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YEAR IN REVIEW 2017–2018

The Australian College of Nursing is the pre-eminent and national leader of the nursing profession. We are committed to our intent of advancing nurse leadership to enhance the health care of all Australians.

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National Membership Roadshows


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Our 2017–2018 highlights


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ACN National Nurses Breakfast


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Banka Island massacre tribute – Bathurst


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Why our tribe loves ACN


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International Council of Nurses Triad Meeting and World Health Assembly, Geneva


Nursing Now


Our passionate Emerging Nurse Leaders 27 Preserving our rich history


How we empower our tribe


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Our refreshed Communities of Interest


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ACN Policy Chapters


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National Nursing Forum


Fiji Annual National Nursing Scientific Symposium 69 Solomon Islands High Commissioner visit


Fiji College of Nursing collaboration


Singapore Transforming Nursing Care conference 70 Making change in health policy


Promoting our profession


Our digital network


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President’s welcome Professor Christine Duffield FACN The past year has been a successful one for the Australian College of Nursing (ACN). We have, through a variety of events and programs, connected and educated thousands of nurses and made significant progress in achieving the targets set by the Board in our Strategic Directions 2017–2021.

both are critical for ensuring we remain relevant and connected to our membership. In October 2017, the Board announced the establishment of the ACN Foundation to support future leadership opportunities for nurses. We have allocated reserves of $5 million to act as initial seed funding and look forward to offering our first grants and awards in 2019.

Over the years ACN has been invited to contribute to discussions on a broad range of clinical and professional policy issues. I would like to thank all our Fellows and Members who have done so on our behalf. With the launch this year of the four inaugural ACN Policy Chapters – Workforce Sustainability, Healthy Ageing, Chronic Disease and End of Life Care – we now have a more formal mechanism for influencing policy. Under the leadership of the Policy Chapter Chairs and Deputy Chairs, there will now be a platform for debate on critical and contemporary policy matters, where key stakeholders can identify major policy opportunities and strategies to address these based on the best evidence available.

In 2018 we also saw the final steps of unification take place. The assets and liabilities from the Royal College of Nursing, Australia and The College of Nursing were transferred to ACN. We have also taken steps to protect and register the names of both predecessor organisations. Our achievements and identity as ACN cannot be separated from our past. This year has seen the appointment of a new independent Board Director and the election of four new Board Directors. It has been a pleasure to welcome them all. The range of skills and experiences they bring to our discussions will ensure we are in good hands.

ACN is committed to ensuring that the expertise and experiences of nurses are represented in policy development throughout the Australian health and aged care systems. As our membership numbers continue to increase we anticipate that our influence will also grow. This will be aided by the revitalised 16 Communities of Interest (COI) and 14 Regions:

Finally, I would like to thank the Board of Directors (new and outgoing), the CEO, the Executive and all ACN staff for their hard work over the past year and their commitment to the ongoing development of ACN. Regards, Christine

Australian College of Nursing


Year in Review 2017 – 2018


CEO welcome Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward FACN The Year in Review is more than a snapshot of our progress over the past 12 months. It is a celebration of who we are, what we do and all that we have accomplished. Ultimately, it is a celebration of our success in promoting the voice of nurses throughout the country.

over the past year. Last year alone saw a graduate certificate student increase of 27%. Our passion to make a difference is inspiring and membership has increased as a result. I would like to thank our Board of Directors, Distinguished Life Fellows, Fellows, Members, Leadership Teams, Emerging Nurse Leaders, Affiliates and supporters for your influence and dedication to advancing nurse leadership throughout the country. We have a strong and powerful membership base and would not be the pre-eminent leader of our profession without your expertise and commitment.

The past year has been incredibly eventful for all of us at ACN. We are influencing policy at state and national levels. ACN has increased nurses representing our profession by 70%, and our contribution to shaping health care policy is continuing to rise. Over the past year, ACN submitted 81 consultations to state and federal government, set up four Policy Chapters and held a Policy Summit in which dedicated health care experts and decision-makers addressed major policy issues. Our detailed focus on prominent policy areas is a valuable contribution to Australia’s health care agenda.

I would also like to thank the dedicated ACN staff and volunteers who have guided our strategic direction over the past 12 months. Whether you have been involved with designing and implementing our programs or policy, promoting industry engagement or working behind the scenes, your commitment and dedication has been paramount to our success in not just reaching our goals but exceeding them.

Moreover, our voices are being heard. Nurses are receiving more media coverage than ever before. I have stated before that it is my intention to have a collective, influential and powerful voice for nurses throughout Australia. Over the past year, ACN promoted our agenda in 15 published articles, 17 radio interviews and 5 television interviews. The nation appreciates the contribution we make.

Moving forward, I envisage a strong future in which we build on all we have accomplished and become an even stronger force in shaping health care policy. I am proud of all we have achieved over the past year and I look forward to working together to drive nursing influence to the next level.

We have invested in nurse leadership at every career stage and our student membership has almost doubled

Warmest regards, Kylie

Australian College of Nursing


Year in Review 2017 – 2018


Our 2017–2018 highlights OVER






































are our


Behind the Board The Board of Directors is responsible for ACN’s governance. ACN’s Board comprises Directors elected from, and by, the membership of ACN and two independent Directors appointed by the Board. The Board ensures that ACN has an appropriate corporate governance structure and that the organisation continues to grow and develop for the advancement of the nursing profession and in line with our constitution. At our 2017 Annual General Meeting, one new independent Board Director was newly appointed and four new Board Directors were elected. We welcomed Belynda Jane Abbott FACN, Adjunct Professor Susanne Hawes FACN, Professor Linda Shields FACN, Adjunct Professor

David Plunkett FACN and Ross M Lewin to the Board. ACN would also like to extend our gratitude to the outgoing Board Directors for their commitment and dedication to ACN over the years. In June 2018, the Board held a strategic planning day to review the Strategic Directions 2017–2021. This allowed the Board to reassess priorities and to reflect on ACN’s key achievements in membership growth and financial security.

