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27 March - 2 April 2012– Issue: 405

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Campbell Newman and the Liberal National Party’s landslide win in the Queensland election may have dramatic ramifications across the entire country PREMIER CAMPBELL NEWMAN says he’s on a fast ride to deliver Queensland’s mandate for change. The Newman-led Liberal National Party (LNP) won government in dramatic fashion on Saturday, leaving Labor with as few as seven seats. Within hours of being sworn in as Queensland’s 38th premier, Mr Newman made his first appointment. He announced former investment banker Jon Grayson would be the director-general in his Department of Premier and Cabinet. As people hurriedly moved boxes in and out of the Queensland government executive building, Mr Newman held his first official press conference as premier. He told reporters he’d received a congratulatory telephone call from Prime Minister Julia Gillard. But former premier Anna Bligh had not left a note for him in the premier’s George Street office. “I’ve only been in the office for about half an hour and I’ve found a cup of tea for myself and some dried apricots that were left behind,” he laughed, joking that it crossed his mind they might have been tampered with. Mr Newman said he would announce the separation and restructure of several government departments later in the week, before announcing his cabinet line-up. “We do have a mandate for change, a mandate for the policies we put out there prior to the election,” he said. “It’s going to be an exciting week; it’s going to be an exciting month; it’s going to be an exciting 100 days.

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TOP 10 UK FESTIVALS The best big gigs in Britain | P6 & 7

Gillard talks tough against North Korea

PRIME MINISTER Julia Gillard has used a major nuclear security summit to talk tough against North Korea but says Pyongyang’s upcoming rocket launch is unlikely to pose any risks for Australia. Ms Gillard arrived in Seoul on Sunday night ahead of two days of talks with US President Barack Obama and about 50 other leaders at the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit. Officially, the summit is focusing on stamping out the threat of nuclear terrorism and preventing trafficking in nuclear materials. But North Korea’s plan to launch a satellite using a long-range missile next month has cast a long shadow over the event. The plan has drawn widespread ...continued on p3

“Get on board, we’re going for a long, quick, fast ride.” Jeff Seeney was sworn in as deputy premier and Tim Nicholls as treasurer, but Mr Newman would not be drawn on who else might be given ministerial responsibilities. Prime Minister Julia Gillard said she was deeply disappointed by Labor’s

substantial election loss and insisted the party needs to respect the message sent by the state’s voters. “I’m a Labor person so obviously to see an election loss like that for Labor is a deep, deep disappointment to me,” Ms Gillard said. “We have had Queensland Labor govern Queensland for 20 of the last

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22 years. “Queensland Labor has got many achievements to be proud of across those two decades. “But the people of Queensland have not only spoken a message to Queensland Labor, indeed they have ...continued on p3

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27 March - 2 April 2012

Why the AFL should take the shirt from football’s back

n Genuine and heartfelt tributes from across the globe flowed in following Fabrice Muamba’s on field heart attack last week. Despite the amazing support, there still needs to be greater leniency shown to players in all sports when they choose to make their messages heard. Publisher: Bryce Lowry Editor: Tim Martin Production/Design: Jackie Lampard Australia Editor: Ashlea Maher Music Editor: Paul Judge Contributors: Bianca Soldani, Shannon Crane, Kate Ausburn, Sara Newman, Justin Ng, Phill Browne, Kristy Kenny, Carmen Allan, Mario Hannah, Amy Fallon, Rose Callaghan, Lesley Slade, Simon Kleinig, Kris

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the hard word > NATHAN MOTTON

THE outpouring of grief since Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch in Bolton’s FA Cup clash against Tottenham Hotspur has been palpable. The 23 yearold suffered a cardiac arrest on 17 March at White Hart Lane, and remained in a critical condition for some days in the London Chest Hospital fighting for his life. Indeed, he is still in hospital now and may remain so for some time yet. The reaction from fans of the game and everyone within the global football community was as immediate as it was enormous. Many took to social media sites to express their concern and send their well wishes. Many others visited the Reebok Stadium to lay shirts, scarves and messages of support. But one of the things that resonated with The Hard Word  was not just the clear affection footballers from across the globe have for Muamba as a player and as a human being, but also the way in which they made their feelings felt. While some chose to visit Fabrice in hospital, others chose a different, but just as touching and genuine method. In one of the most generous displays of support, five of Real Madrid’s starting XI wore shirts with the words ‘get well soon Muamba’. The other six had ‘Animo Abidal’ (‘Courage Abidal’) emblazoned across the front, in reference to the Barcelona player who has recently undergone a liver transplant. Ex Muamba team-mate Gary Cahill revealed the phrase ‘pray for Muamba’ under his shirt after scoring in Chelsea’s FA Cup win over Leicester. And Spurs

Your Say On: What we leave behind when leaving Australia

I completely understand how you feel. Two of my sister’s have had children whilst I’ve been living in London. I have met the children once in thier lives. But I just think about getting to know them when I eventually go back. The beauty of many families – especially mine – is that they want you to be happy. Mine understand my choice to live here and with increased interconnectedness of communication online it is easier. Emily

On: Time to rename Australian capitals

No comments yet on this article – it must be a touchy subject. I offer a view from my birth country, South Africa. I grew up knowing many small towns, roads and places named by the goverment of the time. The view I offer is my loss of identity. That town I grew up in, has another name. A name I can’t pronounce or relate to. I undertand that it is

? What’s your view

Every day on …

players, the opposition when Muamba had his shocking collapse, showed their support with ‘get well soon Fabrice’ on their shirts for their next competitive football match. These kind gestures were beamed across the world, as people from all walks of life collectively held out for positive news. The world game has a history of players making their feelings felt on a range of issues via their shirts. The rules state that players will be disciplined if they lift their shirts, namely a yellow card. Yet this minor punishment is thankfully often forgotten when players are making an emotional point. Without trying to link the two together, slogans on footballers shirts (both serious and flippant) can be a very powerful way of attracting attention to a message, a cause. The most high-profile footballer in the world, Lionel Messi, lifted his shirt at the Bernabeu in his sides dramatic win over Real Madrid in 2009, to reveal the words ‘sindrome x fragil’, in reference to an intellectual disability. The move captured global attention for a relatively unknown illness. And who could forget Iniesta’s emotional tribute to friend and former team-mate Daniel Jarque during the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final. Iniesta lifted his shirt after his 116th minute winning goal against the Netherlands to reveal “Dani Jarque siempre con nosotros” (Dani Jarque, always with us). Of course others, like Mario Balotelli like to tackle the rules head on. His now infamous ‘why always me’ shirt, which was shown during City’s 6-1 rout of Manchester United last year caused a stir, with the Italian asking the question

of his constant juvenile run-ins with the UK press. He was shown a yellow card, but no harm done. It’s a shame that bosses within the Australian Rules Football hierarchy have failed to show similar leniency in the past. The AFL’s stoush with Essendon’s Adam Ramanauskas in 2006 is an example of a governing body that makes decisions often lacking logic or any sense of normality. The Essendon star’s much publicised battle with cancer culminated in a ‘clash for cancer’ match against Melbourne. The AFL refused a request for the club to wear yellow armbands, and then fined the club $20,000 when players defied the ban. The Aussie Rules governing body was then forced to renege following public outrage and the club was permitted to incorporate a yellow band on their jumpers sleeves 12 months later. The AFL’s obsession with micromanagement is beyond excessive. Imagine the outcry if an AFL player kicked a winning goal, then revealed a phrase (however serious or petty) under his jumper. Heaven forbid the game may actually become slightly less sterile. Of course all of these incidents are completely different and should be treated that way. But isn’t that the point? Some rules need to be open to interpretation. FIFA and the FA have clearly taken a case-by-case approach to players taking the law into their own hands. This can be no bad thing.

not supposed to feel this way, but I still feel as though part of my origin has been taken away by having the town renamed. Think of the town you were born in, the street you grew up or the place you love to go to relax. Think of then renamed, with a name you are not familiar with and a language you don’t speak. Dylan

the elected heads to become more responsible towards the people, than act upwards for some personal interest.. Rupert

On: What kind of traveller are you?

