet with different eyes – guaranteed!


w w w . A u s t r i a . i n f o

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Foto: Käsestraße Bregenzerwald, Klub der Wiener Kaffeehausbesitzer, TEH Verein, BMLFUW/Rita Newman, Joseph Ko, Ludwig Borovnik, Austrian National Tourist Office / Rigaud

Good clay begins with the right earth, and in the Burgenland village of Stoob the earth is perfect for making the “Plutzer”, a specially glazed, cheerily decorated clay pot. It is perfect for keeping drinks cool – and it has been doing this long before the advent of the Thermos. THE “HAUTE ÉCOLE”

Capriole, courbette, levade – for over 400 years the white stallions of the Spanish Riding School have been enthralling audiences with their impressive demonstrations of the “High School of Classical Horsemanship” at performances in the Baroque riding hall. BAA BAA BROWN SHEEP

The East Tyrol’s alpine climate is ideal for the special breed of sheep that roam the wide mountain pastures. The wool of the brown mountain sheep is particularly robust and even moth-resistant. The meat of the mountain lambs is tender and mild, particularly how it is prepared at the Gannerhof.;

Arrive Culture Magazine For more details on this year’s top cultural events, exhibitions, festivals and much more order the “arrive – Culture 2012” magazine or browse online on


The patterns of the traditional fabrics of Burgenland can be straightforward and orderly or playful and mischievous. These designs are created through the “Blaudruck” or blue-print process, by which the material is dyed with indigo. While the blue-print technique was still very widespread a few generations ago, now there are all of two workshops that still have a mastery of this art. One of them belongs to the Koó family in Burgenland – and they are passionate about their work. All of their dresses, bags, aprons, and tablecloths are one-of-a-kind pieces with a modern touch but traditional in their production.

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The Abbey of Heiligenkreuz, Europe’s largest Cistercian monastery, is surprisingly young: of the eighty-three brothers, most of them are under fifty years old, and they make use of new media and record CDs. Their meditative Gregorian chants help one find inner peace.


The Austrian Holiday Journal Summer 2012


Here’s how summer feels

ON THE HIGH PASTURES Where mountain summers are at home // E-MOUNTAIN BIKE Climb every mountain // CRYSTAL CLEAR, SUMMER FRESH 10 lakes to deep holiday joy // GRAND TOUR Hikes to highlights // WINE FROM VIENNESE VINEYARDS A visit to the city’s winemakers // TIPS for perfect holidays


As loud as a scream or as melodious as a song: this is the sound of the Styrian yodel. In former times people yodelled to communicate with each other from hut to hut. Yodelling is still done today: especially moving are the polyphonic songs that tell of the people’s love for their mountains.

They are as beautiful as museum pieces but clearly built for the hunt: with their precision craftsmanship, firearms from the Carinthian town of Ferlach are held in high esteem by hunters and collectors all around the globe. Gunmaking has been practised here for over 500 years, and many of these rifles can be admired in aristocratic arms collections and museums from St. Petersburg to Cleveland. Every hunting rifle is made to order according to the wishes of the customer, and it can sometimes take a matter of years to manufacture a gun. But it is worth the wait: the finished product is a work of master craftsmanship.


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Outdoor Adventure

It’s hard to resist summer’s allure, particularly in Austria’s mountain resorts. Can’t beat ‘on foot’ exploration before tucking into some tasty fare.

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1 3

2 Montafon – Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg’s alpine gem Your dream mountain holiday awaits in the strikingly stunning Montafon valley in Vorarlberg in western Austria. This popular resort region, with plenty of authentic alpine character, stretches 39km long with eleven villages to choose from. Family fun, gentle recreation, or high adrenaline thrills, Montafon has it all. A sprawling network of hiking and mountain bike trails, splashing opportunities in lakes and lidos, mini golf, even a soaring flying fox, an alpine ‘roller coaster’ and “Hugo’s Colourful Mountain World” – get ready for action-packed days from dusk till dawn. A particular highlight for fitness buffs is the Europatreppe, a giant 4000-step ‘stairway to heaven’ with a 700m difference in altitude, and offering amazing views of the Montafon from the top. Visitor tip: with the low cost MontafonSilvretta-Card, take advantage of free access to cable cars, lidos, museums and more.

