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Review On ‘Into The Mists’ Retreat Christine Morgan

The Australian Academy of Spirit (AAS) is a national body representing professional and developing mediums. Established to recognise and ensure the highest standards of education and practise are maintained. Contact Details: 117 Mooloolah Meadows Dve Mooloolah Valley, Sunshine Coast QLD Aust. 4553

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Opinions espressed in this magazine by the contributors are their personal opinions and should not neccessarily be taken as an endorsement by the AAS or the Editor.

Well as i write this letter to you all we are in the last day of 2016, and what a year its been. Definitely not the favourite year for many, and an incredible year for some. 2016 is a 9 year and yep we felt it, a lot of people questioned what they were doing, was it really in alignment with where they see themselves. Where do they want to go. For the first few months of 2017 you will still be re-evaluating, my advice is always “BE BRAVE AND BE KIND’ and this applies to yourself as well. You know what makes your heart sing! All too often we get caught up with, what i should be doing, not what i love to do. 2017 is a 1 year and lets make the most of this! I have some special projects coming up and one that i am super excited about is: i will be undertaking study to become an AUSLAN interpreter! This is something i have always had an interest in and after chatting to a lovely lady here at a course one time. She has a deaf friend who also has a talent and interest in the spiritual field. I realised i could be of some assistance. Both to those in the deaf community that wish to develop their mediumship and psychic ability and attend mediumship dems, and also to those doing mediumship demonstrations, as an interpreter so they can reach a wider audience. So Jan 30th sees me start this process. The other exciting project i am implementing is to the AAS and its a scientific research project quite similar to the ‘Windbridge Insititute’ So working with some scientific minds on projects like: What is really actually happening in the brain when mediums work ( i once heard it fires the same synapsis as an epileptic fit, and that the part of the brain that is enhanced is the same as a kleptomaniac) we hope to get some real scientific evidence. Also i am keen to work on why do so many mediums seem to have weekend systems and auto immune systems (at Windbridge of the 20 certified research mediums 16 have auto immune disease) I will keep you all informed of the scientists that come on board with the AAS for this exciting project. We will be implementing a quadruple blind scientific testing process to certify mediums with which to work with. This will become an important certification to have and i have more about the process in this edition of the Magazine.

The Staff and support team at the Australian Academy of Spirit hope you all had a lovely Xmas and New Year and we look forward to a successful 2017 with you all!

2017 a Unversal #1 year! The current year is the beginning of a new nine year cycle It holds the promise of being an exciting new adventure, with life taking on new challenges that pave the way for the next cycle of nine years in your life. This is a time to clarify your goals and it is a time to act on them. A time to venture out and go in that direction you have been thinking about! Hard work may be necessary to get a new venture moving. Your physical strength will be up during this year, perhaps higher than it has been for some time, as you have some special needs for this extra energy. You feel like an adventure, a major change in your life, something new. New goals should be clearly set and worked toward, as this is really a new beginning of a nine year cycle and it is best not to dwell on the past at this time. This will be fairly easy for you to do because most of the problems and disappointments of the past will tend to disappear, leaving the way open for these new challenges. This is a great time; use it to its full advantage. A time to let go of things pertaining to the past (actually, you should have done that last year, during your 9 personal year) in order to take advantage of new opportunities in all areas of your life. A “seize the day” year. A time of beginnings and decisions for a new life cycle. Not an easy year, but a rewarding one. Avoid being impulsive and headstrong. The next 8 years of your life depend a lot on how you handle this one.

Make 2017 count and go live the life you want! ‘Be Brave and Be Kind’

AAS Update for 2017

Well 2017 looks like an interesting year for the AAS. Firstly, we will be launching a new website with all the AAS forms right there on line to fill out. This will save the time waiting for us in the office here to email out your forms and it will also save us waiting for everyone’s forms to be sent it. To be honest we still don’t have some forms from people who joined a year ago. Of course, if you don’t send in the forms we can’t assess the membership level and send out your logos so this will be a more streamlined process and save a heap of office work. We are also looking to move into some research areas. Much like the ‘Windbridge Institute’ in the US we will be offering positions of ‘Certified Research Mediums’ scientifically tested and certified by the AAS. Now we understand that certification is a touchy subject in this field. It is when the certification only depends on people doing certain courses to obtain it. This will be different. There will be no courses to attend just elect to undergo the quadruple blind testing process and if successful your certification will be awarded and you will be promoted as a scientifically tested and accurate medium by the AAS. The process will follow these guidelines: We understand the very idea of testing can hinder your ability and results, so the process will take place in your own environment. No need to travel to a testing centre. We also understand that some connections are easier than others and in this understanding the results will be deemed competent or not yet competent. Not fail. This will allow the

