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Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef

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PORT DOUGLAS AND DAINTREE where rainforest meets the reef


Atherton Tablelands & Gulf Savannah




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Australian Tourist Publications

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the Rainforest meets the Reef

Red Peak Boardwalk, Skyrail Rainforest Cablelway


CAIRNS CITY Combining the Great Barrier Reef and World Heritage Rainforest with a cosmopolitan city, Cairns is where your holiday begins. Cairns is the perfect starting point for your tropical adventure with all the shopping, dining, entertainment, sporting events, adrenalin-pumping adventures and cultural experiences on offer.

the sun’s rays, cool-off with a swim or learn about the history of this city. Taste local and organic produce, dine at brilliant cafes and bars, shop the bustling markets and enjoy the laidback friendly people that make Cairns a favourite destination for young and old, couples and families. After dark, choose a lively bar for drinks, taste local seafood at an award-winning restaurant or party on a dance floor. ESPLANADE LAGOON

Travel from the Reef Fleet Terminal to the Great Barrier Reef and its islands, swim at the Esplanade Lagoon, sample tropical produce at a farmer’s market, shop ‘til you drop, or cruise around the marina. Soar over the rainforest on a Skyrail adventure or step back in time with a train ride to Kuranda.

Take a dip in the picturesque Lagoon, a 4,800 square-metre salt-water pool that offers year-round swimming on the Esplanade in Cairns CBD.Surrounding the Lagoon are parklands with tropical gardens. This is the perfect spot to take a stroll, barbeque yourself a lunch or simply enjoy a picnic.



Take in the ambience of Cairns CBD, a truly tropical precinct in which to enjoy al fresco dining by the water, soak up

With Cairns as your base you can explore all Tropical North Queensland has to offer. Your days and nights can


Cairns City

be as adventurous or as relaxed as you like. Cairns boasts more than 600 tours showcasing the most exciting, amazing and unique attractions of the region from the reef to the rainforest, beaches and outback. THE REEF HOTEL CASINO Arguably Tropical North Queensland’s most prestigious

hotel with a focus on exemplary service and five-star quality. A stylish lobby provides a glimpse of the simple elegance and luxury of the rooms. Boasting one of Australia’s finest boutique casinos, a multitude of dining experiences and bars, extensive wedding, event and conference facilities, free live entertainment and sports arena.


The Reef Hotel Casino

Once the sun goes down, there is more than enough to keep people entertained from stylish bars for more mature guests, nightclubs for the backpackers to mingle with the locals, live music venues and sporting events. NIGHTLIFE If at the end of a day of diving, white water rafting or trekking through a rainforest you still have the energy to party the night away there is a lot on offer. Cairns nightclubs are located across this tropical city and are open every night of the week. For those who like a little more sophistication, walk on down to the waterfront bars by the mighty yacht and cruiser lined Cairns Marlin Marina.

The Reef Hotel Casino

DINNER THEATRE The Paramour Theatre is located on level one of The Reef Hotel Casino and offers a complete dining and theatre show experience. Featuring fully produced stage shows, interactive-style theatre, stand-up comedy, improv nights and everything in between. LIVE BASKETBALL The local NBL team the Cairns Taipans play their home games at the Cairns Convention Centre, known locally as “The Snakepit”. The Cairns Taipans NBL team plays from October 2019 through to February 2020. It’s safe to say that Cairns locals are very passionate supporters, making the games a fantastic night out.

Cairns Taipans


Cairns Aquarium

CAIRNS AQUARIUM Cairns’ exciting, can’t be missed visitor attraction is the Aquarium, located in the CBD, guests of all ages will have guaranteed interaction with the spectacular beauty and grandeur of over 15,000 fish and aquatic animals. Travel through nine amazing Tropical North Queensland ecosystems from the world’s most ancient rainforest to the world’s largest coral reef to discover 70 different exhibits, showcasing the extremely rare and incredibly unique species of this region.

Endangered Giant Freshwater Sawfish, Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks and Humphead Maori Wrasse dominate the fresh water and marine habitats while the rare Emerald GreenTree Monitor and Pig-Nosed Turtles make a spectacle of themselves in their terrestrial displays. Add to this a collection of wildlife from snakes, frogs and turtles to crocodiles, crustaceans, coral gardens, sharks, rays and marine fish that create an underwater world filled with a kaleidoscope of colour and brilliance. See all of this without the need to get wet or even leave the city.


Dundee’s at Cairns Aquarium

A complete sensory experience: Dundee’s at the Cairns Aquarium offers a contemporary and innovative dining option for locals and visitors alike. The stylishly renovated restaurant features the largest tank within a restaurant in Australia: a stunning 70,000 litre marine aquarium. The tank provides a mesmerising encounter of coastal aquatic life, setting the backdrop for a truly unique and

Specialising in... Local Seafood Australian Beef Pasta & Salads

memorable dining experience. The bright, fresh and colourful interior is artfully reflected through the food. Clean and conceptual; every dish begins with an idea, colour or memory, and evolves using the finest seafood and produce in Tropical North Queensland. Both casual and fine dining options are complemented with a vibrant drinks menu, offering an inspired guest experience, perfect for any occasion.

Phone 07 4276 1855 bookings.ca@dundees.com.au Cairns Aquarium, 5 Florence Street, Cairns www.dundees.com.au




Cairns Botanic Gardens

MUNRO MARTIN PARKLANDS Munro Martin Parklands is Cairns’ newest outdoor performance space. The venue is equipped to host a wide range of shows and since its opening in August 2016 performances have ranged from Queensland Opera’s Barber of Seville, to the contemporary music of Passenger. TOBRUK MEMORIAL POOL Whether you’re a future flowboarder, a young Ian Thorpe, an aqua aerobics lover or just looking to enjoy a good coffee; Tobruk Memorial Pool is a place where tourists and locals can come to socialise, train and enjoy state of the art facilities. CAIRNS BOTANIC GARDENS Just out of town are the Cairns Botanic Gardens, renowned for having one of the best tropical plant exhibitions in Australia, and home to approximately 4,000 species of tropical plants from Australia and overseas. The Friends of the Botanic Gardens conduct free guided tours of Flecker Gardens starting 10am Monday to Friday, most weeks of the year. Tours generally take 60-90 minutes and showcase key areas of the Gardens including the Conservatory and

Aboriginal Plant Use section. Explore the beauty of tropical plants, and learn about tropical flora and horticulture. To join a tour, simply meet up with the guide outside the Friends House (no bookings required).Come for the flowers, stay for the birds. The Garden’s cast of feathered characters changes with the seasons, so you can make bird watching a repeat activity throughout the year to enjoy them all. When you are done exploring, relax in stunning surroundings at two cafes operating in the Cairns Botanic Gardens Precinct – Botanic Gardens Restaurant Cafe and Tank Sixty Four. WALKING TRACKS There are four popular walking tracks that wind through Mt Whitfield Conservation Park, located behind the Cairns Botanic Gardens in Edge Hill. The Red Arrow Circuit is 1.3km and takes about 30 minutes. The Blue Arrow Circuit is 5.4km and takes 3-4 hours. It is a rugged bush track with steep climbs and requires a reasonable level of fitness. The Green Arrow is a 3km track which starts towards the top of the Blue Arrow loop and branches off to the west ending at Whitfield.

– 10 –

The newest walking track is the Yellow Arrow Trail, providing a connection from Aeroglen to the existing Red and Blue Arrow walking tracks. The Yellow Arrow Trail also provides a circuit route via the Red Arrow, Collins Avenue and Saltwater Creek back to Aeroglen. The trail head offers 54 car parking spaces, a new toilet block and picnic shelter.

CAIRNS PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE Providing seating for 940 people, incorporating balcony seating. With multiple performance spaces, foyer and bar area, the versatility of this venue enables the presentation of a variety of events including theatre, music, dance, contemporary circus, opera, film and comedy.

– 11 –

The Chambers

The Chambers

Widely regarded as a favourite

Lined with a white picket fence,

by the locals, The Chambers is a

hanging greenery and fairy lights,

foodie hub where people flock for

The Chambers Garden Bar is the

great food and drinks in a buzzing

perfect spot to rest for a cold brew.


In the heart of the CBD this garden

Housed in a former 1920s’ bank

bar is a laidback local gem where

The Chambers houses a cafe,

bite size share plates complement

restaurant and bar where honest

the beer, wine and cocktails on

modern Australian flavour is at the

offer. Pop in for a cocktail, enjoy

forefront of all the menus. When it

some share plates, or swing by for a

comes to the restaurant Head Chef

couple of afternoon beers. With over

Michael Orford takes a young and

50 cocktails on offer this garden bar

fresh approach to the kitchen with

will wow you with their one-of-a-

the menu featuring the finest cuts

kind signature drinks. The Chambers

of meat, freshest seafood and an

Garden Bar offers a range of craft

array pasta dishes. Michael brings

and mainstream beers, and several

a passion for local and seasonal

cocktail jugs, rosé, red, white and

produce to the kitchen, using local

sparkling wines are available.

produce wherever he can. His

When it comes time to line the belly,

philosophy is all about keeping things simple and letting the flavours do the talking.

try standout dishes like the pork baos, haloumi fries, spicy meatballs and chicken wings. The Chambers

Hidden down a laneway lies The

Garden Bar has live music every

Chambers Garden Bar, The Patio.

Friday and Saturday night. – 12 –

– 13 –

Australian Armour & Military Museum


as the greatest conflict in history,” he says.

The 175 wartime exhibits at The Australian Armour & Artillery Museum near Smithfield are the “real deal” and were involved in conflicts that determined the outcomes of the 20th century’s two World Wars and the Cold War. The collection features vehicles, weaponry and artillery that are all genuine pieces of history, captured or recovered over the years and assembled thanks to the persistence, devotion and resources of local Cairns businessman Rob Lowden. Assembled under the huge roof of the 10,000 square metre display area are war machines with names such as Panzer, Mauser, Howitzer, Centurion, Leopard, Tiger, Flakvierling, Sherman, and a Dvina Russian surface-to-air missile. An outwardly calm and mild-mannered man, Rob Lowden, 64, has an encyclopaedic knowledge of his collection, its provenance and relevance to theatres of war. The museum’s lineage can be traced back to his “toy tank” childhood but started in earnest when he bought his first tank in 2011. “The collection is now made up of 175 exhibits and World War II is the main focus

“We are still building the collection and will get another 40 items to round it off, maybe one or two U.S. vehicles, tanks. We’ve got the bulk of the German and British items, and the only complete collection of Australian armoured cars in the world, so we’ve got most of it covered.” Rob outlines the profile of the collection in terms of three eras in recent world history: World War 1 - A number of cannons, several captured by Australians. No World War 1 tanks and there are none for sale anywhere. Replicas are of no interest. World War 2 - A major focus as the premier conflict, “if you can use that term.” Cold War - Including Korea and Vietnam up to the late 1980s. “We have more armoured vehicles than artillery because the variety in artillery pieces is not as great. Artillery was critically important in the two world wars but in later years it was rockets,” Rob said. About two-thirds of the vehicles are in working order and can be moved around inside the museum and outside in the parade ground. “The German tanks are my favourites and when I can look out and say ‘that one

– 14 –

Australian Armour & Military Museum

fought on the Russian front in the greatest conflict in history’ it’s pretty cool,” he said. “We have a lot of battle-damaged items, parts of armour with thick penetrations, so there’s a fair bit of sadness and horror with it. But putting that aside, looking at it and knowing this had been in tank battles is pretty exciting.” While the military museum, with its huge structure, display grandeur, historic meaning and reminder of menace, has been a visionary achievement, it’s not all that Rob Lowden does. He and his family are also involved in land development, property management, fishing and seafood businesses in Cairns. Originally from Sydney, Rob first arrived in Cairns in 1992 to dive for trochus shell, sea cucumber and lobster. He branched into seafood processing and exporting with his company Seafresh Australia. “We thought it was such a friendly place, a big country town. I’ve never been welcomed anywhere so often but here I got half a dozen ‘welcome to Far North Queensland’ salutations in the first week of arrival. It’s changed a lot since then but it’s still a great place.” Rob said most items in the museum collection have been purchased as whole

pieces but about 20 needed to be rebuilt. “Our German Tiger One tank turret was made of broken pieces that we put back together … and it’s one of only 7 in the world. To have something like that is a very big deal.” A new item destined for the collection is a German Panther tank. “It was owned by a guy and his brother in the U.K. When it gets here next year, it will be better than when it left the workshops in Germany because the gears and parts have been made using modern materials.” It seems the thrill of the chase to find and buy the parts of war machines, however small, for his collection is a driving force. Rob talks easily about many people around the world who identify pieces that will contribute to an item under rehabilitation. The museum has been operating for five years and 15 staff work front-of-house and in workshop areas. It hosts the annual AusArmourfest display on Father’s Day weekend and the venue has been used for many large-scale dinners and conventions. The Australian Armour & Artillery Museum, 1145 Kamerunga Road, Smithfield, Qld www.ausarmour.com

– 15 –

German Panzer 38

Australian Cruiser IV Tank

BE BLOWN AWAY Take a step back in time and be blown away by the Southern Hemisphere’s largest collection of armoured vehicles and artillery. On display daily are vehicles, weaponry and artillery you usually only get to see in the movies. For an army style adventure, take a ride in a decommissioned APC (Armoured Personnel carrier), available on-site daily at 11am and 2pm (conditions apply). Our custom built shooting gallery is now open. Join us downstairs where you can take aim

and fire military related bolt action rifles under the supervision of our highly qualified safety officers (conditions apply).Our aim is to offer an enjoyable experience for the whole family (exhibits, APC rides, shooting gallery, kids corner, self-serve cafe and retail store) so come and see us sometime soon for a Cairns experience with a bang! The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum is conveniently located next to Skyrail and Tjapukai. Keep up to date on what’s happening throughout the year via our Facebook page.