Holiday Offer

Mountain Experiences (08. - 22. July 2012) 3 - (Thu-Sun) or 4 - (Sun-Thu) night stay, 3-day Montafon-Silvretta Card (free use of cableways, public transport, lidos etc), 1 mountain experience (choice), bed & breakfast, per person from £170 1 Tirol

3 Kitzbüheler Alpen – Tirol

On eagles’ wings Austria is traditionally where east meets west, and the Tirol is where western Austria reaches for the sky. On a map of the Tirol, the sinuous course of the Eagle’s Walk resembles a pair of wings as it crosses the province ready to lead you across mountains and meadows, and through valleys and villages, just as it has for centuries. Hailed as one of Europe’s greatest long-distance footpaths, it offers its visitors, whether leisurely walkers or experienced hikers, the choice of a short or long mountain itinerary. From the tip of the eagle‘s wing at St. Johann in Tirol, through the impressive Wilder Kaiser mountain range in the heart of the Kitzbüheler Alps holiday region, a warm Tirolean welcome awaits. Sky’s the limit!

Tirol Tourist Board Tel. +43 (0)512 72720, Fax +43 (0)512 72727, Tourist Office Wilder Kaiser Tel. +43 (0)50509, Fax +43 (0)50509-55,


w w w . A u s t r i a . i n f o

BeilegerGB_2012_Summer_08March.indd 10-11

Montafon Tourismus GmbH Montafonerstr. 21, A-6780 Schruns / Vorarlberg Tel. +43 (0)5556 72253-0, Fax +43 (0)5556 74856,

Hike up an appetite Holiday Offers Lake Achensee 7 nights half-board at 4* superior Hotel Wiesenhof in Pertisau from £795 pp. Transfers from Innsbruck £90 pp; from Munich £95 pp. Flights are additional. Inntravel, 01653 617726 Ellmau 7 nights half-board at 4* Hotel Hochfilzer in Ellmau from £775 pp, incl. flights from Gatwick, transfers and welcome drink. Regional flights available (supplement). Inghams, 020 8780 4454 Scheffau summer 7 nights all-inclusive at the 4* Hotel Alpin in Scheffau from £659 pp, incl. flights from Gatwick, transfers. Regional flights available (supplement). Crystal Summer, 0871 230 8180 Hiking in St. Johann Enjoy a hiking holiday in Kitzbüheler Alps St. Johann in, Tirol. 3 nights half-board, daily hiking snack, map, backpack and use of hiking sticks. From £112 pp. Information and booking:

Recharge your energy levels, and leave your usual routine behind, for as you hike through soft mountain landscape, inhaling fresh air tinged with the smell of hay and herbs, with the feel of a warm summer sun on your face and soft grass under your feet, you’ve truly arrived in the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps. For a different perspective, there are also 29 lifts throughout the region taking you to this top and that. Making it easy is the Kitzbüheler Alpen Sommer Card, offering you free access to all the lifts, plus plenty of other discounted activities. After a wonderful hiking day, savour the specialities of Brixen im Thale, Kirchberg, and Westendorf, and relax in a cosy, traditional alpine hut. Ten restaurants in the Brixen Valley, labelled ‘KochArt’, take pride in serving delicious meals made of regional food. Enjoy the Kitzbühel Alps to their fullest!

Tourist Association Kitzbüheler Alpen-Brixental Hauptstraße 8, A 6365 Kirchberg in Tirol Tel. +43 (0)5357 2000, Fax +43 (0)5357 2000-190

Holiday Offer

Hike and savour 7-night stay with breakfast in a 4-star hotel, 6-day Kitzbüheler Alpen Sommer Card (includes 29 lifts and gondolas), hiking map, ‘KochArt’ restaurant voucher and culinary gift basket, per person from £389


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Outdoor Adventure

Reach new heights of holiday fun, direction ‘up’, atop Austria’s tallest mountain, on year-round glaciers, and across a tri-country trail.

1 Carinthia

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2 Zell am See - Kaprun

The joy of hiking

Alluring & action-packed

Sometimes secrets are meant to be shared, and it’s no secret that when it comes to hiking, Austria’s highest mountain, the Grossglockner, might just be a rambler’s Garden of Eden! The 32-stage Alps-Adriatic Trail consists of countless paths and hiking routes between the Grossglockner and the town of Muggia, south of Trieste. The route, with its 17km segments, stretches a total of 550km along rivers, streams and waterfalls, passing historic mills, castle ruins and cosy mountain lodges as it winds to the sea, across Carinthia, Slovenia and Italy with a difference in altitude of 26,000 metres on the way up and down. These walking trails have always been here, but never recorded in their totality in map form until recently. Hikers are invited to come and experience the simple joy of hiking in Carinthia whether completing one stage, two, or more on a return visit. Here, the trail in itself is the goal and reward. Heavenly views, glimmering swimming lakes, majestic peaks – paradise!