I think a mixture of all of the above is the best. Sometimes you want to do as MacGyver would, and spend 12 hours exploring until your legs give in, while other days you don’t want to try the local cuisine. A familiar-tasting Big Mac is the only thing that’ll do. As for the Lonely Planeteer and the Obsessive Worrier, a bit advice from a book and a wellresearched itinerary are both useful. The location, circumstances and reasons for taking the trip tend to determine what type of traveller I am. Shazzy C

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On: Hope for answers now Australia’s most wanted man Naden captured

One just hopes that he does not become some sort of heroic anti-hero! Sapper

On: Hope for answers now Australia’s most wanted man Naden captured

Yeah, too much attention now, sorry, but I do not care what his cell looks like and I do not care for it to take up the first 8 minutes of the news here. Happy he is caught now let the processes take place and let us know the end result! Bloody media! Bob Jones

On: Julian Assange wants Australian Senate seat

Go for it Mr.Assange. I think its a bold move but should put some of

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Abbott blasts ‘toxic’Labor after Queensland rout Continued from p1...

shouted it and that message needs to be respected.” Meanwhile federal opposition leader Tony Abbott says the crushing win shows the Labor brand is toxic across Australia. Mr Abbott said Labor MPs around the country would be very worried because governments which aren’t competent lose “big time”. “I think the Labor brand has become toxic and the only way for the Labor Party to recover is to have a good long hard look at itself, to rediscover what it believes in, what it stands for, who it represents and also to regain a bit of political integrity,” Mr Abbott told Sky News. The Liberal leader said that same political integrity was lacking in the Gillard government. “It is a disaster for the Labor Party because it does indicate that governments which are all about spin, which don’t deliver for the Australian people, they lose elections. “And they don’t just lose them narrowly. They lose them in a landslide. For Mr Newman, day one of parliament will also be his first day in the house, because he entered state politics as an unelected citizen. He said all the new LNP MPs would go through an intensive induction to learn the procedures of the parliament, “including the member for Ashgrove” - himself. He says a date for a by-election in the Ms Bligh’s seat of South Brisbane will be decided by parliament’s

speaker. Ms Bligh was one of about seven Labor MPs who managed to hold on to their seats, but on Sunday she announced her resignation. Jackie Trad, the ALP’s assistant state secretary, confirmed on Monday that she would be a candidate in South Brisbane. This came after a rising Labor star, former education minister Cameron Dick, dashed hopes that he would win South Brisbane and lead Labor in opposition. Mr Dick said he would prefer to spend more time with family. Likely leaders are now former transport minister Annastacia Palaszczuk, or former disabilities minister Curtis Pitt. In one more surprise for Labor on Monday, Heather Beattie, wife of former premier Peter Beattie, announced she would run for Brisbane City Council next month. But she admitted the state election result showed Labor was hugely unpopular, and she’d have a tough campaign.  - AAP

Gillard calls on North Korea to halt missile tests Continued from p1...

condemnation from nations which believe it to be a thinly disguised nuclear missile test, which would violate a United Nations ban and breach a denuclearisation deal the country recently struck with Washington. Ms Gillard called on the regime in Pyongyang on Monday to abandon the plan, which could see the rocket pass over Australia. “North Korea needs to take a step back from this proposed launch,” she told reporters in Seoul. “It needs to abide by United Nations Security Council resolutions and it needs to abide by its agreement with the US.” But she moved to reassure people that the launch was extremely unlikely to pose any direct risks for Australia. “The advice to me that for there to be any issues for Australia the missile would have to break up very late in its flight,” she said. “And if it did break up very late in its flight then the junk that came from the break-up would burn off as it entered the atmosphere. “So the advice to me is there is only the lowest potential risk that any debris would reach Australia.” Ms Gillard says Australia will join the world in further isolating the North Korean regime if it persists with the plan. And she called on other nations to also bring their influence to bear. Ms Gillard was earlier cheered

and applauded by South Korean schoolgirls during a visit to Seoul’s Gyeseong Catholic Girls High School. She gave a talk to the students before joining a class taking part in a video conference with Australian students, utilising the National Broadband Network in the NSW town of Armidale. The students chatted with each other about Australian and South Korean celebrities and sports before firing off some questions to Ms Gillard. Ms Gillard will give wide-ranging speech to business figures and students at Yonsei University during her time in Seoul. She will then meet United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for talks on North Korea, Iran, Syria, East Timor and other issues. Ms Gillard will also have bilateral meetings with UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt on the summit’s sidelines. - AAP

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27 March - 2 April 2012

Royal beasts, diamonds and Beefeaters – the Tower has it all n

Our resident adventurer re-found her London ‘wow’ factor with a trip to #2 on her Top 100 list – the Tower of London.

Shanks ewe for this very tasty treat


Our favourite Aussie chef in London has just returned from a week of driving and eating around the south coast of Ireland. And now Chris Ark tells us his favourite cut of lamb and how to make it succulently tasty.


kitchen > CHRIS ARK

I’M just back from Ireland and wow, is it an amazing place. But what’s more – my favourite cut of lamb, the lamb shank, was featuring on menus at all the regional restaurants there. This meaty cut of lamb from the lower leg has always been fought over by lamb lovers. Shanks are found attached to the whole leg joint, which is brought for roasting. Always considered to be an inexpensive cut of meat - celebrity chefs and gastro pubs have now reinvigorated its

profile as a top class cut of lamb. It can be cooked in a number of ways, from roasting it with the whole leg, slowly braising the shank in a rich red wine sauce or striping the meat and cooking it as a stew. Either way, the flavour and the tender meat are unforgettable. The UK produces some of the best lamb on the market. Just take a look around at the lush pastures for an abundance of rich feed for the lambs to graze upon, producing tasty and tender meat. Now my fave is salt marsh lamb, which is produced on the lush green pastures that are constantly lashed by the cold easterly winds from the sea. These winds cover the pastures with

d rosemary Braised lamb shanks in red wine an

bron in


NO matter how long I’ve been here there are some sights that still make me stop and think “wow… I’m in LONDON, what an amazing place”. One of these of course is the Tower Bridge, but it was only after chatting to a few friends when I suddenly realised I had never seen this famous London icon open. So it seemed like a great chance to see the historical bridge at work and to tick off the neighbouring #2 on my official Top 100 list – the Tower of London. The bridge opens up to 1000 times a year but if you want to make sure you don’t miss it you can check out the bridge opening times on the Tower Bridge website or even follow them on twitter. My friend Lauren and I headed down to the bank of the Thames to watch a tug boat pull a large navy ship through the gates. As we watched the navy sailors wave to us from the bow of the boat it started to drizzle so we wandered back from the bank into the Tower of London. One of five working palaces in London, you can get a ticket to wander this historical site for £20. This gets you entry into the grounds where you can find some great exhibits and amazing bits of history. Plus you can be shown around by the Yeoman Warders, the caretakers of the tower commonly known as Beefeaters, who will take you on an hour-long tour of the grounds. We wandered with the group for a little while, hearing stories of the famous towers before breaking off from the group to go through at our own pace. We worked our way around the grounds checking out each different section. We explored the Medieval

a fine blanket of salt and give the meat an unmatchable depth of flavour and quality. Wales and Scotland are famous for salt marsh lamb. Salt marsh lamb can be found in good butchers and it’s worth paying the little extra per kilo, but only from a good butcher you can trust. This week I am going to share with you my braised lamb shanks in red wine and rosemary. Ask your butcher to French trim the shanks giving them their distinct appearance when cooked. These shanks will take a few hours to cook and will serve up to six mates. Serve with a big bowl of creamy mashed potatoes and crusty bread. So let’s get to it, happy cooking and enjoy!

Palace with its recreation of a king’s bedroom, then marveled at the Royal Beast exhibit showcasing the animals that once were held at the Palace. But they do say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so it wasn’t long before Lauren and I were drawn into see the Crown Jewels. Although this exhibit is currently being renovated we were still able to see the Crown Jewels of the Royal family on show in a dimmed room. The display was set up so well that you can’t help but be drawn to the sparkle of the precious jewels set in precious metals while you wander through the exhibit. They have even set up a moving walkway along several of the cases to keep the flow of people moving. After looking at all the finery, we went into the White Tower which is the building in the middle of the grounds. In here we saw a great display of King’s armour, with information on how they have defended themselves through the ages. From there we wandered down to the green where we stumbled across one of the towers ‘Ravens’. There is a saying that “if the ravens leave the tower, the kingdom will fall” so the Tower is home to seven trained Ravens who are there to protect the tower. To be honest I think they are just there to creep out the visitors to the tower because when I was there in the drizzly cold day a raven sitting on a bench nearby just seemed ominous! I blame Hitchcock. Unlike other European palaces the Tower of London isn’t the most stunning but it is certainly steeped in history. After seeing the bridge and wandering through a London icon it wasn’t long before I had another ‘WOW - I live in such an amazing city ’ moment.