– 16 –


Farmers’ and craft markets are located throughout the region and are a great way to sample an array of produce unique to Tropical North Queensland.

CAIRNS ESPLANADE Every Saturday 8am-4pm Cairns Esplanade, by the Lagoon CAIRNS NIGHT MARKETS Open every day of the year 5pm-11pm 71-75 The Esplanade, Cairns TANKS MARKETS Last Sunday of the month April to November, 9am2pm Collins Avenue, Edge Hill HOLLOWAYS BEACH 2nd Sunday of the month March to November Hollways Beach Esplanade PALM COVE 1st Sunday of the month April to December 8am-2pm Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove PORT DOUGLAS Every Sunday Port Douglas Waterfront

MOSSMAN Every Saturday St. David’s Church ARCHER CREEK 2nd Sunday of the month 7am-12noon Archer Creek, Kennedy Highway ATHERTON 1st Saturday of the month 7am-12noon, Platypus Park 2nd Sunday of the month 7am-12noon, Atherton Showgrounds HERBERTON 3rd Sunday of the month 7am-12noon Woondecla Sports Ground KURANDA Every day Original Markets: 9am3pm Heritage Markets: 9am-3:30pm KOAH 1st Saturday of the month 8am-1pm Innot Hot Springs 3rd Sunday of the month KARUMBA Every Sunday, April to September 7am-12noon – 17 –

MALANDA 2nd and 5th Saturday of the month 7am-12noon, Malanda Showgrounds MAREEBA 2nd and 5th Saturday of the month 7am-12noon, Centenary Park MT MOLLOY 1st Saturday of the month March to December 8am-12noon, Fraser Road TOLGA 1st Sunday of the month 7am-12noon Morrow Park Racecourse TUMOULIN 4th Sunday of the month 7am-12:30pm Tumoulin, Ravenshoe YUNGABURRA 4th Saturday of the month 7:30am-12:30pm Bruce Jones Park COOKTOWN Every Saturday at the Parklands along Endeavour Riverestyle.

GET HOOKED ON FISHING Tropical North Queensland is one of the best places to get hooked. Whether you like marlin fishing, reef fishing, sport fishing, fly fishing, estuary fishing or just sinking a line in the water, then this region is the best place to wet a line. The most popular form of fishing is on the Great Barrier reef where you will catch coral trout, red emperor, nannygai and gold spot cod. The Great Barrier Reef is home to 225 recognised sport fish and table fish. Don’t forget your camera if you’re planning a fishing trip in Tropical North Queensland, because unless you can supply photographic evidence, no-one will ever believe the stories you bring home about your big catch or the one that got away!

within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park but beaches and estuaries, rivers and creeks are all good spots. Even kids can get in on the fun, dropping a handline from jetties and wharves; tackle and bait shops in almost every town or village will give you tips and hints on the best places to go. Fishing charters are a great way to get to the best spots and cater for amateurs and seasoned pros alike. Best of all, the fishing gear is provided, the crew will help you identify your catch and often clean it for you as well – and snap a photo of you and your fish. Big-game fishing is another huge lure of the region, with waters of the Coast of Cairns and Port Douglas considered one of the world’s great black marlin capitals. Remember to be croc-wise when fishing in waters where crocodiles are present and stay away from the water edge.

From Karumba in the Gulf to the tip of Cape York and all the way to the Great Barrier Reef, the fishing is legendary, with many seasoned fisherfolk returning year after year to their favourite spots. Or dropping into new and unexplored spots on a Heli-fishing expedition. In this part of the world, you can catch fish just about anywhere you can wet a line – zoning and limits do apply to areas – 18 –

WHATS ON 2019/20

From international sporting events to cultural extravaganza’s, and foodie revelries. Plan your getaway to Tropical North Queensland and time it around the region’s exciting calendar of events. Here’s a run-down of events you won’t want to miss.


Palm Cove Reef Feast 4th – 6th, Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove Oktoberfest 5th & 12th, 1:00 pm, German Club Serenades for Strings 19th, Cairns Performing Arts Centre


Free Guided birdwatching Tour 5th – 8.30am Friends House in Flecker Gardens Free - Tuesday history tours of the Tanks and Botanic Gardens Precinct 5th – 10.00am, Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre

Cairns Pride Festival Fair Day 20th, Tanks Arts Centre

The Grass is Greener – Music Festival 26th Cairns Half Marathon 27th, Ryan Weare Park

New Year’s Eve Fireworks 31st, 9.00pm & midnight Cairns Esplanade

January 2020

Great Barrier Reef Chinese New Year 24th – 9th February. Grafton Street, Cairns

Busby Marou 22nd, The Jack Hotel & Backpackers Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase 25th, 8.00am – 10.26pm Tanks Arts Centre

3MPride Community Christmas Celebration 13th, 4.00- 10.00pm Harold Falge Park. Cnr Lennon & English Streets Manunda

Understory Film Festival 23rd, Cairns Performing Arts Centre


Ribbons Ladies Game Fishing Tournament 6th – 8th, Cairns, Marlin Marina – 19 –

Mamma Mia! 17th – 1st February 2020 Cairns Performing Arts Centre

February 2020

Rare Disease Day Fun Run 23rd February 2020 Cairns Esplanade – Fun Ship Playground


Crystal Cacades

CRYSTAL CASCADES After all that walking, take a tip from the locals and have a cool dip at a secluded freshwater swimming hole like Crystal Cascades. Crystal Cascades is one of Tropical North Queensland’s secrets. A secluded freshwater swimming hole hidden in a tropical rainforest, it has a series of small waterfalls that flow into large pools. Take along a picnic and enjoy the electric BBQs and picnic tables. CYCLING There are a range of paths and cycle ways that allow you to explore this beautiful region at your own pace. The


Cairns Walking and Cycling Circuit has been developed to provide recreation activities within central Cairns through off-road walking and cycling paths. The routes take in the Esplanade lagoon, the foreshore to the Cairns Botanic Gardens along scenic waterways including Lily Creek and Saltwater Creek. SWIMMING Take a dip in the picturesque Lagoon, a 4,800 square-metre saltwater pool that offers year-round swimming on the Esplanade in Cairns CBD. Surrounding the Lagoon are parklands with tropical gardens. This is the perfect spot to take a stroll, barbeque yourself a lunch or simply enjoy a picnic.

Artwork from central-coast based landscape artist Belynda Henry features in Avis Car Rental Australia’s ‘Art of Discovery’ advertising campaign. Focussed on inspiring customer journeys through a driver’s impression, the campaign sees contemporary artists set out on road trips in Avis rental cars across Australia and New Zealand in pursuit of inspiration. The resulting work then features in an outdoor advertising campaign across Australia and New Zealand. The artwork captured from the campaign will also be displayed at an exhibition and auction hosted in October, with the proceeds donated to Avis Budget Group’s charity partner R U OK?. – 20 –



Smithfield Mountain Bike Park

From leisurely coastal cycle trails edging the waters of the Great Barrier Reef to challenging downhill rides through World Heritage-listed rainforest, Tropical North Queensland is a natural paradise for adventure seekers and recreational riders of all disciplines, levels and abilities. Ride along the Cairns Esplanade for a dose of people-watching or head to the iconic Smithfield Mountain Bike Park to tackle trails designed to challenge world champions. After your ride, trade your two wheels in for a gondola and glide above the rainforest with Skyrail Rainforest Cableway or explore the magical underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef with tours departing the city daily. Discover the Cassowary Coast with a cycle along 14 kilometres of flat sand at Mission Beach for spectacular views of Dunk Island and the Coral Sea. Or venture into Wooroonooran National

Park for winding trails through picturesque rainforest before cooling off in the refreshing turquoise waters of the Cardwell Spa Pools. Famous for spectacular waterfalls, wildlife and gourmet produce, the Atherton Tablelands are also home to magnificent flowing single tracks, family trails, epic mountain bike rides and scenic back country roads, as well as boasting several bike-friendly accommodation options, perfect for a multi-day visit. Tackle the historic Bump Track in Port Douglas for an exhilarating ride through rainforest and eucalypt forest. Enjoy the laidback lifestyle of this village by the sea with a local craft beer at Hemingway’s Brewery or a bite to eat at one of the trendy cafes along Macrossan Street. ridecairns.com tropicalnorthqueensland.org.au

– 22 –


Great Adventues Pontoon

Great Adventues Scuba Doo

With more than 100 ways to experience the Great Barrier Reef, Tropical North Queensland offers the ultimate adventure on the world’s largest and most spectacular coral reef system. The Great Barrier Reef spans more than 2,000 kilometres, has 3,000 reef and coral cays, more than 1,500 fish species, 400 types of coral and some of the world’s best tropical islands. No visit to Cairns is complete without spending time at the Great Barrier Reef, take a plunge into one of the Seven Wonders of the World and discover why this is the largest, most spectacular coral reef system on earth. Cairns is not short of scuba diving courses, tour operators, day trips, equipment suppliers and everything you could need to enjoy the Great Barrier Reef. Diving, snorkelling, sailing, cruising or island hopping, the choice is yours.


For a longer stay, you can book a night staying out on the reef as part of a liveaboard cruise. Alternatively, get a magical bird’s-eye view of the reef by booking a scenic helicopter flight over the reef. Dive with Minke Whales for a really spectacular adventure, parasail from an island for an adrenalin rush or spy on baby turtles making their first dash to the freedom of the Coral Sea. If you don’t want to get wet, it is possible to see coral and fish from a semisubmersible boat, an underwater viewing area, or even at the Cairns Aquarium. Helmet diving is a unique and fun way to experience the underwater world of the reef up close and personal. Breathing fresh air delivered from the surface into your helmet, your makeup stays on and your hair stays dry. Walk on the sea floor surrounded by colourful fish and coral.

Discover why our Reef Encounter’s Top Deck Club tour is the best way to see Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Get the “Celebrity Feel” with our fantastic day tour. Enjoy more personalised service, private, spacious accommodation, and a relaxed day in the exclusive Captain’s Wheelhouse top deck lounge as we cruise to our pristine Reef locations.You enjoy all standard day tour inclusions, plus you get your own valet for the day.You will discover the natural wonders of the Great Barrier Reef with your personalised snorkel tour and guided introductory or certified dive. – 24 –

Reef Encounter

Reef Experience

A guided snorkelling safari is the ideal way to optimise your Great Barrier Reef snorkelling experience. A professional marine naturalist will guide you on a 30 minute in-water tour, showcasing the reef and its marine life. Departing daily, there are reef trip options available to suit a range of budgets. Travel to the outer edge of the reef where you can snorkel, have a tropical buffet lunch, watch fish-feeding and

marine presentations or take a ride on a glass bottom boat or semi-submersible. Snorkelling is the most popular way to experience the Great Barrier Reef. It’s as simple as putting on your mask, snorkel and fins and then you are all set to glide alongside Maori Wrasse and Parrot Fish. The snorkelling mask magnifies everything, giving you an amazing underwater view, floating over coral gardens, watching colourful marine life below you.

