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If you ask me ... Happiness isn’t a matter of chance, unless you are fortunate enough to win the lottery. Rather, being happy is a lasting feeling that doesn’t require any jackpot. I’m not looking to claim that a holiday will make everyone happy forever. But I can promise that a holiday in Austria will give you many happy moments, to cheer you long after you’ve travelled back home. Austria enjoys the ideal conditions for these happy moments. The country brings together wonderful natural landscapes where you can find inner peace and restore your strength. From the Alps to the Danube to the Pannonian plain. There are also countless thrilling experiences to be enjoyed – Austria is known as the cultural heart of Central Europe, and famous well beyond its borders as a country that knows how to live. This is closely tied to the special people who live here. And to its long tradition as a country of hospitality, committed to ensuring that its visitors experience holiday happiness.

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I wish you an Austrian holiday with plenty of happy moments! Yours, Petra Stolba, CEO, Austrian National Tourist Office

All this awaits you 04  Wild waters from the mountains Austria’s wonderful world of water 07  Splish splash in the city A refreshing dip in Salzburg and Vienna 10  Austrian Views The most spectacular panoramic views 12  Snow and ice – 15  Grabbing goodies in Austria The best shopping spots 18  Vienna even in summer Glaciers and ice-caves 1000 Reasons for Vienna 24  SalzburgerLand The best of the lakes and the mountains 26  Salzburg Stage of the world 28  Gastein Valley A slice of Alpine paradise 30  Map Basic Facts 32  Zell am See-Kaprun Glacier, Mountains and Lake Zell 34  Innsbruck The capital of the Alps 36  Kitzbühel The Legend 38  Swarovski Crystal Worlds   An elegant Austrian indulgence 40  Seefeld A wonderful world of water 42  Ötz Valley The Peak of Tirol 3

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Wild waters from the mountains

Austria is famous for its abundance of crystal-clear water – the country boasts 5,000 lakes and is said to have the freshest tap water in the world. As the majority of Austria’s water comes right out of its mountain springs, that could well be true. In any case, water is one of Austria’s key attractions and can be enjoyed in many different ways.

Olympiaregion Seefeld – child-friendly ghosts and goblins in the gorge

Some waters are said to be “wild” and this is definitely true of those in the Spirit Gorge close to Seefeld. There, the water has cut its way through the mountains over millions of years to form a gorge that is today 75 metres deep with whirlpools and waterfalls that bubble, sputter and roar in a most spectacular fashion. Old legends claim that these sounds are created by ghosts and goblins who live down there in the waters of the gorge. Inspired by this tale, and the unique setting and atmosphere, this place is known as Spirit Gorge. Two trails lead through the gorge, often taking visitors over spectacular bridges with stunning views down into the wild waters. The trails can be reached easily and are designed with families in mind, as they are short (1.9 kms and 3.0 kms), easy to walk and very entertaining, featuring ghost-themed stops along the way. There, the ghosts and goblins tell their stories about the gorge and children get to know more about the magic of the mountains and the waters in a playful fashion.

© ANTO / Popp Hackner; TVB Olympiaregion Seefeld; Gastein Valley Tourism Board; TVB Olympiaregion Seefeld; ANTO / Viennaslide

Gastein Valley – Europe’s most modern recreation and waterpark

Most of Austria’s water is actually not visible because it is stored deep inside the mountains for many million years. By the time it finds its way out, it is enriched with minerals and considered to be extremely healthy. In the Gastein Valley, the water does find its way out and today a staggering five million litres of warm mineral water bubble up from inside the mountains each day. Thus, the Gastein Valley offers a unique combination of mountain tops and thermal spas. Amid the snow-covered mountain tops you can enjoy a holiday with your family in Europe’s most modern recreation and waterpark, right in the heart of the Alps. The Alpine Spa Alpentherme features six adventure and health areas that offer wellness pleasure and water fun for the whole family on a huge site that covers 350,000 square feet. In addition to being big fun, the water is also very healthy thanks to its mineral content. The Gastein Valley is easy to reach as it is located in Salzburg Province and very close to Salzburg City and Zell am See-Kaprun.

The Waterfalls of Krimml - Europe’s highest falls

Another place in Salzburg Province, very close to Zell am See-Kaprun, and famous for its water attraction are the Waterfalls of Krimml. They are the highest waterfalls in Europe and the fifth highest in the world; the water crashes down more than 380 metres and cascades over three terraces on its journey down the mountain. The waterfalls are just 30 minutes‘ drive from Zell am See and are very close to the most popular scenic drive in the Austrian Alps – the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. This famous route passes by Austria’s tallest mountain top and its biggest glacier. With Zell am See-Kaprun, the Gastein Valley, the Waterfalls of Krimml and the High Alpine Road being located so close together, they are often combined for daytrip or longer adventure by tourists visiting Salzburger Province.

A bird‘s view of Seefeld The crystal-clear water of Lake Reedsee in the Gastein Valley Family fun in the Spirir Gorge Fresh clean water straight from the mountains

Waterfalls of Krimml – the water crashes down more than 380 metres 4

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Sacher Anz. Arabian Guide 22.11.12 08:56 Seite 1

Hotel Sacher Wien Philharmonikerstrasse 4 A-1010 Vienna Telephone: +43/1/51 456-0 Fax: +43/1/51 456-810 E-Mail: Internet & Shop:



Hotel Sacher Salzburg Schwarzstrasse 5-7 A-5020 Salzburg Telephone: +43/662/88 977-0 Fax: +43/662/88 977-551 E-Mail: Internet & Shop:



Relax & Spa Hotel Astoria Geigenbühel 185 A-6100 Seefeld Telephone: +43/5212/2272-0 Fax: +43/5212/2272-100 E-Mail: Internet:

© Hellbrunn Palace

Splish splash in the city

Most visitors come to Austria to either take in the cultural sights of the cities or enjoy the nature and the crystal-clear water in the countryside. However, there is really no need to choose as Vienna and Salzburg offer plenty of opportunities for a refreshing dip right in the city. The famous trick fountains in Hellbrunn Palace offer a most ‚refreshing‘ encounter with history 7

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S plish





A ‚refreshing‘ rendez-vous with history

Salzburg City is famous for its music, chocolate and the historic city centre which, along with all the parks and palaces, was named a UNESCO world cultural heritage site in 1997. If you need a stimulating break from the city, a visit to the Hellbrunn Palace is your best bet. Just 15 minutes outside the city center, this palace and its extensive park were built 400 years ago by Archbishop Markus Sitticus, who proved to be quite the prankster. Visitors will quickly discover that Hellbrunn Palace is more of a manor and pleasure ground than a proper palace, as Markus Sitticus had the palace‘s extensive facilities constructed to spray water at his honoured guests. Water used to – and still does – spring out of almost every nook and corner, all at the push of a button. There are trick fountains, hidden water jets, grottoes and wells; and there‘s simply no hope of making it around this p(a)lace without getting a good soaking and having a good time. This is what makes the Hellbrunn Palace the ideal place to visit on a hot summer day, when it is definitely a most ‚refreshing‘ encounter with history.

