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Helping Charitable Institutions through Greeting Cards Everybody has social responsibility with the possible exceptions of hermits. Social responsibility is inevitable simply because individuals are part of larger communities. This also applies to organizations such as business enterprises and corporations. Many corporations sponsor charitable foundations or have their own philanthropic divisions within the organization. Same thing is applicable with well-off individuals who want to share their extra resources to the less fortunate. However, one does not necessarily have to be a large corporation or a wealthy person to support charitable works. Ordinary individuals and small and medium business enterprises can help by simply purchasing greeting cards either online or from the traditional gift shops or bookstores. Many greeting card companies automatically donate certain percentage of the card sales to charities. It may only amount to a few cents per card but it will eventually accumulate to something

significant. This is especially true if there are several hundred thousands of customers who regularly purchase the cards. Business enterprises can purchase several cards for their employees or for their clients on regular basis such as during Christmas season and birthdays. Finding a greeting card company is relatively easy. The charities that they support are usually indicated in their websites. Some cards are printed specifically for fundraiser purposes. The total sales of a whole batch of cards may be donated to specific causes such as building classrooms or helping children in war-torn areas. If you think that the preceding article is useful or interesting, you can learn more by visiting our austchristmascards website. You can also further explore p?C=1&NUMBER=19 sub-page for specific details on the products being offered.

Helping Charitable Institutions through Greeting Cards  

greeting cards as conveneint means to contribute to charitable works