– 25 –

Arlington Reef artist impression

The prospect of two new waterslides being added to the region’s product mix on the Great Barrier Reef will be a shot of adrenalin for visitors who crave the wonders and thrills of the marine park’s attractions. The new slides will be installed at Arlington Reef Marine Base early in 2020 by Sunlover Reef Cruises. The additions to the pontoon were fast tracked thanks to joint funding with the Queensland Government. One of them will be a circular turbo slide like the popular facility already at Moore Reef and will cater to young thrill-seekers. The other will be a quasi-agricultural show sack-slide adapted for water and will suit the moderated excitement levels of older guests. Sunlover Reef Cruises’ Group Marketing Manager Sarah Butler said the new additions will enrich visitor experiences at Arlington and draw more tourists to the water playground region. The iconic reef operator will promote the new slides in worldwide marketing, with strong interest already coming from Western Europe and the US. She said the Sunlover Sunslide on their Moore Reef Marine Base has demonstrated that innovative reef experiences can be created while having the utmost respect for the precious marine environment. “Arlington Reef is home to soft coral varieties, which are not as abundant at

Moore Reef” Ms. Butler said. Arlington Reef has been untouched by commercial tourism for 20 years and is a beautiful example of a pristine reef habitat in its natural state. Sunlover has the only pontoon at Arlington, which was refurbished in 2017 and launched in 2018 as the first dedicated charter events venue on the Great Barrier Reef, receiving worldwide media coverage and tourism industry interest. Arlington is available to book during peak periods and by request from groups and charters. Sunlover also runs a daily tour to its pontoon at Moore Reef which offers a wide range of reef experiences designed to appeal to all ages and abilities - even those who don’t swim. Sunlover is in the early stages of introducing the new Arlington facilities into its product mix and is considering offering two-day products combining Arlington and Moore Reef so visitors can get a better appreciation of the reef’s variety of marine life and diversity of coral. Ms. Butler said the company operates according to the axiom that visitors can still have fun on the reef at the same time as respecting it. “ We are passionate about showing our guests the immense beauty of the reef, whilst also educating them on how they can help preserve it for generations to come.’ Sunlover is experiencing some changes in what guests are looking for in their reef experience. Ms. Butler said there is strong

– 26 –

Moore Reef Sunlover Reef Cruises Sunslide

growing demand from tourists who want a deeper travel engagement. Sunlover’s Marine Biologist for a Day citizen science program is aligned to Australian school curricula and welcomes school groups from remote areas of the Northern Territory right through to rural Tasmania and city students of Sydney and Melbourne. “We believe that every Australian school student should visit the reef and rainforest as part of their education, like they often do with Canberra.” The last two years has also

seen returning school groups from the UK, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, USA, Western Europe and China and Sunlover has now opened the program to groups from all over the world, not just students, who want an educational reef experience. In line with this educational demand, the program has been expanded to add an overnight stay in swags on Moore Reef to learn about astronomy. Sunlover Cruises depart daily from the Reef Fleet Terminal in Cairns.

– 27 –


Clown fish

and out of an anemone, encounter a reef shark on a wall dive at the edge of the continental shelf and marvel at schools of pelagic fish.

The Cairns coastline is the ultimate destination for diving, with dive trips designed for all skill levels and budgets. Diving the Great Barrier Reef allows you to explore coral reefs and their marine life close-up. See a colourful Nudibranch, watch a giant Clam close as you wave your arm above it, or spy a Manta Ray. Find Clownfish (Nemo) as they dart in

Whether you want to learn to dive, do an introductory dive, enrol for Advanced Diver Training, go diving on a day trip or do a liveaboard dive adventure there is a tour to suit you. Beginner courses and resort

Cairns and Port Douglas Areas of the Great Barrier Reef Highlighted dive sites visited by the Quicksilver Group ENDEAVOUR REEF



Cape Tribulation

Agincourt Reef 1

Harrie’s Bommie Three Sisters The Chapel

Gary’s Gut

The Point


The Gap Turtle Bommie


Two Rocks


Agincourt Reef 2





Phil’s Reef

Point Break The Gardens Barracuda Bommie Agincourt Reef 3 Horse Shoe Turtle Bay Nursery Bommie West End








Low Isles



Triggerfish City Agincourt Reef 4


Castle Rock



Michaelmas Cay Upolo Cay Double Is.


CAIRNS Map courtesy Quicksilver Group

Tracy’s Bommie Gordon’s Mooring Tennis Courts Coral Gardens


Flynn Reef

Middle Cay Whale Bommie Peta’s Bommie



– 28 –


Swimming Pools 2 Thetford Reef Swimming Pools 1 Horse Shoe

Milln Reef Cucumber Alley Darth Vadar Pellowe Reef

Coral Reef

dives are popular ways to be introduced to the Great Barrier Reef. Daily reef excursions offer introductory dives with professional tutoring, allowing first-time divers the chance to get a taste for the sport while exploring the marine wonderland.

Barrier Reef and can range from two to seven days, with private charters that can be arranged for even longer periods.

Certified divers, with an internationallyrecognised SCUBA certificate card, can do multiple dives in a day. Liveaboard trips give you the most time out on the Great

Some medical conditions such as asthma will prevent you from diving and you cannot fly until 12 hours after the completion of a single dive.

Divers must be 12 years or older, complete a medical questionnaire and participate in a briefing.

– 29 –

Island hopping

Welcome Bay, Fitzroy Island

Off the coast of Cairns, you will discover an array of tropical islands. There is Vlasoff Cay, the coral wonderland of Green Island; the densely forested Fitzroy Island; and the five tiny islands that make up the Frankland group. GREEN ISLAND Catch a ferry across to Green Island, departing daily at 8.30am, 10.30am and 1pm. In just 45 minutes you will be lying on the white-sandy beach, snorkelling through dense gardens of coral surrounded by fish, watching turtles pass by, or gazing at the reef formations from an underwater semi-submersible. If you fall in love with this small piece of tropical paradise, you can always stay at the Green Island Resort. By late afternoon, there will only be you and the other guests to enjoy the quiet, as the sun sets across the water. FITZROY ISLAND Jump on the 45-minute high-speed ferry to picturesque Fitzroy Island, located 29 kilometres off the coast of Cairns. At Fitzroy Island, it’s all about rainforest, beaches and high reaches, with just as much to discover on land as in the

sea. Explore the bush walking tracks throughout the island, like the Lighthouse and Summit walks, with views all the way to the Great Barrier Reef. Snorkel straight off the beach at Welcome Bay and Nudey Beach or see the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef by sea kayak. This large tropical island offers different types of accommodation, ranging from a 4.5 star resort, to camping grounds. VLASOFF CAY Feel the thrill of flying over the picturesque coral-studded sea before landing on Vlasoff Cay, a pristine sand cay in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. In absolute seclusion, beach comb on the pure white sand and enjoy a gourmet picnic hamper refreshments. After brunch, swim straight off the beach into blue-green waters. Close to the outer reef systems, Michaelmas Cay is a low lying vegetated sand cay encircled by a spectacular fringing reef. This National Park is a protected sanctuary for migratory seabirds and is the largest of the uninhabited coral cays in the Cairns region. Cairns reef tours depart daily and travel time out to the sand cay reef is around 90 minutes.

– 30 –

– 31 –

taKe to the skies

Exclusive Sand Cay Experience

For that once in a lifetime experience, every time, Nautilus Aviation offers one of the best ways to see the world’s natural wonders just outside their doorsteps. With over 26 years of commitment to exceptional service, Nautilus Aviation has 30 state-of-the-art helicopters across its bases in Queensland (Cairns, Townsville, and Horn Island), the Northern Territory and New South Wales. In Sydney, Nautilus Aviation also proudly operate Sydney’s ‘Westpac Life Saver


Rescue Helicopters’. Departing daily from Cairns or Port Douglas, guests can jump on board a scenic flight for a true appreciation of one of the seven natural wonders of the world, enjoy a reef and rainforest day package, escape to a secluded sand cay complete with snorkelling equipment and private picnic or design a custom tour! The sky is no longer the limit, it’s your playground! Fly with Nautilus Aviation and ‘Experience the Difference’.

Already travelling to the Outer Reef? Upgrade with a Helicopter Flight! Helicopter Scenic Transfers to or from your chosen reef boat make possible rockstar landings on a floating helipad and a spectacular glimpse of the sheer size and beauty of the Great Barrier Reef! Scenic flights from your reef location also provide views of coral formations, beautiful shades of turquoise waters and, if you’re lucky, sea turtles, manta rays, dugongs and even whales! From Port Douglas, Nautilus Aviation is proud to partner with Quicksilver Cruises and from Cairns, Down Under Cruise and Dive, Great Adventures, Green Island and Sunlover Reef Cruises.

– 32 –

– 33 –


Minke Whale

The Great Barrier Reef’s warm waters are a marine magnet attracting creatures from birds to 100-tonne Humpback Whales. The currents and trade winds bring creatures from all over the world to the Great Barrier Reef, including whales and dolphins for the warm tropical waters. They all thrive in the reef’s unique ecosystem. WHALES Humpback, Dwarf Minke, and Pilot Whales swim up the coast to breed in the reef. The best time to see them is between July and October.

along the coastal hinterland. Thirtytwo species of migratory birds spend time on the reef. They include oriental Pratincoles, Great Knots, Red-Necked Stints, Bar-tailed Godwits and BlackTailed Godwits. There are sharp-tailed, curlew and broad-billed sandpipers. Walk along the beaches of the coral atolls or explore the mangroves and rainforests to see the many species of birds. REPTILES Fourteen different varieties of sea snake are drawn to the reef.

A limited number of permits have been issued to operators, and the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs off Port Douglas are the only place in the world where people are permitted to swim with the Minke Whales. Passengers are regularly treated to sightings with the whales putting on a show by breaching, tail waving and slapping the water with their pectoral fins.

CORALS, PLANKTON AND FISH You won’t see them all, but the reef is home to a staggering 400 varieties of coral and 1,500 species of fish.


If you’re in Cairns from October to November, you can observe coral spawning. This usually happens just after sunset on the fourth day following the full moon.

The skies above the reef are home to at least 23 species of seabird and 41 shorebirds. They arrive to breed, forage and nest on the islands and

Soft corals, jellyfish and sponges drift in from the Coral Sea. Plankton drifts towards the reef and provides food for whales and fish species. The warm waters also attract seahorses, Barramundi Cod and Maori Wrasse.

– 34 –


Potato Cod

Wake up on the magnificent Great Barrier Reef. If you want to spend more time out on the reef than just a day, join an extended liveaboard cruise for days and nights of underwater exploration. This experience allows you to get up close and personal with one of the worlds’ most rare and beautiful seascapes and outer reef locations. Guests can enjoy fresh and locally sourced food and wine, a team of expert guides, off-shore excursions to secluded islands on a glass bottom boat, snorkelling and SCUBA diving. The amount of diving and snorkelling as well as the opportunity to do night dives, makes a liveaboard dive trip the best value for experience. See the wonders of famous Great Barrier Reef dive sites such as Cod Hole and the Snake Pit, before moving on to the pristine Coral Sea dive sites for some great shark action and amazing diversity. The Great Barrier Reef offers perfect conditions with consistent good visibility and low currents to make this an ideal excursion for divers of all levels

In November and December you can witness the coral spawning season where it looks like snow is being shot out from the end of the coral into the water towards the shining full moon above. Coral spawning means it’s a huge buffet time for the marine life and they come from many oceans away just for this coral spawning event. Wake up with the sound of the waves gently lapping against the ship and have the entire day to enjoy the reef at your leisure, not having to worry about departure or return times. Choose to spend your days actively exploring different reef systems using a snorkel, kayak or underwater dive unit, or simply relax in the sun on the lounge decks with 360 degrees of beautiful aqua blue waters. Watch the sun set in the west behind the mountains at night and rise again in the morning in the east. See why Sir David Attenborough has said this is his most favourite place in the world.

– 35 –



Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is one of the oldest living societies on the planet and their intricate history and traditional practices can be experienced in many ways, across Tropical North Queensland. Whether you want to learn more about indigenous art, want to go bush or inject a touch of culture into your holiday, this region has a lot to offer. Take part in cultural festivities and feel the rhythmic beat of island drums, the sound of clap sticks, and witness the visual glory of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art. Explore the Bama Way with Aboriginal guides and follow the story-lines of two Aboriginal nations, to gain insight into ancient traditions. Better understand Aboriginal culture through art in Mossman. A visit to Cairns is not complete without taking an Aboriginal cultural tour to learn about these peoples’ ancient pasts.

Each Aboriginal tribe in the Cairns and Tropical North Queensland region has their own unique stories. The traditional owners of the coastal country between Cairns and Port Douglas are the Yirrganydji Aboriginal people. They were great fishers and traders and had distinctive canoes with pointed bows. The abundant resources in the sea and the coastal forests provided them with a rich and healthy diet. A major trading pathway follows the same route as the current highway. Artefacts, wells and other signs of occupation have been found at several places near the sea, including stone axes and grinding stones at the mouth of Hartley’s Creek. Many of the Yirrganydji still live in the territory of their ancestors. Today the Aborigines who inhabit the rainforest protect and maintain its beauty, passing on their culture to continue the tradition. A visit to Tjapukai is the perfect way to gain a deeper understanding of Australia’s diverse Aboriginal heritage.

