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Austria’s Hidden Treasures Summer 2011

You think you know Austria?

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Welcome to your Austrian summer! In Austria it’s magical when the snow melts, spring makes way for summer as you’ve always imagined it, and our country warmly reveals itself with a wondrous and fascinating array of summertime activities. A splendid natural paradise that has no boundaries on outdoor recreation – whether on land or in the water. Spend long, sun-kissed days amidst breathtaking landscapes dotted with alpine towns and villages where your hosts will always be delighted to see you. But wait, there’s more – fine cuisine, unforeseen avant-garde architecture, and an arts and culture scene second to none. Let us inspire you with this selection of Austria’s Hidden Treasures. This year, explore Austria from a different perspective. Within these pages, we hope you will find inspiration for a perfect summer holiday or perhaps a couple of short breaks, alowing you to take in the contrasting experiences on offer. Whatever you choose, we wish you a wonderful Austrian summer.

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Herwig Kolzer, Manager UK, Austrian National Tourist Office

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Eerie and spooky is the way it sometimes appears, especially on autumn days when draped in fog. Yet even at the height of summer, Lake Hallstättersee is no swimmers’ paradise - water temperatures never rise above 20 degrees. But historic and full of mythic sagas, now that’s another thing again. The lake is 125 meters deep and the legendary Salzberg (Salt Mountain) is nearby. In 1734, miners uncovered a Celtic man conserved in the salt, and later found an extensive prehistoric gravefield. The discoveries dated from 850 to 500 B.C. and proved so illuminating that


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Photo: Österreich Werbung /Julia Knop

this epoch of alpine culture has been named the “Hallstätter era” ever since. The region all around Lake Hallstättersee has now been declared a World Heritage Site and is worth a journey in itself. And for sports lovers, there is another palette of colours to paint with: mountain bike routes, hiking trails and genuine challenges for mountain climbers. In the lake you can go fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, or simply sit on the shores imagining how miners glided across the smooth waters of the lake on their barges more than 2,000 years ago.


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Culture Whispers

Tones of the heart The festival “Upside down and Inside out” is a wonderworld of marvellous encounters. For two weeks in summer, at very special places in and around Krems, musicians from all over the world come together: Mexican mariachi trumpeters, Pakistani head-tone singers, Nigerian funk artists, Tunesian oud virtuosos and wind instrumentalists from Krems, together with their retinue and entourage. The title “Folk Music Festival” doesn’t do it justice, this is a melting pot of many cultures, celebrated in the landscapes of the Wachau. A special touch ensuring the success of the festival is the list of fine regional specialties which are served, from juicy apricots to tasty Danube fish to exquisite wines from the nearby slopes. “Upside down and Inside out” has one aim above all else - to stimulate all 5 senses.


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Photos: Rainer Fehringer, Stift Admont, Österreich Werbung, A. Proefrock, Wien Tourismus/Claudio Alessandri, Ulrich Schwarz

Wherever you turn, Austria is a land of culture - penetrating and palpable. For details, see our new vacation journal “arrive” on the theme of Culture 2011

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little masterpieces

MONASTERY LIBRARY XXL. The monastery library at Admont is the largest salon of books in the world. Besides its spatial dimensions, it fascinates visitors with valuable works of art - sculptures, reliefs, frescoes - and veritable treasure troves of books.

For more details on this and many other subjects, see “arrive - Culture 2011” Order it at

Guardian of the horizon

The largest installation art in all of Austria is located in the high alpine world of mountain peaks in Vorarlberg. The spectacular project known as “Horizon Field”, by British sculptor Antony Gormley, aligns 100 statues of forged iron in one geodetic path at 2,039 altitude. They perch on high alpine pastures, exposed rock ledges and sun-bathed southern slopes, illustrating and embodying the evolution of human beings on this planet. Akin to archaic guardians, they keep watch over the mountainous horizon. The sculptures on the Arlberg and in the Bregenzerwald can be viewed (and visited) until April 2012.

WAR MEMORIAL. In 1988 on the Albertinaplatz square in Vienna, the memorial sculpture condemning war and fascism by Austrian artist Alfred Hrdlicka was unveiled. The artist himself called this his most important work.

Lisztomania As long ago as 1841, Heinrich Heine dubbed

the acclaim and enthusiam for the concert series by Franz Liszt, superstar pianist and composer of his day, as “Lisztomania”. His performances were accompanied by hysterical, screaming women in the audience. On the occasion of the 200th birthday of this visionary musician, the town of Raiding in Burgenland will honour its greatest son, presenting both piano and vocal works by such world class performers as Daniel Barenboim, Elisabeth Leonskaja, Adrian Eröd and Ildiko Raimondi at the modern Liszt Centre.

