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Deborah Williams Au s t r a l i a n Ga l l e r i e s

Excerpt from You were a chosen one and for that I will be eternally grateful. The thought had been to get Ruby a mature mate, in the hope of injecting some life, via a little bit of politics. Ruby knew me better than I knew myself. Instead Ruby channelled towards an 8-week-old look a like. The patch was identical except she had a white eyebrow on her black side and you, a black eyebrow on your white side. Some might say slight narcissism, a mini me, but I know, you knew me well. The Archangel Raphael was at the gates of heaven with his dog Kish, the soul who lead from this life to the next. It seemed a fitting name, albeit huge shoes to wear. So there was Kish. Often mistaken when introduced as Kitch, Quiche or even Kitzee. More often than not referred to by me as Kishy Noodles, Kishy La La or just La La. On rare occasions, Kiss my tuchus. You were beautiful, cheeky, inquisitive, protective, loving and defiant. We were each other’s equals. We have travelled many pathways together, some challenges, and more often than not, immense joy. You brought into my life the greatest happiness. What a true blessing. It is the relationships I have had with both you, and Ruby, as well as family dogs growing up, that solidifies my life long obsession of making pictures about dogs. I can’t imagine my life without you. I simply cannot bear the thought. Your very being was exquisite, your energy sublime. It is hard to breathe at the thought. I know though, the time we had together, was brilliant. RIP my darling, forever a part of me. Kish Williams 12 July 2006 - 27 July 2017 Deborah Williams, 2017

Au s t r a l i a n Ga l l e r i e s MELBOURNE

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Deborah Williams Your Very Being Was Exquisite Tuesday 27 February 2018 6pm to 8pm 28 Derby street Collingwood ViC 3066 Current until sunday 18 March 2018 Open 7 days 10am to 6pm t 03 9417 2422 Member art Galleries association of australia Front: Look me in the eye 2018 soft ground etching, drypoint and roulette intaglio 34 x 42.5 cm edition 20 left: Remembered 2018 etching, aquatint, roulette and engraving intaglio 57 x 44.5 cm edition 20 Opposite: A reflection of myself (detail) 2018 etching, roulette and spit bite intaglio 44 x 42.5 cm edition 20


A single gaze 2016 inkjet print on archival rag Photographique 110 x 146 cm edition 5

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Deborah Williams 2018  

Deborah Williams 2018