© ANTO/Wiesenhofer; Hellbrunn Palace; WTV

Take a dip in the Danube

It may only be the second longest river in Europe (after the Volga), but no other river in the world is mentioned as often in romantic songs, prose and poetry as the Danube. But it‘s not all highbrow culture; in Vienna, the Danube is also a paradise for swimming and watersports! However, you have to make sure you go to the right part of the river, as there is the Main Danube, the Old Danube and the New Danube. The Main Danube is where cruise ships travel and it is not recommend to jump in there. The Old Danube is surrounded by gardens, parks, restaurants with terraces on the water, and promenades with pedestrian and bicycle paths. This area is very romantic and extremely popular with the Viennese, who like to come here for a picnic, a dip into the water or a boat ride (whether that be rowing, paddle, sail or electric – everything is available). The New Danube is separated from the Main Danube by the 21 kilometre-long Danube Island, which is a manmade recreational wonderland with plenty of beaches, 180 hectares of nature, and many bars, restaurants and cafés along the riverbanks. During summer, up to 300,000 guests a day throng Danube Island and each year it hosts the biggest open-air party event in Europe (the Danube Island Festival, free of charge) which sees three million visitors hit the island in just three days. Hedge maze in Hellbrunn‘s ‚pleasure garden‘ Fountains at the dinner table in Hellbrunn Palace Sailboats on Danube River Danube Island Festival - Europe‘s biggest open-air festival


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Innsbruck City centre is only 20 minutes away from the mountains The famous Giant Ferris Wheel in the Prater Amusement Park Area 47 offers fun and adventure for the whole family

From city shops to mountain tops

Higher and higher in Area 47

Innsbruck, the capital of the Tirol province, is famous for its location in the heart of the Alps and only 90 minutes‘ drive from Munich. It is the only place in the world where you can be shopping in an historic medieval city centre one moment and, just 20 minutes later, be in a mountain restaurant at 2,000 metres altitude. All you need to do is take the futuristic Nordketten cable cars designed by star architect Zaha Hadid. You‘ll soon be enjoying a leisurely afternoon coffee in the Alps and, as Innsbruck is the only place on Earth to have hosted the Olympic Winter Games twice, you can imagine just how truly breathtaking the panoramic views over the Alps are.

It helps to not be afraid of heights when you visit Area 47, an outdoor adventure and water park that opened in the Ötz Valley in 2010. Covering an area of 700,000 square feet, Area 47 offers fun and adventure for the whole family: the water area has a swimming lake, a thrilling water slide park, a diving platform and many more attractions; in the climbing area, real daredevils can clamber and balance 27 metres above the ground on the high rope course, or test their physical limits on Austria’s highest climbing wall. There are also a couple of choices for an exciting descent: either ride more than 350 metres down the „Flying Fox“ or swing your way to the ground on the „Mega Swing”.

Around 70% of Austria is made up of mountainous Alpine terrain which is one reason for the country’s popularity as a holiday destination. Tourists from all over the world are attracted to the unspoilt nature and landscapes that are often protected as national parks. And then, of course, there are the views…

© Kitzbühel/Albin Niederstrasser; Innsbruck Tourismus; MAXUM; Ötztal Tourismus/R. Wyhlidal

Austrian Views

Ten ways to the top

Enjoying a 360° vista from a mountaintop is an overwhelming experience that can literally broaden your horizon. But how do you get there in the first place? Trekking is a great option for anyone who likes outdoor exercise, but it‘s certainly not everybody’s cup of tea. Not a problem for tourists in Kitzbühel, as the popular Alpine destination offers plenty of choices to reach the top. If you do not want to walk (and there are plenty of marvellous hiking trails if you do), why not take a cable car? 29 of them operate during summer, and a lot more in winter. Many panoramic spots in and around Kitzbühel can also easily be reached by car, taxi or public bus; there are even horse-drawn carriages available. And, for a spectacular trip back down, you couldn‘t wish for anything more exciting or more beautiful than paragliding – several companies offer tandem flights for beginners. For those who like to go even higher, there is also the chance to admire the Kitzbühel Alps from a hot air balloon starting in nearby St. Johann. Whichever way you choose, the view is bound to be stunning!

Panoramic views in the city

In Austria, you don‘t always have to climb up a mountain to get a good view. In fact, the city of Vienna offers some of the best panoramic views in the whole country. A ride on Vienna’s iconic Giant Ferris Wheel is probably the most traditional, and also romantic, option. Located in the Prater Amusement Park, it takes visitors up to 60 meters. From there, they can look over the city and notice that 50% of Vienna’s metropolitan area is covered by green parks, gardens, woods and vineyards. One of the biggest green spots is actually the Prater Park itself. Spread out over 65 million square feet, it is bigger than New York’s Central Park and is home to ponds, alleyways lined with horse chestnut trees, and an amusement park with thrilling rides, roller coasters, a Madame Tussauds wax museum and, of course, the Giant Ferris Wheel. (search for “Prater Park”)

A hot air balloon ride is one of many ways to enjoy stunning panoramic views in Kitzbühel 10

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Snow and ice – even in summer © ANTO/Eisriesenwelt; Bergbahnen Sölden; Ice Arena; ANTO/Homberger

In winter, Austria becomes a white wonderland of snow and ice that attracts millions of international visitors. However, those who visit Austria in summer can also share this experience. Thanks to being at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters, the Austrian Alps offer perfect conditions for “eternal ice” and year-round snow.

The largest ice-cave on Earth is located only 40 kilometres from Salzburg City Sölden in the Ötz Valley is very popular for its glaciers Snow fun for the whole family in the Ice Arena at the Kitzsteinhorn glacier View over Zell am See-Kaprun


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S now






Kitzsteinhorn Glacier – the highlight of every visit to Zell am See-Kaprun

At 3,029 metres, the Kitzsteinhorn summit station is the highest point in the Salzburg Province and surely the pinnacle of any Alpine experience. It is comfortably and quickly accessible by the cable car, which takes just a few minutes to whisk you from the lakeside lido of Lake Zell to the glacier summit. There, you‘ll find snow so fine that skiing is even possible throughout summer. For non-skiers, the Ice Arena offers fun for the whole family with snow slides, child-friendly lifts and a snow beach with deckchairs to relax in. A spectacular panorama platform offers fantastic eye-level views across to the Grossglockner, Austria‘s highest mountain, and the other 3,000m peaks of the Hohe Tauern National Park. Those who prefer to stay inside can enjoy breathtaking and unlimited views in the Cinema 3000, where spectacular moods of nature are captured in seemingly boundless panoramic images. The Kitzsteinhorn Glacier has become one of the most popular attractions for visitors from the Middle East in particular and is easily accessible to anyone travelling in or near Salzburg Province. There are many more glaciers to be visited throughout Austria. Most of them are located in the province of Tirol, only one hour from Munich, and the most impressive location for that authentic and overwhelming Tirol glacier experience is the Ötz Valley. Set against a backdrop of 250 mountain peaks that all climb above 3,000 metres, spectacular and panoramic views are obviously guaranteed and many visitors are often surprised to discover that this amazing landscape can be reached in one hour from Tirol’s capital, Innsbruck, and two and a half hours from Munich. The most popular holiday destination in the valley is Sölden, which is host to the Rettenbach Glacier and the Tiefenbach Glacier. They can be reached by the 15 kilometre-long Panoramic Glacier Road which, at 2,800m, is one of the highest mountain roads in the Eastern Alps. Once you get to the glaciers, you can opt to go skiing – also an option during the summer months – or just to take in the stunning views and experience some snow and ice in unforgettable surroundings. World of the Ice Giants – the largest ice-caves on earth

View over Lake Zell and the Hohe Tauern National Park Stuiben waterfall in the Ötz Valley is usually most impressive in late Spring when the snow melts

Not only can you find ice on top of the mountains in Austria, but you can even find ice inside the mountains. Located in Werfen, which is in the Salzburg Province and just 40 kilometres from the regional capital of Salzburg, the World of the Ice Giants is the largest series of ice caves on earth. It is a labyrinth of caves that total more than 40 kilometres in length. The caves are a unique natural phenomenon created from ice and rock and, each year, some 200,000 tourists come to admire the illuminated ice sculptures which were created millions of years ago by subterranean water courses and later conquered by ice.