Museum Adventures

We peek behind the curtain at a series of Austrian museums. We get lost in the magical scenes at Swarovski Crystal Worlds (see picture) and immerse ourselves in the galaxy of tiny, esoteric museums of Vienna which together reflect the loving way this city embraces and amplifies its past. Whether you want to “try out” a coffin at the Mortuary Museum, listen to 3000 clocks ticking at the Clock Museum or savour the taste of fresh-roasted coffee beans at the Coffee Museum, Vienna’s 200 museums have something to satisfy literally every taste on earth. In the ­Museum District alone, you could spend several days.


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The pleasures of summer

Among the vultures

Stefan Nink was in the Hohe Tauern National Park and made some astonishing discoveries. For instance, while observing bearded vultures, you should also watch out for colourful butterflies perching on the lens of your telescope. Central Europe’s largest National Park offers such an astounding array of flora and fauna that you would nearly trip over them if you didn’t have to watch your every step at these high elevations. Rest, look, observe – tranquillity is the salient feature of this pristine region, in which the passing of time is measured only by the colours of the meadows and forests. The central area of the National Park is primeval Alpine terrain, a realm of rock and ice in which nature makes humans seem very small.


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Fotos: Julia Knop, Österreich Werbung/Mallaun, Österreich Werbung/Horvath, Österreich Werbung/Andreas Hofer, Tirol Werbung/Klaus Kranebitter, Rainer Fehringer

Where to experience pristine nature and discover the heavenly secret to Eva Salomon’s apricot dumplings? Find out in the new Summer 2011 Holiday Journal

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Find out more about these and other topics in the Summer 2011 Austria Holiday Journal “Arrive”, which can be ordered at Natural pools in the Kitzbühel Alps. No fewer than three crystal-clear lakes are to be found between the Bamberger Hut and the summit of the Schafsiedel. Swimming in pure mountain water, so close to the clouds.

Simply Marvellous!

Some of the area’s loveliest routes and vantage points have been put together to create a new hiking trail along the Danube, the “Donausteig”. One can now hike continuously for 450 kilometres between Passau and Hainburg through one of the world’s most scenic river valleys. This trail can also be tackled in sections, of course, and one encounters natural wonders everywhere, such as along the “Schlögen Loop” (photo), where the Danube makes a 180-degree bend. There are also seventy “Donausteig inns” along the way, offering region delicacies as well as competent hiking advice.

OBERNBERG LAKE. As this mountain lake in the Stubai Alps is part of a protected area, swimming is not permitted, but one can happily explore the waters with a rowboat or visit the lake chapel.

A quick trip to paradise. Eva Salomon’s critically

acclaimed restaurant “Gut Oberstockstall” is situated in an absolutely picture-book pastoral setting. And the taste of the flawlessly prepared food is equally fairytale-like. Eva Salomon explains in an interview why the biodynamic cultivation of fruits and vegetables is so important to her and shares her experiences with breeding cows and geese. One can actually taste the naturalness of her products, she says, many of which come right from the family fields and orchards, which are organically farmed by her eldest son, Fritz.

Heading south.

Holidays on Carinthia’s lakes are by no means a leap into cold water: Lake Klopein, for example, regularly reaches twenty-eight degrees Celsius in the summer, making it one of Austria’s warmest lakes. Children paddle for hours in the water on their air mattresses or cruise around in paddleboats while their parents take in the view of the gently rolling forests and hills. Or the entire family can enjoy an outing to the Obir Dripstone Caves, among the largest in all of Europe, or to a nearby nature preserve. The leisure activities available in Carinthia’s lake region are nearly boundless.


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Back to Nature

Flee from hectic city life, escape the noise and the crowds. Find your way back to nature and enjoy crisp, clean air and quiet contemplation in the company of nature’s finest.

1 Zell am See-Kaprun

Nature all inclusive Check in and experience nature‘s wonders just by stepping out of your hotel door. The amazing diversity of the Austrian Alps is at your fingertips. As a holder of the Zell am See-Kaprun Card you are spoilt for choice: head to the mountain summits, visit the lidos, take in a museum or the region‘s most beautiful natural sights – without paying an extra cent! Leave your traces in the perpetual snow of the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier, enjoy a panorama boat trip on Lake Zell, marvel at the gushing waterfalls at the SigmundThun-Klamm gorge or visit the Ferleiten Wildlife Park.

Holiday Offer

Value Card 7 nights in a 3-star hotel with halfboard, plus Zell am See-Kaprun Card including over 20 attractions such as Peak World 3000 experience of local fauna and flora in a 3D cinema. Per person from £301


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That‘s what your holiday could look like. Holidaymakers receive the Zell am See-Kaprun Card free at the reception of selected accommodation. Thanks to this exclusive pass (available May 15-October 15, 2011) you can enjoy many attractive offers and extra discounts. The welcome way to get more out of your holiday! Zell am See-Kaprun Tourismus GmbH, Brucker Bundesstrasse 1a A-5700 Zell am See, Tel. +43 (0)6542 770, Fax +43(0)6542 72032,

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For further details please visit



Naturidyll Hotels

Explore Hidden Treasures Meeting point: 4.30am in the hotel lobby. That’s what I call early. Our hotelier is our host for this morning’s hike and greets us with a smile. A filled backpack with freshly squeezed juice and snacks is prepared for everyone and a short bus drive delivers us to the foot of the mountain. The first hour’s walk along a crystal clear mountain stream, then uphill through the forest, is quite demanding. Soon the sun comes out, the birds are tweeting, and the fauna and flora come alive through the stories of our guide. Once at the top, we are rewarded with a fabulous panoramic view. All stress and strains are forgotten. It’s a beautiful sight and it feels good to stop and enjoy the moment. The vista reminds us how small we are in comparison to the spectacle of Mother Nature. It’s never felt so good to get up so early as today.