medium to attempt the process more than once to gain comfort in the process and better results with their connections. Those passing the process at a competent level will agree to at times be part of scientific research so we can make strong advancements into afterlife communication. Those passing the process at a competent level will be promoted by the AAS. They will be allocated a full-page profile on the AAS site and they will be the mediums the AAS puts forward for opportunities that come across the desk at the AAS. What the process will involve: • The applicant will join the AAS as a member therefore completing the application form and questionnaire. This ascertains their level and understanding of mediumship. • There will be an arranged time for the applicant to be called via phone by one of the AAS team. They will be given two names of people in the spirit world by the team member. These spirit people will be unknown to the team member. The sitter’s selected will also be unknown to the team member. This guards against the applicant being able to psychometrise the spirit person from the team member giving them the name. The applicant will then tune into the other world and via the names given gain a connection with each of the spirit people and give all the information they can. This will be recorded. • These recordings will then be passed onto another team member who will decode the ‘medium speak’ into factual statements. For instance, ‘I feel this person is showing me a green teapot” to ‘mention of a green teapot’. The statements will be given to the sitters to mark true or false.

• Making sure the sitters understand that they need to think broadly about all their loved ones and that potentially additional information could be picked up, suggesting the mediums awareness of others in the spirit world with the nominated spirit person. • Each statement will be given a numerical value, i.e.: names a high value, personality a lesser numerical value. • If the applicant gains a certain numerical value, suggesting a connection with some accurate information they will be informed via phone and move onto the next stage. • Myself or an AAS member known to the sitter and who has some knowledge of the spirit person will then call the medium at an arranged time. The medium will then be asked to re gain a connection with each of the spirit people from the initial part of the process. This will be a 3-way phone conversation with the actual sitter on the line but not speaking at this stage. • If it is apparent that the medium has now re connected with the spirit person in question and is delivering accurate information. The actual sitter will be invited to speak and confirm the information.

• The medium will then conduct the reading with the sitter as per a normal connection. It is expected that once the medium and the actual sitter connect that the information will become fluid and accurate. This connection will also be recorded and scored on a point score process by the number of accurate facts achieved in the connection. Each connection will have a time limit, keeping the process fair and not allowing for ‘filler information’ or a ‘round a bout’ reading. • The facts will be converted just as before and together with the AAS team member and the sitter the scoring process will take place. • Achieving a score over a certain amount will qualify the medium to become a ‘Certified Medium’ by the Australian Academy of Spirit. • This process will be open to all mediums wishing to undertake it. There will be a maximum of 2 attempts to gain a certification.

Aspects we would like to conduct research into: • What is happening to the mediums brain as they are making the link with spirit? This will help us devise training techniques and processes to markedly improve ability. • Is there any actual brain stimulating exercises that greatly enhance the ability to make a link with spirit? • What area of the brain is heightened in a medium and does it change with the amount of work they do? • We would like to consider health and working mediums: what is affected and research why it is common among mediums to suffer auto immune or adrenal disorders, or physical mediums kidney issues.

We really look forward to your comments and input on this proposed project. please email

I am sure in time there will be many areas that can be uncovered and considered. The key at this stage is to find and certify accurate and talented mediums to work with. The process must also be the same and fair across the board and not open to individual opinion of how good someone’s ability is or is not. In time we feel that becoming an AAS scientifically tested and accurate certified medium will be of great benefit to the individual mediums. We will be looking for people in all stages of the process, applicants, team members to conduct and record the sessions, point score and translate. Also scientific minds willing to look into the world of afterlife communication. If we join together on this project we could make some bold and incredible moves forward in mediumship. As AAS members we would like your input!

Freedom Kelly Scanlan With the Holiday Season comes yet another opportunity for each of us to sit within to contemplate the very path that we are journeying. Distractions of the usual mundane tasks of life at this time are ultimately few and with the New Year fast approaching, one’s focus can generously shift to one of resolution, abundance and manifestation. Indeed we need but only look at the constant flow of love and offerings displayed between cherished ones and strangers alike, to realize that this is the true meaning of the Christmas Spirit. In fact, this Spirit is not just reserved for the silly season, but is undeniably bursting for liberation within each of us in every given moment of our life. We each have the ability and responsibility to discover, polish, and release the treasures of Spirit. In doing so we allow the gifts of the universe to shower us with a beautiful experience of an overwhelming sense of inner bliss, that only be described as magnificently magical. Every one of us deserves this experience in their life, as it is our Divine right. It is a right that we need not earn. We make it. We create it. It is called an answer to our prayer. It is but an answer to our will.