– 36 –

Explore the rich history of the world’s oldest living culture, dating back over 40,000 years. Visiting the park by day or night, is a unique cultural experience.

and entertainment. Take part in the

Learn to throw a boomerang and how a didgeridoo is played. Sample bush foods, and learn the medicinal value of native plants.

Tropical North Queensland and be

By night, you can journey into the dreamtime for an evening of food

the thrill of the hunt and the ancient

Rainbow Serpent Circle, join in the chanting and dance that culminates in a traditional fire-making ceremony. Dine on the culinary delights of entertained by the world famous Tjapukai Performers. Observe the spectacle of a corroboree depicting totems of the rainforest people.

– 37 –


Munganbana Rainforest and Reef Aboriginal Art

Mainie Australia

Tjapukai Art Gallery

Mainie Australia

Cairns is recognised as an important location for art in general and has a strong focus on Aboriginal art and culture. It has numerous art and craft galleries and retailers. MAINIE AUSTRALIA By David Maguire When tens of thousands of years of Aboriginal art tradition is introduced to a few thousand years of Chinese silk artisanry, the result is the top-selling Mainie range of high fashion products purchased keenly by international tourists. The art is sourced from an Aboriginal community north west of Alice Springs, the silk fashioning is done in the historic garden city of Suzhou in China, and it is all pulled together in Cairns by passionate owner Charmaine Saunders. Mainie Australia is a success story with chapters yet to be written. Its stylish, mainly women’s products – silk chiffon tops and scarves, are redolent of distinctive Aboriginal art styles in azures, oranges, purples and sky

blues that preserve a 60,000-year-old cultural heritage. “The silk fabric is sourced in Suzhou, so the company is at the juncture of blending the ancient dreamtime of tens of thousands of years with the fabled Silk Road culture and China’s 4,000-year-old silk industry,” said Charmaine. Mainie Australia sources Aboriginal art from Warlukurlangu arts centre in Yuendumu community, about 290 kilometres north west of Alice Springs. Supporting over 500 artists living there and in surrounding areas, it is one of Australia’s longest established, Aboriginal-owned and controlled arts centres. It is also a stronghold for the traditional culture and language of Warlpiri Aboriginal people. The art in the fashion range has been ethically acquired under licence, in line with the Indigenous Art Code. Mainie Australia purchases the original works from artists at prices they set, pays licence fees to reproduce each design, and then gives royalties to artists from the sale of

– 38 –

Cameron Buchanan, Yalangi Arts

products. Charmaine, a descendant of Gunggari people from Maranoa River region in south west Queensland, has been operating Mainie Australia with her husband, Denis Keeffe, for nearly five years. After opening at Cairns Central, they are in new premises in Scott Street which also serves as an art gallery.

about 20 artists in Central Australia and three or four in Cairns.

“We started with a vision to work ethically and with these women artists in Central Australia, so the company’s foundations were right from the start,” said Charmaine whose family name is Mainie. “We wanted to support the empowerment of Aboriginal women in Central Australia communities and the preservation of Aboriginal culture.” Charmaine has no input or influence over the artwork featured in the fashion products. “It has to be authentic. Each artist has their own story and unique design style and I look for the best artworks,” she said, adding they come from – 39 –

Mainie Australia

Ancient Journeys

The images are applied to fabric in Suzhou and the silk artisans then complete the stitching, cutting and finishing by hand. The packaged product includes details of the artwork’s provenance, the artist’s biography and the Aboriginal dreamtime story.

what we are doing with Aboriginal art and luxury fashion, but we were the only ones who had done it right.

“Our products are authentic, unique, affordable and luxurious. The bestselling handmade silk scarf sells for around $100 and our prices range up to $200,” Charmaine said. Mainie Australia set its focus on the niche market segment Charmaine calls the “stylish traveller,” one that is growing rapidly “as more baby boomers are nearing the end of their successful working lives.” “We have concentrated on creating authentic, Aboriginal print silk scarves and wraps and easy-to-wear tops that would appeal to stylish women of all ages, shapes and sizes,” she said. “When Sydney International Airport approached us to bring Mainie Australia into its highly prized retail precincts, they said a lot of people had tried

“For me personally, I love to prove that an ethical, Aboriginal-owned and operated business, based in a regional city like Cairns, can successfully compete in national and international markets.” Charmaine believes that over 75% of Mainie Australia’s “wearable art” pieces sold in Australia are bought by international visitors who are seeking meaningful and lasting mementos of their experience of Aboriginal culture. She said over 80 retail outlets at major tourist shopping precincts around Australia stock the products. The best-selling outlets are at Uluru and in Sydney where, as well as the international airport, it is offered by cultural museums and art galleries at The Rocks, Circular Quay, Darling Harbour and Queen Victoria Building. It is also available in Cairns at DFS Galleria, Skyrail, Cairns Aquarium, Reef Casino Lobby Gift Shop, Tjapukai, Thala Beach Resort, and Silky Oaks.

– 40 –

4 must see indigenous art galleries 1

TJAPUKAI RETAIL GALLERY 9:00am until 4:30pm 4 Skyrail Drive, Smithfield

2 Mainie Australia

The next chapters of the Mainie Australia story include the Aboriginal art gallery in Cairns supporting celebrated Utopia artists and important indigenous art regions, B2C and B2B activities, corporate gifts and uniforms, and a national wholesale distribution centre. And in the immediate future, Mainie Australia has been signed on as a retailer at Expo 2020 in Dubai for which she is developing a merino wool and cashmere scarf collection. TJAPUKAI RETAIL GALLERY Visit the award winning Tjapukai Retail & Art Gallery to find Authentic Australian Aboriginal Art, Boomerangs, Didgeridoos, and Artefacts, as well as a huge range of Books, Aboriginal CD’s, Jewellery, Clothing, Souvenirs, Gifts and much much more. They have something to suit everyone’s budget. Anything that looks like Australian Aboriginal Art in this Gallery is Authentic Aboriginal art, and the artists benefit from you purchasing these products. They have a strict system of ensuring that all the products we sell that feature aboriginal art is in fact just that and this includes the reproduced items as well.

MOSSMAN GORGE CENTRE INDIGENOUS ART GALLERY 8am until 6pm 212r Mossman Gorge Road, Mossman


MUNGANBANA RAINFOREST AND REEF ABORIGINAL ART By appointment 0407 128 199 33 Lake St Cairns


ANCIENT JOURNEYS 10.0oam until 7.30pm 53-57 The Esplanade, Cairns


Hartley’s Breafast with Koalas

Cairns offers a number of amazing wildlife experiences where you can meet koalas, wallabies, kangaroos, exotic reptiles, endangered bird species and colourful butterflies. The Wet Tropics is home to about a third of Australia’s 315 mammal species, of those, 13 are found nowhere else in the world. They include unique green possums, ringtail possums, fierce Marsupial Cats, rare bats, tree-kangaroos, a rat-kangaroo, melomys and antechinus. Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures is a Hall of Fame winner and the ultimate eco-adventure for visitors who want to experience wildlife in a natural setting. Highlights include koala feeding, crocodile cruises on Hartley’s Lagoon, the famous crocodile feeding shows, snake shows, Cassowary feeding and crocodile farm tours. Zootastic 5 is an exciting fully-guided interactive wildlife tour developed by the owners of Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures who are most passionate about what they do. Their experienced keeper takes a maximum of six participants to feed, pat, hold and/or cuddle some of Australia’s most amazing species including Koalas, Wombats,

Cassowaries, friendly Pythons, beautiful parrots or kangaroos. Hartley’s Breakfast with the Koalas and optional Koala holding photos are also on offer. Reptastic offers a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with lots of splendid reptiles. This unique, premium experience allows you to be guided by passionate reptile keepers as you get up close with chameleons, giant pythons, american alligators, blue-tongued lizards and exotic tortoises. For those not so keen on reptiles the latest wildlife tour at Hartley’s is Feathertastic, the perfect experience for bird enthusiasts. The latest additions at Hartley’s are the walk in Bird of Prey aviary the Gallery of Living Art Exhibition and Reptile Display, offering something for visitors of all ages. After spending the day exploring, enjoy a delicious snack at Lilies Restaurant overlooking Hartley’s Lagoon and find that perfect gift, including crocodile leather products, in the Paperbark Gift Shop. Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures is located 45 minutes north of Cairns and 25 minutes south of Port Douglas.

– 42 –

Birdworld Kuranda and Kuranda Koala Gardens

Discover the friendliest and cutest Australian wildlife at Birdworld Kuranda and Kuranda Koala Gardens, located right in the heart of Kuranda village.

around, are species from the vanishing rainforests of the world, including some of Australia’s most precious and beautiful birds.

Kuranda Koala Gardens gives you the opportunity to see some of Australia’s most unique wildlife up-close, including wallabies, gliders, quokkas, wombats, lizards, snakes and freshwater crocodiles. The new ‘Aussie Bush Collection’ is a delight for photographers.

There are brilliant amazonian macaws, the endangered and stately cassowary, cheeky rainbow lorikeets, galahs, cockatoos and many more. The Finch Aviary is also home to a range of rare and colourful endemic species.

Take the opportunity to cuddle a koala and receive a great souvenir photo. Check out the Nocturnal Wonders exhibit including bilbies, northern bettong and the rare mahogany gliders. Right next door is Birdworld Kuranda, a free-flight walk-through exhibit allowing visitors to interact with a spectacular collection of birds from Australia and around the world. Birdworld boasts a large and very colourful collection of native and exotic parrot species. Join the birds in their beautiful rainforest habitat. Flying

Naturally landscaped with waterfalls, ponds, exotic and native plants, Birdworld replicates the natural habitats of almost 60 species that roam this unique rainforest immersion exhibit. It is truly a photographer’s delight. Don’t be surprised to find a feathered friend taking a ride on your shoulder. If a bird happens to land on you, take the greatest selfie of all time, to show friends and family back home. There are bags of feed available for purchase at the front desk to give you an even greater opportunity to interact with the various species of birds. Free wifi available.

– 44 –


Bunda St Hartley St

Kenny St

Southern Cross Atrium Apartments



Water St

n St Dutto


McLeod St

Sheridan St

Aplin St

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Shields St

Mid City Luxury Suites

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Nova City

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il Centro

Cairns Performing Arts Centre

Hartley St

Gilligans The Crystal Backpackers Caves

Grafton St Rydges Plaza Cairns

de rtu

pa re

Mantra Esplanade

Abbott St

Il Palazzo Hotel

Cairns Harbour Lights

Cairns Esplanade Lagoon

Waterfront Dining Shangri-La Hotel




Pr aw n

St a


Waterfront Dining

e dl ad ed Sk

– 46 –


Mantra Trilogy

Crystalbrook BreakFree Flynn Royal Harbour Seastar Skedaddle


One way Hilton Cairns Hotel




Cairns Regional Gallery

Paci f i c Hotel Cairns

Novotel Oasis Resort Cairns

Crystalbrook Bailey



Figtree Playground

The Abbott

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Pullman Reef Hemingway’s Hotel Casino Brewery




Pullman Cairns International

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Ibis Styles Cairns 24 hr

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Cairns Travel Clinic


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Rydges Esplanade

Cairns Hospital (public)


181 The Esplanade

Holiday Inn Cairns Harbourside

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Acacia Court Hotel


Crystalbrook Riley




Police Station


Long Distance and Interstate Coaches


Local Sunbus Terminal

Bike Route

Cruise Liner Terminal

Post Office

Waterfront Dining

Medical Centre Swimming

– 47 –

Coral Towers

Smith St

Double Tree Hilton

Tropical Queenslander

Lake St

Kerwin St

Abbott St

Cairns Queenslander

Lake St Cairns Private Hospital

Upward St

St Monica’s Cathedral

Bay Village Tropical Retreat

The Balinese Motel

Lake St The Hotel Cairns

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Grafton St

Coral Tree Inn

Tropic Towers Villa Shangri-La Apartments

McKenzie St

Getaway on Grafton

The Precinct

Cairns Sheridan Hotel


Grove St

Cairns Sunshine Tower

Charles St

Munro Martin Parklands

Cairns Holiday Bohemia Lodge Resort

Aspect Central

Cairns City Palms

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McLeod St

James St

Sheridan St

r Medical

Gatton St

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Rainbow Inn Motel

City Sheridan

Tradewinds McLeod

Thomas St

Charles St

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d St Medical Centre

essential information

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

EMERGENCY Police, fire brigade and ambulance services can all be reached by dialling 000. MEDICAL There are a handful of medical centres in Cairns including the Cairns 24 Hour Medical Centre that never closes. Cairns has two hospitals including the Cairns Private Hospital, part of Ramsey Health Care. Cairns Hospital is a public facility and offers the only accident and emergency rooms. GETTING AROUND Driving is on the left hand side of the road in Australia. Cars may be hired at the airport and areas around the CBD. Get local road condition reports from www.racq.com.au or call 1300 130 595. Getting around Cairns is easy with Cairns Taxis (131 008), Uber and the Sunbus. There are also many bicycle and scooter hire companies in the Cairns CBD area. Visit www.sunbus.com.au/cairns/ to plan your trip. SHOPPING General shopping centre hours are 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday; 10am to 4pm Sunday. Late night shopping at the major centres is till 9pm on Thursday nights. Independent shops are often closed all day Sunday and most shops close on public holidays.