Holiday Offer

A Little Naturidyll 2 nights for two people including full breakfast buffet, wellness facilities, welcome drink or guided hike. Valid in all Naturidyll member hotels. From £205

2 Raurisertal

Valley of the Vultures This is not your average birdwatching excursion. In the picturesque Rauris Valley, your first glimpse of a vulture soaring overhead is truly breathtaking. In 1986, the Raurisertal was selected as the ideal site within which to reintroduce the bearded vulture to the Alps. Today also up to 80 griffon vultures visit the Rauris Valley each summer. Truly wild. Affordable Action 7 nights, gondola ride, admission to bird of prey station, guided tour into the of Valley of Vultures, admission to the Nationalpark Centre, Kings of the Skies. From £154 per person. Tourismusverband Rauris, Kirchplatz 1, 5661 Rauris, Tel. +43 (0)6544 20022 Fax +43 (0)6544 20022-6030,,

Naturidyll Hotels, Mag.(FH) Stephanie Müller, Brunner Feldstraße 55 A-2380 Perchtoldsdorf, Tel. +43 (1)8673660-16, Fax +43 (1)8673660-14,


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Outdoor Adventure 

Mountain climbing makes you happy and Austria’s mountains provide ideal routes for every imaginable ability level and degree of fitness. 1 Alpbachtal Seenland

Experience Real Tirol This summer, Andrew and Claire from London would like to flee the city’s daily grind. They’ve chosen a holiday in touch with nature deep in the Austrian Alps. The highlight? Staying in a typical Tirolean farmer’s inn. Their day begins with a breakfast of home-made milk, butter, Alpbachtaler cheese and a selection of other fresh foods. The view from their room opens onto the pretty Alpbach Valley, a sea of lush green fields speckled with idyllic wooden barns. On arrival, their hosts gave them their personalised Alpbachtal Seenland Card entitling them to a wide selection of services free of charge. The best feature for them is the free summer mountain lifts which zoom up to stunning hiking routes, gentle mountain paths, and beautiful views over both the grassy slopes of the Kitzbüheler Alps and the rocky Rofan Range. They’ve truly escaped back to nature.

Holiday Offer

Natural Quality Includes 7 nights halfboard in 3-star hotel / inn, Alpbachtal Seenland Card providing access to 3 summer mountain lifts, Regiobus, lakes, museums, guided walks, bike tours and more. Per person from £299

Alpbachtal Seenland Tourismus, Zentrum 1, 6233 Kramsach Tel. +43 (0)5336 600 600, Fax+43 (0)5336 600 699,

Mountain Bike Holidays

Two Wheel Heaven Everyone is asleep, except me. As dawn breaks, I open the door quietly, pack my water bottle and bike computer. As I straddle the saddle, memories of yesterday’s tour come flooding back. As I pedal, the first sun rays colour the summits and warm the air. The silence is total. I am headed for breakfast high up on the mountain amid a magnificent panoramic view, warming as I climb. In the cool morning air even the perspiration is pleasant.... Austria’s 64 quality-assured bike hotels are the best choice for mountain bikers, staffed by local experts with valuable advice on the area, weather, conditions, and technical issues. Detailed tour maps are available, though a tour with a guide is always part of a fantastic bike day. Special combinations like “Bike & Wellness”, “Bike & Family” offer nice diversions.

Holiday Offer Mountain Bike Holidays, Saalfeldnerstraße 14, 5751 Maishofen, Tel. +43 (0)6542 80480 23, Fax +43 (0)43 6542 80480 4,


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Bike Specialists 3 nights with halfboard and 2 energy packs custom made to discover this biking paradise can be booked in all 64 Mountain Bike Holidays member hotels. From £103

w w w . A u s t r i a . i n f o

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For further details please visit



4 1 3


Tirol, for all walks Hike the Eagle walk, Tirol’s famous hiking route shaped like the wings of an eagle. Snaking across the length of the Tirol, there is a walk for every­ one in Tirol. Active walking holidays immerse you in gorgeous landscapes, and weave through well known Tirolean villages such as Alpbach and St Johann, where you can stop to savour regional specialities in mountain restaurants along the way. Or you can choose a steeper route and spend a night or two in an Alpine hut. Beautiful meadows, soaring mountains, flowing rivers, Tirol is perfect for walking holidays whether you are an individual, couple, a group of friends or a family – and whatever your ability. For more information have a look at or choose below from a selection of offers from our UK Tour Operator partners.