To acknowledge this Spirit we must first recognize, that the giving and receiving of unconditional love begins within ourselves. Countless people too often believe that to endorse your core values, be accepting of who you are, and to truly consider your own needs, is the way of the selfish. It is not. This is but self-loving and to be self-loving is imperative for liberation. Without a doubt we are all perfectly imperfect exactly as we are and no matter where we are on our individual journeys. When we allow for such reflection and can truly implement this understanding into everything that we do, we will find both the meaning to our lives and an unshakable trust for the Spirit within. So, this holiday season may you find with certainty that you are a gift unto yourself and that you hold the power within to transform your life at any given moment. I leave to you as the New Year approaches the quote from the great Meister Eckhart, “And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new & trust the magic of beginnings”.

From ‘The Darker Side of Spiritualism!

Standing up can sometimes be difficult! Not because the act of standing up for principles is difficult. But because, Just the act of standing up makes you a target, and this is something everyone, everywhere who has ever stood up for something understands. Yet we still stand up and for this we should be proud! The Australian Academy of Spirit, its members and supporters should all be proud. Spiritualism is a movement built on those brave and proud figures who were not afraid and stood up! In the act of standing up Its seems we have stood on some toes. Now if you are a physical medium conducting fraudulent seances in the dark i can see we may have stood on your toes with our stance on ‘no dark seances’. And the consequent implementation of cameras and protocols now agreed to by reputable centres of spiritualism across the world via the TRUTH campaign. Or if you have breached our code of conduct with something as henious as sexual harassment and we have stood up against it and consequently removed you from the AAS. Then this we would happily stand up against and perhaps land on your toes!

However, if you are a good and ethical medium then our aim is to do all we can to support, encourage and promote your work! So I am sure the AAS has not stood on your toes. In fact we are happy for you to stand on the shoulders of the AAS and we will do everything to support you! We are receiving a couple of threatening emails sent from a non traceable source with no names or identity. Using a web based guerilla mail server that scrambles the identity so the sender is not traceable. Spiritually speaking this very act lacks personal responsibility! This being the latest but i am sure not the last. So i will address it as if a genuine person of repute were actually asking the question. Please take note Mr/Ms Darker Side of Spiritualism. I am happy to inform everyone for the purpose of transperency on exactly how the AAS works, its setup and our hosting policy. The AAS is operated as a pty ltd company owned by a ‘Unit Trust’ the reason being is that when the AAS originated it was thought that in time we would reward certain members by giving them ‘units of ownership’ of the company. Those loyal and dedicated members that supported the AAS and all it was trying to achieve would benefit by having some ownership of the AAS. In time if the company becomes well established and we grow to achieve what we set out to we will look at this. And the ownership of the company will be dispersed via units in the trust.

We also set out to provide the highest standard of mediumship training we can and source and host tutors from Australia and Overseas to bring quality training to mediums, members and non members alike. We run a membership database where people can become members and recieve discounts on training and other benefits. We also acknowledge our members via a system of logos for their experience and training within the field of mediumship. We promote our members on the website for the public to find reputable mediums in Australia and in monthly add campaigns and in this magazine. And we also provide information on reputable tutors around Australia and our International Ambassadors. When we work with our international tutors or visiting mediums. We send out a ‘letter of offer’ from the AAS to assist them in their working visa applications. We also draw up working agreements/contracts. Payments to tutors are always made via the AAS bank accounts and totally traceable and accountable. We pay GST and our accounting is done professionally. We pride ourselves and in turn are proud of our members for ethics, honesty and transparency. We also welcome any genuine queries about the AAS and will always endeavour to answer best we can. There is no need to send threatening emails via guerilla mail, if you have questions, just ask!

One of our emails recieved and below the Guerillamail. com page. An untraceable way to send threatening emails. Not an overly spiritual practice!

We see no need, and will not entertain cyber bullying from people hiding behind their compters afraid to reveal their identity.

Emails are also being sent to HIGHLY RESPECTED tutors attending the AAS in an effort to scare or deter them.


Christine Morgan

A recent retreat was held in the beautiful Blue Mountains in Sydney in November, attended by students of the Spiritual Arts from all over the world. The host was myself Christine Morgan and alongside colleagues Simon James & Brian Robertson from Canada, and John Johnson from Holland all four of us tutors at the Arthur Findlay College in the UK. The retreat was a five day event, with an Inspiring programme, involving self development, relationships to the Spirit World, and the fundamentals of the true purpose of mediumship in today’s world. The world of the Medium is about whom we are and whom we are becoming in the journey of the Soul unfolding. Students were absolutely enthralled by the topics being presented and it helped them look at their understanding of their work in many different ways. It encompassed important aspects of self - awareness, the relationship with ourselves as well as how that affects the mediumship we work with.

