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Meet Rev. Barbara Moxham

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Hi Everyone Hope you are all managing to flow and change with all the situations we are all being presented with during this time. It is so tough for so many people, so it is time I believe for us all in this Spiritual field to become more mindful of others and their needs. Take the time to be courteous and kind, thoughtful and non-demanding. Thinking always of the other person or situation in front of you. Allowing your essence to help and balance any situation in need of calm or comfort. We are all used to being present and still. So time to show the way a little more and support others. This month I would like to introduce you to another of our ASA board members. Rev. Barbara Moxham. Barbara has been involved within the Spiritual field here in Australia for as long as I can remember. I have been lucky enough to have met this lady not only when I lived in Sydney, she also came up to Tamworth to serve my church the Tamworth Spiritualist Church in the early days of opening. We also had a reading day and she was loved and appreciated by everyone she met.. Her story is below. Thank you Barbara. Also I would like to remind people that if you wish to add your listing of Events, Small ads, Spiritual Articles, Information on your Church or Gatherings etc let me help you promote what you do, as a member you get the opportunity to list your business, write an article to promo that business, share your events, all as part of your membership. I am happy to help you with this as it encourages people along to support you. So please don’t keep us in the dark Tell us about yourself – loud and clear. 😊 I’m waiting





When Mandy asked me to do this item which I hope will give you an insight into me. I really wasn’t sure where I would start. So here goes. I don't have much recollection of my early childhood. After my parents divorced my mother and I lived with my grandparents. I had a close connection with my grandmother which became stronger over time and I would sense intuitively when something was wrong with her. In those days I was very involved with my local Anglican church, attending services on a regular basis. Which continued for many years until I was married and then all the usual stuff of family life and raising children took over. Which was a learning curve in itself. I was in my 30s when I started having visions, one in particular of a young woman being abducted and ultimately murdered. Stopped me in my tracks as the details were gruesome and distressing. With this one I felt I had to talk with someone, so I spoke to a friend from the police about this and they were able to confirm that what I was seeing were the details of a murder that had recently taken place. It was a high-profile case, but I was seeing details that only the police knew. From this a friend suggested I attend a Spiritualist Church so I could start to understand what was happening. There I met some amazing mediums and was asked to join a development circle. Well, I could not get enough. It was like an addiction. Apart from weekly circle, Spiritualist Church, healing circle and avid reading, I attended seminars, workshops and anything spiritual that I could find. I must say in those early days I did find it challenging to give a reading to someone, either in a private or a public setting, as part of me kept thinking that maybe I had the wrong information, or it was my imagination. Eventually I learned to only give the information I had, not embroider, or miss bits because it didn’t make sense to me and trust in Spirit. As many of you know when you are working with the spirit world with love and integrity, they never let you down. Along the way I realised that natural ability is important but so also is training. So to date I have done a lot of training in the spiritual sphere but also in the more conventional sense as well. Plus, my training continues. For me my spiritual journey is a learning and sharing journey and always changing increasing my awareness and, in my sharing, increasing others journeys as well.


I have also attained many Government accredited certificates in Counselling, Social Services and Teaching Adults along the way. Including having trained in Pastoral Care with Southern Cross Care, for the last 10 years I have been a volunteer in that roll in aged care. Working as an evidential medium, healing medium and Reiki practitioner, ultimately, I became interested in the dying process and volunteered in palliative care at Calvary Hospital, where I remained for 21 years. As spiritual people we can play an important role in alleviating the fear of this natural and inevitable process. Plus I also for many years, taught Psychic Development, Mediumship, Tarot and Healing at Community College I opened and ran The Bankstown Spiritual Church for many years and was ordained by Rev. Cherie Potter. Subsequently I moved the church from Bankstown to Sutherland which I ran for about 30 years. I am not sure how my association began with the original ASA but am sure it would have been instigated by Henry Zarth. I saw the value of such an organisation with ethical standards, as I still do today. I held many different board positions with the original Association and now, with the Alliance, I am involved in setting up the Academy, to the highest standards and have a talented and experienced team of members on my committee and we work together to bring our members comprehensive and affordable courses for Readers, Healers and for those who wish to pursue the Ministry. Each of us on this sub committee have a passion and a desire to bring forward the best education we can for budding Students of the Spiritual arts. Australia in the past has not had a National Spiritual Accreditation authority and I believe it is important to have an organisation where people can go for information, training and understanding knowing they are not going to be taken advantage of by scammers, under qualified teachers’ readers or healers etc. The Australian Spiritual Alliance is aiming to be the body for teaching, integrity, truth of all things Spiritual. - By Rev. Barbara Moxham Member ASA

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Take twelve fine full-grown months: see that these are thoroughly free from old memories of bitterness, rancor and hate, cleanse them completely from every clinging spite: pick off all specks of pettiness and littleness: in short, see that these months are freed from all the past-have them fresh and clean as when they first came from the great storehouse of Time. Cut these months into thirty or thirty-one equal parts. Do not attempt to make up the whole batch at one time, (so many persons spoil the entire lot this way) but prepare one day at a time. Into each day put equal parts of faith, patience, courage, work (some people omit this ingredient and so spoil the flavor of the rest), hope, fidelity, liberality, kindness, rest (leaving this out is like leaving the oil out of the salad dressing – don’t do it), prayer, meditation and one well- selected resolution. Put in about one teaspoonful of good spirits, a dash of fun, a pinch of folly, a sprinkling of play, and a heaping cupful of good humour. Reprinted by kind permission MC & TSC