TIMEZONE Daylight saving is not observed in Queensland. The time zone in Queensland is Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), UTC +10. WEATHER Cairns experiences hot and humid summers and mild, dry winters. The average annual maximum temperature is 29°C (84.2°F), with 62% humidity. Plan ahead with the following information on temperature and rainfall. Visitors to Cairns should look out for the UV index in local weather reports, which describes the daily solar UV radiation intensity. Protect yourself from sunburn by using SPF30+ sunscreen, which is readily available at supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies. It also helps to wear sun-smart clothing, including a hat and sunglasses. Autumn (March - May) It is still very warm in autumn, both day and night, with temperatures averaging between 21.5-29°C (70.7-84.2°F). The rain subsides from April, however the weather can be windy until August. Prevailing south easterly winds continue until approximately October. Winter (June - August) Winter in Cairns brings slightly cooler temperatures and lower humidity, making it the peak tourist season. Average

– 48 –

temperatures range from 17.5 - 26°C (63.5 - 78.8°F) and there is low rainfall. Spring (September - November) In spring average temperatures range from 20.5-29°C (68.9-84.2°F). This is the end of the dry season when humidity starts to build with the onset of the wet season from December. In November, the reef comes alive with the annual coral spawning. Summer (December - February) During summer in Cairns, average temperatures range from 23.6 -31.4°C (74.5-88.5°F). The wet season begins building up around December, and most of the region’s annual rainfall (around 2,000mm / 78.7”) occurs in the summer months. In summer, the

average sea temperature at Cairns’ northern beaches ranges from 28.929.4°C (84-84.9°F), dipping slightly in winter to 23.8-24.5°C (74.8-76.1°F). CYCLONES Tropical cyclones in the Queensland region mostly form between November and April. A warning is issued if winds are expected to affect coastal or island areas within 24 hours. The warning is updated every three hours, and then every hour if the cyclone poses a major threat. The warning includes information on location, movement and strength of the cyclone, areas that are threatened, as well as anticipated rainfall, flooding and storm surge. Visitors may see and hear warnings about other natural hazards including wild fires, earthquakes and tsunami.

– 49 –

cairns beaches

Palm Cove

The pristine, unspoilt beaches of Cairns, renowned for their palm-fringed golden sands and calm tropical waters, stretch more than 26 kilometres along the Coral Sea. MACHANS BEACH This historic beach location has some of the best views of Trinity Inlet and the Coral Sea. The neighbourhood at Machans Beach has an eclectic and hippie feel with a unique community culture that sets it apart from other beaches around Cairns. If you are planning your trip to Cairns and want to stay in a quiet unassuming beach and blend in with the locals then Machans Beach is the right place for you. HOLLOWAYS BEACH Next along the Captain Cook Highway is Holloways Beach. Ideal for long strolls along the ocean’s edge, this is a lovely spot to cool off, sit and enjoy the fresh air, or cast out a fishing line. Holloway’s Beach accommodation ranges from Air BnB’s, luxurious holiday homes to family

friendly holiday apartments, as well as bed and breakfast accommodation and beachfront resorts. YORKEYS KNOB Named after a fisherman who lived on the rocky hill in the 1880s, Yorkeys Knob is home to the 200-berth international Half Moon Bay Marina. Nestled in the cove of Half Moon Bay is the Yorkeys Knob Boating Club, serving bistro meals in an open-air setting with expansive views of the marina and the ocean from the covered balcony. Yorkeys Knob is where you will find one of the most popular golf courses in Tropical North Queensland. The picturesque 18-hole Half Moon Bay Golf Club overlooks the Boating Club and Marina providing magnificent views across the Coral Sea. TRINITY BEACH This seaside village is sheltered between two headlands with views of clear blue water out to the Ocean. Enjoy a barbecue on the beach, join the locals for a beer at a hotel with the best

– 50 –

water views in town, cast a line from the shore or build a sandcastle with the kids. Accommodation options include Air BnB’s, resorts and self-contained apartments with many overlooking the beach.

the rainforest clad mountains offer passing by other beachfront suburbs along the way and peering into the multi millionaire’s beach houses as you go by.

KEWARRA BEACH Set like a jewel between rainforest and reef, Kewarra Beach is prized by locals for being quiet, uncrowded and relaxed. The beach offers a glorious view, and in season, bottle-nosed dolphins and dugongs can be spotted frolicking in the bay nearby. The main accommodation is at Kewarra Beach Resort and Spa where you will enjoy private beachfront rooms or deluxe rainforest accommodation.

PALM COVE Palm Cove is approximately 35 minutes drive from Cairns CBD. This unique, quiet and relaxing village by the sea with centuries old “paperbark” Melaleuca trees lining the esplanade. Numerous world-class and awardwinning beach resorts, restaurants and spas are complemented by a host of other services and attractions. Enjoy kayaking around nearby islands, getting wet and wild with water sports or just relax with some fishing off the jetty or lazing around on the beach.

CLIFTON BEACH Clifton Beach is favoured by many locals who enjoy sipping on a glass of wine, while relaxing on beach chairs under the swaying palm trees. At Clifton Beach you could walk for miles in either direction taking in the surrounding natural beauty

ELLIS BEACH Ellis Beach, half way to Port Douglas, is naturally beautiful with beachfront bungalows, caravan and camping sites. The tropical rainforest is on one side of the highway and The Great Barrier Reef on the other.

– 51 –


Dundee’s on the Waterfront

Cairns restaurants are among the best in Australia and have a great variety of dining experiences for you to enjoy. For a memorable evening of tasty food and fine wines, Cairns is the place to be. Take advantage of Cairns’ weather and dine al fresco. Due to Cairns’ location by the sea, many restaurants offer waterfront dining, where you can sit back relax and enjoy your meal on the water’s edge of The Esplanade overlooking the Coral Sea. Cairns Esplanade restaurants and cafes are as diverse as the people strolling along the promenade. Whether you are looking for a quick takeaway meal to satisfy your cravings or a fine dining restaurant that spoils your palette, Cairns Esplanade is a diners’ delight. If you love seafood you are in for an

unforgettable culinary experience. The rich Great Barrier Reef waters are filled with fish, prawns, crayfish and crabs. Seafood is featured prominently on many menus and you can be assured that it has just been caught, guaranteeing freshness, quality and taste. Reef fish such as coral trout, red emperor, sweetlip, parrot fish and spanish mackeral are the most sought after. Fishing boats bring fresh catches of these highly-prized species into Cairns every day. This is where the local restaurants take over, offering these magnificent reef fish in a hundred different dishes. Restaurants, bars, cafes and bistros line the esplanade from its starting point at the Cairns Hilton, all the way north, to the cluster of mangroves at the end.

– 52 –

Dining at the waterfront

Bush food has been used for over 40,000 years by the Indigenous people of Australia. They used many fruits, seeds and spices in their cooking and now its used in modern and contemporary cooking. Many restaurant menus in the region incorporate bush food, creating some very innovative dishes. Fruits found in Central Australia include bush tomatoes, quandongs, bush plums, native passionfruit, bush

banana and Yalke (bush onion). A native dukkha can be created using native pepper berries, lemon myrtle, salt bush, native mustard cress, lemon grass and wattle seeds. Of course, the lean, healthy meat of the kangaroo is now seen in restaurants throughout the world but emu, and even witchetty grub is starting to find a place on the modern menu.

Ochre Lounge

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So, when dining out in Cairns, keep an eye out for Australia’s traditionalmodern bush food. Be adventurous

and try some local Australian bush foods together with kangaroo, crocodile or emu.

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Scallops, Tha Fish

Try one of the award-winning restaurants along the Pier Boardwalk, each one offering a breathtaking view of the marina. Be spoilt with the extensive choice of cuisine on offer including steaks, seafood, barbecue and grill, Italian, and Asian fare.

The Pier Boardwalk restaurants have superb views of the inlet waters and Marlin Marina. If you are dining down by the harbour you can watch the reef and sailing boats pass by, or even a towering cruise ship coming into port.

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Yum Cha

Locals and tourists have a selection of dining options to choose from in Cairns. Finding a special place to have a meal may be a hard task with all the options in front of you. Within the CBD, away from the waterfront dining, Cairns offers a myriad of different restaurants. Check out the different cuisines available along Shields Street from Greek to Italian, Chinese, Japanese

and Indian restaurants. For familyfriendly restaurants there is Fasta Pasta and Jimmy’s. For those who want to stay in their hotel room and relax after a day of adventuring around the region, Cairns offers UberEATS and Menulog. Just download the apps and wait by the door for your food to be delivered.

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Rusty’s Market

and roadside stalls. Rusty’s Markets boasts over 180 stalls featuring exotic fruit, vegetables, flowers, sumptuous delicatessens with fresh breads, dairy, seafood and a host of international food and beverage stalls. There is an abundance of bric-a-brac and specialty products including clothing, jewellery, coffee, chocolate and so much more. BM32-15

One of the best experiences for visitors to Cairns is sampling the range of tropical fruit and vegetables grown locally. Some of the most popular include Mangos, Paw Paws, Bananas, Berries and Pineapples. Exotic fruits such as Rambutans, Star Fruit, Bread Fruit and Durians are all grown throughout the region and are readily available in local shops, markets

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Millaa Millaa Lookout

Millaa Millaa Falls

Lush rolling hills, abundant wildlife, rugged bushland, tropical waterfalls, impressive lakes, rich history, gourmet food and friendly hospitality sum up the Atherton Tablelands. Whether your passion is fishing, water skiing, bird watching, swimming, mountain biking, or stunning landscapes for young and old, couples, families and adventurers alike the Atherton Tablelands has it all. Plan to spend a few days exploring the diverse and interesting towns of Kuranda, Mareeba, Malanda, Yungaburra and Atherton or the smaller centres of Millaa Millaa, Tarzali, Ravenshoe, Herberton or Chillagoe. Tropical food and wine, bird-laden wetlands, lush dairy pastures, World Heritage-listed rainforests and stunning ochre savannah plains are all within driving distance of each other and create a unique journey and offer amazing experiences. Located in a world-heritage rainforest 1,000 feet above Cairns, lies the picturesque village of Kuranda, renowned for its delightful mix of quaint village shops, world-famous markets, colourful

characters and natural beauty. Initially people come to admire the mighty Barron Falls, but there is so much more on offer from wildlife attractions, walking trails, river cruises, souvenir shops and artists’ galleries. Mareeba is one of the biggest townships on the Tablelands. Its history goes back to the gold mining era but these days over 70 per cent of Australia’s coffee crop is grown there. Check out some tastings and buy coffee products at a number of local coffee roasters and coffee plantations. Browse through Atherton’s quaint shops, enjoy a picnic at Hallorans Hill or learn about the Chinese history of the town. Nature-lovers and bird-watchers must check out Hasties Swamp, a seasonal wetland which has an annual cycle of wet and dry, attracting a range of resident and migrant birds. Yungaburra offers country charm with stunning landscapes and beautiful natural attractions. There is so much on offer, from the landmark Curtain Fig Tree, charming cafes, award-winning restaurants, galleries, quirky retail shops

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Devonshire Tea, Nerada Tea Rooms

and the Avenue of Honour - a dedication to all who served in the fight against terror in Afghanistan. Lake Eacham is a beautiful place to relax and regenerate during your holiday. The famous crater lake, surrounded by tropical rainforest, has pristine blue water that is perfect for swimming. Visit Lake Barrine, another natural lake hidden in tropical rainforest. This water filled crater, was left by a volcano that erupted approximately 50,000 years ago. Experience a fully-guided boat tour of the lake and its creatures, have a swim, take a walk or grab some breakfast or lunch at the teahouse. The Atherton Tablelands is known for its adventure sports, and the best place to get the adrenalin pumping is at Lake Tinaroo where you can water ski, sail, swim and fish. Malanda is a small country town known synonymously throughout Tropical North Queensland with milk and cheese. As well as being the centre of a highly successful dairying industry this small country town is home to Malanda Falls and is great for bird watching, bushwalking, and scenic drives.

