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Prater People, monsters, sensations. The beguiling images in Ulrike Ottinger’s Prater transform this mythical Viennese attraction into a cinematic experience. A captivating succession of intention and coincidence, an amusement ride through time and space. An enigmatic film that makes us think and laugh.


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Ulrike Ottinger Ulrike Ottinger Bettina Blickwede Kurt Mayer, Ulrike Ottinger kurt mayer film, Ulrike Ottinger Filmproduktion (D) ORF, Vienna Film Fund and:WDR February 10, 2007/Berlin (Forum des Jungen Films) MEDIA LUNA ENTERTAINMENT D-50674 Cologne, Aachener Straße 26 tel: +49 221 801 498 0 · fax: +49 221 801 498 21 ·

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