COME SIT WITH ME In times of trouble and uncertainty, come sit with me here on the rocks, close your eyes – yet keep the image forefront of your mind, and listen to the sound of the water, yes hear it, listen, now feel the spray of the waterfall as it seeps into your being cleansing, clearing and purifying every aspect of who you are. Bringing you to a state of peace and calm, thus bringing clarity to your being... Relax even further now – embrace the water the warmth of the sun on your back… let the energy of the water and the sun bring forward the strength and understanding in you. Stay with me as long as you wish… but know, when you are ready to continue your day. It will be with a renewed energy and perfection will be yours. – Mandy Coles meditation facilitator. 24 January 2022 copyright.


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I don’t know about all you lovely people out there, but I must say since the issues with the health situations we have all been going through, not just in our neck of the woods but sadly globally as well. For me I have become aware of the changes with other’s attitudes, including mine. You know our attitude really affects others and ourselves as we journey along life’s pathway. Sometimes it can be so disappointing and destructive, yet other times uplifting when addressing things from that positive perspective, that brings the best in another forward. To me this is no better time to start with the right attitude towards our spiritual work whether we be healers, readers carers etc. For as Spiritual beings following a spiritual path we can accomplish so much. Working together or singularly there is so much we can do. There is always work to be done. I know many of you totally understand where I am coming from. For me our work is simple if we follow our hearts, work with pure intent and integrity keep our learning on track with good tried and true teachers that have come from the ground up. Working on every level of development from healing right through to channelling and all points in between. Yes, there will be some areas you are more comfortable with, but you really need a broad coverage, so you actually understand every process. No, not difficult if you approach from point of a sound solid positive attitude of - Yes, I can do this and know that it takes that thing called time to complete, although to me we never stop learning for our journey on this plain is all about the learning the sharing and the upliftment of others. No, sorry not about YOU. But in saying that I always remember when I was very much younger 50+ years ago and I was starting a career in sales and marketing. I always understood in my being that if you help enough people achieve what they want – you automatically achieve what you want too. Yes, it’s true – I did… You know as we are entering this year have you thought about what may be in store for you? Have you planned anything? Or are you prepared to just let it happen? - Let what happen did I hear you say - will it be good or will it be not so good. Will you benefit or will you hurt someone- does it matter? YES, it does – we are right now on our path of this lifetime – OURS, and we can make it anything we wish it to be – for us, our families and friends, our clients, in fact anyone that walks across our path, we touch in some form. As spiritual workers, beings of light whatever you see yourself as do you want this to be a year of progress, upliftment and joy for all you come in contact with. If your answer is YES, then be aware of your thoughts your attitude your intention. Work only with the purest of thought word and deed. Listen to your guidance, your teachers physical & spiritual, get to know your stuff inside out. Trust yourself and those that guide you. I do all the time; it took time but in time it all worked perfectly. I love my work 😊 As I close, I would like to share something I heard back in the 70’s at a meeting I was attending. We had to listen to a tape by a gentleman named J. Douglas Edwards – the tape – I have no idea what it was called. Can’t even remember what the tape was about. Yet this one piece has stuck like glue for all these years. A piece about an aeroplane. How the aeroplane on the runway needs a full 100% of the throttle for lift off. Also of course we know what happens if we say give it just 40% of throttle and a runway is only so long, isn’t it. I feel that we as people can be likened to the throttle in an aeroplane. How much do you give of yourself – a full 100% or 40% How much do we consider enough. How are you towards others or in fact yourselves. How many times have you nearly done something? Then found a perfectly good reason for not doing it. Are you a 40%er or 100%er? I would like to think that all of us as Spiritual workers are 100%er. We all can be if we are prepared to give much more of ourselves, go the extra mile, we really can do so much more than we think. You know over the years I have pondered, what it is that makes some people achieve exactly that they want and yet others stumble along the way, but you know I don’t think it is just one thing at all, but a combination of thing or situations. So, my thoughts are - above all they believe they can do it, and reach their attainments, have enthusiasm and a brilliant positive attitude. Plus, they are supported by some amazing friends Spiritually & Physically. I know I was very blessed my teachers on all levels supported me in so many ways.


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Love has the power to create miracles.... To truly love unconditionally is to move through all obstacles of intolerance, bigotry, and prejudice. To love is to feel another’s pain, not by suffering with them but knowing that by sharing their burden you may ease their pain. Love has the power to transform.... A depth of true soul consciousness brings with it a glowing warmth of sharing and the ability to let ego withdraw. Love knows when to let a weary soul rest in the knowledge that the time will come for a renewal of energy and revitalization. Love creates understanding.... When true understanding is present there is an equalization of all forms of disparity, aligning oneself with the issues of those around us with compassion and sensitivity. Love listens.... sees.... fullness of heart.... Love knows no bounds.......

