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Au s t r a l i a n Ga l l e r i e s SYDNEY

BoB Marchant

Au s t r a l i a n Ga l l e r i e s SYDNEY

invites you to the opening

BoB Marchant Living the Dream tuesday 15 May 2018 6pm to 8pm 15 roylston street Paddington nsW 2021 current until sunday 3 June 2018 open 7 days 10am to 6pm t 02 9360 5177

Front: Living the Dream 2017 oil on canvas 122 x 152 cm

Living the Dream What for most people are unrealistic dreams have always been realisable for Bob Marchant. In his earlier works he showed us the miraculous daily life of this childhood growing up in the Wimmera district of Victoria. Now in his latest work, we see his personal dreams realised; dreams no longer but a living reality, full of light and bright rich colour, as if bandages have come off, a world full of beauty and familial love. They are paintings, which express a profound gratitude for his life, his beautiful wife Inger, their children and grandchildren. It’s impossible to see them and not feel grateful, too. - Tony Brigull BA(Hons) Oxon, MA Bob’s mother told him he was born with a pencil in his hand. his art teacher at nhill high school told him he was born to paint. his parents acting on her advice sent him to the best art school in Melbourne, rMit. he graduated with honours four years later, then travelled to europe to gain experience. For Bob, london was the place to be between 1960 to 1980. creativity exploded. there were big changes in music, films, art, theatre, literature and fashion. he became friends with many who were making the changes happen. two of his artist friends were Brett Whiteley and David hockney. Marchant returned home in 1980 to live in sydney and to paint full time. after winning a couple of sulman prizes his art career flourished. With the opening of this retrospective exhibition Marchant also celebrates his 80th birthday. there are paintings produced in the last five years, plus rare examples from earlier periods of his life.

Inger’s sculpture studio by the sea 2018 oil on canvas 122 x 184 cm

Tracks in the desert, gathering wild flowers 2013 oil on canvas 122 x 184 cm

Rabbiting in the Wimmera 1986 oil on canvas 122 x 185 cm

Irises and old lace 1983 oil on canvas 155 x 185 cm

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Bob Marchant 2018  
Bob Marchant 2018