© Zell am See-Kaprun; Ötztal Tourismus; Cascade_by_Vincent van Duysen Tim Tom

Four seasons of snow in the Ötz Valley

Grabbing goodies in Austria

With the world’s biggest shopping malls right on the doorstep and every major international brand close at hand, why would anyone from the Middle East head to Austria for a shopping spree? Atmosphere, price and local products, for a start.

Swarovski is one of Austria‘s top international brands, the cascade chandelier by Vincent Van Duysen is a contemporary classic 14

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Arabian Guide arab 2.indd16-17 2 arrive_12_02_2003.indd


A ustria

Both Vienna and Salzburg have city centres that can offer a unique shopping experience – the joy of a spree in a UNESCO world heritage site. In Salzburg’s Old Town, Getreidegasse-Street is renowned as the best place for picking up elegant and traditional local products. The individual charm of this street comes from the high, narrow houses – with their wrought iron guild signs on display – which are nestled tightly together in romantic passageways and courtyards. Vienna’s most elegant and luxurious shops, meanwhile, are also located in the very centre of the Old Town. Outside the palaces where aristocrats once lived, today visitors shop for fashion and jewellery but also everyday items. On the narrow cobblestone streets that have surrounded these palaces for 100 years, stand elegant shops that have hardly changed in centuries. And the palaces are still there, too. Some now host luxury hotels, others are government offices, while several house luxury brands from all over the world. Old and new have become neighbours, but the aristocratic flair is still felt all over this part of Vienna; especially around the streets of Graben, Kohlmarkt and Kärntner Strasse – also referred to as the “Golden U” – where you can still imagine the princes shopping a century ago. Designer brands for low cost

Usually they‘re far off the beaten path but worth the trip: designer outlet centres that offer international brands for little money. In Austria, however, bargain hunters do not have to travel far as the country‘s two big designer outlet centres are very close to the cities of Vienna and Salzburg. The Designer Outlet in Salzburg can be reached by car, taxi or public bus in less than 20 minutes from the city centre. With architecture reminiscent of the traditional department stores and shopping arcades of the 19th century, such as the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, it offers more than 200 designer brands in around 100 pleasant shops. Salzburg Designer Outlet sells genuine products of international designer


labels – from sample collections, the previous year’s collections and from overproduction – for bargain prices. You can also expect to find big name designer brands discounted by 30 to 70% at the Parndorf Designer Outlet near Vienna. It hosts 170 stores offering genuine products from Armani, Ralph Lauren, Boss and many more. Once again, it can be easily reached by car but there is also a shuttle bus taking shoppers right from the city centre to the outlet centre and back. It starts at the Vienna State Opera and the trip takes about one hour.

Glitter made in Austria

The best place to buy a certain product is always its place of origin. That‘s why serious “globeshoppers” travel to Milan for their Armani outfits, to New York for a brand new iPhone, or to Japan for the special, rare blends of green tea. Travellers to Austria like to take home Mozart chocolates from Salzburg or handmade shoes from Ludwig Reiter in Vienna, but the number one souvenir from an Austrian adventure will always be something glittering and sparkling – and made by Swarovski. Founded more than 100 years ago in the small village of Wattens, close to Innsbruck, Swarovski has become one of the world‘s most popular and recognisable high-end brands. The two best, and most spectacular, places to pick up crystals in Austria are: Swarovski Crystal Worlds, right next to the company’s headquarters and factory in Wattens, hosts a series of breathtaking “chambers of wonders” and also the world’s biggest Swarovski store. Swarovski Wien, in Vienna’s city centre, is sometimes labelled as the brand‘s “flagship store”, sometimes it‘s described as an “art gallery” and sometimes it‘s called “the inspirational centre of the Swarovski brand”. In reality, it is all of these. Crystal connoisseurs the world over know that no other place on Earth can offer the spectrum of Swarovski jewellery, accessories, decorations and figurines that these two venues possess.

Tourists like to shop for local products in Austria Many shops in Vienna – like this watch shop – are more than 100 years old and used to supply the royals of the Austro-Hungarian Empire © ANTO/Diejun/Peter Rigaud




Shopping in palaces

Brandstätte 10 1010 Wien Tel. + 43 1 535 23 87 Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr 10:00-18:30, Sa 10:00-17:00 Shop-hours: Mo-Fr 10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m., Sa 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.


() () () () () () () ()()


G rabbing


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© WienTourismus/Peter Rigaud/ Karl Thomas/MAXUM

© WienTourismus/Peter Rigaud/

A R R I V E  in  V i e n n a

Having a coffee in Vienna‘s Museum of Fine Arts Vienna is famous for its delicious pastries Vienna City Hall Schoenbrunn Palace in winter


1000 Reasons for Vienna

In the 2012 Mercer study of the world’s 221 most important cities, Vienna scooped the title of the world’s most liveable city for the fourth year in a row. But this is just one of the things that has charmed and attracted tourists to the Austrian capital. One of Europe’s most popular city destinations, Vienna offers visitors an exciting blend of entertainment and creativity, tradition and modernity, art and enjoyment. The city is world famous for its imperial heritage – the Schoenbrunn Palace, the Belvedere, and the Hofburg – while there are first-rate musical and cultural attractions, from the Golden Hall of the Musikverein to the acclaimed Museum of Fine Arts and the State Opera House, on almost every corner. But Vienna is also a byword for epicurean enjoyment, with centuries of traditions shaping its coffee houses, restaurants and taverns.

A family style city The Austrian capital has excellent infrastructure and is one of the safest major cities on earth, so it is to no surprise that Vienna is just as attractive for children as it is for grown-ups and the same combination of variety and entertainment makes Vienna a joy city for the whole family. After all, there’s no age limit on enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and piece of the renowned Viennese Sachertorte. There are plenty of things that appeal to children of all ages. 18

arrive_12_02_2003.indd 18-19

The Vienna Prater is a modern world of adventure, with 250 action-packed attractions. Its most famous attraction dates back to 1897, the Wiener Riesenrad, the Giant Ferris Wheel, although other rides offer more highspeed, high-adrenalin thrills, like the largest ‘chairoplanes’ ride in the world and several roller coasters. One of the newest highlights is the worldfamous waxworks museum Madame Tussauds, which recently opened its doors. There are also cafés, restaurants and snack bars, offering everything from small snacks to a full-scale dinner. The Schoenbrunn Palace is family-friendly with special children’s guided tours making young dreams come true. Children are led through the world of Empress Maria Theresia, who spent her summers in this enormous imperial building with her 16 children. The tour gives a fascinating insider‘s view and children can dress up to feel like a true prince or princess. Schoenbrunn Zoo, meanwhile, is the oldest zoo in the world. In recent decades, the 250-year-old zoo has also turned itself into one of the planet’s most modern and beautiful zoos with highlights including a panda couple, the Koala House, the South America Park, the Rain Forest House, the Polarium, the lion pen, and the aquarium and terrarium with coral reef. And there’s plenty more on offer throughout the city, from visits to the Spanish Riding School with its famous white stallions to relaxing or exploring in the Vienna Woods. 19

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© WienTourismus/Hertha Hurnaus/ Heinz Angermayr/Christian Stemper

Shopping for top brands at the Kohlmarkt 50% of Vienna is covered with gardens, parks and woods Vienna from Above: Am Graben

Green Vienna More than half of Vienna is green space, making it one of the world’s greenest capitals. The outskirts are defined by a belt of woodland, meadows, gardens and arable land. But even the heart of the city is dotted with the elegant parks of the Ringstrasse Boulevard, the Prater Park, and the Baroque formal gardens of Schoenbrunn Palace and the Belvedere. Large parts of the Danube Island are in fact a large-scale biotope, while environmental protection and public access go hand in hand in the Vienna Woods. And one of Europe’s last unspoilt wetlands – the Lobau, which forms part of the Donau-Auen National Park – also falls within the city limits.