PRESIDENT Professor Christine Duffield FACN

With the Board’s dedication and expertise, ACN is sufficiently positioned for a successful and sustainable future, allowing us to continue to advance nurse leadership to enhance the health care of all Australians. VICE PRESIDENT Carmen Morgan FACN

Australian College of Nursing


BOARD DIRECTOR Adjunct Professor David Plunkett FACN

BOARD DIRECTOR Belynda Jayne Abbott FACN

BOARD DIRECTOR Adjunct Professor Suzanne Hawes FACN

BOARD DIRECTOR Professor Linda Shields FACN




Our ACN team At ACN, we believe that we are powerful individually, but unstoppable together. Our team exemplifies this day in, day out. Over the last financial year, ACN has continued to grow and strengthen, thanks to the combined efforts of the ACN staff. ACN employs a diverse range of dedicated and talented individuals across both our Sydney and Canberra headquarters, who work diligently to ensure that ACN remains the pre-eminent and national leader of the nursing profession. ACN places great value on its people; this year,

we have invested heavily in the team and the organisation reaps the rewards. We are led by a Chief Executive Officer and each operational division has an Executive Director and supporting teams – all of whom bring a wealth of expertise, experience and passion. The four operational divisions are: Corporate Support, Education, Professional and Commercial. At the end of June 2018, ACN employed a total of 79 permanent employees.

Australian College of Nursing


The past year has seen our staff create more exceptional experiences – whether it be through our customer service contact, our face-to-face and online courses or our varied events such as our National Nursing Forum and Membership Roadshows. We have been able to release innovative new concepts, such as our online engagement platform, neo, only due to the commitment and teamwork from individuals across all divisions.

Affiliates, secured new education tenders from government and upgraded technology to ensure we are working as efficiently as possible. This year, the team has continued to ensure that nurses and nursing are represented at the highest level across emerging policy and advocacy issues and that we highlight and expand our reach nationally in politics and the media. We are speaking as a united voice for nurses and ensuring that the nursing voice is heard.

We have also reached and excelled our internal targets, rolled out and revised new courses, held leadership development days for our valued

Thank you to all of you behind the scenes who make ACN the success it is. Our power really is in our people.

Year in Review 2017 – 2018


Breast Cancer Network Australia Mini-Field of Women On Tuesday 31 October, ACN Canberra and Sydney offices held a Breast Cancer Network Australia Mini-Field of Women event in support of the many Australians affected by breast cancer and the dedicated nurses who care for them.

Supporting our community

Mini-Field of Women events involve an exhibition of 100 pink lady silhouettes planted in the ground or on display, and often involve a simple ceremony.

The team at ACN across both our Canberra and Sydney offices enjoy connecting together on a number of special occasions and to mark important dates on the health calendar.

The day I found out my mother had breast cancer, I watched her go from the strong, independent, organised, pragmatic in control woman that raised me to a weak, confused, disorientated, helpless woman. She had trouble putting sentences together, she couldn’t remember things and she couldn’t make decisions. While mum amazed everyone and responded to treatment better than anyone expected, it was tough.

National Close the Gap Day

Even with all my knowledge and experience in the area, I wasn’t prepared. I don’t think you ever can be.

Close the Gap (CTG) is an Indigenous-led campaign to achieve health equality between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Australians within one generation.

-An anonymous nurse

The campaign, launched in November 2009, encouraged improvements: reductions in infant mortality rates, more health checks being reported, reductions in smoking rates and better access to medicine. However, there is still more to be done. ACN is a member of the CTG Steering Committee and fund administrator for the Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship Scheme – Indigenous health scholarships. Australian College of Nursing


International Women’s Day ACN is committed to championing women’s equality, celebrating women’s achievements and challenging the stereotypes and gender bias – goals that all align with 2018’s International Women’s Day (IWD) theme of #PressforProgress. ACN team members marked the occasion on Tuesday 8 May by sharing stories of women who inspired them, as well as a donation drive for Share the Dignity, a charity who provide sanitary products to homeless women.

R U OK? Day R U OK? Day occurs every September to encourage people of all demographics to connect with and support those around them. While reaching out to your colleagues, friends and acquaintances and starting conversations about mental illness is vital for all workplaces, this topic is of particular relevance to us in the health industry. At ACN for R U OK? Day, we joined together for a group lunch, to check in with each other and learn how to support those who are doing it tough.

Vinnies CEO Sleepout ACN was proud to support our CEO, Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward FACN, in her third year participating in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout on 21 June. Kylie joined around 150 other CEOs spending a night outside at the National Museum of Australia to raise money for the St Vincent de Paul Society to help the homeless. Nurses are involved in all aspects of health and wellbeing. With more than 2.9 million Australians living in poverty and more than 116,000 homeless, the annual Vinnies CEO Sleepout highlights the issues of homelessness and contributing factors.

Year in Review 2017 – 2018


Our extended education network ACN’s wide range of educational and vocational programs are tailored to develop a highly skilled nursing workforce. We thank all of our inspirational nursing and health care industry experts, educators and academics for sharing their expertise and promoting professional development.