What you need:

• 6 lamb shanks, French trimmed • Good splash of olive oil • ½ bottle of red wine • 1 onion, peeled and roughly chopped • 1 garlic bulb chopped in 4 • 2 sprigs fresh rosemary • 2 litres of beef stock from good supermarkets • 55g ice cold butter • Salt and ground black pepper

What to do:

• Preheat the oven to 160° degrees. • Sprinkle a chopping board with salt and freshly ground pepper, then roll each lamb shank over the board . • In a large ovenproof casserole dish, heat the oil. Once hot, two at a time, brown the lamb shanks. Remove the lamb shanks and keep to one side. Pour in the red wine; bring to a gentle boil, leave to simmer until reduced by half. Add

the onion, garlic, rosemary and finally the lamb shanks. Pour in enough beef stock to cover the meat, don’t worry if the bones are sticking out, any left over stock can be used for topping up during the braising time. Bring back to a simmer then cover the dish and place in the oven. Cook for 3 hours, checking from time to time that the meat is still covered in stock and top up as necessary and also occasionally turn the shanks. Once cooked, remove the shanks and then keep warm. Place the casserole on the hob and bring to a boil, boil for 5 minutes. Check the seasoning then strain the sauce. The sauce should be thick and glossy. Enjoy!

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The UK places that remind you of home

By Bon8

I LOVE PERTH! There’s a good chance a load of you have never been there so you’ll have to take my word for it, but it just could be the best city in Oz and I’m a Mexican! Actually, I missed it so much I decided to go to Perth last weekend. Me and the missus did a road trip. Three days. However this time it was a different Perth. We all know a three day road trip in the UK can be three frustrating days driving around the M25 like that poor old fella did last year but we planned a better one. We flew into Aberdeen (Scotland) Friday morning, had the first night in Inverness, second night in Perth,

Pun fun with The Sun in Lun-dun

By Nina McGrath LONDON papers love a good pun! Heck, even at Australian Times we dine out occasionally. However, one paper takes punning to all new heights - I am speaking, of course, of The Sun. Whether it be a picture of the Duchess of Cambridge on an ice rink captioned ‘Skate Middleton!’  or a witty headline the likes of ‘Super Caley Go Ballistic, Celtic Are Atrocious’ (referring to one of the biggest ever upsets in Scottish football when Inverness Caledonian beat Celtic) – it is hard to go past those at the iconic British redtop, The Sun. The daily tabloid’s best-known puns include the following: Obama Lama Ding Dong - President Obama meets the Dalai Lama. Wam Bam! Sam Cam to be a Mam Prime minister David Cameron›s wife Samantha reveals she›s pregnant. It’s Paddy Pantsdown - Paddy Ashdown, former leader of the Liberal Democrat party, admits to an affair. Papa Ratzi - Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is elected Pope. I’m having a ball! - A woman bites off a man’s testicle during a fight. Sting’s massage in a brothel - Sting is papped emerging from a brothel

then back to Aberdeen. Flew back to T5 (Heathrow) on Sunday arvo. 350 miles, 1 tank of fuel, whiskey and a map. It was an awesome trip. And I highly recommend it. However, do not use sat nav! Getting lost is the best part of road trips. As I said, Scotland was wicked! OK it’s beautiful, dramatic and soaked in tradition, so that’s a given. But it’s the people that make it so special. We were treated like royalty. Everywhere! First class food, beers and company. And we had the place to ourselves. At Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness the dude told us that the busiest day last year they pushed 4000 people through. We had the place to ourselves! It was cool but not

whilst on tour with the Police in Germany. Sarky Gets Narky at Carla Malarky French President Nicolas Sarkosy on his wife’s affair. Drink Up Chuck & Di - On the Royal Wedding of Princess Diana & Prince Charles. Elton Takes David Up The Aisle Elton John marries his long-term partner David Furnish. How Do You Solve A Problem Like Korea?  – North Korea conducts unsanctioned nuclear testing. The Sun is now out every single day in the UK with the launch of their Sun on Sunday newspaper, thanks mostly to the demise of their sister paper - News Of The World, and is hugely popular across the entire country. As well as being notorious for breaking big celebrity stories, The Sun is also commonly known for its Page Three features – which basically consists of an almost fullpage image of topless female glamour models on... (you guessed it) page 3. This originated in 1970, when then editor Larry Lamb celebrated the tabloid’s first anniversary by publishing a photograph of 20-year-old German model Stephanie Rahn in her ‘birthday suit’. Unsurprisingly it was extremely popular and became a regular feature, using sports related costumes and props and captions containing double entendre. Page Three has long been controversial, and was even the subject of a House of Commons campaign in the 1980s. In the late 1990s the costumes and props were phased out and the titillating captions replaced with a basic listing of the model’s name, age and hometown. Page Three Girls have included Jordan, Samantha Fox, Suzanne Mizzi and Melinda Messenger. However The Sun has instituted a policy of featuring models with natural breasts only, banning models with augmented chests, thereby preventing future appearances by Jordan and Melinda Messenger. I’m not sure where this leaves Samantha Fox, who had a breast reduction; The Sun ran that story under the headline ‘Where Bra They Now?’ What do you think of The Sun? Love it or hate it, tell us now at

cold and the mountains where iced with snow. The Lochs were thawing and the stars where out. Magical. Beware of the Scottish drivers though. The locals do not respect the white line so those windy roads can be a bit hair-raising when there’s a car coming towards you on your side. Just keep alert. We eventually got to the real Perth. I don’t really know if it was what I expected but that’s not what it’s all about. It’s a bit like tracing your family tree. If you haven’t done that while you’re here then get on it! Standing in Perth gives you an insight into what those dudes were thinking when they named our Perth. OK the Western Australian version

may have changed a bit in the last 200 years but look into the distance at the hills. That’s what they were thinking when they named it. Every time they said it, wrote it, thought it, this little piece of Scotland was in their mind. You can find places all over the UK like this. Places they were thinking about when they set up shop back home. Most probably, they never set foot back here either. So when you get to one of these special spots, just take a moment to look around and put yourself in those very old shoes. It’s such a nice feeling and a little bit mind blowing (heck, even a good reason for a Sunday sesh). Be careful though, you might get a tear in your eye... Scotland was mysterious and

romantic; in your face while always gently persuading you to get over the next hill and see more. Those wide open expanses of nothing remind me of what it’s like back home when you’re stood in the middle of nowhere and the silence is deafening. So if you get the chance, Scotland is must. It’s full of Scots and they can’t wait to meet you! Beam me up, Scotty.

Top 10 UK

6 | Entertainment


27 March - 2 April 2012


Start getting excited for festival season with our list of the hottest musical events of the year

AUSSIES in the UK love to travel. They love to hit the pubs with their mates and have a good laugh. And they love their sport. But there is one other thing that expat Australians living under the English ‘sun’ love as well. Festivals! And there is no end to the musical goodness that comes with a festival, especially in this part of the world. Whether it be in a mudbath at Glasto (sadly, we’ll have to wait until 2013 for

the next Glastonbury installment) or rockin’ out in London’s Hyde Park, the festivals of the UK are varied, they are extensive and they are awesome. This year we’ve got everyone from The Boss (Bruce Springsteen) to Metallica hitting the British shores plus a few homegrown heroes too. So check out our Top 10 UK festivals, check the bank balance and get the glad rags on because Festival Season 2012 is going to be epic. Enjoy!

Download Sonisphere

When: 8-10 June Where: Donington Park This festival has hosted some of the biggest names in headbanging and recently had legendary Aussie rockers AC/DC and Airbourne. Now in its 10th year, Download Festival is always a feast of metal and rock and the faithful will be loving this year’s lineup. Who: Metallica, Black Sabbath, The Prodigy, Soundgarden, Tenacious D + many, many more.

When: 6-8 July Where: Knebworth Love your rock? Sonisphere plays in 12 different countries across Europe and the UK version, on the hallowed grounds of Knebworth, will deliver some serious noise pollution. A couple of big Aussie names on the bill this year will sure to be a welcome addition to the epic list of artists. Get in! Who: Kiss, Faith No More, Queen, Incubus, Wolfmother and Tim Minchin + many, many more.

Lovebox Latitude When: 15–17 June Where: Victoria Park, London It’s authentic, it’s righteous, it’s just so London. Not bad for a festival knocked together by good ol’ Groove Armada. Three days of heady music will have you in your element. Plus, it’s not far from home and in 2012 – they’re celebrating a decade of ‘love’. Who: Lana Del Rey, Hot Chip, Crystal Castles, Kelis, Friendly Fires + many, many more.

When: 12-15 July Where: Henham Park, Suffolk This festival has a more Euro feel about it than a Pommy one but it’s set on a grand old English manor and lets you dictate the mood. Florence and Vampire Weekend have been hits in the past couple of years but a host of newbies will be making their own mark in 2012. Who: Elbow, Metronomy, Bon Iver, Paul Weller, Laura Marling + many, many more

Homelanz Hard Rock Calling When: 16 June Where: Boston Manor Park, London Second year out for this brand new Aussie, Kiwi and Saffa festival of food, drink, culture and, of course, music. Muck in and support your fellow Australasian businesses and entertainers … many of them based in London, just like you. Who: Prime Circle, Alex Lloyd, Kora, I Am Giant, Jason Norris + more.