Shop till you drop Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend back home or a pretty keepsake for yourself, shopping in Vienna is a definite delight with the luxurious and the traditional both to be found in the city centre. Shopping options are particularly plentiful in Vienna’s historic first district where the pedestrianised streets of Kohlmarkt, Graben and Kaerntner Strasse form the so-called Golden U, the Viennese shopping Eldorado. In recent years, Kohlmarkt has become a hub for luxury boutiques, lined with flagship stores from the likes of Chanel, Cartier and Louis Vuitton. At the end of 2012 the upscale shopping district in Vienna’s historic city center extended towards Tuchlauben, Bognergasse and Am Hof. The Golden 20

arrive_12_02_2003.indd 20-21

© WienTourismus/Manfred Horvarh/ Lois Lammerhuber/Peter Rigaud

A R R I V E  in  V i e n n a

Schoenbrunn Palace and Gardens were declared UNESCO World Heritage in 1996 Spanish Riding School The MuseumsQuartier is an oasis of culture and recreation in Vienna‘s city centre

Quarter, a brand new shopper’s paradise, promises luxury shopping pleasure in a historic ambience on around 11,500 m2. At the heart of the Golden U is the former Imperial Court confectioner Demel, which reminds visitors and residents of the Vienna of yore, serving up sweet treats and eye-catching window displays that showcase confectionary as high art. A few buildings down is the equally illustrious Meinl am Graben, with its mouth-watering delicacies for gourmets and bon viveurs (pls delete this sentence). On Graben, Altmann & Kühne awaits with its fine pralines, lovingly packaged in delicate boxes, while Schwäbische Jungfrau is the place for exclusive tableware, bed linens and bathrobes. Kaerntner Strasse is home to one of just a handful of department stores in the city. Split across several floors, Steffl’s offers fashion, fragrances and accessories, but leave time for the nearby Ringstrassen Galerien which is also a spacious, indoor shopper’s paradise! The world-famous crystal maker Swarovski also has a flagship store on this popular shopping street; the three-floor boutique is packed with jewellery, fashion, accessories, design objects and, of course, its highly collectable crystal figurines. Special Tip: All visitors not resident in the EU are entitled to a refund of Austrian value-added tax, which is included in the price. 21

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© WienTourismus/Karl Thomas/ Manfred Horvath/Claudio Alessandri

Traditional Viennese coffeehouse Imperial Palace: view from the roof of the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, Heldenplatz Merry-go-round in the Prater Park

24 hours in Vienna Vienna is the place to be for a weekend getaway. With its successful blend of imperial tradition and contemporary creativity, the Austrian capital has established itself as an attractive tourism destination. Vienna: Now or Never!

5:30 pm If you can’t hold out until dinner, stop for a coffee break at Café Demel on Kohlmarkt. Traditionally-clad waiters, wooden floors, marble-topped tables and plush seating await you. Café Demel entices with a wide variety of coffee drinks, international newspapers and pastry creations (Kohlmarkt 14, 1010 Vienna)

09:00 am Start your day with breakfast at Motto am Fluss, one of Vienna’s finest breakfast locations right on the Danube Canal at Schwedenplatz. The architectural highlight is the new hotspot in the city (Schwedenplatz 2, 1010 Vienna)

6:00 pm It’s time to get some rest, before changing into your glittery party outfit for tonight. Get your dress and high heels ready!

10:00 am Don’t miss out on Vienna’s most glorious sights! The Vienna Ring Tram stops at the opposite side of Motto Café and takes you on a 30-minutes sightseeing tour along Vienna’s most prestigious boulevard, the Ringstrasse ( 10:30 am It’s time for shopping. Shopping and sightseeing go hand-in-hand in Vienna as most of the shops are scattered around Vienna’s historic first district. 01:30 pm For lunch head for some seductive flavors at Zum Schwarzen Kameel, a culinary institution since 1618. Mingle with locals and enjoy a cornucopia of different tastes, from hearty and organic to exotic and ethnic (Bognergasse 5, 1010 Vienna) 04:00 pm Your afternoon is solely dedicated to relaxation and regeneration. Rest your weary feet and treat yourself to some exquisite beauty products. High above the roofs of Vienna, the Sacher Spa is the crowning glory of the Hotel Sacher Wien. Sacher Spa offers a world of pure luxury, total wellbeing and care (Philharmonikastrasse 4, 1010 Vienna) 22

arrive_12_02_2003.indd 22-23

© WienTourismus/Popp & Hackner

A R R I V E  in  V i e n n a

7:30 pm For dinner the sophisticated vegetarian restaurant TIAN is the ultimate delight. Experience the diversity of meatless cuisine in a very refined form. The ambience and cuisine are extraordinary (Seilerstätte 16, 1010 Wien) 10:00 pm Move on to the Albertina Passage, a new dinner club in front of the Vienna State Opera. Seating niches are grouped around a stage on which live jazz music is played daily. DJs take over the music program in the Albertina Passage later in the evening (Passage Opernring/Operngasse, 1010 Vienna) 00:30 am If you feel like staying out a little bit longer, the Babenberger Passage is the place to be. The unique combination of an abandoned pedestrian underpass with futuristic interior turns the Babenberger Passage into one of Vienna’s finest discotheques. Chic, elegant and cool with a good dose of design. Let’s get your shuffle on and dance the night away (Burgring 3, 1010 Vienna) Information Vienna Tourist Board T +43 (0)1 24 555 F +43 (0)1 24 555-666 23

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S a l z b u r g e r L a n d

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus

A rrive

SalzburgerLand is famous for its lakes and mountains Waterfalls of Krimml The World of Ice Giants – the largest ice-caves on Earth Lake Fuschlsee – one of 76 lakes in the Salzkammergut region


The best of the lakes and the mountains

SalzburgerLand is the name given to the province that boasts some of Austria’s most popular tourist attractions. Visitors hear ‘The Sound of Music’ radiating from the regional capital of Salzburg – especially that of its most famous son, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – but an hour to the south the Gastein Valley invites you to relax in its healing mineral spas and absorb the stunning panorama of the Alps. Nearby, Zell am See-Kaprun’s once-in-alifetime outdoor sports offerings make it an outdoor legend: try skiing on a glacier followed by a quick swim in the pristine waters of Lake Zell. Be it summer or winter, SalzburgerLand never fails to impress with its many faces and incomparable variety of activities, attractions and opportunities that change with the seasons. A huge number of lakes, rivers and waterfalls dot the region. Salzkammergut comprises 76 lakes, rivers and brooks spread across three states. One of the most impressive lakes on the Salzburg side is Lake Fuschlsee – one of Austria‘s purest bathing lakes – while Lake Wolfgangsee is popular for the lakeside resorts of St. Gilgen, St. Wolfgang and Strobl. You can explore this area by boat, sailing along the waterways with the Wolfgangsee Schifffahrt company, or opt for the unique views across Salzkammergut that can be enjoyed from the Schafbergbahn cable car, or how about taking Austria’s steepest steampowered cog railway? On a clear day, you can see as many as 13 lakes from the peak of the Schafberg and the summer sunshine gives the water a bewitching sparkle that invites you in. Summer is Salzburg at its most beautiful. 24