TUTORS AND MARKERS Alison Bell Amanda McGregor Barbara Hasenoehrl MACN Belinda Kendall Carmel O’Kane Carmen Kernahan Carolyn Pendrich Cherry Millar MACN Claudia Watson David Collins Debra Deasey Debra Gilbertson MACN Donna Drew Ellen Seib Faiza Anwar Fiona Farmer Frances Usherwood Gagan Kaur Heather Landells Heather Robertson MACN Irene Stein Jane Martin Janice Layh Jasmin Douglas Jayne Grbin Jennifer Major Jennifer Parker Jennifer Wressell MACN Jenny Rivera Jessica Merry Judy Andrew Romit Judy Smith Julianne Arundale Karen Grant Karen Wynne Katherine Norton Kathy Seward Kay Souter Kellie Austin Kelly Anne Eyre Kylie McCarthy Amy Tan MACN Leanne Johnson Leanne Shepherd Linda Clarke Linda Deys Lisa Thomasson Louise Baker Louise Maher Louise Wightman MACN Lynda Staruchowicz Lynn Rapley Megan White Melissa Sinfield MACN Meredith Jamieson Meredith Kirkpatrick Michelle Rosano Michelle Ryan Necia Eason Nicholas Miles Nicole Pares Nicole Paull Nicole Walsh Nicole Whiting Nirosha Thapa Patrick Cashman Philippa Holland Becky Broomfield Rebecca Newton MACN Roxanne Hopkins MACN Ruth Mursa Sara Peterson Saved Sibanda Sharon Murcott Simon Owens Sue Murton Susan Cameron Susan Corby Susan Darby Susan Murton Suzanne Buckman Tamara Fishlock MACN Tanya Connell Tara Walker Tara Wiese Teresa Heffernan Terrie Adams Tracey Bruce Tracey Selinger Vicki Patton MACN Wendy Bradford Wendy Watson Australian College of Nursing


CLINICAL FACILITATORS AND ASSESSORS Anabel De La Riva Andrea Cohen Andrew Burgess MACN Angela Taylor MACN Angelina Dayal Anna Corry Annette Bray MACN Annette Callaghan Carolina Gray Claudia Zimmer-Robitschko Denise Kelly Diane Rose Dot Yam MACN (Associate) & Associates Elaine Ford Fiona Lumsdaine Fiona Niven Gary Bain MACN Hassan Nazih (John-Paul) Heather Landells Jane Martin Janice Brault MACN Jay Balante MACN Jennifer Macfarlane Jennifer Haines Jinky Buere Joanne Smith MACN Joanne Russell John Wagner John Senior Karen Simpson Karina So MACN Karon Coombs MACN Kassem Taleb Katrina Camello MACN Kirsten Peterse Kirsten Masters Lauren Collings Leanne Allen Linda Pope Lisa Roberts Lisa Nicholls Louise Wightman MACN Louise Sheehy Louise Baker Lynne Weekley MACN Ma Ramos Margaret Ellis Mark Alice Matthew Dutton Megan Weeding Melanie Mahura Meredith Kirkpatric Molly John Monica Hourmozi Naguie Ibrahim Narelle Dean Navdeep Arora Patricia Davidson MACN Pauline Clowes Rebecca Jedwab MACN Renee Pinkney MACN Sally Delaney Sam Capolino Sandra Tutt Sangar Rao MACN Shainaz Khoja Shannon Kokoszka Shirley Magua Simran Maeher Socorro Parra-Bohorquez Sonya Nich Susan Ralston MACN Suzanne Morris Teresa Heffernan Tessa Mckune Tracey Selinger Victoria Downey

WRITERS Beth Newman Carmel O’kane Collins David David Tsui MACN Deborah Downing MACN Debra van den Berg Fleur Trezise Frances Usherwood Heather Landells Jane Martin Janet Mcleod OAM MACN Joshua Cohen Julie Leask Julie Westaway Kathryn Sharples MACN Kelli Austin Louise Baker Louise Maher Lynda Gundry Lynda Magann Matthew Dutton Megan Weeding Melissa Sinfield MACN Nicole Walsh Nicole Whiting Patrick Cashman Rebecca Jedwab MACN Suzanne Buckman Suzanne Sharrad Tara Walker Therese Kearns MACN Vicki Patton MACN Victoria Downey Year in Review 2017 – 2018


Highlighting our impressive students Our students are the core of what we do – building and nurturing nurses’ knowledge, skills and confidence through the array of education courses offered by ACN.

Our student numbers are continually on the rise, in particular our Immunisation for Health Care Practitioners course, redesigned according to the National Educational Framework requirements, has proven to be immensely popular this financial year, with almost 2,000 enrolments.

Our courses have a strong clinical focus and include a range of continuing professional development workshops, seminars and formal award courses. These include our redesigned graduate certificates, specialised vocational training courses and an entry to practice program for internationally qualified nurses and those returning to the workforce.

We are so proud of all our students and graduates – their dedication, passion and commitment to continuous learning is a testament to the nursing profession.

Australian College of Nursing


Celebrating our scholars ACN supports nurses to excel in their careers by offering valuable scholarships, grants and awards.

In 2017, we also provided our membership with the opportunity to enhance their learning and professional skills by developing international or domestic study tours for the first time.

ACN is proud to continue to administer the Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship Scheme, which financially assists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander undergraduate students in an eligible health-related discipline. Over the past year, we have continued to support our students completing courses under the Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship and Support Scheme.

We love following the journeys of our scholars, and witnessing the wider impact upon the community that grows from their careers!

Year in Review 2017 – 2018



we lead

I do believe this is a very exciting and important time for nursing especially in relation to having a

nursing voice

in relation to professional matters, shaping health care policy and health care outcomes.

I’m an Emerging Nurse Leader and

absolutely love

the college. It is so supportive and has helped me to grow as a young professional.

Why our tribe loves ACN Our tribe has shared their perspectives and experiences of ACN via social media and our new online engagement platform, neo. Read some excerpts of their thoughts below. We love being able to inform, connect and inspire nurses across the country!

neo is a great platform for us to share and

exchange ideas,

thanks to the team’s effort to make this happen!

Just love the innovative ways ACN is helping members





I am so by those up and coming nurse professionals I have met through the ACN network and in my role as an ACN Mentor. They see the future of nursing in very different ways and strive to

drive change.

I have been really inspired by the insightful and meaningful conversations on this platform [neo]. ACN has indeed provided a great

professional pathway

for us to share ideas, opinions and experiences.

I am glad that our college allows us to have a


and to hold these forums to communicate our views and at the same time be educated in our knowledge for personal growth and professional development.

community A great

of supportive nurses.

Our esteemed Fellows Our membership is the foundation of ACN. Our distinguished and driven nurses are the reason we love representing our profession.