When: 6-8 July Where: Hyde Park, London Isn’t it awesome having Hyde Park just round the corner. First there’s Hard Rock Calling, then there’s Wireless. And while Snoop wont be making headlines again this year, Fergie and her troupe of Black Eyed Peas will certainly be bringing the star power. Who: Rihanna, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, Drake, Jessie J + many, many more.

little consumer. Who: The Killers, Snow Patrol, The Stone Roses, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds + many, many more.


When: 24-26 August Where: Reading (and Leeds) If they’re on the bill here, you know they love to play cos they tear the roof off in one town, then head to the next and do it all again the very next day. Think indie rock, lots of beer and even more fun! Plus it’s over the August Bank Holiday. Winner! Who: The Cure, Foo Fighters, Kasabian, The Vaccines, Kaiser Chiefs + many, many more.

South West Four

When: 25-26 August Where: Clapham Common, London Want to get your groove on? Then why not bop a weekend away at one of the world’s best dance fests. Plus Carl Cox is appearing in his UK Festival exclusive show. So get on down to the Common! Who: Chase and Status, Carl Cox, Skrillex, Zane Lowe + more.

When: 13-15 July Where: Hyde Park, London Depressed because there ain’t no Glasto this year? Don’t fret, London’s got the antedote right on your front porch. The bands are just as big and you don’t have to muck around with all the hassles of camping. Plus should you pick up, it’s off to your place instead of a tent. Rock on. Who: Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, + many, many more

V Festival

When: 18-19 August Where: Chelmsford and Staffordshire We don’t know if Dicky Branson will be here riding a Virgin spaceship but it wouldn’t surprise us. This bigger and older cousin to the V Festival in Australia serves up a decent dose of pop, rock, rap and r&b, so there’s pretty much something for every good

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– A festival to travel for

Bilbao BBK Live festival is held on top of a hill in northern Spain, surrounded by mountains offering spectacular views over the city of Bilbao. The privileged location of the site, its proximity to the city and beach, and a late start of bands, allows festival goers to make the most of the experience. Bilbao, a modern city famous for its architecture, museums and gastronomy is just a stone’s throw away from the beach and some of the best waves in Europe. One of the highlights of the European festivals circuit, Bilbao BBK Live is a popular add on for Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls revelers. And this year, the amazing Bilbao BBK Live 2012 line-up includes: Radiohead, The Cure, The Kooks, Glasvegas, Noah and the Whale, Mumford & Sons, The Maccabees, Garbage, and Bloc Party with more to be announced. Australian Times is giving our lucky readers the chance to win one of two pairs of tickets to Bilbao BBK Live. All you have to do to enter is head to


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27 March - 2 April 2012

SxSW, flooded out and return from the motherland music from the

motherland > PAUL JUDGE

AFTER a delicious holiday down under I’ve returned and am ready to bring you the latest yarns in Aussie music from across the globe. I do return a little nervous as the great guest writers during my absence has made me realise I’ve got to maintain the high quality you readers deserve. But of course I always have…. Right? Firstly, a big, big thanks to Tara Minton, Bonfire Nights, Chris Hawkins and Cathi Ogden for their entertaining and diverse pieces about Australian music in the UK. And of course a high five to Nick from BackpackSounds, for his article and organising the guest writers. And here I wanted to run repeats of Seinfeld in my hiatus. So let’s go, it’s time for the latest in Australian music news and gossip... How do I do this again? Oh that’s right.

Aussie bands ripping up Austin for SxSW

The leading industry music festival SxSW finished up last week for 2012 and the week which engulfs the city

of Austin, Texas always produces plenty of stories and hype with a few Australian bands getting attention. First off, the hard to define but let’s call them ‘crazy rock’ Aussie duo DZ Deathrays loudly announced their arrival at SxSW in the first few days. Literally. Playing in the large trade hall where movers and shakers of the music world go to do business and swap cards, the guys from Brisbane were kicked off the stage for being too loud and disturbing the conference. One way to get talked about is have your music heard, a better way is to have it banned. Rockabilly chick Lanie Lane drew some crowds with her tunes especially when a Mr Jack White (of The White Stripes and The Raconteurs) got up on stage with her. He is responsible for producing her tune ‘Ain’t Hungry’ and their scratchy, fast guitar sounds have similarities which gives sense to them working together. Other Australian bands and artists getting some props were Pond, Emma Lousie and Last Dinosaurs all who are UK bound in the next few months. Finally, The Temper Trap chose the festival to showcase some new material from their upcoming second album. With the international success of their first album Conditions, these guys are being mentioned in the same breath as Gotye for world music domination this year.

Playground Weekender gets flooded out

Floods, we love them in Australia. They pay us a visit whenever they

can. My home town of Wagga Wagga was so happy about my recent visit that they even threw one on for me in honour. Unfortunately there are real consequences of floods and it was very sad to see the homes and businesses of people destroyed by the onslaught of water. Mother Nature also lay to waste the popular Playground Weekender festival at Wiseman’s Ferry northwest of Sydney. Situated on a beautiful waterside spot, the threat of torrential rain and the inability to guarantee safe water levels meant the organisers were told by the State Emergency Service to cancel the event 36 hours before gates were due to open. With cars packed and costumes ready (the festival has a dress-up day) punters were told to stay away and wait for information. Post festival, the news has got worse because without proper flood insurance the festival has suffered massive losses and is danger of being cancelled permanently while ticket holders are struggling for refunds as companies responsible claim they are not liable. This would never happen at Glastonbury...

A bumper summer awaits!

And there we go, first Motherland column back and yes I need another holiday. However we’re sneaking into that sexy London weather time where every day feels like a holiday (besides the whole work thing). And music here and from the motherland will feature heavily, so stay tuned!

IN THE FAST LANE: Aussie songstress Lanie Lane set tongues a-wagging at SxSW when legendary Jack White appeared on stage with her.

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Keeping up with Aussie sporting royalty in Schwarzer EXPAT Australians in London have been treated to a taste of Australian sporting royalty. Members and guests of Australian Business were invited to celebrate a night of Aussie sporting excellence at The Churchill hotel and meet Socceroo star Mark Schwarzer. The Fulham goalkeeper was a guest at the first Australian Business networking night of the year and as well as signing autographs and having his photo taken with excited guests, the main man in Australia’s goal also passed on some sporting wisdom. With Aussie wine and beers flowing freely and brilliantly decorated Olympic-themed food on offer (everything from East London eel to devil on horseback bacon and prune ‘equestrian riders’) Aussie businessmen and women socialised, networked and talked with fervent excitement the prospect of Australia’s involvement at the 2012 London

Olympic Games. There was some friendly banter from the resident Poms in the room and even Mr Schwarzer found himself sticking up for his Aussie sporting compatriots as all eyes turn towards Stratford, the Games that start in July and the impending Olympic medal table. However the famous goalie wasn’t the only professional sportsman in attendance with Chad Randall and Michael Robinson from the London Broncos rugby league team (Australia’s unofficial league team in London) also working the room. It was a stellar night, not just to catch up with familiar Australian faces in the English capital but to also whet the appetite for a huge sporting year ahead and one in which, hopefully, Australia features most prominently.

What we’re following #Postmen

@haayeah AUSTRALIANS will soon be able to receive their letters online with Australia Post's new digital mailbox. @AnnaMacOz Bit sad but so necessary. ByeBye Mr Postman - Australia Post launches online letterbox. @jendudley A 'digital mailbox,' Australia Post? I already have one of those. It's called an 'email address'. @Cushla_Travers Aust Post launches new online mailbox.. Unfortunately no one told them about email.. @iAmV_Dsnz Postmen are the most dangerous members of the gang. They know were you live... @Joshcox_wwfc I think a postman has a sicccckkk job in this weather!