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World of Ice Giants Explore ice palaces of pure, translucent beauty leading into wintery worlds! Peak behind delicate ice curtains to find mighty ice figures of giant proportions! The wonders of the largest ice cave in the world are waiting to be discovered. Visitors wander through this winter wonderland using just the glow of hand-held lamps – as it has been for hundreds of years – adding to the otherworldly atmosphere. Incredibly, temperatures in the cave never rise above 0°C, so the joys of the ice cave can be enjoyed on even the warmest summer day. Krimml and its waterfalls The magnificent holidaying region of SalzburgerLand is simply bursting with water and where better to get up close to the elixir of life than at the Krimmler waterfalls – one of Austria’s most world-renowned sights and the largest waterfall in Europe? The Hohe Tauern National Park is a breathtaking area and the Krimmler Achental is its most beautiful mountain valley, where hikes and photo opportunities vie for visitors‘ attention along with the ‘WasserWunderWelt’ kids‘ water world that lies near the foot of the falls. Information Salzburg State Board of Tourism T +43 (0)662 6688-44 F +43 (0)662 6688-66 25

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A R R I V E  in  S a l z b u r g

View of Salzburg‘s city centre with the Salzach River The Von Trapp family from the movie „The Sound of Music“ Salzburg is famous for its palaces and gardens like Hellbrunn, Leopoldskron (right) and Mirabell (far right)


Stage of the world

Whether you head to Salzburg to soak up the culture, indulge in the shopping, stroll the streets, or take five in the coffee shops, this is a city of many charming sides. Mozart and Maria Von Trapp (The Sound of Music was filmed in the city) may be Salzburg’s most famous son and daughter, but nature herself is the real star here. And while Salzburg is famed for its culture, it is also a place for family fun; small, walkable with safe, traffic-free streets, it is the perfect place to introduce your children to the joys of the city break. With 148 expertly landscaped acres of Baroque gardens, reflecting pools and romantic grottos, Hellbrunn was originally built as the Prince Archbishops’ summer residence 400 years ago but is now one of Salzburg’s most popular attractions. Tourists flood in as quickly as the waters from the springs in the Hellbrunn Mountain that give the palace and gardens their theme.

Cruise on the River Salzach To see Salzburg from an exciting and unusual perspective, step on board the ‘Amadeus Salzburg’ – the only boat of its kind in the world. The cruise starts on the Makart Bridge in the historic city centre and travels seven kilometres along the Salzach River, granting magnificent views of the cityscape, Hellbrunn and the mountainous landscape beyond. Another scenic wonder is the Panorama Museum where visitors can see Sattler’s amazing 125 square metre 360° painting of 1825 Salzburg and compare it to today’s landscape. Also currently showing at the museum is an exhibition that contrasts the story of The Sound of Music‘s Von Trapp Family with its real life counterparts, complete with media reports, family objects, private photos and loans from collectors.

Dozens of astonishing trick fountains – or water games – see water spurt from pathside rocks, create tall watery arcs and, funniest of all, shoot up from stone seats surprising those sat at the outdoor dining table known as the Duke’s Table. The large park is free to enter but, to see the fountains, you need to take a guided tour, which also grants you access to the palace. The nearby zoo is home to around 800 animals, including zebras, lions, leopards and kangaroos, housed in enclosures landscaped from the cliff face to provide the most natural possible environment. In July and August, the zoo stays open till 23:00 allowing visitors a unique insight into the nocturnal behaviour of the animals. 26

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Information Salzburg Tourism Board T +43 (0)662 88987-0 F +43 (0)662 88987-32 27

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V a l l e y

© Gasteinertal Tourismus

A R R I V E  in  G a s t e i n

Gastein Valley

Bad Gastein has long been a gathering place for aristocracy and artists; today’s guests are just as pampered by the Belle Époque architecture and new additions, such as the 18-hole golf course. The modern, sports-focused village of Bad Hofgastein offers guests a little more energy and vitality. Still bearing all the traditional charms, it is a place for relaxation and shopping in the heart of the Gastein Valley. Dorfgastein, meanwhile, is the epitome of mountain romanticism, with local hospitality and family entertainment in abundance. The ‘Gasti’ kids’ club is extremely popular as, in summer, is the Solarbad thermal spa which provides plenty of wet, wild and relaxing family fun. Health and prevention There’s a long tradition of spa treatments in Gastein; even Empress Sisi valued the healing powers of the local springs back in the 1800s. The presence of the noble gas radon, combined with the high altitude, gives the water its unique, pain-alleviating properties. Gastein’s curative treatments are beneficial to the musculoskeletal system, the air ways and the skin, while also boosting the immune system and revitalising the body. Five million litres of fresh, thermally-heated water bubble up from Gastein’s 17 springs each day, so, while there are plenty of other attractions to entertain the family, spas and health facilities play a central role. The combination of health-giving waters

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Park in Bad Hofgastein, Waterfall in Bad Gastein Relaxing in the Felsentherme Gastein spa

A slice of Alpine paradise

Originally built on gold, today tourism is the shining star of the Gastein Valley and its three villages – Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein and Dorfgastein – all surrounded by snow-capped mountains year-round but each with a distinct character to discover.


View over the Gastein Valley

and rarefied Alpine air is one of the defining hallmarks of this idyllic region. Gastein’s thermal waters are not known only for their healing power, but also for fun, action and relaxation. Alpentherme, for example, is a sprawling ‘thermal spa for the senses’ that stretches over 14,000 square metres and six health and adventure ‘worlds’ that include pools, saunas, Jacuzzis and steam rooms. While kids enjoy pools, geysers and the 70 metre water slide, mum can spoil herself in Ladies World, where she’ll find female-only solariums, beauty and cosmetic sections, a roof terrace and tea bar. The unique atmosphere in the nearby New Felsentherme Gastein spa, meanwhile, is characterised by water, rocks and modern architecture. The warm and welcoming Panorama Wellness Area contains seven different saunas, making guests feel right at home at the foot of the Gastein Mountains. The Gastein Valley is superbly located for anyone wishing to make a day trip or weekend excursion, just an hour’s drive away from Salzburg, two hours from Munich and three hours from Venice.

Information Gasteinertal Tourism Board T +43 (0)6432 33 93-0 F +43 (0)6432 33 93-120 29

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B a s i c

F a c t s

o n

A u s t r i a

Online For more info: (Arabic facebook site) (English facebook site)

Basic Facts on Austria Area: 83,858km² Population: 8.4 million Capital: Vienna Language: German is spoken as a first language by 98% of the Austrian population. English is by far the most popular foreign language taught in the education system and is widely spoken. Topography: Austria is a truly unique combination of landscapes, climatic conditions and flora. Austria’s landscapes range from the peaks of the Alps to hill country and plains. Its highest mountain is the Grossglockner (3,797m/12,530ft) and its longest river is the Danube, which flows through Austria for a length of 350km (220 miles). There are around 9,000 lakes in Austria, of which 5,000 are natural and 4,000 are man made. Climate: At 42°N latitude, the climate is moderate and generally pleasant. In summer, temperatures average 27°C during the day and 15°C at night. How to get there: Austria is easily reached by plane with Austrian Airlines, Emirates and Qatar Airways all operating direct services to Vienna. Munich Airport is also well connected with all the Middle East’s major cities. From Munich, it is only 90 minutes to Austria by bus or train. 30

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Visa: Austria is a Schengen state, requiring travellers to Austria to apply for a Schengen Visa. For more information please check: Austrian Embassy in Riyadh T +966 1 480 12 17 Visa Facilitation Service (VFS) in Jeddah T +966 2 614 44 81 Austrian Embassy in the UAE T +971 4 345 54 61 (VFS)