2 Crystal Summer

3 Neilson Lakes & Mountains

Tirol Tourist Board, Maria-Theresien-Strasse 55, 6010 Innsbruck Tel. +43 (0)512 72720, Fax +43 (0)512 72727,

4 Inghams

5 St Anton am Arlberg

Walk in Seefeld

Walk in Kitzbühel

Walk in Soll

St Anton am Arlberg

Walking in the Olympiaregion Seefeld can be as easy or difficult as you want, from lakeside ambles to high-alpine trails, with plenty of family-friendly walks suitable for young and old.

A week in Kitzbühel is available with Neilson Lakes & Mountains from just £399 per person, at 3-star Hotel Bruggerhof with wellness area and indoor pool.

Inghams offer 7 nights halfboard at 4-star Hotel Tyrol from £499 per person with two sharing, departing May 14.

St Anton’s summer active Programme guaranties the ultimate holiday experience for the whole family. The opportunites are plentiful: guided walking or mountain bike tours, nordic walking, golf trial course, torchlight walks, archery, volleyball and a varied programme for children. All these activities are included in St Anton’s Summer Active Card. 7 nights halfboard in a 4-star hotel from £320, valid June 27-September 10.

Crystal Summer offers 4-star AktivHotel Veronika from £449 per person (departing 21 May) based on two booking a twin room online. Includes flights from Gatwick* to Innsbruck, transfers, 7 nights halfboard, daily afternoon tea and cake, cycle hire (subject to availability), daily kids club.

This holiday includes a free night to the value of £103 and an early discount worth £103 and return flights from Gatwick to Innsbruck, 7 nights full board, use of private lido on nearby Lake Schwarzsee, bike rental, shuttle service to Kitzbühel centre. Children stay at the hotel for free. Private taxi transfers at a supplement.

Includes flights from London Gatwick and resort transfers. Additional departures from regional airports are available as well as rail travel from London to Salzburg. Inghams also offers a range of excursions including Lake Achensee and Rattenberg, Grossglockner, Krimml waterfalls and Salzburg with the option to enjoy a lunchtime Mozart concert.

Tel. 0871 230 8180

Tel. 0844 879 8155

Tel. 020 8780 4454

Tel. +43 (0)5446-2269-0


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Outdoor Adventure 

Austria is criss-crossed with thousands of kilometres of well-signed cycle routes. Whoosh on two wheels over cross-country and downhill trails, hill climbs and stage races.

1 Montafon / Vorarlberg

Authentic Montafon The beautiful and wild Montafon Alpine Valley and its 11 charming villages winds for 39km through the Vorarlberg region of western Austria. With true alpine character and untouched wilderness, this escape offers the perfect setting for a dream vacation. You’ll find everything you need to turn a mountain holiday into an unforgettable experience. For an active escape, try the network of tours for mountain bikers and hikers, including the Montafon hut tour featuring the crystalline splendour of towering rock faces and the multi-coloured wash of mountain flowers. Another highlight is the high-altitude Europatreppe that challenges the spirit and the legs with 700m difference in altitude over 4000 steps. In addition, there are two 9 hole golf courses, miniature golf courses, indoor and outdoor pools, the Alpine Coaster Golm, the new Flying Fox, and many more highlights for the entire family. With the Montafon Silvretta Card you can use cable cars, swimming pools, museums and more for free. Montafon Tourismus GmbH, Montafonerstr. 21, A-6780 Schruns Tel. +43 (0)5556 72253-0, Fax +43 (0)5556 74856, Montafon – a sporting region in Vorarlberg:


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Holiday Offer

Natural Quality 4 nights with Montafon-Silvretta-Card offering use of cablecars, transport, various discounts, and guided hiking tours. From £139 for a double room with breakfast, or £239 in a 2-person apartment.

w w w . A u s t r i a . i n f o

11.03.11 13:06

For further details please visit

2 1

2 Kleinwalsertal / Vorarlberg

Kleinwalsertal Adventure The Kleinwalsertal is beloved for its varied landscape and the natural beauty of its walking and hiking trails. Over the last decade, Kleinwalsertal has also earned a reputation in mountain bike circles. Mountain bikers can experience 13 attractive tours of varying difficulty, from light to expert. A few routes wind as far the neighbouring regions of Bregenzerwald and Allgäu. Whether you are alone or in an organised group with a guide, you will find fantastic trails in the dramatic Walser Mountains. For emergencies or breakdowns there are even Bike Service Stations at selected huts and restaurants, with tools for quick repairs. Now that’s service. After a good hike, the Naturhotel Chesa Valisa offers a superb location at 1200m in unspoiled surroundings. Conquer the mountains on foot or on bike, indulge in award-winning hotel cuisine, and choose your individual body treatment from a vast selection of spa offerings. Perfect. Find out more about Kleinwalsertal: For more details on Vorarlberg:

Holiday Offer

Ultimate Experience 7 nights full board, use of 8 cablecars, guided mountain tour, mountain bike introduction, guided bike tour, sports massage or wrap, indoor activities, spa, wine journey. June 10-Nov 6. From £455-£739 Das Naturhotel Chesa Valisa, Gerbeweg 18, 6992 Hirschegg / Kleinwalsertal Tel. +43 (0)5517 54140,,


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Family Fun 

Ah, nature. It’s the greatest of all kid’s clubs – and the mountains are a natural backdrop to the fun. There’s nothing more precious than spending time together on holiday

1 Saalbach-Hinterglemm

Fun for the Family A holiday in Saalbach Hinterglemm means many things to many families. There’s an infinite variety of attractions and facilities for parents, kids and teens to enjoy. Take the adventure trails such as Montelino, which leads to the fabulous world of the little clown who lost his smile. Along a scenic walking trail from the top of Kohlmais Mountain through woods and alpine meadows, kiddies search for the clown’s lost friends and toys within a beautiful and natural environment. Exciting water adventures await at Captain Hook’s outdoor pool, a huge water oasis with underwater music, water slides, beach volleyball court, open air cinema and rain zones. At the Devil’s Water Park kids experience the fascination of water with all the senses. Next door, Schnitza’s Wood Park contains wood games, obstacles of balance, and puzzles. Weekly carving workshops let children and adults carve their own hiking sticks. Europe’s longest zipline tops off the thrills.

Tourismusverband Saalbach Hinterglemm, Glemmtaler Landesstraße 550 5753 Saalbach Hinterglemm, Tel. +43 (0)6541 6800-68 Fax +43 (0) 6541 6800-69,,


BeilegerGB_1103_PDFX3.indd 14

Holiday Offer

Joker Card Package 7 nights with bed and breakfast, including the Joker Card, making access to Saalbach-Hinterglemm amenities even easier and more reasonably priced. Per person from £145

w w w . A u s t r i a . i n f o

11.03.11 13:06

For further details please visit



2 Wildschönau

Natural Hospitality Breathtaking alpine landscapes, meadows filled with wild flowers, tinkling cow bells and green, green pastures – just a few of the memories that families visiting the Wildschönau take back home. But above all it’s the people here that draw guests back time and again. There is a unique and natural Tirolean hospitality awaiting you. Walking for enjoyment ... it’s a new category of walk with culinary pleasures to discover along the way. You’ll encounter high pastures on almost every one of the 300 km of walking paths. Drop into the Achental Hut for homemade Tirolean doughnuts served with hearty soup or homemade cranberry jam. Make a stop at the Schönanger summer pasture where prize-winning cheeses are produced and tasted. Or taste delicious liqueurs distilled on the lovely Zwecklhof farm at 1000 metres. You and your children are among friends in the Wildschönau.

Holiday Offer

Family Package 7 nights halfboard in a 3-star hotel, Wildschönau Card with free access to cable cars, guided walks, outdoor pool, tennis, farmer and mining museums, and kids club. Per person from £285

Tourist Office Wildschönau, Hauserweg, Oberau 337, A-6311 Wildschönau Tel. +43 (0)5339 8255-0, Fax +43 (0)5339 8255-50,

Kinderhotels Austria

Kinderhotels Family Time Mothers, can you relate? When my husband declared it was time for a family holiday, all I could envision was the packing of bulky baby gear and the horrid expense of unexpected extras. My apprehension soon disappeared when we found Kinderhotels, where we were able to choose from a collection of family-orientated, well-situated hotels in glorious sun-kissed alpine settings. The collection features 34 alpine hotels, all offering up to 60 hours of free childcare. Each hotel is equipped with cots, buggies, highchairs and HiPP Organic baby products – ideal for light packing. There are also top spa facilities, swimming pools, nearby golf, and gourmet meals. Kinderhotels definitely has my recommendation!

Holiday Offer

All-inclusive holiday Enjoy a 7 night all-inclusive stay in select 4-star hotels for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children under 12 years of age). From £1,495

Kinderhotels Austria, Tel. +43(0)845 0822 422,


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Outdoor Leisure 

From world-class treatments and pleasurable hiking and biking tours, to bird-watching in picture-perfect surroundings, you’ll always find the right combination within our natural arena. 1 Graz

Culinary Capital Graz Welcome to Austria’s delicatessen, a culinary capital which looks as good as it tastes. To explore Graz properly, we suggest comfy shoes and loose clothing. For even if Graz is small – it’s the second-largest city in Austria and home to just 250,000 residents – its historic old town brims with tiny cobbled roads, winding streets, and pretty squares to explore. Not only are there interesting museums and lots of shopping, the city is full of excellent cafes, restaurants and artisan food shops. Take an ideal weekend getaway in friendly, foodie Graz.