We are proud to acknowledge the following nurse leaders who were invested as DLFs and Fellows during the past year:

Fellowships of ACN are awarded to accomplished nurse leaders who have made a significant contribution to our profession and college. Fellows share a wealth of valuable experience and expertise with ACN, helping to shape the broader health care agenda.

DLF Judith Meppem PSM FACN (DLF)

Fellow Adjunct Professor Lydia Dennett FACN

Fellows may be awarded a Distinguished Life Fellowship (DLF), a prestigious member status acknowledging their outstanding professional accomplishments and contributions. DLFs and Fellows receive priority to major ACN events and prominent opportunities to represent our profession.

Adjunct Associate Professor Naomi Dobroff FACN Yvonne Mckinlay FACN Leanne Smith FACN

Australian College of Nursing


Year in Review 2017 – 2018


Meet our members! ACN’s membership of engaged and dynamic nurses comprises students and professionals of all levels across a diverse range of expertise areas. We are proud of the vibrant community we call our own – our Fellows and Members are the core of our organisation. Supporting and growing together through professional development opportunities and programs, networking events and our digital platforms, the ACN tribe moves from strength to strength, allowing ACN to continue to be the pre-eminent national professional body for nurses. We thank our Fellows and Members for their active engagement this financial year – whether it be joining our events, leading our Regions and COIs, submitting for policy consultations, representing ACN and the profession, contributing to our publications or voicing comments on important policy and professional discussions. Australian College of Nursing


Year in Review 2017 – 2018


Our passionate Emerging Nurse Leaders The Emerging Nurse Leader program is designed to support early career nurses by developing their skills and confidence, and providing opportunities to represent the nursing profession as leaders. Participants gain valuable connections, tools and knowledge to achieve their personal and professional goals, empowering nurses to excel in their role. The program also enables our Fellows and Members to share their wealth of experience as mentors for ENL participants.

The ENL program comprises five stages, each lasting nine months, addressing the challenges and opportunities nurses experience during their leadership journey. The program is open to current and aspiring nurse leaders, from undergraduate nursing students to nurses in their sixth year of nursing practice. As part of their leadership development, ENLs receive mentoring, participate in prominent industry events and are invited to publish their work in our member publications.

Australian College of Nursing






Throughout this stage, participants identify their own potential leadership qualities and skills and look at how these can be used to extend their professional learning.

During this stage, participants focus on identifying and analysing their own leadership qualities and how these can be developed to positively influence their own and others’ professional growth.

The program allowed me to further develop my existing leadership skills and traits as well as develop new ones. It has allowed me to see who I am, honestly, as a person.

My goal is to be a role model for young nurses. I have a passion for continuing education, professional development and diversity. Lucy Osborn MACN

Mitchell Dagger MACN

Year in Review 2017 – 2018






In stage 3, participants focus on developing their leadership qualities and applying these to professional activities.

During this stage, participants focus on applying their leadership qualities to develop capacity in their teams.

I’m enjoying the collegiality and mentorship the ENL program provides. I have a passion for education and learning, and I hope to combine this with leadership roles in the future.

I learnt that nursing has advanced as a profession because of the strong leadership in the past. For us to continue to develop, transformational leadership is needed.

Hollie Jaggard MACN

Sze Wai Wu MACN

Australian College of Nursing


ENL Mentors ENL mentors provide ENLs with the opportunity to access support from experienced nursing professionals in progressing their nursing careers. Mentors provide confidential and personalised professional career advice. ACN is fortunate to have so many Fellows and Members generously offer their valuable support by giving back to the profession in this way. ACN’s ENL mentoring program offers participants a unique opportunity to be connected with a mentor who can guide them throughout their time in the program and beyond.


EMPOWERED TO LEAD In the final stage of the program, participants focus on developing strong leadership qualities and the skills necessary to lead organisational change.

Being self-aware and using emotional intelligence, understanding your strengths and values, has a profound impact in how you communicate and lead a team.

ENL Reviewers The key role for an ENL Reviewer is to assess ENL applications to help identify a shortlist of applicants for positions in the program. This is an extremely important role as positions are offered to applicants based on these reviews. We are extremely grateful for the support of ENL Reviewers who collectively offer their valuable time and knowledge to ensure we are able to offer this program to exceptional emerging nurse leaders of the future.

Emily Wardell MACN

Year in Review 2017 – 2018


Preserving our rich history We are proud of our past The main objective for the ACN Archives for this period has been to consolidate and unify the two archives from each of our predecessor organisations: the Royal College of Nursing Australia and the College of Nursing, Australia (formerly the New South Wales College of Nursing). A second objective has been to make known the existence and accessibility of the archives and their value to nursing and midwifery researchers. A small booklet has been prepared and published as a valuable guide to the collections held within the Archive. Honorary archivist, Pauline Bryon FACN has continued to update the badge, certificate and medal collection throughout the year. Honorary archivists Emeritus Professor R Lynette Russell AO FACN DLF and Lesley Potter MACN sourced material from Canberra’s Helen M Hamilton archives to incorporate into the proposed book, Behind the Lamp a companion volume to Behind the Gown.

Australian College of Nursing


We love our volunteers ACN is privileged to have dedicated volunteers who archive, record and communicate ACN and our predecessor organisations’ history. Due to the diligent work of our volunteers, the Archive is an outstanding and unique collection of historically relevant nursing and midwifery material. We thank our Honorary Archivists for the invaluable work they do.

Commemorating 150 years of modern nursing 2018 marked the 150th anniversary of the arrival of Lucy Osborn in Sydney on 5 March 1868. Her team of nurses were sent by Florence Nightingale to reform Australian nursing following the ‘Nightingale system’. A commemorative envelope on the 150th Anniversary of Lucy Osborn was produced in honour of the occasion, thanks to the creativity and diligence of Marilyn Gendeck FACN. This pre-stamped envelope was launched at the Canberra Stamp Show, where Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward FACN presented the opening address. Marilyn also created a comprehensive and fascinating nursing stamp display for the event.

