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07 Editorial/Political Cartoonist

13 Comic Strip Artist

Cover cartoon


The winner of the “Cartoon On The Night” at the each year’s Stanley Awards is invited to draw the cover cartoon for the Yearbook. Last year’s winner was Cathy Wilcox.

Previous winners of this award are: James Kemsley 1985 George Haddon 1986 Bill Leak




Neil Matterson 1988

Neil Matterson 1990 Mark David 1989 Roger Fletcher 1991 Lou Dargham 1992 Patrick Cook 1993 Will Goodwin 1994 Mark Lynch 1995 Mark David 1996 Gary Clark 1997 Peter Broelman 1998

Single Gag Cartoonist

Neil Matterson 1999 Gerard Piper 2000


Tony Lopes 2001 Mark Lynch 2002 Lee Sheppard 2003 Brett Bower 2004 David Follett 2005 Matt Golding 2006 Mark Knight 2007 Mark Lynch 2008 Neil Matterson 2009 Matt Golding 2010


Nat Karmichael 2011 (drawn by David Follett) Buddy Ross 2012 Grant Brown 2013


Luke Watson 2014 Pat Campbell 2015 Rod Emmerson


Fiona Katauskas


Danny Zemp


Cathy Wilcox


Australian Cartoonists Association Board President Jules Faber | Deputy President David Blumenstein | Secretary Steve Panozzo | Treasurer & Membership Secretary Martina Zeitler | Committee Peter Broelman, Robert Black, Nat Karmichael, Ian McCall, Judy Nadin, Cathy Wilcox.

Event Cartoonist

87 Comic Book Artist

The 36th annual Year Book is published by The Australian Cartoonists Association. This book is copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of private study, research, criticism or review, as permitted under the Copyright Act, no part may be reproduced by any process without written permission. Enquiries should be addressed to the publishers or the cartoonist concerned.

Yearbook printed by Comic Books On Demand - Stanleys logo designed by Stuart Hipwell - Yearbook designed by Judy Nadin and compiled by Peter Broelman

95 Book Illustrator

109 Voting Rules

123 Stanley Awards | Yearbook 2020


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