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is so remote that during the rainy season it can take days for trucks to get to the plant. However, as Gouws proudly asserts, rural areas are TRILITY’s bread and butter, and they excel at serving these kinds of locations. TRILITY also has a large contract in the Macarthur region with Sydney Water. Also a privately owned plant on a 35-year management contract, the facility handles very large volumes of water before it is distributed by Sydney Water to its customers. Over in Victoria, TRILITY has a bio solids facility that serves as a prime example of sustainability within the water sector. It turns waste into bio solids that then are reused as fertiliser. “We truly believe that’s the way of the future,” Gouws says. Aside from the examples above, TRILITY runs dozens of plants in rural and remote areas. “Once we install those plants, the communities have immediate benefit—from drinking river water, to drinking world-class water,” he adds. “We consider ourselves part of the community, because we are there for the long term -- we avidly believe in supporting the communities in which we serve by way of employing locally and giving back by supporting various local community activities and events”.

Getting to this point is not easy. There are many challenges that the utilities sector faces, which is why there is such a high barrier to entry and thus requires a solid and proven track record “You can imagine [that] to come up with a solution of what it’s going to cost to treat water over 35 years means you have got to completely design and completely negotiate a contract in order to get to the final dollar treatment cost,” he says. Even just the planning aspect can be costly, especially since it must be projected well into the future and take in to account inflation and other factors. Attempting to predict when equipment will eventually fail and need to be replaced is also a huge challenge. Anticipating how the sector might change requires a lot of experience and expertise. However, when it comes to change TRILITY is no stranger to constant evolution, according to Gouws. “[TRILITY Group’s] shareholders will change within the next year, and that is something [that is] a big focus for us as a management team, to ensure the same level of service continues to be delivered. We have long-term obligations to clients, and [there will be] no interruption to that during ownership change.” Written by Raul Betancourt.

TRILITY has over 300 staff with more than 40 facilities they operate and maintain


The Australian Business Executive - Q2 2017

The Australian Business Executive - Q2 2017  

COVER STORY: Trility MD Francois Gouws | Also includes: Bisalloy Steel, RMS Software, Aphrodite Gold, SNC-Lavalin, Norco Co-operative, Ci...

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