Year in Review 2017 – 2018





How we empower our tribe We’re proud to help our members be the best they can be by offering opportunities to:

Connect with nurses around the country anytime, anywhere through our online engagement platform neo

Receive a special member rate for the inspirational National Nursing Forum

Australian College of Nursing


Contribute to health care discussion and shape and influence government policy through our inaugural Policy Chapters

Gain or refresh skills through a choice of nine free online CPD modules offered exclusively to ACN Fellows and Members

Give back to the profession by volunteering as a Career Coach or benefit from receiving career coaching

Represent ACN at professional and government forums and build a profile as a nurse leader

Mingle with like-minded nurses at exclusive VIP events such as the National Membership Roadshow

Engage with colleagues who share the same interests and specialties in Communities of Interest (COI) and meet other members in the same Region

Support study and research through access to the Southern Hemisphere’s largest nursing library, the Katie Zepps Nursing Library, EBSCO and other nursing databases


Stay up-to-date with all things nursing through our weekly eNewsletter, quarterly print publication The Hive and refereed academic journal Collegian

Year in Review 2017 – 2018


Our representatives

Anita Bamford-Wade MACN

Anne Wallace MACN Christopher O’Donnell MACN Kathryn Baird MACN

Kylie Ward FACN Michael Roche MACN

Maria Baric MACN Moira Noonan MACN Leila Khalili MACN

Melissa Bloomer FACN

Sze Wai Wu MACN

Elisabeth Black FACN

Antonija Monckton MACN (Undergraduate)

Glynda Summers FACN Elizabeth Manias FACN (DLF) Erica O’Donoghue MACN

Dr Greg Rickard MACN Jo Bowden MACN John Daly FACN

Jenny Newton FACN

Professor Sandy Middleton FACN

Laurie Grealish FACN Ashley Page MACN

Nancy Arnold MACN

Hannah Keen MACN

Roger Levi FACN Lara McInytre FACN

Australian College of Nursing


Virginia Plummer FACN Stacie Murphy MACN Sussan Pleunik FACN

Wendy Marshall MACN

Sandra Lever MACN Naomi Dobroff FACN

Robyn Quinn MACN Sabina Knight FACN Susan Emerson MACN

Andrew Dean Brenda Wilson FACN

Sharon Griffiths MACN Serena Ricciardone MACN

Carolyn Stapleton FACN

Kath Sharples MACN

Andrea Jansen Van Rensburg MACN

Kasia Bail MACN

Amanda Wylie MACN

Susan Watt MACN

Ariela Rother MACN

Alanna Geary MACN

ACN is privileged to have a large number of nurse leaders within our membership who volunteer to represent ACN on government and health industry boards, committees, taskforces and at conferences and events. We thank all who have represented ACN and the nursing profession this year.

Paula Elliott FACN

Sharyn Amos MACN

Our refreshed Communities of Interest

ACN Fellows and Members connect with like-minded nurses based on special areas of focus, known as Communities of Interest (COI). We have revitalised our COIs to ensure they remain active and relevant. COIs are now driven by leadership teams consisting of a Chair, Deputy Chair, Communication Coordinator and Secretariat Support.

Climate & Health

Healthy Ageing

Advanced Practice

Next Generation

Disaster Health


Clinical Product Advisors

Adolescent & Young People Community & Primary Health Care National Nursing Executive Group

Rural Nursing & Midwifery Legal & Ethical Issues Cosmetic Nurses Military Nursing Nurse Informatics

History COIs


Introducing our state and territory leaders ACN’s new Networks create opportunities for member engagement within each state and territory. Networks are underpinned by ACN’s Regions, which allow Fellows and Members to connect with others in their area. The Chair of each Network is responsible for promoting ACN in their state or territory, creating networking opportunities for Fellows and Members, representing ACN at external meetings and working with ACN to liaise with Ministers and other stakeholders. ACN would like to acknowledge all our Chairs for their leadership and vision, and we look forward to what the future holds for our Networks in their extremely capable hands.



With the establishment of our new Networks, we are encouraging the formation of ‘pop-up’ Regions. If Fellows and Members would like to connect with those close to them, we will create a Region group where there is demand. Like our COIs, our Regions are lead by strategic leadership teams, who act as the voice for the membership, organise events and connect nurses together. NORTHERN TERRITORY Anthony Russell MACN Acting Chair

Australian College of Nursing




QUEENSLAND Christopher O’Donnell MACN Chair




NEW SOUTH WALES Yvonne Mckinlay FACN Chair









Year in Review 2017 – 2018


ACN Policy Chapters During the past year, ACN established four Policy Chapters enabling nursing leaders and industry experts to shape the future of the specialised policy area. The Policy Chapters promote a collaborative approach between ACN and external stakeholders in identifying issues and challenges within a specialist area and implementing strategies for improvement.





Nurses have a central role in the provision of end of life care across all settings and play a major part in ensuring best possible quality of life for everyone at the end of life. The Policy Chapter brings together nurses who care for people at end of life in a range of settings, as well as those who are responsible for ensuring we have the capacity and systems to deliver end of life care. Our focus is the exchange of ideas and developing strategies to improve health and community support.

Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and ill health worldwide and one in two Australians are living with a chronic disease. The Chronic Disease Policy Chapter identified people living in remote and rural areas of Australia as being at especially high risk of developing chronic conditions and current disadvantage in access to health care. The chapter identified pockets of excellence in practice but also many examples of barriers and inequity in access to quality health care.



Australian College of Nursing





WORKFORCE SUSTAINABILITY The Workforce Sustainability Policy Chapter voted to focus on making change happen in regards to the regulation of Assistants in Nursing (AIN). This valued group of health care workers is increasing in number and much confusion exists regarding the role, which creates risk to AINs, registered nurses supervising them and their patients. A nationally consistent practice framework that clearly defines scope of practice, practice standards and codes of ethics and conduct is a key objective for this chapter.