Glacier, Mountain, Lake – the year-round resort of Zell am See-Kaprun combines the entire diversity of the Alps. In this unique natural paradise, situated in the immediate vicinity of Hohe Tauern National Park, sports enthusiasts, recreation seekers, families, and holidaymakers looking for relaxation, find a diversified choice of activities and adventures both in summer and in winter. Among them – ‘Peakworld 3000’ on the Kitzsteinhorn glacier, the only glacial skiing area in the Salzburger Land, the family area Maiskogel, as well as the local mountain Schmittenhöhe near the crystal clear Lake Zell. Unwind in one of the many wellness hotels, including the newly opened Tauern Spa wellness oasis. From May 15 to October 15, all guests to the region receive the Zell am See-Kaprun Card when checking in at one of over 200 accommodation partners. With this card, holiday-makers can use mountain railways, boats on Lake Zell, and have free access to lidos and many other sights.

Holiday Offer Urlaubsinformation Kärnten Casinoplatz 1, 9220 Velden Tel. +43 (0)463 3000, Fax +43 (0)4274 52100-50,



w w w . A u s t r i a . i n f o

BeilegerGB_2012_Summer_08March.indd 12-13

Alps-Adriatic Trail 23.06. - 16.09.2012 6-nights including half-board at 3-star National Park accommodation, Carinthian snack bag, luggage transport, mobility pass for hikers’ bus, Kärnten Card, per person from £595

Zell am See-Kaprun Tourismus Brucker Bundesstrasse 1a A – 5700 Zell am See, Tel. +43 (0)6542-770

Holiday Offer

Hotel Sportkristall**** Family Vötter We offer special family and hiking packages with guided walks throughout the summer season, including the Zell-Kaprun Card. Take advantage of all free entrances and enjoy your holiday à la carte. 7 NIGHTS FAMILY SPECIAL per adult from £498 2 children per family (12 and under) stay for free when sharing with parents.

4*Hotel Vötters Sportkristall, Tel. +43 (0)6547 7134 0,


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Cultural Highlights

In Austria, summer brings about a real show. Cities flaunt their individuality through a range of festivals, food-themed celebrations and impressive architecture.

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A feast all around

The bold imagination of the Lake Constance region in Vorarlberg (Bodensee-Vorarlberg), make it an inspiring place to explore, with festivals throughout spring and summer. Tucked away in a four-country corner of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, this region brims with cultural offerings. The annual Bregenz Festival, with its hi-tech floating stage on Lake Constance, this year presents Umberto Giordano’s high voltage opera ‘André Chénier’ to audiences seated lakeside.

© Bregenz Festival  /  andereart

Bregenz Festival – Égalité (18.07.-18.08.2012) 2-night stay incl. breakfast Welcome drink 1 ticket to André Chénier Bodensee-Vorarlberg Leisure Card; in dbl room / per person from £176 Information and booking:


3 Graz

Eventful Vorarlberg

Holiday Offer



1 Lake Constance / Vorarlberg

The Lake Constance region in Vorarlberg is also home to one of Europe’s hottest music and cultural festivals: Feldkirch’s Poolbar Festival, held over six weeks in July and August, attracts some 20,000 visitors, and DJs and musicians from around the world to revel in a real party atmosphere where music, art, fashion and architecture coolly intermix within an old indoor swimming pool complex.