Austrian Embassy in Kuwait T +965 225 52 532 As there is no Austrian consulate in Qatar and Bahrain, visas will be issued by other Schengen country consulates. Visa applicants in Oman can contact the Austrian Embassy in Riyadh for visa application. Rail Travel: Austrian Federal Railways operates a network that stretches over 5,800 kilometres. Trains have a good on-time record and are of a very high standard with 1st and 2nd class carriages available. There are frequent and direct connections serving Austrian cities and all neighbouring countries. Car hire: Car rental services are available at all international airports and at most of the major railway stations. More information: 31

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A R R I V E  in  Z e l l

a m

S e e - K a p r u n

View over Lake Zell Sigmund Thun Gorge Mooserboden Reservoir Lake close to Kaprun

© Zell am See – Kaprun; Tauerntouristik; MAXUM; Kitzsteinhorn

The Kitzsteinhorn glacier offers family fun in the snow even in summer

Zell am See-Kaprun

That’s Austria – Glacier, Mountains and Lake Zell

The Zell am See-Kaprun region is one of the most beautiful and scenic in Austria, as well as being home to one of its greatest mountain and lake resorts. The fantastic Kitzsteinhorn glacier in Kaprun and the soaring Schmittenhöhe mountain forms the backdrop to the village of Zell am See which sits on the shores of the pristine Lake Zell, surrounded by wooded valleys, majestic slopes and the Grossglockner, Austria’s highest mountain. The region is a haven for active holidaymakers, with tennis and golf on offer alongside the usual embarrassment of outdoor activities. Lake Zell is a watersports paradise, but its waters are also well served by sightseeing boats. An evening cruise is highly recommended, combining spectacular scenery with culinary and musical highlights. Such is the unique terrain of Zell am See-Kaprun, you can almost be scooped directly off the lake and straight up into the mountains. Thanks to the gondolas and cable cars, it takes just a few minutes to be transported from a lazy lake­side lido to the summit of the majestic Kitzsteinhorn. Here, 3,000 meters up, you’ll find snow capped peaks even in summer. Head for the unique Ice Arena (open July/August) where the whole family can enjoy snow slides, magic carpets, a glacier trail and soak up the mountain sun on deck chairs at the Ice Bar or on the Snow Beach. There’s no more enjoyable way of getting down the mountain than on the toboggan. The magical mix of sun and snow may be one of the reasons this region has struck such a chord with Arab travellers in recent years. Although the endless array of attractions play their part too; the new ‘Gipfelwelt 3000’ Kitzsteinhorn mountain station – almost open the whole year, for example, with Cinema 3000, the ‘Top of Salzburg’ panoramic platform (3.029 m/9.927 ft), the National Park Gallery and the Gipfel Restaurant. 32

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The Kitzsteinhorn is situated directly on the border to the National Park Hohe Tauern – the highest National Park in the middle of highest mountains of Austria. Kaprun’s Alpine reservoirs make for an impressive sight. To best experience these aquatic marvels, take a guided tour through the inner life of the dam which holds back 81.2 million cubic metres of water. Or walk across the wooden gangplanks at Sigmund Thun Gorge, where the river rages beneath your feet – an overwhelming experience. Naturally, a visit to the traffic-free medieval village of Zell am See is also a must. Specialty shops line the meandering narrow streets, offering everything you might want or need to complete the perfect holiday. Restaurants too are tucked away in the picturesque buildings, so both shopping and dining here becomes the perfect fusion of past and present. Zell railway station links the region to an extensive network of local and national trains. There’s even a small airfield for people who prefer luxury private travel! But the journey can also be done quickly by motorway from Munich, Vienna and Salzburg. The distance from Salzburg airport is 80 km, from Munich airport 220 km. Information Zell am See-Kaprun Tourism Board T +43 (0)6542 770 F +43 (0)6542 720-32 33

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A R R I V E  in  I n n s b r u c k

© Innsbruck Tourismus

Downtown Innsbruck with the Golden Roof Maria Theresia Street with plenty of coffeehouses and restaurants to relax – and the Alps at the doorsteps The Nordketten cable cars take only 20 minutes from the city centre to the mountain tops


The capital of the Alps

Innsbruck represents the perfect symbiosis of rugged Alpine nature and modern urban lifestyle. Although it may be 800 years old, Innsbruck is more than just an historical city with one of the most beautiful city centres in Europe; it’s also young and vibrant, brimming with university students and cutting-edge architecture. Imperial Palaces or shopping malls? Hiking boots or high heels? No need to make that decision – a holiday in Innsbruck is the best of both worlds. Where else can you stroll around a baroque and gothic city centre one minute and then be soaking up the sun on the terrace of a mountain restaurant less than 20 minutes later? And Innsbruck’s mountains have never been so close thanks to the futurisitc cable car stations, designed by Iraqi architectural giant Zaha Hadid, and the the new state-of-the-art funicular which commences its journey right in the heart of the city and ends a few minutes later in high Alpine terrain. Innsbruck’s holiday villages are located at an altitude of 1,000m, just 1030 minutes from the city. These fairytale villages lie on lush, green plateaus, surrounded by forests and lakes – perfect for almost every conceivable outdoor activity, from Alpine golfing and e-biking to horse riding and hiking. Kids are well catered for with activity programmes that include summer bobsleigh rides. The close proximity of city centre and slopes is the main attraction here. The sight of people walking through the Old Town in ski suit and ski boots, a pair of skis on their shoulders, is a common one. Are they lost? No, they are on their way to one of the base stations of the newly designed Nordketten cable cars, eager to be whisked up to the slopes. 34

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For après-mountain pleasures, Innsbruck’s main boulevard, Maria-TheresiaStreet, is lined with shops selling designer fashion, leather goods, jewellery and stunning crystal creations at one of the world’s largest Swarovski stores. There are also two beautiful downtown shopping centres – Kaufhaus Tyrol and Rathaus Galerien – with plenty more in the city’s outskirts. The unique ‘Alpine rose honey’ and Austria’s famous ‘Sachertorte’ chocolate tart make for delicious, and exquisitely packaged, souvenirs for loved ones back home. The Innsbruck Card If you’re keen on getting to know Innsbruck inside out, pick up the popular Innsbruck Card. It allows you free travel across Innsbruck’s entire public transport network, including the seven cable cars and the sightseeing bus. The card also grants you free admission to 18 museums and attractions including the Alpine zoo and the Swarovski Crystal Worlds. Finally, use your Innsbruck Card for a guided city tour (in English) and a welcome drink at the famous Innsbruck Casino.

Information Innsbruck Tourism Board T +43 (0)512 59850 35

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A R R I V E  in  K i t z b ü h e l

Gieringer Weiher Forest Lake and Wilder Kaiser mountain range Panoramic views from the Hahnenkamm Mountain Kitzbühel is very popular all year round... ...and for luxury shopping


The Legend.