Australia, like many developed countries has an ageing population. Older people are more likely to experience chronic diseases that may impact on their health and wellbeing. Nurses have a central role in the provision of aged care across all settings and play a major part in maximising health and wellbeing for older Australians. The ACN Healthy Ageing Policy Chapter brings together nurses who care for people who are ageing as well as those responsible for ensuring we have capacity and systems to deliver care.

HEALTHY AGEING CHAIR Professor Deborah Parker MACN


Year in Review 2017 – 2018


Our valued Affiliates The ACN Affiliate Program enables organisations across the country to work with ACN to promote leadership and professional opportunities and together influence health care policy. ACN Affiliates receive access to a range of benefits to support their nursing staff and develop their leadership ability, including discounts on ACN membership, programs and events. The Affiliate program comprises four levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. This enables all organisations, from large corporations to small business, to invest in their nursing staff and support members by maximising their professional development opportunities and potential to influence health care policy. ACN Affiliates forge strong partnerships with other leading organisations as well as ACN, ensuring that together we are well placed to lead our profession, strengthen our collective voice and shape health care reforms.

Australian College of Nursing


Ausmed has greatly appreciated the opportunity to align with ACN via the Affiliate Program. We are strong supporters of the amazing work ACN does to encourage professional advancement and leadership within the nursing community. It is our hope that we can continue to build on a working and collaborative relationship between our two organisations over the coming years and decades.

Year in Review 2017 – 2018









Resthaven SA

Ballarat Health Services VIC

Eastern Health VIC

Central West Hospital and Health Services QLD

Bolton Clarke QLD

Alice Springs Hospital NT

Darling Downs Hospital & Health Service QLD

Lower Hunter Sector NSW

Monash Health VIC

Murrumbidgee Local Health District NSW

Western Health VIC

Central Coast Local Health District NSW

Centre for Nursing & Midwifery Education & Research SA

South Western Sydney Local Health District NSW

Far West Local Health District NSW

Metro South Hospital & Health Service (through Logan Bayside Network) QLD

Metro North Hospital & Health Service QLD

Bendigo Health VIC

Opal Aged Care NSW

Tennant Creek Hospital NT

The District Nurses TAS

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Year in Review 2017 – 2018


Connecting our community

National Nursing Forum From 21–23 August 2017, ACN welcomed more than 450 attendees to our annual National Nursing Forum (NNF) at the Event Centre, The Star, Sydney. The Forum was a massive success and an incredible opportunity to celebrate our profession with all those in attendance. Through our theme, Make Change Happen, we explored the creative ways that nurses can make a difference to individuals, communities and social determinates of health at a local, national and global level.

The program and speakers Delegates heard from an impressive line-up of speakers, including the Vice President of Health Informatics at Elsevier Clinical Solutions, Robert Nieves, who spoke about changing our approach to care and engaging patients as equal partners to improve health outcomes. An inspiring oration was delivered by Dr Glenn Gardner FACN and the Commonwealth Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer, Adjunct Professor Debra Thoms FACN (DLF) gave the closing address, emphasising how we can make change happen across the nursing profession. A Gala Dinner offered delegates the chance to network with colleagues while enjoying a delicious three-course dinner and included a moving speech delivered by Sydney Siege Survivor, Ms Louisa Hope.

Australian College of Nursing


ACN was also proud to host a meeting for the National Nursing Executive Group (NNEG) at the Forum. The meeting brought together nurse executives from across the country to engage in meaningful discussions about working together to collaboratively progress the national nursing agenda.

Federal Ministers address Forum delegates ACN was honoured that Members of Federal Parliament addressed delegates at the 2017 NNF. We were privileged to have Deputy Leader of the Opposition, The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP, give a keynote presentation on the first day of the Forum. Federal Minister for Health, The Hon Greg Hunt MP, also delivered a video address to delegates prior to the oration on the first day. ACN was excited to be able to provide delegates with an opportunity to hear from leaders in government who can influence policy at the highest levels.

ACN Graduation Ceremony Following the closing plenary session at the NNF, ACN held its inaugural Graduation Ceremony for more than 50 students who successfully completed our graduate certificate courses. We were honoured to have Associate Dean and Senior Lecturer Ms Sally Robertson FACN as our guest speaker at this event.

Year in Review 2017 – 2018


National Membership Roadshows In 2018, ACN announced 14 events as part of our National Membership Roadshow. These were complimentary events across Australia’s major cities and some regional centres, hosted by ACN CEO, Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward FACN. The Roadshow events are an integral opportunity for our Fellows, Members and ACN community to meet and connect – and are a reminder of how passionate and welcoming the ACN tribe really is. Thank you to all who took part.

Australian College of Nursing


Year in Review 2017 – 2018


National Membership Roadshows continued...

Australian College of Nursing


Year in Review 2017 – 2018


Community and Primary Health Care Nursing Week is an annual ACN initiative aimed at raising awareness of this important area of nursing practice. It was held from Monday 18 to Sunday 24 September 2017. In its third year running, the week was an enormous success and an important opportunity to raise awareness of the vital role community and primary health care nurses play in our society. More than 30 celebrations were held around the country during the week. ACN also published an eBook filled with over 40 stories that explored why community and primary health care nursing is paramount to the health and wellbeing of our nation.

National Regulation Seminar and Dinner On 15 November 2017, ACN in partnership with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA), hosted the inaugural National Regulation Seminar and Dinner at Rydges Melbourne. This highly important event provided a platform for informative discussion and debate on the topic of 2030 and Beyond: The Future of Nursing Regulation.

Year in Review 2017 – 2018



Policy Summit and Masterclass ACN’s second annual Policy Summit in Canberra, held on Friday 20 April 2018, brought together members of ACN’s Policy Chapters, nurse leaders and other high-calibre health professionals to identify and discuss major policy opportunities and strategies to address these. Our Network Chairs joined our Policy Chapter Chairs and Deputies for an enlightening Policy Masterclass with keynote speaker Dr Diana Mason on Thursday 19 April, helping to inform the shape of each Policy Chapter.