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What’s On Phoebe Killdeer 29 March @ Dingwalls, Camden Steve Hughes 5-6 April @ Leicester Sq Theatre Parkway Drive 7 April @ Indig02 Boy & Bear 10 April @ The Borderline, Soho

Can We Talk About This? By Will Fitzgibbon

DO you feel morally superior to the Taliban? This is the opening question of one of the most talked about 2012 stage productions in London and the latest oeuvre of Australian-born director and choreographer Lloyd Newson. London-based DV8 Physical Theatre, founded and led by Albury native Newson, is currently performing Can We Talk About This? at London’s National Theatre. Having debuted in Sydney in August 2011, the controversial investigation into Western policies of multiculturalism visa-a-vis Islam is currently touring Europe before continuing onto Asia. Described everywhere on the critical continuum from a “must see” to “Islamophobic sh*t”, Can We Talk About This? is at the very least provoking debate. Can We Talk About This? is an indefatigable 80 minutes of words and human movement that catalogues some of the most egregious examples of intolerance and stymied freedom of expression from the 1980s to today. The usual suspects are there,

including the fatwa on author Salman Rushdie in 1989 and the murder of Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh in 2004 as well as the on-going debates about the place of Sharia courts in the UK and society’s response to forced marriages. For Newson, violent and discriminatory incidents like these should be more widely known and more openly discussed. “What I was concerned about was signposting seminal events from then to now, informing the general public of the overall picture,” said Newson in a phone interview with Australian Times. “I feel like I’ve done that successfully.” Newson admits Can We Talk About This? is about educating the viewing public by showing “hard, empirical evidence” of the “interrelated issues of freedom of speech, multiculturalism and Islam”. The names, organisations and dates selected for discussion are written on the blackboard at the rear of the stage as though in a classroom. In discussion, Newson is a confident exponent of his message. He fluently recalls the facts and names of the historical events used in the production

while at all times employing a verbal judiciousness that underscores the volatility of the subject. With a background in psychology and social work from the University of Melbourne in the 1970s, Newson has long been fascinated by personal motivations and human behaviour. Newson’s exploration of the consequences of multiculturalism follows an equally impassioned 2009 production titled To Be Straight With You, which explored religious and social positions on sexuality. And while not everyone agrees with the premise of Can We Talk About This? – with various commentators finding it an oversimplification of complex issues or claiming it gives succour to anti-immigration extremists - the artistic skill of the dancers cannot be faulted. The 10 performers contort themselves into acute angles, dash from one side of the stage to the other and one even does up his a zipper in a headstand while smoothly delivering his lines. Often, it

Pete Murray 12 April @ Scala, King’s Cross Matt Corby 17 April @ The Bowery Bic Runga 18 April @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire Cate Blanchett in Big & Small 13 - 29 April @ Barbican Centre

feels like Christopher Hitchens meets the Ross Sisters. Judging by the standing ovation and loud cheers, Can We Talk About This? is a dramatic success. Yet it remains to be seen whether or not the audience members will henceforth discuss multiculturalism in the franker way Newson desires. “Freedom of speech is about debating, about arguing, so that, hopefully, the best arguments survive.” Can We Talk About This? runs at London’s National Theatre until Wednesday 28 March.

Tracer 24 April @ Islington O2 Academy Midnight Youth 15 May @ The Borderline, Soho The Jezabels 17 May @ Electric Brixton Temper Trap 21-22 May @ KOKO, Camden DZ Deathrays 17 May @ Barfly, Camden

For full details... ...and more Aussie gigs go to:

travel Down a deep, dark

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27 March - 2 April 2012

African dungeon


putting This week we’re ON THE MAP



On her recent trip to the world’s second largest continent, FLORA TONKING visited a former slave fort at Ghana’s Cape Coast. Here’s what she found out… IT is impossible to visit Ghana without confronting a less than glorious element of its past. By the middle of the eighteenth century this relatively small West African country had become a hub for the trading of human slaves, managed by European colonisers. Whilst Ghana is very much its own country these days, the influence of the Portuguese, the British, the Dutch and various other foreign powers still lingers.

Slave tourism

Yet Ghana is reluctant to become a victim of its own history. Taking ownership of the most striking memorials to the hundreds of thousands of its people who were forcibly removed from their homes and sold into slavery, Ghana is building a thriving tourist industry showcasing the ancient Europeanbuilt forts which coordinated this peculiar trade. The southern coast of Ghana is scattered with huge stone castles – an old Dutch model currently serves as the government’s official seat in the capital city of Accra – which appear like architectural aliens amidst the local landscape. Just a couple of hours outside Accra is the small coastal town of Cape Coast, which boasts one of the finest former slave forts currently open to the public.

Castles in the sand

My own recent visit to Cape Coast’s castle began with an encounter with a couple of classic Ghanaian tourist rip-off efforts (‘Lady, sponsor our local football team’ and ‘My friend, here, take this rock with your misspelt name painted on it’), so it was quite a relief to emerge into a calm, open courtyard with a striking, rampart-framed view of the endless ocean beyond. On one wall hung a plaque commemorating a recent visit by President Obama and the American First Lady; clearly, as a visitor, I was in good company. After a wander through the fort’s informative but stiflingly hot museum, I joined one of the guided tours of the site and began to explore the castle. Our tour guide - a small, neat woman who liked to say everything three times - gathered up our group and, after introducing us to the castle, led us down into the male dungeon. Here men were kept 200 to a room; a room without water or a single toilet and only the minutest window providing a pinprick of light. (It struck me that if I was to be kept in such conditions I would probably not want to be able to see my depressing surroundings, so maybe the lack of light was not such a bad thing.)

Not for the ‘faint’ of heart

Whilst travelling in the north of Ghana I had been slightly scornful of the account of a girl who said she’d broken down in tears inside these dungeons when she had visited Cape Coast. “I just couldn’t stop crying,” she reported, “the place was just so upsetting.” ‘Oh get a grip, woman,’ I had thought to myself. But as I followed a low, sloping tunnel down into the dark, damp depths I was struck by an immense feeling of sadness. The physical presence of the slaves was certainly gone, but their fear and heartbreak was oddly palpable. I started to feel a little odd. Two hot, dingy rooms beneath the ground I felt myself fainting, and as I slumped inelegantly ground-wards I was caught by another tourist, who briskly rammed by head between my knees and forced me to drink a bottle of water.

Gates of no return

After ten minutes recovering in the bright sunshine, I rejoined the tour to catch our repetitive guide explaining ‘This is the women’s dungeon. Here we have the women’s dungeon. So this is the women’s dungeon.’ Down a nearby cobbled ramp our group reached a vast pair of wooden doors. For many slaves these doors were the last features of their country that they ever saw; the depressingly named ‘Gate of No Return’. Behind these gates shackled slaves were loaded onto ships bound for the United States, never to see their families or to return home. Many would not even survive the crossing and would die aboard the slave-ships, never reaching their destined new lives. A few years ago, a group of descendents of several original slaves who once departed Ghana through these gates, took part in a ceremonial return. Landing at the same quay that their ancestors left, they re-entered the fort at Cape Coast. These doors now bear a second sign on their reverse: ‘Gate of Return’. The fort is no longer just a sad reminder of those citizens who were removed from this country; it is a monument to those who continue to return and are now making the country great.

Old and new

Following our triplicitous guide up a flight of stairs we then explored the finer elements of the fort, realising that whilst the slaves suffered in the gloom beneath the ground, someone was having a lot more fun above it. The British fort managers, and, in fact, plenty of Ghanaian merchants who also profitted from the slave trade by acting as middle-men, enjoyed far more luxurious accommodation than their human stock. An airy, highceilinged room, known as the Palaver Hall, was once the setting for the business end of operations at Cape

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and began loudly haranguing my travelling companion and I about the evils our ancestors perpetrated against his. Pointing a finger a little too close to our faces he urged us to ‘go home and tell the other white people what you did to us. Tell them about this place and what happened here’. So consider it done; I’ve told you. It’s your turn now.

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Spreading the word

Before leaving the fort I paused to survey the white-washed courtyard, the stacks of old cannon-balls and the dark pathways to the hidden dungeons. A slightly unsteady Ghanaian gentleman approached

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Coast, acting as a parade groundcum-shop window for slaves on sale. A new sort of trade now seems to be in operation in Palaver Hall, as local artists (and I use that term loosely) ply their tacky, tie-dyed wares and lurid oil paintings to fort visitors. We next passed through a series of rooms, all light and lofty in stark contrast to the black holes of the dungeons. Huge windows flooded elegant wood-floored rooms with bright sunshine, and beyond their sills the Gulf of Guinea sparkled. These rooms once served as the quarters of the chief officer and his staff; life as the slave-trading governor of Cape Coast was, ironically, probably pretty cushy. Continuing efforts to repurpose the fort, many of these old rooms are now rented by local Ghanaian businesses. As our tour group trooped along a corridor an architect looked up from sketching plans whilst someone rummaging around in a filing cabinet barely gave us a second glance.



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L8291 / Y2992

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27 March - 2 April 2012

tting This week we’re pu

Barcelona ON THE MAP

Basking in Barcelona n

Looking for some European sunshine? DEBRA WIDDICOMBE reckons Barcelona is a conveniently close option.

BARÇA is a feast for the senses. From fabulous architecture to one of Europe’s finest food markets called La Boqueria, any Aussie travelling to Spain can experience Barcelona in all its glory.