Holiday Offer Graz Tourism Information, Herrengasse 16, 8010 Graz Tel. +43 (0)316 8075-0, Fax +43 (0)316 8075-15,

2 Salzburg

One Night Free Stretch your weekend and enjoy an additional night free. Stay 3 nights and pay for 2 in a 4-star hotel. Includes 2-day Universal Museum Joanneum from £90 pass with access to important museums. Per person

3 Innsbruck

Stage of the World

Innsbruck – Old and New

Salzburg is Mozart’s home – and also where music meets art, with a well-preserved old town and dramatic modern art spaces. Salzburg houses Europe’s oldest eatery (where Mozart’s family were regulars) and, in contrast, the Museum of Modern Art which from a distance looks like a Lego brick with windows. This Baroque beauty is one of the most romantic destinations in Europe.

The historic city of Innsbruck, set riverside in a deep Alpine valley, is a thrilling Imperial-era crossroads that blends avant-garde architecture with lavish Baroque heritage. In the last 10 years, a host of impressive, futuristic structures have shot up across the skyline including the Zaha Hadid designed Bergisel ski jump and the Nordkettenbahnen. Enjoy the pedestrianfriendly old town and its many cafes and restaurants.

Holiday Offer

Holiday Offer

Tourismus Salzburg GbmH, Auerspergstrasse 6, 5020 Salzburg Tel. +43 (0)662 889870, Fax +43 (0)662 8898732,

Innsbruck Reservations, Burggraben 3, 6020 Innsbruck, Tel +43 (0)512 562000,

The Salzburg Card 2 nights with breakfast in selected 4 star hotels, single admission to all city attractions for 48 hours, free public transport, discounts for events and excursions. Per person in double room from £102


BeilegerGB_1103_PDFX3.indd 16

Alpine City Escape Discover the jewel of the Alps with the 48 Hour Innsbruck Card. Free access to all attractions and 6 cable cars, 2 nights in a 4-star hotel with breakfast. Per person from £137

w w w . A u s t r i a . i n f o

11.03.11 13:06

For further details please visit



3 1

4 Burgenland

Dive into Nature Experience a plethora of landscapes, flora and fauna that’s unheard of within such a small area anywhere else in Europe. The cultural landscape of National Park Neusiedler See-Seewinkel is now a proud UNESCO World Heritage Site. Where else can you find a shallow lake of the steppes, reed beds, salt lakes, sand dunes, and the lowland moor of Hanság – all highly exotic scenery for an alpine country such as Austria. For decades now, the region surrounding Lake Neusiedl has been an established hot-spot for birdwatchers. Particularly exciting are the periods around early March and end of summer when the National Park becomes a stepping stone for more than 300 species of migratory birds on their flight from northern Europe to Africa. Bring your binoculars and observe many of these species in their natural habitat. Of course, no Burgenland visit is complete without experiencing the local wine. Some 300 days of sunshine provide the ideal climate for the red and sweet grape varietals. Even though Burgenland is famous for its full bodied reds, you will also discover excellent white wines with a fresh and fruity note in this region. Burgenland Tourismus, Johann Permayer-Strasse 13, A-7000 Eisenstadt Tel. +43 (0)2682 633840, Fax +43 (0)2682 6338420,

Holiday Offer

Outdoor Discovery 5 nights with halfboard in a double room at luxurious St Martins Lodge, airport transfer, 1 bird-watch outing, 1 tour through National Park Neusiedler See Seewinkel, 1 star-gaze outing. Per person from £564


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2 Kitzbüheler Alpen

Pedalling Pleasures Recharge your batteries – and your bike! – within the beautiful surroundings of the Kitzbüheler Alps. Hire an electronic bike and climb every mountain easily. Your speciality ride provides 30 percent more power than conventional bikes. There’s no better way to explore the mountainscape of the Kitzbüheler Alps – effortlessly. Holiday Offer 7 nights halfboard in a 4-star hotel, 6 days e-mountain bike hire, 1 e-mountain bike map of the region, guided hikes. From £298. Tourist Association Kitzbüheler Alpen – Brixental, Hauptstraße 8 6365 Kirchberg in Tirol, Tel. +43 (0)5357 2000, Fax +43 (0)5357 2000-190,

1 Brandnertal / Vorarlberg

Active Comes Naturally Among nature’s unique and unspoiled outdoor arenas, the Brandnertal is a sure bet. Discover an alpine playground where the local motto of ‘Feel the Mountains’ comes alive. Touch, smell, taste and listen ... Just a week spent amid this mountain paradise in southern Vorarlberg will boost your energy levels and leave you in love with nature. There’s plenty to keep everyone happy: hiking, biking, horseback riding, swimming, tennis, golf, even one of Europe’s coolest and most scenic 3-D archery ranges. Fancy something sweet? Don’t miss the International Milka Chocolate Festival held in the nearby alpine town of Bludenz. With so much to see and do, a little chocolate is a well-deserved reward.