Holiday Offer

Graz Classic Weekend 2-night stay including breakfast, 24-hour ticket to the Universalmuseum Joanneum, additional hotel services Per person in a double room from £65 For more information and booking:

Despite being Austria’s second-largest city, Graz still remains relatively undiscovered amongst British holidaymakers. Its popularity is increas­ ing however, due to its deserved reputation as a culinary destination, with a wide choice of restaurants and a host of annual food-themed celebrations. Graz also boasts some of Europe’s most exciting architecture, with a unique synthesis of modern design and traditional construction. A classic example is the Kunsthaus Graz (art museum), with its curved, blobby exterior that contrasts with the sharp angular Baroque rooftops nearby. Or, stroll through the UNESCO-listed old town, with its tiny alleyways, pastel-coloured houses, and quiet courtyards. Graz Tourismus, Herrengasse 16, 8010 Graz Tel. +43 (0)316 8075-0, Fax +43 (0)316 8075-15,

Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourismus Postfach 16, 6901 Bregenz Tel. +43 (0)5574 43443-0 Fax +43 (0)5574 43443-4

2 Bregenzerwald – Vorarlberg 4 Salzburg

Light hike in Vorarlberg The best way to discover the charms of the Bregenzerwald is on foot, for this attractive region of Vorarlberg is criss-crossed by a network of hiking routes, many with themed trails highlighting the unique natural history of the area. Ramblers and hikers are well-catered for by a host of accommodation partners featuring “Hiking Far” packages. You hike while your luggage gets transported from one hotel to the next. Packages including 2 to 4-day tours following well sign-posted paths, with an on-the-go time of between 3.5 and 5 hours per day, are suitable even for ‘Sunday ramblers’. In between visits to comely villages, you’ll cross gorges, gentle hills, and steeper inclines, arriving at some interesting locations with stories to tell. The route starts in Sulzberg and finishes in Au with transportation back to your starting point (car park, train station) provided.

Bregenzerwald Tourismus GmbH Impulszentrum 1135, 6863 Egg, Vorarlberg Tel. +43 (0)5512-2365, Fax +43 (0)5512-3010


w w w . A u s t r i a . i n f o

BeilegerGB_2012_Summer_08March.indd 14-15

Holiday Offer

Hiking Far & Walking Across Villages (01.05.-31.10.2012) 5 nights half-board in 3- and 4-star hotels, hotel-to-hotel luggage transfer, transport back to starting car park or train station, Bregenzerwald Guest-Card & info. In dbl room from £493

5 Innsbruck

A mix of fine arts

The perfect combo

Salzburg is synonymous with art, architecture and music, this of course being the birthplace of Mozart. The annual Salzburg Festival, held since 1920, is a cultural highlight as music and drama prove their timeless draw. The romantic, well-preserved old town is full of gorgeous baroque architecture and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit Europe’s oldest eatery, dating back to 803, and counting the Mozart family among its patrons in the 1700s. In honour of this connection, St Peter Stiftskeller restaurant hosts regular concerts where musicians in historical costumes and opera singers perform the loveliest Mozart arias accompanied by a delicious menu.

An Innsbruck holiday offers a combination of city stay and mountain play in the heart of the Alps. Here, avant-garde architecture meets a lavish baroque heritage, and, over the last 10 years, a host of futuristic structures have shot up across the skyline, including the Bergisel Ski Jump and the Nordkettenbahnen cable car, both designed by renowned architect Zaha Hadid. Enjoy the spoils of Innsbruck, including shopping, sightseeing in the historic old town, and great Tirolean cuisine – then, change gears (and maybe shoes), and set off on the hiking portion of your holiday. A free hiking bus departs daily for mountain tours led by the expert guides of the renowned Alpinschule Innsbruck.

Holiday Offer

Holiday Offer

Tourismus Salzburg GMBH, Auerspergstraße 6 5020 Salzburg, Tel. +43 (0)662 88987-0 6, 5020 Salzburg Tourismus Salzburg GbmH, Auerspergstrasse Fax 88987-32, Tel. +43 (0)662 889870, +43 (0)662 8898732,

Innsbruck Tourismus, Burggraben, 6020 Innsbruck Tel. +43 (0)512 59 850-148 Fax +43 (0)512 59 850-107,

2012 festival season (01.04. - 02.09.), Tourism Salzburg is pleased to design a tailor-made package for “Whitsun Festival” and “Salzburg Festival”. Per person from £245 Information and booking:

City stay & hike 3-nights with breakfast in 4-star hotel, guided hikes, equipment rental, hiking bus, return trip on Innsbruck’s spectacular Nordkettenbahnen cable car. Per person from £135 Information and booking:


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Natural Delights

Charming mountain regions heavy-set in tradition; locally-sourced products transformed into mouth-watering menus; and the undisturbed environment of a national park.