Located half-way between Millaa Millaa and Malanda is the small township of Tarzali. Stop off and camp for a night while enjoying the serenity without the hustle and bustle. Spend the day at the Australian Platypus Park, a great stop for families and groups wanting to view the elusive platypus. Known as the village in the mist, Millaa Millaa is home to the Waterfall Circuit. The waterfalls in this area have been attracting visitors for over a century and are Queensland Heritage-listed. Visit Ravenshoe for its outlying areas offering spectacular scenery. At 930 metres above sea level Ravenshoe is the highest town in Queensland. There are fantastic craft shops and a high-quality art gallery which has been operating for years The pioneer town of Herberton has become renowned as a centre for bushwalking, mountain-biking and horse-riding. Check out the dynamic heritage village with its rustic old buildings and museums. The Atherton Tablelands’ rolling, paved country roads interconnected by quaint villages are just waiting to be explored.

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Kuranda Scenic Rail

Located in the world-heritage rainforest, 1,000 feet above Cairns lies the picturesque village of Kuranda. The best way to discover and immerse yourself in Kuranda is by combining Skyrail Rainforest Cableway and the Kuranda Scenic Railway for one unforgettable adventure. Embark on a fascinating journey and unlock the secrets of the world’s oldest tropical rainforest with Skyrail. Admire Australia’s World Heritage listed Rainforest from a truly unique perspective of as you glide just metres above the pristine canopy before descending to explore the forest floor. Take a complimentary Ranger Guided Tour at Red Peak and learn about plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth thanks to the Rainforest Discovery Zone, boardwalk and interpretive displays. Enjoy live commentary throughout your experience by downloading the Skyrail Audio Guide and Interpretive

App. Marvel at unimpeded spectacular panoramic views of the ancient landscape spanning across the Barron Falls and sweeping down along the Gorge from The Edge Lookout. From the moment you step aboard the Kuranda Scenic Railway, you’ll enjoy a nostalgic and scenic journey. Travelling across 37 bridges and through 15 handcarved tunnels, reaching heights up to 328 metres above sea level, you’ll marvel at the engineering feat. Passing steep ravines and lush vegetation so close you could almost touch it; see the impressive heights of Stoney Creek Falls, before a photographic stop at the grand Barron Gorge Falls. Indulge in a Gold Class experience, enjoying individual tub seating as your dedicated host brings you locally-sourced food and beverages throughout your relaxing journey. View Kuranda from both perspectives through this captivating journey with a difference.

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Explore Kuranda

COME FOR A STROLL THROUGH OUR VILLAGE RAINFOREST Located in the world’s oldest living tropical rainforest, 330 metres above Cairns, lies the picturesque village of Kuranda. Renowned for its delightful mix of quaint village shops, world-famous markets, colourful characters and natural beauty, Kuranda is one of Tropical North Queensland's must-see destinations. Come for a day, or stay for the weekend, and take a stroll through our beautiful village in the rainforest. Drop into the Kuranda Visitor Information Centre for travel information, maps, brochures, tour bookings, information on the local area as well as the whole Queensland region. Part of the centre houses an interpretive corner showcasing a unique display of Djabugay Artefacts, touch table, and cassowary display.

P 4093 9311 visit www.kuranda.org #kuranda

Kuranda Heritage Markets

Rainforest View Restaurant

Open every day from 9:30am to 3:30pm, with a wide range of stalls offering locally-produced souvenirs, art & craft, jewellery, gemstones & clothing. Also featuring native wildlife attractions Koala Gardens and Birdworld, as well as a choice of tasty food from the renowned Frogs Restaurant. 2/4 Rob Veivers Drive, Kuranda Ph (07) 4093 8060 www.kurandamarkets.com

Tropical Dining. Air-conditioned - Open Deck - Licensed. International Cuisine, Seafood, Grill, Pasta, Pizza & Light Meals with Friendly Service. Ideal place for the perfect meal with the perfect view.

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

Opal Time

Embark on a fascinating journey of discovery over and through the world’s oldest tropical rainforest. Glide just metres above the pristine rainforest canopy before descending to explore the forest floor at the Red Peak and Barron Falls Rainforest Stations. Arara Street, Kuranda Ph (07) 4038 5555 www.skyrail.com.au

28 Coondoo Street, Kuranda Ph (07) 4093 9939 www.rainforestview.com.au

With over 50 years’ experience in opal mining, opal cutting and jewellery making, Opal Time are committed to bringing you the best opals Australia has to offer, sourced directly from the opal mines. 5c Coondoo Street, Kuranda Ph 0434 992 741 www.opaltime.com.au

Kuranda Koala Gardens


This is the only attraction in Kuranda Village where you can actually HOLD a koala (extra cost). Experience all the most popular Australian animals. At the Heritage Markets, Rob Veivers Drive, Kuranda Ph (07) 4093 9953 www.koalagardens.com

The largest single collection of free flying birds in Australia. 500 in all from around the World. Wander through this lush, tropical aviary. Hand feeding and photo opportunities. At the Heritage Markets, Rob Veivers Drive, Kuranda Ph (07) 4093 9188 www.birdworldkuranda.com

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Emu Ridge Gallery

The Australian Bush Store

Two storey high, unique Dinosaur Skeleton, fossil and gemstone museum, gift shop, gemstones, crystals and jewellery. Located at the Original Kuranda Rainforest Markets - look out for the big Dinosaur out the front! Free Admission.

Browse in this quaint Queenslander for souvenirs with a difference and clothing for men, women and children of all ages. Open 9.30am - 4.00pm 7 days.

7-11 Therwine Street, Kuranda Ph 0408 728 711 emuridgegallery@bigpond.com.au

17 Therwine Street. Kuranda Ph (07) 4093 8850 www.australianbushstore.com.au

Kuranda Visitor Information Centre

Kuranda Scenic Railway

This famous railway winds its way on a journey from Cairns to Kuranda with views of the surrounding mountains. Rising from sea level to 328m, passing spectacular waterfalls and into the stunning Barron Gorge.

Visit our dedicated volunteers for friendly advice on where to stay, what to do or just chat with a local. As well as information about Kuranda attractions, Wet Tropics and National Parks information and free WiFi.

Kuranda Railway Station, Kuranda Ph 1800 KSRAIL (577 245) www.ksr.com.au

OPEN 7 DAYS 10AM TO 4PM Ph (07) 07 4093 9311 info@kuranda.org

Rainforestation Nature Park

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Award-winning, offering three unique experiences. Board an amphibious World War II Army Duck for a rainforest tour, watch the Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience traditional dance performances, and visit Australian animals in the Koala & Wildlife Park. Kennedy Hwy, Kuranda Ph (07) 4085 5008 www.rainforest.com.au

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is the largest butterfly flight aviary and exhibit in Australia, home to over 2,000 magnificent tropical butterflies including the blue Ulysses and majestic green Cairns Birdwing. Rob Veivers Drive, Kuranda Ph (07) 4093 7575 www.australianbutterflies.com

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palm cove to port douglas

The Great Barrier Reef Drive

If Tropical North Queensland were to claim a signature scenic route, the Great Barrier Reef Drive would be it. The Captain Cook Highway between Cairns and Cape Tribulation showcases tropical rainforest on one side of the highway and the Great Barrier Reef on the other. Ellis Beach, is located five minutes north of Palm Cove, offering six kilometres of pristine, unspoiled, golden white sands. Stay the night in beachfront bungalows, or at the camping sites staring up at the stars and out to the Coral Sea. Ellis Beach has very little swell or surf here because of the rocky outcrop at the southern end and Double Island that blocks the sea. At the southern end of the beach the fishing is excellent, and at all other places the sunbathing is great.

Stop in at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, the best place to see crocodiles and local wildlife in Tropical North Queensland. With over 2,100 metres of timber boardwalks and pathways leading you on a journey of discovery through woodlands and rainforest you can see an array of wildlife, including beautiful tropical birds, reptiles, insects and other native fauna. Stop at Wangetti Beach and discover the stunning and untouched coastline that has been naturally eroded, leaving a quirky pebble stone covered section of the beach. You can build stone towers or try your hand at skipping the stones across the water, climb across and adventure through the pebbled mounts, or simply check out the unique scenery.

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Relaxing, Four Mile Beach

Port Douglas is a picturesque seaside village which embodies a vibrant atmosphere of tropical style and sophistication. Check out this relaxed town where food, wine, arts and culture are appreciated. Port Douglas’ main attraction is Four Mile Beach, a broad strip of palmfringed, white sand that begins at the eastern end of Macrossan Street. On the western end you’ll find the picturesque Dickson Inlet and Port Douglas Reef Marina, where the rich and famous park their aquatic toys. Stroll along Macrossan Street, among the village shops, galleries and the seaside Port Douglas Sunday markets. Play a round of golf, visit a rainforest wildlife centre, relax over sun-downer drinks at a boardwalk cafe, or dine on a delicious tropical dinner. Restaurants are many and varied with delicious local produce and tastes from around the world. There

are over 60 restaurants and cafes scattered throughout the region. Dine amongst the restaurant precincts, cafes and hidden beachfronts. All taste buds are catered for, from elegant fine-dining to counter meals, takeaway and delivery options. Tours from Port Douglas to the Great Barrier Reef will take you to sites that make up the most pristine parts of this World Heritage area including Low Isles, Coral Cays and the Ribbon Reefs. Tours depart daily and you can choose from intimate sailing boats, large catamarans, luxury charter yachts or a scenic helicopter or seaplane flight. Whether its game fishing, reef fishing, estuary fishing, river fishing or beach fishing there is something for everyone in Port Douglas. The Coral Sea and the Great Barrier Reef provides an ocean of dreams for the keen fisherman. If you haven’t got your fill of Port Douglas in just a day, then stay

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Aerial, Port Douglas

the night. From luxury hotels and resorts, apartments, villas, B&B’s and backpacker hostels, Port Douglas offers a range of quality accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. Enhance your Port Douglas experience by indulging in a spa treatment. There is so much on offer from indulgent beauty, massage and healing treatments for vitality and rejuvenation. Couples treatments with decadent champagne and chocolates are available for that extra special treat. Inspired by the surroundings of the Great Barrier Reef and World Heritage Rainforest makes Port Douglas the perfect muse for any artist. Throughout the area you will find locals using a range of mediums. There is also fantastic indigenous art and artists from the contemporary to traditional. The Port Douglas and Daintree region was home to the Kuku Yalanji

Aboriginal people when it was settled by Europeans in the 1870s. In 1877 gold miners discovered a passage from the inland fields to Island Point while searching for a suitable port to transport gold from. The bustling town was gripped by gold fever which saw 27 pubs operating despite only 12,000 residents. In 1911 a cyclone levelled Port Douglas. The town was largely left alone till the 1980’s when Christopher Skase financed the world-class Sheraton Mirage and The Marina Mirage now the Port Douglas Reef Marina. In 1996 then US president Bill Clinton and the First Lady enjoyed a holiday at Port Douglas, their only Australian holiday stop. Port Douglas is an hours’ drive north of Cairns along the spectacularly scenic Great Barrier Reef Drive.