Christine Morgan John Johnson Simon James Brian Robertson

Today, too many people get caught up in the becoming of someone with their ability, this retreat was to help balance and gain deeper insights of how we affect our work, where we can change and how to go about it. Many new experiences for people, lots of self awakening and the letting go of old habits... We came together daily to sit for the Spirit, to allow ourselves time to bathe and enjoy the presence of the Infinite. Sacredness is an over used word in the field today, what we encouraged each other to do was to have realisations about what Sacredness with the Spirit really is... Through group participation, lectures, discussions and practise, the world of the Medium became alive with the power of people souls awareness.

A very different course, filled with philosophy of what we do with our connections and relationships o the Spirit world, encouraging for students to be whom they are meant to be, not trying to be something they are not, therefore creating the correct environment for the unfolding of the Soul and any abilities they may wish to develop and deepen. Many very experienced mediums attended the course and found it to be refreshing, up lifting and inspiring on many different levels, even people stating it was life changing for them. For is it not the message of the Spirit World, that we endeavour to become a better person within our world, so that we then can create better community’s.

For myself, it was a delight to see people have realisations, and recognitions as we do too as tutors as we all gain from each other. The course was so successful that nearly all of the attendees have re booked for next year, where no doubt we will be looking at something different, as is it not right that we continue to grow, change and unfold within the beauty of each others spirit... A fabulous week with fabulous people both here and in Spirit. Looking forward to next year! Christine Morgan

Universal Messages and Dreams Explain Everyday Life Local author looks deeply into the universe to understand dreams and understand why S#&t (accidents) happen and more importantly how to understand the message behind these events. Life throws curve balls at every person on the planet and every person has dreams they can’t explain. With thousands of people walking around struggling with the concepts of living, it’s hard to process dreams and universal messages and allow these messages to change their lives.

“Imagine a world where people could decipher everything that happens in their lives and can change their lives for the better because of that!” 1 Dreams are subconscious thoughts that come to mind to help a person understand a situation in life. 2

Dreams are subjective and need careful interpretation.

Melbourne based father of three, multi-published author and specialist in understanding universal messages and dreams, Anthony Kilner, has studied Mediumship, Psychic awareness, dreams and subjective and objective information for over 10 years trying to make sense of this topic.

3 Life’s experiences can also be messages and can also be interpreted.

“Dreams are messages from the soul and accidents are subjective messages from the Universe that occur to help people through the tricky situations in life?” Mr Kilner fervently believes they are and they can!

5 While dreams and objective experiences are noted and require subjective interpretation – an open mind to what is going on in all aspects of a person’s life is required to understand the message fully.

Mr Kilner went on to explain that, “Dreams offer amazing insights into life. The birth of a baby in a dream represents a new beginning for that person in some way whereas the death of a baby in a dream means the end of an idea.” Mr Kilner continued confidently. “I know this sounds gruesome however I have talked with many people who have experienced this dream and been extremely upset by it. Once it’s talked through they realised what it meant and were very relieved.” “Dreams need to be interpreted subjectively not objectively (it is what it is).” Mr Kilner explained that, “accidents and everyday occurrences like a flat tyre on a car are often messages from the universe - if a person cares to take note of it.” “Imagine a world where people could decipher everything that happens in their lives and can change their

4 Write down as much detail as possible including colour, experiences and people to gain a better understanding of the message.

While there are hundreds of books on analyzing dreams, Anthony has taken that message a step further delving into the amazing world of subjective and objective experiences. Understanding this could be a game changer in a person’s life. Anthony Kilner runs a holistic business, Bridging Realms, and is about to launch a new book - Practical Mediumship which covers dreams, Astral and offers chapters dedicated to subjective interpretations. www.

Anthony Kilner: 0407 181 701 or

Stunning New Arrivals!

EXPOSING HIDDEN ANGER AND GIVING IT A VOICE Roslyn McMaster People will tell you that anger, bitterness, hurt – all unpleasant emotions – fade over time. They don’t. Especially if they are deeply rooted in pain and fear. My apologies if that sounds harsh, but if you’re going to heal, you have to get real. Right from early childhood, we develop an ability to suppress negative emotions and create ‘coping mechanisms’ to deal with situations that seem beyond our control. Over time, as we grow older, those coping mechanisms no longer work, so new ways to deal with unpleasant feelings and emotions are found. Often this is how addictions begin. Children who grew up in a violent environment, or one in which a parent was always raging and threatening, will find it most difficult to express anger. In fact, as adults they see any form of anger as a negative, and fear the consequence of voicing it themselves. However, there is a difference between normal human expressions of anger, and the aggressive tones of rage. Rage is anger out of control. Rage takes over your whole being. It’s important to understand that just like every other emotion, anger (not rage) is a natural healthy human emotion. The trick is learning how to express it in a way that is safe for yourself and others. In fact, there’s a popular theory that depression is anger and rage turned inwards. Depression can also be considered as a coping mechanism in action. Sadly depression is a condition I found all too often in adult clients who were subjected to a raging parent during their childhood years. Hidden anger in its extreme. The fact is, when you suppress negative emotions, you can’t help but be holding back on all the positive ones as well. So lets deal with your hidden anger before it gets to that stage! Signs of Hidden Anger On a day-to-day basis, hidden anger is expressed in very subtle ways. These are some of the camouflages to watch out for as signs that you (or people around you) may be suppressing anger:

• Perfectionism – that killer of joy.
 • Sarcasm (and innuendo) – a passive-aggressive form of anger. If you’re on the receiving end it’s sometimes delivered through the guise of a loaded compliment. Women are a master of it. You’ll intuitively question the intent behind it. Likewise, telling jokes that make others look bad is a form of retaliation. It’s a way of venting annoyance that you can’t say directly to the person.
 • Too Nice? Sure – exaggerated sweetness is a red flag signaling anger in disguise.
 • Feeling tired all the time, just generally lack luster. When you’re unable to express negative feelings, the result can be a loss of drive. Nothing feels like it’s fun. Staying in control uses up all your energy. As stated earlier, depression is the extreme version of this.
 • Not sleeping.
 • Procrastination – especially if doing something that is not to your liking.
 • Always running late. Yes. Not kidding.
 • Holding grudges. According to Nancy Colier (psychology Today), grudges come with an identity. With your grudge intact, you know who you are—a person who was “wronged.” What you’re really after is the comfort and compassion you believe you didn’t get in the past. Your indignation and anger is a cry to be cared about and treated differently—because of what you have endured. It’s easy to deny that anger is the reason you might be guilty of some of these (maybe even all of them). However, if you’re exhibiting behaviors associated with hidden anger, there’s a good chance you’re alienating the people around you. Unconsciously or not, anger creates a block to intimacy. It reminds me of a quote from the movie How to Be Single. When the boyfriend leaves he says, “This isn’t me leaving you. This is you pushing me away.” Says it all really.

EXPOSING HIDDEN ANGER AND GIVING IT A VOICE Cont. Roslyn McMaster And if you’re feeling anger, it’s got to be in bed with blame. It’s a toxic duo. In order to free yourself from your anger, you need to first be honest with yourself that it’s there. What happens if you don’t let it go? Well for starters, you might just lose a few more friends. Scarier still is what it will do to your physical body! Holding on to anger, blame, or bitterness is like drinking poison and hoping it will kill the other person. There’s a popular theory relating to the link between cancers and carrying toxic emotions. I’m just say’n. And I’ve already mentioned depression. The truth is, anger is a surface emotion. What’s driving it is hurt, pain, or fear. By getting to the bottom of it we begin to let it go. When you decide to embrace your anger and work through it, you will discover the truth about what you are really feeling. It’s the denial of your anger that causes the most damage. Tools I personally use for working through hidden anger: • Breathing. When I feel anger rising, I sit quietly, and spend some time deep breathing. Try practicing yoga – there are some wonderful breathing exercises specifically designed to bring calm to the body. This means you consciously take some time to process your anger before you react in a way that you might later regret. Practice this step along with ‘divine guidance’. • Divine Guidance. Sitting quietly and breathing, I ask my higher self for guidance, and I’m prepared to act on the answer I’m given. Divine guidance never steers me wrong. I do this by listening to my physical body. Every single ache or twitch, no matter how small, is a sign that something is trapped, which I need to face. Fear, anger, resentment, blame. So sitting or laying quietly, I breathe into that part of my body where I feel the physical manifestation of my trapped emotions. And I ask my pain “What am I holding onto? What do I need to let go of ”. something bigger, which needs more work.

Next, I ask my higher self for the appropriate affirmation and I chant it to my physical body until I feel at peace. and the psychical pain has gone.