My pick of all my oils this month is Acceptance due to all that is happening out there in the world with people not knowing what may be happening now or into even next week, we really do have to try and accept that changes twists and turns are what we are likely to experience for a little while yet. I find when applying 2 or 3 drops of acceptance to my hands a little rub together and place hands just gently over nose breathing deeply. With each breath you will begin to settle and know that all is well and yes you can accept whatever changes are in front of you. Diffusing is another method I find extremely helpful as the energy of the essential oil permeates the atmosphere and brings an acceptance into the total being. Just 4 or 5 drops in water in my diffuser is all it takes. I just love my YL essential Oils if you would like to know more take a look at my website or contact me direct at

A Spiritual Voice page has been set up specifically for our members, so we can share and interact with you our members on a platform that has no advertising or input by non-ASA members. We hope to bring you good sound knowledge, the opportunity for interaction with our members, guidance and practical ideas for working and sharing within our spiritual field. You will be first to hear the news of what’s happening within our ASA field. We hope to bring a strong sound background of, where we have been and where we may be going with teachings, sharing, healing etc. We at the ASA are looking forward to running through our Academy, Introduction Courses, along with and many other things as we grow. I do hope you will all join me on this little adventure, a Journey of Discovery as we explore all things Spiritual. Join now...



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EMOTIONAL & SPIRITUAL WELLBEING SUPPORT Do you wish there was someone who would listen to what’s going on for you today? I offer compassionate, person centred support when life is hard or the world feels overwhelming. THERE IS NO CHARGE for this service. FRAN PREM, Spiritual Care Practitioner and Clinical Pastoral Supervisor (Prov.) Phone: 0493 078 257

SPIRIT CLUB MEDIUMSHIP UNCOVERED Spirit Club was created by psychic medium, Donna Young, and her team of spirit guides to help mediums all over the world to embrace their gifts, develop new avenues for sharing their gifts, and ultimately reach their full potential. Donna explains the importance of both learning and teaching directly from spirit, and what it means to open the doors to the love, compassion and acceptance of the other side. She shares what life has been like for her as she’s spent her whole life working closely with a team of guides in a way that most people still view with disbelief. Donna eliminates any fear in the reader as she explains spirituality in a way that everyone can understand. Join this gifted and authentic Australian medium as she channels the highest realms to uncover the truths behind many centuries-old myths. Donna explains energy, ghosts and so much more about the other side as she knows it, sees it and experiences it. Become a member of Spirit Club for the day, and find your own inner amazing! Open the door to past lives, near death, and how you can communicate with spirit. Learn directly from spirit through implicit trust. Make new friends who support and encourage your uniqueness. And know that you have so much potential, and so much to contribute to the world. You are very welcome here. Purchase Spirit Club @ Member ASA - Just a wee snippet from Donna’s Spirit Club Book: Have you ever felt goosebumps all over your body, or the hairs on your arms standing on end, or shivers up your spine? Did you stop to notice of what you were talking about at the time? Or what you were thinking? Or what was going on around you?

Chances are, these shivery feelings are showing you confirmation of what you were talking about, or thinking about, or wondering about. Pay attention to those signs and what is happening when you feel them. Are you looking for answers? Or confirmation or reassurance about something? Is spirit around you at the time? Can you feel them? Taken from pages 154 & 155 of Spirit Club Book by Donna Young

RHONDA KELLY - INTERNATIONAL CLAIRVOYANT AND PSYCHIC MEDIUM Phone: +61 0435 200 390 Instagram: @psychicrhondakelly Facebook: Rhonda’s Readings by Rhonda Kelly Web: Member of the ASA


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COMING EVENT FOR FEBRUARY 2022 Boho Luxe Market 5pm Friday 11th - 4pm Sunday 13th The Timber Yard, Melbourne



Katrina's Body Mind and Soul Festivals Friday 18 evening with spirit, & Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 The Westport Club, Port Macquarie


Brisbane Mind Body Spirit Festival Friday 25 to Sunday 27, B13 BCEC


For more info contact: Rhonda Kelly - International clairvoyant and psychic medium Phone: +61 0435 200 390 Instagram: @psychicrhondakelly Facebook: Rhonda’s Readings by Rhonda Kelly Web: Member of the ASA

Reading Day with Mandy Coles International Medium Tuesday 15th 9am – 5pm Ibis Styles Hotel Tamworth NSW By appointment only Text or Ph 0402348597 to book – Member of the ASA

SPIRITUAL SERVICES FEBRUARY 2022 Tamworth Spiritualist Church Inc. Services last Sunday of the month unless otherwise notified at 2pm. Speakers, Clairvoyants & healing in all services. At Mara Mara Community Inc. Corner of Kathleen & Degance Sts. Tamworth. Member of the ASA


HEADS UP - APRIL 2022 FOR YOUR DIARY – Coming up in April is the rescheduled TCMF Reading Room 18th – 24th April 2022 Various readers for in person and distant sessions to know more contact Mandy at Member of the ASA

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