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the daintree

Salktwater Crocodile

Walk through the Daintree rainforest, spot wildlife on a Daintree River cruise, zip-line through the Daintree rainforest canopy, ride a horse, take a scenic drive or explore the Bloomfield Track. Forged from the spirits of gold rush pioneers, cedar timber cutters and farmers, today Daintree Village is a quaint rural village, hosting travellers from Australia and all parts of the world. DAINTREE VILLAGE Daintree Village is located on the southern bank of the Daintree River and is the halfway point between Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation which makes it a convenient base from which to explore the whole region. The village itself has a general store, information and booking office, artist’s studio, timber gallery, cafes and the Daintree Village Hotel. The Village has a wide choice of accommodation with high-quality B&Bs, budget cabins and a camping and caravan park. There is also luxury, secluded holiday homes tucked away in the valleys as well as an ecolodge and spa. EXPLORE Explore the Daintree on your own or with an expert guide - ancient rainforests,

stunning valleys, superb beaches, spectacular forest-clad mountains, clear streams, magnificent rivers and rolling farmlands. Hidden in the diverse range of lush vegetation you’ll see a wide variety of rare creatures, like the tree-dwelling kangaroo and the endangered cassowary. DAINTREE RIVER The Daintree River is one of the longest rivers on the Australian East Coast at 140 kilometres. The Daintree River contains 35 mangrove species and it’s lush swamp forest attracts rare and locally prolific bird life, frogs and insect species. CROC SPOTTING Cruise the Daintree River spotting wildlife while you get closer to nature. This is the best way of seeing and understanding the river’s ecosystem and wildlife. The Daintree River is the habitat of the estuarine or saltwater crocodile, seen regularly on cruises. Croc-spotting and wildlife river tours leave from various points along the river including the ferry crossing and Daintree village. Fishing the Daintree River is an outstanding experience with a huge diversity of species from the saltwater ecosystem at the mouth, to the

– 72 –

brackish water in the middle reaches and the freshwater in the upper parts of the river. BIRD-WATCHING This region is regarded as one of the finest birdwatching areas in Australia with more than half of the continent’s bird species recorded here. An early outing north of the Daintree River can be truly rewarding with many species active. The Daintree National Park’s Jindalba, Marrdjaand Dubuji Boardwalks are great locations for birdwatching. Take a tour with a specialist guide to encounter the likes of Victoria’s Riflebird and Macleay’s Honeyeater, located only in this region. SOUTHERN CASSOWARY The endangered Southern Cassowaries, which can grow up to two metres tall and weight 85 kilograms, are regularly seen in the lowland rainforest, north of the Daintree River. Their vibrant blue and red head colours give their location away, while their large three-toed foot and horned head are testimony to an ancient world. Fill your days with adventure or lay back and relax in the Daintree.


Cape Tribulation Beach

Taste exotic tropical fruits on a farm tour, try locally made ice cream, refresh in a swimming hole or soar through the rainforest canopy on a flying fox.

Reef, north-northeast of Cape Tribulation. He wrote: “I name this point Cape Tribulation, because here began all my troubles.”

Cape Tribulation is a bushwalking paradise with many short walks taking in the beaches and rainforest, or join a night tour to see nocturnal animals. For the more experienced, spend a day hiking to admire spectacular views from Mount Sorrow.

Accessible via car ferry across the Daintree River, Cape Tribulation offers World Heritage-listed rainforest and coral reefs as far as the eye can see.

Australia’s richest diversity of flora and fauna is found in this region, so a guided tour will explain the intricacies of this ancient environment and introduce you to the likes of the Peppermint Stick Insect or the Boyd’s Forest Dragon. Cape Tribulation is popular with backpackers who enjoy the jungle setting and party atmosphere of the hostels. Accommodation options vary from camping grounds to resorts, bed and breakfasts, Air BnB’s, holiday houses and eco-lodges. The name Cape Tribulation can be traced back to Lieutenant James Cook who was trying to find a way through, what he described as ‘the insane labyrinth’. His ship ran into Endeavour

Spend a night or two or venture further beyond Cape Tribulation in a fourwheel-drive to discover the Bloomfield Falls, Cooktown and beyond. Cape Tribulation and Daintree National Park is open 24 hours a day but ferry hours are limited to 6.00am-midnight daily, with a reduced service on Christmas Day and occasional breaks in service for mechanical repairs or during flooding. Noah Beach camping area is closed throughout the wet season every year from the first Sunday after New Years Day, reopening Good Friday. These dates may vary depending on weather and road conditions, and the camping area may also be closed after heavy rain. Observe road closures and restrictions, as penalties can apply. Jungle Surfing takes you into the beating heart of the Daintree Rainforest

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Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours

on a guided zipline experience through a series ziplines and tree platforms plus the world’s first Human Hamster Wheel cable lift. This is nature’s own spectacular high definition live stream, with breathtaking views into the canopy and out to the Great Barrier Reef and expert interpretation on

every platform. The small group tours suit all ages from three to 103 with no experience necessary, and a choice of twelve two-hour tours daily from Cape Tribulation, or full day options from Cairns, Northern Beaches or Port Douglas. The perfect day out from Cairns.

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tropical Coasting

Mission Beach

Take in the mountains of the Great Dividing Range, the cultivated coastal plains, endless golden beaches, the Great Barrier Reef coastline, and Queensland’s most sought after tropical islands while driving the Tropical Coast. Located on the junction of two rivers, the Johnstone and North Johnstone is the township of Innisfail.  Founded more than 110 years ago, when the region developed as a sugar growing and timber producing area, the town is well-known for its beautiful Art Deco buildings. South on the highway is Mourilyan, with the Australian Sugar Heritage Centre and deep water harbour. Take the scenic Canecutter Way Drive, meandering through farm country, via Mena Creek Falls where you can stop in at the famous Paronella Park and then head onto Silkwood and beautiful Kurrimine Beach.   The highway continues onto El Arish, a small township with an historic pub and a golf course. Next stop is the small sugar town of Tully which hosts one of only two working

Sugar Mill Tours in Queensland. Tully is recognised as the capital of white water rafting. The Tully River and internationally renowned white water rapids attract thousands of visitors from all over the globe, especially between December and March. One of the region’s most popular places is the seaside town of Mission Beach.  A scenic two-hour drive south of Cairns via one of the Great Tropical Drive trails. Traditionally a quiet seaside town, Mission Beach is recognised as home to the largest population of the critically endangered Southern Cassowary. There is a lot to do at Mission Beach, from discovering World Heritage areas and tropical islands, experiencing naturebased adventures or relaxing on a big beautiful beach. Some 14 kilometres of spacious sandy beach links Mission Beach, South Mission Beach, Wongaling Beach, and Bingil Bay. The wide spacious beach is perfect for sharing a sunrise, taking a walk, having a swim or trying your luck at a spot of fishing.  

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For more challenging inclines, popular walking tracks include Bicton Hill, Licuala Fan Palm Walk, Edmund Kennedy walking track, Lacey’s Creek, Musgrave Track and several trails on Dunk Island.

fringed creeks and rivers, off-shore

Only a 10 minute water-taxi from Mission Beach is the mainland home of the spectacular Family Islands National Park which includes the worldrenowned Bedarra and Dunk Islands.

Hinchinbrook Island which sits just off-

Adventures are part of the landscape here with a range of heart-pumping adventures including, blo-karting, kite surfing, mountain biking, kayaking, reef fishing, and white water rafting. Mission Beach is also one of the few places in the world where you can skydive onto the beach.   Continuing on the Highway South of Tully is Cardwell, the first port established north of Bowen over 150 years ago. Cardwell offers a range of attractions, site seeing, annual events to enjoy and historical places to visit. Fishing is a must do and Cardwell is the place to do it. There are plenty of variety and species found amongst mangrove

islands and channels, off the jetty or on the Great Barrier Reef. Cardwell boasts the majestic shore. It is Australia’s largest Island National Park where you can take on the 32 kilometre, four-day adventure hike called the Thorsborne Trail. Directly opposite the southern tip of World Heritage listed Hinchinbrook Island is the sleepy seaside town of Lucinda. The pride of Lucinda is a sixkilometre jetty stretching far out into the Coral Sea. The jetty is the world’s largest bulk sugar-loading facility and is so long it actually curves with the earth. When conditions are right, you can sometimes see the dugongs and sea turtles at play. Coast through the 350 kilometres between Cairns and Townsville to experience this absolutely unique part of Tropical North Queensland.

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Ponytail Falls, Tully Gorge

Cairns is the heart of Tropical North Queensland and the ideal base to explore the wider region including Cairns Beaches, Palm Cove, Port Douglas, Mossman, Daintree, Cape Tribulation and the Atherton Tablelands. From reef to outback, through rainforest and grasslands.

rainforests and spectacular waterfalls portray Babinda as a hidden paradise often overlooked by travellers as just another North Queensland township. The main attractions are the Babinda Boulders and Josephine Falls – two of the most beautiful attractions of Tropical North Queensland.

Hire a car, pick-up this handy guide and off you go. Get off the beaten track, explore and discover everything you want, all on your own schedule. It’s impossible to list all the choices you have with four wheels at your fingertips.


CAIRNS TO TOWNSVILLE Coast through the 350 kilometres between Cairns and Townsville to get the big picture and experience this absolutely unique part of Tropical North Queensland. BABINDA Babinda is a small sugar town located 60 kilometres South of Cairns. Crystal clear mountain streams, pristine

Innisfail, only 88 kilometres south of Cairns and is a popular destination for backpackers who work in the banana industry. Founded more than 110 years ago when the region developed as a sugar growing and timber producing area the town is well known for its Art Deco buildings. Visitors can take a self-guided walk around town with the help of a brochure from the Innisfail Visitors Information Centre. KURRIMINE BEACH The quiet, long beach of Kurrimine is the main attraction, where you can see Manta Rays trawling the shallows and turtles coming in to nest.

– 78 –

This small town boasts a winery, a beachfront pub, a cafe, a post office, petrol station and general store. TULLY Tully is recognised as the capital of white water rafting thanks to the Tully River and internationally renowned white-water rapids which attract thousands of visitors from all over the globe. The town is also famous as the wettest place in Australia, with an annual average rainfall of 4.27 metres. Given Tully’s reputation as the wettest town in Australia it seemed only natural that their ‘big thing’ to attract tourists is a giant gumboot. CARDWELL On the Highway South of Tully is Cardwell boasting a dynamic waterfront activity trail complete with million dollar views out over the islands of historic Rockingham Bay and home to an array of marine life including the Dugong. Fishing is a must do in Cardwell. There is a variety

of fish species and crustaceans found amongst mangrove fringed creeks and rivers, offshore islands and channels, or on the Great Barrier Reef. HINCHINBROOK ISLAND Hinchinbrook Island is a 40-minute boat trip from Cardwell. The narrow, mangrove-lined Hinchinbrook Channel separates the island from the mainland. Dive the Great Barrier Reef, go snorkelling, take a walk through the virgin rainforest to isolated beaches, or fish the world-renowned waters. TOWNSVILLE Ideal for families, couples and friends to explore tropical islands, wetlands, the Great Barrier Reef, wet tropics rainforests and a glorious beachfront in warm tropical weather. No matter what your holiday style, Townsville offers you a diverse range of historical, military, outback, island, active and tranquil experiences.

– 79 –

Drive Times

Madonna Chamber, Donna Cave, Chillagoe


Herberton Via Kuranda

113km 1 hr 42 mins


205 km 2 hrs 49 mins

Palm Cove


34 mins

Ellis Beach


35 mins

Port Douglas


1 hr 10 mins




1 hr 15 mins

Mission Beach


125km 2 hrs 25 mins

Cape Tribulation 141km 2 hrs 45 mins Cooktown

327 km 4 hrs 15 mins


139km 1 hr 55 mins

FROM CAIRNS CBD TO: Tanks Art Centre 4km

9 mins

Cairns Botanic Gardens

4.5 km 10 mins

Cairns Airport


10 mins

Kuranda Scenic Railway Freshwater Station 11km 19 mins



30 mins



1 hr

Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park 13km

Via Gillies Highway


1 hr 15 mins



1 hr 15 mins

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway 13.5 km 19 mins Crystal Cascades 20km

26 mins


1 hr 15 mins

Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures 42km

45 mins


1 hr 30 mins

Josephine Falls 75km

1 hr 5 mins


Atherton Via Gillies Highway

Atherton Via Kuranda

Yungaburra Via Kuranda

105km 1 hr 35 mins

Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours

– 80 –

18 mins

142km 2 hrs 45 mins

Driving in Tropical North Queensland is an unforgettable travel experience and selfdrive tours are the most popular way to see

the best of what this region has to offer. Discover the Atherton Tablelands, Port Douglas, the Daintree or Cape Tribulation.

– 81 –

cooktown, cape york, gulf savannah

Cobbold Gorge infinity edge pool

COOKTOWN Cooktown is one of Queensland’s hidden gems - a beautiful, unspoilt coastal town, and one of Australia’s most historically significant townships. With its laid-back atmosphere and friendly people, this is the perfect base to explore the rugged beauty of the Lower Cape, noted for its pristine environment and Aboriginal culture. This region is famous for its world-class fishing, with its pristine rivers, estuaries and the Great Barrier Reef close by. You can hire a boat, take a fishing trip, or simply throw a line off the wharf with the locals. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or a beginner, you’re bound to catch something. This is an area rich in Aboriginal culture. See the Milbi Wall at the wharf, see local Aboriginal art and crafts, visit an Aboriginal culture centre, see ancient rock art and learn about the land from its traditional custodians. There is evidence of Cooktown’s colourful past all over town, and many places of interest can be seen with a leisurely stroll, or on an informative historical town tour. Don’t miss the

world-class James Cook Museum, learn more about the town’s history at the Cooktown History Centre and see the Chinese Shrine at the Cooktown Cemetery. At the end of the day head for Grassy Hill, where James Cook stood, to search for a passage through the Reef. Enjoy one of Cooktown’s premier events during the June long-weekend. The Cooktown Discovery Festival is a fully costumed re-enactment of the landing of Captain James Cook and his first meeting with the Guugu Yimithirr people. Cooktown is located approximately 330 kilometres north of Cairns (four hours drive on the inland road). CAPE YORK The vast remote region of the Cape York Peninsula is one of great beauty, with a landscape of contrasts and surprises. Cape York is one of Australia’s last great wilderness areas and is a nature lover’s paradise with over 3,000 plant species and 321 bird species inhabiting over 14 million hectares. Aboriginal history on the Cape dates back tens of thousands of years and,

– 82 –

at the time of European invasion, the region consisted of 43 tribal nations, each with its own language and traditional practices.

spaces. Friendly characters and historic towns showcase the outback’s rich pioneering heritage and offer a true Australian adventure.