Enjoy the unique landscape and let yourself be encapsulated by the magic of a place that is the stuff of legends! With its three distinct seasons, Kitzbuehel offers a huge range of activities and possibilities: from snowcovered mountains and great sporting experience in winter, to flowerfilled meadows and outdoor activities in summer, to the culinary highlights of our colourful autumn – all accompanied by our very special lifestyle programmes. The harmonious interplay of traditional and modern, sports and relaxation is what gives the “chamois town” its unmistakeable charm. Kitzbuehel – the most legendary city of sports in the Alps. If you want to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you‘ll find a huge variety of recreational facilities. Take a scenic walk around the shores of the picturesque Lake Schwarzsee, one of the Alps’ most beautiful and vigorous lakes; dive into the refreshing, soothing and rejuvenating water, or enjoy sunbathing under the bright blue skies with the majestic mountains towering behind as your perfect backdrop. Further highlights at Lake Schwarzsee are the electric boats, ideal for a short trip on the water, and the wonderful lakeside cafes and bistros which serve up tasty coffee and local delicacies on their sun-soaked terraces. Kitzbühel and skiing is a truly timeless and legendary combination. In fact, skiing in Kitzbühel is a tradition that dates back 120 years, giving the town a truly unique winter sports history that sets it apart other Alpine skiing resorts. For decades now, the world-famous Hahnenkamm Downhill race and local superstar Toni Sailer – who twice won the Hahnenkamm before serving as the race director for 20 years – have solidified the town’s already legendary reputation. 36

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Thanks to the guaranteed snow, Kitzbühel is one of the most popular ski resorts on the planet and even has been voted the best ski area in the world this year. Shopping experiences are also in abundance, with one brand after another to choose from. Luxury items are particularly prominent in Kitzbühel, as top designers and labels flock to the sophisticated setting which attracts international guests in their droves. The high proportion of four and five star hotels, as well as innovative boutique properties, promise a special holiday with a difference. You’ll find everything in Kitzbühel from local fashion to top international brands, from luxury jewellery to regional handicraft. The big name brands with stores in the town include Luis Vuitton, Hilfiger, Lacoste, Sportalm, Frauenschuh, Bogner, Moncler, Ieri & Oggi, Golfino, GANT, Benetton and Tourbillon. And there are no limits to Kitzbühel‘s culinary delights, with the diversity of restaurants on offer ranging from multi-award winning Gault Millau restaurants to traditional Tyrol guesthouses. Discover your zest for life in Kitzbühel. Information Kitzbühel Tourismus T +43 5356 66660 F +43 5356 66660 77 37

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S warovski

C rystal

W orlds

© Swarovski / Klaus Vyhnalek / Swarovski / Walter Oczion


The ‚giant‘ of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens Inside and outside view of Swarovski Innsbruck The Crystal Dome in the Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Swarovski Crystal Worlds 

An elegant Austrian indulgence

When he founded his cut crystal company in Wattens, Tyrol, in 1895, Daniel Swarovski had a vision: that crystal shouldn’t just be regarded as a material, but as a source of inspiration. The family company has gone on to more than a hundred years of tradition and success, and today the allure of crystal is greater than ever. In order to satisfy the great interest, Swarovski has created three special locations in which crystal can be holistically experienced: SWAROVSKI KRISTALLWELTEN, SWAROVSKI INNSBRUCK and SWAROVSKI WIEN. These three locations inspire some million visitors, customers and crystal fans each year. Swarovski Kristallwelten – A kaleidoscope for the senses Located in Wattens, 15 kilometres from the Tyrolean capital of Innsbruck, Swarovski Crystal Worlds was conceived by multimedia artist André Heller as a place where crystal would merge with art. The result is a cosmos of discovery. Step into the amazing Chambers of Wonder and marvel at the works of world-famous artists that have been interpreted and given fascinating new shape through crystal! One of the world’s biggest Swarovski shops and a creatively designed park also tempt you to linger a while, with their labyrinth, Alpine garden, objects d‘art and panoramic views. Swarovski Innsbruck – A new look in historical garb Having been a part of the town’s history for many years, Swarovski Innsbruck is a sparkling city center attraction near to Innsbruck’s Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof) landmark. Having recently been completely redesigned, 38

arrive_12_02_2003.indd 38-39

Swarovski Innsbruck today shines brighter than ever. Merging the old and the new, Swarovski Innsbruck is a luminous, modern shopping destination housed in one of the oldest buildings in the square with a centuries-old structural design, some of which dates back as far as the Gothic period. The result is the successful combination of history and forward thinking. Swarovski Wien – Dreamlike encounters Swarovski Wien is a dazzling encounter with design. In the center of the first district, Swarovski Wien‘s sparkling façade has already become an unmistakable highlight of Kärntner Strasse, Vienna‘s most traditional shopping street. Inside, visitors find an exciting interplay of design, architecture and crystalline shopping landscape. Installations by famous artists bring moments of wonder, as well as the varied, imaginative stages that regularly turn the windows into theatrical displays.

Information T +43 (0)5224 51080 F +43 (0)5224 51080-3831 39

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© TVB Olympiaregion Seefeld

A R R I V E  in  S e e f e l d

Seefeld is famous for its idyllic scenery Family excursion by e-bike to one of the region‘s many lakes Seefeld region is popular for its typical local inns with authentic regional cuisine


A wonderful world of water

Surrounded by the mountains of both the Wetterstein range and the Karwendel Alpine Park (the largest nature reserve in the eastern Alps), as well as the Wild Moss protected area, Seefeld is unsurprisingly renowned as an unspoiled natural idyll where relaxation and enjoyment is around every corner and fresh Alpine air recharges even the flattest of batteries. What is true for the air is also true for the clear, mountain spring water and there’s nothing more relaxing than a peaceful stroll along an Alpine brook, or whiling away the morning beside a tranquil mountain lake. Lake Wildsee is ideal for families who like to relax or enjoy a dip, while the remote Lake Moserer is a hidden paradise, deep in the forest. Lake Wildmoos and Lake Lottensee offer an insight into the rarest of phenomenon – these lakes drain themselves periodically and then reappear as if by magic. With an easygoing e-bike tour, even the not-so-fit can head up high into the mountains where original Alpine huts offering delicious food and grand views are waiting to be discovered. If that still sounds like too much effort, then the train ride to the top provides the same spectacular views over the high Alpine plateaus. But it’s not all quiet calm here. Adrenalin junkies can ride the roaring rapids in a kayak or canoe, or paraglide from a height of 2,100m – not for the faint-hearted. Throughout the region, spectacular bridges and trails have been hewn from mountain faces, leading hikers over the cascading mountain streams that roar through the Spirit Gorge – a breathtaking experience 40

arrive_12_02_2003.indd 40-41

that both children and adults can enjoy. In fact, Seefeld promises an unforgettable family holiday with experienced childcare supervisors adhering to a motto of ‘fun and games in pure nature’. Attractions such as the Leutasch Kids’ Park, themed nature trails (like the Bee Experience trail) and, of course, the winter family ski resorts complete an impressive line-up of child-friendly activities. Back in town, Seefeld’s pedestrian zone is brimming with unlimited shopping pleasure and a wide range of exclusive boutiques where you’ll find the latest Italian shoe trends, Parisian fashion creations, London’s top brands and sparkling Swarovski products sit side-by-side with genuine Austrian handicrafts. Traditional Tyrolean hospitality radiates throughout the cosy bed and breakfasts, spacious holiday apartments and luxury hotels, with a particularly high concentration of five-star hotels in the region. Seefeld is also conveniently located for trips of any length, being close to the Tyrolean capital Innsbruck (25 minutes’ drive) and Munich (90 minutes).