Barça, Barça, Barça

What is the first thing that many Aussies in the UK think of when they hear the word ‘Barcelona’? It may well be FC Barcelona striker Lionel Messi, who recently claimed the FIFA Ballon d’Or for the third year in succession. To see the place where the little Argentine maestro does his best work, you may want to visit the Camp Nou and find out more about the history of this famous club. Ryanair and EasyJet offer relatively

cheap flights to Barcelona Girona Airport. Ryanair flies from London Stansted whereas EasyJet flies from London Gatwick, so choose the most appropriate departure point to fit your location.

Catalonia has it all

Spain’s second largest city is a lively and cosmopolitan place. The locals

have a fierce pride in their Catalan heritage and a passion for great food and unusual architecture. If you then add in the world-class museums and the bustling bars, cutting-edge restaurants and some of the best city beaches in Europe, you’ll see why it is such a popular destination. Barcelona’s centre is the atmospheric Old Town. Here, beautiful buildings date from medieval times. Its Barri Gotic area, also known as the Gothic Quarter, has enchanting winding alleys which lead to pretty squares, hidden courtyards, grand palaces and ornate churches, including Le Seu cathedral.

Getting architecturally arty

Nearby La Ribera has a maze of narrow streets. You’ll find the lovely church of Santa Maria del Mar and the Museu Picasso, which houses the artist’s early work. Despite the Old Town’s charm, other areas of the city are also a delight to explore. The  Eixample  is where you’ll find the finest examples of Barcelona’s amazing Modernistic architecture, including the eccentric designs of Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece,  La Sagrada Familia, was worked on by the architect until his death in 1926. It is expected to be completed in 2030. Montjuic is a hill-top oasis of palaces, museums and gardens, while down by the waterfront, make sure you enjoy a stroll around the yacht-filled  Port Vell or relax on the award-winning La Barceloneta beach.

Cava cuisine

A return to the Old Town as the sun goes down will enable you to mingle with the locals and other tourists as

they sip glasses of Cava at sidewalk cafes before heading off to a local restaurant or tapas bar. Barcelona’s cuisine is a wonderful mix of the traditional and modern. In recent years, experimental chefs have reinvented Catalan cuisine and brought it to the attention of the world, but more classical cooking is still easy to find and as delicious as ever. This gourmet style has French, Roman and Moorish influences. Catalonia is Spain’s main sparklingwine producing region, so have a glass of refreshing Cava while you’re there. Enjoy exploring Barcelona and bring back memories of a truly Spanish experience … disfrutar (enjoy)! Have you been to Barça? Tell us your favourite haunts at

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Dollar Review

passports Sable offers an impressive portfolio of professional services. We have over 25 years of experience advising individuals, contractors and small businesses who have international interests and connections.

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Castlewood House 77/91 New Oxford Street London WC1A 1DG t: +44 (0) 845 094 3990

THE Australian dollar has continued to strengthen this past week advancing against the Japanese yen, US dollar and British Pound. The Aussie ended this week at 0.6595 to the British pound, 1.0465 to the US dollar and 86.1708 to the Japanese yen. This strengthening may be partly attributed to positive data released which shows an improvement in the US economy, in turn resulting in an increased demand for assets linked to global growth. Toshiya Yamauchi a senior analyst at Ueda Harlow Ltd. was cited as saying the US economic indicators are good and that commodity prices are currently supporting both the New Zealand and Australian Dollar. The Aussies rise was quickened by the weak US housing data which dampened demand for the Greenback. On a domestic front the strengthening of the Aussie is beginning to take its toll, farmers are beginning to be increasingly

pessimistic about the economic outlook. Pete Knoblanch the general manager at Rabobank was cited as saying that the dollar has been trading above parity to the US dollar for some time and that this was starting to have a knock-on effect on the competitiveness of our exports. Market sentiment suggests that the Aussie will continue on this upward trend. Imre Speizer a currency strategist at Westpac was cited as saying that he expected the Aussie’s

rebound to continue into the early stages of the week.

GBP/AUD: 1.5161 EUR/AUD: 1.2680 AUD/USD: 1.04659 AUD/JPY: 86.1870 Exchange Rates at 08:13, 26 March 2012

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Aussie Dollar strengthens

26/05/2011 09:33

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Teir 2 Pay Threshold


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The UK Home Office has announced new settlement pay threshold rules that will apply to migrants who entered or switched into Tier 2 of the Points-Based System under the rules in force from 6 April 2011. The new settlement pay threshold rules will NOT apply to persons who entered Tier 2 under the rules in force on 5 April 2011. The new rules for Tier 2 migrants that will come into force on 6 April 2012 are: • Tier 2 migrants must be paid at least £35,000 per annum or the going rate for the relevant occupation, whichever is the higher, in order to apply for settlement. This new settlement pay threshold will be held at this level until April 2018. • Migrants doing jobs which are on the shortage occupation list will be exempted from the pay threshold rules, but still need to be paid the appropriate rate for their occupation. • “PhD-level’ jobs and Ministers of Religion will be exempted from the pay threshold rule, but will have to be paid the appropriate rate for the occupation.

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27 March - 2 April 2012

Broncos stumble to bottom team Widnes Girls love their Tag Rugby ROB POWELL cut a frustrated figure after seeing his London Broncos slip to a tough-luck 38-30 loss at Widnes. The defeat came on the back of two promising displays against Castleford and Wigan. And Powell admitted the performance had caught him by surprise. “I think a few of the players got ahead of themselves,” the Broncos coach said. “There was an assumption that as we had played well in the last two games that we would again today, but it does not work like that. “We just expected things to happen, and when it didn’t it became very tough. “Every game is a challenge and you

have to be up for it, and that is a lesson we have to learn.” A real bright spot was the performance of Julien Rinaldi, who provided real impetus from the bench. And the London coach wished a few more had followed that lead. “I thought it was Julien’s best performance of the season. “When he came on he added some real tempo and to be honest I thought he showed the other players what they should have been doing from the off.” The Broncos now look ahead to a televised clash with Wakefield on Saturday, and Powell knows the exact improvement he has in mind. “We just have to start better. “We cannot go into games having to

score 30 or 40 points to win. “I am pretty sure there will be a response and I am sure we will come out strong.” Don’t miss the London Broncos at home to Wakefield Trinity at 5.45pm on Saturday 31 March

GWS must maintain the belief: Sheedy GREATER Western Sydney coach Kevin Sheedy suggests confidence will be crucial as his side looks to keep the momentum going after a hard-nosed start to their maiden AFL Season. GWS were trounced by 63 points in their maiden clash, but won plenty of plaudits for the manner in which they attacked the contest. The Giants are likely to face a testing year of similarly one-sided results, and Sheedy knows the importance of self-belief in a season where his young charges will be perennial underdogs. “You’ve got to get to a situation where you can actually add value to a group of young people that need belief and confidence in themselves,” he said. “(They know) full well that they’re most likely going to, every match this year, play on someone better than themselves. “As the head coach you’ve got to be able to handle that and make sure those young players don’t feel any lesser, even though they may be playing on people who have played for longer.

“Our players are important, and they’re not to be trod on. And we’ve got to make sure that when they go out there they believe in themselves. “It’s one of the most important skills to have as a young person in what is a pretty tough environment.” Sheedy believed his side, which featured 17 debutants, played with determination for most of the game. And Sydney midfielder Josh Kennedy, awarded the Brett Kirk medal for being best on ground, couldn’t disagree. “They came out hard and we knew they would,” Kennedy said. “Although it was a 10-goal win in the end, it didn’t really feel like that. It was certainly game-on at halftime, we knew we had to turn it up a notch if we were going to come away with a win.” Sheedy was mostly content with the Giants’ display, but noted the inside-50 count (71-28 to Sydney’s favour) as the most alarming aspect of the loss. “We’ll end up a better side, but we’d want to be,” he said. “We’ve got the Kangaroos coming up (in Hobart) and we’ve got West

By Phillip Browne

Coast up at Blacktown. And we don’t want to be heading into Blacktown and letting our supporters there down.” - AAP

Eels rally around under siege Kearney PAST and present Parramatta stars have rallied around besieged coach Stephen Kearney following calls from his head in the face of the Eels’ shocking start to the NRL season.

Kearney was called in to meet chief executive Bob Bentley on Monday after his term at the club reached a new low on Friday night - the Eels booed off by the home fans following an embarrassing 39-6 loss to Penrith. While the result of the talks are not known - with Bentley failing to return AAP’s calls - it is understood Kearney’s position is not in question. At a promotional launch for this week’s crunch game against Manly, former Eels premiership-winning forward Peter Wynn said now was not the time for panic. “I don’t think it will achieve anything,” Wynn said when asked if he expected Kearney to be shown the door. “I think it’s up to the players to get out there and to play and do what it takes to win games. “A winning football team camouflages everything.” Asked if he thought Kearney was the right man for the job, Wynn added: “He’s got the job. He’s put his hand up for the job so the responsibility is on his shoulders 100 per cent. “In his own gut he’ll know if he can get the job done and I’m sure he can.”