For further details please visit

1 Zillertal



3 1


3 Alpbachtal

A helping of Zillertal

Keeping it real

Embark on just one of the Zillertal’s hiking routes and you’ll soon see why this valley, home to the popular all-season resort of Mayrhofen, is renowned for its cuisine and natural ingredients. Herbs grow all over the mountainsides and, for centuries, the region’s farmers have quietly been churning out delicious dairy products, smoked meats and other homemade delicacies. One of the best ways to experience what this region is all about is to fill up your backpack with goodies and take to the trails.

Arriving in Alpbachtal you’ll immediately be enchanted by its character, for this valley, awash in wildflowers and surrounded in dramatic alpine peaks, is stoutly proud of its ‘living traditions’. Authenticity perhaps best describes this part of western Austria. For centuries, residents have preserved traditional farming practices and observed strict building controls. Visitors to Alpbachtal experience ‘the real thing’; here, you aren’t a tourist, you’re always a friend.

Around 30 percent of the Zillertal is designated conservation area, which equates to more than 600 miles of hiking routes, and 30 adventure trails and nature paths just waiting to be explored. The High Mountain Nature Park of the Zillertal Alps is an inspiring 379km² of not only stunning mountains and glaciers, but also of natural and cultural importance.

Sample some hearty local fare at a family-owned farm, or give yourself a boost at one of Alpbachtal’s wellness centres offering toe-tingling treatments using local, herb-derived products known for their healing properties. For the kids, a real highlight is Juppi’s Enchanted Forest, a 2km exploration trail with various adventure play areas – free access with your Alpbachtal Seenland Card.


Holiday Offer

Purely Zillertal (19.05. - 15.09.2012) 7-nights B&B, return flights from London Gatwick to Innsbruck, airport transfers, free hiking in Zillertal Alps Nature Park Per person from £354 Information and booking:

Zillertal Tourist Board Bundesstrasse 27d, 6262 Schlitters Tel. +43 (0)5288 87187, Fax +43 (0)5288 871871,

Holiday Offer

Natural quality 7-night stay with half-board in 3-star hotel/inn, Alpbachtal Seenland Card (free access to three summer mountain lifts, local bus, lakes, museums, from £299 guided walks, bike tours and more). Per person

Alpbachtal Seenland Tourismus Zentrum 1, 6233 Kramsach / Tirol Tel. +43 (0)5336 600-600 Fax +43 (0)5336 600-699,

2 Wildschönau

Walk on the wild side Breathtaking alpine landscapes, flowery meadows, tinkling cow bells and green pastures – Wildschönau, which means wild and beautiful valley, is not only a visual feast, but also the perfect holiday destination for a spot of recreation with a delicious twist. With over 300km of walking paths, many easily accessible by cable car, the whole family can not only enjoy the high pasture scenery of the region, but also its delicacies. 4 Raurisertal

Drop into the Achental hut for homemade Tirolean doughnuts served with hearty soup or homemade cranberry jam. Stop at the Schönanger summer pasture where prize-winning cheeses are produced. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, the WildschönauCard is your all-access ticket, offering free entry to many area attractions, complementary guided activities, use of cable cars, and many further discounts.

Wildschönau Tourist Office Hauserweg, Oberau 337, 6311, Wildschönau Tel. +43 (0)5339 8255-0, Fax.43 (0)5339 8255-50,


w w w . A u s t r i a . i n f o

BeilegerGB_2012_Summer_08March.indd 16-17

Holiday Offer

Outdoor pleasures (Valid mid-May – mid-Oct 2012) 7-nights incl. half-board in 3-star accommodation, Wildschönau Card (free cable car transport, guided walks, lidos, tennis courts, museum entry, kids’ £227 clubs and more). Per person

5 Brandnertal – Vorarlberg

On a wing and a peak

Get going in Brandnertal

At 30km in length, the Rauris Valley is one of the largest valleys by area in the Hohe Tauern range. Ramblers in its National Park are treated to 295km of marked paths and trails, from leisurely strolls to hikes across alpine pastures and expeditions amongst the high peaks. Wild bird-watching excursions are a popular pastime.

‘Feel the mountains’ is the motto of beautiful Brandnertal, in Vorarlberg. Hiking, biking, swimming, tennis, golf, even archery – whether light recreation or high energy pursuits, the combination of active pleasures in untouched settings is a real treat. Local guides will be delighted to share insider tips and ‘best-ofs’.