Holiday Offer

Active Brandnertal 7 nights halfboard in a 4-star hotel, Active Summer Card with free access to 19 cable cars, guided walks, 1 guided mountain bike tour. Available May 28-October 1. Per person sharing double room. From £425 Brandnertal Tourism, 6708 Brand, Tel. +43 (0)5559 555, Further information on Vorarlberg:


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3 Theresia Garden & Aparthotel

Gracious Luxury At the heart of Salzburg‘s Grass Mountains, the 4-star Theresia Gartenhotel combines stylish décor with a charming alpine exterior. Organic gourmet cuisine, chic spa, gorgeous rooms, children’s clubs, gracious hospitality. The proprietor also runs private tours through the hotel gallery, featuring artists like Andy Warhol. Additional guided tours include trips to local organic farms. Holiday Offer 7 nights full board, organic and vegetarian options, free cablecars and attractions, guided walks. From £418 per person. Hotel Theresia, 5753 Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Tel. +43 (0)6541 74140,

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Nature stages Art 


Countless festivals are held throughout Austria, from prestigious world-class festivals to great outdoor installations. Not to forget the culinary highlights, which are true works of art!

4 Lech Zürs am Arlberg / Bregenzerwald / Vorarlberg

The Art Route Brian and Sally want a vacation with added value. They want to make new friends and learn about the culture of the country, with time and the space to relax and to experience the cuisine of the region. After a scenic drive through Vorarlberg in the western tip of Austria, Brian and Sally arrive at their attractive and atmospheric hotel. With free public transport, the car is tucked safely in the underground garage. The next day, they journey through Bregenzerwald, known for its blend of old houses with weathered wooden shingles and contemporary modern homes. The next morning, they hike from Lech Zürs to visit “Horizon Field”, the silent iron figures of British sculptor Antony Gormley that invoke the relationship between man, mountain and nature. They enjoy the combination of tradition and open-minded modernity, the contrast between calm meadows and rough peaks. Theirs is a journey that fills the mind and satisfies the soul.

Holiday Offer Lech Zürs Tourism: Tel. +43 (0)5583 2161, Bregenzerwald Tourism: Tel. +43 (0)5512 2365, More about Vorarlberg:

Art in the Mountains of Vorarlberg 7 or 4 nights halfboard in 4-star hotel, guided tours. Bregenzerwald Guest Card with use of cablecar, buses, swimming pools or Active Inclusive Card with use of mountain lifts, buses and more. June 5-Oct 8. 7 nights from £630, 4 nights from £459, per person in double room. From £459


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h w i 1 Lake Constance / Vorarlberg

Where Opposites Attract This summer, it’s the happy union of opposites and the resulting creation of something new that makes the Austrian side of Lake Constance, or Bodensee, such a cultural holiday star.

© Markus Tretter, Bregenz Festival

Each year, the famous Bregenz Festival wows visitors with lavish opera productions atop the world’s largest floating stage. This summer opera lovers await “André Chénier”, by the Italian composer Umberto Giordano – a vivid historical drama and tale of human tragedy. The spectacular natural setting only adds to the drama. Without the mountains, the backdrop of Lake Constance wouldn’t be half as beautiful, and of course the view overlooking the lake is equally impressive. You can easily reach these stunning viewpoints: take the Pfänderbahn cablecar from Bregenz or the Karren cablecar at Dornbirn to a spectacular mountain restaurant that protrudes above the cliffs.

Holiday Offer

Égalité Package See “André Chénier” at the 2011 Bregenz Festival, with 2 nights’ accommodation, welcome drink, lake ticket for the opera, Bodenseefrom £179 Vorarlberg Leisure Card. Available July 20-21 August.

Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourism Board, P.O. Box 16, 6901 Bregenz Tel. +43 (0)5574 434430, Fax +43 (0)5574 434434, Further information on Vorarlberg available from:

2 Zillertal

Zillertal Energy Situated in the heart of the Tirolean Alps, Zillertal has long been a hit with Austrian and international guests for its pure nature and tradition. The unique landscape of the Zillertal Valley is not only beautiful to admire, to hike, and to bike – Zillertal’s unspoilt nature is also a prerequisite for the excellent quality of local products. Thirty percent of Zillertal is designated as a nature conservation area, the Zillertal Alps Mountain Nature Park. The region not only offers ideal conditions for those who seek rest and relaxation, its clean mountain water and hundreds of different grasses and flowers on the meadows are the basis for the natural products that are turned into typical dishes and finest delicacies. The Zillertal Activcard offers families an affordable way to discover Zillertal in all its guises. Make a Zillertal Activcard your constant companion from May 28th until October 16th 2011, and enjoy the Zillertal to the full! The Zillertal Activcard is a ticket for cable cars, trains and buses as well as an entrance and discount card. Be our guest! Zillertal Tourist Board, Bundesstraße 27d, 6262 Schlitters Tel. +43 (0)5288 87187, Fax +43 (0)5288 87187 1,


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t c A t i s r c s Th w C r t m S w c G c w f c i t K a A t fi R c t f t

Holiday Offer

Natural delights 7 nights in 4-star hotel with halfboard, plus Zillertal Activcard, guided tour of alpine dairy, guided pastures walking tour, birds of prey demonstration. Available June-October 2011. Per person from £427