Eels major sponsor Pirtek also added their support, saying fans should not lose sight of the bigger picture. “On Stephen’s appointment just over 12 months ago, the coaching team prepared a five-year plan that provided a very clear direction, pathway to success and measurement indices,” Pirtek chief executive Glenn Duncan said in a statement. “Rugby league is a game of highs and lows. Despite the start to the season, we believe that Stephen and his team are focussed on the five-year plan with the end goal of winning the premiership.” Kearney will be desperate to get a few wins on the board before the added responsibility of his New Zealand coaching commitments eat into his time ahead of the 20 April Test against Australia. Fullback Jarryd Hayne, who will return from a knee injury on Saturday night in what will be a major boost to the Eels’ chances of upsetting the Sea Eagles, said it was up to the players to turn things around. Hayne himself hasn’t avoided criticism for Parramatta’s woes, with reports he is at the centre of a divided playing group. “When you’re losing it’s never a balanced place - everyone’s upset,” hayne said of the feeling within the dressing room.

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“We’re just trying our best. “When you start losing games and the amount of pressure that we’ve had on us, there’s going to be rumours starting. “There’s been all sorts of rumours about me and about other players and whatnot. “We look at it and we just rub it off, we understand the media and everyone’s trying to make a story.” Wynn too said the players must accept their share of responsibility for the predicament the team finds itself in. “It comes back to the attitude of the players,” he said. “They’ve got to be able to execute all those things right for the team to turn it around and become a winning team. “Do all those little things right and the big things will take care of themselves.” - AAP

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Aussie boxers secure Olympic team Continued from p16...

intentions right from the start and the first (punch) didn’t quite get him, but the next one did.” There was also big raps for 16-yearold Jai Opetaia who booked his spot on the plane with a hard-fought points victory over New Zealand’s David Light in the heavyweight category. The junior world gold medallist, who celebrates his birthday on 30 June, will be the youngest Australian boxer to compete at an Olympics. “Youngest ever - it’s a crazy feeling,” Opetaia said. “This has been my dream ever since

I can remember. I grew up running around the gym. “People always asked me, like, ‘do you have a Plan B?’ “But there’s never been a plan, this is my plan.” Daly hinted medals might be too far out of reach for Opetaia in London, but noted that the NSW central coast teenager will be just 20 by the time the Rio de Janeiro Olympics come around. “He’s got all the talent under the sun - probably one of the most gifted kids I’ve seen. “And 16 for a heavyweight is really young.” The 10-strong Australian boxing

squad depart in a week for a six-week tour that takes in China, Thailand, Serbia and Lithuania ahead of the Games which start in late July. Daly said the team expect to go into London on a high. “They’re only kids, but in saying that his team has got some rough diamonds that have every chance anything can happen.” Australia’s female boxing hopefuls will compete at the world championships in May hoping to join the 10 men in London for the first Olympics to include women’s boxing. - AAP

Federici keeping the Aussie standard in Europe Continued from p16...

leading from the 30-minute mark. There was to be no more passing Federici, who saved an impressive Kevin Phillips header in the 58th minute and a Matthew Phillips cross which came right on the full time whistle. Reading are now four points clear of West Ham United and trail table leaders Southampton by five points. Elsewhere in the League Championship Australian players were largely absent through injury including Scott McDonald and Rhys Williams.

The duo both failed to make the team for Middlesbrough who posted a 1-1 result with Bristol City. Victorian McDonald has returned to training following medial ligament damage but is still 10 days away from full fitness. While Perth’s Williams’ ankle ligament injury remains in plaster, but perhaps only for another 10 days, and he could be back in action two weeks after that, come reports from the club. Richard Garcia remains out of action for Hull City. The 30-year-old attacking midfielder is back training

after about a year out with a knee injury and is confident of a return to the league. Victorian Patrick Kisnorbo remains on the sidelines for Leeds as does West Australian defender Shane Lowry, on loan to Millwall from Aston Villa. In the German Bundesliga Australian Nikita Rukavytsya helped Hertha Berlin to a 3-1 victory over Mainz on Saturday. The winger who began his career with Perth Glory crossed to Anis BenHatira in the 41st minute, who blasted home from seven yards for Berlin’s first away goal in 2012. - AAP

Aussies beat Windies to draw series Continued from p16...

But, as in previous games of the tour, Australia allowed the Windies back into the match just when an easy victory seemed assured. Chasing 282, the hosts’ challenge appeared finished when captain Darren Sammy strode to the crease with the score 7-118. What followed was the innings of Sammy’s career, smashing 84 off 50 balls as he and Andre Russell (41) scored 101 off just 59 deliveries for the eighth wicket to drag the Windies back into the match. It reflected similar moments in the series where Australia took their foot off the throat of their opponent, such as the tied third game in St Vincent where the hosts recovered from 6-117 to all but snatch a win. This time Australia had enough runs on the board to repel Sammy’s blitz and claim victory but Watson said a more ruthless approach was required

to overcome the worrying trend. “We’re at a stage where things look like we’re cruising okay and change quite quickly,” Watson said. “That’s happened since I’ve come back in the Australian team over the last 10 games. It’s something we certainly need to work on. “To tie the series, especially when in a number of those games we were at a stage where we should have buried the West Indies, it’s probably very disappointing. “It’s a big learning curve for us. We have to get better at those stages because that’s where we are really going to grow as a team.” Watson hands over the captaincy to George Bailey for the two-match Twenty20 campaign beginning in St Lucia on Tuesday, and he expects it to be just as competitive as the ODIs. “They’ve got a very good Twenty20 team as we do,” Watson said. “I think it’s just going to continue to be a great series.”

Sammy too was ruing missed opportunities after his team just failed to secure the Windies’ first ODI series win over Australia since 1995. The allrounder was the man run out when Australia snatched the tie in the third match of the series and he admitted that moment would probably haunt him. “Every time I close my eyes, this series will reflect in my head and no doubt St Vincent will definitely come to play,” he said. “We hadn’t won a match against Australia since 2006 and to come out there and play, compete and we should have won, it’s good for the team.” The first T20 match begins at the Beausejour Stadium on Tuesday. - AAP

Winners are grinners for Brumbies, Rebels and Tahs Continued from p16...

to the Chiefs has greatly boosted their credibility, as those opponents are New Zealand’s two highest-placed teams. The Stormers lead the ladder and are the only remaining unbeaten team following a 24-19 away win over fellow South African side the Lions. The Brumbies leapfrogged defending Super Rugby champions Queensland in the Australian conference after the Reds were hammered 61-8 by the Bulls in Pretoria on Sunday. The NSW Waratahs rediscovered the ball-in-hand game to win a close one following successive one-point losses, scoring a thrilling 34-30 home victory over the Sharks in Sydney. And the Melbourne Rebels ended their 12-match losing streak stretching back to last season with Mark Gerrard kicking a late penalty to secure a 3029 home win over the Western Force. But Queensland have big problems after racking up their heaviest loss and

biggest score conceded since their 92-3 loss to the Bulls in Pretoria five years ago. The Reds’ woes were compounded by more additions to their injury list in centre Jono Lance (suspected broken leg), prop Ben Daley (suspected broken thumb), hooker Saia Faingaa (ankle syndesmosis) and lock Van Humphries (broken nose). Reds’ coach Ewen McKenzie will contemplate tempering with his team’s expansive style after their desire to keep attacking caused several costly turnovers, but he was philosophical about their heavy loss. “We’ll take stock and dust ourselves off and keep going,” McKenzie said. In Canberra, former NRL winger Joseph Tomane crossed twice early and outstanding young flanker Michael Hooper scored a third try, as the newlook Brumbies again did plenty to excite their fans after last year’s poor season. “The way they took their lessons from last week and put them into practice this game - those are the things that make

coaching so nice,” White said. Rebels’ coach Damien Hill echoed similar sentiments after his team (pictured) rebounded from a last-gasp home loss to the Cheetahs. English five-eighth Danny Cipriani, who was prominent in setting up the Rebels’ 21-0 lead, will be out for two to three weeks with a hamstring injury. However, fellow backline stars James O’Connor, Kurtley Beale and Richard Kingi are all likely to return for next Friday’s game against the Highlanders in Invercargill. In Sydney, winger Tom Kingston scored a match-winning try to secure the Waratahs’ fifth bonus point from as many games. Pre-season fancies the Blues are now eight points adrift at the bottom of the New Zealand conference following a 26-25 loss to the Hurricanes in Auckland. The Crusaders snapped a two-match losing streak with a 28-21 win over the Cheetahs in Christchurch. - AAP