Holiday Offer 7-night stay, Gondola ride, Guided Valley of Vultures tour, Admission: ‘Birds of Prey’ & ‘Kings of the Sky’. Per person from £156

Holiday Offer 7 nights, half-board, 4*hotel, free cable cars, guided walks, 1 guided mountain bike tour. Valid Jun 6 - Oct 26. Per person from £499

Tourismusverband Rauris, Tel. +43 (0)6544 20022,

Brandnertal Tourism, Tel. +43 (0)5559 555,


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Selected Hotels

Have Austria in your holiday sights with its array of accommodation choices in some of the finest locations in the country. Take a look.

1 Theresia Gartenhotel****Superior & Aparthotel****

For further details please visit



2 Naturhotel Chesa Valisa

Gracious Eco-Luxury

Natural highs

At the heart of Salzburg‘s Grass Mountains, the 4-star Theresia Gartenhotel combines stylish décor with a charming alpine exterior. Organic gourmet cuisine, chic Mountain Green Spa, gorgeous rooms, children’s clubs, gracious hospitality. Free Joker Card: Cable cars and attractions, guided walks, hiker‘s bus, bike rental, tennis and more included. Additional guided tours with the owner include trips to local organic farms. Holiday Offer 7 nights full-board, organic and vegetarian options, children up to 15 years for free. Per person From £429 Hotel Theresia, 5753 Saalbach-Hinterglemm Tel. +43 (0)6541 74140,

Naturhotel Chesa Valisa benefits from a superb location at 1200m in the heart of the Kleinwalsertal in Vorarlberg (nearest airport Memmingen). Conquer the mountains on foot or bike, indulge in the award-winning hotel cuisine, and spoil both body and spirit in the Alpine Spa with Finnish sauna, light therapy room, Kneipp basin, sunny gardens and terraces, and outdoor pool. Holiday Offer Ultimate Chesa, (26 May - Nov 4) 7-nights full-board, guided bike & mountain tour, sports massage, use of 8 cable cars, per person from £455 Das Naturhotel Chesa Valisa, 6992 HirscheggKleinwalsertal, Tel. +43 (0)5517 54140,

Kinderhotels Austria

Kinderhotels family time Mothers, can you relate? When my husband declared it was time for a family holiday, all I could envision was the packing of bulky baby gear and the horrid expense of unexpected extras. My apprehension soon disappeared when we found Kinderhotels, where we were able to choose from a collection of family-orientated, well-situated hotels in glorious sun-kissed alpine settings. The collection features 36 alpine hotels, all offering up to 60 hours of free childcare. Each hotel is equipped with cots, buggies, highchairs and HiPP Organic baby products – ideal for light packing. There are also top spa facilities, swimming pools, nearby golf, and gourmet meals. Kinderhotels definitely has my recommendation!

Holiday Offer

All-inclusive holiday Enjoy a 7-night all-inclusive stay in select 4-star hotels for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children under 12 years of age). From £1,495 Kinderhotels Austria, Tel. 0845 0822 422


w w w . A u s t r i a . i n f o

BeilegerGB_2012_Summer_08March.indd 18-19

Swarovski Optik

A sight to behold THE WORLD IN YOUR EYE – with CL Companion binoculars. You think you know a place but soon realise there is so much more to discover. The most fascinating stories are hidden in the smallest details; you just need to know how to look for them. Seeing leads to discovery. SWAROVSKI OPTIK – and the CL Companion – are there for you when you want to go beyond the natural limits of your perception. Designed specifically with the travel and leisure market in mind, the compact size and low weight combine with razor-sharp images to deliver an exceptional viewing experience. CL Companion binoculars are also extremely easy to use and fit neatly in luggage of any size or can simply be worn around the neck. The perfect companion wherever you go. SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars are premium products with a long tradition of uncompromising quality, crystal clear optics and precision construction. The CL Companion combines an attractive, modern look with the user-friendly ergonomics, and at excellent value for money, these binoculars are a top product for discerning buyers looking for both quality and style. SWAROVSKI OPTIK is part of the family-owned, Austrian Swarovski Group of companies.

FREE Cleaning Set worth £33

when you purchase SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars. Send this coupon to SWAROVSKI OPTIK together with a copy of the sales receipt and the UK registration card to claim your free gift. Offer ends 31st January 2013 (OEW 0412). Swarovski Optik UK, Perrywood Business Park, Salfords, Surrey, RH1 5JQ, Tel. 0044-1737-856812 Fax 0044-1737-856885,


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