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AD Öst

Advertorial – Austrian Wine


harmonious tastes - All kinds of Austrian wines complement a vast range of dishes, including Asian food, writes Darrel Joseph


atching individual wines to different foods has always been a test of a sommelier’s skills, but it’s something the Austrians seem to have cracked — even when it comes to the challenge of pairing wine to exotic Asian cuisine. Austria’s winemakers are now highly regarded for producing wines that not only taste delicious but are remarkably versatile when it comes to complementing food. Grüner Veltliner, for example, is Austria’s indigenous and most widely planted grape, making up one third of the country’s 125,000 acres of vineyard. As a light wine, it has a crisp, peppery freshness. Medium-bodied, it offers a finely structured approachability. And as a fullbodied wine, it exhibits a rich, lengthy piquancy. So you can see how the dry Grüner Veltliner can meet the full gamut of Asian cuisine’s complex flavours. Dim sum, Szechuan beef, sushi and sashimi, plus tandoori chicken and Thai curries are some dishes that marry well with Austria’s flagship wine. “Grüner Veltliner typically performs across the board,” says Christine Parkinson, head wine buyer for Hakkasan, the London restaurant specialising in Asian fusion dishes. “It goes so well with the four primary tastes: mild, savoury, spicy and sweet. And the more powerful the dish, the more the wine must be a counterpoint.” She adds that a mild-tasting dish, such as dim sum, could pair well with a medium Grüner bearing moderate acidity, while a hotter, spicy dish — such as prawn curry — could match with a full-bodied Grüner that has depth in flavour as well as firm acidity. Other fine couplings could include seared tuna or Vietnamese raw spring rolls with crisp, young Grüners from Austria’s Weinviertel region. The fruit and vibrant acidity in these wines can lend a bit of zing to the clean flavours of the fish. Austria’s other great white grape, Riesling, is not actually indigenous to this country, but its wines — especially the dry, fruity, mineral-rich specimens from Wachau, Kamptal and Kremstal — are exceptional. Their complexity is in evidence, for example, when drunk with a dish such as fish with a Thai curry sauce. A full-bodied, rich Riesling — such as a late harvest smaragd from the Wachau — carries the sharpness of the sauce while its minerally finesse melds with the mild taste of the fish. Also, a medium-bodied Riesling is ideal with vegetable tempuras and fried spring rolls: the crisp acidity and ripe peachy flavours of the wine harmonise with the light sweetness of the rolls. The tempuras are animated by the freshness of Riesling, particularly one with a bit of residual sugar. If there is one ingredient that can be especially associated with Riesling

matching, it is ginger. Not only is this spice often used in Chinese, Indian and other Asian cookery, but a gingery flavour can also be imparted by an Austrian Riesling itself. As Christine Parkinson says: “If it’s ginger, think Riesling.” Other white Austrian wines that pair with Asian foods include Sauvignon Blanc from the regions of Steiermark or Styria. Deliciously fresh, full-bodied versions with currant and elderflower tones work wonderfully with spicy prawns. Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc), Chardonnay, Neuburger, Traminer and the rare Zierfandler and Rotgipfler wines also make fine partners to a range of curry, marinated and steamed fish dishes. But what about Austrian red wines? Indeed, the unique flavours and structures of these mostly indigenous wines lend an entirely new dimension to Asian cuisine.

“Dim sum, sushi and curries marry with Austria’s flagship wine” Austria’s main red varietal, Blaufränkisch, exudes exciting berry fruit flavours (cherry, cranberry and lingonberry, for example), plus refined, effervescent acidity and tannins that are noticeable but not overbearing. These characteristics make Blaufränkisch a good companion for recipes marked by umami — a savourybrothy flavour — such as Szechuan and chilli beef. The wine’s fruit-acidity-tannin triumvirate stands up to the sharpness and intensity of the chilli and other spices. Peking duck and its crispy variant can find an ideal partner in the Zweigelt varietal. A medium-bodied version with plummy fruit not only enhances the roasted meat, but also harmonises with accompanying sauces, such as plum. St Laurent and its ancestor, Pinot Noir, will lend a subtle, piquant character to these dishes. Austria’s inimitable sweet wines fit nicely with a dish such as tandoori chicken. The meat’s spice and yogurt marinade might yield a slightly sour note and this can be countered by the ripe sweetness of a Riesling or Traminer wine. Of course, it need not be Asian cuisine with which you partner Austrian wine; as said, they are extremely versatile and with careful choosing will enhance the full dimension of flavours in any food. The fun is in finding out which goes best with what. For more information on Austrian wine, visit


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Summer 2011 BeilegerGB_1103_PDFX3.indd 1 11.03.11 13:06 prepare to Be eNchaNted! Discover, explore and enjoy n...


Summer 2011 BeilegerGB_1103_PDFX3.indd 1 11.03.11 13:06 prepare to Be eNchaNted! Discover, explore and enjoy n...