Izzy ready for Aussie Rules yet? By Will Denton

IT HAS BEGUN! And in true AFL opening round style it has kicked off with an almighty hammering, although it wasn’t Richmond this time (they get their turn this week). No, it just so happened to be the GWS Giants. The new boys got a taste of what’s to come this season as the Swans just got over the line by 10 goals. It wasn’t all doom and gloom though. Rugby league convert and multimillionaire Israel ‘Izzy’ Folau didn’t knock the ball on once and the Giants managed to win the last quarter. Admittedly the Swans did that week’s Tai Chi session for the last 20 minutes and ‘Izzy’ kept kicking the footy out of bounds, apparently ‘going for touch’ whatever that means. Bouquets were still thrust upon the AFL’s newest as they did showcase 17 debutants, Chad Cornes’ impressive new torso and of course the return of Sheeds. He’s still completely insane mind you but god, it’s good to see him back in the box. With that done and dusted, the world will once again revolve around Melbourne, as Act 2 of opening round culminates with the traditional match

up of Carlton and Richmond at the G on Thursday. The Tigers are still winless in this fixture and get their best chance at knocking the monkey off the back, mainly because the Blues have been rubbish so far in 2012. Collingwood have also had an indifferent preseason due to the fact it’s starting to sink in that Nathan Buckley really is senior coach. They take on flag favourites Hawthorn, although most focus will be on whether Buddy’s new haircut will affect his goal kicking. Melbourne will be riding the emotion of club legend Jim Stynes’ death and should account for the Lions who without Mr J Brown look very flimsy indeed. Premiers Geelong head west to take on the Dockers who, like every year, have massive expectations. The result will give a glimpse of what’s to come for the purple army, and whether or not the Cats still care about winning everything. Flip the coin for North and Essendon, Eagles should take care of the Doggies and Port v Saints? Who knows! All we know is FOOTY’S BACK!

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n Australia’s boxers create history to secure record spots for London Games n Australian cricket legend blasts cricket’s ‘unfair’ switch hit technique and says AUSTRALIA’S boxers pulled off IMAGE/DEAN Australia still has a wayAAPto go toLEWINS before reclaiming top Test team status

a stunning coup at the last-chance Oceania Olympic qualifier on Sunday, winning all nine finals to claimTim nine Martin tickets to the London By Games. Taking in light heavyweight Damian FORMER Australian captain Ian Hooper, his London Chappell who has booked never been one to spot year, itAnd means Australia will mincelastwords. he’s now come field a fighter allpolarising 10 men’s ‘switch weight out firing aboutinthe divisions at the Olympics. hit’ technique, which David Warner Elatedoffassistant coachinMick Daly pulled with aplomb Australia’s wasn’t surewin if it hadIndia. ever happened recent T20 over before. “I think I wrote it first in the 1990s, “I think it’s the Australia early 1990s, thatfirstit’stime ridiculous,” has been in every division - it’s Chappell told weight Australian Times. a“Iclean knockout,” he said. mean it’s a terrific skill but can “It’s justexplain a credittotome thehow boys someone it’s- their fair? attitude, their has dedication. If the bowler got to tell you which “It’shebeen a really-good way is bowling over preparation the wicket, and all worked hard.left That’s roundthey’ve the wicket, right arm, arm what’s been on show today.” - how can it be fair if he then places a The knockout blow batsmen was delivered at fielder for a left hand and just Canberra’s AIS on Sunday - the last as he’s about to deliver the ball, the roll of the dice for Australia’s boxing batter becomes a right hander. hopefuls. Chappell said he “admires” skill Even head coach Don the Abnett of the technique but has called for admitted earlier in the week that six balance to be final maintained. out of nine victories was the “There’s a thing called balance most likely outcome. between bat and ball and towent me Fight-of-the-day honours that’s the heavyweight most important thingJohan that to super boxer administrators do – to Linde, who have had got theto toughest keep that balance even.Oceania Now if match-up againstpretty reigning I was playing the game andTonga someone champion Uaine Fa from in did that their gold[switch medal hit], bout.I know exactly what would 30 be doing. I’dinto makethe it But I barely seconds known that I’m threw very unhappy about fight, Linde a powerful it and I think unfair. I’d Fa do straight right it’s hand that And caught something to chin try and it changed. flush on the andget knocked him I’mthenotcanvas. in any doubt at all, sure it’s to very but feet, no way wide He skilful, got to his but in thethereferee world is itthe fair.” declared bout over. The cricket andclosely now Daly, who haslegend worked television said he’s with Linde, commentator said it was arguably the performance of the the Australian day. impressed with team at “Ifmoment you have looknot at sure my Facebook the butahe’s if they’re last prediction was nine back night, to theirmy world beating best. from nine, buthave creditcertainly to our big fella,”a “Australia found said paceDaly. attack during this summer and “The other a lot better they’ve beenguy wellwas captained andboxer. that’s “We show him quite our the wayplanned to turn to things around quickly. That’s not to say they still ...continued on p15

EVERGREEN Socceroos goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer is Federici targeting a one slice of of few WorldfitCup history afterinreiterating his desire Aussies UK football to carrysaves on for by Australia until TWO Reading’s Brazil 2014. Australian keeper Adam Federici Theseen Fulham keeperconfirm turns 40their in have the Royals Octoberplace but on wants to continue second English League playing for attable. least another two Championship seasons asturf he eyes an international On home at Madejski Stadium swan song inReading South America. on Saturday beat play-off Should Blackpool Schwarzer contenders 3-1. make it to Brazil, would become While the he 27-year-old Aussie conceded a blasted right foot shot from 30 yards out by Lomana ...continued on p15 Tresor LuaLua in the 41st minute, Reading never looked in doubt,

Ponting ...continued could beon p15 captain again

AUSTRALIAnot cricket captain Australia ruthless Michael Clarke hopes to miss just enough: Watson one limited-overs international

AUSTRALIA AGAINST ENGLAND The road to London starts now | P15


don’t have some flaws there which I’m sure they’d like to fix up, some of the top order batting leaves a bit to be desired and I’m sure they’d like to see some young batsmen coming through but it’s a hell of a lot better than it was 12 months ago.” Yet he wouldn’t go so far as to say Australian cricket was entering a new golden age. “No. No I wouldn’t say that. Certainly – our bowling, it’s very good, very strong. You are going to

have next summer, if they all get fit, nine or 10 guys who have all played a bit of international cricket with a bit of success and all looking to be in the Test side which is a very good thing. “But I don’t see a batting lineup at the moment. If you look at some of the heavy lifting in the Test series against India, apart from Warner, a lot of the heavy lifting was done by [Michael] Clarke, by [Ricky] Ponting and by [Michael] Hussey.” And Chappell agrees that Australia

have to reinvest in youth for the future. “Australian cricket has got to get back to finding young batsmen who are good enough for first class cricket and ready for first class cricket at age 18. And that’s when you start to get a few guys coming into the Test side at age 20-21-22. Ponting and Clarke both came in at around that age and you’ve got to have those guys feeding through and I don’t see those guys at

GWS Giants kick start the 2012 AFL season | P14

...continued on p14

due to his leg muscle injury.Watson STAND-IN captain Shane scans must on Monday hasClarke warnedsaid Australia rekindle returned “good describing news” their by their killer instinct, revealing justina slight strain tofivehis performance the drawn right hamstring. match ODI series against the West “I have a grade one hamstring Indies as “very disappointing”. strain so will be out of aFriday’s The tourists claimed 30-run game,” posted win in Clarke Sunday’s finalonmatch StAustralia Lucia, will levelling the series be forced to name2-2 a and thereby avoiding a first ODI campaign defeat to the WestonIndies ...continued p15 in 17 years. ...continued on p15

Stewart nearly back

Brumbies hit the to best: Toovey Super Rugby heights MANLY coach Geoff Toovey

THE surprising sit says Brett StewartBrumbies is leaps and atop Super Rugby’s Australian bounds ahead of where his fitness conference leaders was at thiswhile pointprevious last season and Queensland ponder their grim he expects the NRL will see injury toll after a demoralisingly the best of the star fullback in one-sided loss to the Bulls. 2012 following an pre-season, injury-free Unfancied in the preparation. coach Jake White’s Brumbies are Stewart, the 2009 now runningwho third missed overall following and 2010 their 33-26seasons home with win successive over the knee injuries that threatened his previously unbeaten Highlanders career, returned in a big way last on Saturday. That victory following a narrow loss ...continued on p15 ...continued on p15

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