Cape York offers something for everyone. Learn some of the secrets of this timeless country with fabulous Indigenous experiences and rock art galleries. Experience fishing at it’s best in the north’s remote rivers or on the Great Barrier Reef.

Whether you want to follow in the footsteps of explorers in a 4WD vehicle, join a luxury coach tour to explore underground marvels, jump aboard a rail adventure through cattle lands and country towns or swoop in from the air to remote eco-resorts, there’s an Outback adventure sure to appeal.

Learn about the history of this area with guided tours to WWII sites around Bamaga and on Thursday Island, and enjoy incredible bird watching in stunning environments. Savour the remote wilderness at secluded camping sites on deserted beaches and in unspoiled National Parks. Of course, everyone’s ultimate goal is to feel the satisfaction of standing at the ‘Tip of Australia’. GULF SAVANNAH The Gulf Savannah is a vast, rugged land where natural attractions and extraordinary beauty including spectacular gorges and lava tubes are in stark contrast to the wide, open

World Heritage fossil fields, wetlands abounding with wildlife, mining relics, limestone caves and hot springs are all part of the region’s enormous diversity. Crack a whip at a working cattle station, fossick for gemstones, canoe beneath rugged sandstone cliffs, boil the billy on a campfire or watch the dance of the jabiru. Relax with a cold drink at an historic hotel, discover a complete rainforest ecosystem hidden in a lava tube, be mesmerised by opera in a spectacular natural setting or hook a giant barramundi in a mighty river.

– 83 –



Pms348 Nandroya Falls, Wooroonooran National Park



With rugged landscapes, lush rainforest and spectacular views, this is a park not to be missed. Near Kuranda, the impressive Barron River tumbles 250 metres down a series of ledges and spills into the gorge below. Take an easy stroll along the elevated walkway (suitable for strollers and wheelchairs) to Din Din Barron Falls Lookout. Along the way, discover the history of the Djabugandji Aboriginal people. If you have the time, try one of long-distance tracks (half and full day walks) that traverse this large park. EMERALD CREEK, DINDEN WEST FOREST RESERVE






For something more strenuous, tackle the Turtle Rock circuit or Kahlpahlim Rock trail to vantage points on the Lamb Range for spectacular views. Get your adrenalin pumping at Davies Creek Mountain Bike Park as you explore rainforest clad slopes on gently-flowing single trails. Discover Aboriginal rock art galleries and sense the ancient connection between Djabugay people and this landscape at Bunda Bibandji (Bare Hill). Pms376









Between Kuranda and Mareeba, discover some of the region’s best kept-secrets in national parks straddling the Lamb Range, the mountainous backdrop to Cairns. Reconnect with nature among granite outcrops, towering forests, boulder-strewn creeks and rushing waterfalls. Camp beside gurgling waters of paperbark-fringed Davies Creek and enjoy an easy stroll on the Davies Creek Falls circuit for views over the falls. CRATER LAKES NATIONAL PARK



Near Mareeba, discover the picturesque Emerald Creek Falls, a series of cascades falling over smooth granite boulders, contrasting starkly with the surrounding dry, rocky landscape of the forest. Climb to the lookout and soak up views of the falls, the valley below and across the northern tableland. Admire bottlebrush trees sprouting from between the rocks, their red flowers adding a splash of seasonal colour to the scene. Look for dragonflies and damselflies around sunlit sections of the creek then relax over a picnic or barbecue among tall gum trees beside Emerald Creek. WOOROONOORAN NATIONAL PARK

– 84 –








Near Yungaburra on the southern tableland, refresh in the clear blue rainforest-fringed waters of Lake Barrine and Lake Eacham - extinct craters up to 65 metres deep. At Lake Eacham, join with the locals in lazing around the water’s edge with your picnic, watch the kids swim and play, then take an easy stroll around the lake, spotting wildlife. At Lake Barrine, admire the giant bull kauri pine trees and continue the walking track through the cool rainforest around the lake. Finish your day with a boat cruise on the lake followed by tea in the Lake Barrine teahouse. Pms376 WOOROONOORAN NATIONAL PARK








deep. Try to imagine the sounds and sights of the massive gas explosion that formed this crater. Detour to Dinner Falls on your return walk then relax in the picnic area, where you may be lucky to spot the resident cassowaries. At night, spotlight for possums, tree-kangaroos, spiders and insects. DAVIES CREEK AND DINDEN NATIONAL PARK


Near Atherton, discover the awe-inspiring feature of this park - a deep, cylindrical volcanic pipe with a lake at the bottom. Follow the easy Crater track to emerge from high-altitude rainforest onto a viewing platform offering views over the crater, 70 metres across with sheer granite walls plunging 58 metres to the surface of the lake which is 70 metres





This large sprawling national park south of Cairns on the wet tropics coast offers something for everyone. Enjoy scenic waterfalls, lush rainforest, panoramic views and peaceful picnic areas in the Palmerston section, near Innisfail. At the delightful Josephine Falls near Mirriwinni, marvel at the clear cold waters as they thunder down from the summit of Bartle Frere. Spend a day tackling the exhilarating heights of Walsh’s Pyramid near Gordonvale to enjoy outstanding views over the coastal lowlands from the summit. Sit around a campfire cooking your freshly-caught fish at Goldsborough Valley camping area beside the scenic Mulgrave River near Gordonvale. Camping: qld.gov.au/camping Info: des.qld.gov.au/parks

– 85 –


Experience the Great

The Great Barrier Reef Drive from Cairns to Cape Tribulation is a long spectacular coastline hugging two World Heritage areas, the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics Rainforest. From Cairns, head north across the Barron River to the Cairns Northern Beaches including Trinity Beach, Palm Cove and Ellis Beach. The drive then winds along the edge of the Coral Sea past unspoiled tropical beaches to Port Douglas. Port Douglas is the gateway to the Daintree, the world’s oldest tropical rainforest.

Jungle Surfing Cape Tribulation Thornton Beach Cow Bay

Daintree Village Ferry Daintree National Park Mossman Mossman Gorge

Julatten Mt Molloy

To the north is beautiful Mossman Gorge before you drive through sugar cane fields to the township of Daintree. Cross the Daintree River on the cable ferry for a leisurely drive through ancient rainforest, as you wind your way past pretty beaches to Cape Tribulation.


Daintree Tours Wonga Beach Newell Beach

Snorkelling Low Isles Tours Port Douglas Thala Beach Nature Reserve Oak Beach Rex Lookout Wangetti Beach Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures Ellis Beach Ellis Beach Oceanfront Bungalows Co Palm Cove ok Hi Trinity Beach gh w ay Yorkeys Knob Kuranda

Barron Gorge National Park


Barrier Reef Drive Ellis Beach Oceanfront Bungalows

Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures

Phone (07) 4055 3538 stay@ellisbeach.com www.ellisbeach.com

Phone (07) 4055 3576 sales@crocodileadventures.com www.crocodileadventures.com

Thala Beach Nature Reserve

Mossman Gorge Centre

Phone (07) 4098 5700

Phone (07) 4099 7000 walk@mossmangorge.com.au www.mossmangorge.com.au

reservations@thalabeach.com.au www.thalabeach.com.au


Lighthouse Mountain


Black Mountain

Mt Danbulan

Mt McGann

Mt Angus Arringunna Mountain

Green Island

Mt Mcleod

CAIRNS Bare Hill

Mt Pinnacle

Mt Tip Tree

Black Mountain


Mt Emerald

CORAL SEA Fitzroy Island

May Peak


Walshs Pyramid Mt Massey

Billing Knob

Frankland Island Group

Herberton Range Mt Misery

Bellenden Ker


Mt Bartle Frere

Cardwell Range

Seven Mile Hill



Mt Pandanus

Mt Pope Rudds Pinnacle

Kurrimine Beach

Mt Marquette


Tiger Hill

Mt Sharples

Mission Beach

Mt Cameron

Dunk Island

Bedarra Family Group Islands






w l a



g e

Kens Bluff

Goold Island






Noname Hill


Hinchinbrook Mt Bowen Island National Park

Boulder Mountain Mt Lee Mt Jimmy Mt Lyall


Pelorus Island Orpheus Island

Mt Dora


Mt Ryan



Balgal Beach


Mt Julia


Mt Zero



Circle View Mountain



Mt Foxton


Mt Mackay


Mt Oweenee

Mt Halifax Mt Nokomis

Great Palm Island

Mt Bentley

Havannah Island


Hells Gate

Curacao Island


Mt Spec

Fantome Island PALM ISLANDS

Rattlesnake Acheron Island Island Herald Island Magnetic Island A1

Mt Cataract

Mt Black


E South Pinnacle

Mt Stuart




– 88 – Y

Mt Round Mtn

Mt St Michael

Mt Elliot



Hammond I.

Thursday Island

Horn I.

Prince of Wales I. Seisia Umagico

Cape York Pajinka Somerset


Sharp Point Ussher Point




Vrilya Pt.

R iv


oad graph R Old Tele

Cpt. Billy Landing Shelburne Bay Round Pt. Cape Grenville


Cullen Pt. Mapoon We n

lo c k

Temple Bay r


Ri e

Bramwell Stn.

Moreton Stn. iver

Weymouth Bay Portland Roads Cape Weymouth a s IRON RANGE NAT. PARKLockhart River Cape Direction

c oe R

Duyfken Pt.



Albatross Bay Pera Head

C ora l


Round Pt. N


Bobardt Pt.







Staaten Rive r

Pal m


Palmerville Maytown

Ayton Palmer River Roadhouse



Chillagoe – 89 –

Cape Tribulation Daintree River Ferry Crossing Pinnacle Village Wonga Beach

Mt Carbine Groganville


rt lbe Gi




er r Riv




ef Re

Split Rock

Riv er

er ri ar



Mitc hell

Lookout Pt.


A li ce

Lizard I.

Starcke Cape Flattery Kalpower Crossing EL LAKEFIELD NAT. PARK O PM Hann River EN Cape Bedford TA Roadhouse Old Laura Stn. (ruins)Hope Vale LR m a c e l t Bat pR O oad AD

a C olem n R i v er



Musgrave Stn. Roadhouse





ard er E dw R iv

Port Stewart Moojeeba Cape Melville Princess Barrow Pt. Charlotte CAPE MELVILLE Bay NAT. PARK Plains R rina d. Ma Lotus Bird Lodge


ver Strathburn Stn. H o l yd Ri ro






Cape Keer-Weer



R iver


Cape Sidmouth

Archer River CoeRoadhouse nR ARCHER BEND e r r c h er NAT. PARK ROKEBY NAT. PARK

Mossman Port Douglas

Mount Molloy Mt Mulligan


Mareeba Dimbulah









B u r ke D e ve l o p m


Mornington Island




Sweers Island




al R oa


Tyrconnell Historic Gold Mine


Hells Gate Roadhouse






Lawn Hill National Park

Tallaroo Hot Springs

ve l


ntal Road


World Heritage Fossil Fields

Cobbold Gorge

Burke and Wills Roadhouse

unsealed roads sealed roads



Mt. Surprise


lf D e

Gregory Downs

Adels Grove


Ootaan Rd






Undara Volcanic National Park EINASLEIGH KIDSTON

The Lynd Junction



scale in kilometres



Julia Creek

RICHMOND F l i n d e r s H i g h w ay

BE AWARE of crocodILES Crocodiles inhabit the waters in this region so it is important to be aware in and around the waterways. Crocodiles are potentially dangerous. Never take unnecessary risks in crocodile habitats and always take note of any signage in the area. To report crocodile sightings or incidents call 1300 130 372 – 90 –



Mareeba Wetland KURANDA MAREEBA Mt. Garnet








ce Hi

gh wa





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Welcome to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef  

Visitor Guide to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef

Welcome to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef  

Visitor Guide to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef

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