If you leave it long enough, you may have quite a build up of pain in your body. It may take a while of continued loving practice to heal deeply imbedded emotional pain. Once you become proficient at this practice, you will do it as soon as there is a twinge, before it can manifest into. If you leave it long enough, you may have quite a build up of pain in your body. It may take a while of continued loving practice to heal deeply imbedded emotional pain. Once you become proficient at this practice, you will do it as soon as there is a twinge, before it can manifest into something bigger, which needs more work. • Journaling. As long as you’re open to being honest with yourself about the role you play in your own life, journaling will provide some amazing insights, which lead to deeper understanding of your self. It’s a powerful tool for expressing all your thoughts and feelings in a form that is safe. It’s important to remember too that all emotions are a natural part of being human. Denying the existence of our anger is what creates the drama in the first place! Through journaling you are free to express your true feelings without censorship or judgment, so that you make way for the love and compassion and forgiveness that lies at the heart of us all. It’s been laying in wait beneath the weight of unexpressed anger. Don’t know how to begin journaling? Start with the breathing exercise. When you get to the heart of what’s troubling you, pretend you are writing a letter to that part of you. for instance, “Dear fear of abandonment….” etc. Don’t censure what you’re writing. Don’t read back over what you’ve written. If you find that unhealed childhood issues arise, your writing may become larger and more childlike in appearance as you regress. If there is a block to begin, simply start by writing anything at all.

Before long it starts to take on a life of its own. Whenever I finish cathartic writing, I like to perform a ritual, a further letting go, by burning what I’ve written and declaring that it’s no longer something that controls me. • Letting go of Grudges. Learning to be more compassionate with myself is the key here. It’s the old adage “you teach others how to treat you”. It’s got to start with respecting yourself. When I truly began to believe I was worth it, I began to manifest loving compassion within all my interactions. • Mandala Writing. I have mandalas pasted into my journal, and sitting to write all my strengths within this mandala not only calms me down, it also reinforces my strengths in a most powerful way. I make mine creative and colorful – all things that add to my sense of feminine nurturing. • Looking in the mirror. If a person is mirroring a quality/quirk/habit within myself that I have not been willing to see and acknowledge, this too will likely cause an angry reaction in me. Mirrors are very powerful and require a great deal of self-honesty. Any time you have a strong negative reaction to another it is a good sign that you are looking into a mirror. Admiring someone’s good qualities works the same way! Speaking a truth, which my ego is not yet ready to accept, will also cause an angry reaction. This is a biggy! • Communicating. Are you afraid of speaking up and speaking your truth because you fear losing the other persons love? Chances are you experienced the angry outburst of a parent/boss/friend etc. in the past. This will crippled your ability to speak up for yourself. You learnt that it’s safer to keep quiet. However, if you lose your voice in any relationship, you stop living your truth and you slowly start to lose yourself. A great deal of anger can fester away below the surface in this situation! Resolving a situation before it becomes a bigger issue involves communicating your feelings instead of letting them fester. Of course, there is an art to communicating, which doesn’t involve being nasty. The first and second exercise above will help you get to the bottom of your upset before you communicate, so be sure to do this first.

How to communicate what you feel… “When you”.. (What behavior is upsetting),
 “it makes/made me feel”…… (What are you feeling – unloved, ignored, left out, dumb, jealous etc.),
 “Because ”… (Why? Keep it about you… without being insulting of the other person). If you practice this dialogue before you speak to the other person, you may just find that what you’re feeling has nothing to do with them. Rather, they have simply triggered a deeper insecurity that you need to heal. Open honest communication requires practice and self-reflection. Lots of it. You’ll feel awkward the first few times you try it. But the more you try communicating your feelings honestly, you will begin to notice that its very freeing and empowering. Resentment that builds up into anger is often actually anger at yourself for never having the courage to speak up. Again, it’s about being honest with yourself and taking responsibility for where you’re at and why. As for the consequence of honest communication, well, there may be a backlash. You’ll have to be ok with that. Loving yourself means you’re willing to let go of friends who don’t respect you. Fearing being alone and unloved keeps you suppressing anger and feeling powerless. Is it time to be honest with yourself?

What Now? Expose your own hidden anger and meet the depth of your experience with supreme kindness. Surprise yourself at the freedom you’ll discover. Forgive yourself too when you stray off the path into resentment and bitterness. That’s what makes us human. It’s a process. ♥

How Do You Live Your Dash

The definition of success in the English Oxford dictionary is “The accomplishment of an aim or purpose. “and “The attainment of fame, wealth, or social status.”

How do you “live your dash?” It was so profound and it affected me quite deeply. It brought to mind the headstones in the graveyards that I have visited. When we die, our headstone will have the date of our birth and the date of our death. And in between those two dates is a simple dash. This small punctuation mark represents our entire life….” THE Dash” So, how do you live YOUR Dash.….…….YOUR Life??? Do you consider yourself and your life successful? Is your life meaningful? Just HOW do you measure a successful and meaningful life anyway? Is there a right or wrong answer to that question? I believe that it is an individual thing….. what it means for me may be different to what it means for you.