Information Olympiaregion Seefeld T +43 (0)508 80-0, F +43 (0) 508 80-51, 41

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V a l l e y

© Ötztal Tourismus

A R R I V E  at  Ö t z

Idyllic Lake Piburg Rettenbach Glacier can easily be reached by bus or car Sölden: skiing in winter, spring and autumn Aqua Dome – a spa for the whole family

Ötz Valley

The Peak of Tirol

When you’re in the Ötz Valley, the Alps are quite literally on your doorstep. You’re surrounded by 250 peaks that climb to more than 3,000 metres and serve as the grandest of all coulisseums in which you’re invited to enjoy the most sensational of summer and winter holidays. The Ötz Valley is the area that has it all – adventure and relaxation, wild waters and quiet mountain lakes, shopping and a big variety of cafés, restaurants and accomodation possibilities. No matter where you are in Europe, within the day you can find yourself enjoying the magical sight of the shimmering red sun disappearing behind snow white glaciers in Sölden. You can take the fantastic panoramic road that leads from the village of Sölden up to the mesmerising Rettenbach and Tiefenbach Glaciers. You can get right up close to explore the impressive glacier fields and crevasses without any danger. For those who prefer their adventures on water, however, the Ötz Valley and its surroundings offer rafting, kayaking and canyoning all along the beautiful Inn River or on the gorge in Imst which offers some of Europe’s best whitewater experiences. Lake Piburg near Ötz is a true jewel of nature. Here guests can either spend a relaxing afternoon with the fishing rod in hand or simply enjoy the soft, sparkling water by taking a swim in what is one of Tyrol’s warmest swimming lakes. Hiking is also a hugely popular local pastime – made all the better when it ends in a refreshing dip. 42

arrive_12_02_2003.indd 42-43

You’ll find the wildest waters at the Stuibenfall – Tyrol’s highest waterfall at 159 metres. Visitors can experience the full strength of the waterfall by either walking up the path, which has various viewing platforms, or climbing the adventurous fixed rope route. Alternatively, the healing powers of water can be enjoyed in the AQUA DOME in Längenfeld. This spa also has adventure and children’s pools, making it a great attraction for the whole family. The newly established AREA47, at the foot of the Ötz Valley, is the ultimate outdoor adventure playground. In addition to its unique water area, this one-of-a-kind playground features water slides, mega swings, a ‘flying fox‘ zip-line and wild water rafting, while hosting a number of special events throughout the year. The Ötz Valley can be easily reached by car via the Inn Valley motorway (exit Ötz Valley) or the Timmelsjoch-mountain pass (only in summer). Alternatively, planes fly to Munich and Salzburg airports from all over Europe, while the Ötz Valley shuttle service runs regularly from Innsbruck Airport.

Information Ötztal Tourism Board T +43 57200 F +43 57200 201 43

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Š ANTO/Popp Hackner; Kitzbuehel Tourism Board; Area 47 arrive_12_02_2003.indd 48-49

VIENNA MARRIOTT HOTEL Parkring 12a, 1010 Vienna phone +43 1 515 18-0, fax +43 1 515 18-6736

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AIGNER ShOp VIENNA | rinGstrAssen-GAlerien | KÄrntner rinG 5 - 7 | tel. +43-1-512 61 23 AIGNER ShOp SAlZBURG | Alter M ArKt 7 | tel. +43- 662-84 90 10 FROM MAy AlSO IN

© Innsbruck Tourismus

AIGNER – SpEcIAlIStS IN lEAthER We invite you to discover our lifest yle World


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We don‘t focus on weight loss. That happens automatically.

Š Gasteinertal Tourismus; Tirol Tourist Board;

Medical and scientific expertise at an Austrian superior health retreat.

AUSTRIA,,, +43 4273 31117

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Š ANTO/Homberger; TVB Olympiaregion Seefeld; Gasteinertal Tourismus; ANTO Markowitsch

‫مت ت�سميم دليلك النم�ساوي خ�سي�ساً للم�سافرين من ال�سرق الأو�سط‪ ،‬وميكن‬ ‫اإ�ستخدامه على هواتف‪ :‬اآي فون‪ ،‬بالكبريي‪ ،‬وجميع الهواتف الذكية التي ت�ستخدم‬ ‫نظام اأندرويد‪.‬‬ ‫اإن دليلك النم�ساوي مفيد جد ًا لتح�سري عطلتك ُم�سبق ًا واأي�سا خالل اإقامتك يف النم�سا‪ .‬فهو يق ّدم لك‪:‬‬ ‫• عر�ض �سامل لأهم املعامل والوجهات ال�سياحية ومرافق الت�سوق للعائالت‪.‬‬ ‫• قائمة املطاعم مبا يف ذلك املطاعم الآ�سيوية والعربية واملطاعم التي تقدم وجبات احلالل‪.‬‬ ‫• بطاقات اخل�سم اخلا�سة التي ت�ساعدك على توفري املال حني اإ�ستخدامك املوا�سالت‪ ،‬وكذلك‬ ‫باملطاعم‪ ،‬وعند الت�سوق‪ ،‬وبزيارتك للمعامل ال�سياحية‪.‬‬ ‫• معلومات عن امل�ساجد‪ ،‬واأماكن ال�سالة‪ ،‬واملوؤ�س�سات الإ�سالمية يف النم�سا‪.‬‬

‫ياأتي الدليل مع امليزات التالية‪:‬‬ ‫وظيفة البحث عن وجهات جماورة‪:‬‬ ‫اإن جهاز املالحة ‪ GPS‬اخلا�ض بتحديد‬ ‫املواقع والأماكن املوجود يف هاتفك املتحرك‬ ‫يحدد موقعك احلايل يف النم�سا و ُي�ساعدك‬ ‫يف اإيجاد الأماكن املهمة القريبة منك‪.‬‬

‫احلقيقة املدجمة‪:‬‬ ‫مبجرد تواجدك يف النم�سا‪ ،‬باإمكانك اإ�ستعمال‬ ‫هاتفك املتحرك ‪ iPhone‬فقط يف الهاتف‬ ‫املتحرك ‪ iPhone‬و�سوف يظهر على ال�سا�سة‬ ‫معلومات اأ�سا�سية جلميع الماكن واملواقع التي‬ ‫ت�ساهدها فع ًال يف تلك اللحظة‪.‬‬

‫دليل ال�سفر‪:‬‬ ‫ملحة �ساملة عن ‪ 300‬وجهة �سياحية‬ ‫�سهرية‪ ،‬وفنادق‪ ،‬ومرافق الت�سوق‪،‬‬ ‫واأماكن ال�سالة‪ ،‬وبطاقات اخل�سم‬ ‫وغريها وكل ذلك باللغة العربية‬ ‫ مع العديد من ال�سور‬‫واأفالم الفيديو‪.‬‬

‫‪© ANTO/Weinhaeupl W/Cover: Peter Burgstaller‬‬

‫اإ�ست�سارة خبري ال�سفريات لإعداد‬ ‫العطلة اخلا�سة بك‪:‬‬ ‫هل ترغب بق�ساء العطلة يف الطبيعة‬ ‫اأو يف املدينة؟ هل تف�سل الرتفيه اأو‬ ‫الإ�سرتخاء؟‬ ‫اأخربنا كيف ترغب اأن تق�سي عطلتك‬ ‫يف النم�سا‪ ،‬ونحن‬ ‫�سنقدم لك الن�سائح‬ ‫والقرتاحات لزيارة‬ ‫اأف�سل الأماكن‬ ‫املنا�سبة لك!‬

‫دليل اللغة‪:‬‬ ‫من امل�ستح�سن معرفة بع�ض الكلمات‬ ‫اخلا�سة بالبلد الذي �ستقوم بزيارته‪،‬‬ ‫وهنا جتد املفردات والعبارات املهمة‬ ‫التي حتتاجها ك�سائح‪ .‬وي�ستطيع الدليل‬ ‫اأي�سا النطق بالكلمات والعبارات‬ ‫باللهجة النم�ساوية‪.‬‬

‫ميكنك حتميل دليلك النم�ساوي الذي ُيدعى "‪ "austria. unique like you‬باللغة العربية جمانا من‪:‬‬ ‫‪iTunes • Google Android Marketplace‬‬


‫ميكنك احل�سول على املزيد من املعلومات والتحميل املبا�سر من موقع‪ :‬‬

‫‪18.02.13‬‬ ‫‪08:12‬‬ ‫‪2/6/13‬‬ ‫‪10:39‬‬ ‫‪AM‬‬

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