Nursing and Health Expo, Melbourne ACN held the annual Nursing and Health Expo in Melbourne on Saturday 28 April 2018. Over 5,000 students, nurses, midwives and other health professionals flocked to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre to participate in the Expo. Attendees connected with potential employers and colleagues, gaining the knowledge to launch or progress their nursing career.

ACN National Nurses Breakfast The ACN National Nurses Breakfast is hosted annually in celebration of International Nurses Day on 12 May, this year themed Nurses: A Voice to Lead, Health is a Human Right. The campaign encourages nurses and their supporters to host a breakfast or get-together at their workplace, university or community centre to celebrate the invaluable contribution nurses make to the health of our society. In 2018, we received a record number of 319 event registrations as the ACN community celebrated this special day.

Australian College of Nursing


L ocal


Banka Island massacre tribute – Bathurst Nurses serve wherever they are needed in peacetime, in conflict and in war.

Midwifery and Indigenous Health at Charles Sturt University, ACN Board Director, Linda Shields FACN, attended the service.

In partnership with ACN, the Nursing and Midwifery School at Charles Sturt University held a commemorative ceremony in Bathurst on Sunday, 18 February 2018, at All Saints’ Anglican Cathedral.

Professor Shields said it was important to remember the nurses who had given their lives while in service. “It’s very poignant and I think as a member of the nursing profession we have an obligation to ensure these stories are told and the people are remembered,” she said.

The service was held to acknowledge the 76th anniversary of the sinking of the SS Vyner Brooke and all nurses, both military and civilian, who died in the service of others.

Since the South African (Boer) War, 102 Australian nurses have died in active service, and many civilian nurses have also died serving others.

ACN President Professor Christine Duffield FACN, along with Professor at the School of Nursing,

Australian College of Nursing


Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove was among those to honour the dedication of nurses in times of war and peace, and spoke in detail about the Banka Island Massacre.

until the soldiers had gone, and later became one of 32 nurses held as prisoners-of-war. “In the most trying of circumstances [they] dedicated themselves to the service of others,” Sir Cosgrove said.

On 14 February 1942, Japanese aircraft sunk the Vyner Brooke, a ship carrying 65 Australian nurses and physiotherapists who had been evacuated from Singapore. 21 nurses and others made it to shore at Radji Beach on Banka Island. There they joined others and decided to surrender to the Japanese. A few hours later, Japanese soldiers arrived and killed the men, then forced the nurses to walk into the sea. There the Japanese soldiers machinegunned the nurses. Hit by a bullet, sole survivor of the massacre, Sister Vivian Bullwinkel, feigned death

In an acknowledgement of the service and dedication of Australia’s civilian nurses, Sir Cosgrove spoke about outback nurse Gayle Woodford, who was killed in 2016 while working as a nurse in South Australia’s APY Lands. Ms Woodford was the nurse on-call for a medical clinic in the Nganampa Health Service on the night she was killed. ACN and Sir Cosgrove laid wreaths of flowers at the Bathurst War Memorial Carillion.

Year in Review 2017 – 2018


Honouring nurses who have served The history of nursing in Australia is made up of a myriad of diverse stories. We acknowledge and commemorate those who served before us as civilian and military nurses and especially those who lost their lives and suffered illness due to their work in caring for others. Over the past year, ACN attended the Australian War Memorial Last Post ceremonies in Canberra in honour of the following Australian service nurses: 22 July 2017

Staff Nurse Lily Nugent

14 September 2017

Major Susan Lee Felsche

18 October 2017

Sister Florence Rebecca Casson

27 November 2017

Sister Gertrude Evelyn Munro

26 March 2018

Sister Hilda Mary Knox

07 April 2018

Sister Kathleen Margaret Neuss

8 May 2018

Sister Caroline Mary Ennis

21 June 2018

Sister Alma May Beard

ACN staff members also attended the Australian War Memorial’s wreath laying ceremony in recognition of all Australian nurses who have served our country on 8 May 2018 in the lead-up to International Nurses Day. Lest we forget.

Year in Review 2017 – 2018

WA Nursing and Midwifery Leaders Forum 2017

SA Nursing and Midwifery Leadership Breakfast 2017

ACN, in conjunction with the WA Health Nursing and Midwifery Office hosted the Nursing and Midwifery Leaders Breakfast Forum on 16 June 2017. The event provided over 150 nurse leaders with an opportunity to connect with and hear from WA’s new Deputy Premier; Minister for Health; Mental Health Hon. Roger Cook, ACN CEO Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward FACN and WA Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer Adjunct Associate Professor Karen Bradley MACN.

The SA Department of Health hosted the South Australia Nursing and Midwifery Leaders Breakfast on 25 October 2017. ACN CEO Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward FACN was a guest speaker, alongside SA Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer Adjunct Associate Professor Lydia Dennett FACN and Natalie Cook MP – all addressing topics on future directions in health care.

Australian College of Nursing


International collaborations

International Council of Nurses Triad Meeting and World Health Assembly, Geneva President Professor Christine Duffield FACN and ACN CEO Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward FACN attended the International Council of Nurses Triad Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland in May 2018. They also attended the World Health Assembly to represent the nursing profession in the international policy space. Health industry leaders joined together to discuss, debate and present global issues affecting health care.

Australian College of Nursing


Nursing Now Nursing Now is a three-year global campaign run in collaboration with the International Council of Nurses and the World Health Organization. The campaign aims to empower nurses by maximising their influence in policy and promoting their contribution to achieving universal health care. ACN is proud to be involved in the campaign, working alongside Nursing Now Board Director Emerita Professor Jill White FACN, CCNMO Adjunct Professor Debra Thoms FACN (DLF), the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation and other nursing leaders.