For me, success means achieving happiness by being AUTHENTIC and by living a MEANINGFUL life. What does it mean for you? So often we go through life pleasing others and not being true to ourselves. We are conditioned from childhood that we must live a certain way, study, have a good and successful job or career, marry, have a family and so on. So often we live a life that is expected of us rather than the life that is true to us. We exhaust ourselves striving for perfection- the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect family, the perfect body, the perfect bank balance. We are constantly people pleasing but how often do we really do that which pleases ourselves or that which feeds our Soul or Higher Self? We can appear to be successful and happy but all the while, privately we can be falling apart, suffering depression and feeling miserable. So often we live in fear, afraid to be out true authentic selves, always worrying that others will not like or accept us, The REAL us, the true authentic us.

Cheryl Smyth

As Mediums, many of us have lived like this, afraid that others will think that we are weird or crazy for being able to communicate with those who are “dead”. How many of you have struggled with this? How long has it taken you to be upfront and honest about your Mediumship and to be true to your Calling? Life is full of challenges for us all and it is so easy to feel sorry for ourselves and close down our hearts and not allow ourselves to give, to feel and be open to future possibilities. And so I ask you, how are you spending your “dash”? Does your life reflect who you really are? Do you fill the hours in your day with people and things that make you smile, pique your interest and open your heart? If not, is there one small thing you could change to move in that direction? See if you can take just a moment now and then at work, during your daily chores or family life, and ask yourself: How am I spending my dash?

And now I ask, How do you measure a Meaningful Life? How many of you have asked “Do I matter?” How many of you are too busy to practice mindfullness, to live in and appreciate the moments of Life? What does a “meaningful life “ mean to you? For me, a “meaningful life” means doing something that matters. It means giving to others because by helping or giving to others it adds meaning to your life. Your sense of purpose is closely linked to your life’s message. When you define a purpose that shakes your heart and soul, you add meaning to your life. As Mediums, we do something that is meaningful by helping those who come to us from The Spirit World and also those who come to us for readings. Our work is meaningful and has purpose. But we can go a step further and add more meaning to our lives by doing that little bit more...something extra. The giving of ourselves, our time for free..…..a listening ear, a shoulder to someone in do charity work.….We can even help those who are terminally ill by being there for them, answering their questions and when the time comes, helping them to pass. Ways to add more meaning to your life:

TO BE OR TO LIVE WITH COMPASSION. Both for yourself and for others. The Dalai Lama has been quoted as saying “One must be compassionate to ones self before external compassion”. So, be kind to yourself and stop being so judgemental of yourself. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone, including yourself deserves compassion and understanding….it is an important step to self love. Research now shows that when you are compassionate, you experience a similar feeling of pleasure as when you have sex, good food or a relaxing holiday. You can show compassion by understanding the person’s feelings and emotions. That means talking to them and trying to share what they are going through. It is more demanding than a mere act of kindness. If you are compassionate, you are going to get emotionally involved. You also ask what help is needed. You could apply this to: • Someone who is ill • Someone who has lost their job • Someone who has been bereaved • Someone going through a separation • A homeless person FORGIVENESS Now this is a difficult one. Forgiveness and letting go of grudges is so important, but it is also one of the hardest things to do. It is hard to forgive someone who has hurt you or tried to damage you, especially if you are sensitive as many of many of us are. It is difficult to let go of the hurt and the pain. Until we learn to let go and to forgive, we cannot truly heal, to grow and to move forward in a positive way.

BE KIND AND HELP OTHERS Being kind and generous costs little and the benefits you gain in happiness are considerable BE SELF AWARE Be aware of yourself and your actions. Remain mindful of what you do at all times, and make sure you are living life according to your principles, your life’s purpose, and what you are passionate about. DISCOVER YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE If you had to give yourself a reason to live, what would it be? What would you stand for? What principles do you hold highest? Is your life’s purpose to help others? PRACTICE MINDFULLNESS Take notice and appreciate the moments in life. Examples: The trees, birds, flowers “smell the roses”, the ocean, the smile of a child, the purity and beauty of an animal. PURSUE YOUR PASSION I believe everyone should pursue their passion in life. It’s what makes life worth living, and gives our lives true meaning and purpose. Each time you work on something you love, it creates joy inside you like nothing else. Finding a way to use your passions to give back to the world will give your life ultimate meaning. KNOW WHAT’S IMPORTANT Know what’s important for you. Write down your top 5 things that you believe are the essence of how you want to live life. This can include things like “family time,” or “sing every day.” It could also include more complex ideas, like “honesty” and “simplicity.”

