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Some Categories of Greeting Cards Greeting cards can be classified into various groups or categories depending on the motif. They can be classified based on the specific occasions, the materials used, the way they are marketed or sold, and the design. The most common categories of greeting cards based on special occasions include Christmas cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards and Valentine's cards. These cards may also be categorized based on the general theme or motif such as humorous cards and naughty cards. Other greeting cards are intended for simple thoughtfulness such as thank you cards and congratulation cards. Others are intended for somber purposes such as in the case of sympathy or condolence cards. Most cards that are readily available in bookshops, school supply shops and gift shops are the standard cards. These include cards for all occasions, which are printed on high quality (often glossy) papers. The cards are rectangular and folded in the center. The main design such as Christmas sceneries or birthday cakes is printed in the front. There is a pre-printed printed message in the inside and a space for personalized handhand written message of the sender.

Photo greeting cards are the second most popular type of cards. An actual photo of people or sceneries taken by the sender can be inserted into the frame of the card. Some cards have transparent or translucent art work that can blend perfectly with the inserted photo. Personalized greeting cards are commonly sold online. Clients can login and choose or create their own designs. The cards is then printed and sent by the online company to the intended recipient. It could be just one recipient or multiple recipients. Musical greeting cards can be considered as high-end greeting cards. They have electronic components that play traditional songs such as happy birthday or they may also record personalized message. The music or audio will play when the card is opened. If you think that the preceding article is useful or interesting, you can learn more by visiting our austchristmascards website. You can also further explore sub-page for specific details on the products being offered.

Some Categories of Greeting Cards  

basic classifications of various types of greeting cards

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