Year in Review 2017 – 2018


Fiji Annual National Nursing Scientific Symposium

Solomon Islands High Commissioner visit In September 2017, ACN was visited by High Commissioner of the Solomon Islands to Australia, His Excellency Mr Collin Beck to discuss nurse training opportunities for nurses from the Solomon Islands.

On 5–6 April 2017, ACN President Professor Christine Duffield FACN and ACN CEO Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward FACN attended the Annual National Nursing Scientific Symposium in Fiji. They discussed how to educate the huge proportion of early-career nurses in Fiji to provide specialist skills for a more dynamic workforce, modelled on the Australian system.

Australian College of Nursing


Fiji College of Nursing collaboration

Singapore Transforming Nursing Care conference

On 30 and 31 October 2017, representatives from the Fiji College of Nursing visited ACN at our Parramatta office. The purpose of the visit was to connect and discuss how Fiji can learn from our long history and build their College of Nursing into a successful educational provider for RNs in Fiji.

In March 2018, Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward FACN attended the Transforming Nursing Care conference in Singapore as a keynote speaker. Nurses from Asian countries gathered to discuss health technologies and challenges. Kylie also connected with ACN member, Professor Violetta Lopez FACN of the University of Singapore.

Year in Review 2017 – 2018





Making change in health policy We have responded to a long list of requests for consultation on important health issues this year.

We worked collaboratively with the Australian Government to support the development of the Aged Care Standards.

ACN provided 81 responses for consultation including verbal contributions, letters of insights, interviews and written responses.

ACN also contributed to the National Heart Foundation Guidelines for atrial fibrillation and heart failure and the Aged Care Workforce Taskforce.

Consultation topics included feedback on the Medicare provider form, working with people from migrant and refugee backgrounds and our response to the 2018–19 federal budget.

In the last 12 months, we released two individual and two joint policy statements on topics including Climate and the Nursing Profession and Nursing Informatics. ACN was also invited to take part in a Senate Inquiry on the Aged Care workforce.

ACN also responded to 34 policy consultations, for example for the WA Sustainable Health Review, Queensland Government The Health (Drugs and Poisons) Regulation 1996, draft amendments to the Victoria Health Services (Private Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres) Regulations 2013 and the Australian Government Digital Health Strategy.

Thank you to our Fellows and members who contributed their thoughts, opinions and expertise in the consultation process. We appreciate the time and energy spent in responding to our requests to provide your feedback on these significant topics.


Australian College of Nursing


Year in Review 2017 – 2018


Promoting our profession We have generated more media exposure this year than ever before. This is an exciting achievement, as we propel the voice of nursing into political and public spaces. We believe the voice of nursing needs to be heard in order to create positive changes within health care and our profession. We also thank our articulate nurse leaders who represented ACN and the profession through media interviews and appearances.

Australian College of Nursing



Interviews with representatives of ACN, including Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward FACN, Policy Chapter Chairs, Emerging Nurse Leaders, event speakers and members.

Year in Review 2017 – 2018


Expanding our


Our digital network


ACN’s community spans across the whole of Australia, and even internationally, which is why we pride ourselves on creating an exciting and relevant online presence. Digital methods of communication are vital for connecting and informing the ACN tribe on health care, nursing and ACN news, updates and debates.

11.62% increase in unique visitors to the website

In February 2018, ACN launched Nursing Engagement Online (neo), our digital platform for members. neo is accessible to all Fellows and Members and allows our tribe to connect anytime, anywhere – whether it be in a Community of Interest or Region forum, or the ACN open forum with passionate nurses from across the country.

Total visitors to our website have increased by


ACN’s online student portal, CNnect had


total visits over the year

The beginning of 2018 also saw us relaunch our website with a fresh new look, allowing sleeker navigation and mobile capability. We are proud of our new shopfront, which enables more nurses to access our organisation and engage with ACN.


Over Fellows and Members engaging on neo

We look forward to watching our digital network continue to grow and flourish as we further adapt and evolve with online innovations.

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Join us We love engaging with our Fellows, Members and the broader health care community through our online platforms. Join us to extend our digital voice for the nursing profession and contribute to the discussion: @acnursing

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Australian College of Nursing


Year in Review 2017 – 2018


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Our publications ACN produces a number of online and hardcopy publications in order to provide the health and nursing community with updates on industry, science and policy topics. We also share updates on the various activities of ACN as well as editorial written by our engaged membership. It is a privilege to be able support nurses with resources and new ideas, and to share their diverse stories. Thank you to all those who took the time to submit for Collegian, The Hive and NurseClick over the last 12 months, enabling ACN to provide high-quality content for our vast readership.

Weekly eNewsletter

The Hive

ACN continues to update our membership on a weekly basis through our eNewsletter. This bulletin focuses on key member benefits and relevant nursing/health care updates and opportunities.

The Hive is ACN’s quarterly print magazine, which showcases the length and breadth of our membership and their experiences. Over the past 12 months, The Hive has addressed themes close to our membership’s hearts – adding nuanced and diverse arguments and ideas on professional nursing issues, such as chronic disease and workplace culture.

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Collegian: The Australian Journal of Nursing Practice, Scholarship and Research

In 2018, aligned with our refreshed website launch, we relaunched our monthly PDF e-magazine, NurseClick, in a new blog format. NurseClick was revamped to suit the contemporary online setting and to better share our content with ACN Fellows, Members and the broader health care community. Since becoming a blog, NurseClick has had 2,157 homepage visits. Find our regularly updated articles on nursing policy, practice and the profession at

Collegian: The Australian Journal of Nursing Practice, Scholarship and Research is the official academic journal of ACN. We are excited that the citation frequency for Collegian continues to increase, the 2017 CiteScore is 1.32. We would like to thank Professor Lisa McKenna FACN for her ongoing dedication and commitment to Collegian as our Editor-in-Chief as well as our experienced editors and reviewers.

Year in Review 2017 – 2018


As we continue to

in the year ahead, ACN is focusing on celebrating, embracing and showcasing

within the nursing profession and the Australian health care system.

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