FIND HAPPINESS The Dalai Lama says “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” and “Happiness is not ready made—it comes from our own actions.” DISCOVER INNER PEACE TRY to spend some time alone everyday to reflect and to dispel negative thoughts such as anger, resentment, jealousy.Try to replace those with positive emotions such as optimism, gratitude, love, and peace. DO NOT HARM OTHERS Do your best to not intentionally harm others. It will come back to haunt you if you do and destroy your inner peace. NURTURE FRIENDSHIPS Friendships should never be undervalued. They need tender loving care because they can generate trust and affection. True and good friends are priceless and are to be treasured. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES When you mess up, it is important to examine what went wrong. Maybe you said the wrong thing or maybe you haven’t thought the whole process through. Reflection helps you learn every time you make a mistake so that you don’t repeat the same mistake. AND LASTLY, LIVE WITH GRATITUDE Gratitude is expressing thankfulness for what you already have instead of focusing on what you don’t have. Gratitude turns what you have into enough and more. It infuses your life with appreciation and awe. A gratitude list is a great way to reinforce what you are grateful for.

And so I say to you all, BE BOLD…..BE BRAVE..…..BE YOU! THE REAL AUTHENTIC YOU. SHINE YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIGHT! SO OFTEN AS MEDIUMS WE BRING THROUGH SOMEONE WHO EXPRESSES REGRETS..….REGRETS OF A LIFE WASTED, OF NOT DOING WHAT THEY WISHED, OF NOT EXPRESSING THEIR LOVE AND SO ON…. DON’T BE A MESSAGE OF REGRET. SIT WITH THE BROKEN AND AND HELP THEM TO BECOME WHOLE AGAIN. BE THAT SOMEONE THAT GIVES OTHERS HOPE FOR HUMANITY. Lastly, I will leave you now with the poem “THE DASH” By Linda Ellis: I read of a man who stood to speak at the funeral of a friend. He referred to the dates on her casket from beginning to the end. He noted that first came the date of her birth and spoke of the following date with tears, but he said what mattered most of all was the dash between those years. For that dash represents all the time that she spent alive on earth and now only those who loved her know what that little line is worth. For it matters not, how much we own, the cars, the house, the cash, What matters is how we live and love and how we spend our dash. So think about this long and hard; Are there things you would like to change? For you never know how much time is left that can still be rearranged. If we could just slow down enough to consider what is true and real and always try to understand the way other people feel. And be less quick to anger and show appreciation more and love the people in our lives like we have never loved before. If we treat each other with respect and more often wear a smile, Remembering that this special dash might only last a little while. So when your eulogy is being read with your life’s actions to rehash… Would you be proud of the things they say about how you spent your dash?

Spotlight on a tutor

Debbie B-Mewes

One of Debbie’s greatest passions within the field of mediumship is teaching! Debbie has a passion for teaching and encouraging the abilities in others to unfold under her gentle guidance as she inspires and imparts her knowledge freely. Committed to sharing her abilities and adding credibility to the mediumship & psychic world , Debbie regularly conducts various retreats, & workshops that support and encourage mediumship development, psychic and spiritual growth.

Debbie has also completed a cert 4 in training and assessment and is interested in gaining government recognition for mediumship as vocational training.

One unique factor Debbie offers is the ability to return to her courses as many times as you like once you have done it. Many students take advantage of this offer and they also find that each time something new and enlightening is recieved. Having now been conducting courses and retreats for over 12 years, Debbie finds that no two courses are ever the same.

You can also find out about the excellent tutors of the AAS both Australian and International tutors at.

Debbie, works closely with her own spirit team while teaching and the ability to asses the class and give what is needed is something she has developed over the years. Having a purpose built building on her property, she has the ability to conduct many courses and is now also known to host other tutors of mediumship as well. Debbie delights in seeing the light within ignite and the passion for the work grow within the students. The Australian Academy of Spirit we born from a desire to see high quality teaching of mediumship in Australia and to also acknowledge those in this field that have dedicated their lives to the study of mediumship and the development of their craft.

And is currently working towards a Diploma in Auslan (Aust sign language) to open up the world of mediumship training and demonstrations to the deaf community.

You can find out more about Debbie at or call 0421351406 email -

How do you want to be remembered after you pass to the Spirit World?

Seattle- based company Artful Ashes is helping loved ones during the grieving process by creating unique glass memorials for those who have passed away. Through the use of art glass blowing, Artful Ashes collects one tablespoon of your loved one’s ashes to include them in a glass orb and or heart. “Our artists capture the essence of your loved one’s spirit in a swirl of color and ashes, sealed forever within beautiful glass art,” they write. “These amazing pieces comfort your grieving, allowing you to hold and treasure your memories.” The ashes appear in a coiled pattern entwined with effervescent colors. Each memorial comes with an inscribed message with their loved one’s name.

CONTACT US: Email - Phone - 0421351406

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Festive edition the professional medium  
Festive edition the professional medium